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Andy, Alice Fraser and Helen Zaltzman reflect tour global news stories, including gaseous Austrians, incompetent Brits, cheeky Kiwis and sexy American TV.

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Imagine the world wasn't like it is. Well, I mean that still be bad guy and that guy and the one who needs the I test, but there's also sexy literature. It's not until her showed is coincidentally ripped open during a fight with the winged women's of the northern wastes, revealing her creamy breasts. The realises the otter he has been. Befriending is left behind: love, water, cravings, hunger, adieu aching, longing, try, half a glass of water, it would fix everything, It will help a bit dooms german gymnasium. Have you been pumping your booty? Please are in there used to be out, but now they in, by which I mean to say they should stick out. That's good now join me Alice Fraser on the last post, its low the bugle but shorter cornea, weirder and failure.
The Bugle Audio newspaper a visual world hollow buglers, add welcome to issue for thousands, one hundred and fifty seven of the bugle, the world renowned scientific research, audio journal. That will confirm this week. That horses are in fact Quint reports. They have a hidden. It's like shit, look ahead but no actual head, but the melting point of ice cream varies depending on flavour by up to one thousand degrees, Fahrenheit and Ok NOS ninety, nine percent, psychological! That's why they did
happening Britain, because we're mentally tougher than other countries have set it now. Don't argue you cannot rewrite history. I am. I still shed bound Andy's Holtzman one little girls by how to reality before this law down as long since disappeared and judging by the news, I'm nor loading, that's mentioning no entire cabinets but of unhinged delusion, Eichel government ministers and is Friday, the nineteenth of June twenty twenty, and it is a huge sibling. Imbue will welcome back to someone who well, if it by that making port cost is the early twenty first century, equivalent of eighteen, the Nineteenth century imperial pillaging and exploitation. There are gonna, be statues offer everywhere in the world all the way. From down the eight twenty three stroke m twenty feet from London in Brighton. The city apartments was itself a baby, sorry, first impressions last hellenes also allow Andy hello.
He's already poisoning people's opinions of me ass, a statue person to invite you don't like it just the most maligned kind of person in the world. Today, it's better that we talk about it than just brushed under the carpet. Now with our mom. It's better that we don't talk about. It just happened. I ll telegraph, Subscriber How are you I'll fine when we will probably should catch up MIKE and yeah. I guess so yeah the Scotch S, not really what this british. This shows about also Jody so even further south, just keep going a policy into the empty three until you reach Australia basically and join us. As always, the allegedly chinese government launched cyber attack on Australia has not disrupted our internet link its.
its me how Andy? How are you and may I just say that regime being is truly deserving of his lifelong election democratic election to office? The ghostly goes. David Hauser has Australia about members. download it by showing what it sounds of it It's been, it's been hacked by an unknown malicious state. Actor alert. Government websites have been hacked hacked of. Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is not naming the country, although various other people suggest that the only people who have the means and motive may indeed be located in China, but course Scott Martian doesn't want to say that for what he calls political reasons,
and also we all got a text today from ourselves on our own funds. That said, definitely wasn't China so sounds like it. If a government website is hacked Papa, been examples of those websites becoming better as a result, because an open government does not run by digital natives, Fleas Harry's listening China hack all webs back government websites agreed meeting yeah just make it easier for us to pay our taxes follow returns of almost I take over the entire government. Just a bit of I t now I will go a long way. I consider it right now. It's nineteenth of June twenty twenty, which means somersaults, does this weekend
only in the world's greatest hemispheres. Of course, you sudden loses its the best of all festival herself midsummer, although it would not be entirely surprising if our government in Britain announces that actually the longest at the official be sometime in MID too late October, due to unknown procedural difficulties. Boris Johnson, fifty six years old today, coincidentally, he was born on the same day same year as American sing, a song right, a musician from the band Verve Pipe Brian Vander ARC, ironically hawk is one of the many public projects. That's Johnson would undoubtedly have up royally. If need be, in charge at the time Mr John and that's not an arc. That's a raft might have sausages, Newport Zebras next to the lines and you're holding
an obvious plastic dove within a global. The looks a little bit like an olive branch in its mouth. It's a world beating off from trouble. Now is not the time to argue about sausages. Look look, Davies has everything's fine church, it was a dream. Boat trouble trouble trouble so bright and under birthday, as John also, ironically, a clean, eaten alarm, get an ARC Zurich. doesn't have free to get an arc is part of while his privilege, it's a metaphor for privilege, Andy. But that's what I think
