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Bugle 4148 - Panda Time


Andy is joined by Alice Fraser and Al Murray to look at that news story, plus sexy pandas and freakish sentient sea monsters.

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The bugle audio newspaper, a visual world, fabulous and welcome to issue full thousand one hundred and forty eight of the bugle, powder coating on Friday, the tenth of April twenty twenty news evolving at an all time record speed. Since I began talking approximately, thirty seconds ago economic. Has been temporarily suspended for the first time Twenty five years, no economics we'll take place until first Thursday at the earliest. The DOW Jones will bunk off all of next week, London's foot will not be allowed to switch itself on will be. The nickel is being forcibly forcibly isolated at this,
as money as a concept losing thirty six percent of itself over the course of this week, the putting of back together last night after a few drinks in a hot bath. Money still down. Eight percent and credibility are significant, but just about manageable decline and another quickie breaking news story, Estonia has hibernate and no end dates. these are confusing times on joined from various points. Around the universe, poor, firstly, from a long way away in Australia, Alice Fraser Andy, hello, buglers! How are you adequate don't go overboard? I wonder what about you, I am slowly losing touch with reality is something to be allowed to doing a daily satirical news broadcasts in an altar dimension. While you have no access to the real world
Losing touch with reality is some I mean something that I've been working on gradually over the past forty five years also join as from considerably less far away, in fact, just a few miles away here. In London our Murray hello. Now, I'm pretty much convinced this is only happening to me, and this is like remote will most elaborate, practical joke miles through all straight or my street doesn't do anything together, but those neither relax clapping knew each other just lean on the window intelligent before they start clapping is what are we going to want a wonderful time to be followed with a toddler, but if this child were younger, we find more manageable year older. We better reason with it, however, so how precisely to two and four months, so right in those sweet spot for sheep I learned how to say: no,
which is not what you wanted it when you know that out I have followed it when we know we ve been locked down. She doesn't understand and we were out we're out for what they have only you and she ran into a friend who had it and he was keeping is distant everything she ran to give him a colony, ran away from what the most important moment all encapsulated. Inter situation, Alan thought in the nineteen eighty, nine ash all over They are a coating on the tenth of April twenty twenty on this day in the eight hundred and thirty seven Holly's comment made its closest ever approach to earth just three point: two million miles away as measured by Brother Ethel Grouch in a monastery Linda Lindisfarne, whose among indictment, judging still distances tallies come not due back until twenty sixty one, although
there are rumors that this could not be delayed until two thousand and sixty two because of the coronavirus crisis, which is important thing to comment, Flybys cancelled, is another indefinitely postponed As always? A section of the beagle is going straight in the Bin this week, how to people self occupied during lockdown women, giving various tips, but without downtown full swing across many parts of the world. What would you do? other than listening to each weeks. Episodes of to the bureau on the last post ten times over and analyzing the head messages within well. Luckily, for you, the bugle this week gives you I swear this mode of ideas for things we do alone with your housemates partners, with your family or with increasingly awkward door to door salesperson, who called of much the wrong time just as looked down was being imposed, is now stuck in your house for the foreseeable future, with the eighteen sets of double glazed patio doors that he has persuaded you too by Alan, can we please don't
something else, I mention the advantage of a boy folder you. I don't want you to leave some have an entire week of activities planned out to keep you busy and active and stimulated sir, to fill the aching voiding your daily schedule, Monday's activity navel gazing. It's not often at the time and opportunity declared the introspective decks enough to indulge in a prolonged bout of self indulgent reflection on exactly what you're doing with your life. So take this opportunity to spend a fuller the known, ready sinking into a soup of regret, doubt and worry like not especially comforting tepid bath and the great thing with. It will gain, as that is not something you can get done in a dying then put to one side. You can keep your keyboard and then time for weeks and weeks on end through the interminable human permafrost of lockdown, Tuesday Existential, This is a genuine family activity gal around and think about all the implications for the world. All the things that have gone so disastrously wrong as a result of dissent, we might or not made in the past and the things that are like you go disastrously wrong. As a result, the decisions were making now and will make in the future. Don't worry
you're right is interrupted by occasional eruptions of wild optimism about forging a new, more collaborative, more humane world order. This is perfectly natural and all part of the process of coming to the conclusion that we are in fact totally don't Wednesday. Mid life crisis, consult they all your activities were Monday's, navel, gazing and choose days excess angel right into a full blown mid life crisis. It doesn't matter if you are in the traditional midlife age zone. Everyone's life is currently at the midday between pre virus and post far so legally Council mid life crisis. However old you are panic about Europe Our future priorities, values, philosophy of life, finances, political view, state as prospects ambitions, hopes, ways, relationships and general spiritual aid, and don't forget state ready, breaks was next males migration. looking at the sky, wondering what it's all about. First, I bickering much as we love all. Families are only so many bulls game sing, alongs, Phil, Knight, Biscuit Vikings, experimental poetry, so I can say I'm teasing educational dissection to the mouse go. If you found at the back of the cupboard you find. The declaring out of a decades worth of accumulated junk that any family can take so pop up the day with them.
