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Bugle 4054 – FUChristmas


It's a Christmas special with Andy, Alice and Helen.

This week: sexy Christmas, a conclusion of the Andy's advent calendar, and we hand out our 2017 awards.



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The Bugle Audio newspaper. A visual would now be. You are welcome to issue four thousand and fifty four of the bugle, the world's primary and leading, and indeed only audio newspaper visual world for the week beginning Monday, the twenty fifth of this by which means you vessels I'm and water collection of gifts we have for you today. Firstly, what's in this package, yes, it's me and enjoying me here in London, let's see, This one is, I rise Andy Hollow Hollow Alice.
How you will say that of it's? A! U everyone at my show, hooves oho show in a range of different guises. What you say about you, some skin, a lot of fun. I've enjoyed the shit out of our goods. Good at most of the auditors have, I think, moral. This later on, it was live from LOS Angeles, it's the national fugitive of the year twenty seventh eighth capture. If you can interpol, you ve got nothing on a basis. Whose big Mr Lot House in London they scribbling settling the fanciful wisdom, hell involvement. He was on hello, Andy can get off the ground
the water I've been in books for a lot of Oh email, you one hour of it travels by Oh very nice! Andy very nice, I'm in the USA. At the moment nothing happened again very peaceful place. How was how South America? Oh it's, it's delightful the internet didn't work that much. I had no idea what was happening in the rest of the world was real tonic to the psyche. And also eight Parana Ribs Parana ribs. Yes, what the actual bones of the poor or the flesh around the bones. The flesh around the bones of a giant Parana was alive. There were cook rock, is on the line It was not consensually dead and cooked Roy Wasn can only hills swimming across the Amazon. I didn't like punch in the throat and then eighty three, in a kind of primal display of superiority, but I was strong implied how you? U disarm, Parana punches in the throat with your computer,
he did all the research of this before going to South America. What baroness live on every street corner near I would not call her We recommend that an approach to buglers, but maybe, if you can but a muslim Parana, you can disarm them. Whatever way you one rises Getting the Muslim is a challenge right. Ok, have asked why I thank you. Everyone, mazel tov as the greeting after ILO, so this is bigger. Four thousand fifty four, following beginning, as I said Monday, the twenty fifth of December course, significant anniversaries that birthdays famously of g. This crisis and Struggling England, opening Botswana, Alister Cook and statistics, Joe coincidentally, the faith in both men in England is at an all time low.
In the year three hundred and thirty six was the first recorded celebration of Christmas in Rome I went Pope Julius. The first got drunk pulled up. A kind of a tree in the Vatican garden put in his living room hid behind it as a prank told US cardinals, gilded tongue. Into a tree is a miracle covetous pets and Ike Alfonso engulf painted bearskin body sought as a treat alfonse clubbed is the tree in terror. Hence tinsel square baubles, come from Julius Senate far too much foods and fell asleep in front of the Tele had I was the first ever Christmas A further problem is not just Christmas. Of course there are others. This is well in India is good governance die this one day of the year in which India gives a shit about good governance. It was established in twenty fourteen, arguably light. Ok, I'm of offshore. Judging for that has been telling us up over the course of his career as a b will correspondents? No now it is, it is not. It is not working at its go to them.
