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The world's biggest democracy goes to the polls, we dive deep in and get thoroughly lost. Also - Andy reviews Game of Thrones, and donkeys are sad

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Audio newspaper for a visual world trident wielder on board should serve me until we have some very nice be calm sea crossings in future. I am Andy Zaltzman and joining me from Mumbai for this special bugle indian elections. Special bugle show it is, and my pal hello. Monday. Hello, very excited to be We have this week because, as you know in that is in the middle of a tiny thing at a billion people add him to the balls to electorally not a big thing not affecting
country very much, but it's it's very exciting, to be here to report from the ground, by which I mean from my apartment, we will touch on this more in greater detail shortly. We recording on Wednesday this week. So complicated logistical reasons. Well, I'm going to want to watch cricket, but let's, let's talk it up but Wednesday. The first of my life to the precise made eight no less than one everyday is melee in Britain at the moment, but on this day in age, fifty one Queen Victoria, all The big bands are self open. The great exhibition at the Crystal Palace, some hugely influential exhibits, including a precursor to the to the fax machine, what a revolution in correspondence that that must have of don't know who who's the first person to fax picture of that on the backside from the great exhibition. History does not relate that. The world's first
voting machine, the world's first pay toilets. We used people would I penny to use the toilets. Hence the term spend a penny originates from from that one of the great british euphemisms for bodily function. Those using the toll is for a a less liquid in Miss Amal, conclusive thanks for the great thanks for Grecian. Well, given a commemorative Sumerian, gemstone known as a shocked, hence the term take a shot, but his record as it's been also has been a long week is Wednesday for short week as a some sections of the Beagle going straight in the pain. Well this week a special game of Thrones Review section in the Bay one of the most eagerly awaited tv episodes of all time episode three of Series results of game of Thrones the tv series adapted from the magic?
and fantasy novels entitled death and Don Well, I mean it funny build down the series. I episode three, so many questions arising finally boiled down to the climactic battle of it's a fellow interesting. It's actually a bit like in english village, pronounced wiffle, but was this episode the most memorable page of television since that episode of Sesame Street, when a drunken big bird try to make with a giant bottle of Nolte mustard, or was it just a bit shit I'll leave that for you for you to judge a quick sport or not before we do all review. It's only pretend none of that happened so questions arising all white dead, people suck and angry all the time? Could it be that burial and cremation, neither of which is a particularly nice thing to do to someone objectively really pissed people off also questions arising from the episode amongst the fans include. Why didn't this that or the other happen, and would that might anymore sense- plot quite
Zara arising fat for fans include well now that strayhorn of clouds has been trapped by the great one pulling in an eternal state to close a deal for a bridge. Could Vincent LF former Alliance with how great ram but interest the dragon Bustle donkeys, Laren Brenda from Brenda from accounts to destroy the deathly? Have ferrets grow up so much of MAGIC, worm, magic, we fix it by shooting in a magic bucket doing some karaoke could returning pseudo king, Clarion penis rake proved to be the real Doug Mount Joy and will especially Bishop as queen of the undead one open to the sledge hammer of everlasting vengeance. They used to be so good, what's happening in the gulf. Is that so I'm did our membership with the pins out
just what a lot of fans are not happy with some of the battle tactics used in the in the battle, and I guess the question does arise if you call in Dragon one of a dragon to a massive dump on your enemies when you're flying overhead, surely that would do some damage? Dragon sheet is probably absolutely horrific, laugh terrible meat, heavy diets and if Donoso crop is anything to go by, if you dropped it from three hundred feet, it could take a Sherman tank naive. Also with Jones patiently, tarring in the heat of battle, should skip a Raymond and dealing with broad, Derek Underwood on for containing spots in the nursery end. What's the thing more or less realistic than brexit Is it all an allegory for the dangers of professionalism in written ruffy? He used on fisheries policy or something else, we look at all that in this section in the bed, I'm doing fantastic analysis, but I think what you've done. Is your written the prequel to game of thrones?
