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Bugle 4053 – Mountains, Monkeys and Moore

Andy and Anuvab discuss a huge week in the UK Parliament, the election in Alabama, British mountains and the latest news from India. Plus – Swear Relief is gathering momentum!

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The bugle audio you If it were a visual work, be you are welcome to issue for thousand and fifty three of the views of the world's leading an early audio newspaper for visual well with me, and is also on here in London, which is still the only city in the world to have hosted all of the following. I am but games, be welcome, see alive You will show day execution of King Charles, the first and a pigeon which he's is not are usually in itself, but more often found in that combination. Joining for a man by India, a city once given to Charles the first son John, the second as a wedding present. Of course, potentially the capital of post breaks it,
by joining with its out of our pow, Andy, we need great, we were part of a large dowry, should the other things of the Bowery were geese parts of Spain some of Amerika and us happy to report that we still hear spoke about without that puts a lot of pressure on a marriage. I think we ve a wedding presence includes a city,
It's it's almost relation to do about it. That's correct, and I think that the answer to a thing where Charles was probably rejected it smaller presence had we ve all been there. He tried tried Gypsy, try classical droplets, but clearly the spanish Liddy wanted something bigger, I'm sure he tried animals and then he just said it. He has prompted the pink and I think, that's guided the attitude with which we ve got the city of the last four hundred years, its public sir, so I became a long history here that we ve taken from the diary into acidic infrastructure so this is beautiful thousand fifty three four thousand fifty three. Coincidentally, of course, the number of people, the young Donald Trump blamed for I pray less Ming, vows breaking after he personally picked it. Watch it with a hammer through into
quarrying urinating on it that, according to a computer simulation also for two fifty three, the number of minutes in the average day that the average man bends, thinking about exaggerated statistics and also for If you do the number of takes, it took fully camera crew of David Atom, the blue planets before life illegal got about polar bear to act really really hungry mostly wishes. Goofing around pulling silly phases of the camera Giving in asking for more money so fight so fight, chinese conspiracy that bring star. down the real bathroom painting the boy the make people think global warming, israel- and that is a fact. Recording on the fourteenth of December to seventeen, which means tomorrow the fifteenth of December will be exactly nine years since my boss, from home I began, and indeed my career as a freelance, midwife
with a one hundred percent record, one chance, one girl, child. Sorry, I'm so happy, ninth birthday to the boy and also happy birthday to England lost to India and the first test matching Chennai, with the comedy which was the soundtrack too, that birth. Today Fourteen December is world Monkey die to commemorate it, we are giving our little ape friends in the bugle scrip writing dungeon fresh typewriter ribbons, as you will have come up with the right to be or not to be. That is the question whether There's nobody in the mines to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous
fortunate close left just missing. Therefore, what will take that message that dispelling the statement, if you like, or to eight loads of bananas scratch your genitals and shit off abroad hour. They were doing so well, so well as The section of this people is going straight in the bin. This week, a Christmas party cats section taking you the advocates for how to buy your office Christmas Party, a k you're about to have one. I do not quite sure how we should act, then relax oil problem, solved with a bugle Christmas Party, get guide scenario want: if someone offer you some canopies accept or refuse them politely do not hell the tray of Naples and advice and scream or no rob to these poison not light weight. Afraid we appoint Volvo Europe murderer. scenario to the parties now in full swing. Your words It will start photocopying neuroses, so simply phone
We are vintage king, James Bible, page boy, page by page for the rest of the evening. If anyone complained to say you are speaking. religious origins of Christmas answered. Right. You have now we're going to the local nightclubs around of evening. You don't want any of your colleagues, embarrassing themselves swim and indulging in alcohol influence romantically into clutching with each other, but you also know want to be seen as approved about it so white and to the break between songs then brought the dj plus succession of mongolian funeral judges for the rest of the night. All your office party problem solved and well advent is now in in full swing. So if some to return to the bugle advent, calendar of Christmas lies at this week to just heightened the excitement, and I know you have opened each audio door only being Levin calendar, I will be spreading them through the show. You're getting the sixteenth of December now and the rest will be darted through the show. Six December geez Ironically, did not celebrate Christmas We worked during his money,
