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Bugle 4077 – Space Force


Andy is joined by Alice Fraser and Alex Edelman to explore the implications of Space Force, get the lowdown on who Trump has most recently fallen out with (this item may be out of date) and hear the latest global feminism news.

Recorded live at the Edinburgh Fringe, yes Andy came on stage without a microphone, Chris's T Shirt had flamingoes on.



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It is these very busy disguise, I mean a marking. Time would help so that he will continue to be found, at least not with the doktor welcomes in this life, be we will hear back where it all began, the bugle which began in Milton Planet laughter. Whilst we all back here where life on earth began scientists noon. Scotland's scientists now think that the origin of all existence,
Chile occurred here in Scotland, hundreds and hundreds of thousands, of years ago, when some inanimate scottish of atoms looked south saw them. There was no life in England. Either thought themselves will show those bastard we'll have to say that, because I do have scottish heritage, that's a distant ancestor of mine was executed in Scotland for stealing a sheep and the rest of my family fled south. So it's great to be back grates. We back so nobody how bad my gigs here in that regard, I was now things have been worse. So am- I am Andy's also, but, as you are probably aware, on the grand duke of garbage and I'm fresh back there, week from my family holiday in Spain, Mayfair got back yesterday began. Might him a rum, today and in the space of three days, you're my family holiday in Spain, with my wife and children, I'm
is to survive. Plummeting hundreds of meters down the mountain, in thrown from a speeding horse and being held from a boats and engulfed by MIT, yeah right. I might point out what happened to you. The whole story on that idea. I was, a diploma hundreds of wages, meters down a mountain and I went on, beginners, cartooning expedition with my wife and children who are eleven nine during the course of which I'm going to do fall over smash my head on a rock lucky I had a helmet on, and also there was a bit. Why had to repel down a waterfall and Cosmo, the waterfall were my wife, who had successfully achieve this faint and my two children who would also successfully achieved this point- and I
He watched by them with an increasing degree of scorn, pity unfair and all I watched by the next group of Canada's getting increasingly bored by the fact that I forty three year old man, was unable to do so very basic physical skills spectacle. Fifteen minutes failing to repel even one meter down my waterfall before I had to be physically helps down by the canyon instructed to the barely suppressed giggles of my darling spouse. I then, for the first time in my life, went horse riding boy horse riding what I mean is I sat on a horse swearing mentally preparing a will as this horse removed at approximately one mile and our through some particularly dense spanish undergrowth, and at the end of an hour on the horse, I got off. Please don't alive and the horse responded by urinating for a minute and a half?
the when what water committed very, very basic, lotta mice, to fall out of my kind of inflatable, canoe and hates Iraq that the instructors make sure you go well to the side of the rock I hit the full on in the middle. I was then It is all about and dragged down the river system. what can only be described as mild bruising, to my body and deep, deep bruising to buy per heights. I would say that there is nothing wrong with allowing your children to see the underneath the rugged, manly heroic paternal, exterior there the saying that they inevitably say in their father lies. I searched coward. Profound incompetent. So some we back here or on dry land, and this we are calling on the fifteenth of August. Two thousand and eighteen
and that is of course, as you Scots, who Scottish able he's got it. As you know, this is the anniversary of this die in the year. Ten, fifty seven. When these? fish, King Macbeth was killed. at the bottle of battle of lump. I am sorry for pronounced that room. By the forces of Malcolm something unpronounceable How could this, what there was a real, the real Macbeth character but bears little resemblance to the famous Shakespeare character, the historical figure problem, because thorns think did not win the throne of Scotland in a tea Are you going shall hosted by some witches nor was he a serial opponent murderer nor any fat was by all accounts, of which there are almost numb, given that it was more than a thousand almost a thousand years ago, he was in fact a hard working box to box professional king who did a solid help for the Scots and
moreover, was actually quite happy if you call them Macbeth to his face, although we actually preferred big MAC What is I'm connotations back then, and be one that we have been informed, or simply make of this market, but Mac of this MCA, Botz historians have developed a Shakespeare, simulator app. by the same level of transformative, Tudor propaganda Filter on Contemporary figures grown just Macbeth goes right to the third was heavily propaganda by Shakespeare. Another of running on some contemporary political figures out on my computer excellence. It isn't gonna going on Nicholas Sturgeon here and Shakespeare fell to discern what turns Nicholas Stern into a fire breathing nation destroy it wants to bring. Ever station to these islands by splattering once great nation, two shots of recrimination and discord.
