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Andy is joined by Alice and new Buglers Baratunde Thurston and Nato Green to look at US corruption, Ilhan Omar, San Francisco millionaires and a mountain climbing dog.

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Hello, buglers, unwelcome to issue full thousand one hundred and one of the bugle recorded, live in the fund shows of the? U s I tore in San Francisco and LOS Angeles was joined us ever on the magic video screened by the magnificent Alice Fraser freshly d him wait to Australia and now reporting from tomorrow afternoon, West Coast of America time, and that was also joined by too bright. New CO hosts in person a hello. This to our New Zealand Beavers after Fridays, atrocity in Cross judge and indeed to all beauty who are members of these sentient human rights, which has been produced and brutalized yet again by the putrid virus of terrorism. We recorded day shows before that tragedy had occurred and the San Francisco show from which most of us
weeks podcast comes was also recorded before the lightest in the classic series of filed government attempts to force humbly bricks camel through the cataract, riddled eye of the flask scratchy needle of british politics. That sentence took as much of a battering is all democracy has in recent times there will be a full breaks. It update in next week show don't forget if you would like to support the newly re, independent Ized Bugle and help us continue and be footloose loosen advert free click. The dough night button on the bugle website and choose one of the monthly contribution options or my your own monthly voluntary subscription amount does also. Option to make a one off payment to and, of course, the auction not to contribute and to shout absurdities at the moon. Instead, all your support for the show financial or the wisest ecstatically gratefully received. Many thanks to those who have already contributed to the new voluntary subscriptions game and helped sadness. on the path to a long term, sustainable, independent future, but the world only
reliable source of a hundred and twelve percent verifiable bullshit coming up later tells of snap satirist for high abreks, its special run, twenty six through the twenty eighth of March in London, but first on with this week's podcast it was taken for last Tuesday live shorter dynasty, typewriter and LOS Angeles whereby returned a first and beagle debut and the show it cubs when club in San Francisco on Monday, the eleventh of March, where I was by Alice Alice, was joined by some impressively vocal bird life in Sydney and we were both joined by another first time. Bugle co host, I will be introduced in the following that. Noise is secondary from the sorry some live worldwide,
the Bugle Audio newspaper. A visual work to have these Borneo welcome. Welcome, welcome to them how we all accidents extra money. Scooper is very good to hear. I welcome the sports. Clubs was a very famous saying in showbiz. You they played is then you twice in your career once in a while once and lie down,
This is my fourth Giggle Cobb's, because my career has pull So this is this is the logical with these lie from cubs going to live in San Francisco, doubling up as at least part of it, you four thousand one hundred and one. Of the world's leading only on possibly best audio newspaper for a visual world. Do Britain this will them under did you did you vote in the referendum? Yes how did you do the very Romania vote. Women always all of the EU is well and he says, wonderful was one of the great political experiments in human history, several peace and prosperity in harmony to largely divided continent. Of its history, and I think this is one of the things but for Britain. So if a Europe for Britain, disciple of Europe, is good, the future. Without my kids becomes you there dropping not said on a british political comedian right
he's. Gonna. Give me six decades of material saw voted leave, but how we voted. Politics gonna of yourself only love the model must in seventeen o two, the first daily Newspaper was pub, the daily current. And the the editor who was a woman, Elizabeth Elizabeth, managed, They were, under my hope, persona Oda. As something that change is. She said as the author, will not take it upon himself to give any comments or conjectures of his own, but we're we're late only two matters of fact. He will suppose other people to have sense enough to make reflections for themselves. So how, going for the media of the word charmingly naive back in back in seventy, no do let's compared with today's, maybe just with bright bartered everybody bright bar
I miss misjudged this guy, some sensational articles, gonna bribery today front fastened this one. If I'm not allowed to scream Europe in Bitch baby and a shopping mall, just because it might we see mile then guy, people should not be allowed to buy cars. Classic out rights. What as the mainstream media keep lying to us about spiders having legs. None of the ones in my collection do anymore the classic outlawing article of immigrant women and wild lifers. Grace the snowflakes stay outcome: American White Male human man. Neil Armstrong was the first thing on the moon. Gonna be all right, so are also tomorrow very exciting day. Tomorrow is world day against cyber censorship, so we will need to be completely free.
