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Britain leaves the EU, no one is leaving China and your internet history is heading there.

Andy is with Alice and James Nokise.

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Don't forget to listen to the last post told I am delighted that it is a daily stay put caused how there is ultimately, this Alice phases host. They satirical needs put cast, and she tells you that all the news that's happening over there. This is a great getaway eyes, in my view, only a newspaper, a visual work buglers and welcome to the final bugle ever to be recorded in Britain. That is still part of the European Union. We are according on what is convention known as, firstly, the thirtieth January, twenty twenty nine in Britain as new brick, selenium Eve is tomorrow at eleven p M human British on the brakes will strike bricks and it will become the first opportunity abreks thousands of refugee rugs were not just the Abreks one, you all school, because Britain is not beginning now. What is happening is that Britain is merely revealing and immutable reality, a bridge with returning workings of what it always was. Hundreds thousands millions billions of years ago, a land of purist, wretchedness humbly lived where, within a poem by the ancient tribe of the breakaway vantage, you ve killed the soil with a thick bricks. It wisdom, it's happening, people it is, it is happening. This is no way around it and joining me.
To discuss this appropriate enough- the people who have absolutely no business being in this country anymore from New Zealand. James no case I welcome what they were more actions in that opening and import also for the southern hemisphere. Alice Fraser bring me my resolved. Is I'm back I'm here alone, What what are you are you both excited about spout being if this, this historic moment. Who is nothing will happen and nothing much will change problems like fundamental one sided deep smugness on the other, I know it's as it as a colonial from the colleagues So it's fun to watch you burn
that makes it go. It was ages ago. I was so excited. I found out that breaks. It was gonna actually happen, and then I realized that what it did not mean was that people would shut cup of help her like a if the, if I would be so happy for breaks it to happen, if it meant that I never had to make another joke about breaks it. That would be That's how easily I would be sold on the idea of your character, country goes to the dogs to find different people. Australia at the people in Australia excited about breaks it because people in New Zealand, like there's some people who are not yet we ve, won bricks. This happens, let you have no scan and what are you talking about our yet I mean it's like the people in leads. You have real strong opinions about the Bush fires in Australia. Everyone seems to feel like they ve got. I mean egg, I guess we might get to come over more what possibilities are living with when New Zealand in particular is essentially that has been out,
tube experiments. Essential information is essentially as true idea, graphically roughly the same female mountain. He whom I don't worry, that there are people in Britain who generally believed that trade deals with New Zealand. Gonna replied the european whole. I'm I hate to break it to the british listeners, but the New Zealand economy is saving anyone. Roy Jaynes Cameron lives dead. So maybe he, if you do trade deals with James Camera, rightly Anteater Jackson, yellow and might be able to tell you. I think that the way forward really are more will win. The show has an officially started yet Bowman. I think we're gonna beat truck trading with high, at wealth. Individuals is on the right, I'm with again
Obviously I am one as I said, this is the last of the old calendar. History, of course, will be all rendered irrelevant after after its more compared with the history that is about to unfold before us, like the used handkerchief of tuberculosis. Nicotine attics Botz lesson that, back to this day in history on this day in sixteen sixty one of a Cromwell was executed, nothing unusual other than the fact that he'd already been executed by the grim reaper more than two years previously grimly Freckles House judge what Thou appeals process he was posthumously executed and locked up and nothing sent round. The country too.
