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Bugle 4124 - Peak Nigel

Special focus on Trump and his international relations, plus we go from Stone Mountain to Peak Nigel. Hari and helen join Andy.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual all our lives and working to issue for thousand one hundred and twenty four of the vehicle quit protest before we start. What do we want? An index detestable? our fears among industrial farming to make them. I just got it you satellite tv soap operas. When do we wanted now? Well Well, I'm not giving in to protest. Cavan rollover sunset moving into a regular people, episode ignoring those two subjects joining may do not contemplate the yield for eco genetically modified. In a normal NEO year in forms of at least fifteen hundred acres in size. Where would you welcome back from our globe? Trotting travels to the quick? sibling herself Hell adults hello, Lundy, hello, Helen, welcome back thank yous ages. How
countries have you been to. Since we were last on this August body, a newspaper items I lost on missile gaseous newspaper, what number yeah sat at least six and watch winning, which witches the best the best of all the countries? Oh shit, I mean: do you really want to get into a very contentious right? You really need to go to at least two hundred and twenty eight countries, and then you can do a knockout, seven world cup. Great! starts for exercise is help out us cut into the stats engine. Thirty four workers I brought up on last year, how much is that? How you do your counted? Alvarez, just big Laplace wrote the weeks and months and things yes, firstly, I should like my daughter- is full hundred beagles adults. What is surprising news,
the increase our seas that I'm gonna go beyond just music I attributed to yet it is not the kind of thing you should break between family on a political. Any news, not not really I got things- are not much. Not much changed to fish stocks have been a lot of sport on I get lots and lots of sport happy fear accompany your other country. Doing the cricket woke up. I didn't know cricket had a world cup, you are a constant disappointing and from New York, not here to talk about whether hafta freshly home after completing her doc doctrine in the USA will be allowed to walk to the shop. Chaperoned in the latest, thrilling episode, a theocratic, patriarchy street. Another also welcome back to hurry caught the balloon. Hallo Andy, it's been, it's been a few months. Yes, I think so the ban on our report to you in the several months that I
I've been on this podcast upwards of three people have stopped me to tell me they listen to the bugle, What's a three one, that's any outwards of three anything between three and eight billion. So will take that is that one onwards means ok? Then then, let me say at three: What's a paradise three does there are three down: we rivalry upwards of to come a level with three three did not have required for its three three: including one yesterday on the F train, a british fellow a bloke? Will you said that use a fan of man on the bugle, and I do not know if you're on the lower right now Another, not not interested in that and interested in me. Groaning with Andy's punts the afternoon? Was Europe yo yo nickname only wrestlings. I haven't you missed this,
I went to the political, their train, interbank, left, train just get about the waste and lighter member. It's. This is worse reorganise religions and you just keep repeating the same thing: We are voting on the fourth of October, two thousand nineteen, don't forget the seventh and eighth of October Monday, Tuesday of next week, Ali North? Anniversaries of the bugle live shows at the stand. Comedy clubs in Glasgow and Newcastle featuring me and Alice Fraser do come both of those few feasibly can only fulfil October in nineteen. Twenty seven work began on the sculpting of Mount Rushmore by sculpture, damned guts on Borg, Lamb. What a name that is strong! We come across him in your gulls got. Some of you have done a put cost about and boldly. I think not me. This. We talked about the origins of Mount. Rossmore is quite an arrogant thing.
