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Bugle 4058 – Donald the Bastard


Andy is joined by Al Murray and Bugle debutant Jen Kirkman for a look at the (complete) state of the union, peacocks on planes and illegal castle building.



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The Bugle audio newspaper a visual world. Can you please and fifty eight of the world's ongoing weekly up, like its official, lost, what investments Unfortunately, the legacy of the summit between now and the end of the world from everything three months, billion years now as a full partner, like I'm building to continue I'm Andy's Alderman and if you caught me, I say out here in London, we outside the city where five hundred years now to the day, we in Britain will be holding a referendum on whether or not to rejoin planet earth off
leave it in a referendum. Four hundred and seventy years from now to join a new trading bloc with the eighteenth century, Travel enables us to trade with our former self rule of both sides accordingly, here today in London, I welcome return to the people. To a man. I last saw flying a helicopter, the crowd of screaming children. I deserve it when they tried to say it was it in a pan out Mary. I am that was set aside for the helicopter in your pants more. That was a theoretical extravaganza MILAN
Well, it was the was presently high point in the shepherds without a win win. When I got the script reading these Jacobite carrying the magic things move and then turn it, and this is a bit where one of the other customers is. Where is AL and then in this taking she's out appears upstage inhaler out. I'm doing it's hot. Take this, but we have to be scrapped improperly was it was an actual fuselage over his helicopter from a from from a scrap yard at any de crashed data capture in oh right, less ominous and re real life. The very purpose does a prob, but they had struck me and probably in everything and out badly headed crested.
A life adding my employer when and how are you going to? Let you do want, it was our haunted, that's all! Well, it was a haunting experience, blotted out that it was haunted, but every time I get in and we could we did sixty four shows. You know straight through each time may in the statement it struck me and we go ok time for flight number. Thirty, two thousand for sensational things are done and since you thus in the bugle, you have had a baby. Yes, that's what well yeah. I have been involved in the baby liking airspace and that's just shows the amazing fertility power of the bugle having the bugle here when you were on in what was it up in Crystal investor wells emanate either ground within the life crowd. That's a very fast gestation period between look, I'm gonna be able and having upon other two biologically will come every member there not bother to get it out and also
I'm getting a regal gets, you lie. No one will I'm saying it makes you fuck Iraq, because that, because yeah yeah yeah, I'm a bugle this week show business change now also joining us here today. For the first time on the bugle, it's coming in writing, podcasting and no time american Ski jumped champions. Moshe mean that its agenda. When thinking, I really hope it doesn't make me fertile, I'm not in the business of having a baby. I'm nervous now needs a boost. This is why we want to monitor their hopes among us over
for eleven in nine years now live payment. Actually financial, dried yeah may mildest is attains. I'm waiting for her to actually return a profit. Here were a long way in here. You never know she gonna win it like a contest in a second. Like Britain's got talent or something of the Amazon Malone? I am. I know she's talus styled nuts. We don't. She listened to forecast that money is involved. We honestly about. If you got Charlie can't sing, you got its own, they can't say yeah where's able to the idea that end up on it on its own. It shall make a fool of himself and disgracing, their family again, you ve been doing it yours down, actually so how if it ever have enjoyed enjoyed London, I love to every time I come here and in it It could possibly be that I am getting better at my job, but I feel the audiences are getting better.
