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Bugle 4073 – Baby Jails


Andy and Alice discuss Melania's coat, baby jails and WORLD CUP.

Plus, the Bugle welcomes a new special producer.



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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world. All thank you for listening must give life and welcome to issue both album. Suddenly, three, all the bugle factually Amber comparable, bogus jabbing stakes, twitching contributions, two thousand and seven and is ultimately a de facto fourth musketeer. According to the Frenchman was Alexander Duma himself, if ever there was one five, nobody saw obliging and wary of horses and make a book, let alone the counting diversion unwittingly opportunity. I am here in London enjoining waited. I well. The third millennium has been officially declared the international millennium of women
Interesting, followed last few millenniums, which were both officially and unofficially. The international men international millennium of many national patriarchy and the international legitimacy will become a member of this millennium international millennium of women, momentous occasion for the species and about this I'm joined by the people's official correspondence from the female hemisphere. Alice riser shall welcome. How are you I'm very well Andy, I'm very happy and seems to be going absolutely well. I haven't read the new highs clearly, as we probably discussing the problem of all the absolute only path to happiness in the modern world. It really is bizarre. I've been similar, similarly incubators from reality. This way
by a my second great job as a cricket status nation on the radio would have my time in your heart of people absolutely programme. My daughter, at the moment as well, and I am submitting radio for the BBC And saw England and the world record highest scored, amends one day, international cricket, much against the It wants mighty, but now fallen Australia, and I think I can say It is well enough in your eye, turned out about thirty seconds ago, when I get the expression of interest on my face at herself defendants. All Australians, I got in the shell, don't give a shit about it. if you sometimes good and sometimes annoying, I like playing an ally playing the game news as a gateway, real stuff of watching and thinking about numbers. also joining us today, alongside Chris. In the Tec, truck who have a massive tech truck alongside mine analysis, trailers behind the singularity financing at a monk,
we have a guess producing this week. Its guess producer mark our mark They allow analyze hello mark bids, two biggest producer in the fund. Raising the radiator be fundraising DR last year welcome to escaping crystal my tightly further inner workings. It. Look of terror increase donor. What's going on right now, I'm really really nervous that have seen that look, fear and his eyes. Since he did they shop joy, ass, long ass. They fear the sharks only have an advantage in one leg of a moderately built up an insurmountable on this day. In sixteen thirty three, the twenty second of June, the Holy Office in Rome, forced Galileo Galilei to recount, his view, but the sun was the center of the universe, rather than the earth
turn that both wrong is actually somewhere else entirely over there somewhere minds, but was Galileo right to the earth actually revolves around the sun rather than the other way round. I guess we'll never know in this post, factual eyes, but fair like a double g for raising the question personally, give a shit. What is in it for me, isn't gonna save me money like em, both revolving around it through the dialogue? Sorry, I'm a product of my political times, on this day, nineteen sixty nine the a clear Holger River in Ohio caught fire Alice River caught fire in America? Ah, here that brings to mind the quiet of the Far North Queensland nearby, some franking, where he lit lit his tap on fire. When I am not disposed to do the work and work related water wasn't really supposed to do that, drew attention to the problem of water pollution and was a major factor in the kicking off of the environmental movement in America, because we now know that the burning river was a hoax purpose,
about combination of the chinese government and the renewable energy industry monthly. Another time it seemed not to ninety six. On this day, the famous hand, God go with school body. I go Maradona in the court, the fun of it Do you like six? If a welcome to England, the dots and Tina just minutes later, Scott greatest, Well, I can't shake that is exactly thirty. Two years since, in eleven year, old boy, Tunbridge Wells learn the true meaning of injustice tomorrow. On thirty June is a second anniversary that Britain voted in the breaks it referendum on. If you don't want to know the final result of that referendum, please look away now. Figures in Europe for the next hundred years and remit
in the meantime, just believe, and if I don't want, you feel better believe harder and less spanish lay oversee buglers if you wish to negotiate a trade deal with bright Britannia police and your initial negotiating position into hello buglers at the bugle podcast among your email. If I know tomorrow when you say that is a joke Andy, but they were bugle socks in North Korea's just never know on the twenty fourth of June. Thirty, seventy four so were on Sunday, the trustees of matter six hundred and but it is not forty, four years ago, roughly a sudden outbreak dancing Mania Cove Paper in the street? in Germany two hallucinate begin to join. on Twitter uncontrollably and dance until they collapsed from exhaustion. Ah, that's the facts on which that that documentary with Kevin Bacon is based right, right, I'll tell you what,
which ones which one is that there is this the bread thing, though, is the wrong way. You know it's not got nothing to do with the red follows what loosen how sorry I am slightly my eighties, from those too busy crying about the World CUP go too far, but the end of all that's Ludwig Van Helga, low voted off on this day? Nineteen sixteen Mary Pickford became the first female film stars to sign a million dollar contract huge day in his. they hundred two years ago on Sunday exclude, we have exclusive footage,
