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Bugle 4060 – What’s that Aunt Doing?


It's a live special with Andy, Nish and Alice and it's a belter.

In the news – V signs from the cliffs of Dover, Australian tax office news, Kazakh alphabet updates and the NRA. Douchebags.

Also, just what did the British government get up to on their away day?

Plus Bobsledder Axel Brown is in the crowd and gets the traditional Bugle welcome.



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Well good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Leicester Square Theatre for the one night. Only London Festival of Extreme macrame, if you are now I will pick up your string, your chain saws and your nunchucks and remove the leashes from your crocodiles. We can begin making this weeks decorative. Sorry, that's that's, tomorrow, show let's try this one a good evening. London, welcome to inaugural girl LIVE Stage edition of Celebrity Stock syndrome over the next three years we will find out whether former US teen pop sensation, Glenn Medeiros, will Actually, if counterintuitively fall in love with his, liberty caps, the three Nobel Prize winning playwright and novelist Elfrida Jelinek? Well, she keeps in medical to an industrial boiler. Here, like certain it's that once shame. I love that.
soon, the let's try lists. So, let's try. There is a bubble, Blake so Chris? Can you please introduce the shell? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual world hello, Google? How are you all one hour time, please that was incomprehensible. Well
into the bugle live here at London's Historic Leicester Square Theatre. And he's also one of this seas issue four thousand and sixty of the world's leading longest running, most spiritually, enriching and the only audio news viper 4a you'll very well trained. Thank you all for coming to visual version of the show that is fundamentally defined by its status. As a audio only experience, so it's uh, do, people have bothered to come to the live venue tonight, so you will be able to hear this show in three dimensions. If you put, special one red one green in the and now listen as the microphone gets closer and closer and closer those three all over again. It is Twenty 22nd all yeah, it's one. Twenty guys know your stuff. That's really impressive, and if you don't believe that
the actual date. Here's proof uh. What do you uh? How do you all think Brexit is going yeah? reckon historians could call buttons that noise to approximately one week around now, so it's the 22nd of February, well on this day in one thousand, six hundred and thirty, two, the aliens, celebrity physics STAR Galileo, Galileo, published his smash hit dialogue. concerning, the two chief world systems, Galileo or GG, as he was known, uhm for a box. Fans out there? Also nor pro science circuit as the tuscan telescope, Signor Science and the big fears? Um Galileo? spelled with a ph in a white. He was uh now he judged final showdown between the old ptolemaic system, which held everything revolves around the US on the hip new, but but still inexperienced copernican system, which said revolves around the sun. Gg double G to fight in five off
Monica's and against all of Maine that's like that. So let me a geocentric second century loser with all due respect: modern sign It's uh do now have leave that both were wrong in the universe actually revolves around sport. Trust me, I'm a scientist. Galileo also studied, amongst other things, speed and velocity gravity and free fall. Projectile motion make a tragedy that he died in one thousand six hundred and forty two just three hundred basic short years before the Pyong Chang Winter Olympics. Is there as well. That would be right in his wheelhouse. He would have. Crumbled is rhubarb over that. He also studied inertia, so he might even have enjoyed the curling, so they is also world thinking day. You didn't need to respond to that verbally and
so we are giving away this week on the bugle three three free thoughts, including and ah, and oh yeah, as well I'm forty three As always. Please don't stop now. If I go down you're coming with me, so I'm as always a section of the bugle is going straight. I can't you in the not. Now, though, what but they've been correct? Some
