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Bugle 4141 - The Valentine's Day Special

Andy, Jena and Tiff talk about the news that is sweeping the nation this week leading with the viral Coronavirus virus, followed by American Politics, UK parliament shake ups, Aliens and not forgetting - as it is a Valentine’s Day special - discussions of a new medical cure for break ups.

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The bugle audio newspaper a visual world, how our view goes and welcome to issue for thousands, one hundred and forty one of the people, the world's only and I'll give you a newspaper world I am, and these also, as is often the case, these days listens, noddies, unequal and I'm in London. Not here with me. This week is Chris said across the union, produces hamlet, standing Christmas, the anti Christian palliate Welcome I also join me in London. This we know, I'm out of my guests are not London to narrow down the money. Not London's out where they are in LOS Angeles were unless they some change radically. It is a sunny, be breakfast time and see ridiculous. So pleased me up Finding. What have listened to this? Stevenson. Ungentle Friedman.
Alas, I gorgeous here, because without the social isolation of delay would be safer during a time of a pandemic, we're in the hills were no one can find us. I was out America coping with the impending death of humanity. Has it keeping with something it can't shoot em back? Let's do it you could shoot. Corona virus wont be effective, but you can shoot anything. I know in Florida they did self or Facebook group to shoot Hurricane. That's all I'm hoping that Let's go to suggest getting a microscope. Goddammit gliders get those tiny bastards. It's it's quite weeping quietly terrified, I think, is you know, I'm just watching the news from from here and seeing that people being quarantined in Shanghai, Shanghais and looked down upon me in some households, one person is
out once today, which is kind of like my dream, to be honest about yes, like Sonata hanging over, but genuinely apart from that terrifying. We will touch on this more later in the show we are voting on the fourteenth of February and its people. For one, forty one and ten years since Beagle one hundred and four, and today is the four hundred and tenth day of last year, and also a thousand one hundred and forty one day since the fourteenth of October in the year, two thousand and eight, which itself was one thousand of four years after the year. One thousand and forty lots of force must have ones and a few zeros not much else rains. That's what you well, it's a sign of something, and I for one say as if a warning that the world is going to end at some point in the next. Fourteen billion years. It's the fourteenth of every not just Valentine's day, but also today, is no one.
Its alone die and pet theft awareness week. So if an unexpected stranger burst into your house, whilst you're about, does not end up in front of the television quality it's I'm holding a terrified, looking ague honour in one hand and your next door, neighbours cat in the other and says lizard for starters, muggy for mine up what the oven on well don't be scared. They just do their bit for those two very good causes. As always a section of the Beavis going straight in the Bin. Today is also international book giving day and to markets. We have the first drafts of some of the most famous first lines of novels from the history of literature, many, the novels, of course, where edited before publication, and here the b we might get access to the first drafts of some of the classic novels of history and for international, but giving their way giving you the original first lines. For example, Charles Dickens, his tale of two cities. It was the best of it,
times. It was the worst of times so on average, it was kind of ok from LP. Hardly go between the past is a different country, and if you like it so much granddad, what are you talking? Go back there with all the other? All these were taken. Our jobs in the present Jane, Austen, pride and prejudice is a truth, universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune is probably a bit of a dick and Kafka's met him off. This began originally as Gurgle Samson awoke one morning from uneasy dreams. He found himself transformed in his bed into in the magic sausage, the magic sausage worked in the local hospital and he could turn blood into catch up and passing the mustard every one lovely in the magic sausage until one day a vague and Many of the hospital with hurts, like I'm, J R L tokens the homepage began in the house the ground fell. If the rabbi, an archbishop MA, am strapping everyone, Helmand, mobiles, Moby Dick originally began call me. Maybe
and George Orwell's one thousand nine hundred and eighty four began. It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking. Eleven is Harold: Larwood can running it at Trent, Bridge cricket ground in Nottingham for his first delivery of the season, so that section in Lupin, talks nor this week, we ve got so not already laid virus very sweeping the world. It is quite literally gone viral. The court of auditors even comes in London to follow you manage to escape before from this city this, this pestilence poxy sit.
