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Andy, Alice and Deborah Frances White bring the latest feminist news, coupled with some guilt. Includes a real song, performed by Alice.

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Theo bugle audio newspaper for a visual world, hello, buglers and welcome to this week's bugle all the way. From the beginning of last week. It's a special mashed up, hybrid crossover interpreter at the wrong word, live show between the guilty, feminist and and the watermelon yeah the bugle, that's it at the people we recorded this show at kings place in london on the first of september, to elect now go back in time, and here we are
with me and is altman and the host of the guilty feminist, deborah frances. Please welcome someone who's grace both of these podcasts alice, hello, hello, feminists, happy, australian, father's day, dad. How are you my father there in the front row representing everything good about the patriarchy hashtag mortal men? Alice is father, he's he's the one that makes it know all men well done, two ounces dance, but historically most men yeah the card messages. I do also joining us on stage
the producer of the bugle podcast. Please welcome chris with a few can I just say way: don't talk like that at the guilty feminist. So whoever said that, now the pine tree, okay is, is chris the page? Okay, a call point to the b to manage a paycheck. He takes this every single week. Do you honestly think that mom is a manifestation of the page? No I mean I see, beats him out as a promotion. Sorry, your one of oscars, no one of us and I will stand behind you I should also say I might might tell this story in the bagel before, but I'm definitely not a patriarch with my daughter at the age of eight turned to me and said: daddy you're too,
silly to be a patriarch, That means we'll think. Yes enough, yeah yeah yeah yeah. How did you feel when she said that we're, proud and ashamed welcome to womanhood. I'm a feminist, but I'm wearing jeans that are much too small for me because I saw them today in a pile of old things that was going through and thought I won't fit into those because I wore these last year and I'm pretty sure, based on other evidence that I'm not gonna fear into those on. I thought don't put them on you just depress yourself, and then I thought what does it matter, because I'm body now
patrol, which is the new thing now that beyond body positivity, in which I don't mind, I don't have strong feelings about anybody. I don't have to love it all the time and I don't have to I just, but I can't judge it either. I just have to be neutral, so I thought, if I put these jeans on and they don't fit, I will feel neutral. put them on and they thought that's not neutral, but I thought I'll leave come on, because you know they just had to lie down to put them on and it was a challenge actually in the loop so quickly go to the loop for think of how long to get these back up. So I had to do with You know that kind of standing line and then now. To be honest. My heart rate is a little lower than it should be. So if I pass out at any point, it is due to a lack of feminism, how I see my party
all over again, I'm a feminist, but I'm self employed, and I think I pay myself slightly. or that I would if I was a woman, just a jj. I went self employed it. Twenty four may have been a woman, I would have been pulled myself just word of a family situation which is I'm a feminist, but I consider firing myself. Cheer for the same reason finished, but once I was walking in new york and a man was sitting on some's construction scaffolding that was spanning the footpath he leapt onto a bar did a double for and then the double somersault onto the ground pool dish stop showed his abs and said: hey baby. Can I get your number and why
the vast majority of maine knows that absent flipping is not the correct vector to judge made suitability. There was a little evolutionary bit of me that was like yeah, that's all I need to know about you. Did you give him your number? I did not. If could that's selfish. You could give it to me. I I should I should. I should have thought about just for another woman and past page at ford yeah, well, that I sometimes feel like a bad feminist 'cause. I do look at this. Hashtag body loves stuff, and I'm like do. I have to love like note. We now pass all my elbows are in the right places and I probably do the right amount of poo. Can that be enough to another one and yeah I'm a feminist, but I think having 2x chromosomes sends a very negative
a message when x is very negative letter. Isn't it deborah no no interest on voting for brexit? Where is why yes inquisitive so afford it through? I don't give you a ted talk about intersectional feminism right but xx, next, why is no longer how we determine gender? Alright right alice is what The yeah. Sorry, I wasn't able to to get her educational bunch of to teach to teach on the about intersectional feminism, with with with a four stringed instrument. Good good work in mind could work, in my opinion, I'm a feminist, but when I saw the picture of the first wives club as no one else is calling it the gang of glue.