I haven't swish down yet. most must stop reading the daily mile David Cameron. Well with Shakespeare filter. He becomes a donkey with a bow disorder who Comstock shifting on people's picnic rocks Joe we call becomes a rabbi who loves Christmas. Teresa. My body becomes airily like Phoebe from friends and Donald Trump becomes a sweet old spinster called in it, who runs embroidery and will sharpen rural Canada. Also, today is world calligraphy day. Christopher
I'm not I'm also technically that council calligraphy novel thickets amiss This is the second were who here has perpetrators and calligraphy today. Yeah. Well, to mark the occasion we have a special piece of commemorative audio calligraphy for you. Goes. This is the view. If that logically works, when you want or otherwise a section of the bugle is going corrects, is going well and then why Lamb landfill. Let me guess: recycled disappointing this week. in the brain, Especial commemorative Car Eve, arts supplements
you I've had a fund. I haven't nucleus, five hours Try archaeologist, studying cave this is this revolution renews across Europe have revealed the results of decades of intensive study into the image as of animals and humans, found in caves or state back tens of thousands of years and having examined the Redrawn, outlines of horses, bison, ox ease and other creatures, as well as the handprints they found in human forms. Professor Pelion grandfather, who led the investigation, announced these pictures, which give us a fascinating, Lincoln Door, distant pre histories of species are, with all due respect, shit for the most part they just the kind of half hour scrolling. Most of us could do enough sleep. Our theory, therefore, is that the case where these art works were found where most likely some form of pre school nursery or can Gordon ought club.
They all looked like some three year old is drove them. There are further a little bit better within their probably done by the teachers are so the little boxes. What to do? I don't make sense. the kid safely deepen cables, mommy and Daddy Gulf to make Flint into arrow heads or do some more research on what which berries are not poisonous or do a bit of handwork or fight over triceratops than pick them up its age on the way home so I saw him now to meet all guess for today's bugle. All they both hey at least one of them is They were both coming from doing so low shows and too family show.
It doesnt way that they are both here all Allison grown a new arm, First, the hop a woman who has to more hemisphere this summer than you had a hot dinners in the last three to four hours. Probably We need to have more than two hot in as good so the wife of Australia, allies price, have anyone to limit for me after the shows they just take one and pass it on that's a very efficient way of doing it. To be honest,
how's. It look me in the eye and refuse to take him man. I've just had a day and a half day wrote I had an audience review on the audience fringe page. You now have the ticket buying page has audience review section where did those there's a lady who really hated the show, which is fine, but she was like very angry about my Briggs jokes have any breach. As always, the subjects is here: I, like I've, done for separate solo ours that are respectively, about death, kindness judgment, quantum physics and a guy in a service station being noted, exit jokes, I'm not Where's your brings up on the bugle, the podcast, with the most enthusiastically stupid audience, participation, baseless, ship on the planet, flats, there is an audience review section of media reprint, who I am
When you say there, weren't told us not up a going into service station being, as it is the theme of this year's. What are these? What price war breaks? It was all about what they want us. I voted for breakfast, so we would have more people being motorway service station. This would mean that people get back on the road more quickly, boosting the economy by around three point: eight trillion dollars a year plus the guy driving our best needed is gins, does pie somewhere gangsters. They serve the etymology of us now, God, and who thinks he's gangsters and who thinks he's ginger's genes? who thinks he's against us. Instead it was easy. we cannot even agree on the name of past the we're not going agree on breaks it here. We are
