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Andy, Alice and Anuvab get sweet release from Covid to discuss the possible Chinese incursion into India, as well as the latest nonsense from BJ and Tr*mp.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual- would allow bugles had welcome to whatever you want to call this board gas just make up your own name, for it will give you some vague guidance to spill goes through school, the bugle, but if that doesn't so you call it whatever the fuck you want on these This one's magic, toenail show maybe shocks, lamb, five thousand or Fox news with me. Machiavelli, or even why don't turtles have tits is entirely up to you. I am I think I am I am where I am deal with. It loses enjoining me this week are a bucket of ales freshman. Herman, which has shown that, yes, they would be a more effective later then, at least to current heads of government of G7 nations, copyist leathery little shit, that is now Stephen whatsoever and am also joined by a palpable sensible. battlements everything and bleed
Oh Bugle Cal hosts from Australia out his Fraser Andrew India, out of How can I go to view flush? slash any the bucket of eels? In this scenario, I feel In that case, I am I'm the global confusion. I think that with I see I marshes as as as a voice of global battlements. That is Europe. Will you been put on this planet today to express the backing of the half of humanity? Why didn't you guys read about this, but as of yesterday, we were Mumbai. Suppose I mean whereby he was supposed to be fired. Locust attack, so leave had cycle earns his hat. Of course, this ongoing thing. Whatever you want to call it the scolded thing, which is so fast
they now and we will now gonna get hit by this giant locust attack. That was supposed to meet all the crops in India. Now I haven't read much of the Bible, but I think it goes famine, pestilence something something for Apocalypse now, if the Gideon by The company is trying to popular as the Bible in India. This is a really weird ready to do so. Its work surprisingly well over the years to be honest, You say that one locust attack in wait till is a rain of blood, and people will be buying that shit off the shelves. This house has Australia FED this week. Bill is very relatively well Andy in that our lockdown is easing up, and children are back on the streets which I'm finding disappointing and just gettin in your way. It's talking to each other.
Being yes, Gryce, although that is something that is really very for, Really, I spent two days a week at the moment babysitting my niece, whose sixteen months old and I think I'd love to have a baby, and then I see teenagers and think auto on one of them before people get dogs. They are inherently menacing. we are voting on the twenty ninth of my in the aged twenty twenty today's world paperclip day. So this edition of the Buell is held together by audio paperclip. Not the usual audio staples. So we up apologize are some of the joins in ass, smooth ass, you, an expensive it is out of the canaries. Lined up is neither normal On this day, people are just gonna think, that's my shit editing now, Mr Elles, beautiful headache
that was the pinnacle of an art form, and we should all take a minute to celebrate behalf at any sort of Are you sound is not yet a vigorous newspaper, Tibet. It looks like you and to make a joke on this day in nineteen, fifty three Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hilary became the first people during the summit Everest or did die new research, just whole thing, was faked in a studio on the moon. It's the way the flag is fluttering, I'm the unrealistic attempts might gravity, look normal also in history, the opening of one of the most important art exhibitions in history in the thirty four thousand, Eight hundred and sixty six be safe, new exhibition,
the influential artist lose entitled what it is, what I am not in any event, God galleries dynamic in what is now France works in thirty classic binding, such as ox bison, another bison, probably a horse and small as well even limbs, artists for random. the next thirty thousand years, as always a section of the bugle syringe or that looks like circulate good you showing? As always? As I know, the bugle was going straight in the brain. This we will look at all. The new shows that have been brought about by lockdown tv. Some muslim, exciting new anew shows of emerged from the card circumcision she's, including the new norms and AL. I fascinate historical speculative flaw in the wool sick, complimentary, examining how to significant twentieth century figures would have coped if they'd been flat. Might during the current lockdown
Gulf WAR, General Norman Schwarzkopf and prohibition era, super gangsta, Al Capone. Four hilarious, forced bodies as the rigid military does of Stormy Norman rubs up against the rule, bending. Brutality in subterfuge of old snotty, scarface ass. They knew Norman out all fifty three episode. Secondly, available on any store device masking Michelangelo. Your interesting art documentary about the controversial updating of the Sistine Chapel frescoes by the legendary renaissance. Art starts to make them more suitable for a covert audience of slip out of office must going on and the perspective Green between Adams fingered gods finger, not is a lovely touch. I also worried that cover the painters is at all. What were you, gonna pain assist? Do not do not do not spread cover it up in a bid to build. The science we ve had so many different basic science, I'm going