from the press conference, which the solid movie stopping at the helm of the signing they'll married life expectancy. Star was not a sign of our suggestions miles now. Turning your future husband Douglas, whereby to fight much more than you are married. You suddenly looked at a big cross there, but I do think that within a decade or so we will say equality between agendas in the movie. Well, what Mary? That was a look of sad resignation, but how do you like? I will cope with the pressures of becoming the first million dollar actress marries very interesting that you should have held up a blackboard with light lettering painted on saying our boy, but is there any facial expression, ideally conferred with some column hengist? If you could do if you already found out, he was a robot very, very marvellous, softly erotic. Why, as it was a section of the bureau's going straight in the Bin this week, slightly light the bugle solstice special, including a free audio hinge, we
add, still manages what hinges piper hinges and his hinges. I think that well and we urge your hands collection now, with the free Bugle Audio hinge print. This show out in eighteen points. Aerial forms lay it on the ground on midsummer, night and dawn. The sun's rays will shine in a direct line through every single vow this week, a free lobster, in association with the international challenges associated with collect from the sea bed, five hundred metres below the surface of the coastal Newfoundland. The people cannot be held response before you or lobster drowning each other that section in the bin, yeah yesterday was the summer. Solstice also goes so fast time flies when you're having son. I think we can probably the place fully. Injuries are getting worse, stop story this week are chosen by guess, produce a mark.
My lady S coats. Perhaps the righteous moment in history of presidential auxiliary old Millennia terms wearing a coach with a slogan on the back saying, I really Don't care! Do it is even as modern spelling of you is that progress I mean this is this- is a generally were slogans. Are my clothing I wear them. Sometimes on my face- and I often say I love cricket thickly with other work- is No. This is possibly the most striking slogan on the back of a first ladies coats and Grace Coolidge were only Mcintosh. With the words let cipher impossible slide to get husband, her husband, Collins, Leslie, fair politics, it maybe even since Frances Cleveland Notorious are you
but Grover Groove a slogan on her duffel cope. Seen on the eighteen. Eighty eight presidential campaign train- maybe even since Lucretia Garfield dont, her famous, you dig me cuckoo than June eighteen, eighty one, possibly an apparent endorsement of a proposal to turn the state of mind, abbreviation Emmy into the and review s coal mining? Possibly not we just we just out! I mean you could even say is the most notable coat phrase since Martha Washington's double Breasted Brunswick Jack. Inflation than gold law. My throat, with the words, amend these with arrows pointing a rating. Let's not judge whenever a question is out what did Millennia Trump dwells. Most prominent hostage actually mean for those words. No, no, she can read, I mean,
I look, I don't know I don't. I don't know anything about her. I think this is probably the most politically statement coat since way way back many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began. The ominous it's hard to say, see me on that, I spoke to her spokeswoman, said it's a jacket there was no hidden message: It was written in word. The committee was very much not hidden referring module on in jacket on the wife of a president and not just any president, but a president who to communicate primarily through short, badly spelled and poorly punctuated message it away whose main method of communicating with the outside world has been through looks of panic in her eyes, so saying it. ass, the jacket in the circumstances is there some other news anchor saying it's just normal human skin. A bit of someone's regulation, face of the his trousers and make new Venus, read the stock market news funny hooker
yeah. I dont know with millennia trumpets such a difficult thing, because either she He is an idiot rule that I am the terrible victim of some sort of awful Stockholm Syndrome, which is national rule that I leave the Orioles she's, just a really awful person like those are you two options? National rules, any of our three options I mean she could be a bit of everything. There was no hidden message that Sir Man, that's that It was very much on hidden on honor I welcome the hidden message. Was the one scolding mark a penalty inside lining of lightning? Please help me, but some Is it possible that she was but she didn't know about it, the shooting? victim of a ride by graffiti unbiased bright can wielding cyclist, I mean, maybe she's being bullied Andy. Maybe this is the kick me of international politics, maybe maybe Kim Jong wounds sneaked in and voted on her back its bottom
What what is it? What is it? What is it that she's? Not not caring about currently doing, a real, really dont care. When do you didn't cause? You was going to visit some child, a soil agreements. in one of the largest charming em, charming oversight in reception centres of baby prisons. I think I'll numbers we must have accessory for any new parent wanting to move to America, you don't care about them? Did she political message of the need for more political apathy, thoughts History has shown is one most powerful forces in politics that if you can apathy eyes a sufficient quantity of your Electra wife in the polling station, it's someone when was it the first gamble and twenty twenty president or even her own bed for the presidency, and we want a genuine question.
