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Bugle 4071 – Whale of a Time


Andy is joined by Tiff Stevenson and Alice Fraser to look at the latest news, including Where's Melania? Who cares about pollution? Who should apologise for calling who a what? And, what's a suitable campaign for a cosmetics company?

Recorded live at Underbelly Festival in London



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Live at any rate. Aubergines bugle Audio newspaper, a visual work, ploys local happens. Thank you. How are you becoming? Thank you unwelcome welcomes the people live. We all do you have your balls passivity and that when you go to see the doctor, how are you feeling welcome motor dims green is the attempt to throw light on what we should by so I'm. So this is the new heights people we are in the future, a big, barely visible screen. This she's doubling as issue for thousand and seventy one of the bugle, the world's leading out only audio newspaper,
for a visual world at this week's addition? We always Whether Britain's economy post breaks it we'll be fine. The boy selling Prince Williams, excess royal children on the dark web cam, estimated value of one hundred and seventy billion dollars per certified prince and observed five hundred billion for good quality princess. Can Britain, for two to the one part my in fact, during sector that is currently actually working who asked the question in the light of bricks. It is reducing politics to oversimplified binary decisions right or wrong. they watch this is Tuesday, the fifth of Joan. Will you just chaired the anniversary of the following historic events, In the seven hundred and fifty four, we saw the brutal slang of Saint Boniface, One of various one of the eight centuries top celebrity saints now viewed as a key figure in the entire concept of
Europe as a single entity, a new cheered, his assassination. Monsters. You also chaired the death of old kitchen, our nineteen. Sixteen, the kitchen other times goes: writing pretty finger pointing the year. Also you, the fiftieth anniversary of the shooting of Bobby Kennedy. You have to feel delighted about that evidence. You think he deserve to die and Eugene Do you twenty first anniversary of the beginning of a brutal civil war in the Republic of Congo, so you pay a monstrous, also the anniversary of the day and nineteen. Fifty six, when Elvis Presley, saying how dog, only in both show The is the audience with his suggestive movements Chris, we Lebanese look how suggestive is all about. What is that that suggestive. Of a man who might be interested in attempting slalom skiing as a hobby.
but Sir Sixty two years are now. What would always have to do to scandalised a modern tv audience brought up the internet age, while I'm so much scientific research into this and to have the same scandalous asian effect today, Elvis would have to say Testily merger Milton Bow wow, I voted with a flames. Rowing chainsaw was having sex with a donkey dressed as the Pope. then people fully respond now has a bit hackneyed just basic talent, choke off on this day, nineteen, seventy five UK held its first country wide referendum on the membership of the Euro. economic community. We sometimes Jus nineteen, seventy five when I was aged eight months and furthermore, parasol instinct, to record what I had to say about it at the time.
An heresy. They are recording of me speaking as a baby about Britain's votes were to join the easy. I do translation for it, whilst this is clearly a landmark in the Post war, history of both Britain has a nation and Europe as a continent, and Further step towards ensuring the violence of the past can never occur. My fear is that any cooperative european project involving many nations, nowhere to set limits. Regardless of economic and social benefits. It may bring properties It makes a mockery of the hostility of our political system and an increasing confused about issues of national identity in a rapidly changing world might provoke disappears. with your revolting, ultimately in Britain, leaving the european project in approximately forty to forty five years time, but no matter by then we'll have all military control of South America. Pretty close
Now, as always, a section of this audio newspapers going strikes. Scowling were correct. You are very well trained in the Bin this week. Have a bugle weekly World CUP supplements just What the World CUP, who here is from a country that has no team in the World CUP where were you from the? U S, nothing if you're wondering how you gonna choose, which aim to support one nation they shouldn't just me, blind as that you share your democracy, loving nation, you should support the most democratic country. In the World CUP which, according to the World Democracy index, is currently Iceland who are ranked number two in the democracy rankings. The opening match pits Russia, who are one hundred and
faith out of the one hundred and sixty seven nations at the least versus Saudi Arabia, a hundred fifty nine equal who, which I think, be the least democratic World CUP much in the east. that's ornaments Since the Soviet Union took on North Korea and the groups state of nineteen sixty six, of course, but grew by which features in the house and salaries, is the least democratic group. If you're looking for a group to be disgusted by on a moral level. They average a hundred and eleven the World Democracy Index, the fourteen, but that's even with with Uruguay, the independent Republic of ten man, Uruguay, for refunds, now the fairly eighteenth, most democratic nation in the world, dragging the others up, I'm not its forty nine percent more undemocratic. Then the next most least democratic group in the World CUP
she's grew play which raise intriguing possibility of IRAN hundred fiftieth versus Saudi Arabia hundred fifty nine second round. Much love a step. And on the good side, from England Point of view, we are democracy, loving nation as well, and what what greater motivation? good all boys need to Come all disappointing, Torreon record and the fact that they know that the other Three teams in group G away, less Democratic Then we all we have a moral rights for humanity to Windows Games the UK, or, as is known, large sections of the english media, England, is fourteen in the democracy rankings, the bloody Scots, the Welsh in the northern Irish, dragging us down with a addiction to totalitarian despots, otherwise would be top, but some
We actually cannot face a less democratic nation than ourselves until a potential caught a final against Germany, which points we might have to Dell backing. So the historic ranking Stewart will you what does meets all guess what I saw good. That could have been very awkward if you'd responded. No We have one from each of the world to leading This phase forget I first of all from the south, no flamingos fair to shit on, I think those priorities, then flings juice, our house of you right when you on the bugle on Friday.
