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Bugle 4125 - Your Biggest Fears


It's been a scary news week, with a focus on some classic page fillers, from Tr*mp to Boris to Syria to, er, Elon Musk. Plus Andy, Alice and Chris reveal their biggest fears.

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For a visual world, hello viewers and welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and twenty five over the bugle forty, a news by Buffalo a visual world this week show recorded, live at the stand, a comedy club in New castle on Tuesday, the eighth of October, in the rather ridiculous year of twenty nineteen with a decade career into all that so and wondering what enough it's done with itself and hopefully so it Some parts of the show seemed already a little out of date. Do not blame main blame the Stoppable March of Time and above all, blamed this planet and the people who live there, of whom I am, admittedly, one hands up. No complaints live and learn. There will also often this be a plug for new show. Chris is producing so Chris. cut the bugle tron so
welcome to other people. I think very much for coming and uh what a particular enjoyed so far in the show was surprised silence when the announcement was made earlier on that this show was a full house, and a pool. These two any long term, zaltzman fans, or indeed people have come to see me at this venue before who were expecting to have a couple of tables to themselves or maybe stretch out along a row of seats at the back behind the curve. they usually used to cordon off the back So so welcome. Welcome to to the bill, this is uh. The bugle live doubling up as issue four thousand one hundred and twenty five of bugle, who listens to bugle regularly, who has never listened to the bugle well. I do hope you enjoy it there. Maybe
some parts of the shows at all, slightly confusing, for example, when people shout this to Chris you guys anyway, sure those details of that on the internet. It's now time usual cohost for tonight's and we're going to democratize this I'm going to let you the people of new car, So choose your who co hosts full tonight from the going short list option. A home secretary, Dominick Roy, three time, winner of floundering, eighty of the year from unsuitable for office monthly magazine be the former Scottish World Snooker champion Graham DOT, but in full batch mode, recreating his two thousand and four World Snooker Final lost to Ronnie O'Sullivan. So he just be sitting quietly in a chair in the corner, shaking his head and occasionally sipping water option. Cd disinterred corps of some Sigismund of burgundy
do a few fans of six century sites in option T Mike Ashley the owner of new, because he wants a football club manager. Three nine mil stadium to think was suspiciously cheap, but West. I give option eighty hours fries up hello, buglers, hello, Chris, I'm so flattered that you voted for me. But I don't trust you. You can't be trusted with a vote. So no recording on the eighth of October, two thousand and nineteen yesterday, the seventh of October was a historic day in history. Is anyone know what it was the anniversary of? No, that was the sixth doctor
thanks for eclipse, thanks for the presents, is one when you have bought tickets to this yeah. I guess that counts anyway. So will give him a crowd. So what we expect to get you know you've made in showbiz when you that's the end up heckling yourself, so the sentence for October uh, cause famous anniversary, was in fact the anniversary of the first day in history. Don't don't take for me, take it from the hebrew calendar this first day of the Hebrew Canon is being calculated, the seventh of October, three thousand seven hundred and sixty one see now I am a lapsed Jew, but I'll stick with the calla
if it's not entirely the diet as the half eaten hotdog in but yeah. That was the beginning of time. You said of October, at three thousand seven hundred and sixty one BC. Apparently creation began about a year after that which does slightly raise the question. What the fuck, who is he doing in that year gap here explain why things went a place to live? Also tonight Eiffel Tower is face, you'll fit is die. This is a well. I know that
I'm so we're fear sandy. My fears are well. I have a number of fears. The shortening of cricket matches I mean seriously what the fuck is going on with that. That's the whole point cricket. Is it gives you essentially a week off? I don't want two one slash two hours off from the horrors of reality or water for five days or if it's been around on day thirteen three daddy's home. I also have a fear of seeing Father Christmas eating from a long, narrow, open, container
claustrophobia. Well, you open the floodgates with if, in fact, I listen, I'm just saying they usually need about ninety five minutes of full play before you can get it I'm afraid of clowns, but not clowns quote clowns to specific their inability to measure things properly like that's, not how big your mouth is. Do you make a pro? Really that's, not how big your feet are. That is certainly not how big are car is meant to be and can like the modern millennial clowns, stop pretending to be real comedians. Please, just 'cause you've been to down school in France. Doesn't make you a comedian, your amusement mashup of improvisational jazz mine? It can buy in all the bleak cynicism of interpretive dance and all the Socio pathic self absorption of a baby. It's all the
