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Bugle 4066 – Donald’s a Bugler


Andy is with Tom Ballard and newcomer Aditi Mittal to discuss more stupid news from the week. They are also joined by EXTRA SPECIAL NEW CO-HOST – DONALD TRUMP (sort of).


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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual work when he was at all That's me I'll give us how we all goods excellent welcome welcome to welcome to the law bugle here at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, it's great pleasure
to be here in this city were sadly some sad news is broken in the last three days. A noodle restaurants has unfortunately closed down, and since that happened, four and a half million Melbourne eons have just been desperately waiting for food and there's nowhere else left in the city. with just waiting desperate for any you and a far crowds flows? You listening a home sounds a bit hungry. Than usual. That is the reason why so this is the people live the visual version, the show that, as always prided itself on its complete lack of visual allergy, what people doing here? this is bigger, four thousand and sixty six and we are recording on the twenty second of April. Two thousand: Eighteen- and this is the anniversary of the twenty second of April in eighteen, sixty four
It shows a cracking year and only twenty seven April in eighteen, six, while the- U S Congress, to pass the coinage act of eighteen, sixty four that mandated the inscription In God. We trust should be placed on all coins minted as U S currency, and here we go in government, let it entirely trust, God lesser, because I've also gone with clever side by of beer with a sigh an overwhelming military firepower. Economic and cultural imperialism is well. I've got to be honest, is pretty sure of his job. These days, our it was alive. they just your back in eighteen, sixty four, but history show that those sensible to cover their back also some sensational birthdays in the twenty second of April start with a manual camps have we
to a manual company a manual can funds in The pro philosopher, the Prussian, ponder himself, terrific little philosopher, young Amy and one of the earliest exponents of the day, the perpetual world peace. Could be secured through universal democracy and international cooperation. Priceless absolutely priceless? They must slapping his own forehead and is growing thinking. How could I be so nicely also, why Emmanuel can't tell reasons to be the source of morality, and this is proved by modern, contemporary politics and fattened with. There is absolutely no reason and absolutely no morality, snacks up by also. We, of course can't was begin to epistemological epistemological epistemological see a doctor. I could be serious
That is a joke. Every guy, next Bertha here, it's so many women, For those of you watching this ordeal at home, the big joke there, which saying a word. Lending doesn't always get robbing a law. Is the picture is not entirely of learning. The ease of MR germ recouping very much his eyes. His spiritual descended according to of the british british media? Lynn, of course, the early twentieth century social influence I believe we never post the boy, Leninism also birthday today its hellenes oarsmen work that is did I also
World Earth Day today. are you? U fans of earth yet mean? How do you put them in terms of planning within the solar system where we are we still podium or third What type of metal isn't it goes in metal sepulchre? So what do you think's, who doesn't know Tom Tom, get out there with them? What women, whose withered mercury first reversed everybody tries to get closer to the stars, Iraq. So we aim to mercury. Is the closest planet to to discuss than earth right I'll go further and further away from this? Does every right again? and second Venus? So you're very most going this a very video centric view of this
so going for the ones closest to us. Why is your issue without allowing planet? Is that not enough prejudice in this country already coming in sterling gravel the salient rapid, our air stated. Our gravity cited are all very slightly guilt rock. At least we thought it through negotiation. So is a dyke. This episode of the bill is a special US, seemed bugle in fact dealing with issues relating to the earth and some facts to get the show start in full, Earth has produced more olympic medalists than any other planet. This picture of the earth is chosen
and only two dimensions. The earth is not flat yet now my the current series that flatterers were not wrong. They were merely premature new awestruck. Anomalous theory is that there is a new type of black hole called a steamroller which could flattened the earth like a child's pancake within the next eight to twelve trillion years. It is also possible to earth used to be flat. I, when people first order was flat. That's just a little while before Skyful Nicky, Copernicus started banging on about it being round and shit and then actually change the shape from flat to spherical. As we know it today, two explanations for this one: the earth hit middle age and just
all that muscle strike round the Madrid and the other is that got patient off with earth, not working away, wanted it to and just screwed it out like a piece of paper, flung out the window and call in orbit around the sun. So that's that's not right off the looney. Yet since I started to show Sandy's about the earth and more than five mosquitoes have been radicalized to become malarial and more than two thousand bacteria. Have sadly passed away. You heartless bastard, typical humans, all in all, not bad for six days, work when you say planets quality. Austria has rather round of applause a new round of applause teddy. you must see, but Russia, the end and oversee some continents, weren't, probably finished worthy. strangely What about middle bit phobia for me to criticism of running job to me