before the corona virus got here, but it's here what's here, we're always a bit late, the party with global events. These days we have finally getting our pace of the corona virus action where the first London victim this week, a chinese national, had recently about a raft in Britain who popped her self. The hospital in an over what's wrong with a black cat was upon a coming to London. I ve not gonna. Do a tourist stuff like in a black cat to hospital the potentially fatal illness- and am I mean, there's a lot of examined here because it's there wrote a virus named due to his characteristic spikes that look like a crown. So it's a royal virus solving, as was getting so much media attraction here in Britain alone, the commission is going to be a nationwide tore. It gonna cost the taxpayer a lot of money, but actually bring in more in revenue from medicine, surgical supplies, travel, hoss, hotels, restaurants for people at the village visit ill relatives in the inner
in hospital, and I it's getting is getting caught. Exciting thing withhold the whole world here and I'm eight its we touched on in America, The debt there's an element here with the the It was America's been enjoying with with China. This is given a bit of a little bit of extra spice. Can I Damn veneer excitement, which is kind of my brand Julia, absolutely good Brunton its act. They like night, the men, go community. Our people that I have talked to say it's actually not that much worse than the fluid just has like really aggressive Pr Roy that's why everybody's freaking out about it, because it's like the new kid on the block, Billy eyelash of infectious diseases and everybody is like really excited, but and a couple months: you're gonna see that it's really just kind of leg, elevator, music of infectious diseases and really it's bad for people who have weakened immune.
Stems, and elderly people, and probably everybody who voted leave. other than that, it really is pretty benign, as in fact it's like a bad cold. It's like the opposite of Jeffrey Epstein and actively wants to old people. Families, Joseph family shop, the average age of victims is around fifty five. Most of those who say affected all people and of knows it preexisting medical conditions, the ones worst affected, but the young I've got a pretty much much Scott framework that I know how good I've got it. The young, no carogne of our not having to water and, after blame themselves with environment breaks,
from the not tainted by having existed in the twentieth century. This is another example of how skewed the world is in favour of the younger generations about they stepped up to the plate and started getting ill with the rest of us. Will they will if they can get designer face mosques? I think that's. The net must now be the next thing, I'm wondering which brands gonna help onto this fast, I probably dodging of annex as they have terrible PR track record. But apparently Vendee already do disinfectant mats that you combine Howard's row. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure will we'll get the interest from the from the youth when it comes to fashion. That's bullshit, actually, everyone's interest in fashion, I'm interested Russian Jenna just looked at this moment in time. That's it! I m actually not interested in accidents recently that there is a business opportunity here for the troubled face, more scam. I think they're wonder just really my one Adeimantus encrusted four thousand dollars surgical face more
a mouse design by Stella, Mccartney and Diamond Erst modeled on the facial contours of Helen of Troy, but equipped with Bluetooth least Bluetooth. We drink raspberry slushy through its own. This is an opportunity. What unity and they don't know far too just be this like factual buzz scale, but they don't actually fully work the best way to not get corona viruses to wash your hands are not like your fingers road with us. Monetary policy as willing a nightmare future energy, a bag of what's there is there, is a chinese disinfectant system wondered if you seen this I've seen pictures of it going look it up is basically a stalk eight, it's it's a star. Guy has the shepherds and everything's going with the virus. You get molecular molecular deconstructed and you come out. Was a shit load.
Then we're leaving it to ask that the chinese government reactions Bynum World Carat, characteristically heavy handed diver, rounded up people who are possibly sick or look like they might possibly get sick at some point in in the future, and I think we need to give the chinese government about credit here, because they ve been practicing rounding up large groups of people for years and that practice is now coming in very very handy, whereas some uncertainty here in Britain when as well prepared, we have been rounding up millions of people from religious and ethnic minorities, it were nearly the same scales and how we gonna do with haven't around up virus victims are only just end up doing the british thing of shouting at him in the Street Dolby offensive graffiti on their homes. In writing. Inflammatory used by becoming pieces about, Map China's ready, showing the way that our offer to form an orderly key. That would be very british.
