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Andy is with Alice Fraser and Mark Steel with major breaking news from Britain. Plus, more elections, more idiots, and cricket.

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world view blows. This is issue four thousand one hundred and ten and all the bugle I am, and these Osman exploited the twenty fourth amongst twenty ninety- and this is an emergency bugle, we'll just swearing distance away from where our prime minister, here in the United Kingdom, the beacon of all of our hearts have just resigned just hours ago. As we recall, there is no section in the Bin this week. so he's in my has devoted herself in the wind in sacrifice for which there are no one of us we this week. This is the only Diagram counts in history. The twenty fourth of my twenty nineteen, possibly be seen by history is the day when Boris Johnson,
the sanctions to the throne became inevitable and nothing else Wilma more on this line. Joining me this week to pick over the homes of the latest developments in the on ending about a political diarrhoea that has emerged from David Cameron, horrific yachts? Firstly, there in London with me, locked steel, on this very peculiar day at sea. If said, lamented departed, leader cries play the few minutes ago, but you look them in motion go up to her and they must be sad cuz. It shows have emotional. She must have been. You have to do so. If you could, she didn't cry at two when she visited Tribus de Grenfell Tower City over the winged rush. icings the food banks, This is really got to make sure it for all of us from his own trifles into perspective. In order to be someone
politicians did start crying every disaster that happened. They would just be an unending deluge cs. I guess some middle ground ass to be struck. The goals are joining us from the safe distance over hemisphere. Why? Where there is no new prime minister, when it was possibly expected to be on Australia. It's ours, Fraser! Yes, Andy hello, Ma Kilo- Andy hello, buglers year in the ongoing quest to make forever breaks it. The new status quo, soon to be non prime minister to resume his announced, her escape from the Office of person, most held responsible for the progress or non progress. Rex I'm excited soon. A new prime minister will plunge like reverse Phoenix into the ashes of democracy last trembling hands around the poisoned chalice of a bad plan like major Arnold Ernst showed the bad guy in Indiana Jones Right is a philosophy or figure you put the melting. faces of the additive of the end of basically a fairly accurate description,
well, that's all I wanted to marry faces is gonna, be prime minister, I mean you have to admire Jerry to make us she's a woman and also We in the cascading, champagne fountain of posts, surprise breaks a decision in the referendum. Her cup had the openness mouth, but truly I can wait for feminism to get us to a state of perfect equality, so we can judge ambitiously, boring windbag delusions of admin on the content of their degraded character and not on the comparative distribution of flaps in their equatorial reach. I just don't want to have to keep pretending. People are interesting because they are women beautiful to prison for her. She could have done so. The thing with a resignation speech she could have all the damage is done. Could all events what two, if she done, a proper resignation speak and she. Just come out and gone. Oh you.
Can do it it's three years a locker Wang, albeit one that sole, that's, nor why you something handed is that of a bloody, I all dilute new union younger age, make the like of Brussels backwards and forwards. What are you turn your body? Torreon, sweat, go on I'll go for a ride by speculators, but little on the other podium Robin help? How do you know she and it might be a player backwards and we have many geopolitical like him. He did you get it I will read. I really am glad that may prove you can be a mediocre bureaucrats who inflames anti immigrant sentiments, no matter what said of gendered insults glop across at you
it is, Sir, it it truly trivia historic day phase. Forty eight of her resignation, which began some time last year, has progressed what I should have thought you'd only play monopoly Viewplate would allow play for years, but it also of this monopoly goes for an hour longer than it should when one players got all the hotels and the other I've got seven pale light that no, if I could just dying on or out I'll, tell you what I'll give you a pale landed on. My you ve met with a wholesale Laden, Oliver God she's going even further. As you probably know, selfish. Look. I genuinely believe that monopoly was invented in order to inflame anti capitalist sentiment cause you always end up just flipping the board shoes,
essentially staggered on, like a cowboy gradually bleeding out, while staggering, through the saloon borders of every drinking that examined before lying under a bus, stop breathing last sea, will be quit herself to be history on the seventh seven too, She will cease to me later so you're, a mine as well. I'm sorry Remained a sitting the Languedoc Prime Minister even lame duck. Will my He shook out six June. If we send Venza updated Street, on this matter? the way to go out tonight for April the terrible things she did, but I've forgotten that old stuff she didn't do The result of everyone else being offered her also being awful that at least willing to try truly is a prime minister ship, which will echo through the annals of history like a gust of wind through the annals of history, our record and critically.
