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Bugle 4078 – Truth isn’t Truth


Andy is with Nish Kumar and Anuvab Pal – after a wonderfully ludicrous week in Trumpland, what actually is truth and what do we do with it? Plus, Ikea in India news, Economics is a crazy subject, and puns.

Recorded 'live' in Edinburgh.



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The Bugle Audio newspaper a bid, you a warm welcome to the people. How are you all right? It's all I wanna design, please! I cannot allow politician- or they will not only with the will of a large group of people based on a single, unified, simplified response to a question. I am sorry so welcome to the new tells it in Edinburgh. You join Europe affirms the welcome. May we hit- and I ask the world's largest festival words today- an old women working in the meadows inadvertently, because I myself free, show painfully stood two dogs uclaf into a plastic bag, sanctify storm view from the Scotsman, heart rending, theatrical, sat on humanity's relationship with the environment and the true. So, despite the music fight might,
families so- so welcome. Welcome. Do I can do that. We will all these major like people before who is nobody July people before onwards and sideways and who is never ever listen to the people you, be in horror, confusing our butts welcome to the show I am, and these also- and this is the twenty second of almost Congratulations, buglers! You have just change the anniversary of the English, defeating the Scottish. In the battle of also more in Yorkshire, at eleven thirty, eight I'm just London, where the local say about Stoke those fires of independence. You also check the anniversary of the first ever air right in history eighteen, forty, nine
ST lodged pilotless pollutants. Against the city of vanish there is that is out of that is a photograph photograph is warehouses. Eighty forty right, pilotless, wasn't the nineteenth century fun, so you ve just the first ever arrived, which of course presage the on ending tragedies of the second wars. Brutes brutality towards civilians are well down that you heartless bastards you ve cheer the anniversary of the day in fifteen fourteen fifty four when Jews, expelled from Moravian. You people, disgust, so we ve even handedly, also cheer the anniversary of the deaths of two thirteenth century Pope's, so at least to hide the Catholics, as well as the Jews nature, the universe rose so as it seventy. Sixty years ago, today, Great Britain perform the nuclear test at Christmas. Island hurts
and turned to after that people no longer wished. It could be Christmas everyday along nuclear winter stretched out before them with Christmas. every day or nuclear Holocaust, Yokul Christmas, you haven't through with you, You have not outta the Christmas everyday, whose dominate need not thought through the economics of this. Just that get caught struck financial collapse. More of this later we have a special people. Economic section delay with a new special, be we'll get Steve, also create the death in sixteen sixty four of the EU. Ensure seventeenth century female astronomer, Maria units to astronomer Maria Da Pitcher Maria Coolidge US polyglot. She is Maria Polyglot who couldn't conversion seven languages. Renowned for elegant solution to capitalist problem, of course, is what has been very
on musician and paying unpainted has a crater on the planet Venus named after. Under my if I was three hundred and eighty yeah, open up my wormhole again, sorry, Florence history as always, some sections of the vehicle it going strikes going corrects and they all than going, why landfill running this week. We have a special bugle lists. Section, everyone loves loves a list as well as the numerous Forbes rich lists with this week at the top running female sports stars which had nothing but women in the top ten, so much for equality? We like
we take a look at the these spiritually rich list. Can can anyone knock Enid sniffles off top sports, the eighty four year old, happily married grandmother who runs a charity teaching classical ballet too often penguins? We also Ask whether the divide between the spiritually, rich and spiritually poor is now to white, the average charity teacher or nurses, now two hundred eighty seven times more, spiritually rich than the average chief executive. Footsie one hundred companies anything begun done bridge that gap also, we have indeed been some home. Kids have online like stuff at home. Now, to save a lot of money, we have a home cryonics kits. Please of yourself without the Luke's Bugle home cryonics kits, old chest, freezer plus overcoat, woolly hats and flask of hot chocolate chronic? to preserve yourself for anything from two to five minutes