We need to be honest, the level of debate that we have right, reduce through in this country, the the etymology coexisting. Some people think it's named after Genevieve steadily in the french nurse who invent cheese slices, a medical dressing in the napoleonic wars. Now troops could use. The rectangular slab of cholesterol is a battlefield dressing before they lay on the ground, waiting to be captured by the enemy or by the reaper, or why basic, gangrene then having stomach feelings? back to see them into the next year for the full stomach. Those named after her ginger beer or if you think it's instant, if you like it, schemes that that's from the the cheese pastry serve in all. I am in France in the fifteen cent around the time of the execution of Joan of ARC, the british officials presiding Jones trial on charges of wearing unlicensed headphones and illegal volume and driving an arc over for not on a public like they were given a
cheese pastry in the way they vote was either by eating the pastry unbiased to vote for acquittal, in which case they were for her or what tossing a paces in the nearby fire for a guilty verdict, in which case they were against her and they there lay the now cooked food was the nineteen year old Wanna be signs of medieval battle. Reenactments enthusiasts was wrapped in Darwin cooked behind them, so I'm so they go but in fact, get going and is something that we are second guess who coming clean up. That's deluge of budgets, not Theirs person who's gonna become able to the tonight whose most likely to become president of the USA is on, expressed on the grounds that he is american and a man
Please welcome the wonderful Alex abdomen. You don't need, the American, didn't stop Obama! Alex Hausa. How sediment give you good? I swear. The day, leaving audience reviews announced phrases, paying EDGAR herds He's gonna: ok, let's get this as the show is the same as the show mousetrap, where the show is largely about Anti Semitism in when I wrote it wasn't topical, and now
It's very uncomfortable, some may so now it's gonna well, is my favorite place indicted by the the rain. It's been a pretty good fringe and have you found this increase topic? Might more or less anti semitic needed. If I can get away with less. If you know what I mean, I think my entire career, is living proof that we no longer run showbiz, actually Andy. We had a meeting in year out, but I am rights. It is now time for top story this week and talks over this week. The sum we ve all heard of it and we ve all. at times, enjoyed it and resented it. So the world is kind of you have ever tricky relationship, not that some Chris story, Greece, we're having a paper trail
relationship with our number one star, the big hot thing: that's right, It puts the solar into solar system, screen, causing Mary Havoc here here on earth by shining much too hard. It is plain for we, not here in Scotland, it is being seriously hall around the world. A lot of heat flying that may be linked to climate change and a portent of now unstoppable devastation to come. Thanks to humanity's collective failure to take notice of warnings, or it might more likely just be the ancient diction some got raw enjoying a nostalgic resurgence but quickly. Actually, when it is over forty degrees celsius burying your head in the sand is actually quite a good way of keeping yourself coup but luckily, at last week
something about it. Yes, Nurses loves the pot Parker Solar probe over the weekend, setting the spacecraft journey that will take it closer to the sun than any human made objects before it. The park approach probe will reach as co just three point: eight million miles to the sun surface, taking it directly through the sun's atmosphere according to NASA. This I'll. Take it so close that it will actually quite marks touch. The son you can't say actually and then put touch in inverted commas: the court, its main. Actually not. Actually, you cannot sarcastic not touch. The sun is someone to use a review on my Edinburgh Fringe ticket website. That said, my show, sarcastic quote box touch them I'd, be fucking furious. I mean three point: eight million miles is a pretty loose definition of touched by that definition. I'm literally quote touching all of you right now. Everyone, literally all of you, especially you, gentlemen, really creepy way does.