if Teresa, he was in a quays in three years time and she was asked to name all the prime ministers of the last twenty years. Forget us here, that's entirely possible of how we can make that happen. You got contacts the tv in the night I haven't Her parting on the sums will be marked by ceremonial national, her rough of general dissatisfaction at ten thirty. One hopes it does not overshadow the Pakistan, be Sri Lanka Cricket much impression. But what it was to make even more inevitable than it already was. If inevitability candidate increase, render Andrea led. Some became the thirty fifth resignation while from drink it somehow got report
You just forgotten that right, you ve forgotten she's. Already admiral I've been jumping ship, even though the ship has been stuck in a dry dock, just been splashing under the pavement beside it. So and they build of Postman feather postmortem began before she even rose postmortem of a still twitching corpse and she's just becoming I just three slowly and piled on the rusty spike at the top of the political greasy pole. but you run out of rope dodgy just smell only bright enough rope to reach all around her neck. History will be the judge and she leaves after for years, the blundering of escalation, woefully pseudo compromises. Tom, we might come to look back on with a kind of fun there's no style who or what might be about
yes Ribeiro packing to have all remember when we just had a bumbling contradictory dead. I floundering vacuuming downing Street those limit, as many young children in Britain today may lie in their death by many decades, remember as the greatest Prime minister, their life, and even then, in thirty years, you're still between bring a deal that Cuba. We wonder in the streets of the homeless would you support my deal, hundred ran South America that thrives in Amazon tribes. Will you support my dear? she's, going to dance so exactly what I saw it as a sign of what she represents. One hundred and fifty years, go, british rulers would go to Africa. I would say we have come to take over your country on land,
a new minerals and there's nothing. You can and she went there and they said to a dance, be maybe shows how times of changes Having said this, I believe Queen Victoria Jews didn't really understand the language barrier. Whoever ass. She announced her departure in Downing Street She is you departing call for a country that truly works for everyone, the which can only be interpreted as a savage assault on the conservative Party She said you were bringing an end to set back proudly on bringing an end to austerity and fighting the burning injustices that still scar our society. Which is rather like a serial killer, saying what got some fish fingers in the freeze on our elderly people.
you did on as we discussed on the Beagle numerous time shaky. She got Del as I keep saying a bad hand and by and by she got lodge a tooth reason falls and bit fifteen no trumps. In bridge parlance, baseball policies to face. This has got to go and David Cameron direct or show the relief pitching has been shit. But these lost lessons all stem from his floundering, the incompetent arrogant myopic, pitching in the first reading, We are now left looking to the future and the joys of a conservative leadership election more human Europe, bringing their massive found of Tory leadership yeah yeah well, then, usually across the five written as cost so much kerfuffle with their by because I saw that the high street between them all is such that the person who has an upset lots of the other ones by stab in the back shaggy there. Why? Whatever is they do and voice
credit to these dumb. Both every other person in the conservative party is, I think, a stab some of them in the back, whilst shagging there, I'm starting to think Maybe the british need to take a note from their own history in and maybe shipping Merkel, when she retired, like Habsburg, Mark to bring back load palms she's a great democracy we are. The prime minister was essentially deposed after secret meeting, with a guy called Graham bringing me some sacred. Greece like role. The official version of the golden Graham, perhaps, and our new prime minister will be chosen by a hundred and twenty thousand people tory. He tore remembers yes, essentially on average, I'm going to live in some rural Suffolk, yet where, where they will vote for someone that could stop the immigrants coming in,
when the last immigrants I add, with someone who come from a different bit of sex Monday to day, but it all taken by control. We ve taken my control of other motors, exactly exactly property, because what we are absolutely convinced. I gotta party democracy back so that we have the Prime Minister chosen by twenty three thousand men dig rural twice that by increasing the load Melbourne red. Is God with me that we thought it back? parliament's, but it's better than the one one when the European Union foisted Stanley bold in another directive. Ninety to indicate that we had not chosen. It is old, school democracy right! It's it's land, owning old gentlemen. Yes, that's what might Britain great? Isn't it whenever we'd? Never, organised slavery that it would be all of us that is both in Bosnia. both now and on on next, prime Minister, following tourism, I will be the fourth consecutive prime minister.