morning, do not use for more than five minutes and also a home puppy, making kits I'm going in the Bin with the UK government. Now, drawing up plans to ban the sale of poppies and kittens pet shop were you review the latest make your own poppy kits increasingly poached, pooch Polynesia, three point: two The latest information of the classic home puppy making kit comes with complete with a fully grown male and female dog. plus I David S, former dvd of dogs humping to help them get in the I know other sections. It is time now to introduce our guests for today's lobby that Europe should meet the guests. Forthright people good
that would be very, very awkward indeed and also today. It would look quite racist celebrity, so I am very glad you said yes, so that's Firstly, a great pleasure to welcome him back bugle regular for some time now, amounts to just has to look at a baby before that baby starts crying because it has been so thoroughly. Satirizes please welcome most Cooper, I more alarming boy. I don't know whether our boy loved by the picture is still a big linguistic support caused by the naked, with nude with nature. Still,
features. Photoshop picture of me now get out. I know there are more alarmed by that or Andy's Rafe about the statue that he wants to, which is particularly dark, given the presence in the audience. Randy's, wife and two children wish we're both she always we know, however, all that's right
we bone statues, Aloe Andy hell I'll be able is. How are you doing very well functioning? I was, I was too fringe been going for you well Sofa Andy, basically have been up here too. We can show, but also have been hosting the BBC's arts coverage for BBC too, in all its corresponding a kind of left the company behind. When I got the job, they said what I have the gravity of fibres BBC out was into such as Alexander Gravitas coming out of my ass. Anyone who thinks I'm not mature enough, but I guess, can suck my dick. You play ass into gravity, early ass into gravitas since nineteen eighty five, which is
and again apologies to these family. I bet some amazing maple Andy. I interviewed pussy riots, which is a really extraordinary experience and were one of pussy Roy. It basically was on a travel ban from the russian government, and so in order to get to the fridge she had to be smuggled across the border to Belarus and flown here, and it really puts in context May complaining about the ten minutes to lie on the virgin service and other than I'm having a fine French, apart from the fact that there is a Canadian called rosy jugs? Who is a good friend of mine and a complete piece of shit, because rosy is a comedian who also have cerebral palsy and she is discovered to fund new game over the course of this month whenever women public together she I was myself on the floor and shouts help help the man from the Tele pushed to disabled girl, twenty
It's a network. Can you expect how to join us on the stage all life mania. They had a referendum for the first time ever it's out of our welcome up Thank you so you're this your first your first time here and let him are doing to show employer. We see the picture from their woman. What would you make of this? And, as the third century BC. Roman put philosopher and program uses, Cicero, say this town a bachelor crazy place too. let's go treating sushi sitting next to a map, justice? a medieval executioner,
with a plastic acts checking out tender. Women, it was recently the anniversary when Henry the eight swipe down on ambling. Nothing was an area getting into a history based riff with you is like playing tennis with Roger further, as I also realise that I'm in quite sort of logistically quite perilous position, given that we're in the middle of quiet, tents, endeavours, England Tessier is indeed just as hard to think back to two on could be quite tens and the around. If I was gonna, kick up if anyone's wondering how all deciding in that fight obesity in the same way, I am in the test areas very much supporting whoever's currently winning found these when you get a battalion onwards in our ports that event about sweating it'll, be, I do not want to be ended. Norman.
It will be turning it a still empty grave is, he is still alive it. Yes, so obvious is only outside, For those who do not say that there was in the eightys we gotta think seem, rather than the tablet test the audit. You could test how British were based on whether or not you supported the England cricketing. I very much since the nineteen eighteen one England most cricket. Might these two countries that didn't even exist that is a tough tests. Everything I've learned, I wasn't most. We harmonise calls a wicked off right out. The thing is the thing
the thing with Iceland is ongoing is great when the bulls nipping around us once again gives you a flat page is pretty much all nothing about the good. I forget. What are they stand right, in which case how far into the show or we could apply for hours sore. Eighty eighteen minutes, you saw him to get into top story this week and we wish you all american, principally desperately clinging to the precipices of yellow. Pilots right into top story? This week, all the president's men going to jail? Andy Donald Trump was hardy. Another tricky weak. Sorry, let me just start like this data.
