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Bugle 4119 - Evil but competent

Andy is with Alice Fraser and Mark Steel to discuss whether Boris is pro rogue or anti rogue. Plus, fires, hurricanes and Donald Trump's take.

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Audio newspaper for a visual world. Welcome to one thousand one hundred and nineteen of the bugle newspaper for a visual weld, the bill for the week, beginning Monday, the second off left ember, two thousand and nineteen, I'm Andy Zaltzman back in London, the city where, a thousand years ago, today, no What was going on reading Phillies better that now they're totally different. Arguably too much honey could find some kind of middle ground between those two joining me today. All the way from Australia I Fraser and all the way from the nineteen eighties Barksdale, hello, Randy, latest seem like quite a quite a sort of lead elite. Little little,
It is of world of calm the respective don't they get changing. Your opinion on Fatima is a sweetheart compared to this. She really did it now. Wouldn't she wouldn't be different about technically, I'm also from the eighties, and some of the comedy I was doing back then was well I think it's reasonable to say factor was the no, but at least she was competent better combination. At least the coal trains run on time we are recording on the 30th of August. More other issues, we've tangentially touched on there shortly on the third of August in nineteen. Sixty three in Costco Washington Hotline opened phone line between the leaders of the USA and the Soviet Union. Like so many things, it was a state utility that now just to privatize phone like I spoke things, do change in on the thing,
the first of August, one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven Thomas Edison patented the conetta scope, which was the world's first movie projector. I think going bother, checking it and no one's judging less cool at the world's first movie, projector massive hit films on the kinetic scoping. Who did man holding a hat for two seconds after not staying on a plate woman, slightly dancing and 120th of a minute later, the original conetta scope, enable films previewed by just one person at a time, Aberdeen had sadly fallen out of use by the time the movie career of former Bugle Cohost John Oliver began on the 31st of August, one hundred and sixty one ad emperor commodus was born. Twelve id m. A Caligula was born warning if you have uh on the 31st of August. Do not under any circumstances, take a holiday in or near Rome, just in case those are two bad presidents, as always a section of the
people is going straight in this week and uh people's homes are a lot nicer than your home section. The girl at macabre explains why his home is a lot nicer than yours for reasons ranging from a global kitchen with eighteen different bread ovens from around the world to his five g enabled also auto flushing, fair trade mark on every toilet, which automatically detects what kind of a deposit he is he is. He is that left that was found from the manager, Elizabeth Lopez Plaque, the right to feel lack of money and social awareness, and also the I J Lucy. I women on the jacuzzi and a multi million of his own bike as agent glaring take. This rant is three hundred like a re. While these natural adventure Gulf site, in which you have the pot, your ball around a sleeping bag
into the actual world of a four hundred year old oak tree and then drive it through a functioning, seventeen sixties, Dutch will win mill which drives the flower up for his top celebrity Clark's, controversial cake for your twenty eighteen. When a jazz all plant in the form of fake it took, I could jump in Gerald Fund with that section. The the following thing that that's true my this is true. I once why did this and I'm not proud of it at least once a guest on George Galloway's radio show on something brother and it was in some strange little peculiar office somewhere in the middle of London, and I went in and I went downstairs and I was just waiting I could just here in sort of about to introduce he used to do these. I'm going to Georgia always done many indefensible things, but these peculiar introductions. No, let
introduce the incandescence of perambulation there all this sort of thing that the uh. Fuc K, shun that allows the oblivion into all this sister. Another look round. There was this. There was this woman there in a bikini, I thought and in the So if you know even in the next office in the same choice, I don't know even in the next office in the sun roof, but in a sort of beyond a politician, but that will didn't even cover the whole route. There was a check line thing going on, but on the the telly one of these channels are, this woman was on the bikini and she was going she started hello. Will you eating all hind sponge pudding? I like SIRI, happy things and all that all that, like that?