in storytelling, shows off his party's business dawn. He called it or the holy month of wedge member. That is how they form a cop and destroyed the festive season when its estimated he took thirty percent of his annual takings for the parable in and conjuring tricks obvious Franco's you'll have the rest of the weeks. when calendar bits through the rest of the show. chop story this week and Arabs. Lewd chaos in british politics as parliament, bombs that some points in the medium term future it will. I have a discussion about something that huge up You will hear a move up last night, as we record on this Thursday. The gun was defeated in the household this vote on an amendment about letting parliaments have a coach, meaningful final votes on the brakes it deal and seems to be viewed in many quarters as one of em huge constitutional upheavals in the history of the universe, quite how we
to get ourselves in such an absurd state of political kerfuffle them over the simple question of what you want to run the details of the biggest dale in british political history through parliament. Before blindly going into it or not, is utterly utterly baffling Basically, this into a vote on a scenario that is roughly parallel to deciding whether or not to get a second opinion. from online medical Self diagnosis website has adjusted curing or sore throats by clobbering herself. Repeatedly in the growing with a fire extinguisher it's mine into your carotid artery and getting its activities. My dumb on your face, you have to take that second opinion And surely parliament has reached the don't do this this anymore. I gave up the daily mile, of which I am sure your word even in India are surely the the boil waves reach even that far run a headline this morning after this vote.
With pictures of the eleven Tory Mps who voted against the government with The headline proud of yourselves of another to be I didn't use in nineteen thirty german fund, so that what it would really have suited the way they done their front page. Never against it. I am in favour of not letting an unaccountable elite ride roughshod over our great an irrefutable british british Parliament of of Britain now There's a certain irony in this, given that getting power back to our parliament was apparently what this whole thing was about. This is more ironic, then away. pressure might have Ferris metal being hit. angle faced golf club boss.
fifty nine year old, english actor call Jeremy. If I may stretch the word on slightly to form a day I you know, I did read the daily mail thing, because a horror, horror spreads much faster than dignity, and I have I have a couple of questions. On the many years ago I attended a meeting. I wasn't the corporate world that I attended. A meeting at that meeting. was a meeting to decide whether we should have more meetings. Is this something similar did parliament meat as a body that is constitutionally known as a body that needs to decide on things? I did it me to vote on whether they should meet to decide on things that is done is essential. He was what he did, but I guess also Daddy's coined of its job as a parliament, The dynamo from page ran as follows: just as the new
confident tories, edge ahead in the polls our having newly confidence is all relative. Given what I've enjoyed this Educating the post is short It cannot be a british newspaper. saying that decision of historical momentous. This will this country is less important than a one off The point both in the opinion polls, four and a half years away from the next action, as it is called, they scheduled to be it continues eleven. So consumed malcontents, which is also think of pretty accurate, trigger the Dynamo Editorial Board, pull the rug. From under EU negotiated? Then pull the rug from under much wanted to have a look at the rug before we enter into the rug competition. to make sure it's not full of shit but try their leader. That party in seventeen point, four million breaks it voted now now now- that is not how democracy works,
damning level increase the possibility of a marxist in number ten. Marks it yes, yes, yes, I saw it very hard to be able to read to reproduce, neutral, sinking to such Nominal depths of propagandistic shit cheaters, It did brief slightly of Kim Germans, press officer, I've been doing work, experience at the daily mail and maybe megabit harsher. I think The only conclusion we can really draw, because there's no way that Britain will its proud democratic nations and its free press that is so proud of being a free press for Britain in its democratic traditions print I front page, so wilfully mal, informative and basically opposed the com. Epps and principles of democracy. To conclude, the daily mile has been hacked and evolve where's the Russians tunnel, avoid all society again by hacking into our newspapers and making them printer.