I ve got it all story. Is the comments on the independent news websites coverage of the court of the quote event which someone said: Superman's been there in that dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot next and another present said, if not to touch the earth not to touch the sun. Nothing left to do but run run, run, run. Let's run J Morrison, my favorite thing How about it is. I watched him of the PET press conference online. The NASA spokesman go into the details. Some went on. And right, and so any does yes, a man I say for important scientific research, this power projects that NASA has been doing for years to find out whether the sun is as popular mythology would have it thoughts of heat and light for our planet. Despite being
ninety million miles away or whether it is in fact a large flaming biscuit, also? They want to discover why the sun is sometimes hard. Luck on a clear and other times not so hot more visible light when it's clean Zog is that we get closer to that. You know What is costing one point five billion to send it, but I think it could have been so much cheaper if we just launched it at night. Right would be so much we quoting your president's. I that's nothing on space force watch This bears in mind. What does that mean speaks Thursday? The vice president might pins outline plans to create space wars, which is building a new branch of the? U S, military dedicated to fighting wars in space parenting. I do
Haha That's some suggested logos, apparently that is getting respect from people who want to defend satellites in space for russian and chinese interference and also STAR Trek fans, who, I assume, desperately hope. The principles of non aggression and peaceful diplomacy will leak out like radiation from a warp core breach. At best it will cost more than eight billion dollars to establish this kind of pre, emptive defence presence in our skies. That will definitely invite reciprocal spaceport investments from the political enemies of the. U S and at worst it will end in raging atmospheric bet, battles in the skies above our homes. What I'm saying is there's no way to win. This is the Kobe actually Merou, do. You know understand whose I'm one of Donald trumps advisers Currently under investigation tweeted an image of of himself. and a bunch of other Trump Cabinet members in space Forest gear and then had you delete the image recur,
as do you see, had Photoshop not just their faces over the phases of NASA crew members, but also a new. Mission patch over the APOLLO mission patch and new mission patch had what was the cause and the captain of, they can. the original pictures it in space. No one can hear you lie stone said. I love this. I heard that Trump said we're going to have a space wars and where you get the aliens to pay for, like always, delays in an actual manned mission to the sun, where the first words of the first man to disembark will be one small step for quite months actually dead. The paupers an approach by arrive quickly, pockets unbroken
Let me also the name of one of the finest amateur endoscopy products. The market today is yeah, we'll be other forces. Manmade object ever ever created at four hundred and thirty thousand. Miles an hour. A hundred miles a second in context. If you are called driving at four hundred and thirty, thousand miles an hour, a british road. You would be banned from driving the sixty two thousand six hundred and fifty eight years a meaningful to watch Cobb cars that fast. So the did this experts have not been universally admired, retired NASA astronauts, Scott Kelly, so he saw the curate. It was thus up. Security was more important. He saw his brother also an astronaut mark Kelly called the
bicycles, redundant on wasteful, and I would say that is exactly what the aliens wants you to think although more intelligent wasteful mean the same thing, so it's kind of redundant, wasteful use a word also redundant and wasteful wins votes? We know that from Brussels the aliens aboard invited Russia and its visa. Have you ever heard them speak its absolute gibberish mark more Kelly, pointed out that views on the news and they asked them about it and he said We already have one we already it's part of the air force and they said, is it really? He said it's like taking the submarines out of the navy in calling it the under the Sea force kill us little mermaids. You watch us rather quick, some facts, box, You don't need to be a rocket scientist and though the sun is hot, I mean they hope
Potter, somethin them pizza. Fresh out of the oven, in fact, a picture of an issue of approximately seven hundred degrees Kelvin, whereas the curve The sum is two million degrees, Kelvin or two thousand eight hundred pizza ovens rolled into one but bigger, so the Koran or of the somewhat actually cut the perfect pizza in exactly nor point. zero two seconds was the fifty million degree Kelvin Centre of the some local perfect joints of roast beef in full, a thousandth of a second and slow roasting elephant in nor point one we warned unless you ate your food and left the restaurant within one point three nanoseconds of arriving at Shea soul for dinner. You would either be dead or so badly sunburnt, you would know, enjoy your photos, to what for man with the phrase I'll look