Brenda from accounts will never form an alliance with those guys. That's not going to happen. She she she is, above all else, practical I'll be honest. That is the only episode of ever actually what starts. But then, if that came trusted my analysis of it, but the watch quite into it. So I thought I'd I thought so you see what is all about we'll see what it was all about. I think this is the those ravens even say a great high tech for that's on both wireless 3d. So she might just yeah, you just know, any of color, you haven't as a message: Raven can learn it. I mean the show, allows for a lot of things right. There are very few places the world on the in twenty. Nineteen we can see the words ninety king, without having erotic undertones,
I'll have to take your word for that. I do a top story. One billion people all voting right now over the course of wealth. Five weeks, I'm most of four normally six weeks in a thirty nine day election I as indian democracy, correspondent, talkers, threw eggs exactly what it is like to be in India, so the time of this extraordinary democratic process? Well, I'm date. This is a fantastic time to be in India, I'm one look. The whole world is interesting: the BBC B C, her friend camera crews. The Americans have sent no one. You raise, and I I really love the Election Commission of India, because all
all the times in the year, you can get a billion people to vote. Did you who the middle of Maine in the middle of one of the worst summers were happy? So you can blame direction Commission for a lot of things, but not full sucked and logical expertise. They have those meal times did a great run down and the almost what's going on here, a billion people are about you like to government. Why do these elections matter? Well, the matter because you'll a billion people. The loose idea of a franchise is important. Of course, ruling party are going to win box. There is something in seven hundred million people coming out of the house and feeling like we did something, mostly the doing of that means, standing in a very hot summer day in the life and voting for a symbol of a shoe or a sunflower
we'll get into that and the in a bit who are running there are thousands of political parties running, but like in Britain. You have two major political parties. You have b in his ruling party, who have been disk time to the to right wing, although other right wing parties, the rival Bob he is the completely democratic, fair, Non Nepotist, IDK Congress Party which was founded well by the English. Actually, you're welcome. Thank you. Thank you to fight against for english people, when you guys had some business here, but that is fast that is a very polite way for tickets, when you guys had Business here business
not to get together that somebody had boats and stuff 'cause. You just had a guy in a week saying this is how things are going to be right, so much simpler, easier, easier election commission would be happy, so the National Congress is current. The opposition party and completely fair democratic liberal Party, run by the great graphs of the founder of the party. So again anyone who's eligible and has the ability to rise through the party can become its leader. As you song is called the great grandson of the founder fat it. It is true liberty. I was fascinated by the number of political parties which I saw had been calculated to be two thousand two hundred and ninety three. When
registration is closed before the election. Now there is such a thing as too much choice is in there. I don't know aspen speaking as a veteran of the of the british two thousand and sixteen referendum, two choices was arguably two too many. So two thousand two hundred and ninety three that's got Charles the goal, the the french leader. But how can anyone governor nation that has two hundred and forty six different kinds of cheese? Well, wake up and smell the paneer to go? Try governing a nation that is two thousand two hundred and ninety three different political parties, some or between four hundred and one thousand seven hundred different languages and approximately four cheeses take a cheese. and quit your whinging, and you know, I think, in a democracy, doesn't never too much choice. I know you, you guys have two parties, but where younger be we did not have as we do. The
reasonably priced vegetable party, that sounds pretty sinister and one man party who symbol is the broom suggesting met correctly we clean up the system or uh, I'm fascinated by these symbols at the political parties choose Becaus. It is still a huge amount of illiteracy. In in India, so the parties have to choose a symbol now doing that registered. But unrecognized parties can't choose their own symbol back choose from a list of two available free symbols: Coincident Lee free symbols is an election pledge or the Maharashtra Percussion instruments for all party. These symbols that are available include such potent democratic images as a helicopter, a kitchen sink, a sofa. The I would vote for that. App sign me up. Compulsory kip