Due to carve a mountain. We are, I think, tat you think of you. Trying would say I haven't felt like it's a bit disrespectful to the mountain yeah and also people, who might want to look at the mountain without seeing some faces on timber, is not sculpted all mountains, Helen as other mountains. You can look up, don't have political gulped it more than four years or no mountains. There's also a stone mountain in Georgia, the commonwealth. He directly had involvement in the weather is inspired by him, but that is a problematic. Mountain now. Yes, that is very much a confederate mounted its and I don't feel like geology got, but this is too whether it was gonna be conferred on parliament, and this is why I do not care for the carving of a mountain was just so hard to get consent out of a rock that's right, Andy up that. That is why just assume, if you're, not getting enthusiastic consent from the mountain to covet, do not covet right to things very old, get out was stone blood and informed consent. So but of course there
Mt Reginald. I could be numbered. Rooms from within the White House suggested could be blown up next week and replaced with a disconcerting. We pray Epic Jeff, Coon's plastic statue of Donald Trump, so almost numbers on the fifth of October, in the eight sixteen king, Louis, the pious was crowned, the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire did not entirely live up to its name, see later condemned his nephew to death before commuting. It's a blinding getting criticising the tabloid press. The tunnel Going soft on crime, then blinding his nephew than died anyway from his wounds after two days of what we can assume was caught. Indescribable pains are not well scream party to make not a great uncle, no good story that this has not yet been a Broadway musical about it. Summing up and in the works, as was a section of evil, is going straight in the bin. This week, festivals tickets. But actually Glastonbury Festival, apparently so that an under half an hour
so. We give you run down on the other festivals. You might like to consider if you're a festival gala, including Mano faced. This is a one person festival service that comes to your house. Pictures attend just for you and your garden it's a port in the workplace. Music. On already familiar with in a largely inaudible way than kid you up will not speak as being a remorseless based throb, as if my disco dent in the nearby woodland clearing pieces on the side of your tent am, I would argue, for food and drink and periodically says of the mud. Also fisticuffs next summer. Pugilism themed festival is the bands have to physically fight each other for the right to play, set questionable? That's a festival really, all about the CNN Legend rigid Quest old right amount. That's the bright, bought sponsored conservative, thrash festival. the classic ultimate venue in California. Some brilliant right wing thrash acts, including intolerance, knock knock in pursuit of a due to the strongman ruler, and
once the massage any of the LAMP Steve Bannon, also playing a certain acoustic, tend to collection of children's nursery runs, given a classic ban on all right twist and culture fast recommend that thoughts for men over the age of seventy five, with binding Tooting Alvin in the outside world the Hip hop daytime transaction essence, oxygen area and medicines, omega death, possible forms of the huge new rock opera for the old colossal me. You, MRS hello, I'm Nora that specially your return to the show you shouldn't have run, and you are quite right. I do. I not section- is in the Bin top story this week, America well hurry. Just a worm brings out the night with what what's so been going on in Will impeachment land There has been continued augury. The The Democrats have decided that they are trying to push on with the IMF, each man so they're doing an inquiry.
which is really exciting, and I feel like after the whole process is over, you know, will find Get trump bow with like a year, Left to go in a second term, so that's fantastic! Very timely. Twelve percent off come together it's time for revolution, injustice, Andy and when I think revolution, injustice. I think congressional hearings and report it's gonna, be a lot of paperwork. The name is Rob stall musical. If that is going to be spectacular people think of bigger parlor papers. I do we have The smoking gun yet or is it impossible to find a smoking gun in a room so full of smoke that you can't see the end of your own knows any more was the echoes of multiple gunshots echo itself around the walls. It feels like theirs. lots of things that are close and technically he's getting away with it. But when you put them altogether, you like something zone on leg with this
phone call that he had with the Ukrainians, which the fact that they put out the transcript and clear There is some indication he did some wrong doing, and yet he said old talking about. It indicates that he has Oh faith whatsoever in the democratic process to remove him for office, which is one Bing Trump- and I agree on- do you think even knows about the democratic process. He has no clue. What any of this stuff mean. These boring you doesn't want or no an emperor an end, the things you ve been right. It has been boring and it hasn't led to anything. So he actually has saved this time not being too concerned about it. Then a few angry too there's something I feel like theirs. There's that element of banality of evil here, like in terms of
