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Does Trump have the mental capacity to conspire? What's Andy's daughter now up to on the climate marches? Who are the bad guys in Saudi v Iran and the Rugby World Cup begins.

Andy is with Tom Ballard and Nato Green

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Theo bugle, audio newspaper, for a visual world. Hello, welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and twenty two off the bugle we're back in the correct numerical order. I am on results and I run a tight ship miserly sense in. I don't invest much in upkeep and repairs, and it's now barely seaworthy edible it's either friday, the 20th september. If you are meat out or if you are you listening when you're listening, it is insert date here. No doesn't really just a fact and joining me in london this week still hanging out here, because this hemisphere is just so awesome. We've grabbed him for another vehicle before he flees back s, tom ballard allowed home call andy inflation to be aboard this time ship. So I mean in terms of you,
You're heading back to australia, yeah shortly yep what lessons have you learned from your trip to the normal heavy service on that you can spread the other side the equator parliamentary democracy rules everything's going to be fine always use drones to attack oil reserves. So these the things that happen in the the neighborhood that we don't hear about in the southern hemisphere, it's all bloody beaches and sharks, sharks, good delicious toto. I think the rest of seven. You know what it's like: I'm joining us by the magical, witchcraft of modern communication, all the way from san fran, just go cisco, nato, green shalom buglers. I are telling I've ever said that in twelve year, so the bugle- I'm about you- you are worst you. I've have a in your
it here, it's did you days of of a just. As of has this laura. Thank you. When you said you run a tight ship and the I assume you meant to no wonder no one ever said that as american nice. So it's been been awhile since we had to have someone coming to us, live from the from the states. America's fantastic, the big news out of the states this morning is that is that we're down to one more presidential candidate? Finally, new york mayor bill de blasio just dropped out of his presidential bid, partly because he was, I know because he was polling at zero, but also because no one liked him he was he was not only polling low, but the people who knew about him emphatically didn't like him. So in a statement this morning, he said that the reason he was dropping out was to return to new york city.
Sure that new york city remains the vanguard of progressivism to the people of new york, said: hey, I'm walking here forget about it, gabba such a diversity I can't believe it that would give up just because no one's really that interested him and he's not very popular in us, never stopped me in mockery, poly, zero, everyday viewers that he might be available for the bugle andy. recording with 20th september on this day in the one thousand one hundred and eighty seven was the beginning of the siege of jerusalem that bias aladdin and it was all done and dusted by the second of october- must disappointing short procedures, and I swap barely in two weeks when fans of a- Longer sage will be very, very disappointed. I guess maybe they were trying to appeal to the younger fans of siege warfare and want everything now wham bam fat, humam, surrendered and done in a fortnight, not for the purists fans of test.
That change warfare, a proper long drawn out six month, grind minimum, so much more narrative subtlety. The intricate tactical is that gradual breakdown of society within the perceived city that discontent in the besieging forces a test of patience. Stamina, technique- that is a proper siege. Is there sage? Twenty? Twenty, I guess so latin partly He wanted to take jerusalem without spilling too much blood, particularly of his fellow muslims, so he offered a sweet ransom once in lifetime special offer where you could buy your way out on the cost of this was ten. Denars for men, but only five for women, so he was a fair. This before feminism was even trendy eleven. Ninety seven sensational I believe this some embarrassing photos of justin trudeau dressed as selected that could could cause of zoom headaches. We will touch on that later in the show, and it's five hundred years to the day since circumnavigations superstar ferdinand magellan set sail
on his round the world trip five ships with supplies for two years, and two hundred and seventy men party party party, a total of going state of those might impact on including mccallum himself around the world cruises with so much more exciting in those days. It's so much more, that's a march. Twenty first is that then, but will be twenty six years since russian president, boris yeltsin the constitutional crisis by suspending parliaments and scrapping the constitution. Health is something about putting boris is and how it's bad. Obviously we have a constitution to scrap, scrap the points down. Is it possible that boris johnson is going to shell, the house of commons with a tank, boris yeltsin it's something that you would look forward to I mean it seems. Hardly the odd I think of at this, for what we learned is you never rule anything out? I'm sure the confines hello folks, I willis does nothing in the back. I felt about not not driving a tank into parliament