forms of art. I'm sorry some of my best friends are clowns, but I'm also creative airplanes, not flying in airplanes, I'm afraid of their creepy faces in this stupid flat arms and the way they sneak up behind you at bus stops and ask you to take selfies with them. see I told you that wasn't going to work and you just giggled and said: do it yeah, but I knew it would get this reaction, but then get Chris your fears. The scariest thing for me is overly dry old towels. Are you listening? Syria touched him and we've all got problems any seriously, uh that it does not in horror, shows to me why just fill fill them fill one right is this: why you took up a sport that involve
cycling the twenty five miles to get dry, many of the Chris other than the old. It's sort of like dying young in a burning fire. Drowning falling over pants down in front of people and having a goatee see Remove all those happen at once, so it's gonna, be one hell of a show of my biggest fear is this. Is this will be the pinnacle of my career? Not not generally the case with people who were with me yeah? I was the well was days yes, and it's not just a day. It is. It is one day as a pot of cephalopod week, which is very exciting to I for one, am looking forward to the process of celebrating the long standing relationship we have with our sub Aquatic eight Leggett allies. Since then, Mutu
on aggression, pact of one thousand, eight hundred and seventy four. The noble Octopus has lived in peace alongside the human race, offering technology in farming equipment. In our time strife I love an octuple sandy. It's not that pretty in that sneaky in that cooler than a high school dropout in a leather jacket, now. I know whenever we have World Octopus day. We have a lot of angry people on Twitter, asking when it's going to be national Dolphin day, to which I say April 14th- but every season every day dolphin day it's about time. We can always it despite dominating a lot of aquatic press and she she any history. Dolphins, aren't as good as they cracked up to be and has tried not a little things, but a lot of them. A rapist's I'm
out well for what it was that you were in total legally to take a catholic pole to work so who have you? You took advantage of that, and we have some octopus now opus facts now go to see all of the conservative party. How much is providers government, opus, fax? Many people believe that the name Octopus means eight feet. In fact, it means get Brexit dumb, which is approximately three more than the average human being. What this also have large tentacles that keep growing and can worm their way into pretty much anything and then squeeze it to death. Remind you of anything brothels this is are able to change the color of their skin, don't even go. There will already confused enough I'm doing a tory is probably my
version of you really actions of the people going. What I do Casal I said that I go with what congratulations. That is the correct. All the holes in the Bin this week is that the new vehicle audio comic strips section, where will read out from engine. Three audio newspaper, the comic strips section in the wizard of this, take. The wizard is in his workshop in the king, walked in the wizards busy the king says. I need your help in the wizard says. I'm sorry, I identify as someone who can't help you. You see it's funny, 'cause the running joke of the wizard of. Is it that it is that everyone isn't very nice, in this week's Hagar the horrible hey guys with his wife and she's wearing a
flower in her hair. She says: hey girl, I was thinking we could have a date night and you could sweep me off my feet and then he goes. I need to get back into shape and she said so. You can impress me and he goes no, so I don't put my back out trying to sweep you off your feet. Get it 'cause the long running joke hey or is that he hates his fat wife, which is either commentary on the double standards of attractiveness that men hold about women or a perpetuation of those same double standard. Then we have this week, Prince Valiant, which I didn't read something and I didn't read last weeks- and I won't read this week- some really installments in a cereal or to be modular at least relatively self contained on a narrative level, So I'm replacing at Prince valiant with a bugle special comic. We have. The first panel is a giant squid in a shoe shop in the shoe shop attendant who's, a slightly
pull a giant squid in a shoe shop, uniform and then the giant squid says: do you do half sizes? That's the thing about comic strips there, always like the first half of the bed. Being told badly by taxi driver. There's also a boo: little Special Bugle Comic Strip in which in the first panel and he walked in and goes cricket cricket cricket like a pokmon whose name is cricket, 'cause pokmon can only say their own names in Second panel Andy turns on the television, and you see John Oliver on the screen and then Andy presses the remote control and the channel changes to cricket and Andy size and goes a cricket