how we haven't overturned like this. This desperate it is as close to a tyrant as we ve ever had office and people he's going along with it I feel it is an element of banality of evil. People are just doing. The job is doing my job. I dont quest I think he still the leader he still a present just doing my job, you know, but there is also a problem with democratic bureaucracy when you do with mad men, because Democracy is slow, the slow radio he could say. I want the concept two set on fire and the Lincoln Memorial to being black face and democratic. it would be like well. How do we feel about this? I don't want it I don't want to come off as in the latest, who doesn't like a good constitution burning or whom eggs everything like black face about race. Let's have, congressional hearing, but first, let's have Several congressional subcommittees look at it. You know
eating out when there are subcommittees no dummy are we going under we're going under the committees? Also, forty seven percent of people disagree with the president. Thirty three percent agree with them and twenty percent don't have opinion because the more and the like maybe running for Congress Diamond. That's quite impressive. I should have twenty percent after what three years of from if you ve not well, I made up those numbers and nobody. I give him a chance ending on to see what happens. My numbers a year. What what? What it's all about? How to make numbers in here twenty twenty presidential rife houri. What somebody who's your picture to rob to victory in them is as trump more what what? What alternative from holding onto his trophy,
our scottish very stupid, I think it's pretty high. I've been incredibly like. I didn't think I could get more disappointed and I continue to be disappointed. I like Bernie, like Elizabeth Warren, but and he's having hard issues, and so he set the suspenders campaign, which is which is upsetting. The worried me is not the hard issues part the fact that he, I think, had to get a couple of steps. The worry to me is that I expected him back to work the next day, because the tap a guy that leg he doesn't pops back up. That's a bit of a worry I still do like the idea of of him as president with potentially this war and as vice president, because that way you get the Socialists in office. a while and if you know he's like in his seventies, buddies and these like an old seventy something
so that where you get Bernie Sanders as president, but you eventually get Liz Warren, probably within months of him being elected on a bit sick, allow of old white men being empower hurry, because I am oh yeah also, Every other candidate is basically just publicly interviewing for a cabinet position. Its they're not gonna, win but they re so much money beta Orourke is just insulting that he's. He lost his Senate race to TED crews and you, after that, he feels fully qualify. Clyde because he is wide and mediocre, and that makes them fully qualified to run for president of the United States, some, including to TED crew True, they couldn't live. Losing to run authorised in increasing competition, competition aiming to be ferrets in Texas so that rhinoceros still would have gotten a presented. Yeah yeah, it's it's like. If you can't be TED crews. What are you gonna do for us I'm he really he's been cut. Christmas in El Paso. So Emmy, it's just any speaks spanish Kind
yet more stories about trumps, lively attitude towards immigration and some interesting tactics that he's being apparently and in favour of including a moat full of alligators and immigrants in the leg over the other eight is beyond. Don't know the alligators will be doing the shooting. I mean why not in in the fantasy world, but the world now lives in an alligator village to notice a large conifers reptile at is possible. The trunk is also planning to use his most to gradually alligators who have made allegations against him, although if all of them down to the mode of course, and even if the moat was a moral one, fifty meters deeply naughty Mexicans will be able to walk over report of bodies trump many deny days considering a moat, whether without a gaiters or not, for the? U S, and I can understand that they don't work, take that must, in Britain, with
massive one. Then still still people get coming of age for whatever reason: the shooting immigrants in the legs hurry. That was so a parties too slow to slow them down, so its partner locality and then just per hour sadism there. He was all into a until he was told that it was a legal right yeah, isn't it isnt it frowned upon in the states to shoot not to care? in I buy a sheet and an intruder in the arm, then you are more likely than you more like you'd get prosecuted than if you killed them, some states, especially when it's like a guest here country, if there, if they're in America and they live here, you can murder them, but if their gas, it seems a bit route to sell them. Lack, probably won't leave Taylor stuff away tidy up It's so sir, a moat he's like strange mix of Hitler and Wily Kyle why on earth weightings up up up up up
I mean it's just so. Here's here's the thing about a moat at the border to prevent immigrants are much of he's been to the border, but it's a desert. It is done. a moat might not last in the desert, I dont think out It are native to the desert as a snake? The snakes you could put the moat but again to expect a watery mote in the desert seems a little unrealistic, brought the way I'm hearing it Harry is you hurry, Cambodia or suggesting I draw a mouthful of snakes to stop immigrants getting in. Is that correct that is in interesting way too to two to interpret what I said. What about I got into a bull pit right.
