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Bugle 4151 - Boris Babies


This week it's Vengaboys versus Beastie Boys, Corona versus humans and kids versus grandparents.

Andy is with Alice and Josh to talk about the Swiss, kids, Tr*mp, BJ's babies and everything else in the whole world that has happened this week.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world, hollow views, but Julio lost legal errors for all european this news and welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and fifty one of the bugle. I am sure level monopoly that results in the who am I exit? Is it the question to answer it, I on the diet. Cease to exist is concepts, facts much anymore. What I do know is, if I had a hammer and probably then he put a mouth water pipe again, if we were if we allowed and indeed taught pigeons to drive, I'd, probably stop taking jealousy sheets on our cows volcano.
Putting mountain of Passive explodes Bologna source. All over the place when saved could be the distant size, the restaurant industry and when all this is over the first thing, do we have a global ceremony at which all seven point, whatever billion of us nod sagely inside the top of it I didn't wake It's still strikes speed was I'm pretty sure. Assembling this week, the lockdown started going backwards and assures breadth follows lunch. I look up the day before the to bay. Why? Here we are eddies fraud either first of my twenty twenty enjoining me. from Australia Fraser. How are you on well and results than has the morning with my adorable baby? Many so everything is. Everything is good in the world I found a red back spider in the pool, filter and that took he's down hill in a rapid order, how big is that a? Are they gonna about that big? That abuse?
all the female ride back spiders, but they will kill a child anymore. Only I was with a child raw. So it s a bit of paper Well, I guess there's a message from this service will be able at his death to all spiders Johnny has proven its that that owns that all now, joining us from New York City. Welcome back to just gondola hi Josh. You think, sir, have me good You buy our things in New York. I haven't seen any spiders, but the rats have become incredibly confident. the cities rats there no longer scurrying, they ve got kind of like a swagger to their walk now when they brought and I've seen them crossing the street, which again feels ambitious. I dont I don't like, and that has that has like low mania to them. the green man, not a green rat at the crossing, absolutely and also public.
A good time to be a rat's when you think of the history of human, pandemics? This is one that they are absolutely off the hook on, and I probably thinking really, let's just let's just enjoy Although we can, I feel their worried because they got blamed for the last plague and I think they like doping, this shit on others, but also pulse Rita, confidence in the president as well Siren Regarding on the first of May, twenty twenty, might I might I never a more appropriate data records. I satirical podcast, then My day of this year, the year Interestingly, the origin of my day as a distress signal there are various stairs as to how this came about Slater. Might I might day one is that said, because my day Thea Day Signal, the approaching of summer, if you're in the correct hemisphere, of course,
They met evil church issued a May warning to alert its praise to the fact that the woman whether could lead to the increase in LOS Angeles behaviour? diabetes it with the growing urges. Hence my day my day, my day would be, from the church rooftops and other theory as the notoriously panicky risk. Taking an accident prone nineteenth century british general, gravel, Yod, more clutch would often often and implement high risk battlefield strategies. But when things went wrong, he would struggle to admit that he he'd messed up and start stumbling on his words and account few grand style items I I've I've made I may day by day and the rest of his hastily What would see that, as a sign that things are taken a terrible, terrible turn on a third theory? Isn't it died back to Henry, the extra money was choosing a wife, using a new wife to replace the one that he'd recently up
shall we say separated from in one of his various modes of separation, which came, of course in various degrees of physical liberalism. When he was using a new wife he liked to be presented with a selection of anonymous portraits of eligible princesses, noble women and or just assorted young artists. These would be labelled made. I made, You might say three major J, very much like gold of the month, but with sixteenth century women. Use the term made, so you wouldn't be swayed by their social status under their looks and personnel. As as as painted by the skilful portrait out into the night anyone one occasion shortly after swiping down on his previous date, struck wife. He picked the first portrait. May I add that, if these Transylvanians Countess Enid's Dracula, who had a reputation for being, shall we say something of a man eater hadn't these courtiers and lords, not to bridge the recently appointed Pimp Royal, who replaced the executed Lord Mount, which knew that countersign. It would be the catastrophic wife, a big Henry panicked, and
but it may day May day may die and summoned up an emergency short term. Catherine from the crown Reserve of Catherine is too Henry. What it was all a flattering portray every need was painted anyway. Those of the fairies- I guess we'll never know anyway. They may day call about a hundred years ago now replaced in NAM, the early days of aviation. The previous allow message of holy fucking shit shit shit. This is what happens when we can play with Physics, Henry the eight very much the pioneer of conscious and coupling As always, the sanction of the Bible is going straight in the Bin, free give away this week in the Bin an automatic clapper? When you want to express your appreciation for someone, I socially useful job. Don't have the time to do it yourself simply play this sound effect from your phone.
