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Bugle 4061 – Three Day Heart attacks


Andy is joined by Tiff Stevenson and Bugle newb Felicity Ward (please afford her the standard Bugle welcome) for a global tour of the news, including Chinese dictators, Aussie mullets, American guns, Italian elections and British fudges.

Plus, how do men demonstrate they really understand women's pain?



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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual. Would you choose though the sort of treatment is ours. Now I said I love you. I love you. Might I add these. Ultimately, I'm in London, the famous british celebrity that Surplus house to such famous tourist attractions ass impulse Cathay statistically one of the most successful cathedrals in the world based on the percentage of press arms, by the Almighty Lord age. Fourteen point eight nine percent currently, which is a very hot molester lotion. Paul himself, of course, never came to London, but recognizable brand and ass. The city doing also in the city we have the river Thames one. Other
performing rivers in its length category. The sub two hundred and fifty mile river cloth vertically alter the yes Russian Riven a vulgar disqualified after setting out to have been more than two thirds miles to long? Is that nothing? The Russians lunch at least seventy kilometre long, Syrian River, the Yarmouk? To pretend it was the vulgar the more or less like other attractions in this city include some benches hedge Erik the pigeon. Still fucking lie amongst the other pigeons, once only pick some seed the hands of one of the spice girls are going through. My father's confirm the stage and the British Institute of low level? Grumbling about stuff in general, how little behind the scenes indolence and british politics joining me this way. on the bugle. Returning to the viewer, for the first time in twenty eighteen. Eighty one welcome back to tax havens and high. How to I was I. I was waiting to see for the first time since
what I'm just the beginning of a new year right, yes, clever, forms in some welling the lovely ashes as our YAP, the errors found for enormous event your life, I know it was it was I mourn for a couple of days I mean I didn't. I've had a boyfriend gloating over the fact that Scotland be England at the rugby and he doesn't even light, but they just inopportune it's a stuck to the English, so yeah. That's a pleasure to be here in the snow: yes dominates, bring a snowball calypso alone. We ve done very well to survive this long Thirdly, you have snow megaton, yes, which has been popularized by people looting and Tesco, just in case I get trapped, and ass. The snow megaton is how it's been described, was what does supermarkets before the activities and joining us for the future. For the first time
for the first time since ever since, since the beginning of times the big Bang started this oh sorry, process of a gift, the people what they want, make fresh room, go hosting. The unbelievable we can talk about the England losing again if you like the ones I brought you didn't bring that up with me it is well. You have already heard her now find out at night. Civilisation will lie, allows greater, have your! How are you doing you do the same hello? You did the same, however. The unbelievable allows all about brown biggest. It is, but I loved so much now. I don't know why it's funny this evening, how actually there's an ad campaign in Australia. I think it's its Harvey Norman, but it starts. I guess I'll mind. I have a little bit like that. Maybe you just making me homesick, oh good,
I mean it, I'm really looking for a career in judging ass. I did No! The hello is important not only to anyone from high, let's branding so we're we're here, I'm a second of march. Twenty eighteen is the Anna a summary of the second ouch in seventeen commemorate the three hundred and first anniversary of a truly our moment, it was the first ballet ever performed in England and taught the loves of Mars and Venus, your chance like at slightly dubious nineteen, seventy film- but it wasn't it- the first ballot performed in England and to commemorate this historic moment in history of british promising, we are giving a free, Bates. de. I why audio ballet
they stand on your debutante waggle your arms around a bit like the others, what lovely the legend jump down we'll them. This is issue four thousand and sixty one of the bugle. Oh my god Taiwan method were those of in this treaty yet well, we do we escaped from two hundred and ninety four to four thousand that's it. That's a lot of record when I, when we re, launched we're now recorded. We just having put them out yet Alyosha broker Gawain. But if you ever hear any episode numbered between two and ninety five and three thousand or another, ninety nine it will be assigned a nuclear war is imminent and I, like a locked file, none of your business. there is an idea tat. While this is the view of the way
getting Monday the fifth of March and on this date in one thousand sixteen Nicholas Skip because he's smash hate book on the revolutions of the heavenly swears, which was, as I was like a dodgy nineteen seventy film Without was added to the index of forbidden books by the Catholic Church, seventy three years after it was first published, but of course, then damage should already being done. The sun and safe revolve around the earth. We lost our place, the centre of the universe and well learning that sense of declining influences behind both the Trump and the breaks it votes ratios our thanks. A lot copernicus you stuff sky borrowing, stopover snoopy telescope, gulping it make it gallic Shit wants to come off. My back, I am the last two. waiting around Copernicus has been on the shelf, he's a hut. Literally have any many of our stars me to him yet well time, as you You know it's just the mile guys, isn't it