as always a section of the beatles going straight in the bin this week or review of london fashion week. Is that why you stayed the state, five yellow she so naturally, well trust you touching poop abominably pick up money for my own status. Oh yes, I have had my haircut. Oh there's, there's an exciting anniversary. Next month, will be twenty years since I last paid, for a head mobile, andy, as as we were preparing for today's bugle, I realized that that your haircut has a storied history. I didn't realize that you had borrowed your your hairstyle from in israeli prime minister, david ben gurion, of course, of course
course course have fashion, I got who cut your head out from my my wife cuts, my hair grow, which title 15th wedding anniversary this week, great this girl in the world to london fashion week is been another thrilling week of clothing here in london or he looked back. Second of all the highlights of london fashion week, ranging from socks into shirts and trousers to underpants big stars this week, a group of non conventional conventionalist models or normality models as their own, who started their stuff on the catwalk wearing safety, helmets and harvest tapbots, prompting a rush on building sites sacred clothing from marks all young, london's young trendsetters submitted up. Did there were just builders taking a shortcut virus fire escape on their lunch break, that's fashion contra, brushless gum monty a natural e ale, hale delecluse stir the pot once again with
This might have hollowed out penguins coochie, real satiran, global warming, apparently and delacruz system. He did not actually slay the penguins himself. So it's fine british sock sensation, flip appling, founder of the high socks it chain of luxury ankle of foot in to wear unveiled his new market shifting krupsak, which only covers toes in about an inch and a half of actual foot and the new eunice ac, which is one kosach to be worn on both feet simultaneously, very good for the posture, less good. If you have somewhere to go, but such is high fashion. Some interesting trends at london fashion week this week back in fashion, the lane unexpected revival for the pointing medieval shoe, also known as the crack off track, album developed, of course, by the polish army in the 15th century as a means of toasting marshmallows around a campfire whilst leaving their sword for halberds available for emergency use at all times that came in after, of course,
king's richmond. The oddly I rate was ambushed and killed mid marshmallow by his great rival. When so, let the bush the last thing that dishman sort was his enemy eating. His is marshmallow saying could have done with another twenty seconds and you really have to be here. You have to attend a recording watch eddie ray d zone material with them. That smile is beautiful, face. It's really special! Thank you. Don't worry so you can indeed attend recordings in glasgow on the seventh of october, for newcastle on the eighth october is the best details on the website, also in the fashion section in the bench. Got quite log. This is a big man, an exclusive interview with cerfontaine curlew, the founder of the very fast fashion giants fleet justifying his later shelf clothes. footwear in jewelry that disintegrate and or dissolve eight to fifteen minutes after being put on some
items as the evan espadrille, the ephemeral and the transit trousers. He claims they are both a metaphor for life and a very sound business model. That section in the bin, often when I do a very long discussion in the bin age, because I've been up ridiculously late and the But yes, there was like got on also train that got into london, one thousand one hundred and thirty p dot m after a gig up in yorkshire. Last night it arrived in london at three hundred and fifteen, a dot m due to a significant delay. So if I but my sparkling blessed are they. That is why, top story this week, the middle east. Well, we keep returning to the middle east luckett. Dog returning to its long lost vomit over the twelve years that the show has been in existence tom and nato I've just appointed you both the bugle middle east correspondence, so just