yeah. Then they play football with his head and then, as I will readily his head was buried in my college at the university I went to, and then they tried to sell the head back to his family and they thought it was a fake, but then someone did a phd on it and it turned out. It was his head gray and I had a friend do was irish later you just the plot of a dumper exhibit a bit where my friend, who was irish, used to go around the college and pain corners, hoping that everything on commerce head, because they wouldn't say where it was bare all right. No as part of an official targets than he could say, with a sort of ninety percent certainty that he had piston crumbles head peace. They do that, can we basis the reason that's. Cromer was executed posthumously. Only thirty four generous was on the thirty four general. Sixteen forty nine chow the first king of England
was executed well, a multiple excretion simultaneously by the grim, reaper parliaments and anonymous execution, whose name we do not know, as is often the case with anonymous people, but latest historical research suggests that a fatal blow could have been the first. instance of the use of the team mascot What Cromwell is aware of its Minorca bumps. Could we not only physically divisive Charles, the first Charlie chopped up himself to a frankly irreparable degree, but also for the tree as a whole to crumble, decided to try to make it even appealed to kids, Neutral Sun King occasion, sceptics by having the executioner dress. a funny costume? Hence alpha actual apple wielding salamander have big goofy. I suppose much needed levity and crowd work to what might otherwise have been somewhat gruesome occasion, other sir, was the Muscat genre established with the light on what have become the classic troops of Musketeers said the world over getting different parts. A crowd on Y. All that Sir
called winters morning to see who could do the LAO? Cheer than some slapstick deliberate misses the axe, some forgetting to use his axe and using a joint carrots instead and then, when the final blow was struck, lifting up not the seven head of the king, but a pumpkin then pens my horses head, then around also receives skull before. Finally lifting up a king, Charles is no gun, whilst chicken stealing the crowd and talking it in his oversized trouser pockets before waving it, I'm kidding, of course, to the now uproariously. the crowd and foreign commemorative items of clothing into the crowd from Dublin. Canada. Certainly, diffused attention and set a grand tradition But when I hear that about Roma does all the negative stuff, is it worth banning Christmas in the soft changes? upon their reverberated somewhat to this day I think an x you anyone for breakfast and then and then Playfellow if they had been measured. Definitely yes, footwear. it actually happens in reality Agus winter.
Of chain. Greater conservative party has sort of a tradition of doing strange things with heads celebration. Bowl admin up. Absolutely I'm asking if you promise is gonna pick, does work ass well do it alone and where the other day, in terms of breaks it and figuring out, these trade deals think when a giant thing that- and I dont know how factual this is there. Anyone in news article, so we know how reliable those can be, but that Britain, basically the only thing it provides enough to sustain its own population- is peace and I really peas and whisky, but whisky, Scotland, that we know there on the way out also just just Pinkerton, please forgery from bills. may marches on its stomach and pays look. You can you confirm those? Actually, it forms a kind of rolling conveyor belt, so tat if you lay them outright I mean again, I'm probably line on writing off a new source of its own,
the sledge were living on this day in eighteen, twenty Edward Brands failed site Trinity Peninsula and claims the discovery of Antarctica. Which is less impressive than it sounds because of course it was much much bigger than an easy to spot, who some claim that serve Brownsville was the first to see Antarctica. Other site was a russian exploration. Celeb Fabian got leave on buildings, housing, apparently aspired to great big Icy boasted a couple days before Brownsville. Let them do we trust those Russians, cheek momentum, like? Most of you have the whole continent two hundred years ago, as always some sections of the Beagle going straight in the Bin this week. It will travel gods, a Europe that is just an no longer needed in the bed and Are you a reincarnated, Pharaoh special supplement this week to help you work out whether or not you are a reincarnated Pharaoh answer these questions? Are you good at hide and seek, and I mean very, very, very good, a heightened sake. Then, yes could be a fairer,
question too, when a beloved child had pet died, did you a very solemnly in the garden bait chuck it in the Bin, see cook and eat it day built right, mausoleum or aid instead entire five? Fifty No eight. You could be a fairer Two. Story this week. Well, we ve done some of the top story this week, a break seats here in Britain. We are about to go through a psychological millstone, milestone that much of what has happened judgment on which are those with a misprint away from the current version for next well say hundred years them all records That was that, with the benefit of hindsight yes, tomorrow, tomorrow eleven p M, we are leaving the European Union in everything apart from practicality, which will take a little while longer England, Britain, sorry