We ve had who was not come into Downing street. Having on a majority at an election, yet Gordon Brown, taking over from Tony Blair Data coming getting on a coalition in tourism? I Cameron, resigned and whoever replaces tourism. I- and this is a great british tradition. We have thirty two different prime minister since the great reformat of eighteen. Thirty, two of these I've come to power for the first time by winning a majority, not a general election, your site I'm getting in in a collar Rumsey Mcdonald on a coalition having one. This is when they came for the first time into office, remedy I dont came in in a coalition having not one the popular vote for the most so the rest, resignations assorted governmental, collapses into Nissan Party, back stabbing from stabbings and Julius Caesar. there are three hundred sixty degree pincushion and the very occasional club popping this is this: is our great democratic heritage? Free cause of our primary Percival was shot. He was. He was
these are things that was citing twelve. Yes, I know how exciting twelve? Yes, I twelve, I got ass far back. With a stand around right. Wasted I stood about our work in and out at the rise mushroom jobs. We get three facts here and the bugle, not one of them, having double check my working you so maybe a false fact, but its roughly a true fact, as in densely political journalist, tweeted, as tourism I made was about to approach what he poetically describes: the lectern of infinite crisis. That ship is going down. Our looking at the possible candidates for new prime Minister shit is also going to rise up and replace three It might well be a challenge for the choice of the least politically putrid candidate. It can be fished In order that the effort that the sort of attitude seems to be well
There are so many people who have proved themselves so competent and qualified and wonderful over the last three years. It's only fair that there are sixty four candidates. including Dominic Rob who pays me. Second favorite, having been oh Torricelli, incompetent as breaks secretaries, and they didn't m realise that one of our major ports was a significant yes, that the media reported study. We in Ireland that things you pick up this job extraordinary I'd, Sweden with other northern lights, wrote about giant lady birth mom. Would you pick up your breaks? It security. If you had a six year old child that it keeps arrogant, to get rid of it again for joy, and now you might be Prime Minister, our vote for you Lord at all. The angry ones, which is angry fag with a wig
when the angry party- which would you angry about this? Why don't you just go on Sunday girl. Would I love Why are you doing great what I should produce allowed? Thank you very much. I put the panel Boris Johnson car to halt favorite his popularity seems to be Creasy in direct proportion to how little he has been speaking in public evidence of the critical role of democracy in Asia in modern society and its five year, partly declared an ambition to be world. King, Secondly, should amend that he was jailed for life. I mean to be honest: it is actually crying out for the queen to dust off her also vote on that boat burning gulf, the arrows of design lawsuit by.
Victoria, might explain the nine children the cloud removing spare the cherry a fine. not leaped, exude get back to business, Lizzie, step up to the plate. There was an incident I came across on. I think it's sort of explains air. We ve got here. I was trying to France and I thought it was the end of last summer thought I'll go and the fairy as a foot passenger be lovely, but I dont really kite. He bore likes to abandon the old and you get to Dover and piano. I've got a little desk there that someone works in and you ve looked up your ticket and you just go outside book tat. We take it and I looked up and they give you a little token and then a bus comes round you get on this, you pass it takes around the pool and then onto the onto the boat. So half the people at this desk all die all week must be french, because it's just going backwards and forwards to France being the fairy as Dominic robbed. My oh, my learnt
There was a french couplet forbidden, streaming English, and so the woman said, Sir said the woman at the theatre, audacious civil, as if he be a better outcome, media tweezer, where it was and the women are swayed and change. The word is the piano woman at the piano desk at Dover. Port went out. Don't talk to me in French, more finches each that's the trouble with the left and of liberal we ve been for a pointless waste, which is the country with development. I'd really like this woman was summoned, really sweet, suddenly, the anvil rabies has a new Evans opening breaks. It is just a bit of self knowledge. I can't go with it We cannot do is probably best for Europe if we step to one side and allow you Otis
speak to each other in a strange occur, listen old! I wake up shut up you frogs! Don't you know, English is the lingua franca anyway do keep listening to deal exclusive coverage of Britain's ongoing descent into the inescapable clause of the incompetent maniacs they retrospectively cop cigarettes and democratic magic viruses, Collagen open wounds while slowly self immolation political system. This week we order was also shared out. She was the european elections. I wanna know the result until some liberal approach, then we catch us traffic for both the conservatives and and the the Labour Party and them we're went to devote my her that the local church hole where what is most, these things get used, and there was that there was up at my my daughter tell me what the hell we voted,
You set the glories of democracy before it is ripped from her. They chose to vote in european elections so that she can look back on funds lady is, and there were two two ballot boxes on the table, and she went up the folded ballot paper and said to them the guy at the desk, which one do you put them in issues does matter, but one of those guys shredder insight. Let me she would she put the vote and this guy had on his phone a shred of sound the sound of it. It was unquestionably the funniest thing I was seen happening Napoleon. most stunts immobile studies, funding provided offices Lula. We're gonna was spectacular in the night for democracy business evokes provide. Particular owning station. There are no votes, as I went berserk with it.