deadline, but just a terrific from the Big Latin Owen fat just go and getting monsieur through on twitter from got twitter feed at God. You're way out Jehovah's use that is interesting is: are we not Israelis covering his bases thanks at Heller, People's did my best nor bad for a third go first, the first reason planets. Why better but yours, I was sore spot for the Aldys BT, W love the show always ready to listen. When you come to your senses, hashtag sorry about the interview, really
rules is rules ass tat I actually meant mentioned about the pigs in the province and shit. So, of course that's right now to under ninety four characters. Not the regulation to undermining Geronimo is the same number of hours to coax high school and test cricket, join the dots paper. What I really on the recent or restraining did back ass if he had borrowed. Someone else's limbs start we all go home soon, gonna buy gives them. You will call housed again mice, the following lies: who could this spot To not be line of alarm because it sets Malcolm Tumble,. And you don't want to know where it does rather rice question multiplies political impartiality, considering metal detecting as a hobby, just think there might be a lot of metal hidden somewhere and also room at suspects in the assassination of american pressure
William Mckinley, who could these lies possibly be about? The answer is from Australia. everybody. In my view will be welcome, look music losing loud so we have actually festival, but you can just loving. Do weakens yes, I've seen this year, I've been too busy doing in Asia that nobody watches. Pretty cool. What are you, nuts, dryly lies on the numbers. these are the numbers. The neck is lovely. Looking for love, Drave authorities, this big men, but our lovely time I saw you let's not Andy, was very very very very to tell
It was a joke, so good and I guess then too little charity shows and it's been it's been lovely, but though I miss, I miss Tilney jokes for an hour, but I am so you ve been going tonight you now what about Swift for six months, the December two December yes or on, and have you killed all the problems in Australia Rocket gladly sat, still works, until you much more efficient, the milder be able parliament resistant banging on Jude Ass american nation Ok so like vestibule hours, number two Golden loin line to the lead, Zeppelin Drumstick just leads to more drummerstown. She will be the official drummer of Lead Zeppelin,
also raining Northern Hemisphere Garden bench description champion, making descriptions of benches very, very evocative, room, a suspect in the James, I Garfield assassinate what it s like our votes being linked with the less high profile of the full american presidential assassination, but for the first time ever be able, please give a huge bugle welcome to the wonderful. it's my servants would produce a mortal music and all who that is always coming out. Radio in that voting originally Eddie do open music. They played as people walk or high notes home, but I only started trying to do this last week. I think I'm doing quite well in the circumstances right last week. It was about five bucks,
to live longer than any other raises. Various now has so were wrong It is now time for the very things that breaks up wrote dj dealt with rest, but why why why why why why raw Aragon tops? Nor this week violent. thank you and what its authorities week is well, if there's one thing the United Kingdom has proved itself good are over and over again through the it is welcoming people from all around the universe to our God, given shores with open arms and open hearts and open returned It's the wherever the like I even if it is six decades from when they arrive
The window story has been being quite quite spectacular and we basically been trying to send people back to the West Indies who arrived in Britain of sober to nineteen, forty, eight and nineteen. Seventy and ethical issues all part. The subjects of the budget vote that we have these very vaguely worded referendum. Should we leave you or remain in the EU and what what one would leave box? The subjects that you couldn't see on the ballot paper was and become even more of a heartless income than we were its and there's a glorious, bureaucratic angle on this, in which the the government, as bypassing had been for some years now, they ve been kind of various club brains, supermarket economy ham, fisted attempts to the poor people who lived in the in Britain.
not just for weeks not for months, not just four years, not even for decades, but for decades, several decades and despite being in the Uk Legal, that you were threatened with deportation, which deny them access to health services, treatment benefits and pensions and strip them of their jobs, and there is no find a way to apologise for the injustices of empire we perpetrated on other people than by treating them like total shit. So some strange time fora for Britain, I believe, is of indigenous estranged. China get something. with the first fleet generation is? Well sorry, might you don't have the paperwork move on? You can't just yell terror analysis at my vice move on Buddy Capon aiding I love average, just six. I can send people back like its food at a restaurant per se, Unfold we ve got to send it has now. We are far more tolerance of food in restaurants.