go with a limp, picks eyes. Rowing, like I think so they can have some aren't they get that butlers to build them in seedy, teach us bride and Vander oxide birth agents. Also earnestly a van is the kind of vehicle Johnson. What hiding to avoid having to answer an awkward question from a journalist rumor, is that he's gonna uses parliamentary majority to force through a new law enabling him to park event in the House of Commons, though in every gets, or something that account or more likely, once or even more like you can be asked to and would probably bring down. These on government did answer. That is good. Of control, is putting the bucket of answer the door shut and have one of his cabinet lickspittle. of him after the loving embrace was hundred number ten. Brian found our also urgently dirt is the kind of term Johnson would usually mocking some unless expensively educated than him. And Brian is a word. If you heard Johnson saying it, you would assume it was an outdated races term just because it was coming out of his mouth and also also ironically, Vander OX banned, the verve pipes debut album and ninety. Ninety two was entitled I've seen
the head injury, which is what more than thirty eight million people in Britain have done. Ass. They Islam teapots another household utensils into their own heads in frustration at and bafflement how Johnson has dealt with the covert crises whilst the value dealing well did I wrote dealt with in inverted commas, but on the other, and I came across the whale delivered, a l, and so we are. You pick me up entirely correctly that date dealing dealing with its aims. having a James Ronnie Shit over a synonym potato potato the pipes, follow up, Album was called villains and you can write the rest of that bits yourselves. A couple of Sarandib Witness shed birthdays there as it was a section of the bugle, is going straight in the Bin this week, a very sad weak for british music with the death of not one but to leviathans of wartime warbling Dame virulent unaccountably part,
the way the age of a hundred and three women when she might into a century. I ve got a capitalism like a big one avenue, so many people relax after reaching three figures and just give it away the next five to ten years, but us from verily, nor so contemporary, sometime rival, Bernard Sledge. It also bit the big big one or perhaps more appropriate, the edge of a hundred and five nibbled the little one sledge it rather from in style to two lines set sentimental serenades nostalgic numbers expressed it distinctively british, cantankerous and sense of existential ill will now understood treating beetroot for his tendency to turn a somewhat crimson shade when barking out his most hostile, unobstructed numbers sludge it kept Britain Frankie during the dark days of the early nineteenth forties, helping maintain the righteous national fury that drove so much of the war he talked in wartime hits included. Do that again and all Chin you Herman as well define split them. It is not all you ve got free chief lifelike, not to mention the gramophone tremblingly aggressive him to the home, from the turnips song and, of course,
the double eyesight platinum selling Hitler is a total shithead and actually I love powdered eggs. like so many music stars by she had a colorful personal life and was romantically linked to different times with, amongst others, the duchess of memory. It was seven hundred and ninety third in line to the throne of the time when stone Georgie lotta. What I'm London's leading female Mexican Churchill tribute acts in it from the local chip job option in our informal Wimbledon champion, Mord Watson, unrequited, as confirmed by ensuring libel action and after graphic into intends to die. They gossip columns also linked him with a dead nineteenth century off author Elisabeth Gaskell, following what became euphemistically known as the british Library incident and after a characteristically furious and drunken evening in London, the statue of Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace Sledge. It found success harder to combine the less confrontational post war years without official songwriter laureate during the final wind down gaze of the british empire. He produced classics of national self justification, including what's the problem we ve left you a hedge, let bygone
be Bygones. Even if I have any just gone by the rhetoric physical style. You can't look in the mirror if you thrown in the Bin the Dell an inspired don't think twice. It's probably not all right and the affair the british independence hand over valediction at them. You're welcome, don't mention it brackets. Please already made the sledges attempt to redefine himself as a punk provocateur in the nineteen. Seventeen fail to rekindle his former fame. Although his spoken word album of social groups postcard from grumble, she did cause a minor right at a swimming pool inherit and are still unpublished. Government inquiry in his lady is, sir. He was employed by karaoke bar to accelerate the departure of clientele after club in time and logic continued to perform passes hundredth birthday. Despite for learning transplants and numerous court orders figures in the music industry pay tribute after his passing kind of spirit. Former member of S club seven now leads to promote the ports Daniel browsing, the vulgar nodded described his singing voice, as quotes a uniquely and uncompromisingly intrusive, growl Roth that none of Bradley Paul
John could come close to matching whilst Willie Nelson commented that sledge it did not inspire him to become a country sing it then it's legit. Sadly, died this week without a picture in good s? Car Googling Andy you'd, like The third one of the few things that it makes a google don't talk, never give up high and reach the top jobs story this week. Well as if the world didn't needs more, are still at sea between the police and the public, Austria has been rock to its foundations after a man in Vienna, was fine, five hundred euros for flight, Challenge realizing loudly in front of police officers have another loudly Andy, provocatively swell haven't. You are, of course, our landlocked continental european countries and flageolets legislation correspondent.