Real arguments. Allow simmering irritations that have been bubbling up to boil over into genuine rancor a well Sir should they have squabbling, will encompass a mixture of ephemeral, snap grudges, peevish I've sensitivity too mild criticism, long, held drugs and groundless resentments about nothing. In particular, you might like Dickens having got one of your cohabited family or otherwise, for, for example, not finishing their sentences, eating but to noisily working in the international arms trade would bring. The kind of person might work in the international arms trade building a shrine of the ninety six, these pop legends Herman's hermits on the sofa without full written permission, anything to get this global going then written from that for as long as it takes until we get a solid weeks, peace and quiet from each other and Friday, paganism lock. That was a great time to learn new skills and at least x of cosmic I'm starting to you want to get back to human by sex with an introductory home course. In the face. I took pike and worship online lessons Revital, covering everything from basic incantations by effective and hygienic sacrificing to entry level hinging.
But then move up to Kabul within a few days would, in a week or two pressing, all White stone inside six weeks also consider exorcisms, A great way to bond is a family units and cleansing parts of your loved ones, plus have some hilarious stories to share afterwards about the Parrot Isms spiritual access, the ecstasy went through the demons left their building and finally, for the weekend Saturday, whimpering on the sofa you made it to the weekend, relax and spend the Dana fog of low level misery on the couch and Sunday making very plans that you have no realistic hope of actually putting into action, but the negative, in the past week behind you by thinking about stuff. You might do in the future before giving up on that and watching tv capture but, as you will be able guys, you do how to keep busy during the lock them. Picking a historical period by which to live each week, matching my boy. I had two an acceptable thoughts to. Think too You have chosen this week has been the Regency period I spent yesterday in epistolary correspondence, and today planning a bull roast
I mean this is one of the few occasions where you can say things are better in the old days. actually, it's actually viable to be actively nostalgia, but it does need to be the elders with four weeks ago. Things were better for you know. You know that we are actually is or into filial, it's your moments here. This is your moment: unjust, beating myself up over Miss chances over the other times even four weeks ago, that I could you just breathe on someone impunity feel sad that I will not dwell the job I look forward to and all this is behind us that the freedom to just galloping we stranger without repercussions waiting stuff against one another in the BBC version of the will of the blind, the which, in the wardrobe, what adjoins love puppet it's a great breathing underline what we all are
is that no, what we all around you know, you're gonna, be other joint, clapped out battle I do have some this voice. again getting saudi irritating to have to keep coming back to this, but there is literally no other news. In the universe. Curly how should appear to go with it. When we were sick of bricks in Trump and now it's so I would give anything to not have to talk about Briggs Road Trump anymore, and now German troms manage to get himself pretty well. It emerged yes, tromp was most I make God bless him he's rise to find a way through to the way in this story is to cut through regardless of his affairs, is unique abilities, and it is no matter what the calamities he's on hand for finally Wait for the very centre of the story and make it about him of heroic, really on on supplement. Others know how to historians gonna write it up, but at the moment