good afternoon for everyone, a javelin thrower picking up on the proud olympic history of in Joplin throws a violin a walking stick a taut brought to to spice this arrange a pair of socks, soap, dish washing up right. The pendulum Lester spoke quite nice off both those, the cyclical nature of life, trousers ice cream. That would mean that radius. We took a bread and circuses, but you all just went ice cream is you'll symbol. You already like you'll populace because on the table, a nineteen twenties gramophone, a frog, a domestic power drill, cauliflower a bucket binoculars, a cricket, bat, a cricket batsman, a set of cricket stumps, the 1980s, indian Cricketer, Roger Binny, scoring a single that may not be one of the available options and, of course, a balloon, but as of uh picture and have have yes, I mean uh be confused by these two hundred symbols, because obviously I'd like to vote for binoculars,
because I want my government to snoop on people from a distance of bots. I also like trousers and I think people could wear trousers more often than not, but what the point of wearing trousers, if you don't have access to a helicopter or can't listen to contemporary vinyl recordings of Dith Piaf or don't have a government committed to Fox for all all filling buckets with toothpaste was playing the violin and batting it's so confusing democracy so confusing, and that is why I I think we're doing is Andy. Ask later would have intended it. You know we're giving you know you you can read and write you walk into. A polling booth is hot. As hell would you? Rather, I have to go through your entire value system. To figure out who's faster is better, or would you just press a button on a lovely looking ice cream? Well now he put it in those terms, I can see happier more content, democratic future emerging for the Int Hyatt world. Of course I mean
the way that voting is carried out has lead to certain difficulties, because you're allowed your one vote and then so you have to press your button on the on the voting machine, and then you have some indelible ink on your finger so that they know you've already voted, but these machines, obviously with so many different symbols on, can be quite confusing and a man during this election. He accidentally voted for Modi's Bjp and then we're so wracked by regrets because he wanted to vote for their their rivals that having had the Delaware link put on his finger, he took the logical option, cutting his finger off and hope, but he would then be able to vote again. This is a great point. and and let's face it, we've all been there. We've all been there, you know I
wanted a cheeseburger at a Self Service Mcdonald's. I pressed on a double cheeseburger. They couldn't change my order. I cut my finger. I was Netflix switched over to Amazon uh there, the spoiler for a show, my wife was watching cut off my finger. I just want bring up one thing and the you may not be aware. I I didn't do this, I went online speaking of symbols and pictures that present political parties before the action, because I am that sort of person. I Osman Political Party and you can do on the low in commissions website to see what symbols I'd be allowed Android. I was given Andy because we're in the middle of the reelection not very many objects available. I will given Andy and I don't him these symbols would work when you launch yourself as a candidate
stapler a laundry bag and a boiled egg that sounds perfect weekend in yeah. That's all my political philosophy have to join bits of paper together. It shows on collaborative, I can take bits of paper from from different sources staple them. I didn't come up with a compromise when it comes to laundry bags, I'm not afraid to attempt to clean up what has in the past been dirty. And in terms of a boiled eggs that the future of food, the It's it's good for the environment and it's up to can I say an unborn chick in just described is better than the manifesto of both the main parties that are running
so well just quickly on the the indelible ink. It is actually interesting because the Incas being provided by the same company for fifty seven years and the Mysore paints and varnish limited company, and it's a closely guarded secret thought to involve some combination of Coca COLA, the source from big macs the boil down essence of cricket, an interesting Lee when I get indelible ink accidentally on my finger, I'm overwhelmed by a powerful, subliminal sensation. I've just voted in Nagpur. So interesting. If you go to social media in India, don't know what's really going on is there, Are confusing 'cause you'll see indian person after indian person holding up there for finger, and it looks like a bit of a bizarre gesture, but what they do is you go in there and Fuck you in blue and apparently the reason we do this. The indelible ink link that there are slow
the incidence of fraudulent I'm criminality in elections never heard of before new phenomenon? And I is this some years ago when I was when I was in college, when I, and to devote to a polling booth in Calcutta and found out that my vote, had already been done by a widow in her 70s who happened to have the name Anna Var Pool, but she so happened to be named the number of other things, because back then, when there was no system of marking the voter, the political, I would just pay somebody to view on your behalf. In hindsight, Andy, I think, seeing how Democr she has turned out in my country of far better option. What there was a report on a on Reuters of well