This week we review London Fashion Week on including clothing media with you. What are you laughing at that very successful you of an overview. So this week the head to head doubles fashion in which to g babies and media wake step pad up with us to posting Popery boss, Christopher Bailey, to take on the American designed you of he licks treatments and collects flambards from the big hitting on wearables label. Look good for the hunk Paris weeks that distracted the Americans with some small piece of a Friday night billing, but he's got his hands on the always crucial sewing machine, but Tramite literally played a blinder buying Casing Bailey said in ribbons claiming it was a hat final score: nil, nil, uhm and uh, also in the Bin. It wasn't just London Fashion week. It was also London Dietry fabs week, and we look at the latest a tree trends. is anyone on a trendy diet. Here now,
it's no one. Just I want some some big new ones coming out this week, the sludge it's in, which you eat meats, but only whilst sledging, it's in the manner of an international cricketer, call yourself more on a Amarth the the Hegan Dietze you about Higan diet in which you eat meat, but only from male animals take on the patriarchy one sausage at time hum the the magic cherry and all that that's you any food as he can on screen by March. Bishop and neighbors well believe she's gone, the full life two dot ten one troy that is we have to eat, is if you'll favorable to me just being hammered five to You pick miserably at your food thinking. I know objectively was an exciting going for the neutral, but I off
the there's a good start tonight, gluten free diet in which you don't eat any tins of glue. That's a good one! I get started. We give you a sense of it. thank you, Chris, people were right all along It's too early in the shelter react like that. I just can't help it just came out. I'm also will, following on from the holy success, successful kosher dot the notion dot just the same as kosher he knows all the rules and then I found it works pretty well, over the years, an also hello all, which you have to make sure we're not Emily's laughing out loud at the moment of slaughter.
A happy animal is a tasty edible breaking news for cal clowns. I mostly alone slapstick jokes about what happens when you're out as guest. at milking machine. So alright, though, sections are in there right now time to meet R2 gladiators for this evening's flight. To that sorry, our two guests for this evening show first, is it a bird? Is Well, you know it's a human being, but not just any. Even playing I specifically when playing from London. It's a nice car ball. I mean I'm, I'm assuming the given that you'll hear you on the.
Tom the joke, but if you don't, Absolutely for the benefit of the list, as the people of the list is what they it's are all being treated to a string. All of- and I emphasize is heavily photoshopped images of naked, fish. Is it nude? they just need with this yeah? I'm I mean second one. Is I don't know how but it's worryingly accurate, I'm in bed Then I remembered I'm only one day, since Spiegel die of the open defiance of my hindu upbringing been having several beliefs it has been briefed sit here, Kumar Towers,
holyshit I've been doing a television program that has upset what to look for it's, not it's still it. In a two week we find a shop that image of the I mean: there's not a a kind wife, putting this absolutely net date, Donald trumps asks wakes. He got upset and then that Labor Mp K how he posted a clip of the show up to is like. Is this what my my license people and they also raise? Yes, it turns out the B b C's in Thalia, but it is being funneled into an obscure light night comedy shot. We get ninety five percent of the budget and the rest of it just goes on the news blue plan and show a long time, I'm a bit sort of resumed my twitter beef with Pierce Morgan, because he slagged off John Oliver
he's been slacking off John Oliver for saying we and us in America now Andy. I consider the beagle and bugle listeners and everyone to be my immediate family and outside will be borrowing money from all of you at some point. But now we are allowed to slack John Oliver off these hours. We're allowed to call him Johnny Showbiz, make fun of love guru and remind him that I absolutely bossed him on the football field. But that's because he's one of Us Q, Morgan burn in Hell also I mean he's been there awhile, it's been two thousand and six on EC. I got his green card years ago and yes, Tersest resignation, note yeah, exactly the man's joking attracted to his country. But again we can say that we are allowed. I'm
but also Georgia yesterday representing the world second greatest lateral hemisphere, still still on the podium. podium finishes a podium finish. Leveled will getting very excited sticking it to the right to buy still trespassing on all of the plug nickel. It's always right hello. I gave him a hug, so I feel like I've already taken my pound of flesh, I was going to a comedy show on the producer, turns up the truly in stitches, also the is Chris is wearing a bugle t shirt with John.