Oh, do you know what I mean I feel like they're getting more loose and loud laughing. I swear yours, when I came here. It was a different feeling. Outbreaks of words. Were we just love more research That's what we have already seen Jenny since our ass we ve become free. People has been liberated from being part of Europe and getting into regions might mean that night and other important, namely Croatia, the bugle, wait beginning Monday, the fifth of February, twenty eighteen, when voting on the second of every making it three thousand years to the day since the second of every nine hundred eighty two basic way back in a simple tom and wife, I say a really bad, but people didn't mind was more patients I'm out on this day. It not nine attitude. We see the greek fitness grew. An inventor copy us of metal. Ignore us created the world's first balance board when he was discovered by
King Anko Klopstock, your standing on an upturn, taught us and claimed he was researching a new product than just the next week. He invented the fitness bull, when courts, in flagrant, say with a large watermelon on this day, a second of February in eighteen, forty eight, the treaty of Guadeloupe, Hidalgo, were signed. Plastic treaty it would fats brought an end to the mexican American WAR treaties. Changes are interesting. I like that, gives it the time they have seemed like a really brought really the right thing to data they area companies idea out to show by the low select a thing is partly name, isn't that they raise expectations and they can be full of treats the most complicated sub. I've just been reading a book about I'm about the normal conquest and that the french king in there, in the MID Eleventh Century EAST, into the single, the piece of God rates. I write the piece of God is now he avoid stated,
supposed to stop fighting a paper would basically would ignore. It turn up in turn up like an area like like Normandy, onshore some guy right piece of for an hour. They overlap with any funding. Reading this week, this guy Henry the bandwidth friend one of the hidden french Emmy kings, are not really close. To these put a turnip need guy right, knock it off and then make a nice guy doesn't apply here, your piece of God it does not apply here. Things really fantastic, like naughty children, you're so sweet. I mean it said, a noble attempt yards, and so I not start their young. What exactly are the people? They had a group from people building castles illegally, but just put up a castle without permission. Why didn't you it seems, like I mean I've, never built one, that it would take a walk
output went up so hard. How far do you get before? Assuming this way? Are you building a cap? That is an excellent question, because it seems that you know already of cosmic a big stone building. Buddy you put a mound up with with some with it with a policy of logs on the top of it. That's a castle Roy and got sounds like attacks dodged castle, who know how? Well we only this is. This is the cause of most of the unrest in North West, eleven, even illegal girls and women ass. What you get on the bugle we get up to the minute topical century for cancer. Stop story this week and Donald Trump banged on for eighteen minutes applauds the while the site, the state of the union, the pussy,
State of the union is its. It was a an interesting speech or shut up and washed it very late at night, and that is not a healthy thing to do unless you're an efficient all of us from Jenny, you you, you died yesterday in transcript thing, I've got the transcript and I saw a club so he was supposed to say to everyone still recovering in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Porter, Ego, the Virgin Islands, California, and everywhere else we are with you. We love you love a lot and we ll pull through together. He didn't say California, because he's mad at our. He doesn't like that would not just dropped that off and rather than actually say it, because he's met We didn't vote for him, so everything that he is so I couldn't bring my to watch it and then, when I said, but I have seen some clips and at you we got the sort of drugged trump, though the one that
is very slow and seems like he's on Xanax. So I dont know exactly how much of the media trump unnatural. It's it's less unpredictable. I should be alarming to people that he seems heavily medicated Ivan and dont know they give it to him because they don't want him to go off or he's twilight, Ing or wherever they caught son setting, because I think he's early dimension, I dont know what it is or he's just as a drug have. This is cool, lately my opinion, but I viewer array Well, twenty I team. It's it's! The era of trouble. Opinions are facts that other reading this, it sounds like a child's book report. He has its rider, so they have to write it to his stupidity. I dont know how he gets through the teleprompter, which makes me think he hasn't european and that's why he goes.