Michael current needs love tabloid fixed as plead guilty to eight challenges, including campaign finance violations directly implicated trump in the hush money that was play to various women need huddled alleged affairs with and pull a matter for. The presidency for the campaign to Heaven was convicted on eight charges of plank of tax fraud. A lot of new issues and to have a challenge is very gates was then you can do a straight, not count before not your favorite charging job strikes at the core of idols age of charging for some complicated rubbish. Our system, not. Are you wouldn't want to you would want to learn? Sixteen of this is this that this summary, the situation has got for this directive, for they go to these paper. The outcomes also raised great questions about trumps judgment since election, his national security adviser personal lawyer campaign, german deputy campaign manager and a foreign policy. I have all admitted open convicted of crimes, but my
worse than to that is. Is that really the thing? That's raised grave questions about trumps judgment or its decision to climb Barack Obama wasn't born in America, opened a string of universities whose Malta was does anyone know the Latin Panada Rio University and strike the best, mainly dog, and at worst predominantly faces or any decision, Donald Trump, might at any point in his lot. It wouldn't surprise me, if invested in Lehman brothers, those Samson funds, the PLO blew up and the cabin causing a film water world at this point in its absence Thirdly extraordinary and the big question now is: will Michael Cohen, flip Willie flip on Trump Willie, Willy DE would equally dolby men for stuff that is done? Is you gotta do is get a flip well I'll. Let you be the judge of that. What I found out this morning that Michael carbons lawyer talk to NPR under was asked directly a question whether he would consider being pardoned by the president- and he said this Michael Cohen never accept a pardon from Amanda. He considered it considers both corrupt and Danes.
This person in the oval office, eyesight, Michael Cohen, is gonna flip to the same extent, a gymnast on pancake guy he's got a flap trump What is absolutely thunder niche Andy headed question we in India, read through the manifold charges and it was a shock We didn't do any of that was illegal. What is an ethical campaign manager tables
genuine question. The everyone involved has is so sketchy because even typically boy covered, as you know, about what sort of acting like he's about to do. An active public service, but he's just set something up called the Michael Carbon Truths Fund, which is bits opposite go find me played with the goal of raising five hundred thousand dollars, so that Michael Cohen could afford to tell the truth and in unrelated news, I'm setting up a fund to stop me from shooting in the street, and the initiative on Notion fund is available on shit start right now, I'm doing eight is tramping in genuine troublemakers. Assumes you don't seem sort of bullet proof. Well, there's that famous old signs and there they feel enough shifted a wall. Some of it will stick Aristotle. I believe it was It was our stock, but not this is work with tromp was because of the problem with Trump is he is not a war, he is
a volcano of shit, If you throw shit of a volcano of shit? What you end up with, indissolubly, larger volcano of ships and the sort of a happy living on a volcano of shit than so many different? It's too, I mean that's it's hard to think of what he could do at this sure of deprecating on the declaration of independence. a tidy by Mr Lange on it again. So many apologies Landis family. At this point he also We also probably trouble is that is so obviously guilty because of the things he doesn't says, please judge people and what they do and
This example of this is exactly the time. This is exactly the toy. Is gonna talk about he's doin it? If everyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don't were tied the services of Michael call it a bit. A pretty sure is mixed rate was in unrelated issues. Does anyone know the number of a good lawyer in next level, shades, in fairness, those gentlemen, it is a sensible point, if your lawyer is in prison- probably better off we're going with another lawyer outside of other bodies. Like me, in John Grisha Bureau, legal experts, I guess that's a bill. I go into a hospital to have a major operation and having a surgeon who, just as an open wound in their stomachs address gushing blood all over the floor is a bad sign violated, I mean, did trump I about this yesterday merely tell one hundred percent lied about everything. Did he merely tailor made up truth,
when I mean I don't I took note of the question is now: will this lead to Donald from big piece of the answer to that is, quite simply because that would require some will. All action from the Republican Party would require them to actually vote him vote about. So I think I have said this before, but at the end of the day, what about the Trump President's? so far, I suggest that this is going to end conventionally or about the Trump President's they were, even if they impeach him he's not gonna leave. But why do you think he's gonna be like back up