Millions and millions of copies of previously mendacious front page that now troop I would even contemplate publishing so The money you have my deepest sympathy, but had to very quick question as usual: ok, the first while being its it is rumoured in the east that the western world, the media, is balanced, objective, logical and impartial. Would you would you say this headline is an exam? couple of that? Well knots not entirely. Well, the other ones objective, balanced, logical Europe, sensible, thoughtful right Bob. What would you say that this headline covers all those very fast nations and western journalists amended, while, if it does it spreading, is of a little bit thin over of each the maybe should have just focused on getting one of them right as a
its mists its miss the target on on all of them, EU breaks a coordinator gave a half step put up a tweeting british parliament take back Control Europe the british parliament together will decide on the final agreement. Interests of the citizens will prevail over narrow party politics a good day for democracy, If I'm gonna give you quick, multiple choice, question: how would you describe those words, and one of these three choices was the action taken by the daily mail newspaper, would you describe those words as I objective cooperative respect for the democratic process? I am positive that a harmonious solution will be raised. Was it be sexy almost animal listing collegiality dripping from every syllable. If you read it backwards in a hot fringe accident, or would you too those words as sea gloating? This is a tough transcending buttress yeah.
say that it's a mix of b and c right, and I think it would only be a if it was. This headline was being read by people Under the influence of severe asian narcotics- and I have one last question on the earth it's a some some of your ministers that voted that apparently betrayed their own party. It is said yes, that want to join, is used was that they did not want to take your country, which is apparently a constitutional democracy back to the days of Henry. The way ministers could pretty much do anything, including make love to small pigs, take off large tracts of land and indeed give away other nations is downright. Is it true Endy that were they were this to have been a vote where what happened yesterday did not
The Henry the eighth powers would be invoked in your ministers and they could pretty cool out doing anything. Essentially, yes, now Henrietta powers, statutory instruments in the workings of government l provisions which allow primary legislation to be amended by secondary legislation and are called Henry the eighth clauses, and don't take my word for this because, quoting this directly off the internet, because another example of such a power. was conferred on King Henry VIII ice by these states. It's a proclamations, India, fifteen thirty, nine. Now this statute was repealed. I use later on the grounds that it was considered to be too despotic even in the sixteenth century, which is not the least desperately century in history, a famous eight century british legal expert, William Blackstone, described it as calculated?
who introduced the most despotic tyranny, which must have proof fatal to the liberties of his kingdom. had it not been luckily repealed. Now unluckily the basic imo sing you similar powers in twenty seven team, because well progress frankly, just progress. What I am hopeful anti that hinder the eight thousand invoke this invoking totality, so they should be able to do things that you didn't six fifteen like each a whole goose, for example, which was apparent. Yes, well, Henry the ice was one was an interesting man, as his record with the Ladys would testify. He was a man who very much like to get his own way and if he crops up as the name for a type of legislation, will it forty must achieve for your head. Is still attached to your neck and then run screaming for cover so do what you are saying is you know, that's it outside observer. Would you say that the debate now has got mildly contentious,
It's more varies, gots, incredibly, infantile them Is that really what you want with massive era defining pieces of legislation? I refer to the wonders of modern democracy on reminded me of something that happened last week. I think David Davis is your. Is your main breaks into go shit and I think he was being interviewed by a committee and he said that they hadn't than any impact studies of what the up the outcome of bricks Be now I'm not. Yes, I'm not much of a scholar, economist, Andy Butter, a basic impact study like, for example, if there's a fire outside your house- and you leave your how you a basic impact study would say you might catch fire if there's a fire at certain. Would you think of the basic impact study and a very basic like whether its at a high level good about, should be a thing
that should be done. Andy Foger crop would be your view. While I mean that's, that's one way of looking at it and it might be the obvious logical way of looking at it I would say I mean that too much certainty in life nowadays, him everything. All information is leaks. There's no real surprise. Now we know all about football transfer, this way before they happen ends. Yeah, let's leave on the edge of it must get some instincts and off the cuff, improvisation back into top level politics and aching and besides, if you start thinking about the consequences of a massive enough most decision, such as brow in everything it entails Then you are letting the terrorists win, nothing, I'm going on going confused A compromise was one up, I've learned here, is that it seems like the breaks it impact study is like the whose line is the enemy of macro economics.