Britain will be free to cover adieu, distinctive labored, english, bright, british identity the country will be higher up. The invisible bunting in our and a new dawn will dawn dawns so often do very exciting thanks for too long. This nation has been crumple crushed under the oppressive quadruplex European yoke of peace. ability, cooperation and prosperity, but no more. We will be free as well unwelcome outsiders, as you are about to become tomorrow, how are you gonna Mark Mark the occasion well Just gonna get back off the nation right. That's my plan to steps and rockets to my back and shoot myself at the moon. How far, I guess
I'm gonna have a penalties on and probably a double my piazza right and then probably just eat some. It's a pizza right enjoy that, while it still going well, they are old. Jailer will eventually, essentially I know, that's why I'm gonna get out before rifle and then of course, come Saturday here, eggs, veins, enticed impatient me, I've never tried it with pays, but a better get. I better get used to it now, a piece of the beans of the british? Now everything is the For this reason, the everything was very, very philosophic woman is what whatever it was, that people want it breaks it for, and, frankly known, can remember. No one really knows doesn't Gov ache. That's poppy some good reasons. Some less good reason seems the work on both I'm pretty sure what it was was the freedom to flogging national infrastructure for the Chinese instead of the french and run at least that that we will that we will definitely have to touch on
They ve got the increase freedom, yessir Weiwei fives around here. who are way is to Ali? That's very opposite question no moment being join, increase freedom based on network and the increased freedom of having fewer rights, more restricted opportunities, work, travel, study, fewer chances, devote unless representation for those votes and all the time that we used a waste making These decisions is now freed up. to do three things and be more productive, freely, duration, but things like building ourselves and exoskeleton of woodland, daub dying of scurvy, which hunting Druidism freestyle hanging. Europe has been can we fund farewell to President European Commission, Ursula Wonderland, quoted a great spanish. contains entry novelist, George Elliot's, who wrote only in the agony of parting. Do we look into the deaths of love. Roughly, your jelly? I've been George Benson, I'm not sure
I want to see the nineteenth century, literature or nineteen eighty, so that kind of that kind of sense, What is it like? How much of France was quoting the great twentieth century? less despise Gus during his campaign. Gonna take what want what are really really want. One as Exuviae never went was main image exit yeah. You went that fight for the heavy handed them. That's. Why we're here, Latin continued. We will always love you and we will never be far away. That sounds a little bit stalking a lot stuck here I mean it. I feel like it's. A generous move on behalf of the of the EU, too, if the door as it were metaphorically open for the return of Britain into the woman brace of Europe but They have the feeling that its being said in a spirit of kind smug chuckling behind the like, but as it is more like when you come Crawley, but with your laundry like when you run away from home when you're seeks in your parents like well, will keep the ito will sit
table for you just it. It has that slight vibe to run when many kids run away from home when the six end up becoming young, hugely successful local entrepreneurs so that might be like, maybe effect I mean look at what it. What is done is what stand right and if, by what's done, you mean what has now just begun incredibly long process that will be arguing about for the next that he is here. I, interested to see how it plays out, as somebody has literally no skin in the game, o o happened here is that the term My money gets stronger against your money, money top trumps explaining what? What a half starts at this vote is not an ado. The vote is only, in my opinion, an array, Revoir WAR, For us is not if we ve law, you first,
I'd call the Irish T successor will say goodbye to an old friend embarking on an adventure. We hope it works out for them, but if it does not, they will please be a seat kept for them at the table, but not just something is setting up a foggy awkward family did before awake, yes, is something menacing about Irish. Compliments, sometimes there's nothing. You can so to hear the accent of I'm not going to do what I said cuz I want to live, a will leave a chair for like boy, that's kind of menacing. I guess that depends where it's like an ostrich ex Ante Dublin accident. One is slightly friendly than the other, and again I'm not gonna, say which has been voted the way by exactly how to mark this historic, because it is clearly a very divisive moments in british british history, and how you not. Everyone is on