saudi iran squabble at the moment. Drone strike on a saudi oil installation dispute over who is responsible, I mean how much you enjoyed this thomas is a neutral middle east, neutral very neutral. I describe it more as a row or a bitch fest. Alright, two major saudi oil installations were attacked by missiles and drones. Saudi arabia is like it was a rhyme and the this agrees it was around and around was like now the the huthi rebels in yemen and who the rebels like yeah. It was totally us and then one guy from saudi. I was like well, I guess it could have been the the rebels and the rest of the saudis like no iran and the us was like day. Fucking right, it was iran and iran has to lip sync for its life and I'm like girl, you ain't that fish eat you better watch yourself and stop acting like you're, the biggest bitch in the gulf. Ok, I've been watching a little rupaul's drag race. Ok because that's might have influenced my coverage, but this does seem to be more scrabble. More talk of war, which were all about here, the bugle andy were always banging the drum there's been mounting,
john trump to take some military action against iran? Not just sanctions, he's being frightfully, coys, saying there's plenty of time to do some dastardly things. It's very easy to start and we'll see what does silly things: ok thanks, president riddler from 1960s batman! Thank you for the have a heads up, or I can't wait to see you love jameson drone strikes you get up to I'm sure that whatever it is, it will be ever so delicious. That's a glorious, garbage, night. How did you know that your president heads the wood busted lee in his linguistic golf bag. I think problem he has famously is very short, short term. So somebody must have said it literally two seconds before he said it, and then he that was like the last thing he heard I'm a little bit surprised. I mean trump, this gonna, be a challenging diplomatic situation for him because, as you know, trump is famously racist and, prior to this
I was not aware that saudi arabia and iran were different things just thought. It was like a lot of brown people, and that was all he had that he that he wanted to bomb, probably and then that was that was all he needed to know so he's gonna have to really get into the weeds on it. from an objective point of it's not ideal, to see saudi arabia and iran politically prodding each other in the in the chair two drunken men on different stacked. Is that the same nightclub realizing that both engaged to the same woman and you said you was it the who, was iran. Was it surprised, package ecuador? I mean that they've not been mentioned been mentioned. That often strange, leicester city won. The premier league, who knows maybe, is ecuador that bomb that oil installation was it a prank by the tv show impractical, jokers was it maybe elon musk attempting to accelerate space travel by provoking another world war insurance work? Last time, I think on my list of things,
that I wanted to see this year? It did not include saudi arabia and iran squabbling over strike on a saudi oil plant didn't did not done in the cricket world cup that was on there. Ok, britain, having aubergine, prime minister, that was on that has not yet happened, but I'm still hoping but a spiral of location recrimination in the middle east, not on my list. Well, apparently, trump discussed the iran situation on the phone with your prime minister with boris johnson and the we agreed on the need for a united diplomatic response, and I tell you what I be if there's one sing. Donald trump with boris johnson are good at it is making things united. If you want things like responses or democracies to really stay united really stick together like velcro putting glue get donnie and boris on the case, clock wiped number two: and the white house simultaneously, releasing conflicting diplomatic response is one of them in car,
jing, saudi arabia, to sexually molest or on any other demanding. That is let us stand up to the war and christmas. It's coming. I think we should just embrace the fact that a war around his company, let let's, let's lean into it- andy it's been ages since we had a good war apart from the million culture wars that occupy every single second of every single day, I'm talking about proper law ivan someone pulled out a statue in the gators and, quite frankly, of being sick of it. Quite frankly, andy if someone doesn't torture, a brown person in a far off land, in my name for no good reason whatsoever, pretty bloody, soon andy. I'm gonna feel to to your red blooded member of the western world. Let's go over there and accomplish the gun of that mission baby. That's our m and you're. Very much pin up for the outright andy. Are you gonna sit there and let tom call boris johnson, your prime minister well
I mean, to be honest, you know he's all of our probably belongs to the world. For us johnson he's a metaphor for the dangers of letting your democracy rot from the inside mike pompeo heiau jab the finger of blame very firmly into the eyeballs of tehran on this was an iranian attack. It's not the case that you can subcontract out the devastation of five percent of the world's global energy supply and think you can absolve yourself of responsibilities. Five, five percent in one. Well, just What seemed like a lot for one oil, so I mean just anyone thought of maybe trying to just spread their out of but more not leaving so much? The world's energy supplies tide up in one facility, didn't run by theocratic dictatorship, but I'm no expert on the global oil. straight, but what are we gonna? Do it?