Well, I don't know yeah, that's all comma the exact words, but it was uncharted as if I was doing it and then there was a sign up, saying no fingers down pants and- and meanwhile English was onto the left until the Roy and all of the toxicity of the irrigation, the only but the only state five fifty would probably it was really is. A very strange dream sounds to hide Just put me in mind you a little bit about the the 80s Foy, the 60s phone line. She ever gone to Iraq. to talk to Saddam Hussein. Anyway, it's all good. I think she having sex while she was saying I like back
weapons of mass destruction. Family show top stories this week and well. We're gonna have to start with the strait of british democracy so uh bring prorogued, which was a word that, frankly, no, I didn't even notice it until till recently mark I'm here by pointing you, constitutional affairs. Correspondent. when it's perfectly normal. Apparently this is a beta. It exactly nobody's ever pro rug day. Anything of any point is a long. Almost going pro rugs me K using a no one's ever done that now this this huh all which just seem to be to be shutting down parliament for several weeks, we're all that and then, if it is, that saw Doctor Lloyd, that, oh, it's just normal just door
procedure. There would normal procedure to shut down the boat historic point when parliament would be discussing things and it's such an a Kid open law, legs left three days left to discuss it, and even that on the Tuesday they'll style, we've we've released similar into the House of Commons. This is perfectly normal procedure. We won't be able to discuss anything today and the day after that, in Duncan Smith, will be sort of coke up to enable smoking a with a flame thrower with a Stetson going shooting anyone who comes in and say this is just global machine. Actually ridiculously office users say there's a resident anyway, blood red dead, dead, dead zone tubes hooked up to break it, and it's just part the other side is just seems too. I think they've got a little bit more of a So if gumption about them, but just so much they do in that they trampling over anything to get that well, yeah the positions going
oh. I don't know what to do really. Maybe if we come up with a legislative whatnot and put, it is back of the sort of built a cleaning dry clean. Can build. We can maybe, I don't know, maybe if we set up a national government of cookery, in which did, greed takes charge of Brexit and John Mcdonnell makes the old, but Floyd Krumrie won't go along with it 'cause I want to leak, and Corbins insisted on Amaro from his allotment, although I don't know, and they just they've gotta- get some gumption about on these people, but that's clear and what he's doing he's barely you know, he's better, barely concealing it when their blood just so. You know when re smokes going, but we have to take power back from the elite, as I said this morning and left in before my daily gel. So it will. He was one of the ones that say that this is just perfectly perfectly normal procedure
and so that menu anything about what was perfectly normal. Probably normal for him is getting his children to recite the entirety of Virgil's close before they're, not breakfast. I think it's fairly simple, like on one hand an unelected man is Austin, I'm looking woman, whether you can shut down the government, so he can get what he wants on the premise that it's what the country wants, which is a fair enough point if you truly believe that the country knows what it wants knew what it wanted when it asked for it and will not regret it once it's irreparable, which arguably it already is. and said I do sort of get why leave. Voters are only getting more and more furious. It's like If you're complaining to your parents about, I don't know having to practice the piano when your parents are like well, do you want to quit then? And you say actually: yes, I do, your parents. They know you'll regret it. It's really useful later in life to understand how to read music and you go. I hate it. I want to quit and play computer games with my friends and they like, but you really lucky you school offers a free music program and you're like I want to fucking quit the fucking piano and they're like it's for your own good and then all of a sudden, it's less about whether or not the piano lessons of worthwhile and more about the fact
I'm not being allowed to leave, and then you burn down the house. We have a lesson: it's so precious democracy in action. Pro RD Co. Incidentally, it was also on Boris Johnson's tinder profile, but you know we are taking come on he's an amateur Rogan path, so we are taking back control v, quaintly british parody, democracy that we hold so Dear but also how we must be out of our democracy, loving country, our attitude towards democracies. I guess a lot when you meet someone who says yeah my great grandmother, a lover dearly. She still alive, amazing, all her faculties, you must come, kind of say one day new ground to visit and the great grandmother is chained to a radiator in a dungeon naked, but for the moldering remnants of a GIMP outfit saying, am I still beautiful and then your friend says well, she needs watering and wise is powerful into her sunken eyesockets before crumbling that she fails to express the requisite level of gratitude.