on the same side of the coin, and this has been I emphasised by a coin: the governance: launched a new fifty pace to mock at breakfast, which cause even more. Do I mean this is the state? This is the state we become as a nation the launching of a coin has managed to make people angry not about just about the fact that it's a coin marking a devoted moment, but the the situation on the coin, it's on the brakes at fifty paces pace, come up, prosperity and friendship with all nations and out nothing! Will it just a charming memento of the things we ve enjoyed for the past forty seven years and even gives thirtieth even gives thirty first general, twenty twenty. The date of death is also marks. A lovely gesture, take Romania, something it look look back firmly on in our in our work, Juliet homology wallets bodily, no small,
small wool wallet people used to carry them money and brick pouches. Terrible human beings and I'm glad that your countries going to fail. So the dispute over the lack of it. What is called an Oxford coma after the word spirit, so many people that it should be peace, come prosperity, coma and friendship with all nations for the second accuracy or pedantry, or both of course, the most important part of breaks it? In fact, all british events is the post HAWK commemorative coin and added the plan as the pound plummets. We want to know if it has a comma on it or not. Only the British could be staring down the barrel of an economic crisis and go, but what about that could affect both an infinitesimal addition to the weight of the coin and when we start having to weigh them by the value of the metal in them again immediately difference here, the ox,
commerce, ins, and they will also a short, lived and extremely unsuccessful NFL franchise in the knowledge that precisely punctuated playbook proof me no match for the physicality and I've leftism the America based. So I shouldn't be confused with the Oxford Coma, which is what happens when you get to be a done. A new justly high table wondering where it's all gone. What is appropriate to have a coin to mark a departure from the EU alone. production run of something that is increasingly obsolete. Lahti, not used by the younger generation seems entirely appropriate. The funds as well France on the brakes. If fifty p, is really lying on national cards on the table that is properly tenth century there are syrups flung around all over the shop. I thought it was Elvis Elvis
Its eye, which has day for language of museum, sounds as weird they put it in New Zealand dominates, which says a lot of unnecessary. What that's? What I've used to meet the stupidest thing is the reason that the fifty pay they can say everything they want its costs. They can fit. The text on any of the other two just had to attend. Pay with fingers crossed written on it or regulations is done. I got two fingers going up well element of you think whatever would have left you EU that saw the need to plan their so wish homosexuals. Calmer, have gone off the prosperity after friendship, not a huge deals are other undulation of court current there's no full stop at the end. There are no. I run a quote marks around peace, prosperity, friendship, all nations, that of another Astrid. Current there's no full stop at the end. There are no ironic, to marks around peace, prosperity, friendship, terrorist nations, commercial rivals, convenient scapegoats is missing
we all nations to say all nations may exclude terrorist states, commercial rivals, convenient scapegoats, Argentina, and anyone who pieces of friendship condition people from all nations not come over here and taking our jobs so that that was missing to the lack of full. Stop is a very important thing in modern grandma. Full stop in a text is a sign of passive aggression. Is it yes to leave that that open, like the open arms of the sentence, roiling somebody to respond I come from Hemingway. Pussy wrote very short, This is pretty passiveaggressive. Hemingway was known for being passive. Grossest, aggressive, aggressive, have spelt, pays wrong. Very open as now being fully assimilated, Nobody should have given your microphone. Chris don't need one Christian. Canvassed all three of us to go as known elements in peace is known in a matter raised any deepening, No, it's obviously fifty coin, because that's how much,
the pound will be worth post breaks. It was near here, But what is what is money The state of mind has thus been other breaks. Much the conservative party has issued, tito with the words dot, breaks down immediately become an expert. in free and elegant words, passion an ocean of delusion calahorra of arrogance and an absolute Caucasus of presumption, given the date in latin good british. Didn't put additional righteous roman numerals. a place to being designed by drunken sixty year. Old who's never use any form of computer software before it is in and certainly as certain details go de Boris Johnson rounded, by what appear to be joint wage are about to construct the life out of everything in their power, but Megan be appropriate, maybe missing a calmer as well between breaks it and dumb got breaks it.
