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Bugle 4126 - Silk and Linen

Trumps' letter to Erdogan, Kim on a horse, blob news and Britain spewing effluent - it's The Bugle's 12th birthday!

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For a visual world hello and welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and twenty six of the world's most trustworthy sources on trustworthiness, the vehicle all I am I'm these Altman and joining me in the audio pages of this week's forty, a newspaper all notes Nobel Prize winner, Alex Fraser sting it that basically tour de facto warmonger yes, Andy, I'm I'm inventing weapons of mass destruction as we speak right good. Also, joining us from yeah. It's the Mumbai monsoon MA for himself
out of our pal hello, Andy, hello, Alice, hello, Annabelle how's, the monsoon season begin for you this. You understand it's very much like the party conference season here, in that it's now coming to an end and his left behind a bit of 'em and everyone involved is suspiciously moist. Well, at least exit situation has an end. It appears the Indian soon does not me maybe we need to meet with John Claude Yunker, and European Union and she I can't stand this monsoon well I'll call super supposed to end and the Alice in the month of August. We allow now in October, and it's will pouring rain. So if you have any solutions for us for me specifically, please I mean if the sky is crying and this works on my on my knee still, it sternly to stop behave yourself or we won't read a book. That's what works for me. So
does it work on this guy? Yes, that's why a strong drought situation in Australia, we're recording on the 18th of October. This week we celebrate twelve years, a podcast. The bugle was born twelve years ago, any business end of the two thousand and seven Rugby World CUP. Of course, when a series of phone calls between me and John Oliver, which we innocently discussed global events, were hacked by news International, an published online. My memory is a little hazy. Those times now, twelve years on and almost under this really puts in perspective. How long list podcast been going? Almost every dog that was alive to curl up, but its owners feet and listen to that first episode is dead. Thank you time jokes like had. I someone is this, since they show now whose dog digested a well yeah he's twelve
the for the twelve year anniversary of a wedding at the traditional wedding. Gifts are silk and fine, linen well. Well, the Senate. Lucky I put my special this morning and and if we are doing that kind of analysis in twelve India's had seven prime ministers, I mean twelve years Australians had about forty eight, so I don't know yeah, I'm not sure. Necessarily the world is better or worse than it was certainly think. It's some we've come Peter to the overall sum of human ignorance. at least claim that today is also one hundred and sixty eight years since Moby Dick was published. So you and Moby Dick share an anniversary that I mean that is perfect just a grumpy old man chasing something that doesn't exist and which
One of the two main characters is much bigger than the other. Well, I know since, since the hundred sixty eight years ago, humans have developed the call of the Arab played the spice rock at the internet. The fridges been on the market right now. What a I was not well when we are winning the evolutionary race Herman Melville Channel Moby, Dick the opening sentence. Call me Ishmael. Originally it was called me. Maybe I would have gone with the initially that sentence had a comma in it called Ishmael is just a very long, like angry breakup note commonly As always, a section of the vehicle is going straight in the Bin this week to party conference season here, as mentioned, has tragically come to an end in the
the Scottish National Party concluded their conference. They opted not to go with a web. Of clinging to a sclerotic, Tori England Vibe this year, for whatever reason so in the Bin. I commemorative two thousand and nineteen Uk Party conference please and pull out section to keep on your coffee time. For the rest of Time Party conference at most full of year that Tommy, that makes you think that full automation of all jobs, but politicians simply cannot come soon. Enough, the time of year, when fact checkers wake up every morning after three hours, sleep screaming offering my Life Party conference, place where people go to trade. Their rare Thatcher trading cards Happy times one of the trademarks of party which is, of course, is politicians, giving a terrible speech and then their colleagues unconvincingly praising them for that speech. Despite the fact they probably think they're, deranged and or evil saying well, I thought it was a really good speak but giving a speech in APA. Conversely, that is a low bar Hannibal Lecter could give a speech in a cop party conference and the
This will be nodding to each other, saying only had some excellent ideas, and I found the bit about his Iphone commitment to veganism, particularly inspiring. So we have the nominations for this year's party conference season awards is hotly contested as ever categories, including at least coherent speech very competitive, most brave, really hypocritical lack of self awareness, very good luck today or panel for narrowing, that down to the marketing it's pretty Patel's, taking it home. Treating her is like building a dull on clay at the French Open at all. So perhaps the most interesting category for the prices for the speaker who most look like they just had their on face, surgically removed like in the film face off and then reattach back to their own head before trying to with smile without making children scream too much, and they showdown between Dominic, Robin Matt Hancock in that category's been a classic for the ages. In India, when we have party conferences, we have two major parties and when the leader, the main leader, shows up that is a ceremonial garlanding of the main leader and the Garland Y takes place
all party members to a point where the leader is essentially engulfed under piles of flowers. Fukase is there some sort of day fication of a liberal KS Delete like it like that? What comes out is he garlanded continuously by five thousand people to a point where he's buried under the weight of well, I think in his own imagination he is. You can just tell us in the look on his face traditionally others sufficient backstabbing within parties, in in the? U K that what happens is half the body tries to drown? The leader in the other half tries to burn them as a which that they cancel each other out, so you just get a slightly steamy steamy later. Thank you. This is the inside to live for. Thank you, the fact.