the official than we have had some criticism for, seizing patients who have not yet tested positive for the virus and hurting the monster buses with no protective measures, thus risking infection from others, and some of the people are dealt with in this way that testimonies got up on line. One person wrote on furious. I deliberately chose not to become a chinese artists to avoid shit like this, and other said, this is not well the service. I expect from an oppressive pseudo coming a super state, and another said this is normal corrected. I voted for the discrediting of whistle blowers is pretty terrifying, isn't that seems to be happening at the moment, I'm sort of up that with with victims of any kind of sexual assault or harassment, like that's the level of discrediting believe believe whistleblowers, I think, is what I'm saying the only thirty five year on his died so far, pretty much like the one whistleblower doktor Doktor Lee, which makes me think this kind of like an apple
scenario like maybe the government killed him and that kind of ours they are now not to say Epstein, whether whistleblower hero invite you know you could in fact well. I I think I think they were to you to sort of or journalists that have also go missing as well. Chidden, Quichua Think and fine been said. They ve been doing videos of reporting from inside on social media. Another go missing, so that's all! Quite you know terrifying! That's poem, more scary than the virus itself. Oh yeah attempts to curb the information. It is really interesting how the authoritarian attack tactic seem deadlier. Then the virus leaving many only whom that's kind of funny as a videos of cats with mass people thinking there, cats I'm gonna, get her out of Irish, because I have a little mask on the cats face skewed. It's really a bus away from just one of a video of a cat could make
any situation some, if only they had thought of the song. I can just imagine how serious my cat would be if I get one of those on him. Oh you know you could just, but you population, Cruise ship just leave the floating, Carmody yeah Otter. I dont need more reasons to not go on a cruise. I'm a comic I've already died on a cruise ship coming comedic leafy, so there's just these floating sort of corona, pleasure and dishes. Yeah crew cruise ships in quarantine is a section of the markets that never quite might of the of the ideas border of pigs in space. Clearly gotta go ahead, which was a famous my patient experiment to see whether, if a pig spent more than a lunar month in space, it became kosher and the answer was yes, it does. There's been some criticism of firm here in Britain or we are still there still over a hundred flights, a diagram between Britain and China. When many
the countries of a completely closed off transport to and from China, but the thing is in Britain. We don't need to do that, because I will explain this in our people. Corona virus fact versus corona virus myths. Section fact breaks it: Britain immune to the corona virus. We are independent from all foreign viruses now only native grown indigenous british diseases can kill people here. The corona virus he's ban fact you cannot contract corona virus from listening to a pod cost if everyone on the part of how we can sharing a MIKE myth over three million people, I'd between nineteen sixty eight in two thousand and fourteen, are you seriously expecting us to believe that none of them died of Corona virus Pollyanna, one fact cruise ship passengers are more vulnerable to the corona Irish, because it disproportionately attacks cells containing the gene. That makes people want to travel slowly on alongside seeing Holiday Myth Tom Cruise
had Corona Boris, whilst filming a few good men in the early nineties. Nineties turns out not true at all. Just have the sniffles fact you can contract corona virus from satanic ritual. If that ritual in of slang, an infected bat and you're, not wearing overrules or a devil mosque. Fact, Corona virus is racist fact. Many facts are also myths, fact other It's a means of the corona virus of british people include Pope's, dolphins, snoop professionals, qualified mathematicians, swiss bankers, acrobats people who are already dead, such as the ancient Babylonians, Marie Curie and medieval execution, is ice hockey, girl, tenders and GIMP. That's very much a mosque thing for those lost three groups and finally myth Donald Trump tried to get ukrainian Minister of Health CARE Zeruana scare, let's get to order a vile of corona virus to pore over Hunter burdens. Breakfast cereal that did not happen he's completely innocent
America, news now and well, I've two guests curly hidden in America. The election is putting up into one, frankly, something that Moses happily take a virus to to avoid having to watch for the next, the next nine or ten months tiff.