but basically our relationship with democracy. I think that was, I think, Corbin said very similar thing. It's been describe the full frontal assault on democracy, full frontal and politically priapic with the robotic flamethrower, talk of cynical of Judaism, democracy in its private parts. It's all just other indignities for this. Well, as I've said before it doesn't you want to go round world war, cemetery's, knocking on graves and apologize? Well, yeah will Matt Hancock said in during the election campaign for tall the leadership he wrote to all the other candidates to implore them. To specifically, ruled out that they would do this because he said it would be it would bring shame on the war date, yet would go against everything that those men who waded onto those beaches fought and died. For. Yes- and now he's done exactly that, but I thought people have said he's a hypocrite, but I don't think he is because I think he really doesn't like those
people lose who've waited onto the beaches because they were fighting for democracy, which is clearly not a fan of I know it so it doesn't use it because it's all in the room fairly maligned okay, yeah, yeah yeah, yes, and it's very much about how you want to these things about Amber rod. Simile said the idea of leaving the EU to take back more control into parliament and then to instead of closing parliament to do. That is the most extraordinary idea. I've ever heard. extraordinary can mean many things content. Yes, you know we saw Ben Stokes for England I'm not sure. We will come in to answer this and have been incredibly disciplined on. How long would be reporting for fifteen minutes without even mentioning probably the greatest moment in the history of humans
Well, you are wearing the teacher right now. It's as if on. Let's talk about Ben Stokes, that's another teacher, unless that is a tough nipple, my mom, taking back the nipple yeah, always rebel. When, when I was at about fourteen- and I was talking about cricket in the close with the kid just foolishness stole it, I'm one of the old keeps coming in and he days and he went off the clock strikes deal he said about your balls have got seems round and I don't have to look back That was actually quite brilliant, yeah the days of eloquent bullies, but we will come to that. But I think your position is yeah yeah I've made this was told, opposition to it? Also, this the official opposite. Also Jo Swinson, the liberal woman 'cause there, so don't you dare going all the
there are entire raison d'etre whole. The reason why we exist is to oppose or no deal brexit. That's all we, ever want to do, but if it means connect to Jeremy Corbyn, then I'm not going that far. I'm not making that and she was on news night and she was off about ten minutes and all she went on about was about our this was put in the queen in an awkward position, Gee. That is uh, that's reasonable, because of all the things that are going to happen. People without medicines and vital supplies and add democracy being trampled on. But the main thing is that her majesty had to spend ten minutes this week. Google in Proroguing when she was looking forward to an episode of pointless. The main thing you stupid Where is it
any bloody wonder that they're getting away with it you great stupid steaming Twedt are just and then the reploid Comrie at one point all I don't know we both did not give Corbin's good are fucking dad just focused. Ok, that's all you got to do yes, but he don't know all that. We know what if he doesn't see it in world, this was one. Do they get away, but it all you correct, useless was so all you gotta do is sit. One minute then go where we're bring this more of them. If you add in all the Tories, you've said that they would do anything. You know, but of course, as you say, three weeks ago. I would gladly velcro my I'm children to a barbecue grill door, while fuel rather than have no brexit for well yeah, but on the other hand, I don't like my children-
I've got to do is vote against it to bring it down. It's not that odd. That's all they've got to do this, which are not invoked a no confidence they're on one hand. Yes, we could use the tools of democracy to fight this democratic battle. On the other hand, people are calling each other traitor on both sides of the remain voters. A calling you know the voters, traitors to the idea of decency and common sense and that Lee, but is it going to remain very just trade? Is the idea of England have I seen the would try to turn around so much without a guillotine presence. I'm just saying I've said it before I'll say it again bring back, then the done the tank will just fight it out like men. What would be the motive? Well, you do you get your two champions. You get Boris Johnson with some sort of spiky ball on a stick and then you'd get Jeremy Corbyn with I assume another spiky bowl and probably a locally sourced stick, and then they would find out and whoever won. One right would like in the mad MAX heads up spike on the Tower of London
days in the great tradition of british politics. Had some heads on this one has been talk of you know with this is not in in in in british traditions, Michael Gove himself, the define british tradition to throw people into a pit of asps and let them give poisoned to death. Well, that's something we had league football. schools either. So, who knows Michael GO said, I think I think it will be a model of a ago talking about the possibility of pro rating I think it would be wrong for many reasons. I think it would not be true to the best traditions of british democracy that that means that the first self might be right. The second half- and this is very much in the best traditions of british democracy, which is essentially a lunatic at heart, but in any kind of contract, three don't nonsensical when we,
cling to is that you know is better than the alternatives is said. I'm just not gonna be happy. Till someone's head is being kicked around the courtyard yard. Like Cromwell's, he was released Anglia, I know your release of Cambridgeshire nobody, Stanley yeah yeah. It's likely be like that. I'm simply asking betrayed by these sort. Shakespearean actors fade before this very day. Parliament rule this better, be promoter. If we lose one KEN Clarke was believe in the same parliamentary in takers, Oliver Cromwell Hea Q The government better money is a know. Can conservative government minister Q is the governor telling blatant, lies and burn one he's been in politics for decades and he's. For the tobacco industry. So there is one politician who should be able to spot blower bullshit plopping, fully formed from the bull anus of Borasi and bumps, and it is these temporary nice.