And also in the Bin, poetry or poetry is, as discussed, has had a real resurgence journey during they locked down an hour in house. Put this strategy has written force. His latest poem about the current situation corona virus: you only small, not pull at all. You are far from big, unlike a large pig You wanted lion size, therefore harder to see that wasps or flies. You are not bulky, but you seem quite sulky Nevertheless, you are a massive, was saccharine virus by chemicals strategy. living say William mechanical levels of class right there I like it. I like it
it rhymed, and then it didn't. That's like you're. The best poems the air split up, top story this week, children versus the virus. Well, this corona virus in common with the most other. Major political figures of our times is generally not bothered itself with children and has focused Thirdly, on the old about children around the I'll I've been having a tough time of it. They have been well climbing up the wolves. Frankly, she's good exercise and you have something to do with health and learn about physics and statistical risk and how to administer elementary first aid to themselves. But these are interesting times for generation. It will carry the effects of this crisis, this locked down on its aftermath through them, best of this century and their personal and and work.
Lives Alice. You are, of course, bonded for everyone on the planet under the age of firm. Well, I say forty four, which is How I say year, children at my age, what sir? What is the news from the world of kids. we'll exciting news out of Switzerland. Children are now allowed to hug their grandparents again. So all the battles for almost respect, love in the inheritance of Nazi gold, Edelweiss and time peace fortunes can begin again. Actually it's just that they're allowed to hug their grandparents in Switzerland right now. Hugging your grandparents is compulsory. Even if this smell we had or our bastards, I think that's kind of nice, but I think the kid lagree its way more exciting and bad ass to hug your grandparents, while it still illegal. It's you gotta, give the role of men. we have seen back out of extreme sport or out of council cultural expression of of
billion less grandmother. Hugging your grandparents has been the coolest, that's ever been real edgy. Also, if kids can have, They kids don't get corona, but they can still be. Carriers is just like a nation full of any adorable grim reaper gets. It was ok, the kids, who wouldn't hug anyone the EU to suspect of being sociopaths. But now, when a hug might be a death sentence, you will have to wonder about the real honey kids. A swift scientist has claimed that children cannot transmit the virus, others until we have claimed that children can trends the virus so yeah Science, you really not covered yourself and glory of the moment. A third set of scientists claim that children are the virus by because its wits airline they're going to pretend not to take a stance and that any their science I can't be right. It only applies to switch children switched children all unique in not transmitting virus.