General. What's what I want to be your highlights this week in american politics. Well, William Bowers intervenes with Roger Stone CASE say William BAR and Geoffrey Epstein, really dragon down. The good knight of the Epstein bar virus appear, let's vote. Just stones sentence has been caught because the federal government, a big means, and it was decided that seven to nine years was excessive and unwarranted somewhat leaving these happen with we'll just statements. He needs to get caught with marijuana because if he got caught possessing marijuana, he'd get a lot more. There's a mother, a full from Oklahoma called, Patricia spotted cry, learn fast, hot can't how small time pop Buskin completely duello an offenders life, a thirty one dollar pots I'll go over stunning twelve year prison sentence so that
you know, five years more than what was a stone was initially sentenced to sell em, it's quite terrifying democracy, a spice former years attorney General Eric holder, whose attorney general under Obama said that the regarding the Rochesters case had coach put at risk the perceived and real neutral enforcement of our laws and ultimately endanger the fabric of our democracy. Now that break the fabric of american democracy has seen better days that fabric is like a zebra print picnic blanket that has just spent a year and a half in aligning closure. If you were to use the fabric of american democracy, so make a three peace suit and where it to a job interview the opera, active new boss would say we do have a suit should have arms and legs policy. This company, and, if you could
for the enormous, visible growing next time that would be greatly appreciated, still transmit smallpox. The fabric of Amerika. Also, there is an article that just came out this week and G Q, alleging all it wasn't alleging coz its actual case like documents but Bloomberg history of sexual harassment. Here, forty sexual harassment. Lawsuits over a couple of decades are in the nineties and to have a say sure harassment, lawsuit in the nineties is pretty much pretty, and I cuz nobody. Nobody reported shit, then so interesting report on the Bloomberg. Maybe it'll make him popular with America. To be honest, you wanna, be true You gotta beat him at his own game. That's it billion against two billion,
His answer one billionaire leaves that is how this this camp, I could get have four out of five minutes: the dog. That's what people one from democracy as well. I think I think, might believe that will will take anyone support as long as these levels. I take a hundred and fifty dollars, because that was the news here in the past week, Jose That said, the Bloomberg was reaching out to Instagram influences, of which I believe we base our agenda, I'm technically a micro influence, which is a fine time. If your female What I think is a guy micro influence, our influenza. So what? What defines a microwave router? What sense is is a level of follow with ship. You need, I think, so I think it's just being verified or having over ten thousand Instagram followers right.
So I know you love the Graham Andy and you wanna overtime, another thought, but those bikini shots of you always want to. Let my best I think I'm a micro influence ain't gonna have to children. I might then watch lots of sports events bite. It is unhappily that level of micro influence. Would you take a hundred and fifty bucks to our support? Might bring back or other art, and I mean if you can make it too wandered all consider other hundred fifty Isabella Cheapside. To be honest with you could brainwashing my children about the glories of the blue bird campaign. Particular this there's curriculum its animals are not turning off the sport to promote Michael bloom, bugs campaign. If that's, what you're asking
as you say these this case with this issue with, will embody attorney general, been destroyed by former federal attorney as a crisis of credibility. Nobody, I was whether decisions being made based on the facts and the law or whether that, based on political whim of that is obviously untrue. Everyone knows whether the decisions are made on facts or law or political whim, and the answer to that multiple choice. Quite he's be political and everybody knows that no one is put ending might by fax law, anymore the american justices must taken a bit of a pound. Increasingly, what was that recent fairly significant, very public high profile legal case being conducted in the very pies chambers of american politics by people with no legal expertise, obvious vested interest and without traditional legal state, such as witnesses,
evidence facts, objectivity and the actual law being applied, so you can see that law is having a bit of a rough ride at the moment and on the other side of the pond. yeah now are tiny elections. Gonna go really well. Everything's gonna work out are gonna, be a democracy again just getting them. So it's us turn to the Democrats. The latest round in the efforts to win the golden ticket price, of being abused, belittled and battered by Donald Trump until a November and be the end of time. Bernie