not a moment too soon, Nineteen, fifty three Joseph Stalin, the pin up boy of Soviet up boy of authoritarianism, twenty five time, USSR, our celebrities being a brutal, desperate series winner. What assurance that was published clocks died. Thought I might get a chicken and bans I do. I just like the fact that to explain what popped his clothes was, we will ensure law was. Was you oughta of his its current british Court of british Rice to put one's colleagues? I am indeed thinking I don t exactly yeah yeah, just Papa what happens today. Just theme that when you die the gases just like other bills, arpanet fire clogs off the ending of fate, one as you open your colleagues here, We all know there are valves at the end of your toys that are only revealed when you do die biology, confided science, I hope so and as always a section of this esteemed body, a newspaper
he's going straight and abandon this week. We are looking at tech start ups now Spotify this week was valued at twenty three billion pounds dollars while positive, where the exchange rate is going and waiting Judy Bugle Business Guide to chips for tech. Start ups to invest your hardened virtual money and include nullify that deletes all your photos, music, videos, and everything else in your digital love and prevents you accessing anything outside your immediate three foot circle room at the boost human productivity by eighteen thousand percent against AIDS, a market value one hundred billion dollars was a bubble up that prevents any people stories or opinions intruding into your own personal political bubble ass. I ve just three lines of code and a pencil drone of accounting bubble. That's worth two hundred and fifty billion. And testify that's a new applet, turns your
favorite novel into. I tell my scorecard suppose tat much is like a good novel in terms of narrative complexity. That is worth one point. Four trillion dollars huge demand that an enemy swim in the teddy. If I get that, while sixty sixty six percent of the payments from what would gather Oregon yeah, how much is it to download to download for you twenty grand? That is a hot price. Thank you. So much about section in the big job story. This wake the world all kinds of things happening in the world's unwillingness at you, through the most important of them, beginning in China, where Zhejiang bring China, we hats thanks for that, seizing ping. I like saying it: it's a lovely collection
really is satisfying and we might go to sites for basically eternity now, because he is essentially approaches of a massive paragraph to make himself life president's press fillet of of China and, more importantly, China, as part of this ill temporarily banned the letter and from all speed. An conversation. If my exaggerated story slightly there, could you say that a gay allows me to once again without the latter ride. We gotta go to my colleague that would distract and technically main that China would now be cheer, which is a saint, not a country band, need to pursue and the latter in, like a have, in September. I dont know what the windy deposing is. Apparently he's been compared to winning the PO. I don't know, maybe he doesn't weapons either changing. Yes, that's the main thing about when the pay you could also try to bring down MAO Zedong. One news for
in power when you suppose we have heard from my ashdown forests, but South EAST England, with piglet of course, never seen again it with a charge for I make it without an interesting comparison. They now, because, obviously you know there was a charismatic leader a long time ago. He said was for the poor boy in a totalitarian regime and that ended wild in it. So you tell that Jesus rushing up my stories mixed up. If you guys have been no, I haven't been to hungers
I've been on com, AU hunkered, our eyes or is that a genuine? They didn't know why? You didn't understand what I'm saying like the country. I thought I was. I could rip club or some other guy is a third, the hookers. It's like a it's like a generic version of holders, but they didn't wanna. You know very well. I gotta be the names. I let my hunger that he didn't. They dont bother with the teacher yeah. That's your. I finished with straight from dangerous dude topless around the shot at home. When I was there right that everywhere, you go, they put these chairman MAO Ashtrays mugs about my boyfriend is bright red chairman mounties he put it in the bush and destroyed, or the other cloud trifle was beautifully online like this false collectivization cycle on the machine, but it that it it's is terrifyingly close to walk to going down the road that that now went down