Slow as well, without really interesting, giving our. If there is ever I mean. Maybe that proves that there is not under rule is controlled by Moscow. Some people have said because Social, if somebody Moscow's consolingly place at some point, eighty said does with on the spot seeber emotionally. Well, that's everything. He said that our union is completely being torn apart from the inside, because Russia's tactics are
but we know that you can say that, and I can't say that out loud without getting a certain element, of course, is regarded as a good good performance. What, because always thinking of using that troubles you might it be made his business to set the bar so like the clever that isn't when he goes to Congress original skewed stumble or shouting its journalists have complemented someone on their half mourning the oppressor you disable person is like a like a ripple of old, needy, well yeah, in the same way that someone squeezing one tiny turned into a party off with your dirty protest, congratulate of by LE by lowering the bar idiot. It turns out when just reads a thing from beginning to end, even if it like you say it's some of em gibberish, JANET and John Level ready level jabber, yes, people gouged it gonna say I think they can so stable trouble
what are? They could all be good good trump that there was a that's today he became president residential presidential. I think they ve stopped doing it, because every network that does it gets attacked on twitter now and when they dare to say something like that, but it just? He says, love a lot at such a strange thing. It's this almost glow of humanity that comes through him, but he just keep sing we love you. We love you too, to different. Two different sitst hits well he's gotta love does what he called the young bill that he demanded passing the dock avail to not deport people that have lived here, a bill of love on seven bill of love, and that's what he said and then the Republicans took him aside and they didn't run. Do the belt, but see almost did a good thing when he did describe coal was beautiful, beautiful clear, so I went with all due respect to coal raven Cold
I find this also. Actually others know there's not a sexy, but of rock he had his arm is big boy face indiscriminate, like he put his chin out and half so very proud of himself. I also think that service vanity thing where he's trying to look minimizes judge yeah, I think it trying to look thinner and make his eyes less prominent, and but I couldn't watch it at it can't see his face anymore. I thought this would be over by now. I thought you would be out by now. It's hurting me nobody's ever gonna leave. I think he's gonna be president about a hundred years time. He will declare martial law, I'm sure envy the king, I thought maybe you'd have a heart attack. I thought maybe they would make him resign because he doesn't want the job. So I feel like he would resign. He can do anything in his people will believe him. So if he resigns and says this is a crap,
democracy. You know, I don't want to run it. I was better serving America as a business man. He could just make that up and say: oh they made me leave their being, so into me and start me, no, I dont know why he doesn't just do that Still, how do you do that joining the seniors Gulf towards the most likely way out? but in the hours amazing what I was really struck by having it watched every second of life, was the number of standing ovations all I nothing to about standing evasions. I've had to in mockery in one of which was when I left the stage earlier, the gig in Manchester two thousand and two, but almost as a model but he old people watching that speech and that's a lot of exercise. The number of standing of Iceland for those old Republicans too, Donald Trump of just dumb he's been checking. The latest injury report might pay
They ve been ruled out vice presidency for two weeks after straining, both his hamstringing after stand. I've been sitting down again seven thousand times and eighteen minutes they republican, Senator Cuervo plutocratic. He suffered its double risk dislocation, and a fractured slavery or in his ulterior mode. That's part of the wrists clapping array. Eleven thousand nine hundred and twenty one times and Trump speaks at the most by a single representative in prisons. We inhabit a fifty six clapped per applaud and two point four round of applause per minute, even applauded a cough at one point and on the Democrats, Besides struggle, jog definitive anew Wessex Year was hospitalized, where the compression fracture of the frontal headphone after a frown, penetrated his skull. After an unbroken seventy six minutes, scowl some is, there was physically demanding freedom, it just the pictures. I saw it with the Democrats having to stay stony face a very sensible and and his crew
having to whatever they must be got in itself must be quite difficult. If I have raised is always like that idea and by the way he's not a Democrat, I just want to make it very clear. Rival. Like for Bernie, crook item. I think it's you thing it does anyone out there he does not represent brilliance. Behaviour does not represent that of my people, although I am a socialist at her companion, S, words