Sir. I guess, if that's the case, we have to ask: why? Is it so that genetic neutrality, as you suggested day, is it to an excessive out in it holes and cheese already having most likely that swiss children have been brought up. Both to the single handed back and in their star tennis, place the having grown watching, Roger Federal Stanislaus Reverend kept playing with such beautiful. Can single handed play. They met most made them less susceptible to divorce, then The spanish serbian children who have grown up watching the more functional, less aesthetically pleasing to handed back ends of the likes of an adult and of it We don't know, I guess these are what are some of the many things that signs will have to study we learn more and more about this virus. Also they in Switzerland is its own children under ten and who do not transmit the kosovars and can back their grant goodies. and that's under under ten, specifically as soon as you if the current voice has written an oecd thing about single figure, numbers Orson, simply that on their tenth birthday, swiss cheese
become lethal vectors of contagion, as we already always suspected them to be an another angle on this is that scientific research has also suggested that its at precisely the age of ten that the human and start to develop an understanding of the concept of inherit sense, which is why The swiss government does want children aged ten or over risking their grandparents. Sir lives. they are taking some precautions rate like blind. When you make physical contact with your grandparents, you have to do some ppp after hug them through the high I, in a peace, a large piece of cheese is your age thing. You know you the ten you put on the along pants. You take it down and you stop hugging your grandparents think above its birth, the swiss people also for teens right. You don't want to teachers haven't been touching anyone in weeks. You don't want someone hugging their grandparents becoming physically aroused the hormones are out of control
family showed. Yours is actually very to a bar mitzvah in that tat? When you come of age in Switzerland, you get some jewish gold, it's just not from your relatives Meanwhile, in Spain, spanish children are allowed out for the first time in six weeks they allowed out to play in the streets and they, returned to their traditional pastimes of eating tapirs at midnight, bull, fighting and staring morosely out of an oil painting at you wearing full child sized adult clothing. While someone with dwarfism does menial tasks in the background or virus such stereotype, Alex Sized not was managed, kids that he was spanish. Kids do just traditional cultural spy. The activities like writing about go for weeks on end patient, he passing a football through MID, failed or looking a pagan king, your legs, much is died in eighteen months time worth. If I'm treating apparently
these people have in taking the timing quarantine to stock up on this. He s done so. When the lockdown stops, nobody will be allowed to take us he s too. For another eight months, you it's a great time for people to be allowed to go outside and Spain. It's almost electronic music and ecstasy season on the black. Does the beautiful time without it. There are concerns that their younger men of people to harvest all the ecstasy, Electronic tattoos looked answered. The other could be lost. Electronic music. This just goes to wife, just not yet as FAT Bates rushing in the fields I really the goal behind this rate is to let the children out is to avoid turning an entire generation into a nation of competitive Eu Sports champions and looking through just giving it to good at gaming. If they have to stay inside, you don't competitive EU sports players, win win,
you play sports and iii sports. At the same time, the winner is always friendship or in ace of sports loneliness, yeah, the real the victory in sports is the friend you didn't make along the way here in Britain. Let's talk of a phased reopening of of schools, despite many in the conservative governments, decide in the schools and no longer necessary junior education Minister Millicent. Radish grief was sir overheard them speaking at a press conference, saying they're gonna decent jobs for these little Funding Hoover. So was talking point. However, there there are now oh, that discussing ways of having a staggered reopening seller schools on overburdened and can maintain some form of so we'll distancing is one option of they reopen with no children. another. They open with a written with no teachers and just
allowed to run around the school on their own. What another they re up with teachers, but no lessons or teachers giving lessons at night to an empty classrooms. he was coming in during the day to just osmosis learning the wives of learning that still rebounding around the room another they'll be children will have to have clauses individually but side as a clause of children. A thirteen children can get through, and it's our lesson that each can be taught. Massively intensively for ninety seconds of furious teaching each. another option to John keep control of social distancing is reduced, syllabus in which children are only allowed to run one subjects for the rest of them two careers that subjects, of course, being that being drama, because I was discussed that has the skill like going to need the ability to pretend to living, happy and fulfilled working lights thing exams, Beza arrogance
confusion of exactly how the exams that are no longer going to be done, a dummy marked and the latest proposal from the government to use victorian for knowledge, work on how well the children would have done in their exams, based on the shape of their heads, just got away as any Are we going back to the old ways in so many different facets of life? The sings seems the logical so he's great muse out of Australia. A book has been a children's book has been commissioned to be published as a film. The children's no a balloon hullabaloo which was written in bundles. In this trial. The author flow Ferris. She grew up in a small farm in patchy, Wallack Northwest Victoria for moving to Melvin and then to Buffalo apparently cannot be made into her Hollywood movie and I'd that have no jokes about it. S just like second look at it. This year, how I picture all australian news
to be in these. We burn just like hullabaloo, Mullah Bellew in Canada deal. And then a politician visiting obscene. We re seconds boldly author flow Ferris was it was a policewoman in Melbourne and then Paramedic Sochi just seen too many bad things, so she retired to bundle Lou to write this children this book. To conclude a section, the latest, the of our Bugle home school exams. Obviously school exams have been stopped. Yet the beagle as a fount of all learning helping anyone who is home schooling with a series of exams to keep their children educated They informed this week. Geography get your pens and papers ready question one hour. Rivers a metaphor for life. They start afresh. Citing running around all over the place, then they settled down and end up Mandarin getting fat and then just giving up quickly.
