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Bugle 4130 - History Repeating

Andy, Alice and Hari deliver a tri-continental look at impeachment, UK elections, fires and cocaine pigs. Plus, space junk.

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The bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world our view was its water clock bugle at work, that's not an officially recognised times out, but then what is time finding the often what my least favoured dimension anyway? It is Today's, although what is it and when I digress, there's no, the bugle its issue. Four thousand one hundred and thirty on the fifteenth of November, the fifteenth twenty nineteen now into the dates, both british and american ways, that in one because one of our guests only understands the American? Why all the way from the studio in New York, it's already gone about, who, I wasn't sure if you were taught my mere hours, No, we didn't dates. The proper time is colonialism asses
well colonialism that they had the courage to stick with. Not let you like eating century split, is Look we wanted do the pillaging ourselves. Our cells, I mean the way people that were here, I think my people were doing something with rice, probably because we should take that as a compliment. Flattery What's it was that wasn't saying about flat rate should is necessary if we carry on as fiddler week. Also joining us from the future might do this evening in the southern hemisphere, but don't worry we're playing the recording of Herbert the show, I could say the words flow into your heels them Rutland, Alice, Fraser, hello, auntie hello. How are you feeling? I was interacting too early in this engagement, because people wouldn't have known who who was speaking she's, just a mystery voice,
your in Sydney, I am in Sydney. Hauser has the rest of the day guild has been long. I've already done the satirical news comedy show How much news in my hand and ass a few jack's Andy. We are, according on the fifteenth of November by the time you listen to or audio reduced with your is. It will be at the very least, the Sixtyth anniversary, which is international tolerance day. So if you have any particular urgent bits of bigotry and to get if you'll, just please save them until Sunday, the seventeen than by six, the seventeenth of November is, of course, the anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century. In terms of sports broadcasting, at least the Heidi game. In nineteen sixty eight when an american football game which, in the open writers and the New York Jets, was interrupted on television with the game
delicately poised at by NBC, who switch to coverage of the film about girl in the hours that will live in infamy to the guy, and he really has been on a slippery slope of division and recrimination ever since in eighteen. B5 on that they stay in Greece? That was no changing prime minister, which was a bit of a rarity in those days between the 20th of October and the 28th of November, one thousand eight hundred and sixty five Greece had five changes in Prime minister, involving for difference and a three day stint as Prime Minister for Demetrius Vulgaris, which was the fourth of his eight stints as Prime Minister of Greece. Weiser good level of leadership
it all France about even Yodel Stroll euros. As an Austrian, I deeply approve where thinking of travelling a new sort of vps system. I just randomly changes, location, the Prime minister's ship amongst the public patient- and you might be Prime Minister for five minutes- that you'd never know it, and this I can do no harm, that's that's the shorter the best you must stumbled upon some perfect for humanity, as always a sexual abuse straight and been this week pimp my family tree most was pretty agents when we dig into it so giving you some free, fictitious relatives to make your drab backgrounds more impressive and
In great aunt strata, very gradually will famous botanist, who created the gradual dandelion, the world's fastest growing Daniel on the ground to twenty metres an hour or the only for weak, at which point it collapsed, believed to be the year. The flower provocative if I'm a story jack in the beanstalk on your family tree, you can have a great great great great great grandfather field, Marshal Clinic Castroville be victorious commander at the battle of Joel Oak Hill. When the british forces led by the velvet rope by the ferocious for his of emperor, follow up of malaria taken mothering, it also might been embellish through history. Thinking just went the pub and Thank you. My memory of pellicle matches your eighties cousin twenty four times removed, whose, by eighty five after turning a lettuce into a hamburger, a birthday party for her friend Kelvin, pimp your family tree free with this week's bugle and in the Bin
top story. This week, America Atwell Hari, welcome back to to the bugle. You are all corresponding for all things. American quite a lot seems to be going on in America, as is so often the case. Can you bring us up to date with these of your glorious president personal, you should know the american Empire is dying, is slow and painful death. What happens to the best of empires? History is repeating itself, but fortunately Americans, don't read history, so they have no idea. What's going on. The impeachment inquiry is underway, and I think people are a little confused, because this isn't the actual impeachment and also impeachment doesn't mean the president gets removed This is the inquiry, then forms a potential articles of impeachment that the House of Representatives, the lower the votes on, and then
Senate will vote whether to remove Trump from office, so if he does get removed from office it'll either be after he's out of this or in the middle of his second term, or possibly through the world, and it is one of those three possibilities. We will be without Trump how are you this is starting to sound like a delicately balanced system of checks and balances and procedures for very slowly and carefully a judging someone's fitness for office, and I just feel like that's a deeply inappropriate way to approach Trump's presidency.