We talk Tom Tom Scottish restaurants of in has amended the basically you could have a murder scene, item people, just let me no, no, no! No, it need to be deep fraud. See deep fried mode taking wars is also known. Scottie spillage of visa goes as an as an Indian. You have been no you're, the lock recipients of the wisdom of empire, I'm still waiting for a thank you. One of my favorite things about being about the common wealth was that our wealth was yours and you
Was yours just moving it off before you do? You know? I have to say. I think that this list it's almost like a douche bag, it he is like its generation in Gaza. Now it's as as it did. I don't think I can move anywhere in England without someone very well meaning very well intentioned midnight. Oh, my god, you're from India by year, English is willing. When did you I don't like how do you not know this? U shoved the language. Does not Lord. What wonder? I'm like this is this a thing that the british culture engendered by such a short collect like a collective short term memory, so tiny than halfway through colonization. They forgot why they give away? Why we actually coming about when we start
Cookie to everyone to make sense of the whole she Basel so would I have to say that I think one of my favorite drawbacks of colonialism has been the fact that you are sure to language down our throats. So now, whenever you like, some wondering, Chile of using us. We know exactly what the thing, but the thing is they never know what we're thing why founders Roger did stand up in in India and a lot of indian stand up to set up in English and punish lines in Hindi? It did feel like it was a deliberate code. Can we will talk about? The data has been doing your first time in Australia. That's what? What have you been here are just a few days. Well, what have you might like? This is life. If these sixteen Australia, I've I've tried,
guess I koala with consent the best way. Yet the only way you know don't. I like I was under the impression that tablets would be a lot more laws. Because if you can have no, no that's calls limited and I'm gonna have existed after this you can kiss a corner on the cheek and in that way let's not tell you, that you do not love like an inn. I think my wife said in her wedding, for as a show titles, Hamburg, Tom you been announced Only if all what's twenty years now, what do you make of it on the fence, I try to keep going.
and the people talk funny. It's way without arrival, the would be demanding proof of residency from he's suppose it absolutely it gets cold, what they all british people demanding proof of residency for ever? single year of, for example, the nineteen sixty is really just the kind of basic paperwork. That's the only british person staple to their ribbon, Could you don't know when you're going to need to prove your identity from the sixties, and I got to turn up at your door in the mountain now exactly why you were on the 22nd of November, one thousand nine hundred and sixty three so they can rule you out of there. Inquiries of the candidate assess what is only Lincoln left Lincoln joking. I Andy
People are from the sixties. You and there are. The problem is the proof that people have their arrival in Britain, their landing cards in the initial Germany were treated like the logistical, important and historically irreplaceable documents they are. If, and only if, you leave your historically irreplaceable documents in the care of islamic state, you don't seem to have huge affection for stuff from years gone by or a museum director who just Haiti's job and want to destroy all physical elements. of human existence lightly through them away? Now, I'm not a technical experts, as I believe of crews during this, I think is actually bit strange to me that our are they so insistent on. Like paper people work considering half the communication that happens in the british public is about through a bus how'd. You like this in this story itself, though, is that, although others,
it is the headline them other stars and I'm not suit me a long time. Last night sorry well. This is this is one of the one of the vehicles, the territories my went to his home secretary in twenty thirty. That we hope will deny that. I know all the young kids are not on the internet, they are looking. I windows vans, big hobby. Now it's the events of the day. This is an obvious, as in the EU, illegally go home or face arrest as the story this week. That apparently Teresa may intervene to make the language more intense like to strengthen a laptop, an upper limit. Originally, you know the british science originally just said. Excuse me terribly sorry about all this. Would you mind perhaps considering returning to place of origin of the earliest convenience, what what unjust
Just a picture of a trumpet, it might know say that she got involved is to clarify what you can do so with the traffic in London, but it really only going to reach about eight people, the true meaning, because you're wondering about the subjects of go home office tourist is this is the earth, take summit. Now her is sir, Gimme, homesick, classic british double bird quick breaks. It update the latest phase of negotiations has in Boris Johnson all Frankfurt. secretary stripping down to his speed, owes jumpy onto a table and singing. I will survive before saying you'll go Europe, so it's still seems to be locked very much.