a one alternative energy source of a of a little oil. You don't have it is like a fleer around the air will be into a wreck of a giant gas like you know who you buy every single day. We could you just incinerate, strike kittens now I work. We need to burn the old dinosaurs. I've, always So that's my catch phrase. I believe amendment of the saudi arabian government described the attack. Is there nine hundred and eleven which to be, it could be argued. The original not eleven was there's as well, and they really having two bites of the apple. If I mean who do who do we believe on this dude? Do you believe saudi arabia? Do you believe iran? Do you believe? Donald trump, I mean it's like deciding whether to share a remote at bb with hannibal lecter, freddy krueger or
the trump nowadays he chose wrong so in the middle east. The aftermath of the latest israeli election is is rumbling on still unclear. Who will be prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, the reigning champion opposition leader, benny dance whore thing had some hits in the nineteen fifties with his big band, forget forget yahoo is attempting to forge packs with religious politicians and far right. Ultranationalist I mean that's, in terms of reassuring phrases. You can hear at this difficult time that again, that's lower low low on the list as the beatles sang. All you need is love. Religious, religious fundamentalism, right wing nationalist holding the balance of political power in israel he's
Of course, daniel is still batting off corruption. Scandals like wasps at a picnic, good advice for netanyahu, don't just try to bat off the wasps. I tried to stop smearing yourself, head to toe in honey and maple syrup eyes. Rather choice between two fantastic leaders: they had a choice between the right wing, racist, where several corruption charges against him and the slightly rest right wing, but still pretty right wing racist who has several war crime allegations against him. They were so simple- that they couldn't be bothered coming up with more distinct names. You have a choice between benjamin orr bennies, such free choose was free, is a palestinian living in gaza. Gulf, promised it to us. So paso weather It was pretty well confide at one point it yahoo promised to annex large sections of the west bank was returned as prime minister and then again
The opposition leader responded to that not by saying the classic attack line. Hey that's illegal in bed, bad, but rather opting for the alternative. Classic two, the two major parties, these early election generally argued over not over the merits of the idea of illegally expanding the state of israel and the west bank, but over who came up with that idea, I look forward to prime minister ganz- is taking tougher stance against palestinian protesters. yourselves a stop hitting yourselves. If it's alright a it's well tell whose idea it was in the first place, god those other crazy leadership news now, justin trudeau cannot remember how often he's blacked up really the only way to report this story night. Are you are canadian politics correspondence it doesn't.
I'm good to me, if you, if you can't it's, not not just that, you've done it, but if you can't remember how often you've done it that suggest that it's a lot of time, yeah, that's uh, that's also a cry for help. That's justin trudeau's way of saying that he was blackout drunk for most of his 20s. He said but he said that that he was too privileged to know that it was wrong to wear blackface and you know you might think that that's that's a comment on his familiar wealth, but let me try put it for you in this context being The privilege means not knowing any black people who might punch you in the face that that need to like grow up in a diverse community, so that when you show up at the school prom in blackface, you get punched in the face, and then you realize, oh perhaps
we should not do that anymore. It's not like a lot of study groups in reading and understanding human empathy. It is a healthy respect of getting punched in the face for being too racist, so the press keeps asking if his propensity for blackface hertz trudeau's upcoming reelection campaign, but you know we've seen from trump and boris johnson in bolsonaro. Like a lot, success for racist politicians. It could help him out they're, probably somewhat canadians watch the story unfold and saying you know. Finally, a prime minister with the balls to wear blackface a blackface pm is my cup of tea gray, obviously get majors for stinky immigrants. I want to think turn to this idea that he couldn't. He says he can't remember how often he's done it. So that mean
yes, it's a minimum of five times. Does it not because I mean well, I'm you definitely going to forget two you're, probably a amber doing it and people saying just in a accomplish done again. Third time. You'll, remember people say, are you seriously still doing that full you'll remember for looks in people's faces even if you don't specifically remember, choosing to turn your white skin into a different color five. I guess it's become an addiction that you just just blanks into. I think he's gotta maybe the way 'cause like no remembering how many times that's a bad look. I get that, but it might My bad luck if he could remember precisely how many times he's blacked up particularly recounts those times wistfully staring off into the middle distance, smiling to himself about the good answer. What I want to know those how many fancy dress parties is increasing, but I guess in canada those long summer
I have to be passed before the hockey season begins. I could remember every single fancy dress costume. I have ever worn stonehenge once and apart from that, whatever and to a fancy, dress party. It's your dressing, gown and strapped a metal table to myself. Really be asked, but does he know vary his costumes at all Now when you enter with a stick with it, the new york post cover this with the headline. Justin trudeau leaves open the possibility of more black face photos which really doesn't like he's planning to take role in this yeah, which is a is a bone like strategy, like I've, heard of trying to get ahead of the story, but that's that's pretty impressive. I think the photo was taken from a you, a picture from two thousand and one that had been obtained by times magazine as they reported piss off times. He didn't I needed someone just email that to you. It just fell into your lap. You obtained this photo in the same way that I've obtained the dozens of dick takes that a results minutes take them to make okay, you've done no work for this special secret. He