Is by the sword. He dies by the sword. This is a man who should be judged in some sort of kangaroo cohorts, ideally with rotten, tomorrow's being thrown in one backdoor another to judge whether your to remain in office or not. The only kind of judgment here understand since you open the door to the Phrase Kangaroo court. Is that a thing in Australia, I plead the fifth twitch we don't have in this area is so the impeach increase started and Bill tailor the top you S diplomat in Ukraine, revealed that Trump had spoken Gordon sadly the? U S, a bastard, the European Union, about the investigate genes lets the second phone call and investigations, of course, or against the violence claiming that they have
something to do with election interference with Ukraine as part of a conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in the twenty sixteen elections, not Russia in this parallel world Hillary is president. Taylor, testified. His aid later ass? Someone what Trump thought of Ukraine and then this is what Taylor said soundless responded that President Trump CARE is more about the investigations of Biden which Giuliani was pressing for an yes the Giuliani involved is Rudy Giuliani. The former mayor of need city, who is trumps lawyer because, of course he is and he's best known, especially New York, for cleaning up times Square, which means he arrested sex workers and moved homeless per people. State and Patty wagons, which apparently still exists petty way,
and also he was the mare with nine eleven happen, any he did a good job and by doing good job. I mean he did not say well, we did deserve it it's impossible for us to follow. I think the whole impeachment process so far, and the tiny tiny hand, and it said it does seem a whole yours political system, horizontal prevent anything happening ever. That is great, but first of all, let me just address the house thing. I do realise, having a small hand, seems like a negative thing, but to transfer as it does make his dick low
bigger just haven't you I thought you gonna say it makes visiting the nation less frictional this whole omens by by this whole impeachment proceeding sort of investigation process, and I would like to announce in impeachment investigation of you Andy. What I'd like to suggest that you are involved in quid pro quo with foreign governments, where you ve offered them military and humanitarian assistance if they promised to investigate your political enemies, which I assume it being. You is all politicians and people who don't like cricket, but first off,
I thought could propose a bargain. To be honest, he did you keep it going for how five it does seem a rather caught long and convoluted process and, of course, wading through the trumpet slurry that has been powerhouse. Olive Washington in the president's, noble effort to clean the swamp is is now is no easy task. Italy, his inventory of the end practices. Catalogue of contravention, says he be GB survey. If you will his crook no amount of attention mpg. But what is tough narrowed down to a single impeach, where the act of naughtiness from the Vesuvius is of venality in the Krakatoa's of Crooker it'll be interrupting since, since he took control of the kings of air force, one I will, I will say, we're neighbors
was to enamelled with the liberation of Islamic that the problem is you can't just being paste for being, which seems to be one of the complications. In the in the protest, but I don't even have to go bankruptcies actually far out to even his financial ones, which is really pretty impressive and he's been declared bankrupt. I think now Fifty times each rumbles on several people who suffer in the wake of it, while they're gonna France, kind of frame this as a example of bribery, raggedy, essentially robbing a government. Denying aid for it to investigate a political enemy? So that technically is a high crime against the? U S: government I guess, I'm a technicality. They're gonna get him right will, after all, this
After all, this, it was a phone call, of course, to be will be well, Sir exclusive source of all information about the impeachment as rumbles on for the next fifty to one hundred years. Trump, of course, not everything. He says: Asia, ITALY, untrue, an irrational fear of honesty. This week he insisted that America's military presence in Syria is quotes only for the oil. Now twin tuition, the most honest statement ever on American. Foreign policy in the Middle EAST. But it's not because he's an politician. It's because he's a crude politician, Yes, there is a double meaning on the word: crew. Q, Andy, look what you ve done! A contract terms are more level