you don't look operate like water, also pulpits, all no one comes out and our love alive a whole lot of fun. Only I dont want distraction, isn't it men who could not? Even if your presented with the option of walking across a border playing an pulpit, pulpits gonna win every every day the decade I they would become an interesting though, if they havoc zip line and a ballplayer any feud founded Bobby, you have to go back, but if you make it asked the bar pay. You get to stay, I was thinking about. Then. I realized that these are human beings with families defeat in real life consequences. I'm question am: what would be the real consequences? there were no borders and no nationality. Things like a pretty arbitrary system have nothing. You could probably do I m a two hundred approach. Here is a broadcast on that question? Could you not yet, but if you can, you, like the fourteen second not thoroughly while the pitch is led lights are in from my point of view,
it would really ruin international sports. It would make it an absolute might have any shots versus skins right, like the old days I'm sure I'm devilish, well, I tried it in Antarctica and everyone left between everyone as you well know. We don't know, but it was no one there now. So let us you must quite alot of people, then our there in recent spaces, mainly they don't count chamber centre. Just shut the border which Britain we have certain logistical consequences. Given the american exports two hundred billion pounds worth of her goods across that border. So is it got me in it? a problem in reality, and not just the question, then, is what is it
reality anyway, I e not all living in worlds of our perceptions. If I'm like my quite Donald trump himself in one of his more philosophical moments of industry does reality. I actually matter in when you have a mouthful of crocodiles. Many really depends how rich you out. Doesn't it but reality by the reality, matters on what is the threshold for reality? Mattering in these resources proxies past ass. A sociopath, fake lack of conscience brought about me unbearably equals reality, no longer impact. You know you don't have to give a shit about it. You can get away with right, ours could ever dream is now don't dramas is followed up. His size request to you Tryin, to investigate the Biden family with us asking China to do it. Instead,
in one assumes China was already doing it basically hacked into these holes of every single person in the entire world through their technological wizardry. What I mean is there any positive to be seen this hurry, that we and we see Trump Year, reaching out to Ukraine reaching out to China This is the first step steps on the road to a more international outlook and laying the groundwork for the day when the rest of the world is entitled, as it should be to vote in the american presidential elections. I've been surely logically, given that your president, actually I'm the world as much as he or she ate affects affects America, surely wish we should have some say, and I am not sure if Trump reaching out is actually a sign of creating greater friendships, but the world like. How do you view someone who is means? you or doesn't even show up unless they need a favor. Do I mean
It's kind us back like with the China's stuff, it's like art in a trade war with them? Like? I don't know if you know, war works in the middle of the war. You can be like a time out Do me a favor. You can start up Do you think some Nairobi? You mean really as a human being a bill. What is what is happening? you can put their only what would happen if there were no borders in the world. What is happiness? Mountain does not have an Albania. I just think that if you were happy than you probably wouldn't be such a screaming jerk all the time without that is possible, but then maybe it is being screaming. Jirga makes him happy that if he hasn't
the dismantling of friendship than them we'll have a true understanding of screaming Jugglery, so he's as a tree mastery of it, I would say he may not understand the you may just have a great instinct, but then you're getting into the philosophical organ is happiness or is it fulfilment and ever screaming jerk? If he is achieving, you know pretty much perfect marks, Nadia cabinets from the judges for his screaming Jugglery he's full feeding fulfilled as a screaming jerk address, screaming junkies, incapable of feeling the emotion of happiness so easy happy went on specializing him trying to do a ball routine, that ninety accommodate ticklish peak in arresting mental images. and he can't what's so what I mean how America reacted to this this. This latin is quite bizarre and asking China China to investigate and it seems to me to be completely open about it. Rollin trying to be a hot hiding behind a wall of secrecy. Do these got like a fruit machine of light? What bullshit am I gonna do next and which country
I can do in into this That is our approach on a China and bindings. Yet that is the only possible explanation. It makes sense of the last three years of american politics, see if you can eat by one of those machines and they brought to your collection of bullshit generators. I feel like his. approach to this is like you know how, when, if you have a pc- and you have a complete a bunch of computer viruses on it and things keep popping up and you can't close them faster than they up up. That's is essentially what he's doing if you flood like that meat, yet with as much as possible at a rate that you can't cover you can react to Emma? You can't be angry. You still on the previous story, so I'll. Like me, I can't believe the city did he have commerce?