but bring us up to date with, with with what went on my this this man, this factor was sitting on a bench. He was having some kind of theirs describe police, prolonged unruly and disrespectful interaction with them, and then he got up and did a big fought and they said it. Of course they set on Twitter Of course, no one is reported for accidentally. Nothing one go so as with so much of the law. Intent is key There must be a men's rare as well as an active race approve. Approvable intent is relevant here, L it he who is not used a part as an assault weapon throw the first wind say I You can bring about noise expertise to establish. Thank you. Last year, a man in Scotland fatted intentionally whilst being bodily searched by police and gone. Seventy five hours of fur community service brought well
four five hundred euro. Fine for the perpetrator here you can find your infraction do find under the audible gaseous discourtesy subjection of Austria's offending public decency act. He was said to have, as you say, let go let go a massive intestinal wind, apparently with full intent. Buddhism, provocatively programme promulgation following an encounter with the police, who insists that the accused performed an unwise, principally confrontational ex flagroot him I'm into the maximum sentence in Austria for nicely disco a police officer is thirty five years in jail and lifelong call Chuck consumption, Bunny hold, but the police, so let him off with five hundred euro. Fine, because we're backlog in the austrian CALL court system caused by combination of luck. Breaks and vague in schnitzel. I wonder if in America they would have tried to shoot the fort nothing one can only assume that they probably would have done
use, the facilities replaced We have noted that the man may appeal against the penalty if he feels that it was unjustified, though it may be difficult to find a lawyer who will open the pleadings in the traditional manner. Fifth offences of this kind, which is MA, am good ass, you do anything to do with so many laws and social customs have gonna win during lockdown c on Austria trying to keep some semblance. Of social order. It does him as a nation that Austria, these days, is a little more sensitive to the need to stamp down on the early signs of social and political rebellion, fruitful, whenever reason random, yet no no judgment on them. From from us here in Britain, where just four years ago, seventeen point. Four million of us voted for better out than in The goddess of the impact on others would have it yet just makes us feel better about ourselves. We can't be wearing about who else gets into inconvenienced by or whether it
signifies an underlying digestive or Daughtry issue that we don't wanna face up. Do can I at least contrived analogy here? Please, yes, begged it The thought that began as of as as an attempt to relieve pressure and ended up in an accidental pants shooting except they shot in all of our pants More is news now and everyone's least favoured microscopic terrorist. The growing of ours continues to upheave and in advocating the world geographic governments continue to fumble around in a self imposed fog of stubborn arrogant. Science continues to try to convince people that isn't making everything up as it goes along in everything it does some, as well as the virus up in reading the telegraph, and I'm so into doubt, gravity is real anymore life to shifting unchanging by the weak and nowhere at the effects been felt more profoundly no area of human activities being so deeply impact upon them.