Lame throughout all. That's brilliant, I voted for the Revolutionary S. Club party is always tourism. My party just wrote. Please help on high ballot paper party. The majority of Tory Mps did not vote for conservative but we did still managed to get a nice but a thumb, tools and a phobia and buy a lot of EU citizens living in Britain who is eligible to vote were prevented from voting. due to a mere up there. That's each him again Lang our car some other time. We are not only afraid foreigners, but we also, logistically, incompetent, that's just because I live here. Gods are made up,
I understand it because when british people go living spying then the first thing they do is they just become a climate eyes did so saw so much part of the community speaking language so beautifully. You can hardly tell that their English at all, over sixty, never state those bodies. Twice the highlight of the the European Election campaign was the battle of freedom, Nigel ferociously pickled, Chile. In the high born of british politics, I mean yes, we do need to change the way we looked at me, What was that the way to do it and his battle with the milkshake, the famous a drink? an immortal words of callous. My milkshake keep till the shyster on the bus and he was. He was trapped on a boss by a milkshake wielding crowd, possibly what most glue
infantile Despiser political protest Great history, I should say, will be. We do not support the use of milkshakes as a weapon of political terror, sunny on dairy bake based milkshakes, which is so bad for the environment, of course, because the impact of dairy farming milkshake, not so much an issue same with effigies. We must express your political discuss, further tried and trusted medium of destroying effigy. Please don't burn it. Just make your effigy of natural materials, are daily recycled, unexpressed your anger by letting it slowly biodegradable should also accurately mirror the history of the tourism may government, This girl there was a glorious raised. One of the report's crowd quotes armed with milk What kind of pity civil war away of those not self Alice you in Australia? You also had Europe your election.
result and I will a surprise results. Got Marston. Mascot Morton came through unexpectedly to retain the coveted the coveted title over Prime Minister of Australia. Yes, strolling Archie Lefties, a tearing their hair in shock after election that the polls indicate it would be strongly. Labour leaning has instead come good for the liberals and the coalition to clarify you s, listeners for us in a strange. The liberals are sort of the conservatives except the because our voting is compulsory. Our politics tends to be a little bit more boring. So what we call conservative you probably consider centre right and what we call centre right is what you'd call left wing paying, for example, awful universal health care except the immigrants. We keep in detention in the UK. What you call public schools about, we call private schools and what you call
biscuits in America, we call bread roles in what we call biscuits. You call cookies and what we call pancakes. You call Craig somewhat. You call pancakes, we call flapjacks, but what the british call that benefit. Lapped acts the Estonians call measly bus wrought any countries divided by a common language, It is not good news for populist strong manning as the electorate voted out many of the high profile due to a most blatantly fluttering, their eyelashes at NEO Nazis, like debutantes with Jews in their eyes, Tony Abbot, Fraser, adding in Clive Palmer all lost their seats. Clive Palmer in his continuing quest to be an incoherently blustering supermarket home brand knock off of Donald Trump he's taking credit for the coalitions in in Queensland. Having spent sixty million dollars on mainly attack adds against labour if caught building. A couple of analysis, of the results- and this came from the chief economist at the Australia Institute- Think tank chuckled Doktor Richard Dennis,
oh summed up as follows: you said landlords back labour and their renters backs for the car, Elections are that the liberal Scott Martin at government so basically landlords voted to give their tenants free child can free healthcare while their tenants, I voted for the landlord to keep their tax concessions. This is essentially policing talk, homes syndrome is there some people really really upset about this. Then. Well, it was going on. I was at the australian podcasting awards. I did not win the australian podcasting awards, the winner was podcasting and not make just the corset the evening got increasingly depressed, as their results came in after an initial set of high whenever lost his seat, just it just a bunch of lefty Artie, slumping down in their seats and applauding with decreasing fervour people winning awards for categories, they didn't even know existed. the Labour party led by a bill, is now our now resigned of fighting Climate
