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Bugle 4156 - Statuesque


Andy, Nish and Nato reflect on the global Black Lives Matter movement, the chaos in the USA and why people are going mad about statues.

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Imagine the world wasn't like it is. Well I mean that still be bad guy and that guy and the one who needs the I test, but there's also sexy literature. It's not until her showed is coincidentally ripped open during a fight with the winged women's of the northern wastes, revealing her creamy breasts, the realises the otter he has been befriending is left behind: love, water, cravings, hunger, adieu. aching longing try, half a glass of water, it would fix everything it will help a bit dooms german gymnasium. Have you been pumping your booty? Please are in there used to be out, but now they in, by which I mean to say they should stick out. That's good now join me Alice Fraser on the last post, its low the bugle but shorter cornea, weirder and failure,
the bugle Audio newspaper, a visual world, hollow buglers, H Friday, that's wealth of June twenty twenty Britain there's a record breaking slump, Donald Trump Post trading America like a spoiled child, unwanted Christmas Lego, set. Everyone is arguing with everyone else about everything and anything that virus now is getting close to complacency, which I think has been our government strategy all along in brain. Just wait till. It call me asked anymore because there's no challenge but the bugle. Still here, the bugle eighty I'm Andy's autumn. This issue, four thousand one hundred Fifty six of the world's leading out only audio newspaper for a visual. Well, don't forget if your listening immediately, by which I mean on Saturday, the thirteenth of June, tonight at eight p M Uk toy,
is the inaugural Bugle LIVE life streamed live quays, it's a genuine choice genuine factual answers that that's fact into some of those answers are about fictional it will be live on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook anywhere else dress? depends how well my planning goes between this record and that time right. Ok, so I mean less issue that it is going to happen and it says it's going to work. It will also be available, not live off. It's quite how you gonna submit your answers that society Arpanet Benny do Jude in either live all retrospectively to body on when you listen to this, this is, as I said, this report has one hundred fifty six. Coincidentally, the number of sex reasons for taking down the statue of Robert Clive, which currently stand outside the foreign Office in London and also the predicted them of times four thousand one hundred and fifty six that two people can say the lines, but it's a raising our history and no, it is not doing that before they have to.
and the conversation and have a snack, more of which lies in the show and joining me this week out Miss Coma from from now on it now Nick, you have just been recipient of some science gas Andy. I am committing to satire by living out a new story out a covert test, right up my knives, it's that they take a very long thin. the cotton but Q tip for America. Business and then there they shove it down your throat for british listeners. Your job, India has added down the river and then They shove it up. You knows now a lot of you have been saying either illegal saying, is incredibly uncomfortable and it hurts law what I would say. As you know it's the initial? It feels fine and then disappoint work as a bit further than you anything has ever really gone in your life at least to feel any. I now
It was mild discomfort for me, and a lot of people have complained of quite heavy discomfort, and I didn't really failure. Why now realises this call a bit more of my nose to gallop the ice people's nice. This quiet love, this this call is got further to travel and so that may be why I've? No, not you know experience. It is also part of. I have regularly scheduled appointment the doctors and what that means. Andy is. I have looked a man in the eye and handed him by bottle of my own place today and nothing we build more alive passing year into a stranger, nothing, mice. We feel more control of my destiny than handing over a vile of my own year into a medical, professional and say have a look at that. Do your worst of a moving story in these serve these troubled times and joining us from the west.