other ponds and the act now and they used to not be ponds and the egg. This is your fault, so by saying that amount. There is in Syria only for the oil. At worse, his own officials insisted forces were there to fight against ISIS. What trumpets essentially saying is that I see as a fine if they pledge to secure the aisle for the rest of the world behalf. If eight a cure, the oil, then traumas essentially sayin, I can treat them selves many sex lives and public executions as they want to sober. They keep american cars on the road. Who cares about the old bit of of genocide in and out of sight out did mine, but who cares about the destruction of irreplaceable architectural treasures if the We're going about. Will back just have a special prime opening of the Mets in New York bring your own actions and sledgehammers. I might be a can of your precious hung by petrol to a knock yourselves out. You mean that the military's only there to steal
syrian oil. That's actually a violation of international law. Just wanted to point that case. Anyone is keeping score at home regarding but laws the U S, breaks internationally and is not enforceable because we got the nukes. I just feel like this is another example of the Republicans engaging in their current tactic of Benumbing, the national and indeed, international psyche with increasingly incomprehensibly unforgivable sound bites. Is the news equivalent of pudding prisoners into a room and playing loud, heavy metal music get them until they spirit breaks and they become politically catatonic. He remember that. Remember that the Bush, when that was a scandal that now that sounds like a holiday, I would pay for that was too weak to refer from how No, it was a violation of of international law achievable goals, you know even melted, not violating the law in his own country we can expect to get on top of international law as well. Let's take in baby steps
again it trumps own affairs. They'll say the military is there to fight ISIS, which again goes what he's been saying, but to be fair, he responded who you going to believe me or them most of these guys. Just got here and aren't going to be you're too soon anyway, and then he put It is still on the fiddle the cause of Nero the knee It's a Nero reference. We love, we love narrow references. Evan secretary of State Esper said that Trump men at he wanted to guard the oil to prevent ISIS from the new getting oil and then making money to buy arms. So Esper said that I'm sure, as colleagues were congratulating him on, the killer lie Trump repeatedly said: we're keeping the oil we the oil the oil is secure. We left troops behind
only for the oil that is an actual quote. Being the oil, we have the oil, the oil is secure left troops behind only for the oil. It is really scandalous torrent of how is it a nefarious intent should definitely not be using oil to buy weaponry the way to get rich with Andre to make a deal with Trump to investigate his political enemies, deciding meeting with them, but between Trump and rested when this weaken its trumps eddies a great fan of of around? What is it what's on the old way of of describing somebody who's perpetrators of media acts of repression? And
similarly international illegality, great from resources in pretty inconsistent with the fact that in very recently threatened one via the form of a letter and then presumably heat on him on Emerson, messenger and just forms the different messages that job this attack without o unjust confuse him into compliance? I mean he says: he's a big fan of earth want the same way. I am a big fan of Orient aggrandize. She been around a little while now, but I just heard of her- and I barely know most of her songs or who she's murdered. She needs to pardon a turkey. What have you done What have you done I'm leaving I'm leaving one hell of a legacy for humanity through this show
thirty one in the White House, I think part of it was just to make sure the Kurds know that the breakup with them is official. Really rub it in their faces. Will that's what you add for allowing us to violate your trust, boiled Newsnow Alice, you are the bugles residence wild animals. Correspondent Trade, correspondent, you're too, motion overlap somewhat this we did it yes, and it's been a great Chesapeake related chaos dash of cocaine in in an italian forest, was rummaged by
a bunch of wild boars twenty two thousand dollars worth of cocaine was hidden in the woods and completely destroyed by a gang of wild bulls which presumably wanted to have a box night or something but dismantling the smuggling operation in Tuscany after they had placed a wire tap on members of the gang and then there's scoop was scooped by above to pigs, which I think is probably you know if you want to be read about the police. Somehow ironic was a raw fascinate, fascinating stories that lay the that, though they did. The police discovered tat the world both through this. Why tat were there? The data is complaining about that. These animals digging up by statutory, socially ruin a Sultan sugar substitute. They report said it is not known what happened to the animals, although there were other reports with a group of