To bury on a day when the rest, the world, isn't paying attention because it stuffing its vice with food. Pressure. Isn't it yes, and also this is the feast day Saint Anastasia of Sirmium, the Christians, into died on the twenty fourth of December three hundred for a few days, the twenty four December that shit. I too have your face day as a sites talk about being overshadowed by your boss. That is bad mood. Anastasia should have held on late one day, as always, a section of the bill is going straight. And the ban not open this week strike the Christmas stocking in this way It was only others into change Walter, you well bred and must not be. I once got a been in Christmas stocking? I got a wicker, that's shaped been because of Her mother had made us such big Christmas stockings
to fill them with things like inflated balloons. Just so they didn't seem empty. I'm one year I got a been what you, what do you mean a mother had to fill them Helen. Surely that was Santa Claus himself the works in part time or ok? I'll, that's good! That's good! Where we have a service, be every year in the in my family, that to my wife, fervently believes orthodox christian tradition that the entire stocking is given by Santa Claus. Scale: no divorce, one of course, It may help growing up in the judeo christian tradition, one hasn't from Santa Claus and the rest from the local rabbi, the section that it is as discussed. The Christiana go pagan festival of Christmas renowned for his family, bonding rapacious commercialism, indoor forestry, easily Mashable, declarations: unease in Cancun, shouting children now, obviously all buglers. We know that you will be down on your bending ace thanking Jupiter, giving you his only Son Santa Claus too.
Given the sin of having enough money for anything in January. But what about those non believers who loves you jump on the Christmas bandwagon? It gets free swag formula anyway well way, give here well the section in the stocking this week last minute Christmas gifts, things do got an emergency meekly by when you realize but to day than that, your presence we look at pogo socks. Do you needs to find it basic to put away those unwanted Christmas gifts on the top of toll, wardrobes or too high up cupboard. On the top of some high shelves, then the boy Tech, pogo socks Could we just what you need using technology perfected on the pogo? Stick, the pogo socks, insects bring us! can bring you up to nine feet in the air without the income in having to pick up a stick, not recommended for use feeling Taos not verified, we used by the NBA or the double f. Also we look the wireless three d wooden log. Are you called setting fire to a wooden log could be just what you did this winter. This old. Wireless freedom mention genuine would wooden log burns when
fire so produce warming. For all the family wifi compatible. So that section in the bed top story. This week, Bugle twenty thousand and seventeen awards Molly award for the I if twenty seventeen is again peddled, haven't less evident is because I've been a lot of significant global figures around the world's oh this a lot of happiness, for a lot of unhappiness to this planet. Is it Roger Federal Helen and if not, you ve got it wrong. It's not. The FED the leader football shit, you reckon it is my suggestion VI of the EU would be a stallion senator Barnaby Joyce, who came out with a very strange statement in response to gay marriage wrought crocodiles. Incorrect was what
That statement he said everyone's entitled to their sexual. Please let a thousand blossoms bloom is as I am concerned, with a sort of increasing panic, and then you just turn on a diamond said: Bernard banning any more time on it, because every three months in funnels Queensland, a man gets torn to pieces by a crocodile. What, because of the guys don't just because of the crocodiles, even always, although the gaze as quickly as our serious about so he wasn't blaming the guys for the crocodiles or eating people. He just didn't like he just didn't like talking about feeling he went straight to grow at a health problem How, then, is your I gotta? Twenty seven, seventeen Michael of twenty. Seventeen is a man in China called Kai, he's twenty eight. He was You find a thousand gene for real he painting trucks, lines because he said he was very frustrated
about his daily bus journey to work, he said that there were two three lane situation middle aged straight heads sidelines after the sides he said I saw the straight line was always packed with cars, while the lane that turns left has a lot of space. So I thought ending? The signs would make my commute smoother. So just there on the word painted and the euro in the left lane, so you can go forward and the region, he's my icon of twenty seventeen is, he sold Something which had been established did not fit in with him. Version of the world. He changed it to his own ends. It not just words. Tromp is doing Helen. I don't want to be complete, about him. That's why I is the twin seventeen icon. I say right so like Time magazine, person of the more someone who's who's been good for the planet. They also caused by irresponsible for having this gone wrong in the Middle EAST? Show I mean if you pay. Deadlines all over that, then maybe people are getting it into each other