change didn't seem a hit home with the electorate in the increasingly parched on fire. Encroaching desert. Most country that is ever more regular victim of extreme club incidents. What why do you think that was Alice? What we said it decided to stick with it political coalition, that's humiliated itself with blustering inviting because it promised economic stability rather than Choosing the Labour party that is equally embarrassing in fighting for commerce of greater action on climate change. I think mainly because we mind if the world burns down so long as we're rich at the end of its well at the beginning when the world and got floats right testify. Yes, been Schoolma is famous for presenting itself as a sort of a man of the people, while clearly not being a man of the people, has given rise to one of the greatest. All time means which has absolutely no apparent foundation, in fact, but then
Scott Morrison she'd himself and Anger Dean Mcdonald's in ninety? Ninety seven growth radically pop you have many Mozilla is there any any beyond those most might without far from a cross rule it consistently finishes is, is speeches by talking about his football team and that the is is really into a particular football team any either at the end of all its political speeches because year, but on that particular date and ninety ninety seven they lost Arabs. Presumably he shit himself enrage, there's a plug the anger, dynamic, I'm so sorry where was the secret of his popularity with with the electoral effectively his body works directly against the interests of, but maybe they can relate to a man who shot himself in winter.
on the other is the only reliable figures or change it. Ten years ago, fifty years ago it was just assumed. If you said you boasted about grabbing women's policy. That was the end of your career. It probably every twenty minutes trumped up something twenty years ago would have finished your career, Boris Johnson, everything he does. What a finnish lair nets fifty years ago, if you, wherever film, she did you tell him, I don't want that. Quivered male model shed Donalds and the appalling goes up she's, making a mistake by one boy even more within maybe I'm in this way this office will impact on the conservative leadership, PIG Adobe Observer, decaying of Germany Hump, saying yard I wiped my jam covered painted on the curtains of approaches to power,
I mean: isn't it a nice proof that areas are evolving to be more resilient, certainly other little rejuvenate the law? that such a debate or saved, I left the job on mine, so it would attract what is, I believe, a leader. I'm currently maintaining a functioning worthlessness did my balzac. Let me show you What of leadership that Britain needs? I did it when I was bus driver to have a study once took the one three. Grace straight through was was better, was my both that wasn't that the original version available on your collar eventually, unlike any grounds, is a really offered. As there was miss on mobile, subjecting fall NGO turned it down there,
showbiz news now and well. Tourism. I, of course, is not the only inexplicably long running saga that has failed and unsatisfactory ending was, at the same time threatening to of deeply unsavory spin offs game of firms as witted into the Davy Sunset and it seems a riled, its many fans by being a bit shit at the end blood life, I suppose, it ended after hours, each series would end with a plot that more holes in it than a millipedes trousers, that's audible. The loose ends like Albert Einstein, hairdresser, might as much sense as the last three years of global history, multiplied by the laws of Rugby Union and Allison the funds are not happy when even fiction is provoking mass protests, you know The planet is in serious trouble, it's a test, cool thing. After years and years of encouraging internet piracy, making dubious personal hygiene violence and walked sexual ethics locate school internet,
streaming sensation. Game of thrones is wrapped up its final season, its last fm. those courting controversy with a series of exciting twists, deaths and betrayals, which, despite literally a decade of prior, exciting twists, deaths and betrayals, has caused absolute. Uproar on the internet and the serious structural George George Martens books and people are pretty pissed and surprise that the last two episodes particularly aren't feminist enough, despite the original texts, can any over two hundred rights, including child rape, murder, rape, magic, ripen incest feels like too many right passages to be fun. Even infection, Andy. What a collective now an embarrassment of rape scenes though I am sure many of them are very narrative in IE, empowering or formative the character development. It is in a defensively feminist way down at me, please fitbit of Donald Donald Trump NEWS. Obviously, in battle with various serb forces,