That section in the bin top story this week, world on literal and or virtual fire news, which is going to burn us to a crisp first reality or metaphor political events or the environment he's getting increasingly easy Allison. I love to think these days. First fish that climbed out of the sea all those years ago with a crazy pipe dream of growing some legs not being eaten by shark and gradual evolution. The share itself might have made a catastrophic error of judgment this week. I've seen more disaster is unfolding, in particular the situation in the kurdish area of northern Syria or Kurdistan at depending on which side of the coin you're approaching it from Donald Trump is pulled off the coast
ordinary feet of becoming an irresponsible warmonger without actually mongering the war himself. When he's achieved with one like crazy phone calls and letters what did took George Bush years, a months of planning to achieve I mean the letter to restart with the letter that start with the letter. Yes, have you in this letter and the well yeah I mean it's, it's always nice to see when letter writing is a button also has fallen from from prominence. It was stated the ninth of Tober was sent off after the US troops being pulled out of Syria bite by Trump, and he told other one well, a number of extraordinary things in the letter include, don't be a tough guy, don't be a fool which does sound like I'm going to kind of 60S Motown song yeah. I mean that is something that I would sing at. Karaoke
The thing I find most charming about this whole situation is that Trump is writing letters he's genuinely so much on his own plane of reality that I'm constantly surprised when he does anything even vaguely normal he's the kind of guy you'd expect to be surprised by paper or have an inexplicable vendetta against INC is afraid of stairs, for God sake stairs. In fact, those are his two major feeding, sharks, syntax and sharks. I am not another. Classic song was a carpenter. Prize by the language of the letter. His big appeal to the voters was that he was going to bring his strong biz his strong background and nineties business ethic to the role of president. I guess I just didn't think about what being a big real estate mogul slash con man in the 90s actually involved. I'm surprised
The people who are still surprised when he treats international diplomacy is anything different from business conducted in a dark cellar. While your counterparty tries not to let their attention drift to the meat hooks over your left shoulder. democratic congressman MIKE Quigley said. I actually thought it was a prank or a joke that it couldn't possibly come from the oval office. It sounds all the world like the President of the United States in some sort of momentary lapse, just dictated angrily. Whatever was on the top of his head, which is obviously buys democratic bullshit. This is not a momentary lapse. It is a long term spring full prolapse, ed from behind brain his herniated through the quivering muscular membrane, if he's on the Times Self control and is now throbbing bulbous Lee in the open air for all of the diplomatic community to say well
That is an image that none of us are ever going to fully get out of operates, as always I'm be Alice. I have questions about and here's one of Turkey. Well, it's a two parter the letter Alice, it did say Trump. I did say, don't be a fool, I will call you later. I, I think that you know a certain degree of informality is quite lovely, especially Nuclear weapons are involved like and if I was to hold forth on the genuine prowess of indian, fast bowling in cricket in the 1980s. I think you would respond, but don't be a fool. I will call you later. Yes, I would actually, with all due respect to Kapil Dev. I would definitely do that.