he filming of sexiness for tv shows Helen. You are the biggest artistically, probably just about justified nudity filming logistics, correspondent player Phyllis nor more probity making make it look convincingly like you're feeling ass. It will be, beautiful soap. Opera is resuming filming having been off since March, and they have Brief stay me scenes oversee. They will keep things socially distant, but still sexy. So they are going one better than just people wrapping their arms around themselves, move man's up and down like in the playground. They tried cutting these scenes. They like snow same sought the same so instead. First of all Four kissing each of the actors will just be filmed separately. I don't there are now case something like a mellow know their own hands, and then there will be edited together. and then, when the doing sexy means that
Their spouses, if thou negative recovered, may be allowed play whoever their sexting on, but otherwise they will be using blow up dolls and Dummies and usually dummies used for stunts like when people fall out of a window will have to play a corpse than others time they're getting lucky. I need it. So the amount of botox and plastic surgery going round on the set of the bold and the beautiful to those. For you don't know the bold and beautiful inside the fast in the furious, but without cause it's going. difficult for viewers to tell the difference between the blow up dolls and the act as in cells that our room is in the sex doll community that he says, sex dolls do good enough job. They may be cast in speaking roles. If I'm not I've, never seen a bolder and the beautiful up, but as an act of logical internal Helen, you love, you love your words to a profession, level, the boat in a beautiful, easy phrase, most dime.
strictly opposed in the english language to the phrase Boris Johnson's cabinet, that item of linguistic interest. For you, I mean I don't tell someone is not over complicated solution. two to the problem, plumbing what's wrong with a good visual metaphor, these days, a train going into a tunnel don't oil well a tree bursting into blossom, oh or an industrial chimney, being chained up, blindfolded, whipped and forced to say yes, mistress, moderate, like an old by pickup David Cameron. I want very sexual montage on a BBC documentary about bread of people provocatively needing dough. So they could do that Nobody needs dough Helen. You can only have a want of. Oh, my god, very philosophic revenue suffered enough Alice
not yet and elsewhere in the world of coverage, New Zealand is obviously in line for the United Nations smug. Each country of the year award with justification to be furthered, managed to control and suppress the virus through some strange arcane, not greenish and culturally alchymic cocktail of sense, humility and administrative organization. Rugby has resumed in New Zealand in front of actual human crowds as well? I'm there's been Some classic New Zealand Dick opportunity a homeless man at quotes, sneaked into a five star hotel used as a covert quarantine facility and stay there for weeks in the car. of initiative, thwarting the world needs more of in these difficult times.
Yes, and this news came to light when Mister Woodhouse, with the National Party in New Zealand, criticised the government's incredibly effective handling of the corona virus by citing a tiny number of bad actors and slipped loopholes. Apparently this man stayed in quarantine for two weeks and when he was ready for discharge, he was asked for affording address and said to heed heavy hadn't been overseas. He just joined the back of the queue two weeks ago and Mister Woodhouse is quoted as saying he hadn't come back from overseas. He spent a fortnight getting three square meals at above every day on the government, which, due to be to me sounds like an excellent outcome. Call me a bleeding lefty, but three square meals at a bath every day. For the most vulnerable members of a society that is rich enough to support, every citizen in such a style seems like it ought to be the goal of every functioning developed nation, but don't me, I'm not american enough to believe in the freedom to starve to death, because my government would rather spend its money on sentient to foams and cages for foreign babies than social welfare programs for its own citizens.
will you be called? Do you can't do that? Alice? I mean economic. Yet there are shitload of homeless people hidden in in nations that ready. Don't you have any under a civilised societies. We we generally try to brush that under the carpet and also there are even shitload yeah shit, loads of unused properties, long empty because well I guess you can have a small fraction of being used by people desperately need them because otherwise would have let stolen when the cold war and all the people who couldn't four and might have died in the cold war. Had ever got out would have hypothetically died in. So you can't. You called maybe that Lily livid lefty door, All it will never end the article described the slightest claim, as leaving just in the gardens government quotes red? Faced now, That very much shows a difference in how country use of respondents this virus. The idea,
His government could be red faced at one person getting a freebie in a hotel. You need to raise your blushing threshold. New Zealand here in Britain, with tens of thousands of people are necessarily did not even a hint of a thinking of the governmental cheek, not even a mild mildly, furrowed, brow alone, a discernible trace of facial, shame, actually examines, go Pilar. That that was not of airlines of family. pay like is older, blood's, going to their erect penises get off on the idea of the poor dying here in Britain, Dominic Roblee Baffling reappointed. Foreign secretary has been criticized fool a common. He made about butlers matter movement and taking the knee specifically said on this. Taking the neat thing, a phrase dripping with Russia
But I know maybe it's got a broader ancestry. said rob. It seems to be too from game of thrones and fails to me like a symbol of subjugation and subordination sought that there's number things to pick up from from this sentence. From from Mr Rob, I don't know- maybe it's got a broader his job as a british policy not bothering to find out stuff about history, is nothing to be surprised about these days, He also said I take the need for two people the queen and the misses. When I asked her to marry me not alone. Hu, the Hers America green? What exactly is an imprecise energy demand, here, Lady language. Picking it up is the her referring to Missus rob all all the queen in any case, take take them either.