throw thou another receivers got legs, that's how science works. Isn't it is now a process of discovering something is a protest, its approaches of suggesting something that might be the case and then let another people work out of its right or wrong also worth you, lockdown shows what a new series rewriting the classics of ancient literature, office had been living on the corona virus restrictions. The first three The series viral Virgil Home scolding, homer and self isolating some soup how Mozilla, how Mozilla at very different under lockdown, basically men, alas, and Helen, share a very awkward ten year, lockdown after he told his famously hot wife having scotch sex young trojan hunk of Virgil bangs a deluge of wistful tedium about cupboards and soon sues out of bore deals with the parenting skills needed to control children in the third king month. Lockdown that section
been talk story this week, nor the virus north north of ours. That is not our job story. This week, the world too These countries are on the brink of war at last. A genuine new story not about liquor out a virus. The world has been waiting. To leave any real news. The age, not viruses, and now it has India and China in a minute we stand off shore, it would have been nice if these Non Varro story was noticed or about the two most populous nations in the world to John nuclear powers. Brigman shipping, the hell out of each other, the word bought attention to escalate. Not where'd. You wanna hear these not since the early days of Alan Borders time as australian cricket, Captain Z, presided over fractious pleasingly on six. building on shore, but we have to draw up a bit to make an atop story. You fighting between India and China so far seems involve a couple of fistfight since mid level. Taunting old military tax
of course, but still it's a non virus. Top stories wake you care what it is. It is not the virus and of our bureau. Beagles indo chinese military grandstanding, correspondent, an you, are on the spot forces to a three thousand short kilometers away from the scuffle front line. Tat tell us What you can see well- and they get all- I mean, I'm virtually almost at the door clam border since the crossing of India and China, the foothills of the himalayas- and you know there are many positive. Many positive news stories are reporting that China, the chinese army, is made an incursion into indian territory. India has responded by doing nothing because we know it's China, an identity territory they want claimed for themselves. At the euro of the week we ve said: will you do we stood up to the stand off? What
really damages called up the chinese counterpart in said. Would you mind stepping back a little? They said we don't understand Hindi and they haven't The middle of all these Donald Trump President of United States, called brand Mr Monti and said he could help de escalate. The tensions of China entering their Ladakh region of India and Prime Minister Modi rejected the offers saying that any offer from President Trump to DE escalate tensions is actually an offer to escalate tensions, which is yes, a bit of a conservative fitter for concern, and I do know how you guys field, but the only positive coming out of India and China going to follow nuclear war is that only three billion people?
are at risk of losing their lives as opposed to the corona virus, which is all eight billion be or at all? I can hope for is that as the army's move into position and that their all taking proper, socially distanced precautions cause you don't wanna risk anyone's health. When into war it was a scuffle describes, a scuffle in the charming living in news reporting, which broke out an altitude of fourteen thousand fates and, of course, the tension move more quickly through the thin air at that time, which is why the crisis has escalated so rapidly. Fortunately, I was just a fistfight ores. don't be, commentators will call it a little bit of over excitement, and I guess it's some is one of the rights of passage? That's new superpowers have to go through before they are. They fully join a gang of China and India.
to move into the void caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union a few decades ago, and America locking itself in its Catalan barking at itself until it leaves a self alone, so it. Those exhorting torn and what will want? What's? What's it all about? Many seem too slowly odds area to be happy. Territorial dispute to make good on crucial extra him. A land mountains make all the difference to the people of Kerala or how long Jan won't get already. What what's basically happening. What what's being defined as a skirmish. You know I mean man skirmishes another man's invasion. Basically so. The Chinese say, there's a border skirmish. What that means is that there is literally a right of passage, so there's a passage. They call the cut on pass through which chinese troops of entered India and are even
so, I suppose a border skirmish can easily be replaced by vast numbers of chinese trucks who entered India, and I think this is now hours of suspending the pits. It's really how you defining borders, skirmish and invasion really now the interesting thing is the Indians have claimed it is their territory and it shows up on Indian. Flags and maps and so on, but, as you know, and you will doubtless know India well indian borders, you know you don't really on the chinese side under Pakistan site at the reason we have all these fights with anybody weed really know what the country ends. We don T know based on the Chinese that it could be willing to do, but we don't know, I'm sure we left full instructions when we left in the nineteen forty seven we had about what exactly now this is well, I'm really missing. Siri Rackliff Sir Rapid, however, is the guy who drew the India Pakistan border.