that's the you know, the six six in the in the not just the Bugle comic Strip. Also the storyboards more forthcoming biopic Royce it's over top story this week and Joe well. We have to go with this. Well this. How reluctantly breaks it. The brexit talks are on the brink of collapse. Pretty much like hydrant tool is on the brink of collapse. it's basically collapsed along time ago. And no deal. Brexit was calling to no less a source and Boris Johnson himself, a million to one shot just weeks ago and is now ciao bring up to the elbow aintree with the jockey standing on the saddle spraying a machine gunner, all the other horses skill in the rest. In case you
You've missed the negotiations. Uh this week essentially involved the UK saying to the Eu Hazen, obviously unworkable non solution that you saying It's always unworkable UK saying what is your open with obviously unworkable solution. Well they're, obviously unworkable in the UK, saying you're letting down the people of Britain who voted for a king unworkable solution. That you're saying is not what they before the U K, thank you so hope of filled in the gaps forum. Interview who missed it. Boris Johnsons, planned for the r s border seem to feature, I think, was to borders for four years, essentially near the actual border. With it, I one board of eight years, I don't the compromise, maybe it's half a border for sixteen years or Chapina to lose shouting halt. Who goes, there for the next one hundred years. It kind of works out roughly the same mathematically and it's
It's all I mean obviously orange ball. Dallas is one of those kind of brexit related matters that no one could possibly have foreseen might be slightly problematic, it is easy to say, with the benefit of hindsight or indeed full site. I think or preemptive think I mean say what you like about brexit of what I think come. I think I sent his basic private proposal for some good homeopath. Boulder traces. The there is of the original board about only costs of lunatics insistence. Still look for the sign up on our the other government plan is to just appeal to
british smuggler's sense of fair play, which is basically how corporate taxation works so never had so much hot air lifted. So few balloons scottish Secretary Ellis to Jack. So sorry, sorry Alice, that is just a beautiful fries We were just at the conservative Party conference scottish Secretary, Alistair Jack, called fears of no deal brexit, leading to severe delays at Cross channel ports. Absolute nonsense saying business will find a way through. Is simultaneously admitting the government doesn't have a solution to the problem. It's creating a beautiful expression of his faith in market for to work their way around the government's failures and also worrying paraphrase of Jeff Goldblum New Jurassic Park, saying life
will find away, but I'm not saying that dinosaurs are going to eat european imports at the british border, but I'm also not saying they won't. We all know raptors can open doors that customs laws try to close Are you also saying they'll still be pumping out sequels? In decades, from now, Boris Johnson said that this is a genuine attempts to bridge the chasm, while still standing with a massive spade with which he is Doug the chasm but also I think many people would say when you're on one side of the chasm before you start building a bridge, maybe think what might be on the other side before you just build a bridge into a chasm Boris Johnson told Laura Kuenssberg the BBC. If only we could all come together, fevers would cool which just reminiscent of the english soldier who helpfully suggested to Joan of arc that she take a layer off,
if she was getting a little bit toasty wild walls pouring petrol all over her already over than the steak, I'm blasting her with a flamethrower historical details are inaccurate in that, but it's two thousand and nineteen it's Britain, history, is what you want it to be. Never has the phrase if we all come together sounded less little caesars. These are. To bring the country stressful. Let's call these these appeals to bring Brittany who'd like Britain to be brought together. Now it's kind of meaningless thing probably set on this podcast, but there's only one one thing that was ever brought Britain together as a nation that is Luftwaffe
So what we're hoping seems to be that eventually, Britain will gradually fall in love with itself in a kind of national stock Home syndrome. kind of also work, and you haven't autoerotic stock quote anyway. That's not going, and also in the conservative sticking with Boris Johnson as a leader through all this to me, is like keeping a pets crocodile that is eaten six of your children, because you, like the fact, your neighbors always peering into your garden, to see. What's going on, just like the attention, I'm Michael Gove, How do you just add that noise to the end of his name, if it ever located, he
yeah. He said this win. This government have compromised. We in this government are showing flexibility, which is the kind of come. Noise is the kind of compromise in hostage negotiations when you've offered to slightly turn up the radiator that you've changed your hostage too, and the flexibility is a glutton who's, older. Twenty portions of nine chicken nuggets instead of thirty portions of six chicken- not I mean you have to you- have to look to the people for the arguments full brings it up, for example, during Smith from Leicestershire, gave a moving speech about how she's waiting for the e you to get out of the way, so she can broker and Clusive trade deal with China for homemade weapons grade uranium. So that's the future.
