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2020-04-04 | 🔗

Andy is with Anuvab and Hari in a tri-continental take on the Coronavirus. Featuring the latest on Trump's press conferences, friendly Indian police and some high class fake news.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual work out, you blows and welcome to issue a thousand one hundred and forty seven of the Bugle Audio Newspaper for Asia, splendidly animated world- I am Andy's ultimate, come to live and free Rico. From the shed, my share, which is very much becoming the Abbe Road studios. Our own of ours, lockdown era, Woody, a newspaper porthos recording industry, it Friday, the third of April, twenty twenty and nothing is ever happens, this day before, because this is the first year of the still pastry joining me from there various different parts of the world. Firstly, in
New York City. It's hurry, Condor, Bolo, hello. How are you how you he asked me that question every time I'm on Andy? I'm not good things are bad Andy. Those global plague, How are you hurry the global plague? How are you you must be? Well, you know: there's a global plague, usually yeah you're, pretty downbeat when there is no global likes, always hoping, maybe with a global like you, I'm just like Flickr polarity. The other would like perhaps unlike thank it's almost over. This is what I've been waiting for this whole time. Take me home, Father
Jody US also from Mumbai, India, it's out of our power high and about how how are you or India, is having an interesting interesting time with the device you were locked down, four hours notice, that's correct, high Andy hurry. You know abandoned India, but I feel like every other day in my life in India, the last thirty years this the pandemic of some kind of the other. This is an actual pandemic, but you know you ve been through a range of like almost pandemics on a regular basis, so finally get off that a country of one point: three billion people was shut down the four hours notice right, but Look at all the benefits right. What are the main benefits is that with such a chaotic, insane, overpopulated country,
If you add some more chaos and insanity, it really just gets into the mix. Think of it like a cake worth anything godfather, better deciding more florid, better, just gonna make the cake fluffy, so you We just had for us to get all our rather out in very populated insane country. So it wasn't. It wasn't difficult at all. Apart from the fact that a bunch of people died, a lot of people stopped other than that everything is fine. Even darker than what I usually say as we are agreed on Friday, the third of April, twenty twenty none of us reach this week, no dice data to let you know if this is the beginning of time. As always, however, sexual abuse is going straight in the bin. This way a free alternative news bulletin
now the news around the world has been ninety nine percent of already infected by the virus. Even if it's not about the virus, with the news, it's all to shake you, a hypochondriac could go instinct. That is in fact, he's tangentially about the virus in carogne of ours is now killed. Ninety four percent of the others who stories that it has come into contact with, which is an extremely worrying, as the test It is highly contagious from unused point of view. However, here at the bugle We ve never been entirely concerned with things that are actually happening. We vote. Strove to also bring your attention to the events, therefore, stories covered by other. Happening and therefore not covered by other news outlets over these pestilent me virus. Only news times we are living through this week. Section in the bin is a free alternative news bulletin made up entirely of stories that are not happening to her. Take your minds off the ones that are happening read by our resident news, Rita per twin range,
thank you lines today, Donald Trump, the partially elected president of the United States has stepped down from his post after becoming trapped in a green house by a sudden, rapid onset, fear of leopards coming out sending out former president further everywhere and they have very sharply vice president Mike pants was unable to take office after being placed in suspended animation by God. They prominent Chris entirety. Who issued a statement saying come on America. You mean to have better than this and sporting It was finally, the NBA are reportedly trialing a new I'd sensitive basket which automatically adjust its height depending on the statute of the player about to try to pop Dunkel flexible in NBA. Commissioner, often driven told a freshly press conference that these board and to make its own fairer for
alienating the under six foot, six inch community, the hoop set itself to fifty one point. Seven percent above the plays standing hide a coefficient calculated by dividing the height of the card basketball hoop by the the choice of an mba lamp now said, Rivet we will see who can really play the game. He also announced the introduction of a second sporting receptacle elsewhere on the court. It will be lifted and Catholic. He said low down near the halfway line. Four points, if you get it in without cats, milk bow over and finally, the weather? It's getting hot in here so take off some, but by no means all of your gloves, Andy, muttering Thanks very much that news is helpful trouble there is nothing wrong with that. NBA idea, that's brilliant, You can do we, then we can actually know who's gonna basketball and whose just tall exactly of off,