Yes, it is. We need to spend a second talking about recipe type of deal done. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly, the great leader of Turkey and he said when he stopped at the small condition, vision that he's a peace, loving healer and given what he's done currently in such as euro asian politics, him sing peace, loving healer, is like saying the eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused. The slight inconvenience to the residents of coffee here in the same way as yeah you gotta acupuncture, clinic on that the acupuncturist comes out with h, chilling souls inside you and feel a thing. I'm sure that's what it is even easier to cut your head off Us Trump said in the letter. Let's I got a good deal. Exclamation mark,
don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, and that, frankly, is a naive assumption to make aggressive bird world history says. Donald Trump will look upon your face. If you get this done the right and humane way, let me clear exactly what that would involve. It will look upon you forever continue Trump as the devil. If good things don't happen, history for Donald Trump is very much. A binary thing is Lucas, yes, and I think he's right when he says you don't want to be responsible, but he's left out there held from that since you don't want to be held responsible. Such an important word in these things, but also history doesn't even look upon the devil. Is the devil these days so quote and think about it? When I'm, I don't anyway, at one forty thinking, big III. Consider me the devil. That sounds like a load of documentaries. Paradise lost the devil's quite hot in that well
You don't tell my school english teacher, but that is a big thing. If it turns out you can The Old York notes are pretty handy, impose things. Turkish present two sources apparently told the BBC that the other one received the letter rejected it and web. You plus, I said there going where ox right. He did his own section in the bin. He put a letter from Donald Trump in the Bin where it belongs. It's a very confusing situation, an cease fire has now been struck, and if history teaches us nothing else, it is that cease. Fires in the Middle EAST and never ever broken apart from in every previous instance of cease fires happening. Yeah I mean within the cease fire. There are many complicated things happening in the whole situation, needs sort of bar charts and graphs and flow charts to explain it, but
the things that drew my attention was that Australia has ruled out retrieving about forty, six, australian women and children who fled ISIS territory. And are being held at the El Hol Refugee camp in northern Syria near the area of turkish operation. These australian citizens will remain in the refugee camps during the ceasefire, Becaus, Australia Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, said. The situation remains too dangerous to send australian troops or officials. he's blaming the parents of the children for taking them into danger, and it's, I think, really good to know that, whether it's our own citizens or people arriving on both the official australian government stance remains them seriously. I'm right up the hoop I like that our government is happy to leave australian children in a situation that is quote too dangerous to send soldiers into it, makes it feel just so nice. Doesn't it just it's also quite only I want to know what you guys think that in the age of you know,
where a missile can get from Istanbul to deep inside kurdish territory in about twelve seconds. Donald Trump is still I he probably delivering them by pigeons It should be encouraged to use increasingly primitive forms of communication. You know he's gone from Twitter Weiner Twitter move him to letters wean him off letters, move him to cheese. things on two slabs of stone. I move him off that just sticking him in a pink age, some mod Drawbar Elk and he apparently had something of a meltdown or Nancy Pelosi, had something for meltdown depending on whether you are Donald Trump or everyone else in the universe is at a meeting in the White House and it got pretty competitive with Trump said to Nancy Pelosi. I hate ISIS more than you do. This strange things to get competitive about, given that one assumes needs much of a fan, it's very hard to quantify those and Allison. How much do you hate ice
I mean I I don't know I I've never tried to quantify that. I think, if you put it into cricket bats and sent it to them nautical, quite a lot right. Welcome on, because I because cricket bats? More than you thought. I had ISIS more than you, which makes you a terrorist sympathizer, it's so hard to quantify exactly how much each of them hates something trump, clearly hates him so much that he wants to facilitate that. Re growth by creating the instability on the ground he's achieved, so they have more of them to hate. So where is Nancy closest, are nothing to bring ice back from. well, this is an interesting thing, transmissible ins to a bipartisan condemnation of it is, I hope, these decision to it order the withdrawal of american troops from not the Syria at people are suggesting It is an abandonment of the code to a US is one of U S's main allies in the fight. I sort of I don't know how I feel about it. He said that it's time to get the US out of court and the schools as a Buddhist can
and a big fan of non war. I agree with Trump on principle, with two questions: one. If you want to get out of wars, why do you keep giving money to the military and be the big, Exacerbated of increasing territorial conflict at the moment is crop failure due to climate change, and if you don't want billions of people fighting over land and resource, is you maybe want to stop pretending? Science isn't real. I know that's not very funny, but why don't you just replay that bit while imagining at the same time there's a cute fat, puppy, excitedly, dragging an oversized novelty deldo around a fancy dinner party or slightly tested the Middle Age House Jason Round, going drop that Roger bad puppy and apologizing to his guests. That way, my house last night Just have a quick question. Nancy Pelow see guys she left that press conference and she left that meeting with Trump and give a press conference, and she said every day I pray for the president in his family. Now I'll start praying for his mental help. Do you think that
This is the sort of thing bi, partisan politics should be talking about that one. The opposition leaves and says. I think the man we met his match, what other people have done: proper scientific studies of his of his mental health. When I I was reading about sir? Yes, I think there is the there is a sort of a general prohibition on mental health professionals, diagnosing someone at a distance, but I think it's it's very different when someone is diagnosing someone at distance, if that, as is as semaphoring, their mental illness two giant red flags breaking news now and it's all over Boris Johnson has struck a deal for breaks. It eight seats all over apart from the bit, where stronger through parliament and then the insuring decades of working out exactly what it involves. I'm a deal has been struck with the European Union that will be put to parliament tomorrow. As we record.