First. Ladies at the g7 last week, my first thought was that bridget makron was by far the best dressed Did you see her cold shoulder, scarlet, dress and town mary jane hill? It was like if carrie bradshaw had married a world melania trump was in flats and I did think making effort. I immediately thought no. No. I thought obviously I've rethought that. Obviously, I constantly trained myself towards favors. I thought what? How could you that's? Not the worst? thing about melania trump, but she just looked a little casual like shit. You know when she wears those sort of you know she wore that jacket. That said, I don't give a fuck or whatever I just thought it's going along with that No, but I over I'm wearing flats myself, I'm not judging you. If you were, not some just judging melania trump alright, I'm a I'm a feminist, but I'm to sing this song. I'm going to take deborah's microphone rather than andes.
is that a feminist thing or anti semitic things? Why can't it be both? Let's build a better world. I don't know To find me I'm more than just a snack, I'm more than my incredible body in my frankly excellent rack. Don't think of me as sexy, except a little bit like respect my mind, the most, but don't totally ignore my tits
I want you to find me fine, but get a boner for my mind. I want to be no your fantasies, but not you think it's appropriate to tell me. I want you to find me hardened. Think about me quite a lot. Wanna! Bang me all the time, but not not stopped me about it on the train line or any other form of public transport. When you treat me like an object, almost told me will object my mind's a school of thought: cole porter's, my booties full of sexy sex sexy sexy sex, everybody sexy sexy, I wouldn't be young and hot forever, I'm too confident to care. I don't want to know about your bona, but I wanna have a sense. It's there, just a hint of it in the air. I want you to want to bang me, but I don't wanna have to wanna bang you I just want to know. I could make you wanna back me if I ever wanted thio, which I don't. If I did, I wouldn't want you reject me or say that you respect me too much to have sex with me, which is surprising. Number of people have said to me. The past is extremely frustrating and hurtful between my body and my mind. I'll choose my mind it's true, but in mind over matter. Let's not pretend that matter doesn't matter just a little bit too agent death will take me a bride works by amazing tits, faithful from room t o so take the time to raise a glass to everybody's passing us, ideally consensually or at least unobtrusively, and not in a way that implies their autonomy. Come second to your desire. When you treat me like an object, almost all of me will object my mind's full of powerful forces. My phone is full of
sexy sex, give yourselves a round of applause. First musical, accompanied I'm a feminist, but we've ever had that. That's the first first first time we've ever had a job. You on also easily the best bob dylan cover yeah. If you don't count on all of the singing which I don't is it over thehe chris keeping them you've been mashing up the theme dreams of literally and it's right, yeah, let's, let's, let's kick it off
guilty bugle audio newspaper for a feminist, it was amazing, you're hired tom solinski's fired you're. Now the producer of the guilt feminist. Well, here we are for the guilty. Bugle welcome. This is a episode one. Of opa guilty bugle. Also doubling up issue issue for four thousand one hundred and twenty off the bugle This uh we are here at king's place in london. Is kings, place really appropriate. for the guilty. Families deborah place location dripping with
kel hierarchy. Well, listen you! Don't you can't smash the patriarchy alicia within it? You can't smash it interests. The problem feminist stories, doing like forty eight hours, shows about vaginas under a bridge. What we need to be doing is going into the seats of power. That's why You can undo them. We are what I have learned is called um. uh. What do you call it when a ticks on a dog parasite parasite. We are We are parasitical feminists, parasitical, And can you read it out the bit where I said: what's: a tick on uh because I don't want people to think. I didn't know that on my own
now they're gonna leave it in a different love. Watching me car dazzle the time he does that he doesn't think they have to cut to him to see where that noise is coming from. So woman's made a joke. The camera cannot stay on her because it has to be on who's going. It's a strategy, I'm telling you you heard it here, I'm bringing you down car and I'm bringing you down from the inside a soon as I've allowed on. One of your shows I will be bringing you down from the inside. Ah We are recording on the first of september, two thousand and nineteen again. Is this really an appropriate? first show on this day in fifteen thirty, two on berlin was made a hereditary peer by her boy, henry, the eighth subsuming her into the patriarchy before less than four years later, quite literally ghosting her yeah, let me emphasize, there are better ways of making sure you're not tempted to get back with your ex