so. This is a great floored nets for her. I know you're out your big, a big fan like Van yeah, it's gonna change. We must have the technology to do that now, top story, this wake. Well, as always, these days, design, top story that has been top storing and around the world. Since Sir Well said the after the year. Essentially the corona virus has proved to be an absolute master. Strategist of a disease that has Sir tool in pet tends in pubs, has dismantled. The world is a functioning entity in three months of mayhem. What has it been affecting your your lives on or on a personal basis? civil, I'm in a hurry and New York's been horrifically affected bought by this house. How are you getting on well. My life is essentially the same, studio apartment no pants on
oh you mean no trousers hurry, yeah, that's what I meant that's about. This is the only difference is my girlfriend can go to work so she's. Also here, which means I kind of. After it alter my behavior. I can't do it. I normally do I have to make it look like I'm doing, work which the past. There was a way just do what you gonna do and now it almost feels like those as pressure to show that what I'm doing is actual work and actually do have a quota quote job. You know you can't just explaining. I know I'm watching old NBA videos, but it's all part of the process that was never problem before and now all of a sudden, I gotta justify my whole existence and worth but people around the world have struggled. Justify their existence? If I'm using myself as a statistical sample of one,
and evolve how things? Why are you you're, a flame on biomass, as in Mumbai it'll like hurry? I just We don't do much so not much has changed from a life and earning perspective, but I am being exploited Andy hurry that I need to bring this up. This is my weight event. My neighbour, Mr Remain Patel has been let me very statistics about how people over sixty are affected. By the current virus, and why he's particularly That'll. Do it, and I realise that this It was a ruse because he's basically having me vegetable shop for him. I have essentially become mistook Adele servant without realizing this so my immediate change hurry and is that I am now domestic help I like how you said his name, and initially I can you say his name, and then I was like her
mesh Patel in India. I am sure no one will figure this haven't bought me. Really gets fourteen of them and we have twelve flats. Politically. There has been a worldwide ballet of incompetence, ingenuity complaisance overreaction than it did promises on this ballet, the untrained choreographers ruling. Well. Basically, a shouting from the wings for site. Just Kate waggling legs about it at least looks like dancing. It took up a truly it will promote our aid, only eighteen countries and the United Nations Catalogue that have still officially recorded a case, including Yemen. When someone I should get a with a lot that might well I've just at it s good for too long There has been a worldwide extreme, distressing rise in the number of incidences of celebrities singing needlessly and a wide range of them responses by different governments.
Keeping told us. This virus does not discriminate, but clearly it does disco. It discriminates against countries with blazing the incompetent leaders, and I think it's it's very In Britain and America we seem to be on the side of recklessness in terms of further delaying lockdown and failing to test. How have you have you enjoy D, the erection of your beloved president, this enveloping crisis? Sometimes I find it very entertaining and then I remember its reality and then it's no longer entertaining It's it's terrifying. He but a positive spin out, what's going on by talking about how great his press conference ratings are It should be noted that nine eleven also had incredible whose ratings, yet they had nothing to do with dinner. The present at the time. We were all scared, we're hoping for information, but It's like we need to figure out.
What's going on and what's important, both press conferences are We hear all the things he says Those are things not to do unless, the doktor, Without these there, which point Herbie be like well, actually or what I'm saying agrees with the President, It actually doesn't, but I'm going to say it agrees with him, so he doesn't get upset that what I'm about to say will contradict every ridiculous thing. You just said so it's been a rollercoaster. This is a time for world leaders have been forced into doing what they seldom want to do, and that is look at themselves in the mirror. The problem for Trump is that his MIRA is one of his old two way. Maris from is Miss World days that he used to say one hell of a lot that is obviously but about permanent support is having tramping charge. Now does not Exactly the soothingly or authoritative political bomb. America, it is, is looking up that phrase.