Ukraine, he just said what about China and then you lose track of the great stuff. It's brilliant! Actually or even I worry about what Ukraine thinks all this was always pretty much double time to target them in front of their faces. While China, it's a classic kind of them, pick up his text, Isn't it showing interest in someone else to get the Ukraine interested in you right now read the game. This is government manual. It is possible to China that he was just suffering from extreme parade envy, because in the last week China has celebrated the seventeenth birthday of the Chinese Communist Party with a minute was absolutely spectacular birthday party at someone you get a present and takes up listening in the bus ride. It is so hard to know what the boy, what about
large communist party on its seventieth birthday, and there is no birthday cake now that when I think it, but there was a huge parade with thousands of people doing things in alarming levels of unison and spectacular files. I mean a spectacular folks, despite the most spectacular fireworks who were the ones they just paraded around. The intercontinental ballistic missiles apparent could block the living shit out of shitload of cities America familiar you excited by this prospect, hurried pretty much having a proper or frantic cold war. I've gone out eighties revival. I just feel like lead. All time is getting is like this trade, these tariffs and stuff you know like it, hasn't actually been as Nevertheless, let the America has been with other countries like North Korea and IRAN like when they they like they like, showed this ballistic nuclear misled capable of breaching anti missile
fences to reach the. U S and the just showing it publicly and part of me is thinking. Was North Korea like for real, though like after all this, you call this. like what what do we have to do to get away with this, make everything you use an incredibly low cost using slave labour. Is that it's gonna take always help. I mean it's just and also it was we're because, like President G talked about like peaceful, Development like they have decided one China, we know with Hong Kong Macao. Like part of the fold, I know my own we'd peacefully work together. And meanwhile, like their parading weapons around like oh yeah, telling. I do this peacefully, here's something that would The store stupid island is like a cop holding a gun. While thing does anyone have
gesture on better police anybody. Anybody I went from operating her in Britain, where we are all excited. Looking for the breaks it and ridding ridding our cells of the jackals of the oppressive on Democratic European Union and turning to two to countries like China instead and that that other, therefore, that the express their freedom to parade John nuclear missiles around their capital city. On my birthday, and exciting new everything about Europe. Our postgraduate tried future. We let we will cooperate in China. We think those people know how to organise stuff and you look at the french level lounging around smoking Gitanas having carefully in cafes all afternoon. Hu, we better off without good Lord Andy change. This is a dangerous road to go down. Rittenhouse. Seventy billion pounds worth of trade with China every year figure that so rock it up in the last twenty years, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine winner
We left the European Union and will finally allow too tried our selves again. Oh, I don't know how to do it, John is all six largest export market or fourth largest source of import. Sir, these deals range from telecoms equipment, cars and clothing to bull semen and allows concentrate deals with the EU has been preventing us from ever ever making so were brought new future of both criminal trade nodules news. Now now there is a section with not haven't review before the ones, not for all related either this week the world record was broken for the largest scattering of people called Nigel in one place. four hundred and thirty three nodules met in a pub in Worcestershire to celebrate Nigel mess and also to stop the name dying out, because In twenty sixteen, though, no new night Osborne right, but now There was a seven. What exactly is daddy's breaks it? Yet
no new nodules, you probably could have snuck in a Nigel, maybe before about may right, but there is a seven months good night or who was at the gathering, so you may be. The name is: is gonna come back, they said a man. have you changed. His name from Nigel Denial came and we convinced him to pull himself together have either. You have into a gathering of people with the same name as a worm alone, have done them a couple of gigs, only one or two people and who might have been called Andy selling as it is possible and part of a twitter message group with the novelist hurricanes Route and the PBS Anchor hurry screen of arson. That's a great group. Let it get another all jealous ral, jealous of hurry screen of arson, because he has at hurry on twitter, the air is pretty bad. What are you trying to end and then you can have it man, I was wondering whether you might
was that you can say what have you got him building, then that there would be that much more reasonable. What you, but you get Martin me and my husband is Facebook. Friends, someone with the same first name and surname his eminence fantasy them interact. The only other Andy's Ozma I've ever heard about was a an american jewish swimmer who swam for America. In the could be games and united, while, if you're listening, do a wireless n, probably better the swimming, the newer. Yes and I go out alone. We don't need to swim. We just wait for the host the part that will happen. I thought they were no other Helen Sultans, but the other day I got an email that was illegal summons for another Hellenes holtzman butts, but with a national as edge