Most of the world's silliest country apes night, every hello, Andy! Sorry. What what's that? I can't hear you they're helicopters everywhere: This may have here I'm about to chuckle mazel tov cocktail into a police van. You covers protesters and police seem to be what are they doing right now? It's a break off about the all of the burning us right now, throw laws or just brought his own linoleum for snappy these ban, the social it turns out. The sergeant Mcgillicuddy is not as good as break dancing as group of young people and socialists they are doing synchronize popping locking. I think they will prevail Although the problem in lucky, I was easily earlier my
save Ii Comedy double act of the ninety seven see some at is a little I didn't know you were according to a tariff of June on this day in the third United on the peasants revolts in England, reach Blackheath now in South EAST London, before That no story in the city over the following couplet dies. The revolts hasn't wrote was provoked. If I may over simplified for moment, a combination of disease, economic inequality, poorly to ship tension with Europe and anger about exploitation. Isn't history? smug repetitive plaster on this day in eighteen, seventeen, the earliest form of bicycle known as the dandy horse, was driven. Let thy semantic Calvin better ice years. later of Andreas admitted the systematic use of steroids and blood doping products when invent me: bicycle and dandy horse was retrospectively band.
also on this great Christian nodding there, as I as a citing fan of you ever written down the oars, yes, right, daddy horse there. Every day I am a dandy hole, also on this time, history, lots of people did lots of really awful things, but you wouldn't know it to look at the sculptures of them. Jeez, there's always a secular bugles, going straight in the vain. This week. With the launch of the play station five Games Council, we review some of the new hearts. Some very topical games that have been launched alongside the new council, including a protest statue thousand twenty twenty one, Steve back. boil blast of fourteen and Cummings, Bear faced bullshit six point. One summer, terrific game sociology were comes also look after school, milvains, angry chef, three, those clever
more realistic than ever, and also because, when the rival councils to the play station to help keep you, loved ones, and your brain distracted from the herring, realities of lockdown reality, including the Flunkey, take brain squelched. They myth lead delude act, six g and the vague, a megawatt all excellent at concluding or children from reality, those crucial developmental years that section in the Bin? top story this week, America still angry NATO. Your little in America as we speak, you described these scenes of my him. How is it how the breakdown of going officers are doing the work now you're right There's been some progress, look Annie, Last month I was on and we had some fun jokes about ten plagues. We have
don't women, economic crisis, remember, are abusing chat about murder, hornets tell yet now we have named nationwide martial law, police riots and a worldwide insurrection against racism. What else you got? Twenty twenty bring it now wildfires too. we're leaving on the field this year we're getting the we're doing all of the history this year, and then we're done so it's and you- and I are very similar- we're both were jewish comments- were both about the same age. Were both dads were married to people who are more educated than us and we're both most known for our more famous friends. The difference is that, as you said, on the bugle last week, as all hell breaks loose like you're, the kind of person who seeks comfort
and shelter in fifty year old crickets, born stance in part. I, on the other hand, have never felt so alive. My veins are on fire for virtually Neri like me that this is vital. It makes my dear heart so, but when I build a statue of uniting the future generations to topple when they look back at what you ve settled, Michel that will be inscribed on it it makes my take out. Let me tell you like- I'm so excited I have so much whatever what about aid could be profound or a suicide note. I dont know first of all we're late, in America right now? No one is in charge. There are no adults in the room. We are completely off the map. Every politician, has been reduced incoherent shivering like a hairless terrier on a trampoline Protests in all these aids
hundred and forty cities again raises police violence following the murder George Floyd Minneapolis Data, day of masters disruption. Tens of thousands of people have national garden, twenty states, six people killed by police. Subsequently, you may ask why? How did this come about? Whether forty million unemployed people soon and stop at home for three months? Scared and anxious note, there's no leadership is no sport. There's no religion. No other activity that we would normally have to destroy as an occupying play hate us, we have the internet, there's. No, how many more times can? U wife the directive kind of Lord of the rings before like we have just reached its item paper, RO the government. The only left Marion's one at so George. Why was old on May twenty five believe me. I was two days earlier on May twenty third noted black power periodical, the economist,
railway story, article said? Whatever happened to black lives matter, who cares that is with will reg one of the most prescient and prophetic news headlines since the Washington Post, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine headline describing rap music is a short lived fad. Sorry, the economist light comes if youve asked. Are you familiar with the idea of the over to the window. This is like it refers to the rage of acceptable political discourse and on the issue of racist police, the overdue window has not just move is packed its back. it moved across. The country is going to another house. It's over making its own Kombucha good place to buy in a marching band is old, friends and family light. Come back over to the window, we miss you. We want to get back to the war on drugs of the Overton window. Just as you you never understood me.