maybe maybe it's the genuine question of a curious alien life form trying to figure out what human emotions. As regards the questions you ve been wrestling with for many years, she's data from STAR Trek. Please explain your human emotion. Her husband Donald claimed that this was off the millennium spoken. So there was no message. Damn stepped up the place out. There was a message you she was referring to the fake news media, which, according to Donnelly, acting President Sarkozy, the actor president. We know that just about right Malaysia has learned how to solve as they are, and she truly no longer case ominous a heart rending. Haranguing tells me none on the care about fake news. What does that leave humanity of twitter that might be that for now, I'm absolutely not up to the minute.
the latest developments in fashion Alice fashion and I made an optical, amicable agreement in our separate ways. Several DEC two weeks ago, now run about the time I start wearing that base, which very Trimly accurately, but by age, bracket and demographic Well, I don't really fully understand a t, shirt slogan I suppose it saves you haven't. You sell your five. What philosophy of life out loud to every single possible in the street, which I guess could get, could get wearing butter when your major public figure? I feel the need to use the back of your fucking jacket to communicate. Questions will run. be off in baby jails. News now companies declared his intention to end the inhumane separation of immigrant families, a policy that ended up in mass outcry. After the creation of what is being called tender age facilities, a
maybe jail. I love babies, they are adorable, it's our only survival mechanism is being so. A doorway you can put them in the Bin. Will hide these policies so inexplicable. How detached do you have to be done from reality? To think baby jail is a good idea. Babies need hugs and love and someone to puke on they don't need tiny prison tattoos bucket to puke, This is a bizarre about bizarre a story and them from preserve. While it is written, the rescue of his own daughter, fetid sold by rolling back on his own policy amato. Like getting money credit points, minister, behind. It also might pence Monrovia, yet again from inferential magazine, the christian hypocrite Jeff sessions or to him his actual full name, Jefferson, Beauregard Such never
and the general Beauregard. Those two names of past have through two generations of the second family, both Confederate war heroes. So lifts without through several generations, the second for anyway, let's not judge him on his fat, they serve rationally named hazing, been criticised by members of his own church for using the Bible to justify caging children He caused Romans. Thirteen. Thirteen of go sends to me like a disappointing effort in a game of empire. The empire snooker. When are you grow? Bigger runner? Opposition of the pot putting red black and red had a run up the bolt tightly grain with a method of poorly position for the next read which, although bottle left with no I'm going to go to another color, leading to the advice. Longbourn a tricky Reich, letting the Assyrians in with the red spread and an opportunity to clear the fragrant. One visit Romans. Thirty,
I mean and that I had a long train journalists. Political satire does not equal. Imagine recent kick. Why did you not tell me that fifty years ago, correct couldn't so different from those this a policy to separate children from their parents, which, as a parent or is not generally a good idea in terms of not ending up with screaming I am particularly then, but those children in as you describe a baby carriages forming tears will flow. There is now no one wants a whole little ones that italian on your face like products it suits. You very well, is it that he's benevolently, moving to end this state of affairs that he directly about himself while demanding congratulations and blaming the bad stuff. On the Democrats, we have always been at war with Oceania, like
I used to think you watch. The news to find out was what was going on in the world, but now I want you to find out what side I meant to be on of an argument I didn't know existed yesterday, but is now fundamental to myself conception status that I need to argue for on twitter, while I'm on the bus today, so been replaced with new for vaguely worded executive order to slam up families together or they are they gonna saw them together into end with another thirty state, maybe so together, catapult them battle locked in a Mexican wherever they come from two thousand children were separated from their parents as a result of the so called zero tolerance policy? Zero tolerance, for immigration and basic human decency and simple mammas, ready and amend. It looks bad for now, let's try and find the policies in this area
think of the joyous emotions when just a few of those two thousand children a reunited with their parents. Surely those inside during part. Lifting moments were worthy slightly jellyfish awkwardness of saying screaming children laughing cages. Sure look we'll get back well that when this is looking on the bright side, in the way that you refused What, if he's paper in front of your eyes when you're looking at the sun during an eclipse, the supreme our own lives and our own of bronze more because, This freedom is never truly appreciated until it has been, taken from someone else's Giles shown on telling in a cage