borders mechanism with the roadmap for peace is not. The road map must, through programmes such as islands, on road. It is only a nice big sign that says terrorists this way, and it just takes them straight down a shoot but of a problem terrorists. Are they don't always by simple instructions, So if I can't really deal with the police, don't kill everyone, rule and roads, roads onto gonna, be Turkey for them so his size, the bugle icon of the air, the road painting man from China Alice. What is your ward. For the mai but is similar to the Spirit of the Time award of the year in the desert, not for a person. It is for a significant figure, which is to say the payment and you
his middle, the pain at thirty thousand year running this year. Importantly Helen the year of the exposed, pain us and when I say the exposed pain. As I mean the exposure of the exposed penises, a form of trend, sectional leverage business I get it. Business is awkward if we could. Just establish stab status in a situation like gibbons do things be so much easier to understand. I know how many times. I've had to restrain myself from slinging my flaps out in the boardroom, all over lunch to demonstrate goodwill to a sexy middle aged boss. Is that why you left the world of corporate lorries slash thrown out Andy, what the old details and penises throughout the year the penis woman, I want ya- think I'm Bob most most men what in the chinese year of the painter, something which, as you say, has been every year so
when has been a difficult year if the exposed exposed penis any hope for the future, is going to mount a comeback. I think that it is as ever hopeful rise again. The pain us, but I am in a sort of an instructional evidence, functional sort of mnemonic for Paypal. If you know that Can you just gamblers? You just have to know when to hold it no went to folded. I went to walk away and no end to run I just think generally as a rule of thumb, unless you are a male stripper, business takes penis is never a good idea. Broadest file that drilling or blind are blindly CERN. Apis giant in endorses second example: the harassment lawsuit waiting to happen. In the past the pain, as has always been behind the scenes, driving, may
motivation. Everything in male human history was built by bonus, in spite, but I think it's good they were by the way that the amount given launch exerted. A large majority good thing that we ve drawn back the veil on this is peanuts, feel my award for the year is transaction of the year and it really is a story for me, that's encapsulates the entire world of twenty. Seventeen is the one internet which would be blasted into space and time capsule to be discovered by future Eileen Civilised since this is a story of the millionaire chinese online writer who spent seven thousand six hundred pounds on it. Dram of whisky in a hotel, but in Switzerland, only discover that it was in fact fight whiskey, the alleged
seen century vintage whisky transport to be a bogus nineteen? Seventeen lie. I beg bogus three bologna of bottled bullshit. If we cannot trust seven thousand six and repair talks of whisky in swiss hotels, what can we try? in this world of our heroes. Any more to be fairly the hotel. In a blast of honesty, not everyone in the news this year would necessarily have replicated. He had. The whisky analyzed discovered that it was indeed fight and fluted gonna too personally reimburse the buyer, who we must hope, instantly spent seven thousand six hundred pounds on a solid gold gherkin. Instead, now a number of questions arise from this story, for example, is it specifically possible Helen Analysis to enjoy sipping three points, middle liters of liquid at a cost of just over two pounds per cubic millimeter without thinking to yourself,
cannot resist the temptation to ask for a squad of coconuts justice, either look on the bomb, and can you convince yourself that your precious morsel of liquefied here is seven thousand six hundred times nicer than a shop shot of cheap vodka. During her We are at your local student bar that this one mouthful of whisky is justified. They work that money when he could, instead of board seventy six thou Pencils for your local school or saved seven hundred and sixty endangered Saharan penguins. A bargain investment at ten, Ria opine, false thirteen percent of a new bathroom, full british health secretary Jeremy hunts, who was a close second in most ludicrous expenditure of the prison. Forty grant pizza anyway. This story for may come by everything you could possibly want to exemplify. This famous punter evolves in twenty seventeen, the rising influence of China people making, who put money on the internet, people spending
stupid money made on the internet on ridiculous expenditure on needless luxury items. People then writing internet posts in which they tell the Well about their stupid expenditure? Only this luxury items and something being fight, fake trick Think it's all fake, fake, fake, fake. That pollutes is fake, because Much of it both snake did you still get drunk on it. What this made out of. Was it diluted, coke? Is it the gravy? Was it barley, water? I think it was that I don't have a liquor but spirits of angels. It also involve the use of a scientific laboratory to investigate something of less than pressing importance for the betterment of humanity. Come on sides rise the bar and involve the knee. This flight, some majestic the environment, aware of whose boss involved alcohol. What more could you want from a story about the world? it is also about. When China, to limit, which is vital to the future of the planet.