They finally agreed on the precise size, an mechanism of the sledgehammer with which we will crack ourselves in the political and economic nuts. It's it's kind of like an inverse prenup, this free divorce agreement to live in separate houses, an not cut the dog in half nitty gritty is still again, the dog is still Novin Island lot of dogs in this podcast Boris Johnson? tweet? It we've got a great new deal that takes back control. Now parliament should get brexit. Done on Saturday, so we can move on to other parties like the cost of living. The NHS violent crime in our environment hashtag get breaks, it done. Hashtag take back control, Let me translate that into plain English, for you, we've cliche, that's cliche. Now parliament should cliche cliche, though so we can cliched a cliches like lie, lie lie and lie: hashtag cliche, hashtag, simultaneous cliche and life as a foreigner. I've been trying to follow this for two years and it seemed to be quite complicated and impossible. What
Boris Johnson do in the last ten days that he was able to get. Thirty is to sign this get the Irish to agree. What did he do? What do you think in private rooms? He was able to pull off that all these human beings could not for two and a half, well it's quite hard to answer that without having been there- and I emphatically was not involved in those negotiations and laid back down firmly believe that, God firmly on the table, you know the mind us speculate it possible that he adjust, took all his clothes off and said, I'm not putting it back on until you most likely way. We've got this through. It is essentially largely the deal, the whole had already been agreed with a few tweaks to it is it's impossible to know exactly what this deal actually involves, because, depending on your chosen media outlet. It is either an object attached with it will have on the final crickets dumped in into the leaking coffin of U K before slamming the population of Britain and and catch into the MID Atlantic ole. It's a rugged
problem trying for Britain over our imperial overlords, like the mighty Luxembourg Phoenix out of thin air by strategic geniuses, apparent quitted venal. Illegal incompetence has in fact been clever facade for our one, true Messiah, or it's almost exact The same is Teresa Maze, failed deal, but a bit shorter and a bit weird about crucially closer to the latest and deadliest deadline, yet pending other deadlines. So it's it's also possible. one of those three possibly make sure of all three of those three. We we don't know under the it to help you conceptualize the process of the Briggs at negotiations, it's sort of like the the olympic torch relay. We when, in this instance, that the the olympic torch is add to cup to handfuls of liquid feces at being passed from one politician full would to a next a politician as they briefly you know it leaks between the fingers. Sometimes they have to top it up with a bit of their own at
and Boris Johnson is the last in this very long line of people, and he is the one who is proffering very gently. This couple handful liquid feces faces to the bowl of the british people. Never watch it olympic opening ceremony the same way ever again? Yes, just imagine the fire is farts yeah. It does look like that. Certainly, the younger generation of Britain may well end up. If we continue on the olympic opening ceremony vibe very much like the doves at the opening ceremony of his soul Olympics in nineteen eighty eight, and if you haven't seen that check it on Youtube, that flame was pretty toasty. Some estimates of suggested that, under this new deal, british people be, on average, two thousand pounds year worse off in more understandable terms. That means no new hubcaps for Jacob Rees, Mogg's, 1930s, Bentley and or a cheeky little poop play the poverty line for struggling families, so it's going to work different ways for different people. The Econo
magazine said. The proposed deal would be bad for the economy, bad for the you know, and by little relation to what voters narrowly backed in a referendum more than three years ago, Michael Gove, by contrast on the regular informed us, it is in fact what the majority of people in this country want, based on his own, oh VIC, divination in public sentiment. Now there is with all due respect to Michael Gove, which of course, is no respect whatsoever. There is more accurate and reliable way of finding out what the majority of people want. And his own hunch, flatteringly cantankerous cock nugget, it's a solution. So a kingly obvious that even Jeremy Corbyn, the Duke of death, are the impor. daughter of indecision. The positive of political paralysis is now almost properly in favor of it, and that really is a second referendum. But there isn't
broadly amount of people telling us what the public things and saying we cannot let the public tell us what I think what is happening to this country Chris, don't just sit there and do something. I'm gone it's me: could we won a second referendum, a consummate revoked, and are you sure you want to go through this and all necessary invasive brain surgery, a nose job and what your nose is replaced? With the I'll set of Buffalo others moment it's just. How can it not not be the correct thing to do I mean these politicians just asserting facts, I admire it so much. I I'm currently a putting together my visa application and I'm so full of imposter syndrome that even asking people to write me letters of recommendation saying I'm okay at my job feel so intensely like I'm asking them for like a full size possible to