Ross to help. So we can do that. But again we can do that. We are allowed pay, as we are allowed a slight when white people criticize bend it like Beckham, I don't like it I don't like it one week. It's a yes! It is a shit film, but it's our film, So I did find a the walking only be described as a large suitcase full of old vehicle which but we are selling at this key for the discount price of other It's Chris modeling Elder a. slick russian guys really slick operation. I think there's five, each for twenty for some extra sticky tape to cross out John that's Rt Shirt Cannon, the human teacher camera. What the first
hello to you should come and you've got to the big build up not that resale value of that is literally slight. That's the worst selling it for you tonight, five hundred environment, for that what's happened to this show in the last six weeks. What have I missed? The tone seems to have elderly varied from what it used to be a good Christmas. I got t shirts and you'll still hall finishing your side. That say that, like the old needs to the rest of the, what the opening of the show was like a Robbie Williams, kick it's always been my dream: You are the jewish Robbie Williams, Robbie Williams, oh
Well done any you finally broken Chris into making puns that is well. is now only four hundreds earth days, precisely until the 29th of March, two thousand and nineteen until we breaks, I'm so wavy, I'm so wavy. the trigger on the trap daughter to catapult us into a new national ejector seats to blast us. so they always have breaks freedom four hundred sleeps until we are finally unchained from the dead weights of the European Union. That is burdened us, so catastrophic Lee for the last forty years with trade cooperation, improved ham, irritating legal impossibility of even boiling an egg without explicit written permission from Brussels. Oddly shaped fruit, four hundred breakfast, and so we finally
to enjoy all owned, like other spice dog moments of pioneer Skype to genuine independence feel that sweet flame Woof Woof, Glassdoor freedom, four hundred times or in Layman's terms, eighty back to back test matches which makes it seem, like you, see, more bearable you gotta look at your I've, genuine wistfulness, imagining the prospective eighty back to back test back to think of the stats. I have a dream. The Martin Luther king of Long form cricket what is going on my post, it's good Disney, she's famous now
I see Non pays Wilkens to if it I'm barely a week, goes ball in Britain. Now without some idiot, so Something idiotic about brexit and let me really we go and US put out the trash. Did I David Davis, God rest his soul. If it is ever located, he said he's promised us all that brexit will not be some kind of mad max style. Dystopia stop betraying the will of the people Brexit. That is what we voted for him. David Davis, a man who was once a baby so boring that his parents gave him his own last name as a first name, his disappear Did the nation by saying Brexit will not be a mad max style dystopia? What is the point of a dystopia if it's not a mad max style, one all the other day,
These are the boring or terrifying. I mean he's right. Okay, of course, is not gonna, be a mad maxed out this type. It's far more likely the brakes. It will be an h g wells time, machine style, dystopia, you know it and she was victorian science fiction, novel with increasing disparities, been wealth between the rich and the poor. Will we did humanity involving into two different species. You know the Eloyan in the Morlocks yep yep yep The a lawyer affect fruit, eating rich people who just sort of walked about being beautiful and useless like Gwyneth Paltrow and the More locks are ugly underground. Poor people in the hideous Morlocks eyecare poor people have basically a eat. The rich right that is all future yeah it'll, have served rich people right if they don't have their act together in time for the, feature rich people on super food diets are basically prepping themselves for delicious lunch. Trend towards superfoods inexpensive, SI smoothies mean rich people are
getting all the nutrients and leaving the bad food to the poor. It's an excellent development. As we move inexorably toward this dystopian future, it is good to know who will be the most nutrient dense. I'm sorry, this started with the brakes. It went off track into Adele. dystopia look, I don't I'm not saying I want to eat enough Paltrow, I'm just saying I'm just going to leave the words grass FED and let you do the rest. Yeah. Of course, there's not gonna be mad max style, dystopia. I've seen the mad MAX films, there's people of color in them I don't think anyone what are you doing about? I don't think I any with Dodge approaches I do breaks. It is not taking the time to read the thunder time. Also it's the specificity of it like it's, not like anyone to specifically said to a public people pull it. Probably it's not like anyone was saying. Oh, this is going to cause of mad max style. It's worrying that David Davis was that specific. It's like if you lend someone a cap and they give it back to you and go. I didn't get
you just immediately like well, you definitely have unknown burn, this hot Food Shack at suicide. I don't know, know how rigorous you are about doing the empirical research for your jokes, yeah, yeah yeah, I'm the Daniel Day, Lewis of Captain jugs. I would never talk about being. No I'm sorry that was two five you're right, Boris, Boris Johnson yeah. Well, so I,
that's a the any topical new this week that the and in addition, what are those something out later in the week? Category Boris Johnson, said uh. Well, not a lot right now. He insisted that Brexit was not av. Sign from the cliffs of Dover, which is a pointed out in a radio show last week, is my favorite Vera Lynn, Song
but actually that is what a lot of people did vote for uhm. It was in some of the UKIP literature a three hundred meter high v sign on the cliffs of Dover, made out of pure british Oak machine frame. President said the government does not have a viable plan again. That was laid out perfectly clearly for the referendum. They suddenly come out with a viable plan that will again be betraying the will of this nation yeah. I mean it's all it's going about as badly as we thought it was going to go and just to go back to that v. Sign Boris Johnson said that it isn't a visa from the cliffs of Dover, but we actually did that. I know that you have just boasted about it.