In my view, the Christmas NEWS now I wish you all the official Bugle Christmas correspondents. What what have you over us on Christmas NEWS, cutting, Google. The UK is the country most obsessed with Christmas, clean registry sticks, They claim that bridge people in Britain make more Christmas searches than anywhere else in the world, and I understand the urge to google Christmas Christmas is entirely inexplicable. Is Africa has its mash up pagan, traditions, christian messaging and capitalist. Great, what even is it? What is Christmas pudding? I will tell you Christmas: pudding is the classic Christmas deserted? You take milk eggs, pleasantly defined. Feudal traditions are enshrined, fakes, no sultanas, goodwill to mankind and some weird chewy bits boil it for fourteen hours and send on file. Someone has a fight with their cousin
Christmas is where spending the time with your family that you always tell you said you wanted, but somehow spent a whole year, avoiding you realize that you have engendered itself protective MS answer p, bordering on complete emotional blacklist in the face, constant, incomprehensible stimulus that is constantly connected and experts. This modern world, driven by temporary disposable goal, oriented Doug, remain dispensing social media notifications while buys a radical rising of the Scrooge story that that's that's superb, so but what we oughta, where the best Christmas nation in the world you are- I mean yeah, you you do that you do the whole thing: you do that creating too much, so you can pretend you still have food seasonal food security concerns like it's. It's a fantastic tradition. I think the whole thing is truly ridiculous, but you are a militant Buddhist. So everyone is- and I was everything seems traded house in us
Failure there there's nothing like watching. Fake plastic. Snow melting in forty degree hate it's the Chris in Australia is the only time good. Family fun involves standing around watching a sweating man strapped to a pillow in a bad fake, be a desperately try to act like that. Not a creepy thing to do around children while simultaneously inviting them to sit on his knee and tell him secrets that was partitioned television throughout the seventies What sir wasn't LOS Angeles look at critical and there's not a huge amount of natural snowfall and it's it's. It's palm trees swift fur tinsel around the Monday. What could be more festive that's what they had in Bethlehem. Of course, GPS. The problem is more realistic. Ass? A mentioning other Christmas news. A special report has just come out our countries, despite tradition wisdom. Suggestion its turkey's would not vote for Christmas. Opinion a sitting,
there's no a referendum on Christmas was close. I took over Christmas well and I have voted for chump. A new opinion polls. It isn't a majority of Turkey's are in fact in favour of the festival which is quite answering entering in particular in the current age of democratic people that we live in the view book exclusively on this to wrong wattle chops, they spoke study for the british, paltry party- Andy Christmas, just a profile in Britain that we would not otherwise enjoy sure that is eight. It is an issue with the old death rates, but at least people are taking notice of turkey to the rest of the year. People just think we are wonky overgrown chickens with serious fitness issues. Besides, if it wasn't for dismiss. Many of us wouldn't even be here to have the chance to vote on it in the first place
they seems out. That's that that that you and your fellow Turkey's should be in favour of the ostensibly seems to have such a negative effect on your species, and we re no. This is not just about us. I know its not trendy these days, but we Turkey's votes for the overall good of everyone, not just US else, and Christmas is not only good for the economy, but it is also an important time of the year for Social and family holding in an increasingly at country and world, if it so happens that this necessitates mechanized slaughter of millions of Turkey's. Then we have to stop thinking of ourselves first is that still allowed in the polling station in Britain you humans are voting, we all share.