fair result, accepted referees decision is bottle of what this does not end with him so standing outside of, like all other presidents, what this ends with him, like King Kong, on the roof of the White House and as a falling of pipelines, flies along the law of sixteen hundred Pennsylvania, rapidly firing indiscriminately with Maloney around one hundred, describing, I regret nothing as it goes down well. His lawyer, gentlemen did have issue with that The mission of Truth- yes Well, let's get rooted Giuliani back up on the screen over long term. Bugle favorite, doo doo contribute to it. Two thousand night presidential campaign. A few can never say, never, never give up I'll, let light of hope showing on so yes, anniversaries. Blindness somebody's recording of an impressive truth has taken an absolute absolute kick, amongst other things that are really tough time and reason is truth: nuance nuances, taken an absolute in kicking in recent years. Nothing
I mean it's really. News is going to stop promoting, is far more strongly and stridently or so they could just fade away into nothingness. It's really truth: nuance, women and black. People are really copying the brunt of the three presidents. That's the whole of Europe and Russia as well. you also CNBC Msnbc, and I think, and when asked when asked you know, this is the objective truth really Giuliani. Who is his lawyer outside prison one has to clarify you did say and danish the truth does. always have to be the truth. From where I am from it You believe in reincarnation the truth
return as a unit cyclists goal. Pedro truth could be armed Romola or the truth could in fact be lies right. So it depends on. Despite something like it, did the reference vessels truth, the various forms of truth. So there might be some some credibility to what you say brought. The true doesn't always have to be. The truth, like one son, could also be not one second Maybe it's a more flexible, fluid water type situation. I mean terms, these are due led on by Hindu upbringing and above because, if there is a sort of hindu version of the opt out is correct, then Trump is gonna, be reincarnated. As I mean
one of the students at his own university got I'm trying to think of wool inappropriate punishment for Trump would make someone else's implausible to pie like for China, let that might be the key to really that what the appropriate punishment would be actually are due to the appropriate punishment. He needs to go to jail now. Giuliani. What is it exactly four so that the House Chop told said truth is truth and Giuliani. Responded, truth is in truth, which is kind of playground level philosophy- I guess and You ve said over whether Trumbull Testify and is it I'm not going to be rushed into having him testify, so he can be trapped into perjury Now there is I am not an expert on this by there is quite an easy way to avoid being trapped into perjury, and that is why not law in court only seems almost too
someone less easy. I guess. If you are, for example, I can and it's a liar, but I mean is this- is like someone taking me to a ham shop in Spain to trap me into breaking the kosher laws. I hold them entirely responsible for me, incurring the wrath of the almighty stuffing my face with play off the plate of sweet tender melting, the mouth so good. I can't possibly be bad candid cured mates. true One of the worst dreams of all time: what what's you open up? association on the truth right and what I'm from we do that the primary, but my mother, when you open at all then because possible, you could send virgin Supreme Court whether impeaching you and say that's your version of the law what now I've done, if you you fake news fans
a lie, I don't if you're frustrated by the relentless fight, grieve news frustrated that you can post We know what is really going on in this famous planet: volatile searching for some oasis of truth in the desert of manipulation that he's the contemporary political news media. If so, then bad luck, screwed give up and instead take back control of. the law, your being told with the Bugle fake Euro NEWS kit, All you need is a newspaper, a prince and some other paper, and you can. The news. Much more like you wanted to be now you're laughing with, probably mostly against Rex it here. That generally tends to the case, bugle, cakes, thickly at the Edinburgh Festival among ribald, twice because you sarcastic any Rogers and the Jew a flood of food
fled over the onto and in civil guard Andy. I think I've just come up with my Dragonize Ramona Twa Mood, watch out, Roupell uncovered view size, news. If you weren't about the amount of money breaks, it was opposed to the cost. Britain. We ve heard the scare mongering stories, fifty billion pounds, what
I just make up your own fake news that make it better wild joy on street. As Britain signs fifty one billion pound try deal with Bolivia. We are one billion inquiry that people government claims. Nice people will benefit most from agreement. Does L Gherkins tramplings novelty, dancing, pausing, novelty, dancing, porcelain, vicars, grannies budget, testicles and warships? Do landlocked south american nation at LA has drops demand for prints Harry to marry. President morality is daughter after palace promises Commemorative Tito left over from his wedding, Dominican, Markel Britain, in top one greatest nations in the universe, claims scientists our goes on here. If you know a triumphant from attract in White House Garden shed by joint mechanical dragonfly makes it all, but it has a president fled to eighteen. Sixty four structure put out by Abraham Lincoln, to house collection of toy lawnmowers of there being attacked by a furious cauliflower. Responding to twitter claim that all vegetables are evil shit like that.