to using maps, girls and picture grams outlined a correlation between tectonic fault lines and a snake populations be hit pop stars, so the production of wealth, Nuke champions, Andy ICE Cream, flavors question three outline. The geological evidence presented an influential light. Nineteen sixty three such paper by the seismologists to relegate the work It is a great big onion. If Toronto Eight were correct in their assumptions. Will global warming in fact make the planet smell absolutely also like a giant fast food, Vienna, sporting events? Finally, a question for if you had to install a new mountain range somewhere in the world, where would it be an why juice and the following options? A new Europe mountains? The current euros are a passport mountain range to divide to such famous continents. Bay along the Netherlands, Belgium, Ec Border, the chief, a rifle range, going up to five thousand meters in height, combined old overnight, really just to see the look on the faces of people who use the siting everywhere without having to go up hill. So
a new mountain region, Central Asia called her reliance to ponder the Himalayas, but, frankly, patriarchy of mountain ranges Audi across the english channel. If you're gonna do breaks it into a problem virus around the World NEWS now, an damn well is not getting any any better. Really this this, they story might be getting slightly better. This Yosemite seems getting bleaker and bleaker law the term the United Nations Agency, the International Labour Organization, has the almost half of the global workforce. That's one point: six billion people or encroach immediate danger of having their livelihoods destroyed due to the economic impact of the virus, Thea skeletal influenza parity virus check that has drowned humanity to a quivering standstill with its morally Formidable microscopic guerrilla campaign of sometimes symptom, less tear it
of the world, an unwanted undrinkable cocktail of my home stagnation in slow motion, panic without even Paris, slice of lime to peppered it up, and the world's economic house of straw is being sought. really blown down an invisibly, small, big, bad wolf. Lessons should be led next on. We should definitely definitely build our economy out of wood. If half the world lives is their job, I mean that's, gonna, be terrible individually for the. For that, greater economy, but we should really spare a thought for the other half of people who just have to keep in going to work. One though, he's getting up in the morning like this shit again, I think we, more creative solutions, don't cut the total number of jobs and have just keep every but he going to work two and a half days a week if it's a win, win bodies, abilities and genuinely good solution. I think we know, in fact you could even spread it out because, as I mean that's three points
Rebellion is the working population of the world so that still as well lesson half the world's population, so we just get your children and old people working again as what nothing everyone could be a basically on a one day working week, sixty weekends we can build. A better planet, I don't think he's gonna work. That way at all. Andy, I think, what's gonna happen is we booming with be working one day a week, I dont think work that way at all. Andy, I think, what's gonna happen is we are going to invent new jobs recently, inventing new jobs, who would have thought even five? is a goal that there be such a thing as a social media, image consultant and yet now There's more than ninety five percent of the world's population has that job the United States, they're gonna, creates new jobs where fifty percent of the working population will be conducting. celebratory fly over to salute the other. If you can put it like this again at odds, they did that as there is a fly over
A very new Jersey, New York, dissolute, essential workers and the only way that could have been less effective. As if they had started, shooting bullets down at the disease, I mean when doing better than before the suffrage. You know big, but back in the olden days. I don't know if you remember Andy. Fifty one percent of the world didn't have jobs and, in fact, will not have to have its bad already I read this. This is true. One hundred thousand Hollywood actors are currently out of work and tragically among them, who thirty thousand hems worth's, I'm sure lesser, that's it old measure of white. Isn't it the hymns worth answer yeah. It's like two fifteen too. Ernie, depending on what their training for like to buy a hymns worth of cold,