So, given the loose subject matter and then you're hoping for the best, yes and I probably have said before and a bugle I'm uncovered both improv at the best of times. and what is happening in top level politics. That is not no more reassuring to me than if it was happening. Whilst I was having a heart surgery. You want some advance planning and some technical expertise. What you don't get it. I think we need to look back to the age of exploration. Right, if you remember all the great guys you arrest of Columbus America Vespuccia, they got on the ship and they said. Let's go, we reached the edge the worth of the hit upon just hit. India do razor, maybe maybe David Davis is a student of history and exploration, maybe he's just going out to see what the hell might happen, pulling work were, for the very words just mention the APOLLO eleven spacecraft. Us that's how they did it. That's all.
a few years. If you hear the recording of whenever blasting off, you say it may alarm from side just point to the sky and press gown It's not only Britain that has had something of an upheaval, a democratic vote this week in America. The Democrats beat the Republicans in Alabama aided by the fact that the Republicans chosen a racist, misogynist, democratic growth monger with a bulging catalogue of sexual abuse. Allegations in his back pocket as their candidates and given Peter heated surprisingly well, because you would have thought it got approximately zero votes, but a heat not far away from winning Roy Morbid Doug Jones Bait. More. More was faced with all kinds of allegations that he was anti semitic. His wife rejected that claiming touchingly that one of their attorneys was a Jew which proves everything
another friend claim more cannot have molested any girls in America is he's been accused of doing because he wants declined to conflict route, his practical with prostitute in Vietnam, which thing that probably establishes a patent behaviour that cannot possibly have changed in different circumstances in a different country at different times, and also some of most, His friends have dated adults so that moves that he's. Actually, fine again, you know I'd like to bring up that. I think this thought vote- tells us something about the world. You know, and now it is very hard to know what democracy saying given who it throws up as the elected candidate
but it seems like Alabama still was the child participation and civil democracy do not indeed go together. I think I think that the Greeks had a few things to say about it. I hadn't fleet Plato got into some trouble and I think he came back in the early days also. He said no, no, no, not a good idea, and I think I've got enough. People listen to him, so we get Alabama. But I think that this is this is white, reassuring that that they decided that those two indeed don't go hand in hand and second, question Andy and my question: is there Roy more? I think one of his election campaigns he rode around in a hoarse, and that was part of his advertisement. He was in a hoarse and- and I don T know what it says. Do you Andy, but I think in twenty seventeen nothing says progress.
Unity, cultural diversity, the digital age than a man in a hat on a horse? As you know, I'm in August this. This ties in with the whole concept of making Amerika great again because is debates on exactly when we look at what stage of american history aces before Roy Moors Basis at America was at its best when it had slavery so yoke before the combustion Didn't it? Maybe that's just part part of these messages. Well, that's great. I think I think he did nostalgic for a visit. These sort of he's got a menacing them. is when Galileo was wrong. Picnic he's missing, bring back my flatterers, Well, so much of a happy place on this planet with flat, so much happier Can you wear it ended and will bugle
Calendar of Christmas lies so I'm seeing of December, king. He roads, Hercules Rodriguez, as walls was not only the first professional monarch to be bought with both Mexico and you there. But I am actually launched- is slowing. The first born policy as a traffic coming measure similar to that yesterday, when alternative causes or even numbered license plates were allowed to drive in some cities here, eliminating one child from each family would cut donkey traffic and more and more, they Don T emissions twelve to thirteen percent, of December Brussels, brow the traditional but largely unloved Christmas vegetable was sorry. As the quotes most significant reason by seventy eight percent of the people who voted for Britain more from the advent calendar later statues of footballers in India, news and well I mean this is gonna, be the biggest story in India Sophie
this millennium, and involve a statue of Diego Maradona, the Genuine Football genius unveiled in Calcutta to welcome only be described. As