coming trunks phase. It is whose british here proud to be british. You know what he's probably british will have left we're gonna hobbled somewhere in Leicestershire, just to make sure that the road definitely left me they're back the data people afraid we re British did a lot of leaving of Britain or I guess golf Britain S helping other people to be equally proud to be british, but fundamentally breaks it at the moment we are fumbling around it is. We are essentially like some kind of drunken horny teenage mile Goldilocks sticking his penis into a series of debt
electrical sockets until we find the one that has either just right or soothingly fatal, now, of course, here in Australia, Tom you to have a proud history of maltreat visitors. I think you'll find that we also welcome with open arms and have a wonderful time. I think, because you guys aren't too bad you, that your cultural national dish is it. You can take it marsala right. Yes, as opposed to our cultural dish, which is white, bread and Coon, jeez like we do it you're going to do in ok, comparatively boy do a thing that similar the windows generation, where we send key ways home people coming when they kids media owners who come here as a kid and obesity, spend their entire life in Australia and now having to commit a crime and then, when they come at a price
We deplore them immediately. We send them back to New Zealand, even though we made them into criminals. Those a bloody, proud, dinky die australian criminals. The way we supporting our best is like bury Humphries and Jamais angrier all over again, I'm in another criminals, but known deserves to go to when people, to glimpse I'll. Take it I do think that the criminals that can survive and easy on the key we criminals is nothing there to steal the economies based on bungee. Jumping in friendship. Get out of the process is a stranger is supported. One thousand and twenty three key ways and museums and his debate eight Australia, but is a trade deficit of a thousand K ways with I strongly oppose
so we do in great immigration- was like an idiot about painted that now, home Affairs Minister deserve these focus on white. South african farmers brought when will someone stand up for their rights as big as the grant grant side of a wife? That's confer about was jewish as well, so that balances out the scales of history. This he's been another sign that you know: Shelly Space pay special attention to the plight of why destroy what s happening. Farms- and this is a very strange painted Dutton taking an active interest in resettling refugees is very we it's like Donald Trump having an interest in exercise its like James Bond odor, ordering stirred martini it's like
one more only once on due to understand that you have the floor this dead until it is all a french place at a restaurant? Its The ban to you'll see setting suddenly becoming very pro scrub city, see what I'm saying what I want, and I know it's it's very difficult when you think of tat ever you, you know you first thought is: the white people, you know those who, as I really think, that the West Bank Iversen, what is gosh, must be noise those Israelis, Are there any other aspects of my family heritage? Of that Belgrade Hooker
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we do not move on now to accede. Let's talk about the internet in India, perhaps India's greatest invention, I into in India, two thousand eighteen. I mention this because of the fact that the chief minister, the indian state of Jupiter biblical Debbie. I know everyone, psychology financing that, while inaugurating a duty workshop on the computerization of public distribution systems, gleamed internet and satellite communication had existed in the days of the Mahabharata MA, but it is the Hindu Michael, logical text on the idea behind it was that there was a part of them about it, where there was a war going on and those a king sitting in her leg in his king, genuine about behind. He had this guy next to him, who is giving him live updates of the of the wall, and so the that proves that we care
he had internet. Unless he was life deleting it, there is no chance that he knew anything. I'm I'm out. Let me say this: maybe the internet did exist during ancient India. Ah, but as someone who is in the age of the internet, currently ancient India does not exist right now. It's really sad to me that he said this at a workshop where they will computerizing public distribution systems in all. I'm saying like I, it's so mean it's a coup that one the one place where they actually bishops been done level on fire, and it's very weird also because for us to claim to have invented the internet is a bit desired, because we also had the highest number of interventions downs in in the world in two thousand seventeen so make. Even if it was around Europe like Ancient Indian,
it would probably be shut down you're putting that Dimas when India figures eyes number of most things. Tat is a lot of US doubles order, so I think I think they did have the internet nature media, but they just use it to look at the common sutra, those lemming leaving the first. then history in the middle of sex. What like this is amazing. Let's make notes like that, like a dog, it was already fucking with sorry about interrupting your but whether it was out of the city of babies, though it took about doggie style, just family showed but I think if India did invents the internet in ancient history, it would