the ship was pulled over with ten hems worthy of cocaine in this girl, who has a knock on effect. course, because the more hymns worth you take out of the economy, the less female lubrication this could be the driest year on record wildfires, Rebecca push fires, we call family, show family, show Greystone appeal that applaud that nobody ever stand, your carrier. That is ensuring that the jobs, the new jobs that may emerge from from them, I M to replace their the gene, some businesses that are dissolving before our eyes I mean in Britain certainly knows there is hope that people working for
all. The official inquiries into everything we ve picked up in this crisis could could provide employment for between two and three million people in the USA. That could be up to thirty five to forty million people, other jobs that could come into being panic. Planas. We have what planet, some intake of another unnecessary planning, history up advising people latter, what's a panic by of in the next crisis, arises so research and development, and a lot of scientific research and development emerging in the aftermath of this said. Slipping technologies to helplessly future epidemics including scientists needed to develop a powdered hospital which you can just, an asylum done just add just add water and to turn back into a hospital as soon as you need it, and culture cocoons figure an automated, automated chronic freezing, pod
for the old to living so that when I a virus breaks out, they can just be put to suspended animation for as long as it takes Yoda, that's more humane than what we're doing At the moment, a hyper consultant, I think Hyper Conrad consultancies can be one of the big growth industries of the next ten years. Sir to help people worry about some other things in the things they really should be worrying about the very valuable life skill and iter, of manufacturing, I think the big growth sector is gonna, be solving bulls because We think the social distancing regulations we gonna need to observe, but also the need to transport, ourselves physically from place to place to get its economy going again. This hoping bull is the perfect compromise because bite it keeps you your own, protected, hermetically sealed virus, free zone at a proxy? we are to meet from everyone else. Insulting this is the way to get the world moving again zeal, but with AIDS manufacture. My
eight billion, sobbing bulls and this planet can get back to business. There are no downsize to this. Apart from our pills, This might be true. There are abundantly the fruit visit downside, upsides, parent and absolutely no downsides too. I am dismayed boom in in the work for Hulu pests, dislodge Hulu pests, keep each other at a distance and also a medieval nights with full jousting alma. No one's gonna coffee if you're thundering towards them at fifty kilometres an hour on a war horse sent one thousand suits of of medieval armor to New York and Cuomo requests. Will it says, and do you mention your your glories leader, Josh Eyes, Sir, been uncharacteristically a fine form. This week
its claim to have seen evidence of the growing of art is basically an act of biological war by China. Evidence that his own scientists have not seen or or produced. I do we just except in the credibility, the threshold of credibility. If evidence in the court of trumpets different too Court of law or scientific research paper on no other headlines and say trumped suspects, certain things about the virus, which is like the wrong word, because that implies he's capable of deductive reasoning. If you can suspect something babbled that may be. The disease came from, oh lavish, gender. He added accolade that or he hormonally intuited, it's all ordinary kinda animal brain with him. So I think we just have dig choose our verbs more carefully. The standards of his of believing something are just that the flicker of sin apps in his brain suggested that it might be true, and it doesn't matter where that's an Epps came from. He could have equal.