wild boars started aggressively speculating on the international derivatives markets, with a rather short, was making frantic comments about people conspiring to turn them into our guest. We should blame the Boers too much, though, although no wild boars have expressed even the slightest guilt about or even awareness of, the trail of human devastation in the cooking supply chain. So frankly, they deserve to be eaten and delicious intensely flavoured passed at it. Some of the boards lost a lot of weight and summer calling friends borrow fifty dollars. Special to HBO as we speak, such a shame. I've never done leader, but maybe that's where mercury has been going roller drink tea, a friend
when was told me into taking mushrooms and then banned me from taking mushrooms on the on the premise that my brain was too weird, already whether ended I'm punishment for the way we living as humans, news now and well have been floods and fire across across the world? Venice has become a large puddle, as well as Europe's largest urban car free area, that being floods in the north of England, to which Boris Johnson prominence to sprang into action like a rotten pumpkin and fires have been raging, while across Australia and also recently in in Caliph. Basically just living through the start of the end times in Sydney. What's the latest on the Australian for situation,
terrible disaster of a here Andy. We have. We have fires all over the place. We have numbers of people dying. It's such a shame when you read about flooding, while the sky is full of smoke seems like a problem of the distribution of resources when you're reading about flooding in Venice, traditionally, one of the more flooded already cities that whole places under water. It has to be a lot more underwater kid to count as more under water while thing is on here. The things over here are desperately on fire. It's a really beautiful and terrible thing to see the best of people coming out in response to these kinds of national disaster Volunteer firefighting services. If you feel like where our downhill slope towards the apocalypse, environmentally speaking, it does give you hooks, and maybe the post to public Dick founded on will be a sort of a and neighbourly kind of place.
At least until you hear politicians try to leverage it to make their political point so go on twitter to see people call each other Nazis for believing in climate change or not believing in climate change, or not having an opinion about climate change, classic fascist agenda being probable anti, whatever Is that your against specifically Politicians have come out to say stupid things, as they often do, but Barnaby Joyce among old politicians has covered himself in glory. Gonna be Joyce renowned hat, whereas celebrated human friend Yolanda, condensed, milk of discarded force kinsman of the people. If by people you mean idiots and by man you mean areas is in our search for three he's a newsworthy sausage factory of political ineptitude, and he has come out in full force in response to two tragic, both Bush fire debts, Andy, you might ask, did he expressed sympathy for the victims and speaking delicate kindness to unite the nation in the face of this
going catastrophe did hear what he said was the people who died when most likely greens, voters who could be against back burning deserved, presumably to be burned in a terrible and tragic way Australia has come out into cold him an absolute but there are people who support this particular perspective, and it genuinely makes me want to punch people around a fire in a city riving looming deriving lunatics generally side with tens of thousands of peer reviewed scientists. Generally, the limited tends to go model, small maverick tape lemon?
That burning situation is. It is a really interesting one. These been too dangerous to do back burning in recent years, partly because of heightened temperatures which risk anyway running kind of going out of control, which means it's quite a build up, which is why these flies is so bright, broadly spread and round about the place, so there is one of those is one of those sort of time these scraps of almost truth that have been blown up into a stick to beat the Greens Party with They also the grieving families of these tragically dead people. It's really politics and its finest Donald Trump managed to turn the California for his into a petty political spat. Oh I'm almost always is there any political issue that Trump could not reduced to some kind of better. Analog even know.