What the doctor ordered an abduction any doctor in this circumstance with old order. A megalomaniac delusion is obsessed with himself that is going on no prescription for perhaps doktor doom. Possible movies running May in the November elections he's at handling any criticism where I may never handles criticism. Well, but, like The press is not I don't even to the really criticism asking him pointed and thoughtful questions. You meet your ass of PBS S was yelled at by the president. Do I have to say by the president by job
telling him what he said about governors asking for equipment. They don't need, which is something you said on Hannity and he got very upset and he denied saying it and felt that the media is not nice. He just wants them to be nice and he thinks they should be more positive and then days later each year as under asked why? The? U S? Hezbollah is well behind South Korea on testing per capita. And he did not like that one bit, he was upset and said quote You should be saying congratulations instead of asking. I really snarking question my smirky. He means factual, congratulations, he means kind of doing your job,
this bows previous incidents with paid Alexander NBC when he just ass. Well, you say to Americans were scared and he yelled at tea Alexander John Carl, Does everyone gets a ventilator that needs one and then Trump rosebud but be acuity pie rich I know one knows what that means. No one, no don't be a cue by if I was John Car, I would respond but you can't and yet a we have decided to do. Is I've come up with three? potential things the media can say, ok that he would accept Mr President, here we can from the bugle how is Barack Obama responsible for this pandemic and is
any truth to the rumour that corona virus is also originally from Kenya. Here's another example, Mr President: you can do both from the bureau The question that many of my colleagues in the media are too afraid to ask can you grab me by the policy and finally, Mr President, the kind of oil from the bureau? how have you been able to handle this crisis in such a remarkably com, selfless and fair? just way, while remaining so goddamn handsome. Finally, a question: can I secular dig it just seems like at this point. People would watch the press conference. The one that has Donald Trump I've been reading a little bit about Andrew, comparable and his brother and how that they come viral at yesterday,
president from one And he said virus operates differently than here when beans. Is it true that people in the United States would would lacking under any other press conference, like maybe from batteries. Anyway. I don't know this is standard a standard believe, but people their leaders when they seem competent, ran. They seem like they know what they're doing as if they can actually lead as those two meekness, Philip Morris, scare, old school, so yeah yeah, I mean I'd. I do think we are holding on to any kind of leadership, but I remain sometimes I just as the old Brok Obama speeches that have nothing to do with it. Happening now, but it's me believe, like her, if he was in office, perhaps I will be less afraid of imminent death so impatient just you know what they should do, instead of letting Trump loose when the press conference just go,
Daniel diluted to dress up was Abraham Lincoln undo the Gettysburg address every day and double just help. There will probably be so for America, that's not at all, but I said, but yes, that is exactly what we should be talking trumps exit strategy for getting out of this this. This message that you said that a little while ago in wonder it's like a miracle. It will disappear science is not entirely supported there. The miraculous ends the corona virus, a crisis and I guess, is that kind of rigorous evidence driven long term strategizing the world turns to his great leaders at such times, but or even if I mean it, disappear. It utterly is how to disappear like a miracle without being extremely shit miracle that takes months- and three years to happen and leaves hundreds of thousands of people dead in its wake, as well as untold economic and personal devastation that is
exactly getting. Everyone steaming hammered a wedding on top great venuses at his ease, Daddy's, not a good miracle now, it's not because it leads us to believe. Perhaps a miracle is that when we all dead through no longer be a virus to disturb our lesson. That's, a bar has the most popular black thing off in a lot of Eblis move to the indian indian reaction. Now we mentioned the for our notice period, given by a learned drama before shutting India, now he's not a leader who all turn down any open, go shotted, causing massive social chaos, and we saw that I think, tom you're on the show with her they are of the majority of bank motion the circulation out of of three minutes notice, buried for that pretty much four hours. That's that's bell. Even enough