not necessarily more effective but better. On the first of september, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen the last known passenger pigeon died in cincinnati zoo? the pigeon left alone by the slaughter of her entire species by men is an appropriate for this gig, a time when women still don't have the vote in the? U s, a little old lady pigeons on this day in one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. Fifty years ago today there was a coup in libya that brought moammar gadhafi to power, but what if a woman had come to power instead, what, example. If tennis star in campaign of billie jean king have given me give keys to number one tripoli instead of nationalist despot, muema or even women's liberation, superstar gloria steinem, wouldn't libya be better off now
I'm just saying it's a strange day to hold this year. All almost certainly be would be better on the gloria steinem. Almost certainly almost certainly that b b fifty percent less much it would have been swiftly renamed labia bus family show alice as always a section off the bugle, is going where it's going, where direct this'll week special special guilty bugle section? This is seriously. We have uh forgot. Male feminist heroes of history in the business week include pierre caution: the pro english 15th century, french bishop, who
but joan of arc on trial and then burned at the stake. No preferential treatment for joan, just because she was a woman chip. Caution was an equal opportunities burner at the stake centuries before it became fashionable jesus christ great family harmony, might have employed only men only apostles in his top twelve on an all male gospel writing team in his pr office, and of course he dug up is dead, buddy because they thought they should be a man of the house shay lazarus, but I mean, but besides that there were some feminist angles to jesus, he turned water into wine, not beer! which is statistically much more popular drink with women, and he was known to use a female podiatrist as well uh huh unusual at the time, and it was a real hunk, but he didn't exploit that for his own gratification. Look at that water! Six group,
as well as in watching you watched, I suspect, that's an image of when The hulk chris chris jewish, so it's fine, and another forgotten male feminist hero from history krakatoa. The celebrity male volcano that erupted in one thousand, eight hundred and eighty three freeze in one of most Attacker acts of geopolitical protest in history, krakatoa exploded in india, major one thousand eight hundred and eighty three. We don't need to accept things as they are blasted the celebrity volcano. ten years later, women got the vote in new zealand. Are you suggesting this was a protest volcano? Yes, I do a lot of research for this yeah, so you brought to us so far. The guilty feminist who killed joe? No, I think it's fair to say I would put that in the guilty: feminist cattle,
yeah jesus? Have you heard of jesus of those you haven't from the tone of the first millennium middle east bikes, magician out rock on to our lord and savior, some of us, the government in the jewish angle? It cost us a lot marcus splitter. also in the bin this week alice. Yes, another section the been this week, a women's magazine, palouse style tips based on fourteen sentry fashion, including who needs a buff and how to rock your three remaining teeth, while they're in your twelve child, traditional marriage ships, in the long from the olden days when you could just meet a man by his daughter, make all conversation of the breakfast table till she died in childbirth.
dowry, bargaining chips and lead based paint will wipe away every trace of the pox. A sixty sealed section, with tips on how to choose the most. Empowering sexual positions include the including the you calling reverse cowgill its service, cal woman. Thank you and five ways in which women on top is a metaphor for how taking tell also comes with a lot of responsibility and work and as well as which a bird's life section as she goes. What life is like in the male dominated siegel game, ten you'll see go into a c gal. The special fish played a good lipstick, putting the hot,
hip into fighting over hot chips on seven sassy tunes to spice up your endless screaming into the cold ocean wind. She knew section for female in use on how to be a giant flightless bird with beautiful eyes and deadly dinosaur legs. Little kick your guts out just like the girls from sex and the city on flamingo, section eighteen ways to go yourself that section in the bin right Are we ready for the well? We don't really have a top story. We usually have a top story in the bugle this week for top story. Have you got a jingle for anyway, chris this week this week, we're going
lost planet earth how feminist all you earth, clearly one of the top planets in the solar system and most metrics all the van gender equality, which is struggled with throughout most of its nominal austria's history famously is a mother, albeit one that has on occasions, exhibited an alarming level of indifference towards how many children and her uncontrollable menagerie of pets and her increasingly unkempt garden. I'm not judging, but if mother was a human, social services would definitely be involved, but how feminist is gonna, try to get a numerical value on this based on what has been happening in the news this week and there's been some uh, some hugely exciting news in terms of barbie dolls- deborah! Oh yes, so I don't know if you've seen this story but barbie,