I heard that one is freedom, is never truly appreciated until its shut on by sir was the favourite mile fragrances. Will shuttle proclaims that German fragrantly what what because only makes fragrances perfume ia, of his coming very unacceptable. The Roy to put babies. in baby prisons, trickled baby jails. Tender age care facilities, was enshrined in the constitution and the little on amendment four point: five be supposed to the right to lodge children, a cage pointed them, Japan, with a stick and John, was you mommy gone where's, your mommy. if it's right from urban seventy nineties, maybe she's just jump trying to facilitate the reintroduction of the very popular nineties phrase whose you daddy
which is never more arousing, the man's beings screamed at you buy a soldier to Europe maybe she's, agree. He is gone back on its policy and we know how he he worked. Maybe he's realise that it is increasingly in the modern world, hearts monetize, crying children encourage human taste for circuit in the time would have shifted over the years. The problem politically, I guess Is it ripping children away from their parents and putting them in cages might be fun, but it has a tendency to produce what media wants might describe as bad visuals and- and we saw this with one from explain why he was going back on. He said I didn't like the site. Or the feeling of families being separated. So the I dare of families being separated, was evidently fine and but actually actual sites of crying children to make him.
That might be families might not like it. In my upset them and Evidently, more importantly, it might upset him to see it mobs at him and who supported by more than half of Trump support base work. Most of this. This policy- That's quite impressive, active political gymnastics for him to alienate his own support, whistle everybody was a bit too much of an imaginative leap for tromp to emerge. Given that this might be upsetting after actually see it unfilled armies to empathy? What Julius Caesar was the nineteen
It is hit pop up now, even aware of his existence, for that would be very interesting to see what happens if he gave a girl and utterly fats trump as well from his own personal background, he had no way of knowing the people, my actually like their own family, even love them, rather vague images and expedient precisely what he was doing them a favour. If I've wanted to get rid of all of my family's space for news now in the United States, space force is a proposed six branch of the United States armed forces intended to have control of the military operations in our space and that on the table a Trump initiative, and it can firms. My idea that America has lost sight of the difference between what makes good television and what makes a good world, difference.
Really a difference in crossover with North Korea is a grave like Gotham Far North Queensland. You think they can pull off ankle length, black coats and a knife collection. Cuz NEO wool them in the matrix, forgetting that NEO isn't real. The matrix, isn't real, it's too hot. To do anything that looks cool in Queensland has nothing is cool I think this is a great idea, just because Harry Dresden, with a detective can pulled off, doesn't mean you can I mean the man has our K knowledge in a hot of gold, why the White Council can't get on board with that is beyond me. You complete, You lost me. I did that well, is it I mean this is a fascinating idea that, a country which has consistently talking about how they ve been overstretched and that they shouldn't be. The placement of the world have decided that they now want to be the policeman of outer wall or, but it's only a matter of time before trunks dolls complaining while the aliens not putting in their fair share of money in favour, I couldn't space force
been called by PBS News, our it has been called premature but inevitable in extremely ominous news now have the United States is basically everything the United States is set to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling it anti Israel. You know it I'm aware of that country and issued after world war. Two of these lines I gotta three religions, it's a social expanding and how quickly and oppressed good can lose the moral high ground. The point is that they are withdrawing from the U N, and it is a nice thing to know how long the lessons of two world wars last right, the trade off
If you want to know the matches about sixty two hundred million lives will be able to realise that frustrating administrative bureaucracy is better than going with your got on nation state policy, the outer space to be sure of our isn't it. You have to do the experiment properly and It would been only fifty million lives, then how would we have? for sure, though it is, is the problem we don't know exactly. How many lies sort depends on a few factoring deaths by diseases and feminines caused by the war and how much you deny the holocaust. You know you ve got your woody means EC million Jews. It was only four million tops and then you ve also got the the Evans Wormy. Four pages like this depends on where you fall on that spectrum. As to how many lives you think we're lost, but it's sort of figures out too about the lifetime of a human being before everything goes to shit again wrote Oh I'm! Really! I'm you say ominous news: I'm an ominous
actively depressing look. There's many other Human Rights Council's America will be only too happy to join. Maybe the north korean Human Rights Council. I can have a I mean the point is I'm sure there might be some good reasons to withdraw from the U N, but when you taken, timing, context and recent play dates. It doesn't look a lot like telegraphing, some sort of general intention towards perpetrating or condoning unacceptable human rights abuses just wrong sort of kind of with we'll get particularly when, at the same time, you're putting by reason by which he had when you combine the two factors it does as smell. A little fascistic is, though, isn't lucky. I spent most of the last two weeks watching cricket.