to panic by seventy eight tins of smurf. Getting these spaghetti shaped in tens and oddly blue source, which managed to get hold of before the lockdown him plenty more tokens. I will not talking vanity. Smurf dollar is the last thing I get my hands on so that the option seems to have been here. Millions of peoples of stranded unable to get home. They learn to walk. We'll find anywhere getting home across across a new kind of level of mayhem. That Modi has helped unleash it. You know promised a body has got into the habit of showing up and television about eight in the evening. He makes it announcement a few days before he did this before. Taking away most of our currency. He did this recently when he announced that the whole. She was going into lotta so Basically, I think, You really enjoy creating this sort of anticipation and panic, leading to his speech, and it a time one
three billion people are usually thinking the worst among other things, being speculated was that he would declare an emergency, he would kill him. But he would shut off the electricity and water so what he ended up, doing, which is a total locked up It actually had a calming effect for a bit, because people have expected far worse from him. Everything I think a gentleman is that you know hurry. You know India well, and you know India. Well. What do you he has not is chaotic and overpopulated and had Finland has a lot to learn from us. I mean you ve heard of germanic efficiency, but it actually came from India, inefficiency and what are the basic things that you're not going to happen when you, I've done a country with no notice is your name going to have undocumented millions, and millions of undocumented laborers suddenly finding themselves with no income, I'm no shelter having to walk
much of the length of Europe to go back home now. That's why, ended up happening the next day and one of the things Prime Minister said they sensibly is. We were not anticipating this do it check over thirty edited did express the thickly asked if this not what you weren't disability, were you what so we basically have the greatest mass migration we have had in India, since competition where a country that I forget, which country only but some country in the world border, really they thought people had people had more notice that, frankly, they gave us to choose between India and Pakistan have to walk from one country to the other. I think If I remember correctly said Ratcliff drew the
India, Pakistan line and Indians Pakistanis had a month to get across a lot of people killed. Lots of people can be each other, but there was a month a movie gave us a, he gave a speech at eight p m and he said by twelve o clock Everything was going to shut down, adding in his speech that tiny requirement, essential supplies would be available. Grocery would be a fearful that you would be are able to shop for medicines those tiny details. He did nothing important. He left it on this week. So what happened? after he finished his speech today. Thirty was the entire country, Russia, the roads at a cost. Of one point, three billion became a corona virus hot zone because of his speech at less look for them. The positives that something that's better
reduction in pollution in India, due to the lockdown, we ve heard stories says mister this from from China under an elsewhere as well. The corona virus is proving to be one of the most effective militant eco warriors in the history of the green movement. It is done what gratitude, but couldn't have even dreamed of doing its reduced pollution in India. I didn't look like a lot of people are very upset about this because the right you, air, visual two thousand and nineteen world Map gave us leadership position. It said, Ninety one of the world's thirty most polluted cities were in India. You ve gone poor, outta bed This is so polluted that when you basically open whether dotcom it says, don't go there and we ask that leadership position and the hurry. Grandmother in the last Twenty years has not seen a blue sky over Calcutta where she lives are those bright.
The sky yesterday and she refused to believe that she was in India and I think This is gonna have complained to health issues for the agent. If the s that's clearing up like this Well, I have a follow up question. I was doing some math Math Zambia. Thank you end. Correct me if I'm wrong, but If Modi gave Indians hours to get ready, you for hours notice use, indian standard time it means that in and started reacting to this, two hours India already shuddered ass, I was I was at the grocery store hurry. With the morning, and I was surprised to find it shut because because you know I have a relationship with my local grocery store. I said I'm coming to you by ten p dot m. He knew
when he should have kept. It opens up a relationship with balkan needs. We have that, sadly enough, he shouted now I have rubbish. Patel- and I don't know, this one of the upshot of the of the global shut down when time money we spend so long serves just in your in the same place, unable to move time kind of new tie, seen various strange rising But what are the indian five minutes? which is approximately forty five, two hundred and twenty minutes of of time elsewhere in the world. Could I she just become the standards length of oh, yes, school classes, Asia, it's down on you, you ve, got to keep things loose, looser home. You say what we're to do: an indian five minutes on geography or the history of the penguin.