I cannot go assassinating Archduke genuinely have been looking at Boris, Johnson and Michael Gove and all of these knuckles as an inspiration. If I had even one percent of their immense self confidence, be an intolerable, arrogant monkey Applying for a visa to the UK right now feels mildly masochistic like asking the person who bought their sex skills bar charts to a first date to marry you or getting a cheap discount ticket for the titanic? all night, yet resell website at the very rough much a long time. That's it. That said, if anyone's a famous so influential who listen to this podcast once wrote me picking him to please get in touch well, if you haven't said famous, ought to be run out for a the famous for influential yeah knocks or amount over to
so depressing that there are some reason not have a second referendum at one Nigel get cross two. There are how only three times as many people in the UK who didn't vote for Brexit as who did vote for Brexit three three times as many now freeze, not very big number. A billion is a big number, so let's wait until it's I'm free. The level of screeching too after that would be unleashed, would possibly make Britain detach from the surface of the earth and flipped backwards into space, which is possibly what the hard Brexit's had in mind. All my friend recently filled out a long term UK visa application and they have a box that says: do you have opinions on Brexit and then says yes and no, but then it doesn't give you any other space. fill out. That opinion is- and I think that's quite quite nice indicator of how things are, but did you think?
Well, yes, I do not mean that I don't know what it is. I know that some of it- and that is also about the level of detail that we voted on in twenty sixteen, so seems entirely appropriate. What happens if you gonna get it through parliament? Well, um! If you can't get through parliament on Saturday, then it will probably be in the extension and again collection. Probably now it or I don't know I've done, it will be a referendum. It's basically it'll just be the unleashing of further chaos, and also, if it does go through, there will be the unleashing of hurricanes, and nobody knows what we're going to get further chaos. Water you these off. The chain rings of David Cameron's in nightly custard brand, two thousand and sixteen referendum and all the MP should now just back the deal
quotes ends the agony. Now this is a term generally used for adult deal. Taking for his last trip to the vet, all for a ground out for him. You pull a one way ticket to Switzerland. It is not the term used to something that you have long term confidence about. I'm the logic seems to be that the three have incompetence we've had from politicians have been so incompetent that we cannot risk more incompetence, even if the java is an unexpected outbreak of sense, if that makes any sense which it doesn't like making a campaign of for your own concert, so obnoxious that people buy tickets just to make it stop sales pitch. So would this be a bit like sudden death in football, so they would keep extending it till they get the votes that they want, but just sudden death images of sudden death. Possibly literal sudden death but which sides politician is most
to get about ancient Roman on it and commit still suicide for the greater good. Do I have to propose the mad MAX Thunderdome again NEWS now and zoo in Paris has put on display a blob. It's yellow goo in title: fish? Sorry, I'm a which translates this is many headed slime, which, coincidentally, is the latin name for the species. Michael Gove it's an organism that has no brain, but apparently seven hundred and twenty different sexes. Yes, binary, male and female. For the for the blob. Seven hundred is that not much choice it can move without legs or wings it it has. It can heal itself in two minutes. If cut in half it looks like a fungus but act like an animal. I think I met a guy like that, once
it's going on display to the public on Saturday, it has no mouth, no stomach no eyes yet it can detect food and digest. I definitely met that guy. Once Bruno David, the director of the Paris Museum of Natural history, has said it surprises us because it has no brain but he's able to learn. So it's one up on Donald Trump, if you manage to blog, is the one that has learned will transmit its knowledge to the other, which is going to be mine. You tend to profile, it is apparently a slime mold? Technically it's a yellowish unicellular living being which, as you say, looks like a phone act like an animal has no brain and seven hundred and twenty six is the wokest slime in history, and people are still against brexit. When France is about to flood Britain with Yellow Idiot boy, Problems that are holding to the power of seven hundred and twenty Thai packet role of our yellow microorganisms british sexually
press micro organisms that just innocently go about their unicellular business, go to church and then eventually get found, having auto erotic asphyxiation themselves in a cupboard I mean this is I mean seven hundred and twenty six is? There is already fanfiction being written about how hot then is there something very french about this? Isn't it hugely french, the tiny unicellular organism in a very I'm, it is, I mean it doesn't look spectacular as an exhibit at the zoo. It's just you know basically looks like someone sat on a bottle of mustard, but apparently scientists say it is one of the most extraordinary things on earth. Today, it's been, it's been in existence for over billion years and Are we still don't really know what it is?