Yes, I mean those local doesn't let me just let me stop there and about those away You do not pay very often This is where I really missing Cyril Rackliff. Only for various reasons. You just don't hear those words. What you wanted question like this. Is it is a man with a moustache and a ruler who just gonna draw a line in the sand wherever it feels like it and just be like that's that's that will, you do not want do Donald Trump offering to mediate cares. What more is what's more suitable went to aggressive blogs are winding up for a punch up outside a pub than for the man who lives on the corner and spends his day screaming pigeons. Depression is the referee. Alice is absolutely right. You know. One of the big benefits of having certain Rackliff is that he had a ruler like Alice said, and he had a map and it showed up in India today's before envy the terrible dysentery. So he just drew a line where life, but the important thing,
The allies is the line held, we're fighting over it, but we know where the line is. He drew the line we divided the country. No one was expecting it. Every law would be bought in India, the homeland, it was gas, but there was a lie, and this is why I love the British and the alliance is very important that they didn't do anything on the indian chinese side for whatever reason, because China Separate, which it has no need to draw that light. So its gas over you know. Basically, do you know, I'm not sure Pradesh, witches and North eastern indian State, China has always claimed residents of aeronautical produce. Don't need a visa to go to China, because the chinese- and this is the only time in India where India insists that citizens get a visa to go to China, where, China is opened the door and the like. You don't need a visa, your Chinese. This is very much part of it again, because sitting rattling did not draw a lot.
What India needs every time. It's in trouble is a british man with a ruler and some dysentery. I've been told to draw a line was dry we'd have a war, millions would die, but at least we know what people fighting for a clear line Does the man who gives a shit? The man you can't stop giving a shared will point out that, in the current circumstances of the last few months, asking for a british person with an illness to take charge of something that is risky strategy where we all know that too, of course, not a little almost daily basis. One defence on his coat on the outer zero website said Anne, and this really gives get it gives an idea of how serious this is thousands of China, these troops are on indian soil and they are not- and I repeat, not made of tariff quota. So the Chinese really running a business stars. Are you can sell, I also
that we do not know what chinese objectives are. This is further evidence of China's new superpower status, having no discernible objective. You dick around stabilizing stuff first, and then you formulate your objectives retrospectively, based on more than happens exactly on the exact Europe. This is how we understand the chinese strategy in India, because for years, when there was a socialist country. This is our indian businessmen did business, which is they had a strategy which began with if you live in a corrupt countries start by bribing everyone, they figure out what product you want to make bright. Every lawmaker then figure out what you gotta make it. You can always make petrochemicals or cars doesnt matter. First bright, the whole parliament and its served well,
you don't really believe you gotta be liberalized in the nineties for fifty years. It's fantastic. We had monopolies and we had correct policy, but at least you're at least you knew that you had entered the territory this much. I don't do it the first invading then, going out if they want to invade at all. After leaving did it also this interesting thing going on Alexander. I want to know what you think the indian government are in the conundrum, because on one side, they have to its veto to have to get down to China, but on the other side, all the equipment Indian Army has is chinese, all the cell phone, all the while we network India's entire technology infrastructure is built on the backbone of chinese chips and service, so beautiful, so the government to deliver, because even when the practice is having an encrypted,
one conversation with the whole minister, the basic network is chinese driving. They laid the groundwork of evasion much before the leaden weight humbled the bull shit now of the british government NEWS now and Britain has been rocked by another political scandal this week, a dominant cummings when a key cyclists in the Macchiavelli, a dream of a british policy, the government business, while key adviser, has refused to to resign and has not being sacked after taking a tune in sixty mall journey during lockdown, whilst ill with covered symptoms with his wife and child in the car, then taking a further car journey to test whether or not his eyesight with potentially lethal dangerous for use as a car driver with his child in the back of the car to a tourist Osborne on
leave his wife's birthday. I've got a few. The details, mixed up version, dominate Cummings, Boris, Johnson's, key advice, He advises Boris Johnson and very much the same way that Louis Hamilton advises his car. How to get round to track or how Ronald Mcdonald advises cows, how they might like to see whether they prefer to be disk shapes rather than cow, shaped, This was an early on in the lock down process are now. To be honest, I don't think many people in Britain, conceivable abided by all the rules. All the time Early on- and I guess he claims he adjusted- will anyone else especially have a highly contagious, potentially fatal virus would do I return to work at the heart of government? They travel the length of the country to make sure the virus wasn't just something's. We enjoyed by the London elite and then because he was worried about eyesight, not being cipher driving stopping you, child into a girl driving him sixty not just to be on the safe side. Job