You are suffering grievously from attack of whilst bedbugs yes have you had your vengeance on them, as it means deadly. I spent the last few nice trying to rip my own skin off, but now I'm much better. Thank you, but it's just the standard thing to do in Britain with less than two years ago, before breakfast, so you're blending in seamlessly with locals and also joining us from the north, I must in fact, from vision, our emotional self, its chair statements, well, maybe I'm having I'm I'm not annoyed about. I made
support for the bugle is brought few by simply safe home security. Downright simply safe is ready this great and how to notice windows and doors are comprehensively protected. Its shape and contract freight learn more about simply safe can help protect your home go to simply say: don't come slashed bugle, that is simply I've got gum. Slash bugle saw now for top right. That's what I like to know on AIDS, world environment die who were celebrating world environment. I today, the rest of Europe, much murmuring the wells, general attitude towards the environment, which is studious ignore Asian Andy. What I want to know is wins world greedy pollution day. I think that is from these six of June, until the fourth next year, who came here and any form of transport
just don't care. Do you and, MRS Guy, I walked eating a lettuce, sir, or can also left my fridge door open for thirty five minutes this afternoon to help counteract global warming. I walked to and from my local petrol station and carried my petrol home in a special bucket. We will have to make my resources and this is world involve. One day in the world has been celebrating by instantly coming to its senses, about the need to fix everything. So that's good Well, look at our environment fans, some you all the rest of you thinking now and in the environment, has had its chance and it has very much blown it proved it can no longer. Hacking is a top level ecosystem
and we'd better off without it, and it's going our separate ways and on number the good times that we had with the environment I met this wonder few years ago was was really sunny, but not too hot but there is a grave concern with environment reports come outlets in suggesting that, falling prices for renewable energies and the global role to invest in low carbon technologies could spark a global food, financial crisis because according to a new study and who else thinks that people studying things Israel? over ninety five percent of the world's problems. Young study, You know about it. No one gives a shit as the path to a happy life. According to new study, fossil fuel companies could be left with trillions of dollars of obsolete assets
I'm doing the global economy into global economic disaster, we need to really think about these very real possibility that the cost of environmental is and will be incredibly damaging to rich people's yachts. You know your insatiable demand for cheap, clean energy is having a horrifying side effect of making some bankers feel very economically anxious. Professor Meanwhile, as the co author of the study said, contrary to investor expectations, the standing of fossil fuel assets may happen even now, without new climate policies, individual nations cannot of wait the situation, but mercury has. when that, even though this transition is going to happen, We have not we even if it happens, we're still knocking to stave off the worst effects of climate and which is good, because then we get to not have our cake and also choke on it. We, the hotel, China sure how do you celebrate environment d? You get trashed
I can't believe it was make believe it nobody high. It makes me feel it's gonna be low. So fundamentally, this is global. Economic disaster caused by renewable energies does happen. It will lead to a drastic loss of funding for environmental research and wildlife charities and the like. So the only way to save the environment now two supports our beleaguered fossil fuel giants. I would encourage you all to support fuel I'd. Do everything you can for lots of Exxon, BP, Shell, because if they go well down with everyone, can just be very, very naughty, so Santa has to stock up on call good thinking what no one ever
seize the lateral Georgia. These things do kid yourself. On every time I take a Ryanair fly. I myself am making diamonds from a carbon footprints like you do the mass in your head. Don't you so that what this egg is, there's gonna be a drop in fossil fuels, irrespective of whether or not new policies are put in place or even if we adhere to old one. So it doesn't matter Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement. It does matter that is dad dimple out his mom. Human. How different what his anyway, let's have always lie: sliding doors. What trump? In fact she's been he's been doing. He's bit for evolution in America, differs american evolution, correspondent oh yeah yeah, so there's a story. That's a great story about this! That he's been sort of reforms.