is dressed up as a lead in in the photo and and as of the perfect led about rage from all sorts of people, including scott, you hanson. It was a and she wasn't considered for the role at the time. But the problem, of course, is he so progressive right, like everything is sold himself, is very progressive guy when his key and it was one in two thousand and fifteen half the appointments. Women three with seeks and two members were from indigenous communities. access whatever and believed it was revealed today that those cabinet members were actually just a bunch of white dudes in dresses and convincing turbans. So the whole whole thing pulling a pod for by the candy, we live in strange and confusing talent blowing news now and further whistleblowing scandal in america what the whistleblower has blown his whistle about that remains outside the public domain. possibly something to do with ukraine. So
all. We can do in this vacuum of information is guess what donald trump has done. That is not being allowed to come out and given all the stuff that- and that is true- an public domain. You got over So it's a hell of a lot worse, so I'm going to float these possibilities, none of which are true. Let me say that legal point of view that he brought together leaders of the jewish and muslim communities in the white house for a meeting and then rode in on a pig said, open quiet everyone and fed that pig a hand grenade. We can only speculate. It is possible to during the state visit to the uk early this year. He wiped his penis on the queens crown when she'd taken it off to take her shot in a game of pool before announcing. Now I am magic, we just don't know. We just don't know That's several like fantasies of yours that you teddy every device so hard to tell the difference these days. It is hard I think he could promise japan that he defeat godzilla once and for all, no doubt by deploying an even bigger and more destructive radioactive monster to godzilla
I promised australia to invite us to more parties and answer. I whatsapp messages. Please could have promised trails to do some ratings, so they can become clear about the whole history thing and it could have promised slovenia to order more of their wives. I don't know we'll, never know we. I just hope this whole comes out, and we know for sure you know the thing about this. That I'm having trouble with is I'm not sure. I believe that trump is actually capable of hatching a conspiracy and executing it just ataka, active level like everybody in america, and the world already knows at this point that as soon as trump is out of office will get official confirmation that his brain was made up of ninety eight one, a half percent of dead worms and, like everybody, knows that at this point and we're just going along with the and so now everyone's trying to figure out who was the whistle blower, and I think we know it's it's it's it's in it's code the whistle the complaint was filed aug august now, of course, you
You guys know that in two thousand and one prior to the september 11th attacks on look at sixth, then president, concurrent watercolor prodigy george w bush received the po. the daily briefing from the cia entitled bin laden, determined to strike in the us which he ignored, because and george w bush donald trump, both the last two white presidents in america, cannot read so six daily intelligence briefing in two thousand and one current complaint august. Twelve this year, two thousand and nineteen was the 18th anniversary of nine and eleven that six. Six august, six plus to august twelve august twelve. six and eighteen. That's three sixes six hundred and sixty six. The number of the beast satan himself is the whistleblower satan lucifer mephistopheles, call him what you will is, actually an employee of the us federal government. He works as deputy, special liaison to the accounts payable department of the cia and he blew the whistle on trump's con.
sucks because he is very concerned that trump is making the apocalypse much more stupid than the dark lord had intended. Well, it's good to have someone there on the ground for us reporting these stories that are making the mainstream press yellow seed alex jones on your phone casting networks, lunatic former leader news now and david cameron is well stirred up some hot water over here. He is irritated the queen, apparently by spreading details of that supposedly secret meetings from when he was a promise, not just in his book but in interviews as well. The queen, of course, constitutionally barred from calling david cameron are self serving twat. But I think that message was fairly clear which the palace registered quotes. It displeasure, an annoyance hours in a double at call that once got member happens, the other guy,
which one were you anyway. David cameron's for the record, is out this week and we have exclusive serialization rights here at the because he saw some world exclusive excerpts from for the record. This is My adviser said to me that it would be a political earthquake, but I live through the quick way quake of two thousand and fourteen in chile. It was eight dot three on the richter scale, where, where I was in oxford cheer, I didn't nothing. So how bad can I absolutely perhaps actually I'd assume. My personal magnetism and popularity would be enough to see remain to victory, but, as it transpired failing to win an overall majority against one of the least popular sitting? Prime ministers in history then sneaking a narrow majority against is even more incompetent, successor, largely by virtue of being sold out to the very people I was now trying to beat on the far right of the political spectrum did not equal
unquenchable an undying love from the voters this on austerity, these very proud of his record on austerity. He says this what's. Austerity was undoubtedly a great success. Measured in the bold objective criteria of number of lives, ruined number of tears shed a number of party done is it could have gone further when I left office, the country still had some traces of his vital organs intact. Many people still able to buy their own food and there was still a flicker of hope in the eyes of british children. I have to face the fact that I had failed This is on the rise of ukip and the brexit wing of the tory party turned out that constantly feeding, tasty morsels of meat to a crocodile does not necessarily pacify that crocodile That means you end up with a large constantly ravenous crop crocodile with a taste for blood, civil servant had warned me that the potential ramifications would shake and in all likelihood break the united kingdom and to find my legacy is the most damaging ever left by a prime minister, but I did not hear him. My mind, was yet again wandering back to that night. That unforgettable night in oxford in the