Here and now in England has been floods across large parts of the north of the year of the country took Boris Junction five days to visit the affected area open. In that time, he did have turned to record a bullshit campaign. Video in his London office, so clearly yellow things do take at least for half dazed, to record woman. What are one of the women to cleaning up the air, the area around the house as its borders, and you have not helped us? I don't know what you're here for today is quite clear what he was therefore to look like he gives sly play a bit of a bit of a shit but Burton who is accused of outrageous lack of consumer to repair the floats are in the north of England. He grew up mostly in London and the broad was school to Eton and Oxford. So he's probably waiting close five days for confirmation of the North of England was actually real up until that point, it is only exist as a song called
dark land to be filled in daily life. It is thought that shipping embassy the clean up. Our he was filmed mopping up in a branch of the opposition. Speck savers now look a bit people criticising for having the kind of mop techniques. Someone who would never ever used a multi? Now in the position to go to my heart or some criticize someone familiar with the best techniques required to get the most out of a household is not my personal their expertise and even for what was, but rarely laid Georgians cards on the table here was that he he was helping clean up a branch of speck savers. Now this is a company with a global revenue of two points billion pounds odorless cells now billion s view of the people he was helping out. It was a patent is almost up among shortly
labour, but he just ass, they subconscious urge to help out billion, has just just comes and the most unexpected places within four weeks away from the election on twelve December, but Barf Johnson doesn't mean some kind of challenges he how, in common incoherent unemployable. He can be and still win, that general election and according to the polls, take a lot more wiggle room. So I expect him to up his games and urinating through the window of an old people's home within the next couple of weeks, while screaming is not so bad. Jeremy Cobain kill thirty million people in the purges, and I still prefer him to Trump still. Astronomy section now and well. The stars appear to be staying largely where they are. As far as we can make out from here. Fleeing fleeing the milky way at sea.
Thousand miles a second after an encounter with a supermassive black hole at the centre of the milky way Galaxy, and this star is hot footing. It out of everyone's favorite Galaxy, Rumford Kelly Little Bastard. When the going gets hot, the cowardly stars get out a galaxy, I mean what yes, what is it flag is its? I mean, has this brain about this makes complete sense to me, the stars heading out of the milky way after an encounter with a black hole. If it sounds like the first ever case of intergalactic white, what happened start of the black. Look at you wrong and now you're afraid of all black holes. Maybe you should get to know the black hole. Have the over four coffee? I met you, live in the universe together, where you going to go with you to that, but not me
For me, this is a perfect example of how I am at a party I entered the party at a high velocity. I engage with the biggest black hole in the room and then I fully immediately. Ideally at will thousand seven hundred kilometers, a second thought, his way: more social alarm at twelve, get on so well Andy by Height, fun to a summer. Friends of us where we live and in South Lebanon have heard of fireworks proxy locks wicked and our by the friends of Maya, my my daughter at the she said. Thank you so much Teddy under you hate social situations when your children of reach that level of knowledge about you, you know that your role is apparent is almost over my favorite part of this,
Tori about the black hole, is the description by Gary to Costa is an astronomer marriages, professor this strategy and national university. He said happened, was that the star which fled was originally part of a binary star system that it came extremely close to the central black hole which This massive equivalent, like as a mass equivalent like four million sons worth of mass, but so these twin stars approached the black hole and, at some point, and just tell me, it doesn't sound like every relationship at some point. So the two stars switched into a binary partnership with the black hole that would ultimately disappearing into oblivion. The prices are known as the hills mechanism. After,
extremely painful, breakup. Did you wasn't? Sarah, in alone, must canoes news now. Even musk is back in the news for doing something. These either extremely benevolent will undeniably villainous and how badly both eyes he's hunting. Tens of thousands of small satellites for the cold, starling satellites into low earth orbit, and many astronomers extremely worried because having thousands of satellites between the earth and the stars sort of gets in the way of their job. Making the satellites interview with their radio wavelengths of their equipment, but is also there Elon Musk said that they would be,