But what I wonder TAT could be one of the lasting changes that we so yeah. I thought a lot about this guy. You know, I think it's essentially because you guys in the western world have Christianity. This notion of of definitive time and good, that this this much time on earth. I have seen- and I need to do- do all this stuff to get better, so I can go to Heaven right. The good thing, having a religion that gives you karma is. The time is infinite. So the whole point: yes, I'm going to die, but I'm good we re born as centipede or embryos to be. You re born ass, a David Attenborough, but the point is, I wish you luck. I felt at eight p m might mean ATM it mean seven p m and I might Europe is myself a centipede, but I will come. People had died. I do you guys were performed here. You know idea seven began to show my started midnight, whereas a flexible, but that's it
it has to do with into his room. I think just one last point I want to make is that tourism has already presented a solution to corona virus, which I think you guys know and have been following more deviant ruling party, the Bee Gibby. India's rightwing party have present an immediate solution to curl of ours. The cow is wholly where I'm from and they have prison did cow Urim as vaccine for ok, whatever it is. Also true that we presented cow urine as a vaccine for cancer for any other physical available for divorce forfeit domestic its, but as of now, the right wing parties a badly cow urine as as a solution, and given that the world is, it stands as good a chance as high Laura Queen or whatever
Trump demands that the FDA allow cow urine onto the market. He's been demanding for months and by some repeat is something of an expert in them, in other other forms of work, you are in any way one thousand this was an indian policing and of ever they may not have been dealing with this lockdown in pre entertaining. Why, pleading leaves a fancy dress, which is not generally a huge actually say that please do where fancy dress everyday bought me. There's degrees of fancy, dress and wearing a place uniform August doesn't, we are necessarily stretch quite as far as, for example, putting a a helmet shaped like the corona virus. Detroit want people to that's correct. An end what to do what you guys think of this. They do things going on there. A policeman at various people is now wearing
it helmet Each has a corona type virus on top of it. So looks like they're out for and it Nothing else. The frightening motorcyclists, which is a good day to clear up, the other thing going on in the southern states of Kerala, which actually has one of the higher rates of. In fact because careless, a tourist hot spot hell is also where a lot of migrant labour comes in. For the Middle EAST, Karla policemen have done a video with experts, We are doing a bollywood, handwashing dance, it's gone, viral on social media and euro and its way to go downstairs, availability dancing in it. That's definitely handwashing hit shaking. I think this is a new strategy that we are trying to use their curves deflecting the curve, and you know that people both of you nobody would you know that there is. There is no conflict in bollywood screenplays battles.
Dancing, cannot fix up I hope the complete with this is that's some policemen, while doing their fees, must song and they're doing the handwashing advancing. Let's of the six looked tentative and that's it appointed, because we have to be only they want to know how you your country's your countries are dealing with is how the police in your countries are dealing with this policing is a big issue. Here is the last thing I'll say is that the this is the happy bit, but These are not happy with it. Is that all What's a policeman across India, just hitting people would sticks retelling, but to go so that's happening. Masses were so. Is this police indifferent in your respective countries? that firstly limited in a fascinating tact like to beat up people for their own safety,
don't. You know it's for your own safety. I have no choice but to breach of mercilessly for your health and well being, the evaluation of british schooling throughout the glory. I forget with countries that have been the police service. There is such a lot like her It was as migrant labour. Today, to the Mumbai mirror. He said this is: kind of policing, where a man shows up in new uniform hits me with the stick and only three minutes later explains my crime the common good to see the justice system working so quickly and efficiently, other police being gentle into one of the other being persuasive. Are they being? I know it's Spain, policemen are celebrating people. I have
left my home in weeks, so I'm not really sure what is going on outside a quick look at the earth. The arguments over testing, which raging around the world that they been of wool metaphors used in the fight against this virus, particular here in Britain, where we need no second invitation to roll out a war. Metaphor but actually is proof core opposite. Nothing paper been complaining that we gotta stop. Thinking of this locker warned he's gonna, outdated terms. What, but its were very opposite way of looking at it, because when it, when you look at the corona virus testing the job, we're way way better prepared. They started with a flurry of well organised activity. Britain has been just gonna cobbling shit together, hoping the best and relying on the general public to bail out of tricky situations, and America was pretending the whole thing wasn't happening, so it has been Frankly, uncanny,