World CUP news and while the World CUP is fully on the, why an absolute festival of cheating time wasting it asked the negative opinion going files complaining looking at replace complaining about replace complain about people looking to replace saying a word nil and more time wasting a beautiful guy, humanity's favorite pastime, the big story Alice of boss is the England for this time in living memory. What not totally not ashamed. I won their opening matched to want. Take that Chinese, you post Carthaginians, has greens Annabelle couldn't have other top level.
even if you are still still apparently using his elephants in your central defence, you ve got another their fate to a mighty european power. We feel european who gives a shit despite all the advantages tunisian football has over the english game in terms of proximity to large deserts location on the quite just man encountered in this small player, pull to choose from thus making it easier to work out the ones who are going to want to, and not being hamstrung by, the general sense of the declining Globo, Socio political power and influence of the. Predominantly what european countries, which must surely why heavy on the England boys we overcome the odds, Lou heroically adulation collectively nodded Chauncey winter at the back potent injury time. My everyone forget everything is brief begs it is working so loosely step towards a better world for this plucky nice. Even in World CUP commentary New Simon Canada has published an opinion pace entitled Female World CUP. Pundits are a step forward for diversity, but not for the quality of coverage in
which he says my only question and I oppose it. Nervously is: why did our major tv channels feel the need to have a female present presence on their world cup panels?. He goes on to say. The fact is that the World CUP is competed for exclusively by men, which is how it should be that missing amidst the added that is not to say that only men have a right to comment on professional football, but my intuition is the tv bosses sought to have women on the power for reasons of appearance rather than to satisfy a lightened man to hear their opinions and isn't that tokenism in and of itself? Oh, I have better arguments against this position. Andy, but it so incredibly wisely and annoying that I can't Marshall. Any of them is now to can you your faces. Tokenism Simon, shovelling smog, how you flats, racist or other articles are due. I have some sympathy in in the sense that, as some of you,
occasional, watches butler on television. What I from pundits is complacent research views based on experience on income by having actually watch the game in any detail and what the female pundits attended to bring, research and analysis in an attempt to provide genuine in sight for the view and eyes. Dancing practically not war spores pandemic. Yes, I mean this is the problem Andy in order to get a position in male dominated area, you have to be done. Better than your equals at your level, which means that equality, equality will look like Andy, is women being shit, like the more she women are in positions of power. The more we know it's working abroad,
I don't know. I think the underlying argument of these argument is women. Don't like bulls, even the ones that say they like balls, were only pretending which Let's take her in other sports news, Boris Becker, former bewilderment Wimbledon champion as me, voting or other story he's claimed that he has diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy proceedings because easily officials, floating attack shades of the central African Republic. When that is not the sentence, woman. But I will remember watching Becker win Wimbledon prodigious age of seventeen with remarkable display of athletic Tennyson catapulted the entire boy into a new age What time the way was played. Thinking a bet at some point is gonna become I spotted,
I say to the central problem, and you can imagine that as a nation, the Central African Republic will starved of top level success in Lee echelons of international sport would have been thinking to themselves, are what they really needed. It was a three on Wimbledon champion to turn around their fortunes while being Natasha and, of course, in the central African Republic. Kids speak of little else on the evolution of men's Grandcourt growth, nor do we want hygiene, eighties from a game of touched, your game of power, the clash of stars exempt. causes any child on the streets of Bengalee will tell you, by the back, to back to back trilogy of Boris Back of east definite, both finals. We're not who is at sporting. It's actually for us all and I believe the by