I have you won't be able to do what they want on the internet and to that end, I've hacked into your personal data. Using my internet. Freedom felt a sense of myself, and I found some interesting information about you and in Facebook to help out because they know basically everything about us? there's a woman sitting in about the eight throwback, whose terrified of all gardeners thinks they should be looked at a man sitting over there. Things Elvis faked his own death, but then died next day trying to launch a new career as a human cannonball. Someone in this room spend thirty five hours last weekend trying to create a forty potato starch. Francisco? Why not Ninety seven percent of you in this room prefer beagles to the syrian crisis. Right with you. There not not my thing, even the serious crisis who Three percent, and also there is one person in this room who has recurring dream in which a bison, becomes, president of the USA, Deaf
it's all over the oval office and then try. Have sex with a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt. I'm not wakes up thinking, I've really weird dream of the country was starting to get back on track now, as always San Francisco, some sections of the bugle going were going in the Bay male going in the Bin innovating. This week we have a California sections into here in California Golden State. Do you friends, that's gonna! Fournier is needed not from California other than the Brits way where you come from Maryland well, no one and one which is better.
Marilla! Isn't that right? Well, let me tell you that some some states of the usa- don't you tonight California about much. If, for example, was Poland seems to think that the threats of immigration is from you, people, California, is home to one nights of all Americans. But the question is always: what have we better things home to one eighth of each American it's the eleventh, most densely populated states in the Eu S New Jersey is top, Gotta be gotta, something California clocking in two hundred and forty people per square Mile way behind you judge you gonna, take not lying down,
But let me be the best way to catch up. Let's compared with Bangladesh back without guy was a very, very crowded view, so proud of you have to seal off, from my old new people coming in Bangladesh, two thousand eight hundred and sixty four people per square mile. in Bangladesh. It is true. Both times more crowded in California, but still the ones that need the wool early. I do have a quick suggestions on how to deal with the issue of massive overpopulation in America. amending have to build a wall or something I don't think you need the wool over them and I think the solution to the immigration problem in America is quite simple use, middle been absolutely enormous. This is gonna work
Google is how are you when you're in Australia to o eight p m? But very importantly, I just flew in yesterday. So in my head is still three o clock in the morning. Hauser, almost Roy, you had an argument today with the men online. You did not believe that Australia was real, was the evil straw you wouldn't know, even if I use online, so we could have been anywhere but wary was. It is saying that every Estonian you ever made is an act of pretending to be austrian and every piece of footage you see. Almost failure is, as vague. Does the moon Landings
I don't know if you're gonna, try to argue with someone that you exist right. Welcome, welcome hours to a new timezone is very exciting. We have a brand new Buell CO host. It merits my first, Various rock welcomes this guy has a lot to enjoy these people, the first words which it was ridiculous music and I was really really want. It is good to be here at the dignity typewritten. This is the last gig of this tool and which is the thirteenth gig. We ve done in fifteen days in twelve different cities, so Barton is very much the show
who espresso to fatigued brightens? I say that because it is now time for all other co host, Did I hear from this very cities from San Francisco and you're gonna give you chose a guess who it is so he's named after two organizations, movements or concepts that your presence, Donald Trump really does not like. So multiple choice. Can you guess, which is the correct name is: is his name? dignity, foreigner, option, B, Democrats, feminism bright, come great comic, sadly, nor this gig easy options: z, independent judiciary? No, are you option d say at an immigrant children not in cages?