we're all familiar the face. Look, the sun is rising the reason the sun rises in the morning is because overnight it naturally fills with hydrogen, which makes it floats above the horizon in time for breakfast and finally, factory if the sun is indeed, as the great solar, Ology team of Marvin, Gaye and Tammy Tyrrell claimed in their hit song of nine you six! If the world is indeed a great begun, then the sun is by deduction sat Sumer as big as a hot air balloon The finally, the popular popular song the sun has got us have was released in nineteen thirty, two, we're two versions: release assigned me, one recorded by the Henry Whole BBC Dance Orchestra, the beside it single being the regional rendition of police made famous whether later nineteen eighty cover version by the influential wrappers end w. Why the other version by our job,
was Ambrose in his orchestra was later band after it proved contain hidden messages. Encouraging people to perform satanic sacrifices, in reality. The sum actually has no hat. the sun had originally had a hat. It would have burned off at least four point. Five billion years ago shortly after the sun came into existence, ironically, when it is something you should warehouse the dinosaurs had no hats join the dots here under the lesson. Use here is an important announcement. It seems that none of us know I'll do brush your teeth. Probably, but don't panic quip is here to save your teeth. Quip is an electric toothbrush. It's a fraction of the cost of bulkier brushes. It essentially like having your teeth gently linked by a benevolent angel. It hasn't it
built timer no cutting corners, my two reference and they set new brush aids every three months or your brush keeps your teeth. Looking absolutely sensational, quit was Goldie best Ellen tooth brush by Jake you and the test, of toothbrushes and Bloomberg. Let's assume those elements as compliments quit starts at just twenty five dollars and if you got you get quick dot com, Slash bugle right now, you'll get your first refill back free with a quick electric toothbrush that your first refill pack free, add, get grip, dot, com, slash, bugle, spelled g d, U I pray dont slash bugle moving. in feminism. Is girls gone wild news? Now a lady was caught on film shaving, her legs in a public drinking fountain in a park in Spain.
This is why breaks it Andy. I mean it happens. Quite a lot to me and I'll just be walking along the street and suddenly the weight of increasingly impossible feminine beauty standards. Will slam into my conscious mind and I'll find myself fixing my make up on a train ducking into a shop to buy head treatment? I don't need or arbitrary, giving myself a quick bikini wax. Is this feminist performance, or did you just find a promising match on tinder? Had the horn so badly that human dignity went out the window mean Edel when you know how it is hormones, get the better of you, your young man, in a dry patch, a lady winked suggestively over the lunch table and olives Your are half way down the plastic cup of hot NED's. Here, removal cream in the Bathroom Mcdonalds.
trying tying up. This Graham explained is your pubic care in the tub layer of your skin. Dissolve awake. You promised Roma Ronald Mcdonald, wouldn't swear in front of the children. Gonna kick your chin up, because I was your new year's resolution to be depository balls cup. Half full guy, not develop repose cup. Half empty kind of guy amen, It's like John Oliver never left those overhead, you did is that it is as though is that the feminine phone is apes, more or less, given you guys and spent, not just to judge to just to think about what just happened. Yes, let's see what what what else is happening in the world of, as well as our correspondent for fifty one percent of the world, population
I will. We have an Adelaide woman attacking a luxury Mercedes Benz, with more than four hundred thousand dollars with a baseball bat in what by rights, should have been a protest against Mercedes so that groveling apology to China after Thoughtless Lee quoted the Dalai Lama on Instagram, without giving due consideration and sensitivity to the daily catch feelings of the massively lucrative chinese market, but unfortunately it is a big suspected to be a revenge attack. Apparently she's. they ve entered the words cheetah slot and men who were on the expensive, douche mobile. So it's probably just that he did. What do the bikers, like that, so often do, which is to drive the new model? before they got rid of the one in the garage unwitnessed said the scorned, woman, the aged and Twentys was cool, calm and collected during the rampage, though I think hitting something with a baseball. Bat is they language incompatible with the words, cool and calm, even baseball,