no one really open the shit, I'm just looking at the that. The statistics on Nigel, as a name in Britain, back in nineteen, sixty three five and a half thousand nodules. Take Nigel Bonnet was very much big Nigel almost for Osborne Sixty four, he was her hug wowzer. He is pink Nigel. So do you for us was born in nineteen sixty four. So this is what ferrars can do. He can utterly destroy something just by is mere presence that five allowing now nodules in nineteen sixty three he's born in sixty four by nineteen seventy down a two and a half thousand by nineteen, eighty, four hundred and now three of them well, This is an amazing effects that that man can have on stuff since birth. I mean it at this. When is the is the name ruined? I mean because they're talking about the preservation of Nigel, but you know who's going
in their kid Nigel, thousands, Nigel Garages, there it's gonna, be a bunch assholes and that means are kids, are gonna, be asshole known as soon as this can rebel, but we have it. If they rebelled, They truly were about to go by their middle name or something I feel like they would try to eliminate. The Nigel Present I just feel like. Are we Talkin about Quantic, the quantity of Nigel's or the quality of Nigel's? That's not being addressed in this? Nigel Convention, we want a most philosophical beagles. Whoever had Joseph was one given that the the economical happened in nineteen. Sixty three often mouse. Wasn't that a year old We hear the dates Lawrence Court case in which lady chattels love was allowed to be published. But I am suggesting that people weren't such sexual spirits, that the name needle we're flourished we now know that it, then what once Britain became more sexually calling children Nigel, whether any not jealous ATLAS, at least some
When is known canonical, isn't it how many Nigel as other apart from Nigeria Lawson, but that also that sounds like a dodgy nineteen, seventy film foreign, thirty three nodules analogue jailer, gosh and apparently the Niger is how to one named budgets. That said Nigel and then all the non neutrals had to, I won't say Non Nigel, oh my god, slight. in thirty Germany all over again, but less so Druid NEWS now and well. Nodules might be on the way down Helen, but druids, very much on the comeback trial here and bring drugs doing great I'm data. Apparently, in the last decade, druid numbers have risen from three thousand to over seven thousand. According to the british jury daughter, and I wonder whether it's because now the british druid order is offering online
horses in becoming a drew. It says it's a lot more convenient than it used to be. I guess that of those toys have you considered its drew? It is well known. You live near a community. I convenient yes the legs, a cynical mainly through twelve years. I've lived where I live. Maybe some kind of half a house between the arduous heritage and become a Jew. It may is a few aids would that involve some mistletoe in some vinegar as those not eating bacon on the solstice, nothing and then they they say a lot of it is young people, because young people are interested in the environment and caring for nature run such member. They also like looks like we're, not a cloak laughing. The clock is not to use common. These days, I'm a trouser family, Cloacam, Trousers, India Snow either rope, in fact
very drafty. If our link between the rise of druidism an abrupt vote, Emily's is, is this a sign of Britain getting back to our true british shelves, because these countries going fine to the Romans flashed over here with I fancy foreign ways is dotted clamping down on the Drood community. Yellow did my great isn't illegal clung until about thirteen hundred, they text sausages them they won't do latin grandma lessons instead of human sacrifices, no ban the changing as well. Now your grand. was it a word of thanks go to your business gotten. Can you use hinge as a verb? Well, you just did Andy. We really can
We want the sorcery plain and we hanged if you'd, never into print inconsistent enough use, then events they might enter into the dictionary so so metal, which is now used enough left coverage as a verb. Yeah yeah he meddled get with an L Robin Dd Daily Mail, because meddling with prohibit winning a matter will I guess, when how do you view that, linguistically, while Andy vetting Nouns is a linguistic person, soldiers, linguistic versus answer, so deal with it? What I don't like is attic, It is being used as nouns my advertising slogans, which are like find your happy Roy. I feel like it said banal in a way this manipulating us it into something, I'm not quite sure what it is right. So now you're happy with the verb its adequate, but I'm just saying you might as well accept it is no new, clearly strange and expect,
Lookouts have long been apart of british light and if you were thinking about joining a cult abuse in a which color would suit you best to help, you decide we're not going to have a quick, multiple choice. Psychometric tests to give you the darkness, you need to work out which of these two classic. If cults you should join. So here is our all. You would druid or a hard breaks it it or neither getting these three questions and then analyzed your results so question one. It is the twentieth of You can feel the softest brewing in your bones. You just know it's on the way. So do you I put on the clock: stop a goat skull, co head start in counting to the some I'm prepared to commune with your fellow believers. To be called a radio found in and then bogged down the line about how Ramona said summer would never happen again after twenty sixteen, because the land will be engulfed in a permanent immutable darkness, then scream something about Griffith limbo. Being a puppet of the big wind lobby, strap a goat, schooltool crotch unprepared to perform a human sacrifice, or do you see, but the Italian to check the cricket school question too?