Maybe it's Iraq's night, all green. What's your let's find out the correct answer: is welcome rubbing shoulders with massive picture view. This is a welcome Niger welcomes it welcomes the bugle. Thank you very much. let it be here: I've got for for you as a as a british person in America, is at this moment in history. Could you just talk is through like how it feels to
your formerly important world power. What just like, I know it gonna win you onto a year eyes we're we're looking at you is about. You, don't know that England didn't get feelings in democracy and he has some failings. We really don't want to have right prior to that, if a british person had feeling if you just started Nokia more, but you know how to how do you just cope with like watching your world relevance collapse like a supply of helstone right, how much research did you do for that Souffle, the house? Well ominous, it's gonna sit the key thing night and you don't have to do this as Americans, as you watch yourself decline, is a global power. unless of course I mean I will touch on environmentally but later on, but there is some logic in your president's attitude towards the environment of genetic celebrates the end of the world
because the rules- murder, still the world's top ranking past, was biggest economy. Are the rules of the game are, if you all winning when the world old ends? Then you the overall winner of the guy, the key the key night? What you have to do, as a declining imperial power we need to do, is invent export sports and then allow other countries that you ve taught these ports due to beat you and hope so do as an apology for borderline genocide has wasted the closest we ve ever the closer we gotta go to apologizing for some of the glittering. it's over our imperial phase, teaching countries cricket and then losing to the humiliating you do you think poetry swam will suffice Should we not? Nato is also jewish shalom
so do we Have you done with a to g strategy for this two and a half years he's gotta she's the Ishmael Caesar. What your pop see fifty percent Buddhist fifty percent jewish. Fifty percent Catholic. I think he's all right. Ellie- I don't normally feel particularly jewish and I'm in a taxi and the taxi drivers does talking about the Jews, and I get very educational bear frequently Did you know you lose one point earlier star raging for every program you list with cardinal bedroom? It I'm a very lots to night. What, where would you put, is overlooked
percentage lapses. I would say that I'm not practising because I have mastery. Rather, I am practising, is parameter. I'm second generation elapsed and, as you know, Jewishness comes out through the mother and Lapse Ignace through the Father, Cancel each other out as a lot sooner sadness through the anus, as I shall always families Nor is this and top story. This week we have Naughty America news about, and how do you say Merrick is doing is a nation right now: men, men, men, is our rating right right, We're work were pulling up the ok, we're pull. Have we been lower roach, ironically
right. A third of the audience I feel in the blue wave is also a big story that was revealed over the past week with high degree of official corruption. Surprise, surprise in the current President administration, as a group known as the centre for responsibility and ethics in wash You would hold that that's Congress, but it turns out we privatized ethics. So did you say that We have a sense of ethics and for what possibility and ethics in Washington grew rise on? Unless I mean that's purely hypothetical, three, the centre for american unicorns for all of us? they have a a new study documenting the levels of conflict of interest in the Trump White House, and it's achieved one thousand four hundred official conflicts according to them
president drop, which try to use the presidency to enrich himself by promoting as businesses as extensions of administration, including conducting government business. praising them in his official capacity it even going so far as to offer exclusive perks the members of its clubs, including access to government leaders info What's on government businesses and in some cases, appointments to government positions, they say the conflict of interests. This president has caused are nothing short of an ethical catastrophe. Because is fine with me, there are so many conflicts of interests. It's almost like. There are no conflict of interest at all the council themselves, like he can't keep track of the mechanical people by the right name you just vaguely feels like yours. Everyone, a favor right right, I am in full boy.
The fury of late about the attacks on congresswoman you'll, have Omar more? This is the democratic Can someone from Minneapolis she's a a sum Ali born in Somalia and a Muslim, and she has been accused of using just a medic robes. First of all, I have to say to you today and I am a card carrying Socialist American. Do so, if you're a rabbit you are about to be put down so the like. I don't arguments, I don't understand what the complaint is about. Johannaeum argues queues of using anti semitic troves the troll, specifically, where is she how did that there wasn't Israel lobby that gives money to politicians. I guess the application is arguably its anti semitic to suggest to forget the Jew.