I'm Gima said I have long since gone past the point of focusing primarily on my career and some saying he's prepared to stun I'm, but the the thing that right rises from that Coleman is Why were you focusing primarily on your career? In the first place? It's a review of wrong with politics. I mean I yes, and this is something I think we must down on the on the Department on Radio for about fifteen years ago there are there. Anyone who ever expresses an interest in going into politics of the career should instantly be constitute can we build from doing it and we could fit that into our constitution. Now there's been talk. Is this unconstitutional, it's quite hard to say, given over the past one thousand plus years, you know England's existed or Britain Guy tracking the closest we've come to writing. Anything town was the Magna Carta in one thousand, two hundred and fifteen, and from the Magna Carter about four clauses remaining one line, the city of London's London, what the living get once one about the.
Ok when you're allowed to wise in rivers and hedges, and one about the right to all other responsibilities for the duration of a test match doing people If someone has a ways in a hedge and like Michael Govan Past, would he go but this is unconstitutional. This is an affront to the very, to the three rules and laws upon which our great land stands and I'm sure he would even then dotted Silverhand five minutes later there has a key shape in the middle of some polls. Get the well circumstances of change. I mean if, on the other hand, the head, which is a homeless person, then he's right on it. Would yes, just helping the homeless person to grow, but interpreting the british constitution is basically along the lines of being a Harry specs in look. the entrails were slaughtered. Animal I mean you can basically see what you want in a guardian interpret it. How
You want well. I think this lower intestine clearly says that the harvest is going to fail. Bullshit, great. The way that lever splatted onto the ground means that there is incontrovertible evidence that role Is it going to win the FA cup? You can make just say anything: you want it if you I don't know how the british constitution works. I know there are a lot of our listeners. Are not from Britain just go to a dish used Corey at midnight, belch and note down the echo says basically as much confusion forced on who's been skillfully positioning himself, as the Jimi Hendrix of Constitutional is doing. People don't really realize what possible and will no doubt on a slew of imitators of varying quality but unstoppable loudness, he said The reason for the proroguing was because the government needs to be able to enact a bold and ambitious legislative agenda. now in terms of reasoning. This is like,
tagging someone claiming it's to stop their lips from getting sunburned or making a sore throat for singing too loudly or to help them with then you die or to stop and blurting out details of a surprise birthday party and, more and more, and for a moment yes, yeah yeah yeah well. Is that a bug you sort of? Maybe that's his mistake? He's there by mistake is money. These low in about that, because everything else is to really blatant about it me yeah. What is the oldest over the course his well being put in a difficult position. Essentially comes. The queen is beholden to issue yeah. What the response to anything they also got to do. She must be just roiling on the inside. You must be thinking. Why did athlete born in the 20th century, but I've been two hundred years older. They owe beyond the bloody bonfire or what I know of a family which
that number one shop remote to amend the route so of remove both an attic somewhere in Amsterdam? Let me go to see for the th. Those were the days yeah, it's eight son thought. Don't one moment you know until the pessimistic about it, because I think that some, I think the show spit boy bit this sort. Of course a lot of people are getting quite cross and then that will come to play out at some point in some way that quote not tanks full time. Yeah yeah, I am starting to think the holding bony referendum in Holly, divisive issues that probably the fun of the times not comes in advance might be a bit silly with the benefit of hindsight, that case. That case we need another. One would still be all the second referendum sold it, well, I'm in favor of that, but it's not with us so
no, nothing will solicit nothing so far from a time machine all the impact. Apocalypse which basically getting closer by the day- maybe that's we should embrace you there's going to be a public information campaign, Michael Gove and remember you can't spell my go for that using all the letters in Machiavelli is he set to launch a one hundred million pound public information campaign with the slogan get ready the family to get get also prepared for the eventuality of a no deal brexit? And that, no doubt this news is into both the how about a brexit is and graffiti spray. and community alike: it's being funded, this hundred million pound campaign by stealing money from the NHS letting people die instead, which is with the promise of the sort of a bus, yeah plus it will let people die. That's I mean I mean they're, really doing a favor for everyone in in the democracy, the more people you kill off the more your vote is worth. Yes, that's true. That's statistic