I go obsession with sport, a sign of Infantine approach to life, fear of responds. What is this and urged scrutiny for money week here? a few points at the budget on your car window and say it's a currency. No one can tell you otherwise screams George Soros and build about carry Oki night causes real currency. Are the chick coin marry you hang around the bugle long enough. That will happen. It is contagious and also your money is worth whatever it sets itself identified as being worth. The boys were jacuzzi adults in the great bear and enjoy yourself suspension article by Philip Hammond on postal stereotype. Britain
really, let's move on now to Asia, NEWS and Asia. Correspondent today is the one is not abandoned his continents. So sorry, I'm a creature of my times breaks. It means breakfasts. Now If I was all the peoples correspond, what's the Big NEWS from Asia this week, as well as the these representatives of three and a half billion people like to report that IKEA these we dish furniture giant opened a store in India, following which immediately there was a stampede and I dont Andy and issue a number of questions why there was a stampede. It is because my culture. We try to reduce the difference in the Billy Bookcase at them,
we believe the kids, so There was a India is the largest emitter of second hand. Furniture we do the largest amount of, I can add furniture assembly in the world. If you brought over to cricket bats we'd, make you a bit so I think the stampede was to see what the competition would look like regime without a stampede, and I care about four hours later, the stampede race, exactly where it has started from what I myself spatula I've been as far as I know everyone enters, I gave it. A good mood exit about boats are presumably, if you go recently met my life story, rather like actually forgot about because, like that ensure that puts does what an anti echo for may result. Might I saw that the
restaurant will be serving the sort of traditional like a menu of Naples, but it would so be serving chicken periodic, which is, I cannot emphasise the extent to which ties the most indian share. I've ever heard my entire life, because when I was growing up Christmas dinner, there would be a traditional Christmas dinner and also a pork vendela, because- and I remember asking father, why that was there and what that's it? Because if it's not there I'll be blocked off for a week since, I can hear India knows its target audience Portland. Louis Christmas? Your worst do that what really unites the world bigotry?
Others are also the exciting in some other sensational agents businesses. The agency's really grab me this week. Pakistan has a new prime minister, Calm. Twenty second prime minister of Pakistan, ironically maneuver, now enough promises he's gone past and present a picture. cricket teams and IRAN can would obviously be the captain, because he is the greatest curricular Pakistan as ever produced, and he is now prohibitionist Amory colonies of politician, cricketer, philanthropists cricket Cricket, a writer icon, cricketer and former Annie follows a string of prime Minister of Pakistan who have not played international cricket, he. Of course, unity to Iraq is anxious to know that he holds the record robust test bowling average over thirty three tat sequence, fifteen point, six Fournier numbers fans in and
It's easy this to move forward. Now I wish you would know. The relationship in India and Pakistan varies by say: he's a s, eggs, a fascinating character, Montgomery set to move forward. India and Pakistan must have dialogue and resolving conflicts. While IRAN could have sent a better example when he had the chance. Instead of decimate the english Indian, batting locked up in the age of eighty two, eighty three tests series and which you took forty wickets, an average of thirty aims. Our already introduced changes tune over the years I mean it's not like having a celebrity take charge of a nuclear powers, any cause any other problems. Recently I mean it's quite interesting. I mean Immanuel Kant shifted careers. First Korea was cricketer. Second, Korea was married people in England. And is now moved with third career politician and one of its first announcements and Andy is an austerity move. The prime MR of Pakistan is allowed, slash given for honey,
servants and he has decided, that it an austere, monastic, almost buddhist person even manage with twelve, which I think is an embarrassment drilling. Warming. Twelve, that's a crickets! Even a twelvemonth examined quantity. Four hundred you keep a four hundred cricketer scored. Happy you're going to love is a point. I would obviously pay so much money to read to get hold of the transcripts of your Gc Essay Maths exact. I can only imagine the number of questions where you put the answer. That immediately did a second bonus to work out. How many cricket teams that could advise Well, I M wrong did say that it is shameful that the Prime Minister's house had five hundred and twenty four staff