you be left alone in an empty cell with nothing but a dream of paper and a pen do you. I settled down to compose an epic poem, exploring the deepest recesses of your own spirituality and the innate symbiotic bonds between nature in the human soul. The you be brought a strongly worded letter to the daily telegraph about how the EU didn't ever. Let you use pens because they contravene health and safety regulations. Apparently then write a banner with one big, let from each sheet of paper, spelling out the slogans breaks. It means whatever I tell you breaks. It means Saint George makes me horny and justice for debt angry Doris than you up the remaining paper to make a paper macho effigy Immigrants stabbed with the pen repeatedly what shouting I cannot be held responsible for this than before my daddy protest and complain, and I suppose I'm gonna have to clear this up, I mind, or do you see right out your autumn. Great greatest cricket, eleventh made up of plays beginning with each letter of the alphabet, are uniting also down bugles and finally cushion three your released from the south,
You'll then introduced a Nigel Ferrars. What do you do? I walk past him, muttering Yonah real shaman and go to spend some time with the tree. Do you be ejaculate? What do you say lock yourself back in the cell and start writing out you're all time greatest cricket lemons might have a place with each number of letters and their surnames from forty ten and then another team with pleasure surnames were eleven letters or more so now your answers down. If you answered mostly a then you, you are a drew it. If you wanted mostly be, you are a high priority and that you are quite possibly more Francois, and if you want a most, They see you all make funnel equipment of Britain, news, Boris, Johnson, dutch Prime Minister has presented a new solution to the island border issue, which is essential to its own Toby. Always tat would be
my way more send somebody has suggested, which is to have two borders for four years in places on the border. Essentially, because I can make out its haven't, we see were continuing to to resolutely unfolding legal difficulties of Ox Nap Vegas votes in the in twenty sixteen decided over by Elvis Presley, without seeing how his pants out with Europe, the initial response has not been. Oh, well, namely favourable. We will report on this in next week's bugle, which, as I said, has been recorded, live in Glasgow on Monday is an Newcastle. On Tuesday, the eighth, often actually becoming a world athletic chairmanships, heavily mode of emotion. I enthusiastically, and nobody like I flatter yes, because it's not teams, Indivisible David vigils, yelling about their business suffering their own personal heartbreak. That is what
I would say and always appreciate how cobalt you can tell instantly whether someone succeeded or not. Yet that's a good sport brought that sir, with two binary for me a lot more shades of gray, much success and failure, a quick question for both of you. Why was Doha in Qatar awarded the world athletic championships in the first place, and you have to try to answer this question? out using the phrase shitload of dirty money? You got on in have inverted commas in incorrect, well, That brings us to the end of this week's Beagle Ellen delightful. To have you back thanks, fathom show you out any touring America imminently. believing as of next Wednesday? Yes, illusionist org such events to find out where the show is in place proximate EU legal hurry any any shows you'd like to alert or listens to guess. I'm gonna and a big tore in the fall
the three of you who have said I'd love to see a perform, the here's some date October. Tens in Northampton Mass at the Academy music in the comedy connection and Providence, Rhode, island, the eleventh and twelve. The comedy cover, Kansas City, Missouri October, twenty fifth and twenty six, the Ann Arbor COM the club on November, one in two Dallas hyenas? November, eight, nine and then a Wisconsin tore. Who is people want to see me in Wisconsin, apparently. I got in Wisconsin, so they must love you I got. I got all. Three of the venue. Ah I got a bit o Clare was guns on the twentieth, the comedy and stay cut, my favorite club in the country. I to the twenty third and then Milwaukee at the back room at Collective o coffee, which has been a dream for me to perform in the back room of accomplish