the policies quietly revamping the rules for air pollution, trumps EPA? So trumps bit Are you going round telling everyone air pollution doesn't exist while similar? initially sucking all of the oxygen of the room, I think, is a pretty fair description, but they're saying is damaging, I think they're doing it over areas of policies. You know like small, incremental change, you know. You know this whole thing happens when you in a relationship you no small, incremental changes, and in ten years you might do. I live with those of he's in tonight, so he innovation that did you not just recently get engaged. I gazed on Christmas day actually like an excited when he finds out as well. Maybe put that line in your wedding speech time now for our environmental pinup species of the weak and wiles of
an exciting weak. recently. So I have a special wiles section for you now how low beluga. Ok, this week while sadly died in Thailand, and it was found in the way of eaten eighty plastic bags, which I mean, It seems walk over that started. It like a habit does just that quality tree after a hard day. Why, at around just one more warfare in plastic bag? I don't know why everyone so impressed. I could eat at least a hundred plastic bags, and most they will have plastic bags in their stomachs off the coast of Thailand. Smuggling drugs I'm not gonna be impressed by these whale. Until I hear that it was carrying at least a thousand kilos of hard drugs, I said Hoddan because I couldn't think of any I'm cool,
while died after five day battle against physics, biology and various other bits of science, and this is very definitely one of those occasions when you can definitively not say It's the way you would have wanted to go. Unless that well was reported to have said to its mommy as a child mummy when I grow up. I want to be a metaphor. I just want to say Similarly, when I grew up, you know what that's like foul joke. What's so? What can we do about you? You go. You could plot plastic fans. I mean many, it's it's that got its good points and is bad points, but maybe what we will need to do more to say,
jobs are when it comes to two plastics, because I've been very schemes such as using so many plastic bags in this country, basically just relying on us not wanting to pay five. Somebody's gotta she's, not theory, essentially not theirs, become increasingly influential in an economic model, Small changes can produce a big social change others into sugar tax here just a couple of months ago, based on not because of the prospect of an early death and major illness, simply does not resonate with the british public. However, twenty five pounds extra a bottle of cocoa. You have our full of letter yet also works for the attempt on tax. We will start to bleed, a minor incentives will have to jump on TAT it luxury luxury, it where's my don't about it with wings Andy if their luxury,
well, I mean I'm not a matter that now be up. There are what I want to know We need collective action, we just need to go out and free bleed for three months and nobody begging us to take a number of one or two sisters or urban audit free bleeding from where one, although those old governor, but now I think maybe we need you, not stereo plastic, but that is not enough just to have a fair fight each out and I think what it needs is check out staff in supermarkets to be dressed as whales. If you ask for a plastic bags, I just vomit one at all. Well, for me, is actually is: is it as it could Ambergris? love is a mess followed. Yes, well foment rapidity of perfume, just tap of ITALY.
Finally, the men come We are well aware that power do it. On the bus said in other wiles me what you know. What is thy part of it, though I think, is that they have a pr problem. Whales generally have a pr public as in their not like. If it was cats dogs who might care a bit more about it, we don't have Wales as pets by then kind of the creatures that we look into. So we need to sort that out. You know cock a damn. Pets, homer by a couple of beluga, wiles, color Oh you know, I think, also the names, don't how arming sperm whale come when you ve lost half the country right there like if you gonna, go reproductive route, LISA Franconia, spunk, while abort reduce reaches my. We can all we could never love you just
come dolphin warlords that was a John, come dolphin ever see. What's that show how things you single person, a conveyor belt revenge, any vestige of a giant dolphins one of your ice hockey He's a new meaning to the term Blow hall was a violation of families with Andy. All this whale news is making me feel really sad for the whales they getting humped from all directions and there's not a lot of ways for them to humpback theirs, Oh right whale firm to react. I can't just go and reported that the police station literally tried to think of US cetacean by this afternoon. When he came up snake eyes, they just have to bow to the circumstances we
on from a well where everything was normal to a world where nothing is normal at all, Sperm Whale too easy some, while funds for now have a good while fact box. good thing. What was much one, the heart of a book while is six hundred and forty times bigger than the average human heart tipping Miss girls at two hundred kilograms. This makes, whilst the most remote dick species of all when a while falls in love, it registers one point eight on the Richter scale and y. All language constantly changes the phrase having a whale over time, use domain being a carefree being with no known predator and are ready supply of food. Whenever you open, your mouth, then became having a well over time, came to mean being mercilessly pursued by japanese boat in the name of crucial scientific research.