You're. A feudal subservience to women who have to sixty eight years must be heartily sick of saying the tops of people's heads, but not as a gesture to support. a campaign for more equal intolerant planet and solidarity with the struggled Eagle eye centuries of exploitative races MIKE S age to their own. Its aims I a curious need priority to have. This is, admirable- and this is an utterly admirable He'S- refusing to kneel to any one but the queen and his MRS when he asked her to marry, and that means that this is a man who will lunge up against a tree to tie his shoelaces Letty, be less t be seen, is subordinate to the needs of knots here. How I build sign. Castles in that sphere, the homeless, then: the logistics releasing people I'd think through Rob. I understand this sense of frustration and restlessness that is driving the black lives matter. Movement now,
let's try to be as positive as we possibly can be about this frustration and restlessness describe it as a typical british understatement. while the them spiritually noxious filament of defining social issue of current an historic injustice we're going out or marches is cuz feeling a bit restless. They could use the walk frustration and restlessness rather like when a J P Taylor wrote that Hitler could undoubtedly be something overwrought or on the plus side. Johnson's government has announced plans for an official government commission to investigate racial inequality in Britain, hoping is that it comes up with a different verdict from all the other recent commissions that have already addressed this issue in different ways, as pointed out by, amongst others, the Labour Mp David Lamy, who is chaired one of those commissions himself and the government has chosen to flatly ignore recommendations of those
he was commissioned and how might be hoping force its own, investigations, racial inequalities. You come back with an actually it's all fine, as you were verdicts rather than the other reports with whose verdict If I may summarize, it's not fine, it's never been fine, and here is a long list of easily achievable things. We should do about it. You're in showbiz, Andy in I you have to going when someone says no, you keep going to get a yes and that's what they're doing he's going to racism. Ok again, A throbbing going wrong in mockery, Is it when someone says knows me to sit and watch out for the next? Fifty years turned down statues news now and well is the battle over Britain, step statue legacy continues in the arguments over exactly what form of history act me would be best for this country adding.
DE the statue of sexual roads, oil college Oxford is now due to be removed. and off they will settle. This is this. Is this is unacceptable today, brushing history, we can just be conscious, pertain roads, Disney didn't exist. Well I mean maybe. Instead we can have a statue of a gentleman and about a hat stealing around offers a grateful of golden all the food while casually tossing of all a small box over her shoulder like a mobs allotting petrified. That would seem to be more appropriate than a state you also roads himself more in tune with our history M Alice, Hausa there much was statue argument in Australia. we inherit allow arguments from Britain Andy. I feel that on one hand, beginning to take down statues of people in history who achieved great things, while all by perpetuating grotesque wrongs on the vulnerable and oppressed fields
go to satisfying shift on in the right direction, that direction being the direction of not rubbing people's historical abuses in the faces of the people have inherited the hangovers of that abuse. On the other hand, it feels a little bit like once, you start pulling on that dangling threaded. The bottom of the jumper of history, they're not gonna, be that much jumper left at the end of it was almost like the people who pursue an exercise power and the grand industrial scale that affects the movements of history tend also to be ruthless, with an eye to the prize and a foot on the neck of whoever is Nick happy. to be most foot proximate in the pathway to historical renown. I also feel like that. By covering this, where part of the problem The problem is that discussions about the statues, names straits, who said what on social media six years ago, although Discussions mean that people are facing focusing a significant and possibly pivotal amount of time if its energy and attention on the most peripheral symptom of what is a fundamental problem at the core of society's understanding of itself and the waste which power moves. You know what I mean like