These are cheap and we wouldn't give money to politicians Willy nilly or perhaps that politicians wouldn't like Jews unless we pay them. So I dare say that's where the other, so it doesn't lives exactly also like troops, The complaint is that it we're talking about robes. Is there you think, possibly more jewish than complaining about someone using literate criticism. It's like out of a Woody Allen. Film, like I left class it and why you- and I was sitting in a cafe in Greenwich Village reading- radar reminded me of how would you don't like me so who unless forget the horrific trope massacres when my family in the Ukraine was slaughtered by a band of trope wielding cossacks, Jews are very concerned about tribes were also concerned. About allusion, metaphor, simile liberation. We ve been harassed, oppress, persecuted, exploited almost like it's like being attacked by a dinosaur like disorders,
why cannot we shall do so in the argument? Is that like she's, a Somalia, so that the other trope is dual dual loyalty that she suggested that people were being? all the parties to be the Jew? work, dual loyal to the: U S into Israel and first Does it bother me because I'm not even singly oil? I hit my own country, I every other one. Other country like I'm, not even involved in any of it. The dual loyalty trope Korean Atlantic goes back the applicant palaces emanating thirty's. So the argument is that anti semites appropriated amply Catholicism in ninety. Three in the protocols, the elders design when they wrote it in Russian and then In turn was re appropriated. Now to use against Muslim? It's very confusing about how and the ant just just unimagined the scenario like Ill Hon Omar is a muslim Somalia,
refugee, in in a refugee camp in Kenya, in the nineties, when she's TAN she comes across, ass, a copy, the protocols, the eldest design and rushed in red? It retains a and then brings it back decades later. It is as if, like you, met someone who had never heard of the idea of gay people and they use the word faggot to refer to a bundle of sticks, and you like. No, you can't say that, because you just reminded me that I'm a big european like so at- and I feel like that, just a bit the criticisms of ill who know more like like our dreams, single Hamley, demolishing the stereotype, the Jews or smart, because, like
That's all. We had like we're not attractive physically strong, suddenly, for yourself, nice at least more smart and they're, taking that away from us and their actual anti semite, their actual jus haters, like Charlottesville, that I'm that I'm worried about like these guys. This is what this is picture from Charlottesville? You see them out there, all wearing khakis they went from round, starts to brown slacks, I think you can safely say that Nazism is dissenting. Historical sense is moving from the torso to the trousers leg area and at another generation their children will be not just wearing a round loafer, and then it will be done with he's an olive histories, run more generous there, and these people like they're, not full on Nazis. They just sort of evoke the sense of nazis like just enough to give you the idea, almost like a bill. Give you like that. Just that just stop all of it.
you stop, or am I stood, which one is it? How much was the pronounced? Now now you re, I lie that's who apparently show how how many Nazi based ponds has the show? How will it if you listen to it forwards backwards right, so I think I must fries does not favour nine and sought so some people like- and they are not even in the White House. Somebody like tromp is an actual jus hater. Some people, like no trunk capua, do hate or cause his daughter, converted, Judaism, but tromp. Clearly hating people any wouldn't be. The first president paid somebody wanted to have sex with just Ass, Thomas Jefferson, so this to be honest,
there's nobody Enough Thomas Jefferson, shagging his slave jobs or this shell, and all that. Thank you. I was worried that I've been divided grab and, like you you can say anything bad about Jews. You talk about the israeli government, specifically the israeli military in the israeli parliament. Hating up Branch of government is not a form of bigotry eurozone like you were allowed to hate the legislative grant. You know like the state legislature, the state of Tennessee, just passed, a fetal harpy bill that would ban aborted after the detection of a harpy and, if I don't agree with that. You couldn't call me Tennessee as yourself. And you know that the Prime Minister of Israel, Baby Netanyahu, is like in coalition now with fascist parties. Bebe Netanyahu is friends, call a baby and which is short for full bowser, as in Europe. Hoboes you're, followed orchards and babies with bullets