you will hear rumours, no confirmation making yet, but just a minor Johnny exercise. He also cut the bright cables on his car and had some construe shots broken glass will over the road is well job. Just just a base. I fought out in our moment a judge him honor. Whenever I go appetite food in the fridge and the outer slightly mouldy piece of meat from my kids, eight at first for their own good, also with his wife than Raw felt account with a virus like you didn't mention any these things until the story was broken by the guardian Amira about a week ago. I must see him come in here in Britain has been a reaction when even the arch Tory Press and a lot of Victoria memes upon a naughty critical. The government has been was the global response to this said this lunatic story? Well, I mean as it is. As an austrian, I feel like it, provides an insight into the cultural, maybe, let's say features of the
British landscape. It feels from Here- and I'm not sure if you could say this from where you are, but from here it's almost like the people tasked with serving the people of Britain, think that they are above the laws they make because they ve been inculcated into a culture where they control the narrative around. What is does not affect what is and is not a law and what is and is not a. I feel I feel it You can't really blame them any more than you can blame a kid that denies aging all the talk of biscuits with the big chocolate ring around his mouth. If he then gets away with it for raising the biscuit tin again that the next available opportunity accepted this instance. Stealing the biscuit is rubbing the faces of the entire population of a country and in the fact that you think that you're allowed to do the thing you ve been telling them for literally months before they are on no account to do its legs, don't go to very bad for public health when you're working in those your dick People who agreed with you on the original in advisability of goat, going to start asking questions in this instance would go to the metaphor for
fiction control, nicely put nominated as the kind of words that we would not be hearing from from the government and it's nice to hear it expressed in such cases Fourth rights, forthright language. It is about them in India, of course, no, no stranger to a lunatic political scandals. However, as has been a big story in India, while they have covered it, but you know this sort of negligence is- is what they actually call normal life in India. this is the sort of ethical rigged out is, is seen as ethical actually, but I did a bit of research Andy to figure out. If this was The most gallus thing done by a british government servant ever in history during a pandemic, and it appears it may not have been. I didn't mean to research and then that nineteen nineteen pandemic, which swept through India when India was the hand,
off and I'm going to miss, pronounced this when the hands of one. Lord Frederick Festival, first vacant comes foot and he was doing his Lord comes with. India was gripped with these spanish flu. Millions are sick, Mumbai, hospitals in desperate need of beds. Lord comes with This would be a good time to go. Looking for a particular role. Bengal Tiger bothered him we haven't shouted it'll their absence. While the cases where I see he was missing, he'd gone off with the bayonet and an elephant to look for a date to be fair. He was only looking for the tiger deceive his eyes, hypothetical, create point jealous so I think I dont know if he wins: Domini Cummings wins, but in terms of present indian politicians. All of them have been violating the lockdown, but that's not uncommon, because you know it,
and a new set of rules is personal. It doesn't apply to the population. There when they saw him, which it is a storm in a west minster. Take up in that, fundamentally it it doesn't affect people's lives, but the government is insisting on key. bring the take up with a storm going on in it and forcing people to drink tea out of the take up. They are bringing them they saw in themselves. A Boris Johnson is exacerbated the situation by well being being himself. I mean the stories or sites it. It's a distraction and in many ways, is distracted from more important issues such as Johnson and his government being badly functional, polyps and another body government scheme with that that contact tracing an effort to belatedly ran the cap back into the bag, but the cat is now fully grown line and the bag is a condom. Full of locusts go to locust references and zero, but dad
we bore in face of parliamentary liaison committee, also important parliamentary committee, which traditionally cross examined Prime Minister, three times a year on what that what the government is doing this the first time Johnson's faced him Employment is a full nearly a year now, and I can't, but still globally. Those words are not a complete lie and he responded to their questions very much. I self obsessed, you haven't, got a clue about anything relevant would do for whatever reason you have to stop to big advisers, monitoring questions from journalists, is not a great look for funds of openness and accountability. Instruct to see that the change in Boris Johnson DAWN is the confident bluster untruth. Twister hoodwinked Britain into making him king replaced by a hesitant bluster untruth twisted. You can't even trick his own face and it looks like it believes in Orange Johnson as me telling people to move on, which is loving, told her
back on the horse by someone who is just not you off your horse and is now sitting on your horse poking you with a javelin. Every time we tried to stand up. Sir bars Johnson has finally sat down with the Commons committee. For the first time, patent he's been avoiding it alot ordinarily, Prime Minister would engage with this particular committee, Lemuel regularly bear in mind that it is appropriate to rejoin the election, thereby hidden a fridge to avoid a journalist. So there is Bob aviator well, he passed is used by date in that fridge and now he's come out and just proven that he absolutely cannot answer a question cannot will not definitely cannot won. T just came out with so many bizarre and startling admittance. While I think my favorite one was when Johnson said he was forbidden from announcing anymore targets and deadlines which raises the question.