the pulling down all than the defending of the statues feels like it feels like, putting a low on the sunburn, that's responsible for the cancer, the treatment for which is making your fate saw, rather than solving the current problem not that history of memories unimportant! It's just that, while you can acknowledge at the causes of current difficulties, lie in the complex past until we get it lorry and it feels a little bit more useful to focus on the complex present The question: does anyone like statues actors, one thing that nice wouldn't worry about. It just put some vending machines, they're, moving vending machine up fifty metres high plinth Helen How about you? What is it you get up there? Andy! You already will match snack eyes. I saw correction on a monument in Melbourne There are no time. I've noticed such a thing, but it's you meant to John Batman, who formed a settlement and founded one on the site of Melbourne. Then unoccupied and on that
Stone monument is a plaque which says whoops or it was occupied. We just forgot that first nations people were people here. I think that's it. waited to resolve. The issue is just on the plinth surround the bottom of the fate of these statutes to show all the people who will like being oppressed, cutting edge or big plants, or amend the inscription on the statute sessile roads. Quite that Who did you ask attendance on the ground floor? Bbc broadcasting house about the Eric Gill thing on the frontage? He s this? have him fondling a boys and drawn entirely from his imagination ass. You would have thought in the light of what the BBC over recent years. That statue might have come down if your unfamiliar with it well and feeling
willing to be shocked and appalled, find it on the internet about seven, the yoke quietly would be caught a simple thing to add to a lot of these statues. Look at an official kind of q t see your coat of arms or not speak you off the old roman drains and stocks, but no cutie say on us that you have one never knows that it is Turning to a changing rubbing, all like you know the food food measures, you know how they have those little little graphs, the fear, whether it's a good, healthy food or Reno unhealthy, sometimes food. You should just for little little Thomas. at the bottom of each statute, but What would it be variable? According to the idea that the current verdict of history- yes, exactly That way, that you don't have to change any of the statues. You can just adapt them as time goes forward. Well, Georgia does abdomen. Gonna show that the people we should be putting statues up to all the logs over John Marjorie Lemming,
No one has ever heard of food, never do anything in their lives. Those thought that that's the one white a guarantee of future proof statue. Or made, I guess, duchies, they get benches Andy What about will the benches in our ports that were that's upon by racist in the nineteen. Fifty is what are we gonna do not own Marjorie. Quite ass love here say: extremely unacceptable things. Our duty. We need to look at the positive say, because governed gets criticise a lot on non, his show, one and elsewhere, and often by their own faces, but some no gun. Yet they still don't do better title the shaggy man Landy. What thou were no government had an hour? based on more than discouraged Johnson government, prevents another british empire because much as they might hark back to the old one we have shown the way
cannot organise a mobile phone up, let alone an empire encompassing quarter of the world's population and and land area, I'm sure we might still have the british exception is arrogance to do it. We still of a moral economic opportunism baked into our system. But the logic legal competence, no fucking, why rest easy world rest easy and good news for future statues. The way things are going at the moment if a cabinet minister managers do successfully order a pizza at the moment or do up all their buttons unaided, we'll be gratefully. Why, opera heroically pose bauble of them, one of the great column and Paypal and hundreds of years time will gave up in wonder and parents. explained so that children are the great list, trust she was one of the good ones. She did a whole, three minute radio interview without trivializing racism, incredible, but by the standards of the day, you after one, is not by our standards. Kids, remember we mustn't view history through the prism of the present, which
them- should review it through of the collection through the prism of of through the Prism of British Nancy Ellen. That's the only prison we need more, just like a break. Isn't it American law is news now and dumb. Well, an extremely court case in America. Fox news has gone to court to assert that it is not telling the truth. I mean this is a curious, seems our ultimate kind of peak America a new company, asserting that, contrary to scarlet accusations from rivals and critics, it is making shit up a sort of metal libel case it just means new first bullshit Sunday, but you should be familiar with that. This is