Yet it is a learning. Pictures of em, like you know, cause he's very hard. You have you been in if you ve been in roads where half the audits of the really into is very hard to maintain that no no you're not, and I am not join. This does not know redeeming. You know like just a tunnel ripple there, because it gives the mean also the illicit trumps. Other bees got this balancing act as he has to say everything's great now, and it was ship before the end of its great now, there's no there's nothing to fail to do so. The still here that I was going off it's exactly so so so he's got to maintain that some things are still shit. Otherwise, there's no point, it says
It's that having to think to separate things are exactly the same time representing two people. Things really interesting based clearly not troubled. By being illogical, now highlight that called very of everything was actually that's really interesting, as most people go to maintain these two impossible thoughts. What idea- and he also and more accurate sergeant point about the them sitting. There, stony phaser they're, getting complaints now from the republican side that they behaved. That way, but that's the grand tradition is Whatever the opposing side is they sit there, stony faced and at one point during Obama's Steve, the union and one of the republican senators you lie and it wasn't even a lie- does he was upset that Obama was blackened just add a freak up, but Donald Trump tweeted. I complete lie about The rating oh yeah yeah this that's! If that is the prime club in his bags
the writings like my god, he said and thank you for all the nice compliment. It's like me, after a show- and I tweet to the audience, and reviews on, the state of the union speech, reviews will refuse. You can win five thousand pipers ones at that I wouldn't use. I mean you can. If you'd tell me I'm trying to treat the term presidency luck, uses of Andy Kaufman Tea, coffee character, Comic, One day will emerge at the other end of a country that I was joking to die in a wrestling wrangle, something that we can only abandoned captain except that, but because I watched a pays mobility where he was of sea trying out some of
everything's greatly economies better than ever were again and he and he did not think we sit ball top right in the chair. Yeah luck as again cause he, then he can put. Then he can put his JOR El Anne and it is obviously got this up to my handsome body language. While my my dreamy body language, six up and any did that he did or that the economy is based, the has been the trillion dollars. It we put a trillion dollars and on the stock exchange notice, a thing he has Turkey shows better than it has ever been in all american histories the end. It was rehearsing this off very much like a comic drawing his stuff out at a club gig. I guess, if you weren't you host the Asker riots, hundreds if not gonna, watch the piecemeal Bethink says law is like doing a small gig. I can't believe this. He sat together. Edges me. It's them to literally them to most terrible white males that exist on the planet. Are, I think, while the trolley workpeople, but
I certainly have been worthwhile males in the past. I think, maybe not totally early timid twentieth century with some that build illegal castles. Don't forget that well yeah, you know that he would have been one of the allowed castle. Builders. Absolutely everything he is built on is an illegal abbas, not either of you said about the the writings he claimed was the most the most watched state of the union in history, which which was was impressive and would have been even more impressive if it had been true, but still still impressive. As we know in the twenty first century to let the facts get in the way of a good fact is Annie any company fox as well, for they they know their share of the gods twelve million away, forty six million
and them basically moonlighting as presently. Are you not say from his mind job as head of pay off a Fox news, but unfortunately seems to me to be a blend of american capitalism at its ultimate heights and soviet level propaganda? kind of the devil, where's Pravda yeah, it's really good one that again All these are genuinely equal, sorry years, working together to recover from that one serviceable could ever then it is distressing to mean that he did get even that. Many, because that instead of beat him out, were only a few million more forty, eight million forty six million. Why did he have forty five million we at we got? on twitter. Is I don't watch it don't
give him the ratings. Don't watch and people still watch it brought you so upset with Americans who watched it. Ironically, wrote what if you watch it. Look, I'm medusa if you're looking at it in a mirror, does account to the right and that Russia window so yeah. Like in the fifties, crowds of understand as I'd avatars outside of three shots. He said these upon all of us to set aside our differences to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need I call upon all of us to set aside our differences to seek out common ground. When the unity we need to deliver for the people were elected to serve, which is roll them ok, Hyena calling for better table manners guys have us from the Corbett meal times what
you'll. Get you a bit of a zebra. I would it be too much to if you look at us to use calorie, off the mouth of shock, democratic results to now and on this side of the Atlantic, well, the bricks it searches We will continue to rumble on admits continuing confusion over what the fuck is going on. What was going on women? out in what will go on and I'll Angela Merkel, Spain, when you're right