as an agent, we are now officially done Don T tell something that's an appropriate way to commemorate abduction because they cause, I was gonna, get jobs as dishwasher, possibly that on the site you also because they will gradually fight, though get frayed around the edges puts me in a bank You burn forming left hanging over gas. Gas hope used him up at once. these policies and then left a hang reproachfully grimy fretted echoes system. How remembered moment now sinking into the swamp of history, like all tea, and also the hook up best thing about this was the second is that if it is a whole range of got breaks, it done much, There could be a more annoying phrase and get breaks it done put got breaks it dollar that is even more irritating just on pure linguistic ugliness, a basis Doubts please note for the delivery of all got. Breakdown collection will begin on the tenth of every
then now being satirizes by the whole process being set to rise by Tito. We are really redundant. Virus news now and we're all gonna die. Recently, I was still in breast centres, are removed, but because it we will live forever. Spiritually thanks to the exit, James, you oughta beagles infectious diseases, correspondent Yes, well, look at sound infectious news. There is a virus coming out of China at the moment, known as Daewoo. Hon, A corona virus two things that you often say when drunk who on an Corona ozarks aside, people dying, not british people, so people over here have mean that concerned yet, but
there are seven thousand seven hundred cases confirmed at moments and more than seventy will have managed to die. However, there is a going on there is being in Australia. Managed to reproduce the virus was just So if it can kill, you must really I can make it. The richest man in China has put a hundred million you on into finding a cure for it, which is just proof that billionaires naturally finance cures without having to make the cura about themselves and they have you listening of mosques yeah. I feel like everyone's worried about this and I'm not quite sure how worried we should be, but I am literally wearing a face mosque as we speak, not a medical great face mosque, just a paper cut out of a target, a frightened, the virus away from myself tissues, but this seems to be a lot of panic, particularly in America, where there have been calls to quote Nuke China
not as much to do if the virus? That's just what happens when you President gets impeached, you looking for some sort of out, specifically a plane, was riding back with experts from a height from who had served with experts from from who had on this plane was subject to calls for shooting it out of the sky. Which is saying, I think, without its finger on the shoe to play now this guide and wash my hands really strangely, very quiet from the anti vex community, where I have to say as asylum or a little bit annoying. Where are you guys where's your little cause for freedom- and I, like I just have some preliminary goes- is just a virus. You don't need find. It actually have some freedom and I the aid, stands for ambivalent. Realistically, when you say how worried we believe, things never turn quarters bad on a global scale, the doom says predicting what they may leave trudging suffering behind them. Eventually, they would just be a pinprick in the history books
Humanity continues its triumphant march. A profile excessively willed. Indirectly, six championships has been postponed because of the virus. Wholly support is being affected. the biggest crises in the universe. Since the medium sized bang got very out of hand all those years ago, hats rebranded sports is being virus off. So happy, it will know, nobody's happy particular people who travelling back from China, there's various states of quarantine, Great Britain's being faced with quarantine if I coming back from China, particularly the womb province, but Australia is gonna, be reusing, some of it sweet immigration problem lies to quarantine people up on an island that they specifically
it for fur boat people, so it's boat, people are coughing. People get there forever on an island dwellers amazing things where people going out man, what I'm gonna do of all these people that we kind of one to come into the country, but we need to put somewhere industries like guys. We have got to go. You haven't been prepping for decades. We have spent way too much money on the facilities and New Zealand in on this too, and New Zealand was light, which is how you you say shore in K. We can also be never misses an opportunity to look people up. A lot of naming sunk deepen its national, it's part of the night national psyche, because that's what we are. We were locked up on an island that is our identity, that is Australia. Australia is a prison island and if we can help share our national spirit, it's that it's like an oral amendment is impeding Australia is latin about it, a lot of people. I know that I think it's great southern land, it's not it's great prison and finally, the australian government just announced for the state of divorce outbreak. They have officially upgraded Australia's state
to some worries from no worries to petition it in. There are just to show girl of this is outbreak. Starbucks has had to temporarily close, two thousand stolen in China and you think when the global coffee industry is being For me, this is essential. In the global coffee industry comes up against the global coughing industry, What I mean this is what why we exist as a species? Isn't it I mean well the various phases of the species of your. What is the purpose our existence is it's your job to do.