this came out on on top this week already about the Bernie or bust phenomenon in which many of their Bernie Sanders opposed by a sixth of his supporters, and I will not vote for any other democrat candidate if Bernie is not chosen as nice as the democratic presidential candidate, only just over half fifty three percent said they would definitely vote for. Whoever is running for the Democrats and given how close the last election was in in twenty sixteen, which shed Donald Trump one with us. I think one minus one or two percent of the votes superiority over Energy Clinton. You think the
you, don't look at some point. Nothing back through other elections, George W Bush in two thousand and eight vote being being slightly get doing, gets. The one lesson we can learn from history is that people never king, learn lessons from history ass it with the idea of not voting for any Democrat against Trump Bill. I feel building a new. house in an area famous for having a large population of feral human eating tigers, and you haven't over whether or not to have a green front door or an orange front door or a pebble front door? And you really really want a green front door but see from door companies as with sorry would tell you have green front doors. You cannot have a green front door. Do you, I get no front door obeyed. get a front door that you're not totally happy with. Even if you have a slight allergic reaction to purple, an orange makes you feel, grumpy gets a door, get the door better light lighting their house on fire, not even about the door shut. You think if it is scary, I'm on the bright side
though another candidate is emerging. I don't how much tat guys know about- and I love her more a moderate- trust to physically assaulted staff with office equipment, and I of her more and more every day, but they get such a feminist gesture to support a woman who acts like a man, the clubs, clothes trotters yeah, but she's? A centrist I mean, are you know a lot of people here who are not monsters will vote for any of the Democrats. I think there's a larger conversation about people being radicalized online to vote against our own self interest, which I think a lot of the Bernie or bust people do carrying intact.
Am I lied otherwise I'll get attacked? I mean you get that yet totally yeah I mean I I I do think the way a decent come burning. Coal been are different, but I do think the way that the media talks about them is incredibly similar or the tactics used, which is to France to the left field, the point of disrepair and then the right so surges ahead with United on the things that they don't like day. One- and this is just like leftwing people- just repeatedly punching themselves in the face. Over and over again I mean Andrew Yanks out of the race ah so there's no young gang anymore. How do you feel about Andrew young Andy? Well, oh Abiola's have not followed his candidacy hugely closer. We simply describes over the asian Mass guy fees gunning for a role in the in the Simpsons, if the no hurry come to Bubbalou's campaign of destruction, has led to that to the marginalization of
who are you happy now? Are you listening to this Hobbes entry by what he said when he announced his his departure from the rice? While we did not win in this election? We just getting started this. This is the beginning. This movement is the future of american politics and admire the optimism in that, but I think the future american politics is frankly, people being absolute boss to each other from now until the end of time, because it clearly work either. There's something interesting about one thing: we ve learned from trumpets ten ever apologizing, just fake it tat. You may get like everything. persons. Concession speech in Iowa, for example, was like we. Why and how we are now it's just if you just keep saying that you one people will just believe you, I wonder fringe award by the way like to announce that man I one hour I when I woke up, do you have any
judge to you guys. Oh yes, TAT was built. Rob Peter you. Let me go to judge well he he used to work as a infectious disease biologists and a lab and he created corona providers to wipe out the competition. That's not a conspiracy theory! That's actually is really the only way he's going to rise to the top, if you just biologically engineers have run out of their race. I just need to know you This cage is gonna support. Now Andrea hangs out the rice because he was, he was Berlin for young. He was fully young guy like the gang I thought. Those guys were. I mean I am wondering who they'll go to now, go to like Bernier, worn to question you're a? U per, do and say you telling women, or do they take a lane Yang gang advantages,
I met lends itself to to a rhyme like that. Can someone that Scotland Amy publishers can we struggle Cobby? Yes, it's e n. You need some pithy marketing like some red hats, maybe with make math gray again on them. Hope pigs is back in the White House which I know is very exciting for everyone who picks perfectly an illiterate it. She does she's on the chair squad and she's the one that secretly sabotage teammates by Greece in the gym floor as she's called height, but deep down. We know she's a, however, is very interesting that she's come back at work. Not that she's come back, but the timing of her return, because she initially quit, didn't she under the scrutiny of law enforcement and admitting to the fact that she tell why eyes, which is just in our right.