But do you remember, Paddy power erected a giants not to have to raise the money clicking the vase dressed to the union. Jack dress like yeah, literally look like an Edl members. What dream come to life flight? It was. It was really without your faces and that's the reason poor all to raise a well. I think, if you get a big enough v sign then on a large bit of elastic, then you could use it as as the catapult to far all the illegal assault. Wherever they can from under. In this conversation, we have come up with a more specific plan for Brexit the entire government catapulting immigrants off the White Cliffs of Dover, at least it's a plan because they've gone far away day in checkers uh, as we record today, they currently at an away day to sort of hammer out of brexit policy
I think you probably should have done before you start a brexit life at its classic. Procrastination lie. I recognize this from any time. I have a deadline for, and I think you go well why you put it off if the government or anything like me within a couple of days, the old we collectively themselves into oblivion, My working method is my working methods. That would be the perfect metaphor for breakfast Just an enormous conservative circle jack. These people is saying what pregnant ease and is not when we, we know exactly what brick cities Brexit is Brexit is big cities, Brexit, infinite, Fractor Red
The entire country going up it's on us into like perfect robertus of pain. That is a water pipe arrests are in a row. You talk to the snake that he never full Bloomfield, Labour's shadow brexit, Brick Brexit minister. He said that the time for meaning the sound but and conflicting statements is over. While I was now officially scheduled in,
What you up to tomorrow, I'm on meaning the sound bite duty. It's the way. Taint checkers is basically to sort out a rift in the Tory Party, because basically it turns out. There's a group of unnamed and unnumbered group of Mps called the European Research group who were sort of hard line breaks. It is, and they are led by Jacob Rees, Mogg a man who has the countenance of somebody who colonized my answers. Says this pact Alice's ancestors off to Australia and, let's be honest, was at best ambivalent about, and these Let's just say he is the on the fence, the ones who are trying to escape
I wish I could retract tackle. I feel about everything I was one of only like in Australia how much of a joker with the international I mean if Australia's funny funny, you know you're in trouble, but if a we were we along things dog. Are you not important enough to be a lot saying? to sort of a wry chuckling stock, no important enough to be a laughing stock. They got Chris. I believe, we've got enough. If you think of it, if you think of the: U K and America in relation to australian politics, the U K is like your ancient great grandfather. Who's. Pretty racist in America is like your uncle, who
really and Australia is like Australia, which is pretty rare. Little lesson in genetics for everyone there. So nature of said it before I'll say it again. Racism is like cricket, invented it England, perfected in Australia, I think now is the time for meaningless sound bites. Well,
let's break for some quick call, telling metaphorical audio oranges now and post your jumping O'Neill citrus? Allow me to alert you to a veritable won't all forthcoming, although bugle live shows. The next live show is in Melbourne, Australia, two of them in fact on Sundays, to fifteen and twenty second of April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival will be at the other belly on London's Southbank again on the fifth of June on the tenth of July, I'm also doing a sex arrests for a World CUP special on the fifth of July and we're back at Leicester Square, set up on the thirteenth of September, on the fourteenth of November floss, venturing north to the Lowry and soul, foot stroke Manchester on the seventh of October details floating around various bits of the internet. Here in this, the blogs back now to the live, show that actually happened and this bit
in Australia, news now. Australian public servants have been told to anonymously report their colleagues if they're wasting time at work or spending too long at lunch. According to The BBC, to whom I say, keep your bloody nose out of my business name stopping, who, in at the Australian Taxation Office, sent out to many memo to twenty thousand stop in December. Urging them to be aware of what makes behavior is encouraging them to report things like an accurate time sheets or those who read the newspaper for too long. the memo has been criticized by people calling it on Australian, because the one thing all these love more than make shipping a hard day's work for a fair day's pay, isn't very hard day's work for exactly the same amount.