that israeli army, that is the most charming sentence, involving the words bomb babies with bullets ever and I just I'm I'm so excited by ill, who know more, like I think, she's trumps worst nightmare like can you imagine it like his I've? I think the whole world. Should be run by lack. So for muslim women like it seems like anything that would make the victory kill him. I am, and I just love the thought of it, so I'm ready for now in other each time the whole government, just in order to piss off someone you dont like, can you
Oh, are you guys just did hang on. Let me interrupt myself right there and tell you all about the forthcoming very for coming. In fact, satirist were high, bred sit Blindfold, Clifford Specials, taking place at so Jose on the twenty six twenty seven and twenty eight of March of the well now formally scheduled twenty ninth of March Independence Day or maybe reschedule fallen anyway, but who knows literally no one now, as you may have heard, it does look like breaks, it is being delayed which, depending on which? No, The paper or media outlets you read, and all rifle and I'll call the deal living soul of a breakfast every morning is either patently sensible thing to do. Given the absolute indigestible multiply. Vomited re eaten invented again pigs breakfast that has been made of the entire that's all. It is a betrayal of everything. Britain, as Emma held there or more accurately, of a trial of everything Britain is I've, pretended to hold it anyway. These out,
for harsh out we'll go out anyway, while Britain's bends just a little more time, considering whether to betrays democracy by ignoring the result of the referendum arbitrates democracy by ploughing through with the result of a flawed ill conceived and ill defined referendum, whose full implications will believe and rate about and well over. Well many affect people who want able to vote in it. A truly appetising british democratic choice do submit your email request for topics to be sacrificed to the usual satirist for higher addressed satirizes this at satirist for higher dot com. Given the circumstances I'm willing to it non breaks it issues as well or just unilaterally launch breaks it in the showing you. I cannot do that. Nothing is certain anymore tickets on the soviet website, twenty six, twenty seven and twenty eight march. Please do submit emails even if you're, not
coming to the shows. Also there are people live, shows coming up bug in Glasgow this Tuesday, the nineteenth of March. I believe that one is sold out Edinburgh on the twenty them out. There are some tickets left in that and bright, and on the twelfth of April I made previously told you this was on the thirteenth of April. This was alive anyway. It is the twelve April back to De La shows of the american tool and his more highlights from San Francisco with NATO Green San Francisco Newsnight. Are you you're, a native of the city? You lived here most evil eye how's San Francisco doing as a city real bad, bad everybody, so I dont have you saw this news recently, but separatist goes about to have a bunch of tech related initial public offerings. I think your times headlines as millionaires about to eat San Francisco alive does, who pinterest lift square posts mates? about to do I videos and that will lead to a bunch of cash for
millionaires. I think Pinterest is like a perfect example. What's happening? Is that the bitterest it are used to be a neighborhood insurances, recalled the design district. There's a place called the design centre, Will you go and meet artisans and by like custom, made facets and rugs and four interior decorating, and now that's where the Pinterest headquarters is to have just pictures of those Is that used to be there? That seems peak twenty nineteen demand, so the like separatists, about to get so rich, Soon, we're gonna have millionaires shooting on the sidewalk. Gotta have a dream. The straits of San Francisco will be paved with golden sheets, so The lot of people try there try to figure out like how we get so much homelessness. It is what happens you haven't. I beseech you, make a bunch of millionaires and then they take me most homes and then they become homeless. That's that's how it works, and so it
and it's like it's weird reading about the ip or parties that was new to make us it's all. These, like people have their their favorite like United States. They hire people you're supposed to believe it's always going gonna, be a capable fiscal steward of accompanies business vision that their willing to spend pay. It will do spent fourteen hours a day making I sculptures. the TAJ Mahal for their ip old, hearty idea, We can't have better welfare benefits for homeless because they might use it on drugs. At least you can use drugs like it. I thought this was. This is one of the fascinating data of this story that you this, but as onto those other, I scalps into the full size ice car I mean come internal combustion engines. An ice doesn't seem like America made an haven't logo carved into ice Rockets ice Cube a company logo on each other's ten foot tall In hall swimming pool?