Do your own democratic demise. And yet you give us all this shit about whether or not we vote for the screen Christmas. You make me being sick. You gluttonous hypocritical narcissist, not give me that Conan Also a salad you promised, or I'm gonna shipowners sounded gotta run. Thank you talking to the bugle strolling strongly expressed opinions from from run the butt. Importantly, the other side of these things in ISIS is Christmas NEWS, the sun? Will it's more bad journalism news, but the sun has published a top notch piece of terror mongering and entitled ISIS thugs. Most bizarre image of beheaded Santa Claus as terror groups. How to launch Christmas attacks So the sun has brought out a range of terrifying images which are from The ices publicity I dont what they mailing list dislike, but just
can you didn't know how afraid you should be well in the midst of your Christmas dinner, they said that gene. Please have called on Lone Wolf attackers to target ordinary families in their homes at Christmas, which I think, statistically the ten of Christmas is entirely adequate unto itself. I don't think We need to worry about people bombing our homes. I think we need to worry about buying If Miss presence that the people we don't like that they won't like an games of resentful relationships or destroying monopoly and drunk grubby ants vomiting off the edge of the rand into the kitty, so we need about capitalism invasion, our homes, not bombers. In some christmases, a terror attack would be a welcome. Relief is once they get warm, and also Christmas well used a strange bearded man, but a student our houses, Attica, Bugle, Naughty news
Now I'm done instantly as well as Britain being the nice and thoughts such as Christmas too much on the internet, as I was revealed, apparently Christmas is the holiest time of the. As the saying goes, it's the most ha needs of the air and its own ends. Some of this you as naughty news correspondent of a couple of stories. Fourth, yes, indeed The fish news? There is species of fish that gathers once a year for reproductive rights. That is so loud, but never. Sea mammals are in danger of permanent hearing loss Was this other Blue Plata Attenborough rising it? I buy it tat you had to run away, otherwise it would have been shot. The Gulf Corvina fish,
sorry the dog is without doubt one of the few. Let's keep that sound effects. It has a little too on the nose. The Gulf coolly Jesus, since then that but not world sat itself level? The bugle, you might have noticed listening Ireland is not technically and recording studio in LOS Angeles law. They then I But the engineer is caning he's running wild with a pack of wolves, everyone goes to highlight a choice of removing dogs. What a work in progress what you I'm mumble environment in a year, she's the best engine, but this is the Gulf. The Gulf convene fish Several million gulf cooling lavish gather, northern part of the Gulf of California in Mexico and The males, mating cool sounds like machine guns,
two hundred and ninety decibels, so just remember suggest but the sound of millions of fishy machine guns firing at the same time, partly the loudest wildlife events on planet earth and the loudest sound ever recorded for fish like job. What about what happens when, when those covered fish watch, the opening saint of saving private right, never got not but is the his the downside of this because professor, so level, downside, there's a downside, because the fishes so loud fishing boats know exactly where they are and scoop up a couple of million of them at the time. So the species is ironically dwindling because of mating goal. That is a super piece of of on the spot
Wildlife. Rapporteur of Helen, thank you very much in other rude news. Some people in Stafford Virginia requested joke when they were ordering a pizza online and there's the box to feel him for special instructions, which should include absolutely no pineapple and testify, and so the pizza hop delivery person. Did accordingly bright a joke inside the lid of the box and is the joke. What do a pizza delivery driver undergoing ecologist. Having common, would you care to guess the punchline right? knows it, but I don't like angels important that impetus. Enjoy talking about their work, family gatherings, looking inside boxes. That would have better than the real one. The is real one. They both have to smell it, but neither of them get to eat it.