especially once you soul, cut down immigration, so the population goes down and down and down yeah. That's help helpful willow, still fuss or does it look? You saw it on the phone ins they got. These people got a week will get from it sort of fuss we got through the plates. I don't think yeah, but we didn't vote for the blister. Maybe we did, Maybe I mean no one reads: we voted for a girl with it was sold. It look up. The blue Fafa just get our just put culinary. It's still rare photo that it satellite don't no one actually reads full manifesto do like who knows what coach, I'm gonna snakes in the she will also than him as a correspondent. This is well the story mode, mostly from from the Heavens. For that you, you, you also
Yes, indeed, and the inspiring news for ambitious pyromania acts an area nearly one times the size of the Amazon rain Forest is on fire. You know the Amazon is so big that it could only fit twice into a country the size of Wales, if you shrink it down to half the size of Wales. To date at least forty thousand state plant species, four hundred twenty seven mammal species, one thousand three hundred those three hundred. Seventy eight reptiles, more than four hundred and fifteens around three thousand freshwater fish species and a hundred thousand invertebrate species have been described by scientists as living in the M is on the let's all agree that mostly they're super creepy and gross overall, it's a great thing and the I'm I'm happy for these animals to burn most of the weird looking and if they medicinal can securing a really good for you. We just saw it cut short, circuited, a whole hipster health trends. Imagine if the arms on a been down before cafe culture, discover the SI able quinoa out via the Oprah Winfrey, show we've saved so much stress try to figure out how to pronounce them. Let's get back to the good
full days of Medieval England, where lunch was a well balanced lump of cheese, slice of bread with gravel in a whole raw onion. That's a solution to overpopulation, try eating a whole raw onion for lunch to your office early prime minister. To do that, don't make Tony Abbott leader or running on television took a whole byte, but I'm I'm saying go all the way through they say the Amazon Basin is the lungs of the earth, which is shocking news because I didn't know that was a vector for categorizing geography, which country is the appendix of the earth Andy. Where is the thigh gap of the earth? Belgium? Obviously we all know where the asshole of the earth is. It doesn't even bear saying I mean that's the problem with describing it as the lungs of the lungs of the planet is that you know people will hear that and think. Well, you, survive with one lung along. If you sell the right most granddad on the planet, smokes lived to be four hundred clear my growing up, they say
but in the Amazon losing a football pitch of forest every minute. But I mean if these were all being turned into football pitches. It will be fine, will never problem with it. But they're, not some people have The rise and fall, as is at you to the policies of President Paulson, are able to give his a brazilian football on I'm Mussolini of and his chief of Stuff Onyx Lauren's. Only real name is genuine name through some brazilian shade at Immanuel Makron, 'cause Machrone. The g7 have offered Brazil eighteen million pounds, which is not a lot for a g7 and the the equivalent of one medium caliber squad, midfielder in a relegation fighting Premier League football team. So I don't have a compromised, but your Crystal Palace fan, oh yeah. We could send him Jeffrey Schlupp problem solved without
be laughing at that. If I got the reference anyway, bolsonaro chief of stuff said, chrome cannot even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is part of the world's heritage going to the Notre Dame Cathedral for, and he wants us to give us lessons for our country, the difference being that they put that fire out quite quickly, and it was one fire caused by carelessness. Not eighty three thousand fires aggravated by government policy. If eighty three thousand churches in France were burning down, do too and you french government policy to offer tax breaks to people for holding barbecues inside spires fair enough, but there's a thing and it is coinciding with these regulations. A record number of fires has come hand in hand with this sharp drop in fines for environmental violations, which is a little worrying, given that meanwhile, in America, Trump is trying to curtail the regulation of methane emissions? He's
hey a man who must be super sick of being told that in some cultures, his name fun, his name means farts and the physical embodiment of so many hot air jokes. I'm surprised he doesn't explode like the hindenburg, so he wants to curtail the regulation of methane emissions to the, which is a move that even the oil and gas companies oppose, and you know you're in trouble when even cannibals are like. No, I don't know it thanks for the offer of a conveyor belt of baby flesh, but really I'm watching my way yeah. But with oil gas companies that you're not doing enough to protect the environments that that's being elected, Saudi Arabia, on journalist, welfare or EL welfare issues or human welfare, just fill in your Saudi Arabia joke your own choice. There Donald Trump rolls back invite under regulations. La I have held in is eighty four times in two and a half years: okay, well my the edge, but still that's a that's a lot of environmental regulations. He is company or has already role, but he's not