this life terms- I don't know that's the perpetrators are used, for I told white lies, but this kind of after these solve acquittal. I feel that this is this. Is it we need sense of? Is confidence or arrogance, or something to bring her back into the fold at this point, the timing is quite interesting. HO picks also were, according to some historians, one word summaries of what the last two presidents of the USA represent British politics. News,
There has been no cabinet, reshuffle, hey, Boris Johnson, the prior Prime Minister, with those words just still doubt sound right, and I don't think I'll stand right. Seventy four hundred years time either had a cabinet reshuffle in which, unexpectedly, his juncture, the exchequer such a java had resigned. Stroke was sacked, did he jumped? Was he pushed he pushed and then pretended he was jumping, I think was essentially I went and its ensuing, though, though nobody seems chaotic and his out this into a kind of funny naked power grab by Boris Johnson's infringe see the politics of it. Because tourism, I filed a general election in twenty seventeen with a strong and stable message
Boris Johnson based became for weakness and instability to drawn shore up his eyes. New power base at Sandy Javert was the at the shortest spell as children exchequer for fifty years, and the shortest without having unexpectedly died since way way. But before that, and we now have a new chancellor risky sumac, who has less than a month to suddenly hack an entire bud together. I guess it's good to have a deadline. Also, sacked Julian Smith in Northern Ireland Secretary adds one widespread praise from up from my all across Ireland, all across the UK, for managing to her I get the disputed party talking. Northern only get the assembly back up and running and he was therefore sacked by most Mason,
It had been a raging success. Therefore, he simply had to go. Such is politics these days. The best thing you can do for your career is shot up into a shit job. I always think of these cabinet. Reshuffled is less cabinet reach. Our goals are more sideboard full of shit. I did. I did Javert even get to hold the red briefcase. Oh, I know I'm not sure not come because that's gonna be getting, because that is what you go into politics force in those detriment of just gloriously. Oh all, school about holding up a battered old red briefcase. full of plans to destroy the poor.
Coincides with the hope. Crushing machine is nicely papers inside is just a very high tech crushing and why, why is Michael Guys still described is de facto deputy Prime Minister Michael gave us a hundred percent that do that promises to look after your girlfriend whilst your way and then tries to slip of the tongue and get slapped alternatives. The that's why it's just that city comes well says to me and oversee he's been he's been talking about breaks it and border checks at an if you ve seen this Andy but breaks it is going smoothly, is Jeff nor cop promised it would our thinking mad photos like the type, a guy that you have sector than he is like, I'm not gonna come pull out totally works. Many comes inside you. in like that. Knowledge is anything about. Boris Johnson is less.
Family. He had a family she'll see someone gave has been saying. Border checks inevitable now, which I mean especially upside, is that we don't have to hear him repeating the phrase. Friction. This trade if I ever like some kind of greatest safe what that's, but the government is confirmed that checks on food and goods of animal origin, as well as customs declarations on imports and exports at the border. So you know it's basically, they said you know I wouldn't effects that wouldn't be a problem: the borders for trade and everything else, and now it's slowly unravelling. While me, the thing is weak. We can judge it yet if a move got sir, we ve gotta, let it play out for two three hundred years before we migration
judgements on whether or not it's a good like that. I was comforted by the fact that when Theresa may, I don't know if you remember who she was, but when she just the fact that she liked was diabetic, I felt like was you know, or to have somebody who would rely on insulin. That's like not made in the UK to kind of being charged that breaks the decision and now she's sick, and I had a serious question, though, if you, in Flanders, something not made in the UK to survive how're people doing how are people with diabetes doing over there. I guess it's just too weak to tell us but to the natural sweet sugar of freedom, but that's all we need what we're gonna have to do for diving, six is what they do for bees in the summer, which is just leave like a little bowl of sugar water outside outside your appointment of them. With tennis rockets shouting get away from my father. Let me kill them with
Alpha drowned them incomes law. I mean it's. What what the saying now is that that boorish Johnson is wanting to to pursue an a strangely in style deal which means no deal because a straightly don't have a free trade deal with the EU and light everything I'm fine yeah. I mean an end one, what kind of says ultimately that the bricks is a political decision and not an economic one, you know and and that the economic cost, even a significant one, doesn't matter because the mantra