has released a new series of influential women. Dolls are inspiring women, barbie series these include of sally ride. He was the first american in space, frida kahlo and just this week, they've released rosa parks, and this is great news, because rosa parks becomes with the dream, boss and matching political bandwagon. Now. The big problem I can see here is that, as far as I can make out like most barbies, except for horse riding barbie in gymnastic barbie, she does not have been people knees, which I think is really fundamental to her. Taking a stand, most famous thing about rosa parks. Is she sat down on the sand up on this dole? Can't do that? I just know enough attention to detail. I mean I feel it's uncomfortable anyway. What are the kids going to do? I mean it's important for children to learn the history of civil rights, but, let's, they will worth sittings. It does seem rather awkward moe
hobbies in my experience end up with their head ripped off naked down the back of the sofa it feel like a little, not okay, to make it a rosa parks stole, if only for that reason On the other hand, mattel and the makers of barbie have always had a keen interest in civil rights. Rosa parks, stand in one thousand nine hundred and fifty five bobby, wasn't invented until one thousand nine hundred and fifty nine now because they're so, interesting civil rights always have been the first black doll was bobby's friend christy, who was released speedily. In one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, only a mere thirteen years after right, rosa parks became famous for her brave stand. When people said that wasn't quite good enough, because why can't bobby black? Why does it barbies friend, mattel, quickly jumped into action and launched black barbie, in one thousand nine hundred and eighty only twelve years later, unfortunately, she still had caucasian features, and so that was speedily rectified in two thousand and we compete
Reports are in two thousand and sixteen mattel expanded this line to include seven skin tones, twenty two eye colors and twenty four hairstyles part of the reason for this change was declining sales really committed to equality there as soon as they started to lose vast quantities of money mattel also teamed up with, and this is true oreo cookies to make have fun barbie as a friend go this could share america's favorite cookie with now motel manufactured both a black and white barbie to go with the oreos until the open american community pointed apps that oreo is a derogatory term, meaning a person that is black on the outside and white on the inside uh. This is a direct quote. The dollar was successful and mattel recalled the unsold stock making it sought after by collected if you've got one hold onto it in may, one thousand, nine hundred and ninety seven
mattel introduced, share a smile becky in their interest to be to put put quality into the world ardalan, pink wheelchair. Until a seventeen year old high school student with cerebral palsy, pointed out that the dole would not fit into the elevator of barbies one hundred dollars dream house mattel announced that it would redesign the house in the future to accommodate the dolls wheelchair seriously. Mattel are interested in in in inequality. So we know this. We know this because of the two thousand and fifteen report where china labor watch, sent undercover investigators to the factories where they're made and found that they was excessive overtime, unpaid work, broken labor contracts, poor safety measures on dhe, a few pap parts for labors to secret course, breaking quite a lot of chinese labor laws. Mattel spokesperson said that the company's in reviewing
the report- that's good. I'm sorry. I also promised to bring out sweatshop bobby as part of their it as part of their incredible. Women have had to put up with all kinds of range. Putting on these good for children to play with toys might buy. That pay is around the world. I mean, I feel like it's a it's a not quite fair. To put this level of political burden on extruded plastic, don't let bobby b, what bobby is a high, the seven and all based on the unrealistic proportions of a german sex toy, his ultimate this is the flood free through the ocean and took out a short sighted leopard seal. I feel like if, if, if your daughter can only access feminist concept, if you make them palatable by the channel of bob, if the cation, then you may have- maybe I was parent than you think, and you deserve a child that thinks that rosa parks is on depends as well. Welded on up does rosa parks have because most
probably don't have problems. They just have a welded on sort of nap, so the olden days bobby's. This is the thing olden days. Bobby's just had a crease. Now they put a fairly underpants on top it's horrifying yeah. You can't get off on yeah, hey! That sounds like yes, but it did that the next. Seven barbie roll out they bring it out, but if the us supreme court celebrities by dickens, but as an angela merkel bobby coming up the boundary busting snooker referee makayla tap a matter of time: elizabeth bathory, the pioneering hungarian 16th and 17th century serial killer striped is likely the most brutal barbie in history and agreements, cappoquin sky, eva the former tv star and puppet better known as miss piggy from uh.