I don't know you have. I have spent time in Latin America and what repairs happening in the United States. Where now reminds me of that light does know pretence that there's a functioning society like it's very refreshing, actually arrive in the town of you're, like oh, my god. What happened? Why is there? No clean water supply and people go well yeah the government sold it so they could buy. The president's on a catapult so but because of my eyes restart downside. These things I allow light and know that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump both listen to this port gases. assiduously. Council, these rest mountains, things say these things out loud People are afraid that were on the verge of fascism. The traumas about is suspend democracy, all included on install a military junta. I think trouble difficulty pulling off included because he doesn't believe in French Gaza.
because of us ever Latin America, no matter how bad things get in the: U S, I think, Arthur Literal C. I a trade and arm death squads, disappearing entire villages. No, then we haven't hit bomb, trump is so inadequate to the task of uniting travel nation with the cities of burning, doesn't temptation of bank near Comparisons Deniro, but at least near open fiddle trout, rain, tweeting complaining about female journalists he without unattractive, while crowds down the toilet squeeze a jigger of urine around his cantaloupe, prostate? Well, America Bird doesn't have a place to stay in power. Does a My invitation to deploy the military to cities is leaders Rotti unable to convey the buyers and sellers and enthroned designate and devise a terrorist organisation.
We now have a new front runner for the widest should in history asking to speak to the manager of Andalusia. It is not an organisation that has like articles of incorporation in the board of directors and opposed over there. a convention in a conference room with Radisson, where they make decisions by robbers, roles of water parliamentary procedure? Sir gentlemen, we have a resolution upon Nazis interface. Can I get it? It's it's an abstract concept is like designating gas as a terrorist organisation into it doesn't mean black eyeliner. The cure is Al Qaeda. What have I done? I have like Three more pages of notes here, though so
trump is a is relaunching, relaunch campaign rallies and to ensure safety. In light of the current code exposure indoor Rally Pack asked of mouth with the heaving throng of billions of bigots, the trunk is made, is adopting additional sensible safety precautions like wiring attendees to sign a liability waiver so that you can see the campaign of you get corona violence at fires at the rally. You might just business is a good idea, but think of all the ways than not suing tromp will keep people getting covered. They won't to physically go to court devoutly complaint. They won't have to sit in the conference room up during a deposition. Clay, you have opened a loss and you have to prove it by ruling violently inappropriate of opposing council over and ask all use corpus. Now we can avoid that hassle, love of its age quenching this date, the Having to sign a waiver so I can't see if I get covered
at a rally of the man who, by Lee, facilitated and encouraged the spread of of the disease is. This. Is this just peak peak trompe l a Erica busy Congo call go much further up We can already lay his cause more firmly on the table. Then saying you can also is, if you get the disease that we have spread economic echoed lies at the car. These laid on the table is basically put his hand on a set of God I've, king, six, ices, a magic penguin and the giant talk among G Triple X, God of may humping a naked me I'll, stick mean that banks, and we say you signed a waiver by voting for Trump. America just signed a waiver. Well, I don't think we should go down that Robert Holiday, because that's what like about that's a lot of America, have that life assigned for them a games that air explicit Andy. You say that he couldn't
he could lay on his cards on the table more, but in fact he did I don't know you call this detail about from some, campaign rally, but the first campaign rallies on June nineteen. Which is deliberately chosen, is June teeth. It is celebrates the day that slaves found out that they were free at the end of the civil war, so It is as though he laid his cards on the table and then set the entire table on fire and then he's holding the rally untold homer, which is the site of the biggest race riot in american history in nineteen twenty one when why people were so angry than a black man with a little white woman that they brought fighter planes to buy a neighborhood, so from for you Gamala Harris the former democratic presidential candidate tweet of this rally just a wink to white supremacist,