I came back control and I think, if Boris wanted to take back control, we should just got pair spanks like everyone else. How do you know he doesn't have a member here, so I mean we ve got, but these border checks and stuff in place, but he's not gonna be done by the end of the year, and so I feel that this is just gonna be a shit. Storm is united. There were saying that in January, that's peak import season for things up fresh fruit, invest, vegetables and customers are really going to see the problems and supermarket shelves unless the infrastructure is put in place, but I mean God knows how long this is all going to take well be called bring practicality into it. Now too, if this was not a vote that had practicality at its whole year, we it would be hypocritical now, if I having promised chaos from
besides, then, if that chaos is now denied us right, so we should wish we should expect fights at the borders with fruits and vegetables involved. Firefights rule. It knows all the manifesto, I'm pretty sure I'm another was an unknown reads. Manifesto goodies leave made in a manifesto in article fifty is out section about freed from Valentine's day break up news now and that wasn't a Valentine's day. Bugle we're gonna, do a story on not break up a research or in Canada has apparently found a way of editing your memories using therapy and beta blocker drugs to take the sting out of breakups. Now this is ready the kind of signs that can fully
at by, particularly here in Britain. We need this. We need this therapy and ways of lovers for at least sixty million people plus got a lot more. When I bought a vote just pump into the walk water system, leather do with flooring, what are you guys really need more mad to repress and wish him? Well, maybe that's about someone with a will. Over the coming year, we looking to America now assault touchstone, an inspiration for this post bricks, its new Britain, and, to be honest, if we all know or absolutely dependent on expensive medication within fifty years breaks, it will have been a failure therapy and beta bloggers. His fancy modern told for two bottles, a cheat whiskey and over emotional blast on a karaoke machine and shouting at traffic on the way home about how you never loved them.
Why, before trying to make out what most books so its debt, this good, this could change the way humans behave affair. If you have pain, free, breakups, well, the research, it s a story about. Seventy percent of patients found relief with a few sessions. Every consolidation therapy, which I like that it's called that take all of your romantic pain and had ever lifetime and consolidated, Atwell, easy money.
pain payments a sort of reading into it sounds like an l pay. You know, Lou, newer, linguistic programming with drug addiction on the side and he says memories and then new. The neutral, factual elements are saved in the brains, hippocampus yeah. I said that correctly, but the emotional tone of the memory is safe somewhere else. So is his imagination in removing the old fashioned way you have the image and the sound and they want to set for channels and when a person we lives that dramatic memory they experienced by channels and then procreant. How does this is Pro Pineau low propane? Although did do? Did it helps target one chance?
The emotional aspects, memory inhibiting its weak and celebration and suppressing the pain so is actually a drug giving in to minimize the pain and the pity sd of the experience and I'm not saying PTSD lightly. They use it throughout the article. Yes, but I guess in terms of the great deal of experience with break up swapping with my my my wife, since I was what twenty twenty one twenty twenty two. But if you can take a vile of this magic drug too, to a break up sure that molest got a smooth things over so a bunch of flowers just to avail of the special beta block, a bigger one, other side effects, forgetting your mom's name. Because there are other ways, kindness so carry I don't I like feeling I like the heartbreak that comes the break up behind us, lose ten pounds,
never look better. Your comedy gets funnier. I wouldn't give it up for the world because there are other each This is to add to what to do with a break up. I never mention it pretend it never happened. That's how we in Britain tend to do with any split weather is sir relationship or the end of empire. Option b you hire a double gang of your lost beloved and pay them a retain it for the rest of your life. For life, see option say you record a seminal album about it or optional day. You, commissioner, TAJ Mahal. Admittedly, that was a non voluntary break up when she ran over the Mr Gee Reaper can offer but their best friend there. So many things you can do to get over a break out of this. I would like this drug to remove the memory of a guy. What stated years ago, he whenever he said just as when nice, like a bit from the fox, if you'll just have that forever removed from my memory that words, I would be very happy.