incentivize for voters and the authorities has seized cash. And goods worth hundreds of millions of dollars across India, is the election was announced on the tenth of March, almost half a billion dollars worth of what we cool Incentive, Asia's materials will: cash alcohol, drugs and gold of the the big four, and, to be honest, with british perspective, if the boss of bills, from the brace you combine, but not promise, to give three hundred fifty million pounds a week to the NHS but had promised to give to every voter, a twenty pound notes, a bottle of supermarket whiskey, a line of Charlie and the commemorative miniature solid gold queen. If we leave the EU, then none of the current mess would have happened, because we would have voted ninety seven percent to leave and that that that is exactly why I think all
democratic thinking is way ahead of the western world, because you know I'm sure, I'm sure Brexit would have turned out differently if, if the label party, whoever showed up at your doorstep with uh fucking microwave and said you could use for us for this microwave- all you could vote for something stupid, going values and belief system. I believe systems cannot make you make you a nice chicken roast all these, not just merely the physical manifestations of the kind of policy bribe hybrids bridge the other Staple of ole ole elections. It's it's it's a much more honest way of doing it actually physically give people things that Oprah causing to give the brawl of insight. Al yeah we'll definitely do this, but then not do it. I I appreciate the honesty exactly they're doing been doing it prior. You know it's: it's a prepaid system,
It know. Indians, we've seen through the 70s and 80s a lot of violent into elections. We've seen criminal gangs going into polling booths and when people reflections capturing, you know the box, where the vote Ian and running okay, so go from that India to a bribe. India is actually an improvement, significant less loss of life and you with an espresso machine and some Randy in the Narendra Modi. He convincingly in the fourteen ace. Is he expected to to win again in on what? What? What exactly is he standing for great question? it? Will, Prime Minister, you know as I mean with a majority of the three hundred plus seats in
out of five hundred and twenty nine in the parliament promised his tagline We in Hindi was some case. Sub got costs which translates to me rise. with everyone for everyone's economic benefit. It's played out really well because the one percent of India have become even wealthier and the poor stand no chance. So you know, like everywhere in the world you know he did come in with that believes the bot. Even then, he said you, a number of indian businesses, have collapse. There is a job crisis in but even then he remains tremendously popular, so popular in fact that there this news organizations are, clamoring to get an interview with him. He Gerry rarely gives interviews. She gave one to the Big Bollywood star Akshay Kumar a week ago in which
he decided not to talk about politics big. He thought this too much of that, but to talk to the it was done about his love for mangled. Well, of course, I could mess absolutely critical part of any any election exactly. How is the child is quite bad and have roaming goes with no consideration for hygiene, and he told this personal landed because he's quite secretive single make him. You know likable to voters he gave another interview in Varanasi the the holy City the Ganges in in very fancy yacht. It in which she talked about how he is the son of the Ganges that he's he's. You know He sees the Ganges as the Heartland of India he's from there he's almost it's almost like by defining golly. He should could be brought back. Is the prime minister. It is,
of course, an entirely different matter that he was born in good route, hundreds of miles away from the, but that's that he's positioned himself and people are saying he's going he's going to um, the right will Congress Party about fifty plus seats and rock. Hold on the the silence of the Gandhi dynasty. You know he is a very likable fellow he's, a very likable fellow, but he's like a we that you would like a golf partner or a tennis. Some do you play squash with when you see him talk about policies of how to address. You know these use a billion people. He falls slightly short and buy, I mean by about ninety percent Moti proudly announced during the campaign. The India now has spice weapons. I'm
shoot down satellites, much to the relief of the hundreds of millions of people in and living in, abject poverty, who worry about the simple day to day task of having space weapons, and so very proud moment for you now so space weapons. The a spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Ministry responded I, with these words boasting of such capable, but these is reminiscent of donkey, no tilting against windmills, which is, I very welcome, if Ray use of seventeenth century spanish literature, to saying I political adversary, that's just great day, although, if you to play Donald Trump's recent speech to the national Hi Association in America backwards, it contains elongated passages lifted straight from L, Penn sue that Sundra by Pedro Calderon De Barca. Thanks be to the internet,