had been arrested for protest many times a lot of the conflict with police. Hasn't it with their impatience, like they say, go, do you gotta, do something and you say no and then they get all macho jacked up and demand that you abandoned this tribunal. Once I, when I got arrested during the Iraq war, then they get our motto jacked up and demand that you, obeying undistributed ones. I wanna get arrested during the Iraq war. We all with limp, and so the police came when they try to pull me up, and I went limp and and then took my hand, so gently- and these you don't walk out of here. We're gonna break your wrist. And then he started to break my wrist. While here honest about it, because you gave your heads up at that, Bulgaria is rated resulting in the Alps,
a cop, defend that that's that's a great about being. Why is that you get a ten second warning before they break so rich does well color. So what cops don't seem to want to figure out is that most of those problems could be solved by waiting like the protesters won't clear out cuz they're sitting in at some point someone's going to have to pee someone everybody out keep a safe distance, a little hurt anyone else, and then I'm gonna get sleepy. So cities in Amerika. The police Carmen takes up more than fifty percent of the city budget, and then you don T want to shift and, in some cities in America. The police department takes up more than fifty percent of the city budget and then, you don't want to shift funding to social workers and mental health services. Things of that nature and its fast the light see see the kind of
about the nuances, the detail. Some people believe that anything less than immediately requiring all costs to eat my entire asshole and environed them into the sun. Is a sell out position. If it's not that bad and then on the other hand, we have national Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi or offering the big ideas the moment requires like afraid. One day they saw the value of that cop killing towards void and thought. Yet you know that man really needs is a seminar the protests themselves have been it a bananas. I don't know what like how much you're seeing about the details. The protest like okay Marge is cool set of police car on fire, but oh, what's that a cavalry of black horsemen chance did, even though that was on the menu Seattle protesters, have escalated confrontations when the police, until they rooted police, our neighbourhood, by city Hall and declared the capital wholly ruin capital, no autonomous zone or Chaz Chow.
As is short for Charles the Capitol Hill autonomous region of lorries, Seattle, of course, Fox NEWS, incense rightly media twitter is having to feel they present drop, is threatening to invasion of the restore order and I will look at some pictures and videos from Chaz. It's disgusting, lawless, decadent people turning public power the farms and growing food on them drawn on the sidewalk chalk, teach each other about harm reduction in self care ass. If you believe this, they actually wife The documentary Paris is burning about the gay voting seen in New York and the Ladys its documents we are learning is a slippery slope. I tell you that will leave the listening and learning and empathy will not there My favorite thing is public comments. You have this in the UK, but in the state often they got a government during their required to allow public comments and
so you get one or two, sometimes three minutes to say or peace at freely. There's like an obscure cable channel that errors, the public Cobb and this is my bit like- I will go and do public common hearings and its colleagues as great as you have to watch the area, then you get arose political adversaries. So there phases in a situation where no one agreed that there was gonna be comedy happening, so hope it's real. if I am so but of the american people- are just going off at public comments like yours, public common video, AGRICOLA, common video, just a people screaming view to police like there was a guy that Ellie, please, commissioner, fury and this video new american hero called in Well, I just want to read you. A list of things have been said: in public comment in San Francisco. There was a hearing about the police budget and there were nine hours of public comment that strikes. three in the morning
The police commissioners had to sit and listen the entire time person after person, and here are some things that people actually said to the government. In the hearings. choke gonna, dig Dick die losers, get a job learned the code. Could you possibly be more of a bunch of failures? You My time killer. Cows have gotten away with murder and instead of light, imprisoned there now getting a shorter centres which chocolate, Dick and die so finally, I will Travis the Poli. His honest finally say that the Poli has swung dramatically public support. For lives matter his jumped twenty five percent in the last two weeks, so right now Trump is pulling it: to preserve jobs, is only forty six percent, and there is fifty four percent support in the United States for