and now mean means spluttering your life out due to the ones himself, self centered, thoughtlessness of humanity. Isn't language form anticlimactic zoo escape news. Now, Yes, your or use useless escaped from a zoo corresponded. Yes, a thrilling report of an escape by two lions to tigers in a juggler reported to have broken out of a storm. He'd zoo in Western Germany have turned out never to have left their enclosures is like it if a creative writing task in primary school, where it was all a dream- and you there and you were. There- is even this event actually of the but the animals escaped and they didn't, is the historical origin of the saying the cat out of the bag. Oh no weight, it isn't my bad put the tranquilizer guns down boys. The cat is where we left it. What do you mean? how did we put it in a bag? In the first place? Don't ask stupid questions if you dont want stupid answers.
And is actually a word in German for that and which is what spic low to a torch, loose panic and also check, Cages first do newts. North ass law was but very, very linguistically educational show this so beautiful language area too took so Let's move on now to the north korean Summit NEWS now What is back on the romantic summit of the year two thousand and eighteen of the Arctic? jawbone funds, it really. Figures practising Andy notice? They all work for the BBC saw must not really please look or if you are
North Korea, apparently so well, actually my boyfriend is he's taken. One of the stories that were was happening this week in North Korea, which is the large envelope and he's explained it in a little thing. I like school, scottish boyfriend, lines a thing, some funds in just some secure storage, which normally would be officially to celebrate in suppose it Kim Jong sent him away at a massive envelope to make a much deeper, We have to be authorised, You think it's funny. In the same way, I didn't think it was funny when Hitler she'd inform on Churchill's hand when he, when he was asleep and then news his nose,
explain practical jokes, the work we do we look. We could also met a better image that count of down to common sense. That means we have to keep the United Kingdom together. And even nuclear summit in North Korea is back on after being on and off and then on again like the bloom of a zone trove of a naughty trumpet in the erotic, flip book collection of a deeply repressed, victorian man, This is more wanna get off again, then Rosson Rachel. I assume I have and watch the populace it come given that my knowledge of pop culture is deeply flawed and I'm trying to catch up, but so far I've only got up design a warrior princess four seasons of STAR Trek, deep space, nine and three episodes of the Simpsons, but I assume the metaphor is probably relevant- will be important. Is that we need to be able to trust the people who have their fingers on the nuclear button to be entirely unpredictable, wildly fickle and have the fragile egos of opposed success. Johnny Depp
It makes you feel really alive. You value everyday, each non radioactive apple tastes sweeter every morning you wake up to a sunrise and the correct number of limbs is hashtag bliss. yeah I wish you all people calling other people feckless new Big big weak Andy Samantha bees receiving backlash from both sides of politics, after having called Yvonne, could trump a Federalist and then apologizing for calling Vanka tromp affect last year organised after an apology was demanded, and now their demands for previous apology to be retracted and apologize for backlash to the backlash about the original applauded people are also demanding that the people who demanded the original apology apologize welter of other states,
this body a summary of news surgeon. I find it difficult to get offended at the sea work because I come from a nation where people are offended. You don't use it I don't know people online have a lot of opinions and they express those opinions by being angry, which brings me to a semantic issue that I've had for a long time, and it can. You answer me called it getting trawled rather than the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune to have towards about cars. To its is bizarre, isn't it that we want to hold female comedians to a higher standard than men in power? There seems to have run across like SAM Bay, and then we have the thing we, Cathy Griffin as well. We know would be like you know, putting me in prison for saying David Cameron, bang the pig rather than actually all in David Cameron Task, but banging pig trump cannot be he's got scottish heritage. He's got scottish mom. He cannot be offended by the word.