low untold, whose an astronomer Smith College said. Thousands of these extremely bright satellites could make it look as if the whole sky is crawling with stars, which makes him me question. Why he's in a stronger doesn't have the whole sky? Is this does all ready, but worse, these bright satellites could end up interfering with dark sky surveys and large telescopes and dare Lowenthal said to the times it potentially threatens the science of astronomy itself, with you know what I'm going to do with the hundreds. How many astronomers are dead with tens of astronomers out of the market with cheap astronomy work will come up to go underground. An unlicensed alma I mean, let's be honest: let's be honest: just be guessing anyway, we don't know
could say anything about the sky and I believe the mobile that thing about this is the massive black. How will this any impact on the strategy we live in an up couldn't find all these extra starts to predict the future from Will people share that about the story? If, if is astrology people are hearing the story and they like astronomy. But what does that have to do with me? Something happened in the universe that I also existed. What is that half do with me, astrology okay, let's say that, how I deal with work stress No, my cousin is us as a doctor of space junk, so this is very relevant to her. My cousin Alice, the other Alice, the doktor of space junk Yes, yes,
these junk she is, she was a normal. She she was a normal archaeologist and then she was on a dig in the middle of a stranger and she looked up at the sky. As an thought. There's junk up there, kids choice awards just, do, is dig up junk and she felt there's junk up there, and so she thought of that invented her own field of science and now she's quite important, chiseling away bits of spice Yeah. Two shows that the Alice's in our family take deep risks will carry his doctor space junk favorite parliament record my favorite part. Record is Hansard
australian hand side. You got to go back to like the early 1900s and see them calling each other sheet. Steel is genuinely interested in reading very boring legal documents that is Gold Thinking of the ballot boxes, something on lines of hate that bastard. But I hate that Basle, even mortem going over the first bastard, even though I disagree with both of those bastards because none of the other boss, it's got a chance of being the first to Boston. So it's it's a complicated system, AIDS. It isn't gonna tell us what the country actually thinks is possibly gonna tell us what the country will join
about allow itself to tolerate breeze voting is a lot like the british social interaction system. You never say what you think you just sort of passive aggressively around fin and non specific direction and hope they get a hint of someone who is basically based on hinting as is indeed is all british. Munich Asian and where the ludicrous promises stage of the election for weeks out the party this week, I can really be asked of fun it, whether actually promising collectively don't mean it life is by who sang free everything for everyone of the toys are saying. Well, don't let them give you for everything, everyone has a responsible will give you for everything for everyone. Instead he's a better. The devil has been ring. You're ruining your life, the last nine years than the devil might ruin it differently. The promises that might be proposed policies this week. I've been reading them include a free long for everyone over the age of forty two children and a free personal nuclear deterrent for every household.
Promises to reconcile those binary stars now and the baseball living rocks by another cheating scandal. Just a hundred years since the black Sox scandal of nineteen Once again, sports what fruits are the Houston. Astros are known for being superior, So there s a linux like their known as a team that uses science when they make their draft pigs or they make trades. Everything is based on math numbers, so everyone taller than just made baseball's and even more boring to me, what you're telling me math doesn't make baseball even more fun and so so that's what like what they've been credited for a recently Urban allegations that the team is
illegally used electronic equipment to steal opponents pitching signs during their championship season two years ago. So what would happen? Is the team used a camera, the out feel to steal the signs that the opposing pitcher, flashing, which would indicate what the picture is going to be, and then they would indicated to the batter generally by banging loudly on a trash. Can I too thank you. Pinacate like raccoon it pretty. I love the fact that all this talk about science in math and ultimately, all he hit the trash got two times: Iv Zosyn the best use of a trash can in a sport other than it's used in professional wrestling, where people use trash cans to bash other people's brains and which, honestly, if you added that element, the baseball it would be a more enjoyable set of banging on it, indicate the pitch Yusim,