literally burning down a police station in Minneapolis, so burning down the police is more popular than either President Kennedy from president, so which raises the obvious question that four fifty four percent of people support burning least Asian. What are the views of the other forty six percent as I live Doug into it twice percent said: don't bring down the police station and Twenty three percent said: why only born one police data for them all five percent said Stag all the police stations on top of each other, the Tipp them over and that their reserves resent. Who said I wanted to bring the police station. You took it away from me, the state of America right now right, so we can look for. If the polling continues, we can look forward to President the police station
inaugurated in January, the most incendiary inauguration speech, everything I've always why they failing. But that is how is a very exciting time for me. Personally, white people, We have recently discovered that racism is bad Some of us learn about the hardware a few years ago by a really genuinely excited to bring. Why is over into the fold people opinion observing gap as things like hazard, of black, how Tuesday, where they didn't, apply to an email because they were thinking about racism that lasted for a day, which I think we can all agree, is definite enough time to grasp the historical complex institutional. Systemically lawyers asked the thousand
that's. No record names don't just badly off. It was a very exciting familiar yesterday to see a another video, a verse and Hollywood celebrities. Engaging with racism is a video where lost different Hollywood. Celebrities said Diana take responsibility. Racism eights, it's an old old affair. I mean my work: I would argue it was eight. I mean look this It would Bryce. Doubtless Howard personally apologises for ignoring police brutality is very surprising, because I did not know they should be she's responsible for some bad things. The jury, well movies, sought you're going to realise she was also complicit in systematic police violence towards african american debate. Westerly tv apologises for laughing at racist jokes. How are you these jobs, even love and out too
these have been attending teach. I wish we did not know that that was happening at all, but the biggest relief Is that only this week it was promised by Ben Carson, the brain surgeon and those words need to be recycled diplomas, often as possible, especially made it you, after you, ve heard Ben Carson, say anything and cars and the near I've surgeon the payday accurately. The man who operates on children's brain was tried out to say the President Trump was going to deliver a speech on racism. In that speech was going to be delivered by Stephen Miller. like the villain and an upcoming Disney failed, but also the hero in Disney Film has recently been pulled off of a streaming serve people now her sweet relief about all of this is that that speech thus far, and I'm not saying it's not gonna- do it is over the time difference. Thus far My speech has not materialised, which is the ugly piece of good news to happen in the last half.
Ok, but I did not give a speech about possibly the only thing that could make the situation worse. If Donald Trump delivered a speech on racism, written by Stephen Millet, doubtful calmly of white nationalism, the ETA is not while anyone needs- and I think at this point we have to submit Donald Trump. For the Nobel Peace Prize. For the time he did gave a speech about rights as a model is the king had a dream, and we at about it, and it was great Donald presumably also had a dream, but we did not hear about it, which is a relief because it was Hopefully as racist as it was disgusting, in Britain, weeping, as you say, dish somewhat somewhat belatedly. Finally, starting to words to examine D
the influence of her of racism in this country. The roller still plays an hour an hour slave trading past. Just off we accorded last week and suggested melting down statues for my question, historical errors and turning them into puppies. The public of Bristol took a different attitude and tore down a sculpture. Edward Coulson I a slave trader from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and lobbying into the hall, since then very statues have being removed. Toppled daubed is the varying degrees of justification. Some mostly very justified and its don't ask the country we are obsessed with our own history, but only the aversion over that is wrong. So that there is a famous saying that the past is a foreign country and our play,
the only foreign country they were actually positive about in Britain, you'll, be that we don't really we're gonna go to the tourist debates and done Ashley no more life was re is really like that another famous saying those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them and utterly with failing to learn the lessons of history in. But what we do is we actively choose to ignore the lessons of history, and then we condemned to be a bit surprised when people tell us what actually happened in history, be amazed or in William Dalrymple, has written a lot about I empty about the EAST India Company and that the history of fur. Britain's relationship with that India has said, is in Britain a vast ignorance of our own history. But I don't think that's right thing is not so much a vast ignorance as an active delusion about about history as well. What we ve seen played out this week, a lot of people.