I am employ, was fired, fired Gandhi, on with absolutely no pineapple in either, for he could see his also affair point. That seems a bit harsh, nay implosion. He was requested to write a jug. She, a lady, can yeah it's a lady jerk lady logo. Listen, the road to rot yeah. This is why women shouldn't try comedy you have a labour getting fired from preacher companies. It's too dangerous! but you could use that as a gift. Rap inspiration for your Christmas presents the only three appropriate gifts at Christmas gold, frank, incense and mama, although Actually not many people know this, but it's gold, Frank, incenses monster and the Now it's time for they conclude against elements of the bugle advent Callin
or of lies? While we got up to the twenty second of December last week, so just two days ago, although we of a bonus for the twenty fifth, a bonus to attracting having hounds only got to the twenty fourth but till you're getting a twenty. Fourth, as well, here is twenty third of December. The queen This year is set to give her first live Christmas speech, since one thousand nine hundred and fifty six ever since and they're being pretty what just in case enlarging fifty six live off the very best, Christmas, launching the whole thing in a rather incoherent twenty five minute game of Shiraz, with the official role moments of Prometheus Herring jingled them didn't get much further than that. Serious crisis was a bit shits before they run out of time on the twenty fourth of December this open don't say was then made a big one on the twenty. Fourth, the end of Christmas traditionally falls on the sixth of January, the twelfth day of Christmas. As this famously goes the reason for Christmas. Ending vanished. Was this with the debate on the sick the January in the year, one eighty that a national news by
in the holy land, the daily grilled run the first, body, shaming article about the virgin Mary struggling to recapture her pre birth figure, and that was considered the end of Christmas, and this is for the twenty December, the traditional boot. Christmas drink of economic traditionally by tradition, represents? The holy see failed seminal manslaughter. That cannot be right after crack check that authorities. That's not that's not true. I thought the current and emerging as a double That's, let's move Christmas Food NEWS now and scrutiny. Milvain. The multiple Michelin stored celebrity shift as open up his latest seasonal pop up restaurant milvain, of course, well known for his many Michelin start areas, including Golden got rot in Copenhagen, that working lobster in New York bugs bunnies. They triple start rabbits inedible insect
restaurant in the clock, Elaine Services on the M twenty five south of London and that, of course, the cravats wore a sea food imported Medina after this after slaughter their own Elfish? Well, which is the lightest religious themed, festival, outlet or Festa Runt The Asia previously, of course, done smoked. Fish speciality cafe Yom Kippur Einstein based on that it evaluates and Roman for Ramadan which did not ideal opening asthma, commercial point of view and, of course, he's his high and crucifixion famed fishing chip. Restaurant in the Vatican called my caught. My cards fry has travelled for us take on me anyway. So don't worry listeners there's a country, at any more time to the time of already gotten concentric, held I'll, be appearing in host club bobbing
but this is the latest Christmas. Papa falling from large is very successful, jingle boughs and which is very spicy. Damn tasty plague, Mary Havoc with your insides this this year is Christmas, Papa entitle three wise men use and then- and let's just give producer Chris a little credit for that for come out of tat the rest of you have to choose from three Christmas. My news from the following main causes nativity new, born sausage saviours served in a mushroom major attended by well what stocks, donkey with an angelic protection of Lamb, hotly pursued by Herod. The grapes birth beneath a star of prescient bread risen in the east or you can choose panic. Slain first born of Turkey slowly baptized in a g surveyed appearing above immaculate,
so my served with Magi three wise gas bought Joe Balthazar Kenya and milk milky horse have served with a flight into Egypt. Oil can change that God Gulf the Gulf consents, mirth dish, dulled, Indonesia, Delicious apple, catch up, squatted on a flaming sensed frankfurter with mirth infused Moran deserts is that you can choose an jellies on high scream, Gooseberry, Gabriel's or a child. But Messiah cheese. Virgin common births and them to drink wine and tape, but its listed in french divan. Eighty definite divinity when it anyway, how can you live with yourself, Helen Europe? We had about fifteen months of living with me.