not the crank up. The bird well with what we discovered is that it is economic shocks in many people's germs, of a sense of humour, because the laws accompanies reunited tight companies all about process, relight, Ruby, the Germans have no sense of humour. That's where we see the British have the greatest since human world testify de because we can last for ourselves, so it will come as no shot two biggest long ago turn their backs on company to learn. It is companies, I no surprise it all that be the jobs. It's you say the British don't think it's funny days, because they're laughing story is a news as emerged from Germany via journalist, strutting about it in german newspapers and then a british journalist reading those newspapers in extraordinary made the transmission of information. Angela Merkel has its roughneck shit neck and a brass german, two of joked
with journalists about the irony, lady pm, tourism, basely riff was this committee until she was referring only this Britain Breton bricks. Basically the she says she ran Mercosur. She run it through my and they had a conversation. The went this way and she did this to some journalists in a room as a routine away macrosystem I. What do you want for the bricks deal? My replies might be on offer Brought so Merkel, this is other need him enough, you're, the one who wants leave. What do you want? My within sight made me and offer an apparently they
she says they went round and round in circles doings and at my Merkel did. This is the US. Her hilarious, routine run for german journalists are uniting with it, but she company represent far too late, and I mean- and this of course is outright people issues about Germans, down, obvious the Duma and how much and licensing sixty three squadron had some lounges and all that stuff. How things really really interesting? Because, because of an english theme of the whole bricks, it thing is no one is considered from many, though we're doing this in public as a little secret. It's our little sacred that that that Europe, Europe, that that this in this negotiation, that's been pitched by the bricks it programmes, people they just never ever taken into account that there are other people involved in this thing and then I might they might even if they
the inadequacy that, unlike the gems, so that rather we did did do this, but the laughing it is a sort of is just the peace is like the absolute hard burn for your these germanic german Amano maniacs people. If we still think, is the war and then the other thing we have to discuss. The german ambassador said that the british obsessed, the Second World WAR to adjust, who do you think you're kidding, Mr Think, outing. That's done funny it's. Why are we not generating? You know what this must look like two to the to the outside world, the spreadsheet think, but we weaken this whole situation is arrived at completely internal problem and now I'm to deal with the external ramifications, and we look, I think we look. We have run a religion, Looking at complete twice a relief as an american go? Oh, my God, people as ridiculous. As us,
was yet we with John the Baptist your idiotic chance. So, for one minute, for maybe a month we looks like we would be superior to you. Just I just mean in that sense I wanna ragging raise about nothing stupid and then then we joined and so on, and now it's just its terrifies me. To be honest, I don't feel like I'm watching two countries completely get taken over by russian propaganda and thinking that they need to us from within their own selves. That's us, and then you ve splitting Europe, but the really ominous thing over the guy formerly mosey about this is all right. Let's say leaving leaving Europe is. This is the right thing to do their duty? do the job of it rather than go over. The Germans are having a go at it's like he has this really weird I mean we didn't. We didn't votes to do a good job of it.
That was known about it just vote. If abreks it no sooner were to be a good job, not just clearly the blow. The other problem is, it would just didn't. We voted not having discuss for more than about a minute. What would happen afterwards, so the whole thing Springer being rift guessing? I can't you can't discuss in adults that, sir, showing we sir slugger drop of blood in the shop tank and then in a hippie and make us UK really leave Europe man, because your technically consult China, Paris, I mean you're. All I've got one big blob of land. That's what that's! What you're anti EU peoples? I will not leave. We love you. We just don't know you're, not leaving Europe closer to. Why do you always what he was deliberately confused determining? Well, because that's exactly what you ve been doing, you don't latin having to talk the Belgians
Oh no! It's bizarre racism against other white people. I've never seen a breathing with specialist. Put that right wing conjurations amount of these that what cup reminded look at? Why Montgomery's tables what already got different customs to me. I don't know not neat little summary of british social history there, but well it might not be a money to tunnel. Two percent could be a bridge coming soon. Boris Johnson, who essentially the Improv Foreign Secretary, just ripping out more than most import jobs in country, said that there will be a bridge and those on the brakes sides to respond by saying, I think you missed out the syllable drawer, Laura. I think American is kind of thing of Angela Merkel is a rock star to there's a lot of popular means that go around of her sitting.