bidding him and isn't he, the Prime minister, and also? Why does he constantly pretend that he still hive schoolboy he's constantly using the language of a private school when, when dominate Cummings that when the dominant count coming scandal came up, he said I I didn't mark him down for that for his. Egypt make most people leave school and then stay left. I can't even remember most of what happened in height, let alone allow the structures imposed on me by the system to continue to fully control might give us capital evasion of the outside world. One move aside story from the dominant coming story is that's twitches, anti pornography filters, blocked, he's so stories about once weren't being shed, maybe as widely as they could have faded out the other. This is this could prove to be a very valuable tactic. I think it in politics if you could have a dodgy, but
the scenes unaccountable adviser, whose name will not crop up due to such filters, now expect us to see behind the scenes. Micro Machiavelli's in the Cummings Mould, going by name such as painted splotch gobbler go not go, not say and Dick nodules just keep them out of the search engines, they might think alike. Andy, I said dad definite. Cummings name is being felt it out by twitters Andy algorithm storm, Cummings, obviously short for his full name, Dominic Cummings, which is short for his other name dominating shortcomings. Other government ministers, realising the licences, gives them into misbehave, while avoiding significant part of the public censure they might be incurring, are planning on changing the names to gaping hole, tentacle hint I and cream high step proper with a spoon or from the grateful bird flu. This is this is the time when I say English is my second language. I don't want you guys,
you ever your indignant. Your second of about fifteen languages in no other twitter. New Donald Trump is drawing to end twitter, So I got very angry. This week a twitter has started dumb, highlighting some his tweets, which might not be entirely for double, truthful or not. Encouraging violence, as only from Ghana, stood off a free speech by threatening to shut down an outlet of free speech. He said, Republicans fail the social media platforms totally silence. Conservative voices, which would rainy, airy silence over the past four years from trumps own social media feeds. If any extraordinary story, they bad two m put fact: checker warnings on her on a tweet that he did about Sir, a postal vote frauds.
resources we talk about in previous, shows being essentially accusing a tv news house of murder, despite despite the pleas of the widower of the woman who died almost twenty years ago, desperately asking him to stop and there being absolutely no evidence whatsoever suggesting that there is anything in his head. His claims. The problem for Trump offer free speech angle is up. For example, certain outlets do not want to let him have his freedom to freely use people of matters that they are not in a slightly suspected of having committed. Now, I'm pretty sure, that's what George Washington and desperate squatter after when thy ditched the UK that tax on representation nonsense was a smokescreen what they really want. It was the freedom to accuse George, the third of killing.
Victoria I mean Andy. You said this story through yesterday when he was merely accusing people of of murder. Since then, he's threatened to suspend the rule of law, shoot rioting protestors who depressing, I feel like it trying to make meaningful satirical jokes about tromp is like chasing a hyperactive Doug with constant explosive, corrosive diarrhoea trying to catch it in a bag. I can turn it into odd. After a while, you can't help being a little unclean and like maybe someone needs to stop feeding that dulled whatever they are feeding like that, Jackie is no more censorship than std testing is putting your dick in a cage factories, normal stringent of your right to free speech than vaccine testing. Is infringement of your right to inject yourself with bleach thanks checking is no more corruption of the public's right to access information than speed cameras are a corruption of your right to do. Car jousting
on the public highway standing through the skylight of your toilet, praise alpha dream with a spear you're entitled, as they would have it. If you want as long as it's not inciting violence, you don't then have the right to avoid someone else, coolly, relying she did when they gave him a mosaic. A book from the Facebook founder said the face, but will not be quotes. Arbiters of truth will not puts us such a fact. Warnings or false had warnings on its servants. Posts are an end in the case of this. This is supposedly murder. The trumpet accuses some dose of having committed. There is no need for Facebook to be arbiters of truth, because the police and medical examiner were arbiters of truth orbit. Twenty years ago so Wednesday. for example, we will not be arbiters of truth. What he really means is we we enablers of lies if it is a small difference, but I believe an important one- I mean it's it's it's.