Any russian immigrants. Of course our parents escape the soviet union in the 1960s, her father sausage year. Pork in the sky was a puppet pig in government farming informercials in the 1950s. During the christian fears, of course, I digress, let's move yvonne to feminism boundary, busting crime sprees. Now alice, you are feminism criminals. Yes, andy going through the barriers of the space crime continuum. Now a nasa astronaut or no astronaut has been accused of accessing her ex partner's bank account from space and mcclane He told the new york times through a lawyer that she was merely making sure the family's finances were in order and there was enough money to pay the bills and careful, miss and son who they've been raising together prior to the slit. She claims
wasn't doing anything wrong and one small withdrawal for woman, one giant leap for interstellar of criminal womankind. I mean big look buzz older, and so you play golf on the moon. This woman hacked into a bank from a space station. It was only a matter of time before spammers catch on and we start having to feel the e mails from an alfa centauri in princes with implausible inheritance price cialis from the dark side of uranus signals are in your quadrant of the galaxy and they want to chat a truly extraordinary story. This is not the headline I saw astronaut accessed her ex wife's bank account from space in terms of sentences. You would not have predicted existing thirty years ago. There's a lot going on. I can't get internet banking to working canda. How? How did this woman do this? She she deserves a prize just for being able to do it. Um,
I I I I just like to say that, on behalf of my client space stations, anna mcclain, because I do side I'm a side barrister that she try to make her lazy. No good ex husband pay his fair share of child support and he replied there's no way on earth. You'll see a for me- she took that literally and did what any self respecting mother would day by. Maybe setting off the coast of space station are strange. Spouse was actually cool to treat a cold. Some of wharton is number grow, meeting saying that she'll get half the house over my dead body. by the way my favorite space woman stories about sally ride when she was sent up for a week in space and the nasa scientists who were preparing her for the journey sent up one hundred ten, just in case yeah. They really don't know how many super away gives about one hundred, I
I did think when I heard this story that women's going to going to space to unleash the fury is finally a sort of science fiction. I'd be interested in if, instead of alien, that film recalled alimony. I would be that instead of it instead of doctor who it was doctor who said he loves me but turned out to be intimidated when I start to make more money than him I run off with is a netflix account. I would be all over that if, if, instead of going to the ends of the galaxy, it was you all this child's legal gaultier. Will you take him, because I know how I have a holiday booked in another galaxy? You absolute waste of space. Yes, please, instead of stone walls, he was a man rockets, no soul, man I'll be I'll, be all over. I think this is a new genre. I think I think hollywood decision to to see you soon to follow as matters all, because it's not a great surprise of the first comments by should be committed by a woman, because
this is a continuum, goes back to the first crime on earth perpetrated by the first criminal of them all the notorious fruit rustler Meanwhile, in other space news, russia's lawn a life sized humanoid robot for the first. Time into space. To do tasks carry a considered too dangerous for humans, like being in space and being in outer space, They send up a life. Size cane annoys robot into space. First joke funny, like of fans out there different from the old russian tactic, when there were tasks too dangerous for humans to do which they used to just get loads and loads and loads of commons to do them anyway.