On a rock star yarn about many things out of Angela Merkel, but I think she is sort of like that she's, the new Kurt CUB. I will we left as almost this like save us, like, maybe Germany will adopt us or something the way She sat with Trump in the office and there is a famous picture of him. Looking and the little boys looks like she scolding him, and one of the means is like what did I tell you about not theses, I don't invite them in the oval office, something like that and we just we love when she turns her back. Women, and so I don't I'm, I'm sorry she's, making a fool of treats, make the phone She's got just breaking up sleep on this subject. The new report from the sea be H, w em all right, let's be committed, breakfasting hard and we mean real hard breaks. It will please an average, not two percent rise in the vague feeling of man
independence nor point four percent increase in the average perception that weaken, showing our own destiny and zero point: zero seventies and upward company average. Since that we could now become ultimately Lenovo poisoning scientists, because, although Romania, Bulgaria glimpse of stop coming over it's a plumber, George for them, and that report has been verified by the Cross Party Committee on indefinable national emotions, which is very, very influential in this breaks. It breaks h. Obviously, that's two sides to interpret these figures. The National Institute of the law. Hypothetically nice things in a very kind of way, countered by saying that, although on average, british people not point four percent more in control of their destiny or that's how they perceive that is due to a hard core of hard core hard bricks it hardy is feeling around thirteen thousand percent more internet running an overall twelve Nine percent fewer people, Ethelwyn controls at its economic separately, things in any way. You want Laurent ages,
them up to move on to some extremely pressing technology versus the natural world. News now- and this is arguably the great story of the millennium sulphur- a peacock has been thrown off an airplane noticed any pick up, but what was described by its owner as an emotional support peacock. There is a very harrowing harrowing story in the flight, of course, the most troublesome. If the airline claim the bird contravene its size and white guidelines, bodies jiving a peacock, as they are now depth of insecurity, the world to which we will lose the birds named Dexter, presumably because its majestic plumage is reminiscent of the majestic batsman ship of the home. Of England cricket at TED
apparently generally avoid public transport as it sir its owner, whose noticed says it we too traumatic for well public transfer. The two traumatic for humans, but we can learn to ensure it is that a resilient attitude that gives us the edge in the evolution of erosion splendid way there are so few pick up on the boards of thirty one hundred companies. The pick up was originally bots, charming, backstory to be part of an art installation. No wonder they pick ups got big idea, is frankly display Yet it was merely code. Illicit us having got is: can we really big headedness reasonably going yeah, I'm literally showing off even more than a peacock, would normally yonder wanna go back from the floor. Yeah, I'm literally peacock. It has its own instagram account. Does it
it was and he was or she I donno as command. Hang on hang on closer peak all you have to be cock. A people is better at using social me. Dear than I am already got a letter He perched to topple luggage, the airport and wrote, spent six hours trying to get on my flight to allay, and he said tomorrow, my human, friends are going to drive me cross country, so he has friends in Instagram a coat. I many followers I'll take a labourer finally get peacock jealously. Obviously this was a decision has caused considerable unhappiness, particular from Dexter the peacock himself. He gave an emotional press conference after he was turned off. The flight decision. Army self proclaimed Flight is paviers people and, above all, that is what I understand: human, understandable embarrassment alone.
Go on a proud, artificial, environmentally destructive, like a normal, but that does not make it acceptable. Regarding the injustice toward me as a peacock. Well looked after lemon sitting that, like sheep, Cocoon watching some half ass piece of Hollywood shite on your agent, based on this airplane, when you couldn't watching my Believable awesome, feathers seriously. Look at this shit sensational. Moreover, without downplaying in any way the history of prejudice against females? Have you ever seen a pity had thrown open aeroplanes? Of course you haven't you, I'm not a perfect pick up. I have been a bit of an absentee father to some of my patriot and I hope fluttered like others without asking permission on occasion, but I feel that this is now a witch hunt. One last thing
regarding me being close to big. It's mostly feathers and finally have some respect. Without things like me, you flightless, wouldn't have even thought of drawing to fly. I will not be taking questions a quick bit overtook news, Elon, Musk Bugle favoured the obviously fictitious entrepreneur. No way exists has apparently maids. They sell twenty one million dollars of flame throws. In a day I mean that's, how does that sentence even exist? He also sold a lot of far extinguishers, as well as the definition of a captive market. Isn't it? What are you ve got me? Do you not believe you might also nowadays, capitals, I didn't even know, is legal or not
I'm through close. It is protected by a second amendment, righteousness suburb, Edmund three. I e the right to throw flame goes back in the day that referred to lighting fires in winter, to ward off, bears and wolves british people, but now the flame through a lobbyist, so powerful. It's been twisted beyond its initial, and I think this is a good test bed for that. You know that thing. When people say you know, guns, don't kill people, pupil, coping people, let's find out where the flame first kill people write tat if which, if it it's like a controlled experiment for thy adage, you know it's a chance for America to put it to the test. I find her. I kill someone, then oversee guns, kill people ass. Well, you know, logically, like a logical test bed. He has, I think, he's doing. A sort of favour was not gums. That kill people is the fact that not everyone has been dipped head to toe in the river sticks.