hey so if a sort of extraordinary isn't it, you know There was this. Is that today programme in the morning, and he didn't call it a hoax didn't he did call, it did call it a hoax and there was a? U S, spokesman going, gonna hoax like on come on. Let him just say, yea did go because it doesn't even here he's so capable of operating in. Either it doesn't matter. If you go to a hoax it. Just these extraordinary is Gilead lives in this twenty four hours cycle, every day is a new dialogue. All travellers protested he's got synaptic chat for a brain. When suddenly I said it is the vat rates in the media to have gone is long gone. Never to return for test it. its companies, I'm an AL, you haven't, you have a small child. Yes, one of the great privilege is being Charlie. You can flatly deny having said things clearly said: Adam had been losing this with, with from
was further evidence as to the extent to which he is essentially a child. The Director General of the World Health Organization at TED Dross at an arm. Gabrielle CIS urged governments not to politicize the pandemic its not too difficult to work out exactly which governments he was most issue, they serve this plea to on Wednesday. He said we We have many body bags in front of us. If we don't behave, Now that use of the word behind economic clear that he was in essence speaking to a child yeah there, unless he said to MR trumped directly. Look for Christmas he's not gonna come from. This we haven't got into life well. You know I mean the thing is: is Europe say rather, unless you so Ruby, to talk about ending own Donald Trump, but like isn't it
the worst that could happen until the corona virus was Donald Trump and now the worst that can happen Donald Trump and the crowd of our people. this will allow business indulgences, like the catholic Church, wipe out one wrong with a right, Actually catalytic, isn't he increases the reaction without changing himself. That aside, precisely those lovely, dream of Britain has had no prime minister this week will touch on Latin America, has had no precedent for along effectively Donald Trump as abdicated, but remains in. They see a resigned to all intents and purposes, but still has to pretend to do his job. He said considerable criticism, as you would expect from the the. on trompe and media the columnist Cute,
this slogan, it's in the esteem shot on all the natural american democracy, spluttering for breath, begging for the oxygen of decency, leadership and good sense, the political protective equipment of its kind, the Jewish into an incinerator and replaced with a tattered pay stained flags, not my words the was of someone. I just made a very sweet blasted through his seventeen thousand presidential pardon for himself for country manslaughter arising from this crisis. Now he wouldn't it be necessarily guilty of all of them, but I guess better safe than sorry when it comes to it comes to these things. He offered Boris Johnson, the stricken british leader. I have some of his free medicine. Pay is a common exactly when he said to perform drugs. I thought really great drunk
Everyone says that the most amazing drug companies in the work I send them to the Doktor Scott, really good doctors around who said that what he said up it didn't Maman families so brilliantly bonkers for the workers are not three five, four unnamed drug companies, it sounded to me something like this. It is strange to say the present America peddling I'm curious essentially, is unprecedented. Since Calvin Coolidge tried to convince American, but it could be cured by marinating or foot in a strawberry, milkshake or use these s grown, promoted snakes, added value of worms, Britain, news now and Prime Minister,
Johnson has been in and thankfully now out of intensive care having tested positive for the universe some time ago, Now this was sir we're always been up. I spent curious wake, isn't investment Majestic Forest Shari Forest has shown a virus who is boss and the country who deputy was the deputy Stoning rob, as we all know, is an actor possessed by the master to who I just look nice little c, o picture at the front of an annual portfolio dominate grass gonna zippers game like this. Their Prescott he's gonna reach id and uncertainties. from his belly button. Where is the master, there's, no other explanation for having well or denied their basically bunch of drifting. Idiot tories have been promoted.