Coulson, which presents itself as a new show. It looks like a new show. It sounds like a new show, but eight emphatically declares that it is not a new show. I think they argument is that view is the view is of Tucker Coulson. Don't assume that Tucker Coulson is reporting facts, that's their claim, which is the worst self own I've seen since someone kicked football that went into it. their own goal and then came back and hit them in the face. I dunno football metaphors. I think anyone whose watching Tucker Karlsson on the ragged can be safely assumed to be incapable of critical thought at that level. You can only eat intellectual junk food, ironically, for so long before your brain starts to get past going up a flight of conceptual stairs hunger. Think it's like expecting question time to be. Distributing information Robin just making everyone's blood feel like acid in their veins, without with that is the purpose of of
tv news. Essentially, we know what we need. That is not going on with the world will grind to a halt history, Surely that is the lesson we should be. Learning from history keeps the cholesterol down forget it in other lies news. John Bolton, the former National security advisor for four Donald Trump as produced a book which has been done, as a bombshell and upon of shit. So it's it's about accounts, regarding the last us written. with them a subject. Engine level of literary flat. But also contains yet more accusations against Trump, which, if even partially true, but they would make any present with dignity instantly resign and for themselves and despite spot some at the allegations in the book, I include the Trump thorfinn was part of Russia that here
Chinese assistance in his election campaign that he told China there internment comes for a great idea, actually hint of jealousy He thought and taught goes a theme park that he tried to launch an invasion of a country called Muslim is stone that he tried to change you at school history syllabuses so that he not George Washington, that America to independence in a war against the Germans or something them I've glazed over to be on herself. The family did not have this makes any impacts are too. If any of us we're going to have any effect, it would have had an effect in twenty six now just more steaming shit on the volcano of steaming shit that he's trumpet life and career on US If you don't care about being honoured if I'd wrong, what they gonna do, invisible, exactly The at, however, is not just a one way street. Another book has come out this week by from a more pro trump angle, Trump acolytes and
when the White Ass insider drew back, Clink has published loading the poem of justice inside trumps, quest for happier universe and I've got a few other world exclusive. A few excerpts from my from drew the clinics new inside look from our other more rose tinted view of the Trump administration on his first. As President Donald took one look around his new office, it's not over enough. He said I thought it would be way. Moreover, this making. Moreover, it was the kind of play decisive aspirational decision, making that America have been crying out for this further on in the book, it was reported in the news, but in twenty eighteen Donald averted war between Paraguayan Liechtenstein he's out of a conference were the presidents of the two countries which his adviser said might be having an argument of which is the most landlocked The two leaders insisted a little too vociferously that they actually had no plans to invite each other abominable, back to Nobel for that remark? Trump I'll probably get blamed
lack of decent paraguayan war films. Twenty years from now such is life and one A final excerpt from all our world exclusive, SIRI location, Donald Making skills unquenchable first for better world will once again on display during his first meeting with his north korean counts, about Kim Jong Trump what came the hand of Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bite Ginsburg in marriage, hoping to build it? bridge of love between the two nations can was right out for it and even Donald gone one of his nukes as a thank you always set. a statement wedding that could symbolically presaging era of world peace, but Gins refused even to install tinned on her phone level, go on a date with came she's a widow for Heaven's sake. Sometimes I think America has its own worst enemy. Don't these people want us to succeed. So were so fascinating. Roaring rate gives you a lot of you on the man and his presidency.