the further controversy. The muddy came with the what was essential release of a film, a biopic all of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's entitled Pm Narendra Modi's imaginatively. That was due to be released on the day that voting stilted was halted by the Indian Electoral Commission on the grounds that it could be seen as political advertisement us falling foul of campaign, finance regulations and baby. It's a king feature film about a sitting, prime minister. When do we get to raise about a dinner of destiny? Why do we not get David Cameron Mission, a responsible? What it we don't go off by a place of all prime ministers. You know again, you guys have a lot to catch up on, I'm the it's fantastic to bring that up, because this week we've got in
Rendra Modi Web Series out in which he fights an alligator. The It is a two page sequence in the comic book where he eh does the alligator doesn't kill, it saves it brings it home only. Need to be told by his mother to return it because you said he did the baby alligator from its mother. His mother calls did not ask him what you're you doing with the giant reptiles, now. This God made into a web series called the well the Prime minister, and this is a sequence of the web series. We've got director body, the film we start, Narendra Modi in a tv show not Narendra. The Maldives popped up in a very successful indian movie called glory which documents the surge
can strike by the indian Army uh. When, apparently, we were attacked by terrorists in Pakistan, so they go into park stock. So the reader body has now featured in five different things away theories: a comic book. A massive motion picture now I see, Boris Johnson in a marvel franchise that I think there's a lot of catching up to do. Only one third of all, indian members of parliament have all cases pending and A piece of research has found that a candidate with a clean record old has only twelve percent chance of winning yeah. Election seat, where is a candidate with a criminal record, has a twenty three percent chance. When is this? What voters want someone who is shown now prepared to do whatever it takes to get the job done, weather thought. That is legal. Maybe at least
What we need in democracy- I think so handy, I think so because I, I think I don't know how it is in the western world, but weird time to really narrow the divide between criminality and respectability build. The bridge, is making us a more unified world exactly and our elections. You know education is inversely proportional to success. So it note some of our leading politicians have not study good day since fourth grade and and they've made excellent leader. So I think we're making a case to the world of all the things that that you think make a leader, spectable, IE education, life experience any of those necessary when you could be handed a gun or a smuggling ring at the age of five We are now what are approximately heading towards, while the what mark we are basically at the halfway
mark of the election process that thirty nine day election, but still shorter than the impending cricket world cup. But it's going to take the week longer then getting nine hundred million people to vote back, and you know we do it over six weeks and and to be fair to the election commission. It is. Why did us getting seven hundred million people out of the house. If we did it in a single day, it would, you know, be like a game of Thrones episode. Where you know all the dead would be marching together, it would instead they do it in phases. They do S, India first they just finished Mumbai yesterday, then they will further up dots to the states of Rajasthan, and then they do the big ones they do. Telly, for dish which has the size of Brazil in terms of number of voters? Then they'd Eastern India and basically they check call all everybody's votes and they just sit on it
when they release the results. All on Monday, the 23rd of may start counting in the morning and by the end they have counted seven hundred million votes. Can I give you us down? Yeah go on the cruise, so save seven hundred million people turn out of ab. I think was he said this two thousand two hundred ninety three policies. Yes, there are yeah, let's say every single on those parties was evenly represented. That's three hundred and three thousand votes per policy which is more or than the dup. Britain's most important political party got other. Our selection, so we're looking at near or over two thousand d ups in India, glorious vision of ever brighter future. That is he with a photo of egg, but it it is the largest exercise of adult franchise in human history. You know, I mean I think when the Greeks wrote this down, you know they had