engulfing sensation of my tumescent member am. only disappearing into the cold dead. More so it's a family show will just finish that you can buy for the record in any good book shop and dubai, and set fire to it and throw it snooze now and uh. Well, the world is protesting today. Protest. all around the world yet again their approaches. Here in london night. I believe you're you're going shortly going to go on the protest in san francisco. It all began. Don't australia was the first one. I would probably new zealand beat you to it as self. In the case, Millions of people around the world have gathered to protest against the climate, which is had it too good for too long. My daughter, once again is on the club might need to just call it on her again, as we did back in fabric to see how things things going. tom. I mean you're a a little younger than me. So probably the environment is your problem more than it's mine
I mean what thank you for all that you've done by the way you're welcome. Who's. Who side you want I think, I'm going to faint still, I'm still waiting to see you know. But maybe the fossil fuel companies will give me something else that will impress me and I'll sort of tip their way um. You know the environments done some cool stuff, that birds and chickens and birds and chickens to seven categories and adds a pretty cool as well. I like that ants movie that animated when they did, that was good tom. I love the idea of the only bit of nature that you enjoy being poultry yeah. We really need to take care of the environment. You know chickens, turkeys, ducks geese, swans a a swab, you know those we really need to conserve the planet.
Settle like a robot trying to be human cycle through the edibles I've researched, and I just got stuck on the third page. I lovell edibles, very pro environment. All right, I didn't go to the artist that I would like to write jokes for this bullshit, which I would say is the greatest pollution you could enter into the load. Is writing jokes to the vehicles on a full of regret today and a ashamed of myself a good on you date? Oh god, are you talking to your daughter and it's good? It's it's in the morning here in california, and I'm heading out to the to the climate march. As soon as I uh. As soon as we wrap up here, I will be walking with the trade union contingent into climate strike today on frequently in the s. Labor is not great on responding to the climate crisis because of construction unions, whose workers build pipelines and refineries and oil rigs you know it's easy to get pessimistic about climate change, but I think these, like
Climate denial is fossil. Fuel fuel unions are actually optimists because they believe that there are jobs on a dead planet. No, I don't know if this is like this is probably the case in your cities as well, but in san francisco, like our marches, always go the same route route started. Civic center down market street to the embarcadero, or they started the embarcadero and go down market street the other way. civic center, it's what you would call about two and one slash two kilometers distance, and we Franciscans would call a reasonable distance to walk back from a parking space. I I look forward to seeing climate protesters, but one of things I also enjoy about going to protest is seeing like all the bandwagon protests who come up, who show up for other causes just to sort of Oh there's a protest. I better go talk about my thing, so I'm looking at order. The us out of deez nuts, the solidarity with the waterfront liberation front, the people who think that reduce,
carbon is the same as reducing carbs and are pelting the police with scones and and, of course, the people who blame the jews. who's looking forward all that we talk about the negatives climate change. But we don't talk enough about the positives, like some jobs will actually get easier know farming will get harder. Of course, is the world gets hotter, but the job of meteorologists will get easier like the evening news future weatherman, all hill have to say is get run mother, there's everything is on fire uh, so that job will get easier. Another job that'll get easier in the future is norwegian safari guide. Now they have very few clients very few opportunities to go on safari in norway but in the future. Hiking the tropical jungles of norway will be a top. tourist destination and those people do well
also another job is the people whose job it is to rename neighborhoods in real estate listings, because sea level rise will change a lot of place. Names like in san, cisco. I live in a very hilly neighborhood called bernal heights about ten, kilometers from the ocean, but twenty years it'll be bernal beach, and then I will have beachfront property without having done anything, although I will also have no food. But I mean the property from imagine that that the proper boom for places like yours, nato, that's gotta, be worth hanging on for that's good but is leaving your car running in the driveway every day as and my daughter is once again the joined in on the london protest. I don't just need to fix it: texas, technium, at dial, dial, first of school, to check everything, so I will it's going? Alright, hello, darling, how's it going
Not now love, I haven't heard if they combined forces of capitalism of a greeter instantly change everything they do yet do keep trying, though I'm sure they'll come round. So sorry, you're breaking up there now No, no! You cannot kidnap michael govan paraded item like down while shopping, shine, shine, shine, serving. It does not make it legal, I'm afraid. No, I did say you could do anything. You want to be a birthday treat, but sorry was that? No, I don't think facing poisonous amazonian snakes onto the london underground is the best way to make your points. Well, it is a way yes, but not not the best way. I know we've destroyed their natural habitat that doesn't necessarily follow the we have. A reciprocal duty to What do you mean? It's too late. I think that's the best I got who told you to do it. yeah, I did say you should always listen to your mother- could have a quick one.