as on cool income, they pretend to be Andy with their chewing gum and backwards caps, but they're all riven with existential acts, because it's a stupid game, and now they know how dare you haven't been a baseball game was watching since Bobby Thompson. The shot her round the world in the night thinking is the New York Times treat the book indulgence of the National League pennoned in nineteen fifty one. That is good knowledge to be. I do not understand the Everglades woman urges to enact violence on an innocent status symbol, slash penis extension, but then I also You don't understand. I urge to have gone out with a guy who's idea of worthwhile expenditure is a car. That's almost half way to a million dollars worth of rapidly depreciating asset. So who am I to judge our gb? You can. I disagree with some of the Brook Gawker first going because you you you your big sports fan gap and deplore the bicycle. Yes took any towards a technique for hitting a muscle,
joint. You get me Harry, Underwood Song about key. Isn't it yet? game. What do the managers always argue with the empire? There hasn't been a decision reversed in two hundred and ten years. Why? Because, eventually, do this this Vienna, our bullshit, that you guys have been doing, and we want to have some like back cat log correctness argue within baseball's. An amazing support, if you like, two hours of excitement stretched out now the course of four and a half years. If I want to two hours of excitement, stretch out o the horn and obvious are gonna, want results and shows you. You saw my best show
a famine is a new year, most of those other another another bit of fervent is worth, but can we really part of american culture gonna insult next video games? We ve got. We ve got the lady who said she was working let's go with video games. one of the world's most popular video game. Streamers said he refuses to play with women online in order to protect its relationship with his wife and not feed toxic online gossip about his love life time. Ninja lemons, who is you haven't, you know, your name is Tyler blends Ninja eyes the nickname, what people your game stream of Jessica Ghak has ten million subscribers and is the biggest streamer on video streaming platform twitch. It makes five hundred thousand. U S dollars a month playing the game to translate Andy Twitches, an app where people what watch other?
we'll play video games! Video games are like cross between watching a movie and playing sports five hundred thousand? U S. Dollars is more money than you and I will make an a decade even if we can bind our incomes to build a time machine and go back by Bitcoin before it got huge. others, so he won't play against women yet goes playing a video game against a woman is basically the next best thing to banging right. I'm an option. down, left right, left, right, x, X, X, x, ethics and technically Josie tells you to stop and think then, when they come in self defence, should also use right. Do wasn't it.
We saw how many, if not, it is not just a computer games phenomenally didn't Rich Berne and Elizabeth Taylor first get together over game of most I'm not You are about computer I've. Children Williston again, is that dangerous age bracket when their lives might be taken over by shit like this I'm not much for they sound there, always watching a test. My survive days, user rights, probably body or about the other. The impact on people's behaviour of of games over them can he's not just computer Games Board games as well. I'm in my uncle use by Laura, Chess, massive racist on them. And also on the flip side and people say comedians adversely affects the positive Grand theft auto launched,
ninety, ninety seven and is now it fifth. Is it for five or six five grand theft auto and it's a game where you have to drive recklessly and commit violent crimes essentially, and since grand theft auto is launching ninety nine seven road deaths in Britain have halved and violent crime has come down to turns out. It was actually giving people an outlet I didn't have what makes you think if only the baby say it develops a computer game in the early nineties seventies that answer What was going on in the back in your home country well I'm not sure if you guys know for about ten minutes ago, down Trump resigned and arms had reckoned area? I am with you, dollar shrub fire? I'm a Rosa manage
Newman for the second time, but the first non apprentice time the first I'm fired. Her was because Her in the protege team sold state. to the wrong restaurant. But this time it was because she violated some national security agreements and sides of the same coin. For me and the one of things I hate the mahars about Donald Trump, is that he's made me route for people. I've always despise and she a shopping a book and some secret recordings that she took in the White House, with a pet with every quarter that looked like a pen She was there, some big Some big news, my favorite thing about this Is that a morose is book, one of the Services said that Trump
but seriously about getting sworn in on the art of the deal. But advisers. Southern there was only one book written by multiple authors, fussy attributed to a single being that could do the job of the Bible I'm not I'm not a god, fearing man, and that feeling is entirely mutual. Her and Alex Jiang's has been well he's been: the shock Jock Euro around, don't You don't know who Alec judges, imagine a rabbit dog barking, a bucket of sick Instead of box out of its mouth comes the molten shades of an evil dinosaur that