Five hundred and twenty four, of course, is what you get. If you add up Enron's total test work, it's us his highest test, scores of bats. When passes total number five wicked holes in tests. Munchies then add the number of times you captain Pakistan, on a tour of England. Five hundred twenty four? Then you can multiplied by the number of manner that amount of the match awards. He wanted test cricket eleven and then divided by the number of players in a cricket team, also a lot and then times it by the number of people still listening to this, which is one me and it is highly puzzle, I came across this statistic undecided, I'm going to reduce the number of servants ice, Can I just say to pull the vehicle is no how the preparation for this they comes together about ten minutes before they went shit. I've, gotTA, Roddy, Intro and he's been doing with this time and that we know what he's been day with his time nation. What makes
you think that took time I'm big challenges as Prime Minister Pakistan now dealing with corruption, national debt, poverty, but then, when let a team to a cricket. Well, cut win from an apparently hopeless position is Enron, didn't nods, and ninety two of the Pakistan of course had lost three of their first five games and only one one of them. Then, frankly, you can do anything. We know that these entering the not their number of sports stars have gone into going into politics. George George Wire former. vice president of Liberia, goes before that Linden, be Jumpsome, went from one Brahms meddle in the world junior under arms guilty championships of nineteen twenty seven? Seventy two in a minute, often stuff you s, press but who could be next? I would like to see how many of the possibilities tennis star and current world number thirty two Maria securing? Could she be the woman to take the greek economy out of its post bailout funk? Maybe
number one hundred might Gulf Jamie love Mark could be the man's a reunified, divided, United States or spanish Hostile crystal riots produces mathematical skills to get the spanish economy back from its perma. Siesta Maybe even rock on record met me club Krim. They slovenian women's ample league champions could solve the Middle EAST crisis an end all war agus when you ve won the slovenian League twenty three years out of twenty seven, not someone. twenty consecutive slovenian cup triumphs than you new frontiers to conquer Do you have time to raise your children? What children who think does my research we will now your special bugle economy
like sex should now we have a special guess for you tonight, there's the first solemn. We have ever had a third guests of the bugle, very fine comedian and genuine financial a journalist, and also my count flat might hear in Edinburgh. Please give a bugle I'll come to german, accessible weapon phrase now dominate you. You have been officially appointed bugles Financial news, correspondent, ok and because I I fear understand, are understanding and I sincerely hope to die that way. Continued ignorance of economics farming for me, fundamentalism, rural dominate, but it's me economic. fundamentally the arts of telling you exactly what's gonna happen, then explaining. Why didn't We would you disagree with that. I wouldn't
I disagree with a single were happy. Art of economics is not only telling you what's gonna happen. Its telling you what's going to happen in such a way that nobody quite understands what you say. So if I should very much like being a doctor before making operation similar, but it's more significant you're wrong similar to that So, let's I'm in the global global economies are ones and one for EU funds of the global economy. Here low level economy, scouts eggs in the crowd. How are the markings do in general for his well there's. A lot of fear. At the moment go to bounce it and see a paranoia which is kind of normal in environments where people do so cocaine. We certainly know what I was looking for: the big big trends in India in the global economy. What's what what's going on right now? Well, the big con, a trend,
it a big trend? It's been american strength, the european Markets being ready strong, especially when considering been extremely strong and up internal work out, why that is- and I think it's basically because nobody has got the fair- just idea, where else to put their money, it really is everywhere else- is just a mess and how much product can can can Donald Trump take for any of this? Well, All of he did. He did say America first and much to the anger of are in red, is all over the world or seven of them. He has delivered on the right, The thing is dominant Ah, here a bugle recording Edinburgh Festival, wear a lot of very, very comfortable, reassuring bubbles
no entirely cultural. You come and coordinated with the needles. We condemn acts. Untrodden, turnip written my. What about about abreks. It now I'll take a quick stroke they can be achieved. If you are you in favour of remain Give me a cave in favour of leave so I mean just just let just me on that one, I wouldn't. How were what what what may June in I mean what? What are you thinking don't like? Do you think the pound? to a level where we get the good old days of barter back It'll be right, replaced by Bitcoin long before that. The term no, I mean you know, is the answer and you ve talked rupees, hardly been.