the astonishing to me that he says that Facebook is keeping is refusing to interfere in such things when they have an algorithmic process. The present you with information or remove information from your site- I've? U, like someone needs to sign Facebook and twitter and all these social media platforms up to a media code of conduct as the Europe may clear curated networks that they are their media networks are not the public square. However much I would like to objective, they are and point to the fact that they happen to have a gallows in the corner, but actually Alice. You know I have a question and just repeat Evans Advocate: I can sort of sea from Spain to view about social media because think about what kind of social media would be want effect, checking and truth started featuring fake news was corrected. I feel totally
long past that world. What is this two thousand and five which, because of its influence to be filled with facts, would be going back to another world that we are long past. That is a world in which we cannot risk going back to avert a word with truth is definable. Human conversation would end as we know, the destruction of the cultural heritage of the aboriginal people in Australia, news now Alice as a white Australian. This is very much in your ball. Bark bring us up to date. Yes, its heart breaking news. A number of aboriginal heritage sites of major significance have been destroyed in western Australia in the pill bearer region. A real Rio Tinto obtained legal permission to blast these sites before they were.
Lee uncovered the things they contained, including evidence of continued human occupation through the last ice age. Twenty eight thousand year old tool made from bone each one of the oldest examples of these technologies, known in Australia, piece of four thousand year old Placid Harebell two's dna has been linked to the today's occupants, the traditional owners of that land, and I for one, applaud this behaviour on the part of our mining company. is this sort of a form of spring cleaning I like to think of it. As you know, historians and people with a love of culture in the wonder of human existence, are essentially the holders of the natural world always trying to hold under the glorious miracles of human survival. In the astonishing complexity of our shared past, I mean it's not like a spend the lost too but he is diminishing in denying the multi faceted unsophisticated science and civilization of its indigenous population in favour
facile, Linnea narrative of Anglo centric superiority. They conflates colonial dominance with evolutionary fitness and a right to cultural ascendancy. That includes aligning the presence of previous occupants. As me, a ciphers and crayon drawn place holders for God, given right to european annexation, or anything like that. I am as bigger. and of European culture legal and rides driven narratives of the next privilege bookworm with a Cambridge education? I just don't think I need to pretend that nothing else has ever had value to enjoy Shakespeare, I summoned, maybe I'm seeing this rumour from from a whites european perspective, but the worst it might be land of cultural and spiritual importance to the Aboriginal Paypal of Australia. What about the cultural and spiritual importance to to
people like me of the tradition of exploiting any and all mineral resources, regardless of the consequences and non financial costs, is not a heritage, though we have to protect as well You mention Rio. Tinto was responsible for this lovely action. I I'd like to know what people was really think of this fantastic indian company called Adami who, after they were done with it. I didn't destroying large parts of the state of good drugs have set their eyes on large box of mines in Australia, and I read about a bunch of protests against them, and I feel that this is the sort of thing that brings the world together. You know large global corporations who destroyed things had won by the world, really take the best practices to another part of the world and thereby bridge that gap between India Are they being talked about the yater, its reassuring and about? We do talk about a dandy. We talk about Rio Tinto. It is reassuring to know,
but there are organisations in this world that would literally blow the top of the Parthenon. If someone had dropped the coin underneath it just has already been done, but I guess you know that it's a fact contest. Isn't it the idea that the mining industry against archaeological cultural heritage is like a kind of rock paper, says stall game of twenty eight thousand year old Boden to industrial explosives? Unfettered capitalism in Austria can a three colleagues. The thing is: industrial explosives and unfettered capitalism tend to gang up on twenty eight thousand year old bone tools such as. Yet everything is the difficult thing about something being in a priceless. Is the priceless isn't worth as much as some money,
I think. I think this is a good place to end this episode, shouting the latest weak in the lunacy of our great species. Thank you for listening. I would be about next week with a regular Buell on Leith Saturday, the thirteenth of June. I'm gonna have the inaugural Bugle Life streamed quays, and it will be the greatest cause in the history of all humanity, as I'm sure you would unhesitatingly agree It was on the twenty seventh of June. We will have another bugle life stream live, show us other than the wonderful lost posts which is up to or episode hundred thirty fifty something yeah you anything else to alert. Alas, I still have my regular tee with Alice, show that isn't funny at all and also savages available on Amazon, Prime, but do listen to the last post. It's a lot of fun and very stupid and x
dimly not set in the real world of ebony, and he shows sealed letter well topical two things. Firstly, I would like to plug Alice's last post, because she she did send me to another planet as a representative of their protests, Secondly, I we do a pot custom vehicle our last week, which is on Spotify, which are normally don't love, because it's just nonsense, but this week is a cricket episode, a cricket commander Masood and featuring on. It is leading indian cricket commentator and is also a fix. It condemns so that comes up earth Day, so Eddie Eddie, fads of cricket, corrupt drugs or whatever is left of cricket at the end of this tendency.