ranged against him from in American around the world. He called his former, like fifty Rex, listen as dumb as a rock this week, while I'm in a actually keep very detailed information going by hundreds of millions of years was coming from an entirely familiar with, and it's one thing to be able to a spot someone who's as dumb as Iraq, but quite another thing to pick that person out give them one of the most important jobs in the world. Donald Trump basically went on strike refused to do to any any. What would you think the best thing we can hope for at this data has been when our plus I withdraw, he did not do any the following things. This week, I personally drown a puppy on that no tv be battle, the men from laughing, but see invite France DE your night of air force. One was flying over school for special needs: children, dry, hump, the Lincoln Monument Charter, a helicopter, airdrop rotting c, o clock, it is over the crowded, the minor League baseball game between the delete my hands in the Columbus clippers, while training
nobody's agro saying what, if a mexican or Muslim was doing that hashtag We could have been worse. It could have been worse with the figures cited all them up. but what we are really late October next week before the election, sport now and while the Gregoire got begins on thursday- and this makes me enormously excited particle, I'm going to a verdict number of Games and Maya other job and going through all of them, including when this too, on the site. I don't know why I mean if ever logistics allowed Mark than yes, I'm going to about two thirds. The gangs at the World CUP of similar statistics on the role of themselves of olive oil and coal. Incredibly, England actually have a genuine chance of winning
winning the cricket well cup. They are in fact favorites and well. I've been the best Saddam's international one day cricket since pretty much, and so I started covering it for the baby say so what you're all welcome? Yes, the Greek well Cut begins on they and ends, as all cricket matches, do either when one side chooses to rituals dissembled themselves, rather than continue. The game Owen plays interrupted by the heat death of the universe visit those who are tired of cricket attired of life. If you take the word life in that sentence to mean cricket the one I'm in your ear, nor for that far off whether there was a game nauseated or to nine famous timeless England play in South Africa, where believed to play games with no end Tom louts and five days for death might use, and they played for two weeks.
and then they called a drool because internet to catch the boat home and then a war broke out some when it was pretty close to what you ve just described at either, but wouldn't it be justs if the provisions, the heat death, the universe, ending the guy get home country would just be that their shame that he didn't have a witness, not let it spoke of the wonderful holidays, have medicines vague, three, Iran is worth noting that I do love cricket Andy, but I can create cricket and also objectively realise that its awful, like the cake that minorities to beg her birthday every would burn at every year. My favorite flavors in the world, but objectively her relatives throughout all went to sea. Could pursue, saw the first category the other day and alarmingly, a few things happened in the first hour and a half laughing. I would refer it like that and a cup
the years go knows it Canterbury. The thing that was the incident that sort of that said this is county cricket. There was about Ain t people they're, all of which were saw of signals. Even older than the average conservative membership, there was so old, most with acres. I've been there the previous year didn't realize winter coming gone was still there and that three the afternoon there was an announcement of the tunnel. We are reminded that these sponsors for today's game, whoever it was fun. That's good Now your clientele fighting me this much more on decree woke up on the unbelievable podcast funding for a b c
in Australia with third wonderful, felicity, ward and also the sweet without. If no was looking at the World CUP, excitingly mock the World CUP official song has been released before the tournament, where's in ninety. Ninety nine elastomers cricket woke up here. The cricket woke up son was released the day after England were knocked out. We suddenly learning from our mistakes, love to raise it by eleven. Some come out to going to be Prime Minister, while I'm in this further good news ring and I'm an obviously almost all sport is dictated by historical coincidence and I think they might have a much better average. It cricket world cups, when the previous general election has resulted in the victory of of female prime minister. Finally, nineteen, seventy nine after toward one the seventy nine election there, it's a semi and eighty three. There is the final nineteen, seven off the factual one, the idea
the election that its funding ninety tuna outward gone by then, but I haven't yet had they not you The two general actions at every turn. I've done one a Criswell cup, a woman has won the previous general election and since ninety ninety two old, elections up until the lawful and twenty something one by men in failing to qualify for semi final tat. This is the reason. Why is one positive legacy for this country? Where were you gonna device is too modest barrier anyway? Do you know to future bugles over the next few weeks. We will, I will no doubt, touch on the World CUP, given I will be spending most my waking hours watching it and at most my sleeping I was thinking about it and