Ended like ninety million lives will mean that sir, I mean that's less than ideal. Isn't it s even was more John Major did not memory. That was our hopes that China would become more open, liberal democratic, as became more vessel of global force, but it's almost as if China is taking a look at how we in the open, liberal, democratic democracies of of the western rural, open democratic world are conducting our open liberal democracies and thought it can hold far on that matter. I think it's working paper. for me that looking at north- here. When going, what can we learn from those guys? Excellent seems to be going really well, they got snappy haircuts like the color. They Jim, also abolishing constitutional time limits on presidential terms. We all know who was watching them thinking a lot of very good. I really don't know if we have the minister
earlier. I really wish to get through prime ministers about once every eight I know I know we're we're of work. We ve got a good metabolism. What can I say, John? How? It, though, is in I like eleven or twelve years, and that felt like an eternity and hated some bad things, lacking when you watching a film, that's critically claims you, like a maniac, get it. This just feels like red line. I remember watching that going. I just I'm, I'm lost I said all good cinematography moment they founded, find or Queensland you can't that make an excellent point. Four Evelyn and you should be a movie review as there was another. Maybe there was a movie notes on a scandal and Caitlin. She was in a moment sort of the movies underwent. How wasn't you got just two and a half hours of cardigans aeroplanes. Yes, Sir President, Jean Jury present, eleven Marina
the djinn ping instantly debate best selling cocktail in China at the moment? title for life is essentially body of the thing is without term there are certain get out in watch for life means as, for example, Colonel Gaddafi would testify the commission fairly, abrupt several times to the dignity of allied here, They found the letter in which was sir, so very searched under blocked only chinese twitter equivalent. We bow, including those that the phrase personality cult can understand them, banning the Lorraine from that. I guess that could be Miss toppings am also they banned. Nineteen. Eighty four all references to nineteen. Eighty four presume: either the harrowing memory of England losing five Nelson, the West Indies and attach mercenaries. Lest we forget less less, never forget we can forgive them.
I think that's a year, money be ever to naturally in their fake up as well for girl of thirty five five. I think everything bewildered and eighty four Chris. Could you check that place? Stat check, refereed, partly to a list of county derive, go save a slave of Minerva, send some often come on.
These efforts and New Manchester United want yet it is not. Eighty five, the reason end was banned it with some something to do with some mathematical formula that was treated as some kind of employed criticism of the government. I think that's to make sound oversensitive buying one twenty ceremonies oversee, not the same alphabet, but let's go one. Twenty six of the alphabet, China, the globally correct alphabet friend of mine and in China, was viciously clamp down on by a succession of chinese leaders over the years. Firstly, could see he promoted the new brand of feminist alcoholic drinks, spirit, how alcohol drink designed specifically for women undying corny war, lapel batch for his nerves. She called is his. She gin pin from a very nervous this, whenever confronted by anyway local authority figure. Emphatically
prominent Andrews is mouth, so we would like to keep them at all times are a huge Jintao. Houston tell you can tell I mean maybe do need a slight work. Knowledgeable Chinese later. Happily wasn't, however, the quality, so he rang the telescope at their word, that will give you a replacements. You can. change Jim in any of our history stores. No, I said retail outlets, don't I'm done shopping, they got ready, cross people to travel down to make his point about how cross he was. It was just a bit of no sticky at banal. Should fight, fails and notice. His tiny, tiny, almost Rodin like member, he had a man She don't walk out this at. they might not written then they use. It was, sir, surprisingly, very gullible easily hoodwinked. I want stalinist favorite, martial arts, actor and star verse. Such firms is drunken master rumble in the Bronx in Russia was actually from
Prague, not Hong Kong, will only the jungle to check that the chant guys I mean even you were confident in that last. One already left the fact that such every know what an animal waste every headphones clean. Austria has the headphones, clean off great effort, more is there one about just feel that the chinese leaders needs be lamp, through the medium of the kind of bullshit that trying to suppress, he thought: terrorism with bombs, yet it's the only way, the true meaning of satellite without Lilith, with ass little moves, russian policeman has been accused of writing pro Putin graffiti on offence.
this is great, is there the the police denied it was graffiti and then the fence mysteriously disappeared walking fences. Russia because suggests that Russia slowly lost its age separately in time was wasn't fences it would disappear. Was entire towns, the collective intelligentsia and anyone who even look like a poet now what are you posted meadow mouse and if we only if is listening. We do support the regime is a bit of a desperate move. Isn't it is kind of like sending a Valentine's car to yourself to make someone else jealous which I've totally never down, and have you done it on my God, please tell me down. I did a school, So every time might Darren this guy that I lied to the time jealous, die and opened it in the classroom.