where you would want the time be. Obviously it must have looks amazing before melted away, like an ethical concerns, a board meeting. What do you think when you are with you or the person whose commission is anyone here ever Commission attend for ICE Taj, Mahal, or indeed any other boldly? Not just the TAJ Mahal went by this is that this was built to commemorates indian kings. Dead dead were so fast What kind of message is this brilliant, sending to his current alive wife, stop being so called old in the bedroom I mean what do you think when you are in your son? pull your massive house having spent ten million dollars on launched party visibility. What I call look in your eyes, Torres Mahal what you mean? What do you think you think this is what I've always dreamed of what
book so hard for over the years to have an ice, TAJ, Mahal and a swimming pool, that's what I dreamt. I was a kid: do you think what the fuck have I? But do you think is capitalism really trying its very very best to improve this planet. Do you think I love replicas of people's drives. Maybe next year's ip I'm getting arms. He barrels grave might have chocolate, or do you think? I wonder if ten foot was big enough for my eyes, TAJ Mahal, I, for one welcome these as a beautiful piece of sight, specific performance out on the dangers of inflation. I'm in San Francisco is already a home to the kind of overwhelmingly meaningless money that made Miami surreal, ought Deco Disneyland on the back of the illegal cocaine smuggling, and this is very much
This kind of drug dealing just thinks public. These public market launch will pull so much money into the Bay area that soon you'll be we'll borrowing hundred dollar bills into a coffee shop before even a moderately, pretentious millennial lifestyle and it's a good move, and I the wealthier, provides new opportunities for AB stricken swimwear. You clad yours groupies. Instead of old money, old men in polar next telling you about mergers in an environment of jocular racism, you get tat the exciting experience of hearing about Bitcoin and the statistical significance of racing IQ test breakdowns from young men in hollow carrying Andy. I love the hype, a wealthy and am happy to do. Corporate gigs for any number of technology is war. You hire, removed ours is right: they are at their therein bit so much of what their inventing now is useless. It's like it's like you
have you saw recently last several months. We have these these fires, I'll fires. before you were now, is it I've a new thing to be afraid of a fire cyclones? We're fire goes too hundred miles an hour. Does like hey Jack people. Could you invent something to stop the fireside clown like we're busy inventing shoes and pursue what are you doing the wrong thing? Take the ipcc, climber report says we have twelve years to reduce carbon emissions, are civilization will collapse, but you may be met. Somebody will set the carbon out of the sky, Now we're really focus on inventing over protuberance like if you don't have over, you can see who around you has over and they get them to call you in over that first and then the climate I've been with them in terms of the property there is a slight ministers got the route problem with it. probably all around the world ass well, ass, they lay all demonstrate, is through a quick sociological experiment who likes.
Having some way to live guys a captive market Capitalism is all over the the excess or tax s. If you will around US it always was a hundred and twenty billion dollars on what the Philadelphia fillies a Pang, Bryce Harper, on his recently on contract, you can hire Bryce Harbour with the war over is worth for four thousand two hundred and twenty seven m l B seasons plus the first. forty four games of the- four thousand seven hundred and twenty eight since of his contract and the first two innings of game. Forty five affects all of us now awaits point. He will down tools and join the Mets inventions where the Phillies vans haven't. Given him so much grief for the last four thousand, seven hundred into seasons of his contract risk, giving.
our country that long spoiler, the Mets could be contenders in these six thousand seminal it. Some. Haven't you think him didn't we? economic priorities, sloppy Romas species later right, good, simple answer that I'm anything the choices that are being made not just in San Francisco in America, but all around the world gets India Allurement, basically, just the choices that global capitalism, This may also its light. When you meet him. A naked man and you give him a thousand dollars to go when small himself up, we will be there. And it goes away with a thousand dollars and he spends you spend thirty dollars on call a nice tie. Smart, I weddings bombing was stopping these works, I nine hundred and seventy dollars on an absolutely incredible hacker
I'm sure it is a truly truly sensational- is one of the grey hair cut you ve ever seen is perfectly possible time, but those some conversationally, distracting testicles above explained economic inequality and exists. So we're supposed to believe The system is rational and this rewards like the best and the brightest, but what it is like everyone acts like the trauma, that these ideas are going to cause to the city is just inevitable unnatural. It's like we're going a bunch of young men get very rich on companies that don't you the profit and then make bad decisions and destroyed entire city. But boys will be boys like what kind of public policy Thank you. Six people will have pitch
the exit. Instead, we are close to Russia's hill. We can get them from here. Paypal is the title of my forthcoming showbiz autobiography. Homelessness is we're, amicably, side, effects of humanism, bizarre city, four thousand he's very easily your face, all the time, the homelessness and nothing else. More than half a million homeless in the USA, too a thousand uncharted homeless. maybe if only there was some solution of Need twelve million unoccupied homes in the USA, or the nineteen trillion dollar GDP of the USA, or the Six hundred and fifty billion dollars spent every year in the defence budget. all the four hundred and fifty billion dollars a year loss through tax evasion.