too far away. I think from making compulsory for all american households to buy 1950s car park it outside the nearest school and just leave the engine running older of otherwise well, the Mexicans will come and it can only be a matter of time before issues. A government edict forcing old house to ceremonially spell fifty barrels of toxic chemicals into a nearby river, because America used to do it when it was great, well look, and he maybe he's just trying to fulfill his campaign promises. If America is on fire, maybe the Mexicans won't want to come also looking at Alaska but more mining and logging opportunities under a new policy, if I told who needs anyways and I'm also mean, doesn't gotta look long term. So we talk about him looking at Greenland, if global warming keeps going at the current rate, Alaska's basic going to be the new Tuscany yeah, we had a green this year. You agree, not
I've been a green lines of a dove reasons. I have no idea what what the origins of it of always been really fascinating people, a green light, they're, not waiting and was it fat. I made it yeah, it was fantastic. I went to a place to start with. I went to Kulusuk which is this little inuit settlement. With about thing the population is three hundred and twenty and it's just, but it's not like a village of three hundred and twenty, because you can't the next Places Daly Sack which you can only get to in the winter or using dog, sleds and stuff, and that's about thirty miles and all that you can get a helicopter there, but it was much of those people can't afford to they. Just see this thing you might as well be watching a bird. It's not anything that they. a very small. I too, even if I and it's just this little settlement in the shop, that's open and an hour a week and the soldiers about minute. If it's sold, do you boots washing powder,
a couple of cds by local inuit singers and rifles. All the major food group is fantastic, fantastic place group and I found a cricket match There was some some people from Essex were sort of traipse it doing some sort of com, also something where they have to go across green land on skis or something, and they have to do something to help out the local people. This is in the box, began a valley sack, and so they decided to take the the new eight kids in Dallas at Cricket and they set up a little cricket match up so the May month some went down and we sort of help Tepco to the, did you eat kids, and that means within five years they will be in.
But it was also in the news for allegedly suggesting that we could drop nuclear bombs into the eye of hurricane's too, the hurricanes. Yes, this is an announcement that made me wonder what really terrible thing is trying to distract us from now The suggestion that you could nuke hurricanes implies that he doesn't understand how hurricanes or nukes or win and all nightmares or apocalypse ease work. When is nuking anything when is making any thing ever been. The answer to anything I want to read school cool math test: seven five equals nukes. He deny this story. No one believes that did not help the cause of who he is and three of the eight tonight and people of understand. Redirect was saying: no, you Klay did suggest Nikki Hurricanes, and even if you didn't, if that meeting had gone on eight to ten minutes longer, you definitely would you all. This was a
on a computer simulation to predict the things that you would suggest might work to stop the hurricane factoring in everything you said and done in your entire life and look nuke. It comes out top second try bug out with immigrant children, see if that slows it down like an over filled, tumble dry third build a wall around the antics of the harkens, call make it to the USA full of new, bug out with immigrants and build a wall around it and fifth blame Hillary Clinton for well. I feel like this is a little bit of a boy who cried wolf situation if he did indeed not say it, because there's so many things that he has says that there's so much things that he has said that he said he hasn't said that at this point, you can almost should be put to him. It's like Winston Churchill, yet, but it does it one moment thing about. This is the if there is a hurricane that go through an area where there's a Trump rally, instead of all flea and also you can show or they'll just to stand in a big crowd shot and send it back and don't be so scattered across the Pacific ocean. So there's that to look for
cricket rendering everything else in the world, Salimi Nearest NEWS now and will every touchdown before England won one of my traumatic cricket matches in history on Israel proper to talk about a desecration? Well, democracy, the lightest, hypothetical manipulations about politics attempts to heal the written our country by deepening the rift in our country. What we should be focusing on and we buggle. Now one of the greatest creating victories ever achieved, therefore defining moments in the history of humanity and a new entrance of the top ten greatest things in human civilization. Ever it was double game for those you didn't follow. It it started with Australia boat out, one hundred and eighty, then England allow for sixty seven yeah and keep just ran into a kind of model, it's cool, but three hundred and fifty nine to win return itself is beam from a starting point is