Surely one whose cultures that you come up with a more neutral whose reappeared, after all, forty days. I think you'll find its Melanie trunk Yes, of course, leading to Donald Miss tweets, newly rebranded with more american name Lily. but they ve just realized. She was actually in a cage the whole time. What she's back after almost forty days in the wilderness than the similarities between her and Jesus Christ continued amount about people whom Donald Trump claims to love. Although the evidence of his behaviour overwhelmingly, just otherwise
So what I want and what do we? Where do you think she's buying and selling sire month, she's been I? It might have been cast steppin standards. I've long been signed. I think she's got Stockholm syndrome, because whenever you see our peer publicly, she was so she's trying to Moscow crowded, arise, she'll, come out luck. Blink might probably wondering where bearing high heels disasters is because life is a cattle. She gives me five languages. She knows that say, help me and all of them. The point is, I poppy fields back like I don't want to judge like he's. Had two wives, two wives to these words have been immigrants and I dont want to judge the way. Mary Donald because you don't know what they're running from D like genuinely want Horace EU trying to escape. If you can look at Donald Trump and think that is a better life and are right that blancmange carcass were passed there's an image you have tomorrow
I'm not gonna be Lou. Harris said, though I just got down up down like three and a half minutes, then I'm sick of the Andes look at all the girls that asshole so along the coast is the happy no constitution. Is that what you been up to? One is a level there has actually been a wife swap with MRS came German, not nor kinky, one, just a basic bridge building exercise and on reach soldier has been at the White House, and neither leader noticed, but more plausible is that's actually what Maloney from so doing is playing in the french open tennis
Because can it really be just coincidence that she appears back on the scene on Monday of this week, just two days after Irina Camelia Beggar, the world number forty rank player from Romania was knocked out of both these singles and the doubles on the same day malign it had not been seen since May the tenth giving our ample time to fly to Europe. Kidnap, the real Irina Camelia beg you get in a couple of days, training and play the tournament in Rome in Nuremberg, as warm us for Rolling Gara have a fact finding mission by the trumpet ministration to find out how you s, foreign policy is going down with the world's top one hundred ranked female tennis player. In fact, after her second round victory over beg, you trump in Rome annually cover the two thousand. Yours, open champion, said this a press conference this, as, in fact It was really distracting changeovers.
Green and Camelia would come and sit next to me and asked questions about what I thought of the american governments increasing tendency to pass international institutions the president's cartels of off the cuff interventionism and social media threats with damaging the. U S reputation in the locker room on the double ninety eight, all its most unlike cheating just sits in her chair in October, its american politics, I found it hard to concentrate that's why I dropped the first set before now to talk win. Seven five in the third It was first eventually covers voices appear on this programme and works out in cosmetic Jews, the cosmetics company lush splits opinion. I think it is fair to say Austria, a campaign aimed at drawing attention to the social spice cops scandal now, because one of the weirdest
story. Thus, unlock adjacent stay, some fail when you say that spike helps spike up scandal. Yes, it's hard to judge. You will see the story and there have you come across this. Also they they publish this always vitally satirical window, displays about the police going on the cavern infiltrated people's lives and long term agitator them yes now exists, and I pay it's very hard for me to understand how this occurred in a company such as lush, after presumably a high level board meeting at which the boss of lush had so. We agree that the new flavour of of bombs will be lavender mango, insulted, patagonian squirrel blossom. We ve also, given the go ahead to Brenda's plan to re test. These sulphur and wrap musk shower cream to try and make it just a little bit less combat. and were unanimous that we all really like soap. Now, any other
products, ideas, Jeff boss, I was thinking. We launch esoteric campaign about undercover police operations. Ok Jeff will it make both water turn a funny color, no boss? Will it moisturize my skin? Not really cannot give it some time partners, a Valentine's day, presents definitely not. Jeff, I'm just not saying it is not really an arm with our core lush values of making people more aromatic. Unless filthy I was gonna all of our market. Research suggests that customers want not only to be clean bottles, to be reminded of the dog amoral core. The heart of the producers want me around many companies are all for the art of disguised, but in this instance, they felt moved to advertise their beauty products by taking a swing it police strategy. I think this can We have been caused by someone at the highest levels of this. company having been tricked by a policeman in disguise or broken up with by
their actual normal non police husband, pretending to be a policeman in disguise in order to get out of the relationship honey, it's not you. It's actually may buy, but I mean it's not me, I'm not. I'm all elements have been a little bit of skin in the game with lush. I do know lash and one of the things that they do. Is they sell that businesses soap, but there actually about activism. almost like an ethical fight club, though, is like IRA. They make me they form soap, and then they do some other stuff on the sides. So I'd like a beheading to me, one thing to get away with doing another: well, they ve always been like kind of approach, fair trade and