We'll make our own trade deals Gov continued faced with the delaying disruptive and annoying taxes of the opposition. We say this is in parliament. We say on behalf of the seventeen point, four million enough enough enough. We need to leave and it is important to remember where we stand as a nation. We are just with unity and we are just off tiny, humble nation. Seventeen point, four million people, roughly the size of Zambia or Guatemala, but so much horror of the Olympic Medal table showed one amazing nation. The seventeen point, four million people all of them not sure how many m actually won a medal, given that I mostly post athletic age. I do not believe that you have not done that now, I'm getting pretty done, of course, and that's that's the that's the mantra this nation, amongst the also these be the official slogan of the conservative party conference, recently get breaks it down and narrowly defeated. The
contenders for Tory Party Slogan, a conference including one nation, one ditch to die. In and alone right this this this, and this is why are you enjoying brexit? Are you enjoying the Hong Kong China crisis? Are you enjoying environmental Armageddon well, in which case you were probably sitting at home thinking, you know what what would You make my world is a real flair up in the syrian crisis. Well, all your christmases came over to this week's daughter. Donald Trump announced that he would be pulling US troops out from the boy The area of Syria thus essentially paving the way for Turkey too long. It's long threatened invasion of the actually kurdish region. Although it's fine, don't worry, is Donald Trump himself treated. If two,
he does anything that I these are here exact words in my great an unmatched wisdom. He has. He turned into an old testament, God in everything other than the fact that, sadly, he actually exists If Turkey does anything, the iron migrate, an and wisdom consider to be off limits. I will totally destroying and obliterate the economy of Turkey brackets of done before exclamation. So there's there's something about at Thanksgiving,
great and unmatched wisdom. I mean. I went out of all the crazy things that he said in his twittering career. It's it's hard to be optimistic about this. A spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Council predicted will be chaos once again and just look at that. The broad situation we've got involved in this earlier. One trump and Bashar Al Assad the prospects finding a peaceful solution, not grey I mean it's not going on a three week: camping holiday with G, auto, Michelangelo and Rafael expect in the conversation at no points to touch on interior decorating as a little joke for any Fresco fans in tonight's or Slut, getting Hulk, Hogan, big bird from Sesame Street and 1960s one hit wonder and so
installed court of Hellfire, Arthur Brown together, for two day workshop and expecting them to develop commercially viable teleportation. It is very unlikely to work, and it's probably going to end up getting very messy. Indeed yeah. I, for one hundred, am very much enjoying the next installment of this long running. Will they won't leave it? Won't they american imperialism? Soap, opera, Trump Trump is playing he's, ordered withdrawal of US troops on the border of Syria 'cause. We all know the one thing better than using your military might to interfere with international human rights. Abuses is to play with committing your forces like a fifty three year cocaine addict plays with committing to his promise of finally leaving his wife to be with his one. True secretary should move on to the writing section. Yet in writing news. Now, let's give a jingle Chris
there we go, ISIS ashamed to have that facility and not use it. Sorry writing news Alice inviting news. Now. Taiwan and China have gone to war on Wikipedia. Much much is my Wikipedia page regularly has to be locked to prevent people engaging in bugle based Bullshittery. Taiwan's location on Wikipedia has been regularly switching between a state in EAST Asia and a province in the people's Republic of China. Look at They say that history is written by the victors, but also why not short circuit the whole winning process and just change your Wika Pedia Champ age. You can say you are, for example, the most beloved australian comedian or the best most successful and attractive president in the history of America, for example. I'm sure that, but slash has already worked for someone. Hum is an inverse russian doll of pottery.