and accounted for. A line that extends from Mumbai to Poona, just to get it for the polling booth yeah, ok, good turnouts, roundabout roundabout. Seventy percent stir doubts, which is better than we get in Britain way better than uh than America gets in its and it's elections, it's and the Greeks, Greeks couldn't get it work with thirty thousand voters, essentially be ancient Athenians. They just couldn't nail it so so anyway, there anything functioning, even if you do end electric religious nationalist, which is our guest not ideal as someone who's, not a fan of religious nationalism, it's up to lock everything in India, it's not the chaos that is so striking, but the fact that it's not even more chaotic. Exactly exactly. How does it happen? You know we wonder this every day. For example, of course
people go out to vote because you know you're you're being bribed to do it. You know a car will come pick. You up. You know you put into a van that's provided by some political party. You go. Sometimes you get a package of beriani. Sometimes you get alcohol and it's the same way with election campaign speeches. The re Prime Minister Modi has one hundred thousand people. I listen to his rallies in the middle of the summer. Heat in Uttar Pradesh is because everyone is getting a packet of briani at the end of it. So even you can't hear him after the first four rows. It doesn't matter you're going home happy and it's the same thing with voting it's a day out. They pick you up. They give you stuff, of course, what you will do in that nice cloth booth. You know, and it's by enlarge free, in fact, so there is, then anyone doesn't anyone pointing a gun, what you will do in that booth. You, of course your business, so um if they show you a nice photograph of an object or
then you get impressed you press whatever that, still free and fair and that's shocking to us, No that's shocking that we can even get all these people into that little proof in uh and if I'm elsewhere in Asia, Japan has a new emperor, a new emperor Ajito has abdicated and his son Naruhito viewed as a Modernizer's, I've taken over has a more global outlook. Studies at Oxford University did some post grad study. Then, of course, was. The official not for the nineteen eighty two football World CUP in Spain, a powerful gesture of into nationalism that reverberates to this day, and he becomes the one hundred and twenty six member of the current japanese imperial family to be emperor.
It goes back to Emperor Jimmu who ironically, lived to the age of one hundred and twenty six according to both Legend and Wikipedia, and he was in a thing I think about six hundred BC. Jim, oh of course, was be a descendant of a scottish man called James and the sun Goddess Amaterasu, which means that narrow heat will share up to thirty seven percent of his mitochondrial dna with the sun, meaning that if you ever catches fire, he will burn it five thousand seven hundred degrees Celsius is a hundred twenty seventh member of that dentistry. That is set up. That's that's impressive loan, longevity from the imperial family and only two to go now until he can have a full seven round. Knockouts of find your favorite japanese emperor of all time, I, for one cannot wait for the bid at SU versus Kameyama. First, absolute cracker, japanese abdication ceremony involves the existing emperor to go into a room and speak to him,
mystical ancestors. Do you have any rituals of this kind before this podcast or still in life? Well, I mean I, I speak to almost spiritual spirit. Call ancestors all the time on almost on almost daily basis, General Bugle ritual. Obviously I spent half an hour benching benching three, eight three hundred and eighty odd these days I'll, do a triathlon in honor of Chris, but a mental triathlon were just imagine myself swimming cycling and running, and then I read transcripts of every single previous bugle episode out loud. That's not how I see it. I and how I tend to say it is this kind of sound occur
who are the occasional happen, written dispite, yet followed by the occasional period of silence interspersed with a random comment like hunky tonk, badonkadonk those are messages I'm getting in my spiritual ancestors. Chris. It's a line of communication, exact and Andy Chris, you forgot, after doing all of that, and it's time to run in the indian elections, like the symbol of laundry basket, anime I'm up I'm busy Chris in the other Britain news some very important scientific researchers come out this week from the University of Portsmouth who have fat and at donkeys do not like british weather donkeys. But don't like or whether they prefer to huddle indoors? And that is a really hot bright sunny day horses happy outside in pretty much any weather conditions, but donkeys,
very fucking, well done to the University of Portsmouth. First, stepping up to this crucial scientific plate and picking up the numbers into easily chewable chunks. This is the kind of science get behind the reasonable the donkeys originates from Africa. So they don't, like all chili chile, is whether I'll Fordham Relieved and about that. This is why they are huddling indoors, because I'd always assumed that they were plotting all down into species resentment after milliner exploitation of the donkeys, the don't, of course, crucial lot british heritage and culture, not only because it carried Alfred for Beatrice Roberts to the birthing things in grant them with a daughter. Margaret Thatcher was born. Sorry, I must not boring Jacob Riis be smokes Bible, but also because don't you what is a fundamental part of british entertainments as your british kids for centuries, millennia or even a being taken to the beach on a donkey and walked out incredibly slow, speed up and down a