stuck his fingers and electrical socket for all I know He just get. I cannot even ass, he gets on tv and says whatever is in his mind for six, the minutes every night and before I saw him doing that for months, I thought you know maybe Dave ship, I was going out with a little untested material a little quickly and trumpet just blowing him out of the water. The thing about champion people keep accusing him of saying stuff when he actually doesn't say anything like all. The words are very much sort of abstract impression ISM its jazz chat, Sward Association, his courage He said ways ass. He was said he was asked if he was suggesting that the corona virus was not naturally occurring. He said no, we going to see where it is where it comes from theory from lab the bats, the type of bats. couldn't have been here or there a lot of theories. We have people, look it strongly scientific people in tell people these are not the man with the word. These are not the way
of a man who knows what words mean he pay give them some credit. He knows what words are. He doesn't makes augments, that's for sure statements imply sentence structure. He just does does sort of you know this is. Is it it's a beautiful use of put words into poetic way. It's just. It's free association. The silence is aware, the meaning is he kind of the way he talks it's a leg, stammering and fragmented. It's like someone caught him cheating on his wife with the Corona Viral Hippy omitted people only, miss quoting Trump. I understand why people accuse you know the left of Miss quoting Trump, because it is actually impossible to quote him you just if you try and quote from your computer or a correct some broken.
he's from from America, one of Americas leading oil companies is stepping up to do its bit for the public corona virus effort. The oil industry has been undergoing turmoil, prices fell little, one below the psychologically crucial zero dollars per barrel, mom Anderson origins almost fully full and where the oil company lovely butterfly, at which recently rebranded from its old brand name- toxic, oh two, to make it sounds more environmentally friendly, without doing anything to justify that Albania, filled up like nugget in the bar. King Memorial, Nature Reserve on the Idaho Kentucky Border with one hundred thousand barrels of excess crude oil is the least we could do explained, What would be cool arrest, the Sea coast chief exculpation of his of lovely butterfly
HU, I did, people can just come and help themselves to free oil wells times a tough, and they can probably help himself to some free ready, basted fish birds to eat as well, while you're at it. So nice gesture from a beleaguered industry That saying, you know like a fish needs a bicycle. A fish doesn't need a bicycle because of fish has a car in that car is currently full of crude oil. Sir and Australia, some did the lock down as being slightly eased. Yes, indeed, different states are doing different things, but, for example, in Australia, it's just take over to us being allowed to invite to people over to our house. That's everyone is now playing the game of whose their favorite relative and to invite more than one at a time. Apparently, New Zealand is not approving avow our Parent lacks an US because, even though they seem to have completely eliminated the virus, they still think that, where go, about things in two reckless a fashion, but is a classic
Australia, New Zealand, beef, which, if anyone knows history dates back to it, mid nineties dispute between their wrappers out back as core and the notorious kiwi, and is that a joke that insults the intelligence of the shows audience and the nationality of one of its most? Yes and my capable and better, I would argue- I am not. I also to people people over your house at a time that is a a valiant effort by the australian government to jump start its floundering, threesome industry, to be one of the few growth sectors in global economy, the laws tat he S. Also, this way but the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the arrival of Captain Cook in Austria. the british exploring celebrity,
who spent a week or so in Australia and fought off, deliver somewhere else. Timed Australia for the british crown under the finest keepers rule of Imperial Conquest, which had a legal loophole in it that to be considered to have found it. Had to have done so within the last thirty five, years anything earlier didn't count absolute Poland to elaborate and exploited with Australia. Scott Morrison, the current prime minister, Australia, set the date represented a merging of haste, Trieste, which is shortly after he'd merged an annoying wasp with his newspaper, We gotta stop having read the defined as cape, but actually the rules called Terranova. Yes, and it was yet no one lives here, even though there but clearly people living there, we How celebrating the first time white guys show up to a non white culture, the only