Every time you think he's reached his limit out. Pumps in the even bigger he's doing very well said, have pms a figurine of a human being inhabited by the thoughts of a thousand dreams, how to stop eating cheese and puts on of the Wikipedia page on the Hong Kong Riots. Apparently was edited sixty five times in a sink die, the Dalles alarm on Wikipedia his description keeps changing from tibetan refugee to chinese exile to spiritual leader. A total knob end, depending on spending on whether or not the chinese government is edited. It lost g jinping. Similarly, described as a oppressive authoritarian throwback, with a natty line in parades or absolute dreamboat.
The chinese Warren Beatty, the Communist Party General Secretary of our hearts, the Wayne Gretzky of Paramount Leaders- oh god yeah I would is. It is interesting Wikipedia factors. In fact, I have a friend who His hobby is going on Wikipedia and when there's a picture of a thing, he replaces it with his picture of that thing. So the picture Wikipedia Refrig is his French. Well, he says a great how Weaver Alice without wishing to be too delicate. How far does he take this Wikipedia and find a home? I know that rash, which, coincidentally is the title of Alice's new poll- tells I'm in
in the other. Writing knew scientists are using light. That is ten billions times. Ten billion it's getting like a scientist using like ten billion times brighter than the sun to D. for scrolls that were buried when uh the Subia's erupted in the year. Seventy nine ad uh, Hercule Adium, of course, not as big or as famous as palm paper, actually a better selection freedom Dolly all over again lot of heart jokes that over that now they use in a device to a ticket to the, because it you rolled up scroll to to to to work. I was right now is that what it is yes, family show Alex and Alex's friends. There are using a device called a synchrotron,
is clearly made up, but apparently it accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light year right. So so you can then admit, lie that's ten billions times brighter than the sun. Of course, if you can take, billions are not bullshit. Is it anyway? Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? It's obviously going to destroy him. This is seen one in a disaster. Movie ends up the hunky man in a tight, fitting t, shirt and a distracting you pretty woman, not saying very much running away from erupting Donna. So we know how this and the I came. A price to reveal, what's hidden in the scroll, uncover the secrets hidden is the celebrity volcano. Vesuvius quite literally blew his top in seventy nine. Ninety approved end of volcanoes, all sticklers for paperwork, if nothing else, so the Shein can be trained so that it can be so. I can work out the difference between papyrus and ink and then gradually decipher
what was written, the chances are with, as with most classes kind of mundane everyday stuff like how much wine Quintas drank on the average Tuesday, how many amphora of Grey slow kisses eaten since he supposedly went on his diet after the Saturnalia. How many calls the it takes to change an oil lamp? The old ones, are the best. What time Bing as someone who studied Latin is unpublished, I thought the racy poetry, Megastar Catullus of not personal hero of mine, but of Alice order, shooting the lived in the first three pc. He wrote a poem that was so incredibly filthy. Grandmother dissolving the route that no english translation of it was published until the 1990s, that is over two thousand years of filth.