we, almost news now and additives aims every week you're on the issue, which is long weeks. Elon musk has done something ridiculous, but what is the thing? Was a fire? dimensional attack snake that good revolutionise warfare lost on water. What you been up to now well musk, with his unlimited imagination, slash money. Purse has decided that he's going to confirm added he's space ex space ports it will be used for firing. Rockets into space can also be used for hypersonic travel on the planet, I feel I must plan is to get people as quickly as possible from one place to another, no matter where they going so he wants. You just wants a fire people off in all directions and sees thing everything room, Electric caused, a baby catapult, that's large catapults for throwing babies, not anybody catapults if it must be clear, much less
the six year old, packing three fruit, roll up, Sir Pair of socks into a backpack, because their mom shame them for the poor they did in the pool. Elon musk thinks the future is far away. It's like What that means the end of this week, I said it before and I'll say it again schism babies, idea of a grown up What happens? Brings the end of this week's people we'll be back next week with alive show on Saturday night, eight p m UK time life streams on whatever things get life streamed credible, We gave all the time, mostly it working at the start. We doing the Youtube's we're doing the twitters, we're doing the facebooks we're doing that which is how much of these design they know what they are of. Absolutely,
I think dances from the nineteen sixty two on that. That may be true, but maybe we could practice them in the wake of the twitter in the town so Saturday, eight p m the twenty seventh of of June thanks everyone who joined in the quays last. we could have still available on the Youtube channel if you want to do it retrospectively with Congratulations to those of you who score draw closer Maximum? Was it twenty out of twenty six from thirty seven question better: it's like slight technical glitch that the item I maintain is appropriate for an unfair universe. Some of you just get ignored that we all British, after all, Helen anything to plug fur or a bugle business giants, people cross the illusionists that they illusionist Oak HANS Menace This book has to come and foreign commerce investigations that there might be come
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a bit of it. I can't hear you Oh sir, I do not my headphones turned out I'll I'll I'll, just assume it was a yes. This is an ABC podcast
a brother and sister, are playing a band together with my name is tat. This is my six purport caused about the christian people ban that change. My luck is not buried. Maybe you'd be monthly, be always appear that shown broader than the start date, but were destroyed positive and Solomon. Before and that's when I began to drink the Sacramento wine sort of Christian Watch with Jesus lights, ok, appalling overdue. Anyone be divided. What the hell is going on, and why am I making? This point does? Is cross spread a really good report about report. Thank you told Minoan to all noise about all premium level. Voluntary subscribers to join them, go to the Beagle pot, girls, dot com and click the download button to make a one off a recurring contribution to help keep me show independent and free above not the money that you just given to it here this week lies
Andrew Ward thinks the world could do with more hidden doorways. I think it, be good for all of us as Andrew. If, whenever we lent on a wall, there was a real sense of what is this Please me into a secret enchanted kingdom: Andrew thinks that this would help recreate the sense of wonder that has been lost by our species? Technological complacency when you can find picture triceratops playing golf against a naked gonna Aphrodite after fifteen seconds on a search engine. Where is that chicken life laments Andrew Stephen COM, had to laugh at school students when he misunderstood the words Mice, Stephen explains no idea, it was the name of a species I just the words and assumed it was an instruction from my biology teacher. So I ran straight out of the classroom to get to it. Without listening to the rest of the sentence, Stephen continues. It transpired that five hundred dead mice- I came back with four hours later we're not what miss steeples had wanted. It was all For the first time I heard a teacher use five swear words in one sentence. My previous record was three Brenda's
that is one of those people who believes tightrope walking ought to be taught in schools. It should be compulsory for all children from age. Five to sixteen claims Brenda, it is not me good feel call musculature and balance, but it could save the environment to imagine if people just total between high rise buildings on rogues, instead of using power hungry lifts to get all the way down an up again, probably stop for a coffee and trendy disposable endangered animal whole cop on the white I reckon scheme could help us squeeze another ten to fifteen years out of the planet's Derek loss of one wonders how things we take for granted were invented or discovered way back in ancient human history, who was that US person to see an egg dropping out of a chickens, arson think so like Spain, lights, Derek. How did anyone discover that what worked with tea leaves emphatically did not work with penguin bakes? He continues on. Did someone somewhere feel a worm or a baby snake wriggling on the top of their foot? Look down and think of that I stopped my shoes from flying off. All the time Derek
to make a radio documentary on this subject, Jennifer Alan spent twelve hours of her childhood dreaming of becoming a newspaper. Somebody up. she heard a story about a local man who had been arrested after being found to have kept caged in his cell of one hundred and twenty birds, which he had poached as they rooted in the local park and kind. With the headline police. Finally, catch Loch Ness Monster, disappointingly villona read the following morning. Went would be somewhat more prosaic headline manner: I stayed for illegally keeping birds and seller and finally, Molly Quinn thinks that one of the great regrets about the current human predilection for online social media spats is they love what physical evidence for future generations to venerate weaken visit physics. battlefields, where the erstwhile future in which we now live in the present was decided in our past, says more. But our descendants won't be able to pay similar homepage on the battlefields of the twitter wars, for example. We could look.
the field with some shrubs and didn't think. For example, wow rigid. The third had his all signed into a monoplanes here, but Twitter wars will live on only in the cavernous hive, mind memory of the internet and maybe in epic song or propagandistic pseudo historical play. If we get a bit Shakespeare on it anyway, the point stands Cluj Mouth. And here and is the lies.