Ended up in charge of the cloud ass. The other explanation it's hard to know, which is which is the right one. Some earlier turbulent well demonstrated later on the inside than it looks Kobe he's the maybe he's the master. It looks like the captain of a high school karate team who just ICT in high school, and you know he wouldn't have been the one going sweet, the leg Johnny, but he would have been the one standing behind the guy saying, sweep the leg Johnny. I'm glad you boys, Johnson's bellicose. Now we can make fun of them again, which is nice don't you worry about. I wanted him to reveal a real. I want him to feel incredibly ill, but only in the moral, sensitive nature and moment of having to look at himself in the mirror every morning and see only the void. Searing back
seem to be on the men and hopefully will soon be able to return to his lifelong dream of being a wartime leader. Thus far more natural Chamberlain, the Winston Churchill, but still but baby steps, it was kind of way toward the reaction to his sir. To his illness and how it says is key. Leagues and deputy saying we're sure he'll get through this because he's a fighter which is about as relevant to dealing with this horrific diseases. Anguish, he'll get through this because he's got blonde hair all because these are run He found no because he owns a pogo. Stick or because he's a bit of a toss, a congenital land which is ready relevance of whether or not it was able to fight off my a kind of ours, you can fall off. Maybe your immune system goes on already here. We don't know Dewey Albania has maybe there are some of the qualities Eve just listed our actually you are. We what gonna have to be injected with dishonesty
As long as the vaccine within oh yeah, I mean nothing, you aren't you a pupil rushing well out of the signs here. Andy a picket line, someone used on me once She would seem dishonesty what why really love about british ports spooky. We have an unwritten constitution, ass. Well, so brilliant about it now, then, promised it potentially mortally ill with the illness. That's wiping the country I am oh, I would now it I have. We don't have a precise procedure in place went up is vital when he's only can do its job not already know, I've got one and everyone sheets, the bed understanding but its own raids written. So it's better on things. Now is the time to. Maybe you don't have to write it down. We'll just have talked about it. Maybe the true horror of the cabinet of none of the Taliban set that have been built up by parliament
Johnson, brought on by the sight of dominant rob ends and also the law of sight of home secretary, Pretty Patel Data for the home secretary will be fairly prominent during this current crisis, but some I think, she's been kept behind the government's emergency force failed, which we spend billions on preparing for an iron invasion. What the fuck is actually a brow. I mean genetic dick to cut to that sort of one. He's going on because she said so many embarrassing pay things about the people who are now having to hold all the country. Have this saying I do, though, the all these k work as you all from who do turn out to be an awful lot them from abroad, and so on and she's been making all is threatening noises just in issue, and we have we discovered that pretty predict are actually does have a sense of embarrassment That way, we shall membrane the virus, maybe that she's been injected with that with them I am especially with shame same sire I meant to be.
Better, Robin and and pretty battalion is easy to be negative and cynical at times like this, but they are in the top. Forty to fifty million british people qualified for high level political off, in fact, which is not the official kings here, and there are in fact, thirty eight point. Seven three million people precisely in Britain, better qualified than rob to be Secretary and he's only. I see a million also places a head of me, so that is not quite as bad as many people have been saying forest amended it's very strange situation because some we ve seen the scottish chief medical of their having to resign for not falling her own advice. Now, Robert Generic, another cabinet being heavily criticised for not going completely by the letter of gum environment. The prime minister, a few weeks. I was observing social distancing guidelines with even less rigour than I observe kosher guidelines, and I shall make their guidelines and be treated I forget,
his father Stanley Johnson, said amongst the extraordinary things have been said about this. This, however, issue at to use that american expression. He almost took one for the team. We ve got to make sure we play the game properly. Now now I why Boris Johnson was taking one for the team almost taking one. For the US to assume the virus had succeeded in, shall we say permanently incapacitating the prime minister. It will this packed up and moved on to another country and he would have saved the nation by his sacrifice other. If he's been heroically diving in front of vulnerable oldies in nursing homes, snatching the virus in their very mouths globally down in saying this one's own me dietary and those words. gotta make sure we play the game properly. Now, yes, but we also have to make sure we will play the game. Probably king. Weeks ago as evident,
by the story still coming out about surgical, gowns run it you. Could it got school kids too, so surgical gowns have left over bits of cloth from school. Kicks Bob It is very rare, very rare, and if you actually show true anger, After that? I find the anger on this programme. Conflicted send contrived for once sure emotion, despite outcomes up with the bugle. Listen doesn't really that we're doing uprooted does another witness presumes. I can actually see Andy. He descended into this fraud, the fury boiling pit of right, uncharacteristically, so surprising that does not fall off repugnant more. Often I expected friendly development,