it's a hard enough job to work in the tax office, you shouldn't have to actually work in the tax office. In a statement, the ATO Australians main revenue collection agency said we are proud to have a workforce which seeks to uphold the highest levels of integrity, which the community would expect following with integrity, is everyone's business and we continually raise awareness of how integrity matters with stuff, oh god, yeah tax office. Already. How have you managed to make yourself sound even more than most boring? Work like this is the warning said you gotta lookout for colleagues who make a habit of taking long lunches. You say regular leave early, spend the first hour at work, eating breakfast or reading the paper or all of the above. I think this might be an old colleague of mine from my eleven one, slash two months in the real jobs market, but I tell you who does
there's two social groups to do all of those things. One the queen, I'm too professional cricket is the absolute all these nations yeah long lunches in reading newspapers. I mean if this policy, even like, did any of the various jobs I've had. I would have been thought from all of them, as opposed to my actual employment record, which is being fired from most of them to give you an idea of how good it employee I was, I want, fell asleep on the toilet. Well, if you say that 'cause they just the tax office was just announced, a new work, while you add scheme installing
I've had screwed to the wheels of of Eurotunnel's compose productivity by up to a ten thousandth of a percent over the course of a year under telephones in toilet, toilet cubicles with a catchy slogan might chill night chasing. The only call you on so, and they also coming out here that coming down on small talk because office, small talk to don't hate to stoop, to casual small talk in the office. No Chris, can you get the microphone? This is the kind of economic hero this country needs. We'll talk just a waste of time well yeah to, but some of you say that, and you know the cost. The cost of small talk to the economy is seven hundred and eighty trillion pounds and that's not a fact, but I will put it I will. I will put it on a bus and then it will become a problem so
This is going to be part of our new Post Brexit future, a small talks going to be bands to make us more productive as a nation and instead everyone have a lan yard, just as a little badge on it. That shows I am fine. My family is also fine. Yes, I did watch the football man united, really on clicking at the moment, although MIKE is a great economy in the world. I thought man United was the response to hashtag me too, let's have some Kazakhstan Alphabet NEWS. Now
as a boy of of because it's still an indisputable power shift of a leader, I'm Noah he is just issued. A decree under which collects on is changing its alphabets for the second time in a year. Who is, we haven't changed at all since a hundred million? But you see, I think, african african member, the you can come in literature directly, which changed after brexit. I say goodbye to french toast. It's going to be Cold York shook cake. How it's not affect the alphabet, this french toast ever this kind of remaining, that is cool you're talking the country down Andy the
so they got rid of the cyrillic alphabet last year and they introduced a latin alphabet, but it had loads of apostrophes in it, which caused national uproar and mobile phone users complain that the new language forced them to repetitively press the apostrophe thing. I think they might have secretly introduced the same thing in Britain, like this cover lot of rogue apostrophes, not going around this country. That really shouldn't be. You know I just use one erroneously in the word apostrophes, which is a plural. It really didn't need an apostrophe anywhere in its spelling. I did it again: it's doesn't matter so much when you're saying out loud, but the transcript of this is going to for some people the off there with one f. Damn I shouldn't have should not have made that kind of mistake- and I spell I spell of a v eight bulls, one of side of the s. Sorry, sorry, not knowing looks a patent. Well, actually it's not!