The the the route, the rubble is one point, eight meters toll and and mild. Another think surely, should be the lady wrobel this this pioneering spikes wrobel here sure they should go a lady rebel to do it and what it would have to be working on it for fifteen years live essentially got. Is a teenage boy robles it is a matter of time before he tries to put his robot wang into a crucial control, fact, how much you are urinating in space news. Correspondent, ah, russia has unveiled its new, so call m prototype. New space suit design may have to be changed to continue a decades old tradition, which is we being on the bus you get out of on the way to the spaceship, which
is apparently a tradition that was started by yuri gagarin or, as he was known, urine gathering or as he was also known, yuri gagarin who famously had to relieve himself on the back wheel of the bus that was taking to the launchpad in one thousand nine hundred and sixty one is apparently been replicated from every launch since including female astronauts who bring along a vial of their urine to splash on the wheel. Instead of doing the legit, six involved lazy. Ladies, the same policy exists at the comedy store. There's a woman who do you need to bring a vial of your own sperm to throw in a biscuit before you're allowed on not your own sperm. Obviously you have to collect it from very similar. It's very similar, any any male dominated industry will have such a fraternity house rituals. it's. Only right that if women want to be in the kitchen, they've got to put up with the heat or something is not right, that you invented them
you're, the inventor of such rituals me personally, as a representative of people, my my It's absolute, absolutely correct your boy people, what's the most extraordinary ritual you've ever done, or did you as a kid? Did you ever play play the biscuit game? Anything similar, I didn't know, play the biscuit game I don't know what that is. Don't tell me: oh no, No, oh, your dad doesn't by the way, no, although reese, what if they're gluten intolerant, that's a good way to get out of the biscuit game, including recent minutes of cabinet meetings, anyway. That's not good, I'm not did you ever you? Are you won't speech, and do you see my bridge? Do you have a
do? I have a good dead. Pigs head is how we were asking what time is generally getting around the size? No, I mean I've never to this day. No um! I think it's kosher to put your penis pig's mouth just not to put the pig's penis in your mouth, women there's different ways of interpreting the text. I mean you are talking to the man whose wedding cake was a leg of ham, breaking news coming through latest celebrity sex pestilence news, the retired former ancient greek gods, use, has just become the latest high profile select to be charged with historic sex offenses, a matter police enough searching a libra discovered collection, what they described as highly incriminating myths?
classic pattern of behavior and over powerful entitled male abusing his position of influence. The now disgraced ex king of olympus One time god of thunder was denied bail off turning himself into a point of lager on pouring himself down a stenographers blouse. I always feel sorry for zeus. I always feel sorry for this having such low self esteem, despite the fact that he was the king of the gods, he was like what am I going to do to impress her I'll be a swan. It's always the way, look at trump, but the problem is low. Self esteem with greek gods and current dictators has never been any different. The mayor lego has been getting us into trouble since the mount olympus incident, yeah. It was just olympus before zeus. Mounted that's a
Should we do a q, and I all happiness now mean so many ways you could take that sentence and I'm happy to quander. Should we do it? Let's do a so q you and got my who has any questions for the panel on any issues raised. show or anything else. In the universe. Yes overlap. Beautifully dark classic started the room he's following the traditional vehicle thing of being as far away from the microphone as possible. So where does buff jesus fall on hotties from history okay So for those who aren't familiar with the early days of the view when there was a section in total hotties from history in which listeners with shed with plus their historical crushes on long deads,
I guess I don't believe lose lucy the australopithecus afarensis skeleton actually featured in that it's a lot of the the the real hold and I believe she was when she was discovered in the horn of africa as well. I'm summing jesus, not top of guy. I'll, be honest, as I said, we've we've covered cover that ground deborah any any sort of long dead, historical figures that you seek held a candle for uh. I mean I mean it's no, actually I'll, tell you what, politically speaking, probably someone like a sampson. You know someone who was sort of like really powerful and you know just he'd- be able to throw up against a bookcase with any samson
yeah, but you know he'd be the white guy with dreadlocks my her bovaird, it's my strength. What about david's, because it does that with this, is to david's this. This, the david who's, the underdog up against goliath, obviously would be cheering for him, david, perfect, on bathsheba and having a husband killed, not so much so if you could get david between those two students? Yes all those of you who are listening and not looking. This is a hulke hulke image of of jesus. You wouldn't like him when he's reservoir. did. I any other any other questions, your yes and wrote down from, maybe one for deborah that will save anyone else. I'm
What is the best way to to put off or try and what's the word when you like, try and get thio parasite. I could just see my boyfriend behind me, forty staring at me like I'm, just doing it again when a little gas money when in lows raise the questions about children and all you want children someday you like, what's the best way to kind of combat that just say what maur explain to them. If we all have more children, climate change will be will mean dead in twelve years, or at least underwater, and either way an ideal so we just decided what after happen with your lot