Oh you're you're I published historian and you have written about certain about his german run, any actual history. Fifty three difficult about the second yeah Second world war. Nice, been, I am still we'll deluge of war Reference is yet more language, a war, analogies support systems on the twenty third of March. As in this fight, we can be in no doubt that each and every one of us is directly enlisted. Yeah. There's, sir. I got over the queen sing Vera Lytton Tandem thing. Those drafting switchboards phantom was due to give this week before he was sadly hospitalized and which he pretty much lifted. From Churchill, we shall fight on the surface. We shall fight on the landing we shall find the kitchen and in the bedroom we shall not fighting the hills. Priest. I am do not go to the hill less, but one day of we have temporarily surrendered in how do we
Andy surrender when the time is right, go tv, alarmist hits it is it. Is it helpful to think to have is obviously so weird answers. It's all we go. We got humming. You can compare this to hammer the eighth and six wise. It's the only other thing. People now by history was released. This virus Catherine of Aragon, nor is it an Berlin in if we ve gotten, we have got nothing else in our national historical locker, I mean I mean it Interestingly enough or the only other thing anyone's got, is the Nazis from GM say history when they have to do the Nazi teach you see nazis and that those incorporate here at least not yet you know not until Claudia she going through your shopping joy, to find out whether you ve got the essential items. Eureka thousand I'm yet, but it's all you know it's always I mean you immediately. So few discarding is Chamberlain, relevant church. You I mean, I think, he's much more in
They ask with role in the first world. War is a far more apt metaphor: Louvois blah blah blah blah I dunno you know I mean. Is that, of course, the eye, the sweet authorities, roll on that dependence via the german army is sending US ventilators, friend of our german friends body was David Teepee, put a facebook going off of democracy, haste a second all the water care and and always has been, even though he is he's a secular will historian he's just he just look. through this mad prism, Have you any idea? What it's like to be german with is going on and then- and I say to you- started it and then because the thing he always forgets is that is that, because this is because, as a large slice of nationalism in the way people talk about the warlike, this essentially doubts and survive Sophie is the Bundesrat sending us ventilate ventilate of closely to the hours. That's Heather
that's how the sexual british second over my miser, adults, yet they always to fight. because we saved them, hid herself, so they always eyes ventilators, but I don't care if we spent the last three years often basically trying to stop what would have been a war. You know me that way. We to walk out on all of our international arrangements in the last three years would have started a war in the seventeen forties we or even the eye gained eighties. You know that we ve done stuff, but they wanted. my boy, whether the bosses, whereby a point it is, but the point is, if you know it is all we ve got historically its tat. All the six was Emily. I can Starling behind me, after a stolen by storm had their evil thing glimpse of losing darlings. Now cover starling glimpsing through the eighth that areas of complicity at one or not. Hopeless implode, exactly those are global, and there is also with guys the only game in town you know and and
It is interesting because what I've I've of friends open and they are too like talking about being the front line and going into fight and its own, they shouldn't enemies. You took about another because now that they're all dead on the procedure, this thanks. friend who, in an age as worker and he's classed as an essential worker and he's very embarrassed because everyone who knows that he works for the nature is calling him a hero, but what he does his filing we shall file them on the beaches and so on. Are they someone's going to defining those things? Is this? Is a clap a little less next Thursday, then because the people Dana Filing filing Surrey. These are national rounds of applause on Thursday evening have been caught mark, will really it's got caught moving noise was that somehow just any civil here from all the streets around this people clapping and the ban,
source bonds and lets a phenomenon that is uniquely british, apart from the other places that we're doing it before us, but is uniquely british nonetheless, like so many other pretty things in them, but is it that was good, say center. We are gradually awakening to who and what is really valuable in society, and this in turn could safely economy quite a lot of money, but it could lead to a massive pay cuts for an eight, your staff and carers, and the like. Please, jobs must be so spiritually rewarding is paid for, with with the honey of public paused then give people decent money for it. weapons and in that regard I leave you ever heard that much applause on a Thursday evening around. I try To close, I have set up by the time I finish that technical number, more than usually doing fifteen minutes