pretending that I didn't know that there's gonna be a cab err on the front of this great. I didn't. Look, I think, with Putin. Putin is what happens if a maybe was made with a plot is what if an actual payments was. super here he looks like an actual payments. He's vice looks like a painless, two eyes, lackeys Ribbed but Dangerous- has a painless here. I'm not even like trying to be mean. He looks like a painless is walkin. Dick pic is a walking Snapchat book, Let's move on to my visit to the earth. The italian elections coming of this weekend, damn well the potential return of Bugle favorite Silvio Berlusconi and throw it away toward the Berlusconi because, since he was lost in power, the goalposts for being a lunatic later
not much moved is grown. Why didn't exponential oversight in America that one look at Berlin Counties ITALY and raise them trumps? America, under Besides that we see persona ITALY digging emperor near our time and is ready to out how to see our borders. Gonna can match up to the levels are being set or in the world is like a faded. Sports are coming back for one Illinois, law shot at the big John I am I have. I do have an explanation of what's going on with Ballast Coney at the moment in ITALY, via my boyfriend brightened with their little section that we logical scottish boyfriend explains a thing all right: ok, the return of refugees and the return of scottish boyfriend explains accompanied by bagpipes swamp. We presume again said I also sensitively for cultural sensitivities
the and my beautiful attempt at the accent scotch boyfriend exposing his angry. The Italians are blue and a new electoral system applies any government seeking power to have the support of both chambers of parliament. slightly implemented. This causes a new party who are likely to have a majority iep everyone in the main party thanks a bunch of Fannys. So when a streamlined, hangs right by hasn't. He really add to the farmer He was one of the worst hit european countries in the two thousand and eight financial crisis. You know obviously as bad as Greece, but COS and yet we are fractured political landscape, lots of smaller parties with generally more and more extreme ideals, not unlike it, really only all it system makes it less lightly, but one cause light barrage. The house now he's really easy. Hang that I just lost the absent at the wheel, minds, Berlusconi. I deplore Don't guy looks like more they heartbeat he's
he got done having sex and drugs. You bunker bunker parties, while he's back in the hold me force behind the coalition as a strong chance and women. Obviously connubial. Because all the fraud in the teeth have allowed. A power again Maybe you know about thing considering the far right candidate now as the back in his seat ban and better, among all parties now make. Ellie Gray again. No, actually, I ll tell you what would make it legally seo. their smashing pizzas, that any fired emanating supplier can margin that would go well now. We will understand if I find you a bit more attractive, now I enjoy like kind of living with someone that occasionally talked men. It sounds like a threat yeah I am giving them
Grecian America, South Africa about a lawyer, similar bodies away the what usually keep coming back to Berlusconi, it sir to me very much making the same mistake it over and over again, is what, when you meet a man is lost both hands insuperable, threshing machine accident. One could easily be misfortune battle up at a stretch, horseplay to want. It hurt himself, a quick breaks it update now and while the launch of empire part, two closer seemingly by the day on an almost daily basis, tourism. Maya that Britain should come back together, Clearly when we were lost together
I think, probably one thousand nine hundred and forty five on the way. A guy was the last time that we were approaching together like I've always found breaks it, it's sort of been dragging on for so long. It's almost retro talking about it again It's like low income back into its like a hyper quality shouted. You know the terrible international decision that you guys gonna collapse your economy from the inside great to see you again to look a much clearer picture then coming back, exactly what is it? What is it? Is it fiscally today's or about yet breaks it for me on the opposite? I just breaks. It now stands for brain exe. Here I am addressing. Oh God had a knife. I have anything fresh. exciting need to say about it. Neither to the politicians nothing's going to happen. There continues to be happening again and again after meeting may nothing's happening with us, but what this country voted for