and here in bring the government yesterday my Hancock Cochlea, the health sector, you himself as serving suffering from the current of ours, Boris Johnson, is still in in isolation looking, Greece had a monopolies enjoying this Boris Johnson. Looking like a kid who always always wanted a pet kitten, and then what he's been given has grown up into not an ordinary cap, but a psychotic lunatic in an outfit from the movie cats. Then you not disappoint on his head. Is lifelong dream is not working out how he planned it to, but the government of yesterday ready talk decisively about ramping up testing, and this was, I think, the thirtieth consecutive either. The governess talked about ramping up test and then I'll ramping up talking about ramping up testing as well, and they do not want to ramp up that ramping up too if they run protesting as effectively as they ve wrapped up talking about ramping up testing all six,
seven million people in this country would know whether or not they had device and and we'd know, then we can all enjoy glorious new era of guilt, free national prejudice against each other base on whether or not we ve got which is a big step forward, Nothing do with rice, religion, sexuality, country of origin or any the classic scapegoat. To do so- and this is this- is this- is what I'm holding out for. I want a newly prejudice, Britain, they can be brought about like our own of ours, trusting you know one of the ways in which reads: kept infections really low in India we ve had, as I speak, to you. Little over three thousand cases will be found on the best ways to keep. A virus law is just not to test its did, you know I live in an indian family and- and we find the best way to resolve conflicts- is by now bringing it up If it doesn't, it doesn't exist. I don't know how you guys are dealing with this and society, but we do
really have occurred a problem because its no, not at all in indoor which is the city but depredation, some doctor, went in to do some tests in Islam and that story were thrown at them. They were beaten up, trashed and thrown out of the slum, so that Another way to deal with it, which is just a beat up the test. It so too afraid to come back with a warmer than it does The numbers around it s very hard to interpret, but somewhere between one million and eight billion people have contracted the corona Mars, so pretty avoid ball park with that way era, which Interpret here here in Britain LIVE transport. Conference Centre in London. The eggshells enter into a field hospital in nine days. Mrs Britain, we talk at nine days of industry, stating for the government has taken ten years to destroy the health service and then is being built up again in just a couple of weeks. The queen
is to address the nation on Sunday, there have no leaked copies of her first speech, various different versions, doing the rounds online, including this one, where but for what she says, people of Britain, the people united, will never be defeated. The people united will never be defeated. Whenever again for an hour before, throwing a brick through the window. The branch of Mcdonalds another version the speech simply says. Maybe you guys could try asking got to save small businesses the self employed in the economy in general for rent on absolute, fine and the another version we're gonna start with some lateral crunches people of Britain, ok and one two, three: four, that that status We need from our monarch right now. We need more home fitness stuff. Another no version which I think is the most likely she's gonna come on.
Tv screens eye on the I oughta this virus to suck Britain's bold you'll leave me sway, Caroline, that that, so. Well, we're just hang it on. For the coin. On Sunday is gonna, make it one piece of non virus news hurry you, ah space age, footwear, correspondent at the bugle and em Research is of a building a especial contraption to put on people's legs. Post their running space by fifty percent, not dominate this in in this kind of increasingly crowded sports calendar, which many of the Olympics being reschedule for next year, Also a world athletics championships that, despite be done next year as well, Yes, if all races of fifty percent quicker, you can just get all those events done in two thousand the time
and destroy every single record that had existed. The curse, of human existence. This is great. Germany show how the redemption yogi its humanity, overcoming the deposit. Well that we ve we ve emerged from a few. People are running hundred meters in six point five seconds. What will know that we are fully recover from this virus. It's also nerds destroying sports. So there's another great angle on it. I mean, if I If this technology existed, What I would hope for a time machine to go back to my high school years. So I could give myself, though shoes and when we ran a mile Jim class.