Or the one million dollars it ankles Donald Trump, to go to his moral logo Florida wink at if, if only there was some kind of solution, but there is Others had news Barton Day. Well done a list. Untended Donald Trump Muriel, Grates leader and grew in Europe's Virgil touch them here in are placeholder here and why dealings with the boss of Apple, so last week, in a meaningless government me, being about creating jobs and excuses for inaction. The president referred to the ceo of Apple, as TIM, rather than his real name TIM got subsequent.
This is the president in a private fundraiser with members of the republican National Common Comment Committee denied this took place and aimed at all one fake news and said he just said cook really quietly when he really set TIM Cook from Apple, but you couldn't hear the cook or the from part because our fake news was lying on him once again, I must get so bored whole. These lies told against yeah. Maybe we should go back to the basics of how names emerge. This is how certain areas, is your. Would you do yeah? That's right. Your last name is your job. If you're lasting was Baker you're baked it realized, it was you Are we learn of learning, but these are true back. My last name is alive,
My grandfather was a check to recalled adult freedom Burg and he went to England and made bull bearings for the hour. I s and they were like. We don't like sunny invoices delay and that of the changed it and repeated Fraser, not funny just a factor that is both personal. fact only show. I wish you should know that major news. I wish you all. Do you think that we should skip this now because other modes of transport? We do this and perhaps the moral worth. If anyone has to leave off
I want to. I once thought that I opportunity and a slot John Oliver, all over again. So I tell a story, then tell a story about a dog, I don't give a friend of among mountaineering, expedition and tagged along with the managed to scale at twenty three thousand foot Himalayan PIG, thereby really wellbeing in how what they thought. It was a great test of insurance and human courage was literally a walk in the park,
there's an American Geico, Dunwood Gorsky Lady, a groove mountaineers from the Katmandu based Summit Club when they were joined, but by this enthusiastic puppy, and he just didn't leave for days and days and in fact, bake them to the top of the mountain Islam's government. Bicycle cap bamboo maybe that's you guys all you're getting do you have a half written pond rum about? listing you the most populated american states, latin quoits, I'm Goin finished it and of Oregon on too long. They should go Nevada. That's the main thing
So what are you going to cut it off the whole load? More I've gotta stop very Delaware. That comes to sympathise with the agreement of this kind of thing. That kind of our concern to see is a guy drinking a gnp down, and it's like you want to check it out anybody he hasn't sofa he didn't want her way. Virginia. When was the time you gotta Andy's. Definitely suddenly. definitely time to go to Bed right, well you gonna link up with the audience or to that end I gotta connect your career,
some people are laughing. Some people are wondering. The reason for this is the real nature of hot. Why? I guess it asked, maybe, as it concerns our sun, whether women ought to carry on with this Alaska. So thanks. got it. You do he was who asked the fancy was again. You talk there. You go. That is your beautiful this week. Enormous thanks to everyone who came to the bugle live shows in the USA. Are they were fantastic fun to do, and I have learned a lot about Powerpoint. Hopefully we would back in the not too distant future and special thanks to Allison her consistent Brill
and set truly ungodly hours of the morning in London for most of the torn and lastly, that's what more godly out of the afternoon in Australia about without having yet declamatory to the different time of die. So still feeling like it was a truly ungodly hour of the morning. She was frankly heroic. If you are in Australia, do go to see her showed before coming Melvin International Comedy Festival and elsewhere thereafter, details on her website and if you ve been joined, NATO Unbar today, there's plenty more of them on the internet as well. Do let them up and don't forget to come to those sectors for high shows at so how twenty six to twenty? Eight march breaks it or no budget yet or no breaks it ever or emergency compromise trial. Eight minute break it to see how things go: a male, two satirizes, etc for higher, don't go until next week, Google's