anti animal testing and they do like the half that whole side of their business, and I guess this of the Bank of films. I've got a lush. I plan to put these films up and I think whether you like it or think he's effective or not effective. The interesting thing that has happened is that people are being going in well, I think people police have been demolished and that their being removed from the stores, because they say, is an attack on the place, as opposed to it being quite specific attack on spy, cops and giving people wider knowledge of what eyes and then the shopping since one of the shopping centres. I think it is called into said. We have now told lashed to take them all down, because politics and shop do not mix up, which is one of the best I've ever heard. All those newspapers that you ve got
the shops. Then that's not political. I mean everything about shopping is politically. Is so ridiculous? Isn't it so? But I think that's almost orwellian when you kind of guy, I know we're going to hand out a diktat and tell you how you can call marketing and advertising is totally fine for someone to put up a commercial going. You know, if you take this lemon peel, you can use deep, sent your body fat and a week, but that's ok, but this is all I have is just is where it's nice. I think it's nice to see advertising companies moving away from their staple subjective eerie. Looking people in Riga mortars poses staring into the middle distance with the relaxed. I've been half closed eyes or someone pissing in a public pull, I like advertising as much as the next indoctrinated victim of rapacious capitalism, but its very deceptive advertising very few shops, actually sell oily young women. Now, that's not
That's not fair to advertising any. When now in the age of the body, positivity movement were adds, go look at me. I'm feminism, you're, not too fat to buy mascara. And you'll like you look like feminism, but I think I've seen you before. I think you're just capitalism in a trench coat, Are you wearing a stick on mustache made out of fake eyelashes I mean look at world here. The greens about these I'm wearing make up right now. I can't talk. Of course I can talk, I'm a woman, I'm not! the beauty and fashion a less important than other more important things, or that it makes you less of a feminist to want to be able at all times, I'm just I'm just saying I don't believe the hype. There's so much hyper, you know just choose the right, moisturize are, and you too can become an ageless jellyfish floating for eternity in a sea of Cox or lapse whatever it is.
It is how many will favour Salvador De Montana, lipstick on just a word, I know where you live right. We are heading towards the end of the show Chris, how little we got my Fifty eight minute we'll hit, who we are joined, Highspeed cure, and I shall stick to authors who has a question for desk raving quick question. I read today in a newspaper that there be more applicants to love island than to Austrian Cambridge this year, our thoughts are now having to what has of Love Ireland replace through his May. Well, I think we ve given the Oxbridge elites.
I am proud of the work run in the country, and I speak as a member of the elite. Look at me. I'm your overlord and the Laval and graduates have to show that I have a similar, similar capability to off the nations assets to the highest bidder before we can truly trust them with a future? tell someone on love. Ireland has put the penis into the mouth, have a debt as part of some kind of during its society utterly we can, we can entirely up to you believe, actually got a red mentioned earlier, the Cameroon. He did not, u dont, bang a pig he put his penis in the dead mouth of a big bang, the pig I mean no one is fond of. Tibet was always far happier to have a prime minister who had already put his penis in half of a pig.
Then a prime minister who was constantly wondering what it would be like a dead man I would go so far. I look in your eyes focus my focus. What level one more question is asking this, but with anyway plans which they make up for the show that was. Why are you just wouldn't believe some of the things I left out There were not instantly but interesting on. You should mention palms and there are other, I'm sorry we were. We will wait. We will come to the fantastic story about the gay Kagan America on a future bugle. That's! So if you came exclusively to say that, but another very important anniversary this week is eight years since Lou reads: did I comes up for dogs are now in Australia, which
long term buglers. My remember Spock something of a of of upon rum is one of the early ones to unleash the beasts she wants to go on, but I'm not I'm not gonna do anymore those weapons out. I don't push my luck. when I know some of you would want me to do that, but I'm not gonna bow to the pressure. I won't. Let you leave me astray much your disappointment. Not if you got news service guy, he struggling to keep poppy really looks like it wants to put occurs, curs cars or me so noisy self questions, why how, when seeking to win this before I run runs away and they all flee back to the bar. There's a food out now those things this year, monastery, themed, barbecue or mongrel. Also now after another nights,
it Panza Sunday night. Ok, nine, sorry, sorry that was a bit shit, that's a to z. If I don't do it, no one would dispute that one. Sorry gotta go before these wrecks the whole gig, but worry dislike over those running hour by hour. When a rover hold on hold on criminal, you like it, with a thank you not killing yourself. I thank her as coming to to the bugle, I that you ve Eddie any final request? it will call that a rap, please radiation, but a lot of old tax havens are now at a price that producer thanks round about having us until next week. Goodbye