Serbian being the beastie boys will continue to celebrate because they didn't commit genocide. Unlike the van boys and which is in fact a vacant. Vanka boys is short for vengeance, boys they are out for vengeance and they are back yard, but but Those coming and you don't want to know. What's the forces into by Baker? Oh, don't don't kick them while they're down there in the middle of that terrible techno reception, rights are now out of cultural references sets and they always been abandoned, because I've been nothing to the table, it nothing nothing whatsoever. Can we talk about your parents, Britain, the Prime minister, is back at work. Boris Johnson has returned to work. Having well as people say, beaten the virus you beat devising the farce, beat him comfortably on
points he survived the virus because, while he was supposedly baiting of ours, totally demolish the country. S next on tat, if you're looking at this is a fight, maybe don't show both so much in the first round of round one. You cannot psycho a virus he's also return to it and had a baby. In the meantime, his partner carry Simmons. Has sir heads at a baby boy and great relations to summons on her first child and to the prime Minister on his ex plus warmth, child were x, is about between on another five or six and whatever sorry to get a bit mathematical, especially in this time of confusing statistics There is some hope, though, that they will soon be possible to reduce Boris Johnson's right of transmission down below the crucial are one points, but we can't quite pin our hopes on that that yet This is, however, back to take control, take control, a national Basel III, so heroically drove into a swamp in the early days of this crisis and his
personal spin on the king Canute goes paddling at the seaside story, but I guess it as one man who can drive a boss out. I was swamp its. highly trained expert, with large backup team to plan the practical and logistics out of things with Boris Jobs is gonna, be very good. At shouting come on boss, you can do it leaving, some union Jack pump homes and encouragement we have a prime minister that love a bus loves above the absolutely loves of us he's back there's a feeling of relief here in Britain, Boris Johnson is back. May be caught. Religio may explain biting imagine robbing a niece the ties for an operation, and Does your going on the? U see, surgeon walking in its Freddy Krueger wielding a chainsaw, and then you wake up made operation and is no longer crueler operating on you instead, its Hannibal Lecter. If that's I'm feeling of relief in other things, but it s a little bit about it, probably for help possibly its end
anyway, is least it's the person who technically has this job title. Thank you, doctor lack decker. Our level, of course, is the language used by scientists to refer to the rate of infection per corona virus victim, but actually originally it was historically used to refer to the levels of aggression on a pirate ship like this scoville scale for Chile, hardness abortions and described them ever took met wet year at what point brings can start relaxing the log damage that this was the moment of maximum risk, but that is I'd be true, but it is only true because at the previous moment of maximum risk he took a massive being risks. So I guess we have to acknowledge that now. Take try Michael there's, not another moment of maximum risk, some point and, if months time he says Britain is passed. The peak and and
I dont say leaving us all to enjoy fundamentally altered world, in which millions and millions of people have been unpaved in a fundamental and irreparable white teeth. Ebay when he says Britain is has the peak. I don't think he means for the disease. I just think he beheld the motivation is in decline, although I do think you would be carried to say that that cover nineteen has passed its peak like when european dammit? How much better You do then. In fact, Boris Johnson you Peak drink, then will yes, had this new baby, everyone loves a new baby and people are celebrating his little fruit of last. It has to be hard for the uncounted legions of other Boris babies. He may or may not have had to to say, may not not indefinitely Had the man babies he so far. Refuses to take credit for its funny, though that please take credit for the baby's cause. He took credit for the bar spikes and they won his idea. Maybe
Babies are Boris babies. He should put them on public racks for people to take in return for the baby, some pretty good little heavier than other babies, but that's technology off. We offer you just outlawed the few. Of parenting Post virus April maximum transparency from the government. Which is rather like hearing the Pope, promising arrive with free, booze, hot chicks, hot hunks and Heroin I'm already believe him and other really wanted to happen anywhere on our maximum transparency. Now looking into a deep void of despair about what life will be like for the foreseeable future. This is that time. I want him to lie to us. Not before our goods. Productive lies now mister