Yeah. Bring outside of your mind is bad enough. That being in a country might imagine let's talk about. It you go Christmas, twitter question and answer session thanks to those who are sent in questions with the hashtag abuse, Christmas, others came from Leah who asks for my house like Google Christmas present. Can we have the beeps replaced with a festive sound, Chris yeah are you? Are you all over this? Yet? Hopefully, even you got preference yourselves. Well I want you to do is just the Christmas. This up got yourself, you bunch of my work most workers, what about just a big but that the bodies? The true, John of Christmas, claiming that policy makers, Mary, did probably burp Jesus quite soon after he was. The first is, firstly that you never hear about that, but never before
Christmas Dorothy. What Jesus is me chromium. I've got question from Lily, and can we rename Hashtag Bugle Christmas, two hashtag beagle if your Christmas Christmas its that provide useful. Consider that consider that dumb, Anthony asked The beagle finally acknowledge the existence of Malta. La dialogues acknowledged Malta. This thing I mean: what is that? What are we talking about? You just waking up. Words. Does off there's no proof that motorists- absolutely none, except for the moment, Jesus you might in the beach the chocolate beach pebbles of the men, Dean striven wants to know Alice. Is it true that in Australia, since as the summer holiday bear it isn't reindeer that traditional son to slay, but flamingos,
no Dane no, it is not true. It's not true, it's not true, and I do not understand why, having expressed a dislike mingoes people are attempting to connect with me on a human level by constantly giving me flamingo gifts. Oh, how do you think They feel when everyone opens a brilliant labour Helen Burns. You know what it's like Alice, you had to flee the country together rhythm this circle from Jennifer, as could you do a high at shout out for my dad? That would be great mine. I added I add my model for excuse my mom, It is called this morning that Dr Worthy Eddie Christmas distraction very much welcomed. Well, maybe you should start a fire on the other side of the driveway filtrate their minds off the car
a whole ox any plans to do more live chosen in different places around the UK. Well in the more bugle live, shows off the new year. Eighteen January, at less growth is a sad story. Alleys Fraser you my little. If you been listening to best of the show and several other peoples and the twenty second of February, featuring Kay model be another guest. Asia shows as well The Uk Cunning opens with life. He was but my satirist for high at all, will be taking in many places around the UK envied Ireland from the thirteenth of January onwards, data I was at Andy's. Also look out at UK and myself are there to show and he's since twenty seventeen, the such far because we also featuring Alice, has been extended despite public that, due to public above outside use of public money simply isn't true. I think someone pulled out that a gap by the ways been extended and we can pretend you to public demand, even though it patently isn't so. Please come along with an extra,
chosen, the knife to the twelfth of January May I variety of bad disguises the second, so please try to make those less empty than they may be. And then comes the other shows as well. So we ve got a twenty. We go up till the twenty third before Christmas. Have your listening to this immediately than the twenty eight to the thirtieth than he second to the six and the ninth to the twelve of January. Showing the twelfth of January S get eyes. So I hope you probably got just about. Time to go to undo, showed the Soho get on a plane. Does friends get my shoes not until ten p m right on time. Differences in your favour? You're gonna need a false pride, but we are less. Can you got recognition Concord? Tell me what you're doing sitting around watching television dreaded birthdays the seventh of January. That's good!. That? Also, coincidentally, the birthday of my twin brother, Google Chrome. It shows that there are special meeting with genetics,
Thank you very much for your Christmas Christmas questions. I was coming in for future vehicles at two. I love you balloons at the people. Pumped off don't come. I just wanted to say Q, fiddled hearing this ship through the years like paternal sheep, captain in one of those polar fleeces felice. Never dad the Navy dad, but ogre dig go but who's been forced to drag decommissioned ordinance through the snowy waters of the north atlantic to do a mistletoe now, while well Ok I'll stop, as it is time that it has already raised this. I would like it to recommend everyone towards water charities physically in remote rural villages that don't have access to both water. You know the ones that, with no l. No l! No well now. I know a lot about better, but that strong asked about that. I had a charitable do hotel in at this point here on a good