on each of the great glory of of God, or always it just to keep a global coffee industry going at the moment. That's that's! What, with home in on us, I respectfully starbucks egg. I have you asked me: what's gonna kill me quicker corona virus or a pumpkin last I mean I don't think you really taken the moral high ground here, Starbucks, coincidentally thousand stores, animal fashion news. Now I wish you all the Beagles animal clothing, correspondent, an honest and Australia having sought issue with them,. witness Ferko on us yes, indeed, Andy. I am the animal fashion correspondent in when it's not about rhinos in rhinestones. It's about mittens on Koala is apparently beautiful, lovely people all around the world have been sending a reply It's full of handmaid goods and medical supplies to help animals injured in the israeli wildfires we ve lost motor
billion animals in Australia and there's plenty of hot wrenching viral images on line of of quality, with and paws, and you know that fewer you're hot many images of crocodiles, with burn snouts but less photogenic, and that kit, canadian volunteers alone sent six aeroplanes full of hand made mittens. nobody needs and in fact the increase we'll cascade of goodwill, has ended up with taking up a lot of the results on the ground in sorting and figuring out how useless they actually are so They ve been kindly asked by various groups to come to hound and tat, is a metaphor for the planet. Isn't it what the huge outpouring of well meaning beneficence generosity that has proved to be practical, useless, and yet a few
salute seem to get an inordinate amount of shit and dumb, where he would you saying, and in Europe it has made an unhappy spoke. A monotonously at this never happened before day move to Canada, but also, I think we We can all agree now that this is proof that there is way too much weed. I can tell you that status to merge Sweden, whisky, combining with maple syrup to command we gotta we had that's some coalescence man burned off a little fir wood. again and us in the movements element certainly also a woman who received unsolicited sexual attention from Donald Trump. In the ninety nine, but people apparently suspicious about sending cashed in charities, which is the thing that they actually need on the ground. So there come on we're gonna spend casual. I think you feel less morally corrupt if someone misuses Yo Mittens than if somebody misuse of your dollars, the really that base closure the cash isn't going direct to the co authors,
negotiations on the corner of zircon, going you wanna, buy some I got some mittens here I mean you know its men's and Australia. For God's sake, word trailer. No one takes mittens people in Australia, don't have mitten Twenty two reeling who's, the former director of the centre of its national disaster information. In the? U S said it's a: full thing that people just wanna help, but there's an old proverb that says desire without knowledge is not good, and this is a case of desire. Without knowledge, truth of mittens and bonus the worldwide That's it that's what it's not the most effective chatillon I wouldn't a doktor, Rachel talent and an associate professor in veterinary Cellular Microbiology Nellis said the. the problem with Koala Mittens is that the council is still need their clothes and paused to be able to feed themselves and climb trees, its heart breaking this
so about for thinking what they want is. English gloves rights. Always it is terribly alone applied. Goodwill they ve gone, cannot put some effort in unofficial a single instrument harder than that of the mission, apparently a stranger is planning to retaliate by sending air muffs were most of all. I should because I'm you could probably sales of animals, a moose sale at most, we prefer to keep him keep him dry, my doing during the rain. Well, I mean it global global warming happening ends, animals loosen and natural habitats. If, if you could, turn emotions antlers into functioning sale and given that wheeled carts, they could move around Canada much more quickly to find pasture
there was a call in New Zealand. I think I think I have to put my hand up and say this, isn't the stupidest vain, because it was a cold and New Zealand to reach ok, the kilometers to New Zealand, I believe that while those legs thousands of people signed a petition and gave her the prime ministers and other and who, as I think we just send over firefighters, guys to be honest, they will end up being the clause here, because what could happen when you introduce non native species- and so let me possums worked out really well in New Zealand It follows that the two I think I'm up in New Zealand three times and basically that lead item on the news is always possums, there's so many possums in New Zealand that we actually put armor on them and use them as extras in the law of the land. In the television series coming on Muslims or the cane tones of New Zealand. Inquires could get there too. Of course, do it