to balance things out with these very positive rounds of applause and third, on Monday evenings at eight p m from next week, there will be a national issue as well for all play to help nothing to help in the current situation. The politicians heed failed to heed warnings and on take capitalists and disaster capitalists and enshrined shyster Pontus profiteering misfortunes of the world? and also the low level workers who deserve our programme was well. If I lived in a payday loan sharks, I won T go out eight p m next Monday and really let bogus theories news now and apparently the virus is not caused by the virus itself, but by five g communication masts. This is according to no less a source, then multiple celebrities online, leading to physical attacks on telephone poles, MR suggest that we ve got a little way to go in evolution,
ass a species, other people are blaming it on landlines or yogurt, bought with strings attached to them. Suspicion of communication is deep set in the human collective psyche really pretty much ever since the bee bonnet plague was spread by carrier pigeons and em, I guess it's one of the lessons of the social media, Asia. There is absolutely nothing that could happen only planet or elsewhere in the universe that will not be met with an absolute noir grove Online Bullshit, apparently Woody Harrelson has been putting out the news that the five g towers are responsible in some way for the corona virus. Why you follow or believe in the real news. When you can follow and believe Woody Harrelson, a man is famous for trunks and maniacs its started seeing me how personally celebrities attacking beg her own virus from the stars? Who were relieved me lying? I completely at sea without a team of people telling them what not to do like Madonna and milk by talking about equality of pay legally anyone in Hollywood that isn't Tom Hanks, but
they're having a disproportionate impact. Apparently a study was done saying that, while they are putting out about twenty percent of the information, no on corona virus that having much more than that ACT on the hearts and minds of people who are taking what they say very seriously. Europe should Roy. I thought you weren't happening now. A revival was that make: wouldn't it would be that the people be Gramophone record, wouldn't what caused the spanish flu? The the the gramophone This spanish, In our study on steady on business, it's for it, some could sum on burned a down last I Birmingham, apparently the Roma? I mean that's what holds g out go up my dog tromp again has been in the forefront of some of them.
theories. Sir saying that the virus, because by factor thirty, some rock but killed by factor fifty- was a pace made up of crushed optimism. I only stick the outrage syringe into a bullet casing and fight, and your own fault he's also claimed that the virus could be cured grabbing someone by their genitals retried and his much missing substitute rice so widely publicized in the build up to the twenty sixteen presidential election night on how to make women immune to scare people. Oh, is that one vitamin c stands for night. Your news now and well major continues to exists despite the despite the virus and, in fact, is made a bit of a comeback in some ways there being goats roaming, the streets in Britain
the first apparently of an for the in Britain. Since the bronze age are years. Those wholly headed fluff molasses, many long low, what Also pandas we have hardly been waiting for this. this time in years Alice you are animal sexual Congress. Correspondent bring us up to date with the latest. Like this new Jes everybody's favorite, celibate, panda, couple, ganging and lily at the Ocean park. Zoo have started banging again and all because the zoo shutting down knight, sir, they they ve been they spent about ten years, not having sex in front of people and now the zoo shut down. They are added, apparently potentially leading to a current virus baby or the first of the corona feels as the new baby boom will be cold and I
What it means to me, I think, is that either the panels are enjoying the privacy they don't like being proved on, while their banging, which makes them unique among politicians or They really turned on by the idea of humanity in crisis. its lobotomies. Isn't it makes babies? The planet will be ours too soon, isn't its other and other that's the transaction. I'm not seems like an awfully nice. So to gentlemen, No, it isn't it. I mean a thing is that this is a very interesting idea that there are now that may not be watching. What does that mean? If you don't watch porn hub they do. They have even more sex. You know The watched ponder, never isn't it. It's right twice a day, With that of seeing the photographs aren't
its usefulness of goes and everyone else. Unless your panda huge gains, terrorism yeah, That of seeing the photographs I'm enough there because they have published images of a night and in and about the other doing. What I believe is the classical dogs dialogue, and I dunno society would understand planet, both Palestine thousand it they can They redefine. The entire thing on, I feel like pandas, would have a poetic name, for it seemed the type what the praying Lotus or something I mean we don't know it could be like the five g. It could just be coincidence. They could have just been engaging in extremely extended full play for the past ten years, but that's wrong corporate would bear you, I understand what you're, in a zoo, locked in a cage with it
for ten years. You know you don't make things all good, not spoil the ranch. That's tenders have miles and reside. Trust me actually just ruin everything we're really good friends. I just imagine I imagine that they ve been trying both save had unrequited crashes on each other, but it sort of like a hue grant situation in IRAN come where they escape awkwardly having making mistakes and then feeling too embarrassed you showing the Pandit is british. Yes, as especially sexually the cakes enough Natural world news scientists are found. A sea creatures made up of quotes millions of clones that takes the form of a century a bit of silly string. A hundred, twenty metres long is formed of a predatory colony of clone organisms that hunt down and slay their enemies to the overture responses? What does this is? The last