universal global ridicule. Well I'd. I dont know what those we made shouting is about, and it because you know Maradona is a frequent visitor gutter in that he's been there twice the first time, the first ever gonna catalogue of those that part of it. This crazy about football is like a got that the last time he was there. A number of people set themselves on fire just to be noticed. He was smart. I was not happy with that. Turned around flew back immediately this time things come because riot police were were. You know, stationed urban and this time there's the accusation that this great sculpture that's been made in Calcutta. Diego Maradona looks like someone's grandmother and when the sculptor was was interviewed, he was he was obviously univee distraught and his his only defense was- and I think it's a fundamentally when he said that monitor this looks almost grandmother. He looks like a very ones grandma
I just want to know. If you think that's true- and I don't know, I Haven'T- spent a lot of time with a large number of grandmother. Well I'd much let my grandmother, my grandmother was never gotta go away than illegal handball and woke up quota finals? Are I mean, there's not a huge amount of common ground there? for those you know, Siena picked up short yeah. You can find it easily on into areas an extraordinary piece of of of arts. It's basically a statue, someone that looks vagrant human and possibly greenish holding what may be a replica of a world cup or a joint ice cream or a marital I'd for hippopotamus and in terms of The Maradona figure aims of abolishing cabbages, let Malo Diego Maradona than this statue. It looks less like Diego Maradona than Donald Trump looks like a president and preserving and perspective artists,
much resemblance to the five forge magically left, what'd, argentinian powerhouse, the Mona LISA has to apply to bath. Assaulted bike lanes and socially dementia went wild paste without food packaging. Brief, but just a bit of background Maradona, follows you don't know so much about him, he's a legendary figure. sport, a man described in the space of five minutes of the nineteen eighty six World CUP, quarter final against England as quotes them. Sublime individual genius, but one has ever seen and quotes you chase we also share a burst of treating scumbag, treating, not nothing odor article, no sir, those official BBC Commentary- and we also have to take a second look at Maradona's relationship of good Calcutta bickers. I assume not very many cities invited because it has been reported in many newspapers that I guess the technical work is that he's the man is a bit mad and indeed, when he visited Gaza for the first time,
He was undergoing some medical treatment and she saw half a million people, some of whom one fire, and his first comment was these people are crazy and TAT was his first visit and its second visit. He gets a giant statute that looks like someone's grandmother, so I feel like it's a love hate relationship that he has worked together. That's leading walked now I am utterly more statues of international football stars planned planned by Calcutta. Well, you know I mean sudden southern footballers will pop up in India.
Move by where I live, there is a giant real estate project coming up called the z that DMZ done project and rights, just a bunch of high rises, and it just says by a flat and be like Sudan. I don't quite know what's going on in India with international football is, but it seems like we were, causing some out of stone and making them look like grandmothers and had other places with flats and then claiming that religion. Do you become like a bald french? How can a legend, I don't know what's happening in India did well to back this up. We will now have we'll be authorization grey indian footballers the wild game. That concludes that section of the beautiful I do I have
more one more piece of interviews is reported in school, which is an indian news website that a influenced by great british movies, like best exotic marigold hotel and so on. A british couple of happily retired India in both India and are running a donkey health care center. They using their pensions and donations to help a large number of donkeys and people arrive happy to have them there and somehow Andy? I think that you know with first the empire and all this stuff about. You know Britain, exploiting India for material wealth and then the reverse of all these Indians moving to Britain and Chicken take up the sailor becoming national dish after all these years. I think this this particular incident is an act end to empty. Don't you think everything you have signed, this british couple believe retiring running, a donkey healthcare sector. I think, what's that
with the pernicious to dig up these empty. Fifty seven has now truly ended at your history. Will judge this as the final full stop. Only british imperial era, but with an elderly couple with a bunch of recovering donkeys, that's. What it's all about, what it is a building towards all, he's going to take the donkeys how to play cricket, and I think that will just tie up all the loose ends. It that's all of empire. That's the last piece at the last piece at all. Also in this issue of post breakfast era, when we become mists glorious, new global global global nation, with an incredible amount of global global globalism in Britain I can see all elderly british couples being forced legally to run donkey sanctuaries around the world, because that's what we voted for, I mean he's not We vote. We know what we did vote for, so it may well turn out, though we did vote,