exactly left, but member voted having not thought about what would happen afterwards in the government has a duty to put into practice, and I am that void of plan, If anything, they should be applauded for carrying out the lack of replanting respecting the will of the pipe exactly as the great swedish philosophers, Anderson and oversee famously Its breaking up is never easy. We know but weak kind of have to go, because we voted down a general hunt. She kind of way, without really looking at the specific support, leaving actually entitled now going back on that or even revisiting. It would make a lot of people really ray emigrating SEC along our possible cells and think about how we do democracy better going forward. So it's an awkward situation as soon as they famously sign back in the ninety seven, Three tourism. I set out five tests that my full attention for a future Eu Uk deal as less my attention Will it be a whitewash? Is the question she
the deepest and broadest possible trade agreement to replace the deepest and the broadest possible trade agreements we evicted ourselves for ever tradable Leslie voters voted for isolation and national declined to me nothing. She also said that her long I'm goal is the best economic partnership. It's not a pants suit. You can't just going give you measurements, then pick it up in a fortnight, it's a little bit more detailed than that. If not breaking up is and then going, but I still want to bang. I still want to be Finally, with you and CO parent, our children and share bills yeah, but which is not saying with together, are not together. They sort these. The five points in the deal about any deal must respect. The referendum result only deal must not breakdown. That's nice and vague islamic. Where have, I must project to protect jobs and security, an end must be consistent with the kind of country we want to be model
outward looking and tolerance, whether whose than any of the campaigning and any must bring the country to get Emily's hard to read. How can you issue a list of its hot issue. like a list of demands of them, just gonna going on They must be signatures on it finishes you're just draw like a cloud or something that will do just put together a fair and just the thing you just the most wonderful thing, five times a clue. I guess we we should be. Having will agreement, make us feel at least one point. Six percent more in control of our national as the threshold for an indefinable sense of national freedom also where we will be able to send stag parties and other battalions, the queen's royal british, useful anybody odds to vomit and the citizens of Europe's great capitals Important we'll be number one I feel. Will we get all promised recent from Eclipse of Dover? Ah, disgust when yes get up must be at least five hundred metres.
And will enable Britain still to be able to blame all of our national problems on a Europe and be Johnny. and not a foreigner it Roger Diana Stern, yellow young Ouse landed. Oh one, Ignacio Extra Euro waiting. all of them we might have. I the EU, but we did not vote to lose both of Keynote NASH. Skype Gulch, like any Should we made Skype goes to stop us turning on merit on ourselves and breaks it Oh breaks it. Europe must accept that this is what is done. The one with the continent we will not abandon. Please don't leave, I want to know if people of Britain can still go to the leaning terror of Pisa stand about a hundred made his in front of it, but make it look in a photo like that. The ones that are holding it up. Now we still allowed to do that. Don't do that, you're, probably right Australia and american tourists are fine, but I think we're not months.
Sorry for your us, that's the that's the near moss and I think we also have to take away anything that kind of is European S care. So, for example, our frescoed Hasta guy. That's why don't? We never should have tried that in the first place really elements I want a freezing cold ducking people go I'll. Just under the city lamp and pretend I'm on holiday in Continental Europe. I'm sorry who's up in the northeast in Newcastle. To do a shy, literally a group of Jordi women will pass and there was some chance outside one when one often not and literally just picked it up and walked off with it, and it was, it was, that's what the sharing economies all it was his idea. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Those like this is the opposite of. What is gonna be remains very, is, and I love it. Boris Johnson is, as always, dipped his poisonous cock into the last two of her eggs
like a plot of equitable stew, his bones under orders compared the irish border to the different zones in London's congestion charge. I was waiting for to compare Boris bikes to repeal the eight one wide and now you have also said these words and it's hard to know exactly what he meant by this is that you can't suck and blow of the sector in Paris can well evidently evidently it, sir. He has it. He plays hot air and his successor, human yeah, you tightly right candy by I mean I just he never thought this is where he was going to be. You just wanted people to like him, Boris, that's what this whole thing has been very similar to tramping that I don't. That either of them actually want to be in politics. They just want the notoriety, the power, the fame swollen comedy. Yes, it so badly.