Strong. That's correct! I just stood shaved. My cousin forgot, so I'm well aware of the benefits. What I would like just listen playing devils advocate here, given our lack of trade opportunities, it might not be ideal to be nice to the work to be nasty to the one representative of the emerging global super power. If I do think we should be absolutely wriggle out of our great to see you any chance, we can get a little trade deal. You can have a word with your people and, having said that, I have a very good idea and where people can invest Oh you for my years of research. As an economist, have you heard of sub prime? mortgages. I own a few big area, bigger untapped ceasing. culture or specifically requested predominate this idea of corruption because
it's very fluid. Depending on where you are in the world out. I was reading in the newspapers that a couple of her mistress was fired for using a credit card from her majesty's government on Sri Lanka government trip for five thousand pounds. They had overspent a private expense on the government, we. How can they were fired about a year ago and indeed, Minister went into the treasure. Where the money is printed.
The machine that Prince money who did in his house, and he wasn't fire. He was fined Wikipedia by preaching the money. He's not just facts, no joke here! Isn't that quantitative easing? I think I have my answer like Spain bowlers now what does corruption? Quite like a beer? Why not form, nor is it for bail bully there must have been baffling, is an indian and about to see all corruption scandals able we'd Bessie jailed Mps for stealing ten thousand pounds of parliament. expensive video. If an indian Mps Dull, ten thousand pounds of parliament expenses he'd, be praised for so Even the indian state at
million. Nine hundred and ninety thousand pounds would be embarrassed at that miniscule scale of corruption. Crocodile Don T on general corruption faces I think we're out time it's time to do our work and would not call out on the wheel very nearly out of time. So what's one final piece of news has been arranged so sorry right, foot for people who I imagine the next two to three minutes. I gotta be bored Lonnie Explicable. we're out time today, our I would not go out on the wheel very nearly out of time. So what's one Another piece of news have been yeah. So sorry, right for people,
I imagine the next two to three minutes ago to be bored law, namely breakable today for the visually who had no idea what ever get again to call on the sunlight. People are acting on a grown man ass, he ploughs the gates of the gutter. has been mentioning news this week regarding cats. This amount of a New York is pondering a cat licensing law. After a rapid cats Bates, a human Scientists have also in other cat news. This claim they discover that cats whiskers or ninety five percent, imaginary. Boris jobs and the former Foreign Secretary County sacrifice and ate a basket of kittens.
Smith. The blood all over his face and screamed Brussels made me, do it to rap for support. Both from an audience of staunchly probe Rex. It might only single about about cat so and find a friend. Do you still here? This is our imagination. He was a collector used to steal different breeds of cats. You very quickly became a portion of interest. The crowd of himself to I asked him. Are you this casting? I talk about in the news he admitted it. Glenda, moreover, is the top casting around here. Yes, I am easily the best. I spent all the money he got from stating this gets. Collecting the art works of american avant garde, more noticed, skeptically one famous for his Kip kit sculptures in marrying an italian porn star. You boys, joint bubble. made a flower seaboard, erotic, pictures of him and his wife. He bought the balloon rabbit emotionally,
artists, key works. Yes, he had all the main coon's, but even understand that one or two, to be honest, I mean I wasn't. There are many different breeds of cat. I'm not sure that the resources were The main code is a well known breed of cat, apparently on the top ten in the world there s another? good. Though I do. I gave our parts I'm still on motion of interests. I may know him well, you wanted to you when you say it's or after that they go. Opponent of states version the jungle, but playing about four run at the theatre in Moscow tonight. very good russian balloon. using all of this is illustrated raised. I know nothing about cats and are used to closure well yeah, there's always all other. Take other regiment, Tubby,
not tabby to realise this. This concept does not go down very well with bodies is warranted. a new, some of them really hate. It wont. Let me back so I don't know Abby senior next year, ourselves, guy, like our boy, guys, lies very good, say a resounding unlike you did it giggly allow recent results at the height of the monks, I'm pretty much done money doing breeze of House get Robin Big cats to on line That was a lot of palms wasil. So not
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