who in his own, does a mid term and can go and what that would have just like. While as now is that how you do it? Calloway NEWS now and M huge controversy here in Britain over the deal struck by the budget, to allow away? the chinese company to help build the infrastructure, Britain's five g mobile network, despite protestations of the USA. so you're gonna, complicated story and interest rates. Questioning your. Why why we in Britain having to depend on on who away, he's going to war. Then oh british firms who can breaks, constructs on you, five key infrastructure, which of course be the last iteration of the internet before become so fast that it is after them time and therefore sixty, will have built itself waiver We can't even get round to commissioning it, but why
A british autism, handcrafted boutique mobile internet infrastructure really interest. manufacturers who can keep this? You can keep it in house. Lavender trust the the Chinese, despite the fact that the double has described Roy as a high risk vendor those patiently said he I will probably be all right. I mean statistically most line timers don't get eaten don't and start women, little ripe old age and most astronauts make it back in one. cover a lucrative speaking career. So what is there to worry about Yeah I mean it's like saying most learned, him is: don't get eaten, let's build our house out of lions, but there's a lot of advice and pressure from the? U s that's come through and that we should that the UK should block the firm for security reasons. Apparently there not very good at keeping your secrets and given that will with the internet, be trusting that infrastructure with literally everyone secrets. Patsy. Such a bad idea, but
Stephanie terror. Stefan too ral from my adjust market said. I think that the pragmatic decision that bring stability and continuity in the five g ecosystem before taking a million dollars in hush money, from an unknown source its If such an interesting thing, it just proves my ongoing hypothesis that we will try to literally everything for a small piece of spade in our wifi. You have to think about what what fast internet is propping up. Think of all of the terrible relationships that continue for decades. Just as you, both like the same shower Netflix is this. As you know, this is the core of our society that we need to keep running you know it's you, when you got so much time to wag during it. I think that's what it comes down to your eye, and you know if you ve got a little uneasy facilitating their expanding. That's I'm. By making internet faster, I mean the more the faster the porn loads, the moral you can get on with making breakfast ok
I will let alone those treaties are gonna call themselves might mean that was very much. The subjects or Boris Johnson has been saying on this on this deal just from you're looking at me, no one thinks Boris Johnson once faster internet to watch Netflix respectively. No one thinks he's watching the crown he thinks the crowns rate he's he's waiting for Brian Cox to be cast him in the crowd. I'm just why this is always seen over history. Keep repeating myself. It's ok, we'll keep saying in Britain Or- and this is just not the prussian- bread carry a pigeon scandal all over again from the naughty century a lot worse. Going things about. The people know that it's not cause it's China. It is cause of spying in Canada. The head off Weiwei is currently in on trial for Jane. When spying light it's not like people like all because of China in this, but not that the company itself is being escape it internationally, for Spain is the equivalent of
buying your local groceries from the local drug dealer because they got the best prices. They say those who have don't remember their history are doomed to repeat it, but the current rate of causes, those who do remain remember. History are doomed to repeat themselves. And those who are hacking into people's internet, history can tat. He was about to be relating to export that knowledge. I love her. We all live with the delusion that deleting our history means is deleted. I like TAT it's the psychological delusion. Yet western society has gone with blushed words: no registration system, Central Asia, we containers of, if you take a quick Linda when a baby offers you a mouthful of wit food and you pretend to eat it, but his appearance was that draws us towards the end of this week. Sir breaks it special bugle, an emotional time for Britain, but Sir, never ah well european partners as well. All those countries with with