Sometimes you said behave like an animal when times are good at lives as an individual believing there is no such thing as society and it doesn't have a brain and the light was one of its only photo. Is it a tory? This is the question for the evidence against. That is that it can heal itself if cut into comes together in times of crisis and consult problems by working copies of Lee, and it can find its way out of the labyrinth. So no, it is definitely definitely not not a tory if I was a restaurant or catering only to blobs- would I need seven hundred and twenty different toilets when this is one of those questions that plus being distracted from with all the all the fuss over Brexit Trump and global warming. toilet facilities, for unicellular organisms Do unicellular organisms share it or not? I mean we'd have to ask it just merge with it briefly share its knowledge.
Oh, can I just recommend no one googles blob ship just as a life thing yeah Chris, some warnings, you don't need, I mean some mornings. I don't need you clearly, the research cricket is showing Oswego spaceship builder, especially which you then pointed out in front of a room of three hundred people with and they didn't Buzz Aldrin, I'm feeling every single is right. Now is golden globe. She spaceship, I'm pretty sure, was a it's like an ice hockey player.
Main news now and two men have been in the news this week. Well more than two with these two men, specifically Kim Jong UN and the Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand, less us all with Kim Jong UN. He has climbed North Korea's highest mountain on hold back of course. Well. What have here is a horses climbed, a mountain with that. Well, it's back, but just shows how it means you can report the same story in different ways: He has written a white horse, no less up a sacred volcano yes? It is. I think is Frodo is written this horse. The volcano respond with one of the biggest eruptions of the past five millennia. An it's been. It's been described as a sort of politics actor political symbolism. The official state news agency. This is not any old news. I can say, is the official state one, so we think we can trust it said having witnessed the great moments of his thinking, a top mounted pike to all the officials, a company
and we're convinced with overflowing emotion and joy, that they will be uh operation to strike the world with wonder again, which does raise. The question is Donald Trump moonlighting as a copywriter for the N Korean State NEWS Agency, or are they writing his share either way is not ideal. What is it with the with fascist leaders, in horses, Well, I mean why is why is the whole simultaneously, the most macho thing that a fascist leader can ride and also the favorite the favorite, symbol of seven year old girls right? There is a very interesting. So psychological quandary of chances, Putin Shirtless on a horse- you have Richard the third going my kingdom for a horse and you've also got pony club fun times Actually that was the original version of that death scene, Richard the Third Party club fun times. Anyone sorry sniper we're just going to kill you.
better. You under a car park in Leicester, Mount like to is the same could mountain of the revolution in North Korea. But if you, how much this is a mountain In a revolution I mean I've been many. Revolutions would be gathered together. Right, we've got the leaflets the speeches written we've got weaponry, public support and sandwiches no mountain revolution is off just take being suppressed until geology changes Kim. and ok, JU, very disappointing sequel to cage the world champion. British heptathlete Katarina Johnson Thompson, of course, is the sun of Kim Jong Ill now Kim Jong dead. To be precise, I was born either in a secret camp on this sacred mountain mountain bike to or not in soviet Russia. Now, obviously, if you've got a choice between whether or you were born in freezing soviet city or born sacred volcano, that is not a tough call to make was not a tough.