Thatched blonde hair merge the top never seen them in the same room at the same time. Actually, so I dont want to use what the Son of a bitch for you for, and I wouldn't think that my head was forced upon two of the EU. So you say- and I am the President Rumpelstiltskin himself as the followed some of his curious comments in the aftermath of the tragic, sitting in Florida by saying that he would have run into the school on armed, Let me military harrowby. Is that Don't you have to deal with I'm not in some way to address the typical politician,
always thinking what might me most popular and Donald Trump Place or running in and being shot. I find the way to win over. The liberals. To his course is right is absolutely right. There is, I think, we ve seen slightly in the past few days the benefits of having a president who essentially just pieces with the wind and your will, if, as a particularly strong public movement, able me I'll swing behind it. In some ways any even he has urged MIKE, is not to be afraid of opposite. from the National Rifle Association? Despite all the things he said to them in, paused, essential or even whether with the wind and meets its free, they surprising day him come out in favour of not completely tooling everyone up in Amerika for their own personal passion, dials the passion, thousands and only easily the world's most harrowing mile strip as the mud
that will happen. I from passion for the of the cries of David dances. They didn't make the cotton we're going. show how he just needs to be like half way decent and like how? Public opinion mood swings wise, I'm not sure if I So it is only a unbelievable ashes podcast. But when you have bad mental health, when you like, fuel if you're very, very depressed, and then you get slightly better. You think you're normal again. It's just that you'll standards of good. Have come so low that you like this, probably how I was living before I mean I haven't shut myself, one of these out that guy's yeah. It's and I can't even say that Trump hasn't shut himself. We don't. We all know that from now on Andy you ve got inside on that I don't know You have Lucia yourself. Only little till all right we're. I got my arms fits. That's the point you just like that agrees, Chris
Let me do the shooting himself. He always is now handy turns the same. Color is his hair. I did once accident patient myself on a water slide Oh that's the way it was kind of what an unexpected enema. Will you scared always just lying now you too quickly and then went straight into the water? No, it was none of those things it was. I came a pretty quickly, one way What can the other one gave me an unexpected animal? Only two of the war literally just is that none of is making a kid that they had to a vote. The white, because, yes, my god, we that one Australia NEWS! Look it's not all bad news guys. Sometimes we just need a stereo type to restore as to sanity, and so you'll be happy to know that there was a little festival that took part. very recently in a town called curry. Curry tell me love it already so good, then aimed at twice they just host
the inaugural Mollet Festival ominous is somewhat. Humanity has been waiting for its just celebration of the world's most practical hairstyle. How far behind a stranger is no we just as a way of living now ha that's why they carry hurry or actually saying they started the mullah basing its was invited. That's why big client combats or both Yet what are you just had a mullet the duties Now when you look at the air this it was, it was businesses from party the battle. Jesus is half right misled Are you very versatile you we happen to know? There was a competition and there was and a disease Ray day? One you know you, every molecule lets you casual going up to the shops. Hey account then is the grubby I'll be mullet with you get one. I know if that's animals like a cocktail, the grubby mala yeah, I don't know what to do with the quality of hair cut but the hygiene of the hair either way.
I want to believe so woman, but if you're not gonna use your everyday money when you need the grubby well I mean it depends what kind of person you wanna put yourself across as if you want be taken as a family mollet. You know like someone who participates in society. Is the community mollet? We see every day, Molly really but a grubby mollet. I think it's got a permanent. It's got some co, Spuzzum kick and I've got some unwashed curls. I would say, if not a dread, I reckon is probably a radio to debt. Definitely a rat's title. Hiding underneath the ninth mullet. It's the Chuck Norris of Hay CART a little punch, Whiting and another. This is real rang, a was one of the cattle is now wait. as in red head that was singing all that was that was a competition. you can go right, I mean You made a business at the from there's so much party at the back of your party, so that these proposals-
There's a party at the back. You look like you, ve run so far towards business that you ve just got potty shooting out the back of you there also women's. Women's Mollet Annual, her mother, Merlot and you'll, see Molly is so nice might in all of the cost of prisoners, so block HIV and AIDS are actually those only one entrant and it was an eleven months ago, so she wouldn't have had a choice and that any non consensual mullet that was- and finally Would genius? Is a genius mullet angles? The sweet, as part of that is, That the winner who said with the fifty dollar prize money, he was gonna. Biogas is girlfriend a pie. Ah ha ha someway that doesn't have a girlfriend. Doesn't borders every wouldn't want apart from a by? How would you give a Valentine's day? I can tell you tat, we are just show you was not tat. It son,