nonsense said the tat. Keeping the reproduction right down is going to be absolutely vital to our recovery and he means the virus, but I think it also serves as a word of warning to his payments sports news now, while the mines bores NEWS, is there still no Kingsport, MRS go well beyond the joke? Alice honour, your obsessed audiovisual fault, with the administration of professional tonnage. What service, when going on well register, backed by a number of other tennis. Does has made a plea for a merger of men's and women's governing bodies in the sport of tennis, so the apparently it at some point men's and women's governing tennis bodies are going to yeah you'd like Federer you pervert it? Wouldn't! Oh yeah put it put it something something something love I mean
That means I listen. I don't know quite what they mean by merging either it's these sexual congress, or maybe they gonna, do Frankenstein monster thing I'd like I would love to see: Afore armed four Legged Federal Williams. Frankenstein, to play mixed, doubles as a single entity likely at a space jam. So as I do that it solves the social distancing rule by just smashing tennis players together, I think you that's living there or a varied in this era of social distancing, I think Roger Fetter is just desperate for any kind of merging body. It's not brings an end to another viral bugle. Thank you very much for listening, buglers we'll be back next week. Alice leaving to plug the last post, of course, which carry what what episode of it. We have turned to the hundred Eighty eight, something like TAT
I been doing one day since the first of January. It's it's so much nonsense. But also my stand up special savages available on Amazon Prime. So if you want to watch something that has me in it, you can watch Josh anything anything to plug, sure I have a new podcast called make my day. It's a comedy game. Show where one guest competes and they always win, and in May, nice try is still out, you get on a book or audio book. If you don't want to have a thing delivered, your house beauty, recycling, So listening we'll play you out with some more lies about our premium level, voluntary subscribers to join them to contribute. What have you want to the ongoing existence and independence? of the bee will go to the bugle Porthos, calm and
most Hornig old things he overrated they take just to get where they going. They leave rubbish everywhere and then a very specific conditions in which do exist complains Thomas Shore. They look pretty from it. distance he rails, but as a me, getting water from a to pay. The hopeless give me a proper liquid river any day. It must be said that I was very disappointed as a child to discuss glaciers, do not contain frozen fish. It would be logical, if I did he grumbles, morosely Dominic Le Gossamer once had to dissuade a theatrical, impresario friend of his cold meal from attack to launch a new musical production, called the Stalag mites. These dollar mine, was due to comprise eight brave little children who help captured area pilots escape from a german prison revolt camp built into rock formations growing from the bottom of a secret cave Neil It reluctantly accept Dominic advice. Margaret
EL came to the rescue Wendy persistent if deluded nail then suggested that the production might still work. If the here Those were instead little insect Stalag mites that bitch the camp God to distraction thus far locating and escape Margaret said. Maybe you could slight your first nail for writing musicals involving both german history and caves, with also in the grotto. the nineteenth century statesmen, Otto VON Bismarck's quest to unify Germany via a series of secret candlelit underground meetings with the leaders of the thirty nine states in the german confederation I'm still, not Georgia, guaranteed ticket shifter equivocate. It Margaret example, Schwab jumped into the breach to suggest that a more ethical and visually striking alternative production would be, T t the extra t rex trial. Steven Spielberg, seemed courtroom drama musical, a legal wrangling over planned, double sequel, combining eighty and Jurassic Park in an alien dinosaur, spectacular, Alex
did Wool Neil that he would have to drop. The caves and german history sticks up. Azalea Milburgh as a further alternative suggests. Babushka babushka amused using these sums of Kate Bush about a russian grandmother who travels around in a car formerly owned by the Ex American First Lady Barbara Bush. as aliases music. Was using songs already written by famous pop stars, are popular for whatever reason you could even get ninety four year old, Olga to drive the ball Bush car back in time, to have a secret romantic liaison with Martin Luther. In the books, this garden salt mine in Bavaria, if you really want shift on the Onager Monaco Historical, subterranean theme kneel and to conclude our history of jam
you seem pieces of drama collection of lies today. Tony very loud was long convinced that star wars, character Yoda with so called as an acronym shortening for his full name. Your highness dolls broken a young German. It was thought into another galaxy and time in a covert nineteen thirties experiment that went disastrously wrong. It would explain why Yoda mastery of the english language remains incomplete. Even at the age of nine hundred speculates Tony, he ended the lies. I'm going to bed