it randomly throughout the game? Came out and smell another Blair's headed with a trash. Can Well hurry. You know I am pro any part of bought evolution that ends up with all sports becoming the thunder done. What are you thinking this? Isn't that what you ve got here is a spool coming into contact with with technology and having to decipher codes, or what you got here is a clash between innards and Menachem never end well. The nerves were like will, let's look at all this math and we can analyze it to find it all. Ok, while hit this Bershka twice with the curveball,
if the fastball I did it once it wasn't, just the trash can load. Hugely complicated message of convene to the back of a picture was coming a next day, diver secret hot dog, vendor standing for the pitch screaming extra mustard extra mustard. When a softball is coming they would have. Someone in the stands talk very very loudly about this about the titanic. When I sync up was on the way, I might take away delivery right, it would ride out to home plate on a little moped with a with a portion of the german Schweinshaxe roasted pork knuckle dish when a knuckle bolt was on the wife that I'm pretty
while having the end of this week, this week's bugle shortly tricky edit for Chris, we ve been in three different places with slightly or could delay on the Skype goals. I'm I'm sure by the time you listen, there's beetles it'll be soundings. If we're all gas round a campfire sticks. Him come far, effectual daggers whose living delay of which three continent that there were. Accordingly, I was wondering why I wasn't getting enough laughs and it's like. Oh you, you all didn't hear the joke on time. That's what it was. I was. I thought my jokes aren't hitting, but it is that you are getting him. Lay at the moment have passed a show, hurry. Shove Alice is technically asleep. I aunt em, but dont forget to book your tickets for my end of year. Review show and is also twenty hunting,
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right include these soluble urinal, the barking breast pump and the tectonic quake pillow Sonya Wurzel, is a totally puzzled by how on earth and wound up the human pace managed to develop, amongst other things, the unicycle jelly, the harpsichord and a bubble. Taramasalata Philip Jones thinks that's a glowing. Fang could be the next surprise, celebrity fashion accessory. It would look dragging when celebs postal photos at award ceremonies claims, Philip and frankly it give me a couple of logical steps beyond the full sleeve tattoo, Hannah woollen thinks that films, these days away too obsessed with special effects at the expense of plotting characterisation and belief. Is that a solution to this is to allow direct is only one special effect, but film she thinks, should make for more interesting films and lately phenomenal, mega special effects spent
autism is pleased that the letter x is so prominent in mathematics, since it is largely marginalized in spelling, despite the RO the efforts of the basque language Spencer, Such a fan of the letter x times leaves written notes, summoning cats, which embodies, I excuse, Nick Keyser, which, would have been good advice to appeal men going on holiday in Germany and around nineteen ten finds himself. Oddly moved when he sees single vegetables left in the fridge. After all that previous pack, it might have been eaten. And was once moved to write a poem entitled to a solitary carrot. Keith waters was so inspired by the other day of a water cannon for dealing with civil disturbance that he now carries. Garden hose on a one hundred and fifty liter tank of water with him wherever he goes just in case it's too do any minor crowd, control or q alignment. Michael D priest funds
that it helps in social and work situations? If, when going through a door malt entrance, you read it as in Trance you in the mood to be quite captivating company, Bela Hon. Thinks fishing is a sport would be more impressive. It's a fish were not with a rawdon hook, which seems a bit mean these days, but were instead coaxed by the participants into a special paddling pull using simply the power of song for the more ads by I would pay to watch that it was once a long time ago on a date in which conversation turn to sports stars with the name fish. Scott ventured baseball MIKE Trout, a Rugby International Jamie Salmon and Ex England footballer Steve Guffey when he died. The gesture to early twentieth century cricketer offer Dolphin Scott said this is but she not gonna work out timid. Human. Over hearing the end of that conversation bought it in.
I am truly now abandoned dates that there had been a professional Gulf called dusky Grouper a well. Champion? 1930S bucks record right eye flounder Actual winning horse called red lit blending and an end. I fell legend by the name of Stockholm Skelpin the date set Are you sure those are all a fish and baseball stars and TIM said? Scott was right: you're incompatible. This week's lies.
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