It's it's like really living your reality. By its best life of one she boil tickets were Oliver Show and they lie bugles manage using blogger Newcastle if you can also buy tickets for at least thirty five, a history of twenty nineteen. My end of year review show so how theatre details honest. I hope it is a website that is from the bugle this week. We will now play out with the lies about our premium: subscribers join the voluntary subscriptions game go to the people, but gusto com and click the donate by Chris Music page Hamas has begun to take a crystal to cancel within wherever he goes plugging it. on the table at meetings and filling it with goat's milk before eyeball, everyone else at the meeting and then download it in one for whatever reason is now enjoying the most successful phase of his career to date. Similarly, nano
donor initials deity always takes upon it, of course, to job interviews places it on the table and says: can you keep an eye on that? Please I'm expecting something big to happen at any moment. Nick and so was recently disappointed at a restaurant went after he ordered a single malt after dinner, away came back with a laboratory which pursue to shed its her all over the table. Yes, that is actually happen Morton Avis imbalance has never been shore exactly what the game quoits involves. but assumes it is like a cross between croquet table tennis, jousting and shot put Are we not assumes hopes I'll Cohen would like the Elizabeth and rough to make a return as universal Gub for all elected politicians, particularly in Britain, Kyle things the Edit formality of the rough would improve standards of behaviour, whilst also allowing Mps to work longer hours as they could keep a sandwich. Tucked away in the rough in case, parliament sits Light Abbe how of support
This idea about for different reasons. She thinks the frilly neck. Where would force politicians to think a little more responsibly about their words. At the moment, look sensible, but sound ridiculous. So if you make them look ridiculous, it logically follows that they would want to sound sensible. No one wants to go to veto on that one. Do like Neil COM. Adds that the eighteenth century wig might be over. You will come back to it should stop pollen, fishing is getting so angry if they feel the flappy side bits. their wig flapping in their faces they'll be reminded to calm down a bit Adam believes the freedom to be flippant or he calls it deliberately. Is one of the Cornerstones of free speech, and democracy just stay. A statue of liberty erected somewhat too remote, It's that awful by sacrificed their lives for all right, not to take things seriously enough testify, Merlin Reynolds was disappointed. The childhood party many years ago, when, due to a misunderstanding on order form these schedule Balloon mandala did not turn up instead
Baleen, mandala, came and proceeded to horrify the children by twisting the briskly filter from the mouth of a while into a series of admittedly amusing shapes anonymous don't I M A thinks the world could do with more arose, Aries rooms with fruit trees being of course conducive to the kind of meditative relaxation. Tat are somewhat gone out. fashion. Today, Stroppy Planet Baltimore, more environmentally friendly conservatory with added fruit explains Ma James Davies, however, isn't so seldom rooms based on other citrus fruits, a parliamentary, it would be less relaxing things James, due to any potential implications of the much heavier pimentos spotting onto someone's head was I we're having a snooze whilst come quarters simply be distractingly solely named place to try to have a productive sit down. David Zaza has never enjoyed the joke. What do you call a day with no eyes no idea due to being
able to hear the quick without envisages the true horror of life for an eyelid dear, particularly in the wild Jamaica is right with him on this one and has taken tourists. Coming to the set up line. What do you call a day with no eyes with the punchline heart, rending tragedy that raises a lot of questions about human exploitation of the natural world and the ethics of venison farming and finally, Tom Quest had to laugh he found himself earnestly, making the claim that the word over it Migration is most front. Stick word in the english language by a factor of at least six hundred percent. He ended the lies.