vague? We need right now and all because innovation loans preparing to take over the world. It is possible, of course, at the ocean. things are working in tandem with the virus in some kind of tag team apocalypse at, but these are deeply distressing time. Two hundred and twenty me too long, cloned silly straddling it looks like a sort of runny cow pat. Doesn't it I mean, I think, it's so beautiful sort of Bio Luminous and decide this giant streets. Essentially, a bog high minded is bigger than any of the other creatures of its type He had been discovered, it's very coordinated and also in awe inspiring. We beautiful piece of the natural world a lot like lizard, just the age I had. I reckon you guys are too old to get how good that judges and he whose lives of absolute foes, cleaning, cellphone, sneeze from Greece. He's very beautiful, very coordinated and also quite big pop star,
as the flute man, ok, I'm still catch Ivan finish the fifties yet sport now and there was some sport last weekend, the virtual grand national identities. Did you see, out. The computerized version of the grand national Laws last weekend, it was graphically realistic them. They were. some glitches in their technology. However, the pre suit array, pseudo favorite tiger role when the real or national laws to use was kidnapped by some Harrison sent transferred across to the virtual Grand national from the counter terrorism and see me to gain a snake. Breaker dominion of applying this left left things clear for the twenty eight to one shot, Spartacus Tutsi to take an early laid before he fell at beaches, Brook fence six and an obvious distress was then graphically
put down by a military attack helicopter as the game took some liberties, third grand national reality, a glitch in the programming than resulted in a robot horse written by yield, Brenner, joining the rice and shooting the then leader the hotly tipped whip me. I like it and it's a celebrity virtual jockey Winston. people's choice entering champion the wonder of nineteen fifty tv star, horseshoe was voted to take part in a shortlist of popular celebrity, always ran creditably to finish nine, avoiding the colonies when Louis Hamiltons Car mode down six of the virtual horses. The a company sham sports who are running the year, the eventual national, but also running a virtual F one race on the same after noon and knows apparently Bavaria glitzy cross over and then looked like twelve to one. Second, favorite dostoevsky battle was going to run power, multiplayer the lost, but a very realistic, looking Emily Davis and run out from the crowd of the elbow to rugby, tackling better not going to stick it in that crib
leaving fifty to one outside of the hoodwinked to win after the three horses in front of him started, buffering do dodgy internet connection next week will be a virtual boat rice. It's gonna be item, is victory versus the Merry Ceylon, in the absence of sport. Your mind is a truly marvellous place. Do you go home education section now and I promise you history exam last week and we ve over run at once. Again all just do a couple of questions from it and it will have a part to the history exam we gotta know you you're a keen, Kane history supporter That's my team. So I said where results they promised
so well that you get some answers to some of these questions and nerve. Ernie, bugles people, listeners, homes, schooling, you can satisfy your children as well as well question. One is an odd one out question you make the odd one out for me. following seven historical figures. Even the terrible gang is calm Emperor, Nero that the Impala tumbling, the great Shelly Temple and Joseph Stalin ongoing tourmaline the great Alice and you get to emperor nearer in fact, Shelly Temple she's the only one who would not have been allowed to be a member of the Moldovan Cricket Club. Therefore, not a question tat was more of a kind of essay talk. Question explain how different history would have been if humans had evolved with snouts on their faces referred to?
These three of the following historical phenomena, the mink dinnah state, the renaissance and the Eurovision song on time and- where the snout there be no need for a mink laws we ve been looking at the trade in Ming Balls, so they could get Israel out into the ball rolling your own avows, because if you got us now, you can smell flowers the distance. We don't need to bring them into the house with them in a vast, so that, I think, is one of the one of the main differences in human history. That would The other is the renaissance oh Oh well, we just wouldn't have one we're having a dean licence dare very, very definitely totally did to deny sons yeah yeah. Now we just wouldn't we just wouldn't have had one so things there. that would have meant no no reformation, we
We basically still be like the thirteenth century, was summoned to cling to deaf and dumb question. Three last question: this week, the rest. Next week in no fewer than one word outlined for most important factors. In the avoidance of a bilateral war between Canada and Indonesia, and the is twelve fifty Sixteen you can also that one of your the fact that allowing that brings certainly ends of firm of first instance holiday time, dominated risk home schooling right now, Nevertheless, history exam next week. I thank you very much for joining me I'll go any other viruses. talk down projects when we go that people can tune well that the I'm doing if people are interested by a World war podcast we have ways of making you talk is made.