Mum, please she's writing what down the thames waving of burning effigy of boris johnson? Where does she get it from police, it close yes I'll, be there right away. Okay, love love! You that's a square that chill out of it. You know industry earlier, because the classic reaction to young people, you are taking a feature, the hands heavy out to you, know into the straight season that democratic rights to fight for a better future. Probably people looked that go on now. Thank you, the daily mail, Australia did some cracking journalism by publishing a story with the dramatic headline I just want for the day off school children admit they use climate change protests as an excuse to skip class.
I can use a beat. Some young people don't like school. How to tell a story today, school drooled rolls and later the bulletin white teachers stick like to retain the daily mail journalists talk to a group of school boys who said they were just happy to be out of the classroom and we're planning on going to subway for lunch, as they were hungry, typically apathetic jenner, christian said always eating food sooner, because they're hungry better not get used to that. Kids. Once the climate apocalypse hits, the sandwich, artists are going to be the first ones we eat for food. Meanwhile, australian radio shock, jock ellen jones took calls about. The climate strikes was not a fan. Only when an elderly caller suggested the children's minds were being manipulated. Just like those of the hip the youth in germany decades ago, alan jones, furious agreement.
He said I'll remind our listeners that hitler's minister of propaganda, joseph a joseph goebbels, also said it would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition that a square is in fact a circle, because cable's greatest cry I'm misleading people in geometric shapes next thing. You know these left wing crime bosses will have out children running around thinking. It died again. He draws a rhombus not on my watch, my in other environments, the related news, a burger king in britain, the burger chain all have said that it will stop giving out plastic toys with kids meals. I mean this is does well with the tastiest, but tom, you're, all free toys with meals, correspondent. Thank you. What's what's your take on this? Well, basically, at
new hampshire children, set of a petition calling on the company to reduce plastic waste so that they're getting rid of the toys. Thank you, king says from here on in the plastic, will only be used to make that. Let us a It's at the same joke, but burger king is encouraging people to bring in the old promotional plastic toys which it says it lands to melt to make other items what the fuck It's happening in a burger king kitchen that they have plastic melting facilities, just focus on cooking the food. Can we fix it? I don't know, put my burgers to be anywhere near a kilm full of melted, detective could shoot caucuses. Please, Mcdonald's has to go quite as far as burger king it they said their customers will now be able to choose between getting a plastic toy all kidding fruit, you hear that kid You know how you love, you mcdonald's, happy meals, but just wish they could somehow be healthier and more boring. Well, good news. Now you can replace that
spider action figure eight with some grapes melting down old toys that mean that unlike seen one in some kind of horrific disease, the movie, but that's the final finale play story three is that they will go to the fire. Can I ask is it is: did burger king make a permanent decision to suspend the plastic toys, or did they just prorogued them for a little while sport news now and the rugby world cup has begun? It began today with japan, beating russia in the opening match? and, of course, the bugle itself burst into existence. Just as the two thousand and seven rugby world cup came to a close. Since when new zealand have not lost a single rugby world cup match you're very welcome any new zealand buglers they're playing south africa in the morning tomorrow saturday morning, so this might be out.