Track. Everybody can you imagine that, like a superhero like he always ended up last, but it was a long time. The whole time? That's what I would do. If I had a time machine also, I would kill Hitler. That brings us to the end of this week. I did promise last week that we would have an exam for all of those of you who are home schooling. I have a bugle history, examine we ve overran spectacularly, so instead, I'm just gonna set you some homework. Just think about everything that happened in the world and I'll. Be your history homework this week and will have a history exam next week. Instead, Very much fora for joining us me, your respective spected flats criminals out, has been in attendance, will be it mutates.
Through this call at throughout his them, using some bizarre filter video vehicle that has given him the face of the bugle logo in them an extremely disturbing from an Android, fast Chris Elections turbulent. This is how I look now. I'm sick six thousand dioxins in cold. You guys got it changes. A man is turning into a cyborg before our very eyes, eagles. You very much for listening, stay safe as Ways and I hope, you're you're dealing with strange sums are living in an ivory, bring you some entertainment gently, stare tat. You might have things for a little bit, we'll be back next week with another show em we will play about this week with some more lies about our premium level. Voluntarism, drivers to join them and help keep the bugle going go to the people, I couldn't help
Doug Daniels has performed a comparative study and discovered that the eight tv series game of thrones and the crown the latter of which details the life and rain of Queen Elizabeth, the second shot. Eighty six percent of the same dialogue and ninety seven percent of bull bloodlines Doug, is not entirely sure what to do with his information. Gordon Finlayson is also a keen amateur research enthusiast and he calculated that if the Olympic Games had been resurrected in seventeen fifty two instead of eighteen, ninety six, then Jane Austen would have been a professional gymnast instead of a novelist and would have claimed goals in the all around and uneven balls disciplines. These seventeen ninety six games in Rome aged Twenty, followed by a slightly disappointing, bronze intervals at Calcutta. Eighteen hundred militia guy coal once played peacemakers in a drunken fistfight on an aeroplane between Garry Kasparov, Harrison Ford and Kofi Annan. The dispute was ever whether our to detain was Patera actor in the star wars, movie, franchise, suggest move or an agent Inca Citadel in the mountains of Peru. Millisecond guy can't say three celebrities down by suggesting that they might all be right. Ideologies, Belize governments, go the runway about persuading people from eating harmful foods. It's no use warning people about the theoretical dangers to the elder fatty foods, as already far better would be enforced rebranding to put people of eating the stuff in the first place. Peanut butter sounds nice squirrel based not so sausage Yamba mustn't stoop of death. No! Thank you. French fries, don't mind. If I do coronary inducing shit rights, I will give those amiss David CASA. Crowd has doubts over whether it would be possible these days for the nineteen fifty to happen. I can't see the nineteen forties coming back at any time soon. A numerical grounds, quite apart from anything else, observes Doug. So sorry fifties fans, your historical goose is baked and eaten herself long ago, no offense Andre both college is often frustrated by the inconsistency of towels. A handout is more than enough to dry, not just one and but an entire pair of hands handwriting. But when I try to drawing my entire kitchen with a kitchen tat, I looked like a right turn it and don't get me started on based how's. That is a long story, Norman Ox Ladys of the very firm opinion that, in the event of future government, look down. The first thing that should be done is replacing all payments or sidewalks with quicksand. Everyone who have watched the half decent movie as a child notes normal lives in eternal dread of sinking to an agonising death in quicksand I guarantee no one would even think about setting foot outside our houses. And, finally, Andy Chrome is disappointed that the word encroach so often has negative connotations. It's a lovely word to say things Andy, and I wish it meant something nice it. Maybe we could swapping with the word key, which is a pity that a word for something so important pass me. The color encroaches on going for a spin. Do you see my point here end if this week's lies Bobby.
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