I figured out the metaphorical symbolism. I figured it out, although So the idea is like the mountain mountains are the breasts of the earth the amount. is, is, is the boob and the horse is the? yes, which makes pony club a lot more disturbing volcanoes at the breasts of the earth, That just shows what a bad mother mother Nature drink this, oh my god, that is hot. Should I start smoking at that age? You those can say I'll see what you're suggesting is. Then every invasion of the empire had erotic undertones, dull, seems familiar Mount Box, I'm sure we've mentioned it before,
How do you think the bill would report this story if it were a tabloids only interested in headlines containing word place? Oh well, I think what we have to say in that situation would be, and then we just John. Is this situation careering out of control? If so, how Kim this is getting complicated? Is like a jungle, it's getting pee on the pale young.
So the situation is changing. All the time challenge in is a city in Ne North Korea, hi Kim. If you're listening, hi jewish you'd grow up, hide you also in north korean city. Your loser, the Yellow River, is on the border between N Korea and China. I tell you, I'm not happy about this, not just the korean name for the Yellow River and you are to blame, and you is another city. You've been very Sila Sila an ancient korean kingdom. Now, just you hang on a minute. Give me one good reason: we should let you get away with this angle. Is the korean alphabet with one Mister n korean currency coming here and say that self explanatory? Actually don't I wouldn't want to be seen with you in public singing with you, that's another n korean city, Alkim, on you being a total cult, you better sling it and fast Hoeryong, now hurry on that's another city. This friendship is friendship, died on Nova,
so I don't know if Serena, okay, now bike, do you in America John, but to that's a big north korean mounted, which I reckon you'll say Joan. It was medical, see, Jonas, a fifteenth century out so I'll leave. You know DOW Jones got some of course, the first emperor of the current Impala twenty two North Korea by Yes, it's all coming back to me now I was listening back then. Unlike now, I listen to my episodes. Like all good listeners, not listening to me. I obviously them of the
you'll closer to New Zealand, the mail geographically currently so to tell us what's been going on and willing to, you know Andy as a screen writer. I find this quite an exciting thing. The matter of Wellington has denied being the public's health film, director and producer, Peter Jackson, so well it does new mayor. Andy Foster has hit back at suggestions that he is a puppet of Sir Peter Jackson, while still refusing to reveal how watch the Lord of the rings director and his boyfriend Wash have donated to his campaign. So I guess what I'm saying is. He is definitely puppet off and what it does is Andy, I think Alice. It opens the door for many film directors to buy many city mayor and given this podcast reaches out to a lot of people. I would. I would like to currently offer myself up.
A puppet? No live Christopher Nolan, the film director is shooting in one by currently. I would just like to announce that in case he's looking for a bucket, I am of a I mean. I think this is a ridiculous story. Of course the mayor isn't so Peter Jackson's pop that Peter Jackson. Doesn't work with puppets, he uses Weta workshop prosthetics in three d, imaging to create the men and the circus. Incidental characters and Marion Pacific Islands for all the auction or akai, which would be racist if they weren't guaranteed work for the next. Fifty years in every gritty, fantasy, reboot auction or Akai okay, it are the oaks right and, as Andorra Kaya, the big they were also kind of an American. School drama series with talks of what was interesting. What's the what's the interesting thing about this is
I gotta pitch that. Oh and we've just started something just started something terrible. I'm sorry, that's really! I'm still thinking about Shagran come back spin off buddy movie from the Office of Eric. I think we can Chris out Chris, we are pitching this. This is going to be the next podcast series. Shagara Shagara is in a reply who falls out with Gore bag. or I think it's also help time when I think they've been captured by Shelob the spider. Alright shagrat was a term used about Boris Johnson in the headline of the daily mirror. I think you guys just. You guys are just naming my own relatives, I mean, Is it racist? If you say it, I don't think so. There's another show you gotta pick. If it's not,
if I actually have an uncle of that name, I'm just looking for him right. We've overrun, we crush, is looking like he wants to get off and Edit, the shift out of this and pitch the looks of work, I don't forget, you can buy tickets to my Soho Theatre, show the end of the year. If you show the certifiable history, which will also be featuring, Alex Visa permitting from the sea! Think of December, through to the fourth of January, from memory the few gaps in between bring all your family friends along to that, it's now as much a part of Christmas and new year tradition, Christmas New year and the creeping sensation of time irretrievably balling. The prospect of decline in oblivion, hugging, gradually closer interview, so so do come along. That anything you need to plug. Sidney in November and I will be doing various gigs, including the opera house, on the second of November,