James HOLLAND is actually historian, make I want now come off it and him telling you exactly how many merchant seamen died at the second was amazing. What he knows. and we were doing at the moment and we've been doing a lot of extra content. I've been doing some people funny books that are out of print and I'll, be doing the Zodiac books and put it in my phone on. The little patron Saint NASA so nice, it's actually been it did. Did the it's been actually been well it started off, his authority is a good idea and then- and then once you ve met all book out, I think I've got a gun. to do another one. But it's been because of our reading, a book reading about by by a guy who is a fight pilots on Malta, but who is also an artist so he's just questions of all are incredibly vivid cause he's because he's always thinking in terms of the color and the spectacle in its. so I'm doing now. That's why I'm working people fund final amendment, while The twitter account could act. We have ways pod because its work,
We have ways of making you talk, it's on a custom and there's a patriot with the same number of people interested and it's it's it's fun and weep collecting people's families histories as well often the war, which has been really might really really credible. Stuffing learning Alice, of course said the last poster could just to its hundredth episode, yeah I, since the first. Eventually it's been a hundred episodes of absolute nonsense and perfect While you are both during all of us of maize. My brain is slowly disintegrating under the pressure. Also, my special savage will become an Amazon prime on the seventeenth of April obviating alive, watching party for that with new game, and so look at my social media. For that that's alliterative. Hiv are eighty on Instagram and twitter page much further. thank we'll play. You are, as always, with them lies about our premium. Voluntary subscribers to join them, go to the bugle, podcast dot com and click the donate
teams strong stand once signed into an online forum to discuss the best domestic uses for sporting equipment with the apparently innocuous username glockenspiel eucalyptus only to be met with a barrage of invective from another user who went by the pseudonym, unbelieving chocolate, cake explains and beloved. Chop had suffered a childhood trauma when he was hit on the head by lookin spill falling out of a eucalyptus tree. He was perhaps, understandably a bit cross Alina. I was involved in that's online discussion and why
a forum record number of links for her suggestion that to heat coated, Babington rackets could be used to girl, toasted sandwiches. A baseball glove would make a serviceable cocoanut ripe enough, and I rugby ball with half squash bulls glued to it would work very well as a communal dummy for a litter of young puppies or kittens Finney is the proud, not only of any cutlery crockery. I dont believe humans should have any further advantages in the food chain says race. We ve already got a possible thumbs and industrialized farming. So if I can't eat stuff using honey, my bare hands implements I'm not interested. I stack food furnace,
all species Isabella call Thorn dreams of setting up an orchestra for people who cannot blame musical instruments. The two long argues Isabella top level. Classical music has been the preserve of people who have put in years of efforts to not an instrument. This is patently unfair to people who did not have that opportunity or couldn't be bothered. Catherine, fair on volunteers to be the first member of Isabella instrument: less orchestra, many people a talent for doing impressions of instruments, says Catherine I, for example, to play the invisible trumpet very well. Indeed, I can do a possible air bassoon too, and my friends uncle sounds like a tuba when he's drunk this plan is on the back and an sweet believes. All political leaders should work on stilts and where massive cloaks, like mythical joint rules from another dimension, I think we would respect the more obvious, civic and and and they might talk less rubbish if they were having to concentrate on not falling off their stilts or, if they
outside the windy day, not being blown over by a strong gust of wind to the club and funnily a bro in the Meisner once convinced a waiter in a restaurant that he was exempt from paying for his food until the following day, because he was a believer in metabolism. A legally protected spiritual sect that held the meal was not complete, the process of digestion had taken place to be fair to brine. He did returned to the restaurant the following day and pay the end. If this week's lies.