the unbelievable unbelievable is available. Where have you got your broadcasts or on the ABC website? What that brings us to the end of this week's bugle, more francs per minute delight heavy one, as always interesting data unleash the full glory of your love ya, like other fetch, yes for the people in the new Alice's. If you can't say if you can't see anything nice, don't say anything yes. I think, that's that's something that another ethos of really follow through with inaccurate Alice idolize always to have you have you on the show? and he shows the plug. Yes,
My film show ethos is up all my patriot and I'm doing a show myth us in London on the tenth of July, the Museum of Comedy, though on the and just look it up on me and I'll, be there I'll be on the internet as a bugle lie, show at the underbelly. On the twenty second of June, featuring me, Nick and Alice, Montgomery, Tosh outlining come out. The order alert people know about let's go to Australia one day so room before comply. Ok, if you would like to fly markdale over My dad was a spare bedroom. I was recently staying in. So all the coming together. you can deal with him. Talking about you, you're eggs. Mark guys we're kid on, creates role to play
do out, as always in current bugles, some lies about a premium subscribers to jointly Beagle voluntary subscriptions game, go to be the website to be lapuc, Asta COM and click. The donate button choose one that will make up your own contribution, regular or one off, and if you choose one of the lie, including options. I will tell a lie about you on the shop and you will join some of the following people about whom I am about to build. Debbie swine thinks the word wealth is under used should be spread more widely to refer, not just a doggies firing. Puppies out of Adobe Tom TOMS, but also to the creative process of writing a novel, solving a seductive or providing an assist forego Michael Nicole Kelly and not concerned about the chinese government, spying on through technological snooping, They themselves installed what happened. The forbidden city went on holiday in Beijing in two thousand and four and the shared the information gleamed through through a series of
coded letters to the some newspaper, some alone only as far as proof that the real reason Teresa my resigned, is that someone has video evidence that she was in fact one of the nineteen eighties, all female American Rock band vixen and was replaced by redouble when she was elected as a local councillor in South London and ninety. Ninety six can Samuels is unimpressed by clouds, calling them fluffy time serving conventionalists which have not evolved or improved. In literally millions of years. Christian quota would love to see what batten toilets could do with real weapons. He reckons they would have been very useful in wars up to around the mid fifteenth century, but that is now probably to like to find out Stephen way has formulated in costed proposals to replace roads with zip boys which are amongst the most environmentally friendly forms of mass transit available. Whilst
Kosovo is not convinced that swans are all that and wonders why they don't use their long next more in combat and social situations reckoning they could hook their beaks around lampposts small flying high speed and use the centrifugal forced their way around a knock. The ice cream out of a child's hand. Turk robots would like to do away with maps on the World Underground Metro systems think it would help rebuild communities in disadvantaged areas if we just have to get out and see what was that It's what you might like by or invest in whom you might mate Roberto, TA. Many things. Postgraduate studies should be allocated to the people who most need it, not the people who most wanted. He says that the intellectually curious and gifted are still going to be curious and gifted, even if it hadn't been for years studying the mating rituals of ferrets or how capitalism colonies acne or the atoms exist. It's the people don't take an interest in learning about the world who would gain the most Luciano silver wonders whether popes genuinely float or whether they only stay on top of water, because their special Pope Catholics trap pockets of at whatever. At any rate, you ve never seen one think on this
bits of thinking it is a common irritation to male Harrison that the Titanic get so much more media attention than all the boats that never sank. Even once, and finally, Karen would give anything- and I mean anything, to see the queen play the trombone unexpectedly during this date, opening of parliament, just as I how the Mps will react and be how far her royal cheeks will pop out more lies next week. go to the Beagle Porthos, DOT, com and click. The donor