unusually high, very, very, very unlikely, especially in a guy, not that yet and then so England lost a couple of early wickets. This might mean actually nothing to some of our listeners, but just bear with us, then recovered. Add another collapse and it ended up with with australian try to get you in the leading around eight see more runs, yes, which is looks the man who who, who was at the one of the key figure the World CUP finals. We talk for a few weeks ago at the crease yeah, just the sort of I don't know it's hard to sort of thing. If you were to apply it to another game that you sort of might know, I mean what would it be like? Would it be like being for nail down with three minutes to go or something it's probably not far from that and it? But then all sport is about subplot, so bends. stokes a couple of years ago was arrested for thumping someone. That's a night club was a
the out a year ago, the coke I speak, fan okay in so and the the guy at the other end gently. So if you don't know, cricket means eight, you don the the one, the sign post and and for a school, the bowling, so you've got to manipulate east coast. So many things to think about is extraordinary. At the law also pose because he's got to Ben Stokes is each at the end of each six polls. He's got a game so far, the other raid, which is extraordinarily difficult. There would still be in and do that and they go. at the other end looks like a low I bravely and he's got the low all season. He was like in a move to wipe them, so it was older, subplots and strokes when The librarian was facing the bowling, some of the just in the world, Stokes litter he couldn't, which was extruded draw more of that he was literally sat on his haunches and face the other way and
was just sorry got so many things to think about our out to get these runs so quickly how to get the ball over the top of everybody in the crowd over and over, I suppose in in America. What would be the equivalent of I've got a home runs in the next is probably like there. Isn't it all round the boundary. It's so many things to think about be like. If a golfer came up the 18th fairway no only having to get a hole in one, but he also at to unify the laws. The physics as he was doing Middle EAST crisis and one it was Ok, now explain it to me and now explain to me. With the ballet analogy place, it was like It was like the Bolshoi ballet having to perform an entrechat at the same time as of player
what the man at the other end, who is a nineteen stone postman, did did a back flip literally I'd pay to watch that and the stage was full of Randy right now. versus well, who tried to stop them doing it. So who will win the ashes of and stuff right now sorry to interrupt you and you don't. You have an in Thailand other podcasts for this yeah, because you have yes yeah, but that will be out so we're going on Monday with that within the city will hook and that hook into further detail I'm going to do all the stats here. Alice, that's another four hours worth if you if you took this match and turn it into a metaphor, how many times would it fit into Wales? So yeah, it's a big metaphor, well, I think additional honestly, I think what stokes did was he been the will of everyone involved around him,
self. The just looks so dominant. He looked all all I am going to do this and no one is going to stop me. I don't think that that actually completely, if that's one night from low and drop that that's what they couldn't I didn't know where they were. Their minds were added. It was actually really fascinating psychologically, because you know that you've got all the the boneless kept MIKE in the most simple mistakes, because they're in a situation like I don't know what to do with it, but don't know like bold, a perfectly good bowl and he plays the most out right. Just Shelton waxy overs at the stakes, I'm like literally didn't know what to do so. Then they said when they were facing bonus to Jack. Let you choose the the the the week a batsman, then they would deliberate. They would just bolder. Boulder was just stupid because their minds were completely gone and I think even the umpire. I think he was like what I don't know. I've got. It would have never said anything like this, and I don't know if they got to thinking wanna spoil it. I think if people wanna spoil it is somehow deep down psychologically Stokes was so it
ordinary that he just spent everything around him like a huge planet does, despite is all it, is right that someone who is that, like strategically powerful, emotionally influence, who is putting all of his energy into this particular game? I thank the Lord people like that turn that into their abilities in their levels of determination to other matters such as taking countries out of. anyway, it was quite extraordinary England, snatching victory from the duodenum of defeats Health by Australia, home licking the shit out of themselves, but it goes to show what we, what we can achieve as a nation, just like the World CUP Finally, we can achieve in the nation with considerable help from immigrants.