I've been a comparison between the year twenty twenty and the film the Joker, and I have to agree because I think this year's exactly like the Joker in there, I think he's fucking awful nearly halfway through, and I wish the ship was talking of exhausting year and at this point out, Look Gmail, whatever the email service need to club together and program or do something to the algorithm tat gives us a new email template that starts hello. I have this email finds you well, apart from all of the everything and yours I fully slash in hope- that you're not murdered by disease or police violence its eye, we must realise that this year, the same year, the in the movie, a quiet place an alien invasion happens in twenty twenty. That's when it happens that I need evasion happens. That means that people will have to hide in doors and not make any sound, and I'm not saying that the actual twenty twenty is worse. But why I am saying, is that
we have to be silent when the time I wouldn't have to listen to people saying all lives matter, and these lockdown is for policies. I would not have had to listen repeatedly to people say I think it is fantastic idea that we have that you use of slave traders our cities now the defendant. the statute is to propose a lot of people saying well, isn't this part of our past, and that's not the question you should be asking the question we should be asking is: why was there a fucking statue of the slave trade it here in the first place, another front people say well, the thing is this is how you learn about to decide. You learn about the past in Britain's past,
all I'm saying is at school. I managed to learn long division without there being a fucking statue of a middle of criteria, apply somehow managed to wrap my mind around back concept without having a huge statute, and also the worst thing about it is that the statues Europe I studied history, all the way through secondary school up two degree level, and at no point without me doing voluntary study. Did I study anything about the british Empire right History in schools is basically Henry the eighth mister Darcy Global. We are obsessed with the Second World WAR and the reason we are obsessed with the second level is the ugly time in history where we were the good guys night,
I have to tell you Hamilton, is playing in London like the following six cents, a huge twist standing for british people that it turns out. We were the bad guys. A lot of people will be Magnus point out that we learn. We learn from from these statutes, Boris Johnson and in a series of tweets said. We cannot now try to edit your sense of our past, which is a bit rich from someone who regulator Eddie I'm sensor prisons and not released, for example, in cars, into wrought, rust indifference in- are in our democratic process that's bullshit adverse telling massive law is to try to influence influence referendum, for example. We cannot pretend to have a different history. He said that is all We, the biggest law, he's ever told that's what we do in this country. We pretend to have a different history, and you mention these. These statutes as a couple of points about that why why a statue been up for so long
companies when these statutes will put up Edward Coast and died in seventeen twenty one. The did the abolition of slavery happen through the early nineteenth century, eighteen, thirty, three, that it does so final. Full banning of slavery in this country statue of Coulson went up in eighteen? Ninety five understood there for a hundred and twenty five years, robot Clive died disgrace in seventeen. Seventy four, a mother stands of eighteenth century. Brittany was seen as beyond the pale they put up a statutory enough nineteen twelve should appear when we were trying to air brought our own history. Brushy understood why this are. We could you be brushing our history under the carpet? Know you're getting out from under the carpet knelt under the carpet, but of the great plans that are being put on top of the cupboard rubber Clive is the biggest choices in origin. stress national history of
of shows tourism at the time the Voice of India, Lord Minto, said it would be needlessly provocative to put up. A statue of drivers is back in the early twentieth century and they also put a memorial tablets around the same time in Westminster, Abbe Westland Clive was not there, most Christian of man on his his tinder dating profile. Time is likes, included, slaughter, extortion, looting, prostitutes, burning down villages and bribery, you described by deformation historic, William, durable as an stable sociopath, so we can look forward to a statue of poorest jobs and outside the department of pensions in a hundred and fifty years time to commemorate his efforts to improve the lot of Britain's I'll people. Rather, Clive is more colloquially known as Clive of India, which as far as figures in Britain in the eighteenth century go is I bought formula night? a white guy. All Brown, trade in jest about, like I did not do at it
I don't know what Nigel of Somalia did. I don't want to know. Listen, it's all, but it is a very spicy week to be a british indian and has been a very spicy weak for me to be british. It did pretty much since I was born, given that as a british Indian I spend my time is up to us born in Britain, but my family is from India. I spent my entire life essentially profiting from the plundering of my own ancestors and eyes a difficult thing to Robbie mind around so be like sorry grandma. Luckily I got a great state school to go to the very difficult to cut of intellectually wrap your wrap your mind around those kind of ideas- and I dont know if I've ever spoke about this of the pot costs before, but my air, my great uncle. Was I didn't soldier, Indian Freedom fighter, but, who was shot in the back by british troops?