I must not feel that other shabby story- BBC Review, found no gender bias in its owner. Pay decisions despite there being what might be describes obvious gender bus in its by decisions and that with this just them in the latest example of the sexes. In showbiz as evidence just a couple of weeks ago. Many mouse final given her own Hollywood, walk of fame, star Two years after a mile coastal and former lover, Mickey Mouse Rumours are the reason pottering to go along with that Mickey briefed against many after she complained about if shitting everywhere he went on and then laughing
by saying mice will be mice, also rumoured that so many was offered a pile of up to ten kilograms of cheese in exchange for not revealing that Mickey had climbed the stone into species relationship with militia duck. Leave then girlfriend of Mickey's cartoon rival, Daffy, dug from the rival one brother stable, which Disney friend, on the big time. I have some hot news: was out the BBC or the other day on the woman's our and they had to have the woman that was going to parliament the next day to talk about it ignores yes, she wasn't allowed to read the statement herself because she's, not any the drooping woman, because she's one per annum processing it so, ironically, I just a man had to come in and read about it, and the BBC is insisting on calling it a fair pay, not equal pay, learned denying really that its up under the very restrictive after explain why this is to be joint programming.
Thus I gather all the women a worse, the juvenile that's what they said in his statement. Basically, they signed a lot of this is based on work experience and output, and it's like, but that's the systematic thing Ugandan get them up up up up up, but I thought. I sat there in the studio while they read that ridiculous. Really library is our aim. I read about further seven used where women means mainly What happened I ll I wanna know got is why Kirsty walk outstanding tv journalist presence of news, not virtual things, so paid less than great uncle. Bulgaria, rather Womble, make sense to me and another gender wars story signs breaking this ass. Reckon you just weeks a part of the number of men dying from prostate cancer has now overtaken female deaths from breast cancer. The first
Nobody, you guys go Missus, Parker haunt you got. You wanted the eye red leather turner. I read the foundation of them, was the you reduce Europe's important the possibility of prostate cancer by because why, organizing every day I've heard so like what's going on there, if it the mile rights going through it and how certain explains what Prince Philip s lives. So, is there a crisis that men are not going so right now it sounds like it with regard, even summon up the gun,
until one may, because all these women are squawk and about their rights, and that is that we are not directly to them more advantages. I q for joining the dots they would about a computer or if I suggested that he will go woman's on its own. We just got run out of time on the basis of the results the when your place in the build up our group competition of sadly been postponed until until next week, but you will get an extra weak on your term on the bill bill, a bug in a sanctum for the winner and Duke you re most coming in to hello buglers, attribute open just don't, come so well, Jen, frankly, might become only a measure on the bugle. How long you alongshore running so her over Saturday night they may not no point plugging it now, but just to let people nowadays
They could have seen anyway militant next time consuming a retrospective. All of you. Anything to plug the moment. I know I've got nothing on this year, a moment of plants they things, but anything certain of our time. Fifty this year and I feel like I might do to celebrate Breton yea, absolutely free I gotta go over the banana milk. Ironic, solar uplands. You can just just lie back and enjoy the feeling of self determination. General. You haven't Porthos we're in June. I guess I can't I seem fund a diary of Jan Kurtzman Podcast available at our podcasting choice and out of the just rather ass God and again in a special. It's it's not available. Europe only in England because Abreks it.
I won't let any other Europeans us and Gozo deserved. Listened, not sweet, tasted freedom not go somewhere thank you for listening. Beagles, don't forget, there are still some time is available for the Beagle LIVE show on the twenty second of February will feature Nick an alleged Fraser and come to all of my sectors for high show tonight's coming up this week. Take one can, I remember them, take to show this one other similar gurgling. A website is not happening in the next six hours, I don't know. What's going on, take three also comes.
All of these factors for high shows and place. If you're coming to submit your email request, will topics do satirizes at satirist for higher dot com Wednesday? Britain is sold out brackets Totty room lets. The on Thursday is not sold out brackets. Also, toddy room have gone away on the tenth in Ireland. Dublin on the eleventh of Belfast on the twelfth the following week, Monmouth Worcester Exeter cancer break and then this, moreover, that all details and is also about Co Uk any further questions, no one's right. Now, let's go let a rap thank you will listen in vehicles will be back next, with Mr Unavowed pile who will be in America, which very exciting new turns on them. People until that goodbye
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