But just just selective say they do need to strive to be hung down. So just remove selective parts of relationships. Yes, yeah yeah, just the bits that I find very annoying. The travellers, if, if you progress in a relationship but which could put all divorce law, is our relationships you're still an we just drug yourself, fight you had. I think the problem is that you know. I don't know how many men want this, because I think women have been memories. We like remember more stuff loads, more stuff. Whereas All men have selective memories, I'm not sure which one it is vital to retain information from every argument I've ever had with mother off, and then I will bring up the perfect my. To destroy him, see I'm quite lucky that that cause I'd. I basically had no memory left by the time I got together with my wife, and it was just my brain was absolutely full
of sports trivia by that point. So I can, though I can remember mighty anything as happened in our relationship and its proved extremely happy and Did you shall out cricket terms during the wedding ceremony? Please tell me you didn't do that Andy well, show them out loud, but you know certainly singing them on, inside aliens are talking to a new now and some very exciting news. Astronomers have found radio signals from half a billion light years away. Distance two. If you all intergalactic communications correspondent, bring us up to date with what the aliens
so it was well a mysterious radio signals from spaces repeating every sixteen days, and I think it's my mom telling my dad, but this toilers eight down after birth, I d come to think of things that repeat themselves constantly. The best originated from a galaxy five hundred million light years away, probably not Aliens MIT said in a statement, but I'm excited about it. Andy excited because at this point out, we hoping for intergalactic intervention- and I think we should welcome it- is the most likely solution to the climate growth in solving. Certainly yet relief from from from breaks it Corona failed. Impeachment pays Morgan. Also I in Amerika I am an alien of extraordinary ability, so I can copyright or take me as one of their own half a billion lawyers, aware of in also radio or the like who listens to radio least I surely surely, is all about the podcast now
things are half a billion years ago, what what I do not like to many this signal. Blasting as I do vodka upward the broadcasts. If you put another half billion years of evolution from the beginning of radio, then imagined by now. They ve evolved the portcullis genre so far that I can now describe investigate and solve all the crimes ever committed in history and then produce them into one high, pitched tone lasting half a second and I'll, be the logical end of podcasting I just I want them to invade Andy broadcast on airport cause. That's why I want to happen. I like
you think they're already not here, who only explanation for the past three years is that the airlines have landed and that they all support tromp. I don't know if you ve seen the movie they live. I have lower dealing yeah, I'm of needs to start taking on its start, taking sunglasses off, or is it putting them on? So I can see you the aliens putting the mine, but I would like some called actions taken out by called out Hence I would like a little green man making tumbling down his eyes and his wherever and I won't boorish Johnson levitating and being drained by tripod. That is what I want Andy. I want it now. well. That brings towards the end of his Valentine's day. Big. We already talked about the real saint valentine, weaving, listen valentines today is a third century: Roman Melton professional Sanctum, dabbled in low grade poetry and was best known for crowbar rhymes into half baked ditties and would do frankly anything to get underneath and nuns wimple and certain publication
such is the bugle, have over the years, disseminated false information on Saint Valentine, but we can't sell you having actually checks on line now. There are some facts about him. He repeatedly left a note to the daughter of his jailer on the day of his execution in the air, the third century, a date on the day of your excellency. You're still try, that's impressive, isn't it still turn a whew as you face? Nobody can stop thinking about it. For a second, that's I guess a typical man, did anyone else get? I am valentines card from their parents. Just just wanted to ask Well, this year or in general in the past, just just general in the past, no, and I never did actually but the arm for a very british family. We we we keep all our emotions at the rhapsode. Even the fake was my mom somebody wanted in it. She per happy Valentines love from question Mark
the next rate brackets mom was that without her way of saying she's, not sure of it she's, your real mother baby. Haven't thought about the spiral into an existential crisis, now, I bring us to the end of this week's this week's bugle. Thank you very much for listing Jenna and to thank very much worse. The joining me from from LOS Angeles. Thank you, having us Andy. Andy, there has been a Valentine's day, a fool you out. There has been You have to say that anonymously there has been a racket, Jenna Happy a what can only be described as could delay on the line for this episode so for new standing, Harriet ices well be that age staff will be off
sweet, I'm on holiday and there will be a sub bugle featuring an episode of last post and some classic people archival material them will be we'll be back in a fortnight, thanks again for listening until next time.