how many retired, full military pension and its spirit, a great source of pride for me to know that at no David said in a man who devoted his life- and you know, risked his own personal safety and for the soul strict idea of freedom night as something that was very proud of bubble. Has been secretly more proud that he was shot in the back, which means got there and realized they had guns. He ran away because The ultimate ideal somebody use principles, but also fundamentally sensible. That is why, if we actually had a family, Cresty would be picture of a lion hiding sensibly a robot, The justice secretary on BBC question time that you cannot escape history and it'll be fun winfried, dishonest device through moving our statues and air, brushing his reach. Pretend tat all was well. You know totalitarian regimes. Do that and Can you cannot escape history? Surely this week has proved that
more than any other wishes coming black forest. Thousands of years fundamental dishonesty, is, for example, putting up a statue, redwood calcium without say what he actually date, and you know Totalitarian regimes do that our guest hotel uttering regimes might, for example, put up a statue of product Clive, a hundred and fifty years after he was active. This It concerns the rubber gloves. Death are still shrouded in some mystery, there are lots of people who believed that he killed himself and he didn't. There is no suicide. Now, I'm not quite sure what the derivation two theories, but The time Samuel Johnson reflected the view Mr, why he thought rather Clyde my killed himself and this direct light from several Johnson. He said that Clive had acquired his fortune by such crimes that his consciousness of them impelled him to cut his throat. Why we building statues of him, even he thought he saw
I will be into a statue of him cutting his throat. Maybe ready. I propose a campaign to have a statue of May t bagging rubber gloves. Will we met? You can have your statue of coastal yours after a statue of, hundred thousand reckons that he'd trafficked too to the Caribbean a minute, but if we do and all our cities is gonna, make the traffic and absolute nightmare And this idea that is raising the parcel suggested in various newspaper in the tourism political speeches, but he's not raising or you don't get an archaeological dig do in somewhat as I've got something- and you say a one of you raised there with your shower- must around our some artifacts that tell us all about the past lovely bit of raising, but we were able to learn from them and educate people about them. So what are you bury them again, but even fucking deeper? They started. That is the best way to learn.
I think this way can we feel better this week is the America has also succumbed to the statute based discourse, Tom COM, he's a sedative who recently cause controversy by writing. It operated the old times which he could have saved himself a lifetime. In regards to simply by writing the words, I am something big Lala, I'm a big out. Everybody hates me because I'm a guy who's, I'm a big out the end p s. Come that guy suggested the Washington monument? If things continue, the way that they go, it will be replaced with then called the abolition of weakness. What I recall my paid us alone described, it is less than a populist and more I poorly maintained, crumbling relic of whiteness. Her her there's nothing that dvd. I believe these Trafalgar Square statues, yadda and most people- don't who is only statue, so so what
What does it even matter once you're sure most people don't know because most people care about history? Some of us do not on these plants, because we. recorded radio show a couple years ago about the physical legacy anywhere within about pal you, some Risa have never given it a moment. He thought before that and I'm gonna get. When writing this bitch remind ourselves further with with great vigour, but now I'm brigades, history is, I just saw decide. History is once was weird about this. Everything is like these. Some of these people, like Church Eliza Churchill's, had a state. I get it, but calls them was it a business man of his age like and like what How did we decide that those people should get a mean? We too are the way I want to think about is like if we were to do it now. if someone said look, we want A statue in the middle of the town, Plaza of our great captains of industry. We have a statue marks.