autumn shit, then solidifies to become a copper lie in the shape of the swollen painters. Beelzebub Africa This programme is a person. Trousers board of stolen Alex Jones is I fossilized fly that died on that shit fifty million years ago. So that's buildings in cats, for I was alone thought he was a floating parasitic but whole that just buzz through the air until he found like a stream of bullshit to latch onto an unjust spread it over is widened areas humanly possible, but you'll see Georgia, First, on anyone who said those words me so he's been eating drop by Twitter Fleming he's been dropped by and then he's got my facebook. They was dropped by twitter. I'm going to continue down the line until Friendster decides that it's no longer good for Alex Jones. His defense is that he's playing a character, but unfortunately the character
is to be Joseph, durable. rising, we're away with now might go. I have one with those. Are we going? we got on First Chris well. Well, just to finish with the sun. The early stories with the sun is, of course, a star and the biggest star in the universe, smiles, big and the other ones which our little speck spoke comparison, What I had a friend who is an astronomer and was fascinated by stealth. But he got so excited by looking at the stars develops bizarre food habits. When you ve been looking for constellations in the
honey. I once they say he's got his french restaurants of speciality dishes made from the facial features of mythical creatures. I wonder We went in and make research today. Special monsieur is for my off human off or creature. You can never football. Or a demi portion and he's yeah. I want all I love office. then tour. I of the centre and I'll try. The exotic meets as well. I loved to eating humped animals, especially us all, have some camel and drama three salad she found of linen the Mccartney interesting facts form the tribute bandwidth from his buddies, more cynical because they call themselves the beetle juice, but it was very, very indecisive gulf. A particular fatigue could never deciding worries to pay off. The main rose I to me, and he said I was like a word or iron or on IRAN.
Also like poker, but he had this year this. This very obvious tell when he's by imposing a good hand, it was not talking to himself and in New York. Action was item sells. I gotta play these cards right, but play plight, played players I will have to look these up. To be honest, I was pretty much out and how four cents- Ormond Andromeda universe, prospects of protest streak against government under funding of telescopes got ten thousand naked astronomers to run across the pitch it Merrifield. They called it. The great bear resettlement and with another way edition is five. A restaurant was a local dish. In fact, here in Scotland, a variation on Haggis might finally ground sugar and cheeks testicles, called Catherine Bullocks, We then asked urge every year three bear meet sausages tonight and the white said no we're out we're out brown women, but one if we're out brown, whereof Grizzly and you said never mind about the other one best made of the White Fur Eba
polar ice. My favorite talk of their sausage. And eventually we might made a Lord ferry services to making cheap watches and calculated. They became known as the Casio pair. That's it I'm done. Why are you crying agar? I just I just want you to know what the interplay there was was. I started writing some funds and then element has been. to sum up, I feel I have to do something on being serious, right I think we're all done now. He's gonna sit down. Recital upper lip service plug you punish those. I wish my shell is called ethos cities at seven. Fifty five at the underbelly Bristow Square is a double act with
but I also have the trilogy podcast up online. Now as a podcast. I assume you know what that is. What a podcast Iraq, it's called the Ellis Fraser Trilogy and it is available. It is lots of comedy three comedy consider the verbal fly to go the physical flies you were given at the start of us who were enough to go around. Who here has announced phrase a fly? Will you just sign them all verbal, just Google, it you're verbal sing so annoying when celebrities doing that in school makes a method, large amounts the eye in the earth. I genuinely. I will sign anything wrong. they thing. John Applaud. Your show Alex Ottoman and my show is called just for us on the Cabaret Barton, pleasant Courtyard every night at eight p m.
and or twenty two hundred hours, if your Washington time and the president, and I saw it in previous glad. I did we clash with its very good show I highly recommend, I mean, if you're, not gonna, listen, Alice, Razor, listen to the five stars from the jewish chronicle, obvious and I'll be doing it in London in September, hopefully, say things somewhat Do you see my one man right questions wrong answers at three p m at the stand? Well back here, Saint John next week Nick Tumor anew vibe pow back enclosed envy, Oscars Vanilla, oh no right good! What show did you got lined up for next week?
Well, that's the Armenia wherever pieces of animal bone is the most now look at the pennies everybody nine times that sounds like you could get dangerously racist Julian next week to hear the end of critics showbiz career for you. I was coming here. Those are they not even european, given our fathers five dollars time goodnight