it's all right. I've dropped off the Skype cool just more about what the dog well before we we wrap up. Middle EAST, of course, of significant, a significant part of although this time of year has this week told done from two thousand and essentially about the? U n ass dull Donald Trump of on behalf of her own of the Middle EAST, and it seems to me that we cannot leave this region in such a state of dispute. They, sir, this important time. If he as we approach the isn't so now logic, the official Beagle Charity palms for pace human discourse cannot solve this problem, then maybe contrived wordplay and advising us on the right to a friend of mine did a tour of concepts in I defer the peace process you did a show in many places, in the holy land involved in biblical events, some yet great backing vocal, sir. He introduce them,
Let's get a monitoring rejoined honest eyes by missed it of the lead singer from gossip and formulating our voices. Beth Liam has also had a tribute acts as support. Man and woman impersonating, a successful american married couple do of nineteen Sixtys and Seventys famous for their hit singular. I got you buy they weren't great their work. I shouldn't They cut the mustard the sunny was over but she was a bit of a phoney share. Phony ship Phoenicia, Phoenicia you think that a happy Christmas spice Gozo, big fan, Of course, one of them ginger used to hang around when it was getting ready to go and state. He found a very distracting on board on occasion I heard him shout Jerry go she was unhappy. She wanted to drink. Give me Bathsheba ACT. Now. Ok, part of addressing the writer yet raising dressing them right and multi, mostly just things in vinegar, to help shop in the vocal calls a kilo of gherkins a kill off pickled
since an amazing amount of olives hate. Did this one some about what Jesus would think of today's world with an applicant's about America, helping humans ascend to the Heavens and rockets, and shuffles very subtle as item afterwards nice Nazareth of nine, calling him never commercial suggest. I got him down to us here: that's all and is not going well, I may as well give up. He said I ve got to pick him up. Might there good two hundred three hundred people who show really he said we'll just witnessed unwell, eating an egg? That's more than it looked three hundred I wouldn't have guests are many affirmative, I no longer fair, the world's total destruction. I love music, I never tire of it. These funds funds loved that they did not go. They called out the somewhere. He makes the whole crew shall their favorite swear while at the same time go on. They shouted do Damascus, Damascus,
It's always so long is Gulf and left him ass. She left the area on a recreational medieval warship. He was on the shortly we as we watch the galley leave We consume weeping, can still Phyllis stairs you gotta move on from a reset lit. I go up when I log into them ready obscure places the victim. It was hoping to get new is on, but I didn't say I was ready to spawn adding. I wanted in Palestine. Get away from me while many for thy eat a lost at a year spoke too much possible misuse of the kind of butter. It did ask me, as a british shepherds, messing about any regret the way we conducted witchcraft trials in North America, the light seventeenth century Jerusalem. He said Jerusalem, Jerusalem now without without that's charisma, thought, nervous merry Christmas. You Christmas Helen, I hadn't off of the palms out just for you there
Jordan, one was outstanding, but never got to be heard now, and I didn't even did Caesar Re Philip. I want which we took a love set up. Another look at a two minute set up for that, for that's rain fast, do without a alone very good. I doesn't have my fucking fire with fire up Helena, think well consider that Gaza you're not you're, not gonna, be with us for Christmas this year and consider, my Christmas gift to you, a feeling all right now with the five thousand mile distance between us. What brings us to the will they be able Christmas special. Thank you very much for listening. If you didn't switch off during the last five minutes, we'll be back next week with a the sub episode but some outstanding extras struck highlights of this year and Yes, he is and will be in the new year with another, regular people, don't get that like people on the eighteenth of general come and see my show how shoguns you haven't on the twelve January in San Francisco.
I'm gonna see Alice, but also my show loathing Andy so and I'm doing a new show on the first of January and seventy Jerry, Get your birthday present ready birthday, flamingo picture establishes debate on the seventh, no pineapples police but you were listening. Big was until next time goodbye,
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