Yahoo stocks for Archer from Barbados to keep players still didn't break it fun. Well, I think that stokes, as a result of that should now, be legally entitled to punch you ever once a day for a year, it would be an honor well. That brings us to the end of this week's bugle. Thanks have when it came to see well, my show and Alice's shown we'll be will co host shows in and around the people live shows, and the few of you made it out of political animal. No out some all of us will be back next year. There are. A couple of people shows to alert you to this Sunday. If you are listening to this in time, there is the bugle guilty, Feminist cross,
the show the Feminist Bugle ACT close place until the vehicle, as I'm looking to collect. That is Sunday, the first of September. In October, we have a couple of shows, gloss, go on the seventh of October, and you because only takes a lot of people shows at the stand. Comedy clubs Alice. Yes, I have a big show in Melbourne on the tenth of September at the Malthouse House. It is I I can't reveal details yes, but it is for a large streaming service that may or may not be on fire. Please do come for that. It's a massive theaters like a six hundred seat theater. So if you're a bugler or if you like my work, please come tenth of September. Most House theater in Melbourne. If we go love your any shelter under the Hackney Empire, so it seems a little bit after Melbourne yeah, the high end products of the fifteen becoming almost a doing a crossover pulled cost with knowledge of for all about fishing. Well, what type,
good money to see that, and so you at the bottom of the pump, I'm in favor of us, listen until next time goodbye bye, to put you out here. Some more lies about all premium level. Subscribers join them, go to the bugle, podcast, calm and click the donate button. You can choose one of already made packages or just come true. What have you want on a recurring or one off basis? Thank you to everyone who's contributed so far ahead. Bowling alley bowling thinks the number of mirrors manufactured in bold each. It is completely out of proportion with the number of Medusa's at large in the world. These days,
companies ironically made in large part of carbon, but never is not a fan of these celebrity element he prefers. Less high profile elements such as potassium bismuth and a bubble, an Timony Aj Wells has lost count of the number of times people have called. Are asking how much it would cost to install a well in their garden and weather. was a choice of water or oil Simon Harding tried to set up a business as a freelance profit, but resigned after his first prophecy failed to come true. He foretold that next door, neighbors cat would win a prize at a local pet show. In fact the cat came last. and was described as a bit mangy by one of the judges Back thinks that if the word Goslin refers to a baby, goose than a tiny Christmas tree should be called a Sprouse ling and a small french grapefruit, a pompel muzzling. Thanks sterling tried to swim upstream in a river to see what it is like to be a salmon say: Sadly, he ended up in a secret government research facility, where they're trying to Actos for future conflicts.
Belcher Ani thinks that scampering should be an olympic sport, probably in the shoes of a trade involving carrying some baggage and possibly an umbrella. Well, I don't olympic sports reflect the realities of life windows mobile, who was once start from a restaurant job for discus, throwing a plate of prawns over a customer's head into a chandelier, Frederick Wayman the other day found himself absently strumming a potato in a supermarket as if it was an oddly round and lumpy guitar. When asked he was doing. He claimed to be practicing for his new root vegetable themed blues Tribute ACT, study guide. Amit Gandhi, does not like it when buskers use amplifies so keep supply of extra large coins, the size of dinner plates that he ostentatiously drops into the buskers collection receptacle, while shouting I've. Never heard anyone play stairway to Heaven so beautifully through a loudhailer. Jason Burgers, frankly, tired of explaining to casual acquaintances that, unlike other bugs, you can see all of him. It is simply not the case that ninety percent of him is in fact hidden underground, Laura's war. things they had two thousand and twenty should be postponed.
I don't think the world is ready for it yet says Laura. We should go back to twenty ten and have another crack at the whole decade, Begley, however, disagrees and says we should instead skip two thousand and twenty and go straight to twenty twenty one see how Is it panned out and then do too two thousand and twenty afterwards having low and from the mistakes we will have delayed, making both law an Tom acknowledge. There are significant logistical issues involved in their proposals and play Tom. Another Tom, not the ex producer, found that he drank considerably less milk when he labeled all his milk cartons with big stickers, saying poison. He rational stick by are going to himself that if you drank milk nonstop for three to four hours, you would probably die making it all intents and purposes as good as poison here ended. Their lies.