I don't want it now. Stop This area is right: let's go about it. joke, I, like our private to start in two thousand fourteen said doktor. You know, plastic surgery was invented an ancient india because we have a story in our might ology. Where there was this guy got off fists on Sunday I men We put it and then adopt elephants head. Do it, I'm not that we have not indifferent Gordo whatever we both by some and it makes me wonder. My work like this is not like. Attaching someone's had a new is not lost excise duty that some Frankenstein never showed like like New north new rules that
I think so revert referred. Elephants heard his heels when those jobs look. I don't think I'll plastic surgery existed in ancient India, primarily because, if it did We have all made us as white. We do not like us, I didn't Such Andy and some other things from today actually invented in the ancient world whenever and stood up and was like I'm Spartacus. Now, I'm Spartacus those invention of Facebook. and as our problem in terms of the first millennium Middle EAST, by magician and wreck onto US content create he went viral yeah. I guess the commandments, like a buzz realistic, will go to the, and whenever I was guy create the advice yeah. I guess they can, like a Busby listed, go to that and when it
Let's go get environment Gomorrah, those invention of ground, so that these basic facts to to know Grinder was an apple. Put you in touch a greedy defensive opening batman. I gave an I'm counting got his homophobia again. I understand it did ring yours. lifestyle into my world Obregon expanded by children. What defence? that's what they grow up in the age of the ideology is you're, my very heartening to screen or to offer our help. What he's playing! Well? What can you not understand about that? They send. The education minister of state of that is done said that cows breeding oxygen and without oxygen on that
Why there, like really wholly, which is a thing I can't believe we're, not worshipping outright oxygen tanks yet, but it reaches makes me so sad and the funny thing is: after promoting all these random hoaxes as well. you can stop calling your back and go diving and stuff like that when she goes down for them like the moment they have a scratch. They fly off the London Brigade, medical aid, this is I'm drinking galiodin. For my own unity tracked and anyway, this is not that gonna show stop to some gonna talk about our answer. Guy,
I'll show you up yet that's where company lives, I think, deserve a gun. Navy say presented in trouble. The clear signal that raged needs. Now some folks are very average Andy. The film avenging infinity war is gonna released this Wednesday in a strange cinemas, which is, of course answered day insect days very dive, solemn remembrance for us. soldiers also a dive, solemn drinking solemn gambling and the solemn eating a delicious piggies. Now I am also that rights that infinitely wars coming out on electromagnetic alien, fitting will honour
thinking about is the Iraq war, so oh shit, shit Jack, good point come on to nightly nothing pm catch up. One I do is a disgrace to our soldiers. Andy right, my gleefully was you know, is a really doc and greedy battle liquor Big events of the day say universe and the council have another. You work out of another get, even though this will now really like to get involved. I'd like he's as it brings a television show you an Israeli called today. He was very seriously when our big rant on essaying film. Traditionally, this country, open on a Thursday, Mention was bringing the release a day. Early smacks to me of a grubby cash grab. Me he's lore with a fantastic you off Paypal, immutable,
said it is rather a direct quite from Kosovo. You said I love for, but let's remember and respect what answer day is ITALY for war What are we really is and what it used to be that I love I and man, but our answer day. You should be cry and might be They will not grow old as we the less girl, because they freaky meudon powers at all, and he said people should boycott the daylight boycotts. Asking infinity was on an act I and got it would do so since then which, unless they're doing dawn screenings up, I think you'll be able to define, and maybe the big lesson is an attic day. You know, needs a sort of step up to the competition like if they want to get young people
thought it up now they want young people invested in learning about the awful in years. Maybe it's gonna get to work in a few more like cool powers with some avow followed heroes. If so, you can painting, with islands and a dude in an iron suits. Like what are the biggest got may cheap and a donkey you're, not gonna campaign out everybody. It was necessary to look the other way round where the Avenger bulls out, like I'm, paying due to finance a coordinator, watches Well, we failed to do any real good quality avenging this failed. I blame Winston Churchill
lessons, regional cohesion of of today's be? Who attempted to introduce him last weekend is an entirely works of us hope for a better this week, all the way from the United States of America, your friend and mine, as printed out cell boy, sell out my three. They bring here is the fully functioning brain of american President Donald Trump. Amazing that you have that you consider that we get a bum It gives a run out of time. Donald your rights, Andy hello, hello, Donald Silos. The audience allow me in Gothenburg I'll be able to tell us not brought you go so? Where does this guy is love to have you on the job My great honour to be against on the legal right that I'm just junior amateur use is not really or target demographic.