for all british pensioners to before was the wrong overseas. Donkey sanctuaries that domination from becoming a vague, vague, referendum like we did, as warned in fact by David David, some fifteen years ago, in a rather detained Hicks Pace was my sister. tweeted honour on Twitter. homes who is warning of all the pitfalls of politics? They ve referendums, but Maybe that was the supplement. The sublet was donkey couples everywhere. So much was vague ideas. This is the impact assessment. This isn t it yeah shit impact. It will be to assess this is what would happen. Half a billion turkey's from the developing world and large number of british retirees gently stroking. I, if that is not a vision for a better utopian future on a war, is in not know in India you ve got you ve got your him alive
has a new tallest mountain. This is huge the Exciting news and evaluate turns out. We are in fact an enormously mountainous country, because I may not know in India you ve got you ve got your Himalayas, which year shopping eight thousand meters in height. But we in Britain now have something even Tula at Three thousand two hundred and thirty nine meters Mount Hope which is situated in the past. The Antarctic claimed by the UK, it's been re, measured and found to be three hundred and seventy nine May is higher than people thought previously, which means its overtaken the previous highest british Mountain Mount Jackson. Also on Antarctica at three thousand one hundred eighty four where, Ben Nevis? They told us? British mountain is actually in Britain, which is down at nothing about thirteen thirteen hundred meters. Also, now I mean you might quibble inside.
These clearly on in Britain, they are in Antarctica, which is not Britain. Outside, as should we be open minded enough to get behind. Southern Miss Fair sports stars who ve chosen supply under a flag of convenience, so I'm prepared to get on the Southern Hemisphere Mountain that is proudly waving the british flag. I mean: look, you guys discovered louder in the Himalayas dollars fountain in the world, a thousand eight hundred and forty eight metres now you're stuck at home, not leaving Britain for whatever reason and you're looking around your mountains, and you ve got three thousand two hundred thirty nine meters. So, a hundred years ago, you guys had a mountain that was five thousand six hundred and nine meat higher than the current eyes about it. So that is why I think hope is the app name for that acted ending. I think the hope is the only
but you ve got to make up for the five thousand six. Seven nine need to differentiate of what you once had and what you have today, while bearing in mind that a month ago he was three hundred and seventy nine May to shorter than is now that he's gonna overtake Mt Everest by this time. Next year we'll get you We eating your words. Your mountain superiority, above becomes an innovation. Now on the net if so, why do we are about is either the friction is, will cause between Mount Hope and Mount Jackson was now being displaced and is now need humble, second highest mountain and allows kids with mound. Jackson posters again have to tighten down a bedroom wolf, but I mean is what we really need, this type of national division. Retiring ourselves, a part of a breakthrough. We really need to mountains, arguing o over who's got the biggest dick sorry peak. Do we do in this way the? together as one unified nation. Might your all. British mountains are exactly the same size. Secondly, exciting news we still have an empire and a
Cities ended with a donkey sanctuary, but we still got a bit of Antarctica is always and have a bit of untold rubbish leave with global warming totalling alone nicely the law. the value of that sweet, little nest. Egg is only gonna go up and up and up- and thirdly and most importantly, go team, J, B watch a mountain. mountains, so british It swelled with national brides, become four hundred wages bigger than it was before that what we can achieve as a nation on events, have you seen any germinal spanish mountains growing since we voted for breaks it bullshit, you have get. This I mounted in the world for my money, Mount hope and I don't care what the stats not is. A terrific british The greatest mountain you could have wished to me encapsulates the tough unquenchable spirit of nice and has been standing? freezing in mountainous components offer hundreds, if not trillions, of years in Antarctica, but I didn't give up and you can make a fuss. One people
full credit. How things all is that's kind of, never say diet that you'd that sore through the blitz other less british mountains. Would it just given up or me, or collapsed and become shitty little held, but matter how infused with every breath of the queen herself stood up the vicissitudes of fights has not given into the terrorists and hasn't sold out, I'm becoming ski resort, local, the greedy french mountains. This is one of the greatest british history that we now have all this mountain in the world, this is