Ready to girls would that be a good idea. It would be a great idea is the speed at which that that will be the first attitude to be devised, as it was being per year, will be There would be two faced by the men installing it now what and one final. But what two final points one? I think we ve learned also this week. That nuance is not its totally out now. Twelve ways about it. It sounded and ten percent debt. If I rework my own words here? I think maybe one or questions we have to ask is: is it is reducing massively complex issues of politics, history and society to over and provide binary viewpoints right or wrong,
he'll get onto digression, I'm not sure we can move on. Did you just elegantly summarised? The inherent Given the way the news has been presented by the majority of the twenty first century wildlife Well like it just briefly. If I buy it gets something off my chest. I have sort of You know this in british company the boundaries between Vasquez, because on both sides of the Atlantic. just statues of the coming down. Is the arcane pieces of That will take an extremely powerful because there now deemed to be offensive,
you know, I saw a think, a couple of things here. Firstly, I think that was it's always important and culture is an ongoing conversation and they saw as important to update your cultural references depending on the morality that data is the way the things work, but at this time I might do you think this is sort of distraction, tactic, genome and a slightly taking the focus off. The cultural moment. Those going on right now and There are slightly more important issues and you know it upon me, the things maybe talk about television programmes and saint comes as may be a bit of a distraction. I don't really know where I land on this, but what I do know is guys come on. It was eight is it go gone with the wind has been taken off HBO backs because I teach the slavery of changed since the nineteenth and in Britain the sketch out come fly with made has been removed from the striving service breadbox because it featured black face and guys attitude to black face has changed so much since fly with my first day in two thousand and ten
it was a different time. Was two thousand and ten. We don T just recently got ipods. We had also questions like. Is this big Iphone and should we ve been backface confusing la brings us to the end of this week's visit. This week's bugle have you ve enjoyed it if you can enjoy enjoy in the right words? To be honest, it's loaded with. If you listen to the asked and- and farmers are so moved, go ahead and set up Alternatively, you can join our voluntary subscriptions overseas, join up, you aren't you just go to the people for Customs com and click. Click the donate by the UN were not telling you out of it. I learn that just giving you the options no sang either one is right or wrong.
as long as you ve got all the facts. Make your decisions. Don't forget to join us either on time or afterwards, for the b will live life stream, live toys but tomorrow night Saturday, the thirteenth of June crises it is open to explode with technological models that he's going to achieve. That will be a lot of ridiculous questions and Jenny factual answers. Thank you very much for letting night. Oh you just said you started a new Newport got into her said earlier. I I thought you knew how has stroke an old podcast. It is called the Bijou room. and I decided to my friend Francesca your dna comedian journalist housed and we lost Stream Sunday night at six, p M California time and then the video stays up in the past but usually comes out on Monday.
It's a mix of comedy and chat with political, smart people. our nation plug just just plugging good vibes, just to try and have some good vibes, yeah probably have I to do that. Mission Well, you know. I've been in the pocket of big like for many had entered into. You, if you fancy taking some money towards This David Lawrence Trust. I had a bit of the site, Thus, my temper this afternoon with as toys the british Prime Minister done and so as a kind of ultimately futile. That made me feel better. the five minutes gesture of protest, I've done eyes and money of his back to the stable Lawrence Trust, do lots of ragged leg and helping people with this. punish backgrounds, so you could do that. If that's what you feel, I do
I'm not telling you how to be good. You listening bitterest, we'll be back actually