completely true to say that absolutely no one likes a patent, hey Kazakhstan, his training, it's, that, with the scorn, derision and lack of respect that we estrogens reserve for our Prime Minister, the decision was greeted with derision and online petitions calling for the apostrophes to be abandoned. Not only did the system complicate reading and writing critics said, but it was also introduced without consultation. Actually, the walls consultation with the warring factions couldn't agree on anything because none of them could read each other than reflect on all like odds is or right. Let's move on I'm bringing the autocomplete jug, just not enough comedians at the drug you get it. You got it
I think, a little over my own. That is why they do not bite to what does he do that you would. I know if we we, we could live but also we're doing what do we have audience: QA old Gun crime in America, okay for you'll benefit, Chris is going to edit that out to you to protect you, okay I just want you to know that you did come off one and I'm not people people in Britain really and will do anything to avoid it, as shown by the turn out in our elections and reference in one key with a very short hey. We can't really be out with so and so the question I guess that have
swelling around America is. Will America ever learn? No, but I think I think the answer is yes. It's already learned, but only some of it. And, as the old saying, goes, even a well trained dog likes to roll around in Fox, yet so the Aristotle as well uhm, but some, the Donald Trump, the President, says yeah doesn't seem right. Has it only been a year? It feels like a decade just don't say that on an anniversary mail, I'm
this call white for a vehicle right to Valentine's day icon. But don't you said a gun free school is a magnet for bad people. Yeah. If I about people you mean pupils and teachers under what he could make the suggestion that teachers should be armed yeah and destroy them, was it. But if we said his, I never said give teachers guns what was stated on fake, What I said was to look at the possibility of giving guns to teachers. If I made his answer to gun control is the plot of the film kindergarten cop, only only the best teachers, the talent, talented ones, at least this going to attract the right kind of teacher. How was your science class.
a new teacher almost a slogans. Well, he knows all about physics. Both in the gravity makes a photo. If you drop a brick on it, he thought the periodic table is a piece of folding camping equipment. and he thought that the reason that he'll spawn right along with the thinker don't feel bad about it. It was a thinker notice that the reason that he'll spawn rather than hump is because there so damned ugly. I learn literally nothing, but he did shoot a pheasant at five hundred yards, so we had a nice lunch The end recently awarded organization of the year by moral Squalor magazine is good. Mother consistency. There was they thank you for all of people said this is gonna, have never again
the end all right. They flows and you have stack not until next time, a movement of pledging to support no more such incidents and sought still such time as the next such incidents happens. The NRA spoke shoot a harbinger, big blocks that remember this could be a hundred million years away. So it's fine so that we can have a look at the head of the head of the NRA Wayne Lapierre, who has a surprisingly french nine eight. He was speaking at C pack, which is a conservative political action conference and he has really got offered one because he's described. He talked about socialism, he described as a put ical disease. That's on the rise in university campus is the only thing. That's on the rise in university campuses is students hiding because there's gunfire going on in the in quality. He then said that he was warning about possible. You know the Democrats taking over the Senate and a connecting gun control, and he said if the so called european Socialist take over the House and Senate and God forbid, win the White House. Our american freedoms could be lost, not well. I have
She would. There is the phrase so called european Socialists, because only you are referring to them. As european socialists appreciate, the Democrat Party aren't running around big, like with a european socialist. You know guys it's freaking nonsense. While many people are saying they need. Implement stronger regulations about gun laws. Other people as saying it isn't the guns fault guns have feelings too.