I'm gonna call certain certain tensions in the relationship. Any suggestions ask about six life. Ten of the it is soon to be technology of artificial wombs, so they can. They can make their own grand children in a bag. as a morrissey song, click on any any any other questions and questions full full of power and a deeply in curious go someone into response only because I'm intimidated What is the strangest or most absurd initiation ritual that any of you have been privy to maybe not first hand, but a friend has experienced. No, I'm not, I said and already had any person, but my mother, converted to judaism, and that sounds pretty fucking
We're being buy used boy, rebel, zero. A friend of mine- and I can't name names, has a father who is quite famous moyle in new york and apparently what they do with the foreskins eyes. put him in central park. They did. They bury them in central park, a nice little thing over them. So central park, like three inches under, is like thirty five percent on their careful. What fruit you eat from the trees, go to an initiation ritual. I did go through aged eight. Please been trying to forget I do. Does there there is a a man in the middle, the comedy scene at the moment like I call them derek mccue in my show, because it sounds like a fake name and is his name and and he regularly hits on all the young women coming into the scene. I think what a harmless way and I feel like he's your level one easier training, wheels crepe. I guess quite
important to work up your skills on derek get past him, the rest of the industry. Well, hi. What do you have to enter it? Will he he'll say mood you want to do a lift home. I heard a and your job is to go no, but he sort of very like he's very like. Ah, it's like you can see him coming, but he's a very he's, a very low pressure. Introduction to you know this was going on the internet, though yeah. It's also not really his name oh, it's not exactly his real name is I'll. Tell you after he's just become prime minister. Don't they I just want to say a big big. Thank you up, because what was a sort of going out on a limb, this to say hi. I would like to combine output cost of the vehicle, a big fan of the beagle so so delighted when I find on the inside. Would you be interested and his people got back to
on said, said sure. As long as you do all the work and I get half the money, I was like I'm so into it. I love you all. So I know he's got john all of his phone number and I don't yet so you know there's that I'm going to l a thank you so much mandy. Thank you! So much big rapids results. Bed I didn't read up. A lot of sprays, are under wonderful fuck. You chris, I never kicks place. Thank you so much for coming out. Please stay for trump guilty fabulous serving. Prime anything. You want to tell them before we go anything you want. No, no, but give it up. France is why we were coming. Thank you. We hope you enjoyed.
The crossover show her to listen to more from the guilty: feminist go to guiltyfeminist, dot, com or just ask around don't forget there Live bugle, shows eminent in glasgow on the seventh of october and newcastle on the eighth of october. At the stand comedy clubs to end the show this week here are some more lies about all voluntary subscribers to joy. And support the show with a one off or occur and contribution of whatever. So as you can and want to contribute, go to thebuglepodcast dot, com and click? The donate button, chris music? Please does not think it is worth trying to reason with rocket scientists anymore, since they became accepted as the default. Benchmark for knowledge, says, match urine, they think they're untouchable alan hill thinks the phrase bricking. It should refer After careful long term planning, rather than fear, all three of the little pig reasons. Alan were understandably fearful of wolf death, but the one who brick It was the only one who actually plan sensibly
lania simmons simmons, accuses allen of victim blaming. Regarding the first two little pigs, let's be clear: the wolf the one to blame here and in fact, building a house of straw or sticks is actually very environmentally friendly. Poppycock rituals call building house of straw is ostentatious architectural and environmental virtue, signalling which will in, but we require an expensive rebuild in the not too distant future. James tunnicliff meanwhile wishes that had collaborated on a single communal residence using free three of their favored materials. This session with individual homeownership says james engenders socially divisive economics. Michael grossman suggest that more effort be made to integrate wolves into mainstream society. In future fairy tales, he says that demonization of wolves creates an increasingly entrenched cycle in which the we'll see aggressively destructive pig aggression is their only way out of the woods. Extra matter wonders if the
root of the problem wasn't entrusting the pigs with too much self determination in the first place. It's nice in theory, but outside their core skill set as a species to build houses. Their core skill set, of course, is snouting around in filth and having tasty legs when dead Sandra schmitt, absolute, there are surprising number of pics ploy, tatian fables, knocking around and speculates that humans use is as a justification for farming, the creatures for food. Meanwhile, in a slightly overdue changing of the subject, dom service reckons that, if michelangelo had been around today, he'd probably have won a. the cookery show, maybe with an elaborately, designed, desert and gone on to be a celebrity quiz show host aaron green counters, but the sistine chapel start would in fact have been an advertising creative, making really fancy
brad's for television or one of those ads for something. When you have no idea what it is, they're trying to sell you, but you think that if you ever find out, you would probably be tempted hey, and if this week's lies. Thank you to all who contributed.