One power in here is the original Latin. They call the folks at your mobile, are at an already paid the K X, kinoy date, fury translation, all well, you in the and oh really as you and furious you absolute talk to his in the it's a pretty strong stuff, Donald trumps, internal monologue, but more so he was also very famously wrote the poem beginning. They see me scroll and they hated. He will
also cable, amazingly beautiful poetry. Container such as this line, he wrote to a fell in love with coolest three. Oh seven: oh est, net total tickets caucus in wonderful rhythms, some language expression, the greatest human emotion that rings true to this very day translated. It means your ass. is purer than a salt. Cellar you probably only take a shit ten times a year. That was crazy. Romans they conquered the world it work on main this week has unveiled is his, so I will see is either what the half brother of Michael Gove
he just has the face of a man in a police sketch of a man, description Busca. You did not know yeah, I said he was he's a baby's idea of a grown up. A he's he's got all the money in ambition and telling the world he's using it to send Costa space like the one fantasy of nodes that wish they were brave enough to be remember anything I learned at school. Remember: wind jokes! I tell the musk has unveiled his starship, which he plans to use to blast massive cruise into deep space. Be why not other than all the reasons? Why not stop
you can say is a is a rocky based on what people full rocket should look like in the nineteen fifties: Sci FI, it looks like a child's during of a rocket I? Just Thank you. Unless he's got all the ambition and innovation of a latter day component is without the leavening influence of being accused of heresy by the ruling church. I'm constantly torn between admiration of his incredible achievements and wanting to give him a wedgie for being so smug about. I think a part of his was he was getting. Even it was yeah yeah. We have a choice, which was an ex communication in a big way. G anyway must because other rival, the sofa. in snow this week he E muscled in on the same attorneys, launched his new moon, javelin or loon. It's one card to one kilometer, it's one
almost along three meter, high spice spare that will people moon from a launch facility in the Atacama desert model. On the arm of the check three Tomalin, javelin champion yeah I no also a place to develop a new supersonic, hot air balloon powered by an evil kind now and make a joint hand taxi which for three hundred meter high robot giant called Errol with extendable, ten kilometer arms that will pick commuters up in his giant poor and then gently put them off their chosen destination. That's a fact royal things on earth? No other body time
time is yeah. If you will, if you want the body, why would they be the same Chris off guard on the body? No time debating news. Now, I'm slightly out of the loop on dating up in with my wife for twenty three years, which is I have a relief cause when I was younger, I was had trouble finding love and in particular funny people to perform love only who can go blue and I need to which is never in dating NEWS now, Tienda has launched a post apocalyptic choose your own adventure game as cold swine.
Night to end it is being marketed as in app interactive digital experience. I am impressed that they've managed to spin this as a game on tinder other than admitting that tinder tender itself is a post apocalyptic. Choose you. adventure game Each release of a of a chapter in the game to the members can display three of the choices they made in the profile on the app and that's it presumably to act as a a conversation starter and again, the only a few ways in which that would function. As a conversation, conversation starter, one is oh one, hey you have no critical faculties and can't recognize a cynical pr move on the part of a company who can modify the process of human interaction. Me too one of the tool. Hey. Do you ever feel like this whole swiping people in suits visual cues process is a way to deeply embedded damaging, subliminal message that people are disposable and cultivate. The creeping suspicion that you two are disposable, not cool,
let's fuck uh I missed out on all the dating apps that we're not tender. I just love the fact that you all the comedians in this industry site the fact that you've been married for like twenty plus years as a reason that you haven't been dating that is so sweet anyway. but house had started writing problems of puns about Premier League football teams. To be honest, some of the more absolute gold didn't do the gold one if you support the independent podcast, the bugle financially, and you will have more time to perpetrate abominations of the english language. Well, what is so
how many seems I heard him talking to his old mister. Colton hadn't talked to miss, they were reminiscing by the 1960s and he recalled the brinkmanship of the cold war meeting boy from the assassination of the younger Kennedy brother. So the subject Newcastle, you and United, used to relax at the end of the day by curling up on the sofa having an ip of whiskey and a couple of knuckles of pork, then he would have it's the contented noise, like a stroke cat, a real totten, Hamm HOT,
ha ha. How do you doubted yourself? We have this uh bizarre, slightly bizarre thing about tennis place in the 1970s and he used to make plasticine models of Facial features he had a Billie Jean King knows a Martina Russell over here on a Chris Evert tongue ha ha front, but he always always ate all his food particularly had a pork based products, so he used to didn't want to waste ham, waste time wasted. but he was a bit picky about some of the things he ate sausage. Rolls, for example, was not found a cheap meets at not going to anything.
If animals are season, facial features will not eat anything with an ass tongue. Filler, What is it the smile on his face not finished on these really brightening up? I don't even know it. So. Thank you very much for coming a man paying for the tickets. I know some of you don't have a huge amount of money. Your your Norwich, Norwich. Never that's it!