did the battle of Britain. This mountain entering an extra two three hundred metres is probably one of the greatest achievements in budgetary. I've gotta put it up there, along with David Gowers Team, that that won the ashes in eighteen, eighty five and the bachelor Britain its both as relevant as important. I would just like to put one slight argument: not not Nero not alternative to adapt the party here, but could it be? Could it be that this mountain is desperately working against gravity to get away for? What's going on at your sea level? It does not have anything to do with. What's going on at the ground level, it's probably concerned that it may get screwed based on her Breton, for so it's just. to get to a higher stratosphere, so it doesn't have to deal with the rubbish on the ground. Could that be ended that Cuba is deeply deeply unpatriotic and at the same time, just even questioning that
do not makes you a traitor, ITALY, entire universe. I apologize about ending putting they now advice that instead of putting a piece of physical oh h, advent Hellenism again the nineteenth of December. The british and aid Yes, now advises that you do not follow the old tradition of putting coins in your Christmas pudding. They now advice that, instead of putting a piece of physical coinage in the fruity booze addled staunch fest festive dessert, you shouldn't. We take a mouthful, then Avian Contactless Bank card in front of your face twentieth of December. the baby. Jesus famously was already quite old. By the time he was born at discussed on people's passing and illustrated most men, evil paintings of the nativity say, the crush child popped up. Point as a whistle not covered in any of the birth. It do that afflict so many non divine human babies and looking a twenty year old, accountant dialogue.
We believe that the reason for this is God, one to the son who was already toilet trained as he really didn't fancy the nitty gritty of hands on parenting, certainly not after the cleaner, you'll be out of the window, is off twenty first of December Santa Claus has never made a year on year, profit is taking from regional and cheap I'll. Golly DE comes from what's network people's fireplaces, plus occasional thefts of trinkets from people's mental places, didn't come close to covering his overheads. In fact, these neighbouring paid a penny of tax and twenty. second of december- did not even exist until relatively recently. The twenty second of some previously dissembling straight in the twenty first. In the twenty third of Queen Victoria got stroke children being uncontrollable excited before Christmas and making the council Christmas freefall over? When messing up the decorations but she added an extra coming down day as punishment day remains to be done.
Your emails now- and this came from some uncle Andy, who writes and eight this is Andy, allow. I would not think, though, both the sign being just living indifferent parallel times. Would you really like to think that any after listening to this week's people. I would think it is a great idea to do a swear. A phone podcast, we're different members of the community swear as long as they can in their native or non native language with donations. every ten seconds of swearing profits could then be donated to charity the Beatles choosing what menace copy this could be. One of the great new charitable moment shows how near comic relief sport. of swear relief I would have the queen were Twelve, with her swear, I, as discussed in previous bugles, This could be a thing and it's for poverty or yellow. It could have a thing Duke you coming into how albinos attribute podcast, dot com,
well. That conclude, this week's bugle? If you wanna hear more about a cricket dude shooting, if you can indeed tune into about gas to the unbelievable ashes, which I'm ABC in Australia a on the internet, for example, and thanks once again to out for joining us from India. August, what you'll be back in the new year. That is correct, and that is correct. You don't, I will be back in March in London. Doing some shoes will hopefully everything about breaks. It would be decided yes, it'll be fine by then we did. We do in the streets and bunting each other. What would you do for New year in India than a year and a particular excitements on the horizon. What if you're Only last year, our prime minister took away all the currency and that's entity reduced
the celebration. There was a rumour last weekend it that there is a high risk of a lot of bank failure in India. So there was that there was a rumour floating around that banks may also take away your deposit. Only depositary push from the bank may be invalid, so I think every New yielded India, I think collectively a billion of us just pray that we don't lose all our money. I think that is a celebration in Berlin fireworks until next week. Goodbye.