Go on my twitter at a little gift to figure out. When are you a? U played the entire oil per house. I am. I am I'm playing it like a trumpet, I'm standing on the top and just blowing down the tubes that this, how to I'm doing a very short spot on the dollar thing, but yet follow me on Twitter. I will announce things on there. I have Well, I'm back in the UK for ten days and e, and I finally got a thing called a website at Hershey. That's helpful! Nowadays in the world, it's apple, dot com and there's some shows that the standard askalan, the dates would be on that website, which is my name before we go Chris, you plug your podcast on the show last week and forgot to tell people its name. Yadda moment of any spiritual crisis midway through been hanging around with Maine. Too long I mean you've learned my promotional skills by osmosis
I mean I've learned, I mean my promotional skills have degraded since coming on this podcast too. I've just gone down to follow me on Twitter and I'll probably tell you there. What's it called we haven't said well, it's called why she was quite tempted to just leave it and forget what it's called she fast travel hack out, Regina's travel hacker that sounds menacing I'm downloading. It right now would say into a place where they were Chico's travel or some alphabets anyway, that's ridiculous until next time- and now it is time for this week's lies about our bugle premium voluntary subscribers
Tabique had naively assumes that people who collect litter using a grabber were called pick up, artists and thought that that job title dignified, that work with an element of creativity with which it is seldom credited Felix Blix, bug would like to set up a committee but is not fixed on what it should be called, what its rim should be or who would be in it. So he is summoned a group of fifteen friends and colleagues to discuss this matter further. Nigel Waller things. Anyone conducting a marriage proposal via the big screen at a sporting event should be. instantly jailed and banned for life from any future romantic relationships, any accepted pigs green proposals would be rendered void. Bylaw Arthur mole would add that if marriage proposals have become deemed acceptable at sporting events, then so should dumping's and divorces. In fact, things are, for these will actually be far more entertaining for the rest of the crowd, given their more unpredictable outcomes and the amount of arguing that could be involved. After all, isn't that Sport is all about.
Compati does not begrudge Vera Lynn her success, but wonders if it was simply a case of right place right time for the now one hundred and two year old, cruise dress and world war, two chart topper would have been such a superstar. For example, if I've been born in Finland in the year. Nine hundred and seventy four as a wolf lucky Vera not to Neville, is not much taken by the kind of fancy graffiti art you see these days and would rather that young people with the desire to create a commission works of public art simply because of the a sculptural freeze, like the ancient greek youth used to Philip Roth felt, despite Auspicious first, three syllables of his name has no desire to write a novel, but does attempt to write one title for a novel every day to day spa sub hit for someone else to then right is called the harmonious rhythm of chickens, yesterday's was funnel vision, since we talking about novels, Roger Colwell, thinks the whole genre is long overdue for a reboot they're, not
marvel anymore really. Are they correctly? Quibbles Roger support for Roger from a fellow novel skeptic Joe Norris. If one call person in a secondhand bookstore tries to sell me something as a novel blasts Joe, I will rub dictionary in their face and tell him to stop deluding themselves. Pulled I'm overhearing, Roger and Joe's quibbling is suddenly struck by the idea that quibbles would be a simply excellent, snack food, it's uh. It's like a shortening of quick nibbles and would things pull fly off the shelves Elisor Zewski Robinson. Although making no claims to be an expert on the marketing of snack foods reckons quibbles could be toast with a big budget campaign in which people pedantically bicker about well, chairing a harmonious package of quibbles. Adam Bro not jumps on board this advertising train and suggests that a famously divorced celebrity couple could be hard star in that Advert Katie Holmes and Tom cruise. If they're, not busy things Adam or failing that,
people who look a bit like them and enjoy snacks, Dave Tapley would definitely buy and eat quibbles as soon as they hit the market and would also be interested in other products, including snack terio. The made of deep fried process bacterial colonies ideally pulls coming vinegar in shock, flavor Jim Miller larger as a snack, aficionado and massive fan of everything to do with all forms of painting would sign to be a voluntary taste. Tester for full size pays a price premium. Munches designed in the style of the work of impressionist art celebrity Paul Cezanne. Likewise, Chris cried is positively salivating at the prospect of chowing down in a comic book. Themed italian restaurant, on a big plate of Batman, T pasty, man, themed, italian starters and and uh push donor. Eric permits and further suggests that all these products could be sold in a new 1970s dance, music, themed, emporium called uh uncle delicatessen. Here endeth, the too
Heinemann support the podcast go to the bugle dot com and click. The donate button, goodbye.