state already, but it's time for the bugle official rugby world cup preview tom, I mean you must be hugely excited about australia's prospects in this uh. This tournament, please shut up leave me alone and night. I imagine the streets of america. Absolutely awash with discussion of how the the us eagles are going to fare in this tournament. Well, I don't know what eagles are. So well, I think I'll take this one on my own, then it's sensational tournaments had international rugby like most skirts that fine line between global festival of athletic endeavor and competition stuff. self interested cartel on the field but for those who are not familiar with it now is sort of a cross between chess cage wrestling without the cage off the ground it being combined harvested and international tax law, particularly into optional tax law. In that no one really understands it, but you can be pretty sure that the big Is it probably doing something very naughty? Indeed, it can be a sport of unmatched matches,
d when it isn't tediously, repetitive or disappearing up its own fundament under the weight of a rule book that would wipe out the dinosaurs if it collided with earth at sufficient velocity in credit skill in the heat of physical combat on a level with trying to knit a basket of young snakes into a nice. Little it will go down a bobsled run on an increasingly cranky crocodile up. So it's a comic right. It can be less great the americans seem not expected to well, but they do have my favorite named player uh The tournament- and there are some spectacular names in international rugby- threaten palamo, which sounds like a memo from donald trump to himself remote, him to do some morning, diplomacy that people have palamo and have to be taught a lesson. There's no such place. Mister president, I think you'll find there is that there is no such place who's president. for a couple of mistakes. For no reason it's a satisfying collection of syllables. I, like him too, but I don't see myself and I guess we'll ever in first look. I was
What could be the deciding factor in the storm it could be? Which team is still the best place in the pacific islands, a tradition as old as international rugby itself, which teams practice up with the most south africans. So I never got a good chunk so there but they're, not quite as far ahead as you might think, which team is the most effective at the ancient rug. Big art of covert low level, cheating and referee swindling This team ends up with fewer players, suffering ruptured, scrotal, za, displaced, spleen rammed up into the eye socket or opponent. had lodged immovably weather thoracic, vertebrae used to be or classic rugby injuries. I'm going to pick out some players, look out for now from the for the work of those who would listen to it. For south africa, lookout for meatball, scalp bank van drunks, like trains by splitting, rocks in a quarry just by running at them head. First, the french genius bluff leon shit, an an illusionist flyhalf who are famously holders distinctively mercurial phantom running style, working his parents, unlicensed zoo, where the young bluff leon
this would be thrown into the lion enclosure every morning carrying a lump of zebra meat shaped like a rugby ball and have to sidestep and dummy is way to safety. Lookout. Two for the georgian bull walk, grizzle human caucasus, masha lads who has a top running speed of n six miles an hour but going up to in a cargo ship their his bare hands. singing romanian romanian speedster, vile porchester, who can run a hundred meters in ten ten four and fix a full back to the spot. With the first three because of his sensational nessun dorma, new zealand, all blacks, heavily fancied of particularly with a legendary star, quantock mellington norris back in the squad selected for his skills at the pre match hacker, the war, dance, the traditional war, dance, new zealand user, which which mellinger norris performs so threateningly that opponents have been known to
confess their role in unsolved crimes in the 1970s and hand themselves into place just to get off the pitch and or another american play to lookout, for, I don't think you're afraid speed affected by that late night train journey at all. I think it's working perfectly fine american scrum, half pope talula the most argumentative player in the world. Rugby, a harvard law school graduate, originally one ingame court case against the referee. Just the usa will awarded seventy three extra points in one point: three million dollars in compensation, so it's all set to be a sensational welcome. Well. That brings us to the end of this week's bugle thomas pleasure, a pleasure having you here in the last. What twice, in the last couple of weeks in absolute joy ever ever salesman, and he shows you lots of alert listeners to yes, beautiful people in los angeles, lala land informing my show enough at the ucb franklin on thursday october, the third at nine hundred and thirty pm. It will be full full of suits from the who
dead inside and do not laugh. So if normal lovely buglers would like to come along and support the show I'd love to see their nato. Anything you'd like to plug. My comedy album the whiteness album is available wherever comedy can be streamed to downloaded. Also monday september 30th, of my monthly movie riffing show at the alamo drafthouse, where we talk over the movies this month september, 30th, we're doing swamp thing and october we're doing terminator two, so that'll be fun. Life people shows gloss, go seven. What time a new call for the I don't have a place. The stand, comedy clubs tickets available in the ether internet for other venues for by the phone. What are your c will last until next week goodbye