You can the version that at some point in the future, I'm thinking- because we not see blood coming here to the stand as always to the cause of great talk shows coming up, is a reasonable them as well. I'm please show your appreciation full producer credit, the walls, the bugle live for the first time from Newcastle. They will be more bugle live shows in twenty twenty details to come over the next few weeks. Assuming this planet has not fully snapped in half by then tickets are all Leon Self. My end of year review show two thousand and nineteen the certifiable history at the Soho Theatre details tickets only Soho theaters website. The show will be on at seven hundred and thirty pm from the 16th to the 21st of December then also the 27th 28th and 30th before wrapping up in a whole new decade on the second third and fourth of January. To conclude this weeks, Bugle
Tivity's here are some lies about our premium level. Voluntary subscribers to join them, go to the bugle website and click the donate button music. Please ages, unconvinced by the theory that Ufos are in fact, generally okay, but by former day teas from defunct ancient religions popping back to see what's going on in the world these days it is Brendan's and he simply isn't bowing. Many years ago, a relative of Chris Grace, we will not specify which one made a scarecrow with the brightness spelt in as a private experiment. It was still and by some men in a van with darkened windows and thirty years later, Donald Trump became President Trump has never denied that the scarecrow is in fact him draw your own conclusions on,
subject anonymous, donor initial c w as puzzled. No remote republicans have suggested that a compromise could be reached regarding transportable in which a large truck three thousand kilometers long is erected instead, festooned with simply the prettiest flowers, just take the edge of things. Finally, not in Alexander had read about the BBC Children's tv series, the woomble, having never actually heard the title of the show said out loud but assumed it was pronounced the wound and was a radical feminist puppet show about joint blues marauding around London. Watching the wrongs of thousands of years of patriarchy, Monica meal heard about ins mistake and it's begun crowd. Funding money to my exact, very show. Monica reckons, fifteen million dollars should be enough to get it off the ground and it would be the greatest show ever made an offer. All the clients were clearly based on, as the French would say, the gentleman's April nineteen, so it would just be balancing things out Christopher again, nothing's he's on the verge of developing a new recipe for mashed potatoes. That does not require violence. Instead, gentle persuasion, the woman right by the five and a bit more possible work just as well be way more. Ethical than boiling the cost is alive and crushing the look of eventual hippopotamus
K. Verde has been thinking about what Britain could manufacture to boost its post, brexit economy and thinks there are gaps in the global market for vegan Taxidermic. It's rocket propelled, unicycles and retro artisan handmade 19th century style, mahogany and coast nuclear weapons. Matt Bierman, is a bit of a stickler for linguistic accuracy and, having heard that fridge was short for refrigerator will only use his fridge for things that have been previously cold to cool things down that have never been cold before he would like to buy a frigerator or, as he abbreviated and Edge Torah NASH, pities british vulcanologists, who have to go overseas to get any decent quality work. She considers that it must be like being a venezuelan cricket store or a mauritanian penguin breeder or lifting Stinney, an evil military genius
and finally, Deborah Swain has a couple of linguistics suggestions to make if a significant personal resentment, often played out in the public domain is called a beef than a small, petty secret grievance should be called a veal. She also thinks that the person at the bottom center of a motorcycle pyramid should be called a Pharaoh. Here, ended the lies, and now a plug for Chris is new. Show hello, buglers are is producer Chris here I have. New show out a please please listen is that taking me a year to make I've made it with my friend Richie Firth He is a funny man and assess do this show is me and him print Lee him really going in places because he thinks he can do it better than you. It's fucking stupid everything. It's so stupid, here's a little clip of it. Could you please please listen is in Apple podcasts in spa?
device and all those other places, and it's probably your entire lap right now then you'll see a link thanks, bye LA
Do we all three laws now from? I can't lie one of the oldest services on the and twenty five, and certainly the one with the funniest nine plus I funny about K, always thought track is outside the nineteen seventies chose to attack is, which is obviously back and they'll play grounds of is the yes because yeah I was. It was my skill, but anyway, so whatever I plus tracking allied services. I see this say a couple of blacks, but everyone