I think anyone with a hot would be moved to make some sort of logistical change, but you know a picture says a thousand words and if the picture is the picture of Benjamin Franklin on the one hundred dollar bill, that's a lot of persuasive arguments for keeping Gumbel's the way. They are it's interesting argument, the classic guns, don't kill. People guns have nothing to do with guns mass, because people would still be doing messages all over the place. If we didn't have guns someone at I just don't think I agree with you know what I mean like this team survive as a kind of getting into the said, munching on the state capitol with thousands of supporters to press lawmakers to take more action on gun control a and they fighting against his perception of themselves as like classic millennials who filmed what we did during the attack. You know classic millennials who attached to their phones, classic millennials, going to school, getting shot at trying to tell their loved ones what's happening with the technology available to them. Back in my,
day you had self respect and the stiff upper lip during a senseless massacre. You'd write a letter and send it out of the school through the sewers by specially trained postal racks. Then again, I went to school in the straight year. By the time I was in high school, we already instituted sensible gun laws in response to a mess because we didn't have a constitution. That's achieved the status of a religious text and if we did, we probably would not have included the bit about US citizens having the absolute freedom to carry around MOTA cannons capable of spring bullets indiscriminately into a crowd. The the kids got criticized by lots of people, including Dinesh D'Souza, who is an indian try.
supports a which is I another way of saying Uncle Thomas Mother, and he he has apologized for the tweet that you did. He said that, while it aimed at it was aimed at many media manipulation. My trip was insensitive to students who lost friends, but it's pretty difficult to say the target being met media manipulation because that he was tweeting about kids, who were in the school crying in response to Florida. State lives as decision to not pause, any sort of gun control, and he tweeted adults, one kids nail and then was
since their parents told them to get a summer job. Take the media boy that guy saying the media really good that day, there's just lose it. You rice tried to. I have nothing to do with it at all, which is one of the arguments and gun laws like those in Australia or the? U K wouldn't stop crime in America it'll. What they're saying is the problem is american, like Their argument is basically we are so dumb as a country that nothing you can do, will stop us murdering each other in large numbers. Even if we're left with only paper clips I'll paper clip you death, you mother, right play. Remember the british team GB
look at him doing exactly what he does in his so called sports. This gig is doing what he does as well, and that is going down hill very full. The reason that I think the winter Olympics is not a real sport is because I, the great did in like a hundredth of a second or even out of a hundred to completely randomly for no reason the split second increments. I indicative of sports like like and Bobsled Shelby Foote Decimalization. When there's like a fraction of the hundreds of a second, it is a sport. Is not a sport, That is a sport where either everyone is equally good or it could be done by a potato sack yeah, you gotta stand for that axle, Alice's shittalking, your life, quick, run away downhill
by sitting, still real, has there ever been. Has there been an escape scene in the movie like a slight chase Chris, I think we went yeah yeah we yeah. Yes, all did have some some problems. In which you John. This story: the error flow of relax, the ban on people taking small stringed instruments onto its planes. So the fact there's a place and yep, but I think we've got to get all show back on track. I don't know I don't I lose the crowd assemble Helen's analyst of dissent in the blood of the violence right, that's it I know so right we,
already eighteen minutes over you know niche is into some kinky stuff in their dressing room. It's got inflatable sex, mannequin mail, twelve, there's not much space in the dressing room, but particularly then issues mandolin, nordic I hate, you need to bring the whole band to fit in and he needs to parking spaces. So it's a unique double buddies. that w ok Q for the second one. I will allow the first one 'cause Underling there was, there was genuine craftsmanship over there. He was telling me alone is very british, but a romantic things, and he was telling me how much she he's been with his girlfriend, how long time he says, Andy she's, the best I tell you, I balalaika
I have big Paris by how funny I found that anyway, sorry yeah upper singing along to fraser- let me know I was a of for me as a staff- will not run these and end up turning forty much as for the much coffee. So my wife is stop me if you have any coffee she's at the banjo. Well, I think that's the end to get it's not there we go. That's that's a week is that we really ethical that done that So I was a little. How would there was, there was a lot of rhubarb. is that natural instrument of afghanistan- that's actually quite like that. I'm done I'll be hot, to come up with anymore right. Is it bedtime?
very much for coming. Please give it up for actual the bumps liar Chris Alex Fraser Harness Kumar. Thank you for coming buglers until next time. Goodbye thanks for coming out vehicle is goodbye.