About girls listening crowd, they will not like we're on, and that's ok, lefty liberal losers. So warm anyway, Donald Guess and I'm just so maybe to reflect on you of your first year or so in charge. What what do you think your your first year to call to be most Remember for reforms that lower the freedom, choice and opportunity for the american people and analyse the ultimate goal now of your first term. We must fire Muslims into space. What's all started to stock up our mandate and the recent bombings in ends in Syria that sometimes they that we're not in accordance with international law, stupid fucking laws.
Why laws they make my fucking very, very difficult for our presidency to remember what you think there's one. Maybe one thing be more remembered for them, and they also what would it be in the hands of a hat? Frankly, disgusting hands so proud of its achievements over? We ve made historic progress in the crushing the Spirit of the american public. faster than ever before. By far What are the other things that you think you'll be most have defined by the moment? Russia, Russia hear anything else. People Ok, but if there's one thing so far that defining aspect,
presently water, they meet being the total gravity, defying uranium level that honesty and better Eric and present to behave, I keep my game, the promises we are getting the delayed. I got very firmly on the table, so I'm Donalds dispensed. Many people have claimed that your rather loose with the truth, Gina a single fact only want one fact, and what is your one we would buy. Halloween is an unconditional show, your Halloween fact without internal voted. Did you know that we began when Hillary Clinton turned totally innocent little child rights dog, very bad quality wooden desk? Henry turns turned a child into it into a desk. Yes, yes, yes, definite, to the best of my knowledge, bs
so the best of our knowledge is very didn't, do actually happening, but and then haven't offered up. She beat the whole fucking thing. One mouthful, Henrik, lax and ate it Child labour is a horrible thing to watch out for a second permanently stem, and many people wish Hilary Benn become presence had a view shared more exposed to the international worldview struggle with a bit me. getting on with our neighbours in Canada. Right now, I don't know anything about Canada, nothing at all What is Canada is a disease since not as eastward maybe a type of modern MIKE, does not have a motorbike either put my plug in its now. Cannot, but your cock in Johnny Cash famously slang? his shame, really a shave.
software see some right, ok, Tom. I think that what you, maybe just on vehicle meter our coasts. Firstly, on bail out here, Callow been doing his own is used to Turco Daily TV show here, crock pot. Donald hard to believe you. you're not gonna, do it is just a veterinary practising this in front of the mirror. What does not You are out of work, and I, like you, I don't blame him. A lot in common you're, not uncommon right. What what? What? What? What
neither of us lags women in our own different ways. Have you any questions for double? Yes, Mr President, but rather the budget debate you I was wondering if you ve been very successfully politics. Having had no experience really begun, the President of the USA, What have you any advice for paper? They want to get the politics themselves. Chagrined question both fair and easy to understand. So was I support all of us? If we want to go, What was it you have to do is use abandoned your voice, your hopes here, dreams and, above all else of values and principles summit. Just a ball.
Down when you gotta you most acted like a complete bars stood and you couldn't get a clever with this egg. Bastard love love to Wales. what the anyway it was like an hour. Donald! I must first of all the ghost as well a dvd middle. Did I pronounced dead right by the almost to pronounce right? You know you got anything to say to at eighty. Do not under any circumstances be attempt to move to American anyway. This is a job. Now they quickly move onto Donald under your massive cricket fan who's, your favorites,
cricketer, Jane one on Time Warner? very strange place. These days does not think that they are better off. I share in the great lakes been revolt Iman, who is your favorites elsewhere? commentator Red Planet Richie, but I am unable to achieve better oppression. We hear you you're really been impression. modern, twenty June. This is my nightmare, Donald Trump talking about cricket. What a catch Please beforehand with the preacher prejudge what Eddie any final comments, the audience of apology on behalf of what I have done in this way, Lovelace they very eyes
do. I look like I give a shit, and nor should I, cauliflowers, leaving alive details, but after having young people for the first time and well have enjoyed authority, do come. back on the show when I've gotten used to using technology from after the typewriter- and I now I've been told by every do that I encountered once I told them. I was doing the bugle I just attracted and on an audience like Engineer Nord Cricket attitudes that I've never actually my life before
I'm not the one thing that they told me to say on the board cost for sure. Was you Chris correct? Your initiation is now complete but they did what was going to leave these guys.