with beautiful Servilely game, albeit with a lack of personal charisma. I just cannot hear the phrase diplomatic immunity without thinking of April weapon. Diplomatic has just been revoked. You to your co respondent now and we ve had more physical correspondence and other postcards preserve arrived. This is the future of communication to start writing to my place of work, a face everything my colleagues out, keep right I want to know what happened on four August producer. Mark You mark right reason. I did it, you go postcard from joy. Benjamin bury intend in Texas for the World CUP golden boot. Spermatozoa contest of willing the full results in a future to bombard Chris with more postcard. This
came in from Martin along on this first on email, hello Andy and delete as appropriate, stroke Alex fundamentally the rest you can read, basically bleep out Please try, originals or article saying that W W E will held the first super showdown on Saturday October, the six at Lee Melbourne Cricket Ground and, coincidentally, the day before the Beagle lie show, the Lowry furtherance of it do come love do you think the wrestling events should be held in cricket grounds, or is this just a cross over event? The sporting world waiting for rest, low cricket? I mean it's a game with strong. All manner of innovations to popularize itself unites already massively popular in large parts of the world and of the english cricketing authorities have taken
twenty twenty format, which has proved ludicrous we almost destructively popular middle Alice. If we can get up, I mean. Maybe this is there if it too, restore the prestige of the default, I'm glad it's a meaning heavily. Only Full contact no holds barred. Weapons included, death match funding. time. Crickets right, I am all for it. You have the full full attention of the England, Wales, just a full face mosque, a lycra body sued in a box wrong, but shipping resort smashing each other in what, whereas with yet twelve men until one man leaves that kind of he d This comes from a J F Velasco in Atlanta Georgia as you're? Probably right, It's only mexican listener, an awfully his.
Britain, by El Tree, the Germans. What I saw only request a mexican programme to celebrate the my approximation of the gunwale champions, the one, with the welcome bugle much you gotta living alone, money online site Well, I'm in love we weren't talks with safer to become the official. Much provided for the current legislative go with summoning liver makes much someday makes Mexican pan a mexican thunderin broken up. we'll have to return to this at a future time, but that's going becoming with Guadalajara fifa heater come on we're out in ancient Rome, not I mean brainstorming mexican things will just make you sunrise cause as as Donald Trump approve over the last couple of years.
The bank's contains some point. He very most coming into Harrowby was at the Beagle podcast dot com. there are some view alive shows imminent in Britain a tenth of July at the Underbelly in London, the fifty if I'm twenty second of August in Edinburgh and more later in the year, gotta be repercussions, com and click on the live link. You can see me doing satirist for higher these over Theatre in London from the eighteenth to the twenty first of July. There's also a World cup satirist far especially on the fifth of July, at the at the underbelly analogy ordering your trilogy shall hear in London. I am on the first of July at the list, a square theatre, three hours of comedy, if you want to come and see it as a five p m Mr July in London, if you're in Sydney come and see irrational fear at giant dwarf on the twenty ninth of June
If you are asking how I'm gonna get from Sidney. Twenty ninth of German to London, the first of July ready to perform three hours of comedy. I say you don't judge my incredibly disorganized life choices. Listen to tea with Alice, listen to troll play, make sure you look after your friends and make sure they get home safely at night. You can three, both me and Alice in Edinburgh, are we doing or from sixteen to the twenty seventh of August, using the whole festival in the whole festival from the from the beginning to the end, to the beginning of the end of August. All data, Those on the internet and various other stars of the bugle will also be they end up doing if all run Mish MRS Doyle. I knew what a work in progress in line with the lazy yes I'll, be there with the right questions- renounces updated from the from the mobile run this year, thanks very much
Listening beardless and thanks also to our guests, produce a mark. You run a tight ship and multiple double glazing. I'm gone Chris is now fully obsolete. Emma regularly thanks. I wish, as always We will be back next week, goodbye.