works over the years in the European Union, but some It's a tough time for our continent, but you're you're. Only back that, don't Croatia, we'll be back, I'm an old guys back the outbreak thing to David Cameron who so obsessed with the the economic side of things he can self about economic prosperity, consult about political implications, but you ve got to warn about what the people of Britain actually thought. He didn't Czech Republic, puking for two days, and this is the worst I felt the camel surprised with an unholy said. I checked the latest. Poland was ok, but there must be a light laws when its wing the breaks it a light via late like there and if so, when Sir up and uncommonly see he said, Nicholas bubbling felt betrayed by Boris Johnson by Michael Gauvain at least mean
in the same company ology society. Canada go for, he was betrayed by his Belgium at all. but I shall destroy all the way through further by ever. Since Germany, carbon is later unknown in debates his sir his points. They just want to make one other punches of enormous boxer, the Netherlands. If, in the end austin those was on the remain side were left, but ITALY by ITALY, disappointed I've been thinking to myself. Will this pain ever go away and the Minister I guess you feel it capture the titanic. Now he too had Luxembourg lie down. He went they were fond of my coming to see me SAM coping with the impending breaks it, and he said to you, look awful under Uk Uk no market. You don't have been eating is that we have no longer
drink. I'm gonna have a sniff report, you gallons of the east, I want to live I want to draw a fellow song for Europe too. Set movements, it don't worry, we'll get one, a pair of New Zealand Sing, a song rights from the ban, crowded house to do it fiddle and lit refitting limply societies. Aliens apologise on behalf of my friend as industrial strands crowbar so sir, I spent in a tough time- and you know it some- what what we're gonna do with we're gonna get results are going well even the aging footballer Rooney we'll have to leave wine here lately. what a friend of mine, a huge fan of European Union spends. Most was turned down a little shit in his garden, because it is we den them
The very tough issue in Scotland, Gordon Brown, former prime minister, while his old Buddy Blair, Random up about it, said hi guild these Tonia give you a special Le Special shed. Only for motor of ten well replied, Gordon Brown, that's a pretty, Low Denmark, does not just mean the thinks it's attainable at Amsterdam, our former colleague to he agrees with me one. It's not my fault, said Gordon Brown, My hope is getting really elder. Doesn't function properly. Takes me just to do the floor and Blair like you, ve got Slovak unlike my my grandmother, worries about illegal immigrants. Skin? I just treatment before her, especially with her infected like Joint Germany. pursuant to the shopping malls, get some medicine
a for a bone problem, Austria Ferocious shed huge international gap, is not going to go for kids. Mortgage know that, but if the older generation is good for grandparents good for uncles, France now and we become a very angry cease around a nation and an island, I'm doing all of them. Just Google, how many countries are in Europe are just want to get to the treaty but an uncommon something wing worried about immigration, says that we don't have the spice, though, pine, was afflicted by real Rumania, I think we can regret now remains how we plan to cage campaign. We play it safe, locust nuclear afraid of taking a risky loan pot and wish to get the people back to the bulk area of Bulgaria. This is because it is so once started. I couldn't stop. We urge I can't Cyprus itself, for there is no time ass. Well, it can be no more suitable. to mark the occasion when
going to get corona virus. That's it we're done in more ways than one if the plug? Thank you for listening, buglers Alistair people about the loft posting hosted by the last post is a daily satirical news. Podcast sit in olden universe, so that is something that you can listen to every day. Its short podcast and, I think, she's very good at the hosting sounds a lot like me. Also Mysel issues now unsaleable Melvin Sidney and Perth that that that. and the more tickets you by now the more likely to write it. That is, that is a new angle incumbent, pre emptive Roy big. If you want to see a good show what you ve got a boy ticket
the family model. Anything to alert, foolishness of just go first season of my protest eating fried chicken in the shower. I don't know the greatest political. I don't. I don't know who we're gonna get in the shower for this one. Yet, although a lot of people have been suggesting the old blacks after last year's we welcome the face and the black caps after I think they just want me to ask a museum, and that's what it's like to those, though the blackout sake than using and New Zealand cricketing. He evaded. Member lost the worker final last year, as difficult role may also withdraw heroically, not losing even a game, or that I pray you just don't managing to lose some amazing really anything about it. It's it's! It's not gonna happen again. This week I dont mean talk so reticent, yet sanskrit sense that this very uneven know what you're talking about my own. Even what's corporate value. Listening beardless until next week, goodbye