Then listen. I will thank you for listening once again. If the plenary is whole is listening, please grow up at some point this year until next week, buglers goodbye, and we will play you out in time. Duration with some lies about premium level, voluntary subscribers to join them, go to the point, gusto com and click the domain Rachel Harding thinks the world could do with some more positive phobias fears. Natural evolutionary impulse, Aldys Rachel, for which we should be eternally grateful. It is what a stone Just going the way of the now seriously endangered overconfident jungle, pigeon and they thoroughly extinct, cocky cliff force, but continues Rachel. phobias always tend to be negative. I personally, a phobia phobic, I'm terrified of not being terrified of enough things, Rachel
fellow Rachel. Rachel more is much taken with the first Rachel's idea. These second Rachel Ventures, couple of suggestions, how about trying to get people to take up at clay participants, a phobia, the fear of not appreciating. Flour enough or maybe even a motto. Paraca fill a phobia, the fear of not here people, you love them these, of great social impact. We just need a celebrity to say they ve got these phobias and within a few years they will be rampant. It's all for the good of humanity, David fowls, believe the global aviation industry will need to modernize in the wake of all the stuff, etc, and one of the ways in which it should do so is by being more flexible with where it takes people to airports. Are David idea suggests David with modern. shoot drone GPS and, above all, mattress technology. It should be possible to drop people of pretty cool the weather actually want to go reasonably safely and thus the environmental cost of ground transportation by my calculate
This concludes David undermine game. Seventy five percent of airports could be turned back into fields. Juno Michel once spend a year plotting out a comic book detailing the adventures vegetal, whose superpower was the ability to turn meat into vegetables vegetal. was trying to move the world away from excessive mate eating for the good of the environment, whilst also providing alternative crops for the affected farmers because he was a great guy, Jonah an abandoned the idea. However, I ended up thing. What vegetal was a bit of a toll, explains Jonah and would have been better off persuaded people politely and lobbying governmental organizations, rather than spoiling people's barbecues Jonathan Stuart low You see the look on his neighbors faces when he turns outside the house with a load of friends dressed his archaeologists with metal detectors, chiseled and all the rest of the kid with some heavily animated ground plans before pair into the garden, pointing at a specific sports and saying, I'm pretty sure, they're about ten feet down, but its worth
then the whole plot and saying what we find it's a great pranks as John although it usually only works once so, I move. Quite regularly to have new people to draw it on Mark Foley, You can try these self same prank on his neighbours by the greatest of made up coincidences Margaret, an occasion on which the neighbor threatened to call the police and shove quotes that somewhere, you do not want it to be shoved, Mark Julie, withdrew giggling quietly to himself three days later his neighbour, drowned untold mark that he'd on earth a three thousand year old, Brahms Turban and invited me to join him in the rest of the day. It was acknowledges Mark quite weird. and finally continuing the archaeological theme. Laurens Mitchell wonders if we ve got the great pyramids of Egypt all wrong. What if I and burial thing he's at all speculates lords. It does seem a bit of a stupid way too, in tombs, among with all due respect to the Egyptians one if tat. They were, in fact some form of early computer or an escape from TAT
installation that everyone in Egypt could use it once or maybe even sports venues luck, inverted stadiums with the crowd on the ground and applied from a chuckle bowl into a bucket on top Lawrence concludes. So much properly. I just don't think we should assume they will pin top coffins. That's all he ended the lies Bob. I.