good news story. There was a guy who left the festival, it's a festival and he broke his leg. Cassio. On his way to k of say. Of course he was, of course, me trouble I get? Ah, there have been great knowledge and our Jesus essentially wasn't far from among Isaac. Now I and Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the: U S O. Actually I was pretty much. I think you know what a maladies might well, you out maybe stretching mullet. Of course animals. You, Google, instinct Latin, would meaning let him grow it long at the back the world all those years reminded of the Far EAST. I then Greece model Lameness mullet. I must tell us anything: that's when the mullahs in Britain releasing accosted net watching a cease to be an acceptable half it when Chris what'll miss that penalties are welcome. attached to shine football inversion of Hitler's Mr Year, that is at stake
in committee and lost Hamas outdoing chosen. Adelaide called Chris, something you has a mollet my guys more than one critically. Whether now has a well at a result. Let me is this: guy did aversion and the recent rankling there Some a version of the marriage is books which called on a bloke, and that was a number one in this house for a long time. It was an old and country wide heat like it was number one on the charts blog I'm a bloke on an archive, and I really love ya knockers. Why? I'm a laborer by day I peace up, only pay look, it was an beauty. I have absolutely no problem of that sum up and at what,
I mean it's rare- that a comedian has a number one. He had so full respect, pain, news now and doctors have confirmed that period. Pine cambrai quotes as painful as a heart attack. What Europe? Really? Yes, as painful, is at the heart of that now, I'm a man who has never had a heart attack, but I think he asked men can still relate to increase. Will back me up on this, but of I'll have. It is also equivalent to seeing your team can see the last. go very similar. I think this wish this can we talk about paying news, but no shit. Sherlock, doesn't it isn't credible and sad and one of the last time I came on to the beagle I did took about periods and the fat. I thought I was sinking with the apocalypse, sir,
as far as I'm concerned stories wise if it bleeds it leads. What will be the person that brings period through the beagle consists laid to upset people, but I am sometimes you don't have a choice. You just bring your period review period is here. Its present is like another person in the room, but basically the same thing about this is how women's pain is just not taken seriously listen Jake. I'm someone who's suffer from this. I take Cody Regular my first day is apocalyptic and bite because on you know, as I described it before, on building a house in my vagina and is in the process demolished, so in I wanna deconstruction phase is very painful and yeah. I I've had precedent shots, which is what they give. When they're going into labor, you know it's a serious things Think of women have been not yes, we know, but finally to have done
just a month ago. I know this is a sin wet what we hear you yeah, it's just like last week unrelated to everyone. It doesn't count like you say: bad. I just don't know men are gonna, buy that figure. I don't have to join us, so I can't really understand he unlike and it's not even like feminist going year. Wait like what Women going, we ve been telling you fuck, in Central Africa like we pass out. From the pain when not making that off we're not like fragile little flowers. We can pass a person through our joins. Yeah the regime can take a person, so we can take the pain but were telling you that is still painful yeah So what are you gonna do about it at length about it? did you bring a mom palmed off today? What I will do is, I will I will. Aid is unhelpful is possible until I have a heart attack and then I will be able to relate to it
then courage all men to do this. Every month s authority lies yet will have its act, that the pledge that Google is gonna make, and I would like the listeners do the same. If there are any people that born with out female reproductive organs for the next while the rest of your life every month, you have two eight badly enough to have a heart attack once a month that loss at least one day. My adopted that once a Christmas, eight, twenty worse potatoes and gave himself Malta attack it wasn't easy for periods, but he did. It was part of the struggle is the thing I think o many to step up now and understand partners, boyfriends husbands need to be able to say. Yes, I understand how painful this is governed by the temperance. I mean my my fiance dos he's quite good I'll, send him out to buy them
He will say what magnitude as this path in the still has to make it like a gun and a bullet set that that's ok, what size engine dna? Yes, at the many Emily later fuel tank. You do you want a sorry Sesar, Hamath, you haven't shops. That goal is this: while the things to men talk about? That's it. I thought these those. How, money. Is it if it had been a law of TEST Robin yet? Is it being bash? Is it one day, or is this a five day times that we go well? moving us. It is now time to wrap up this episode. Thank you for listening bugle. Will we back next week Thanksgiving They follow the first, I'm so sorry I'll, never be negative.
Its toll is already underway, assumes the weather, relents Yad of London as soon as I'm hyping cheese day, which will now be the new fast at the door. She'll be Colchester, and then I'm leaves city varieties. So they say it remain everywhere else you know, gardener com, a website from your twitter, I haven't Netflix special anyone wants to watch that made this under the life from the baby see Series on telling Netflix, island and ascended the UK. It's not anywhere else in the world. So if you are outside that region suck it not sorry Jackie, it's not good anyway. Now I think, that's all any few I see my gigs, then I have a website with distrust felicity com. Well, there you valuable listening burglars until next time, a goodbye