page, and it is truly amazing what the human mind is capable of finding fun before the in a television in the game's consult this on a slow moving. Animal the up and down a cloudy beach and the two things one still relevant. That's how I go Starbucks everyday still works in some countries. Second, how do these experts do the studies with the donkeys? Did they take them to the theater in the rain that they work on sunny days. What was the the season? The study, well, I mean the thing with sunshine of I wasn't ready all business to pry into into how they do it with many musters mall full at the very important influential results and now we understand donkeys better and so I does suggest we could deploy them to nursing homes, because I, like huddling together inside, to entertain
are increasingly aging aging popular Sun has made other very important discoveries recently, including that a stopped clock is right either one or two times a day depending on whether the clock on is a wake or sleep at night. Clocks cannot be right. No one is looking at them. Similarly, if a tree falls in a forest and to hear it S. Sons it does actually make a noise and that noises we I'm falling. This is the most exciting thing ever happen in my life are feel free out. Our my branches out, I think, one of the branches- ah tree medic, the rest of you, quick standing around and fucking do something this smug further Sunday scientific research has found the in the anopheles. Mosquito is one point: twenty eight percent less likely to spread malaria. If is forced to listen to the classic funk hits of sly and the family stone. If, because let's taste more like chocolate, more children would eat it. Another crucial scientific discovery made
Harvard University, and final and also came from University of Portsmouth's influential pointless animal research department, while still eagle is much better at flying than alive badger. A dead eagle has only n point three four percent advantage of flying versus a dead badger, and then I, if you its corpse out onto a special friendship, swing, stretch out, so thank you. Science. this week's I'd be lying about thanks, very much was shedding some light on the the wonders of the indian electoral process truly baffling and fascinating as I was so many things in India, my pleasure, indian I'll, keep track of how many boats you getting well. Having now that you've register me as a political political candidate, I will commit a crime spree that evidently that will make me far more likely to win
two of listening once again, bugles a geek to alert you too, I'm doing a solo show at London's underbelly, for the annual residency on the South Bank. That is on the 18th of May. So do please come along to that. I will tell you right now with some lies about all our subscribers of an entry subscribers. If you do want to join him on the Laundry subscription screamin tonight. What have you cam angle at which to with is a regular old one off donation to go to be the website? The people plus dot com and click? The donate button and if you choose one of all, she was a premium packages You can earn yourself a lie about you to be told on the show Chris Orchestra, please it am at Porter too late full set of chess pieces under his pillow and the chess board. This he reckons that if the grim reaper ever comes for him at night, he can distract
the game of chess and a chat about. They've each done with their respective lives and careers, an anonymous donor in I am owns a collection of porcelain pelicans because he play stone, figurines, whose subject matter isn't. Graham all part and of them of the material they are made from. He also has twenty four plastic caps, twelve grand it's August, two rats might of cool. and a statue of the aforementioned Narendra Modi might of red diamonds. Richard Van to is five to northern hemisphere, bird of prey impersonation champion. You should hear It is truly uncanny from This ham is surprisingly kosher. Theory, at least from there's, also ones guess correctly, two hundred and thirty one consecutive coin tosses before realizing the coin had only one side. Another anonymous do initials. Cw can cook a potato just by looking at it in encouraging wipe. This fix the molecules in the potato jiggle about excitedly mimicking the physics of heat law.
Prevent of Eden thinks that the invention of sliced bread should become a default year, zero for all international calendars time to ditch the best Hopeful guesswork of bubble buys chronology claims Laura a not most Dona initials k things. All public spaces should have free trampolines for people to use just okay, to the economic benefits of this scheme, in terms of public well being and happiness. Could exceed three hundred trillion dollars a month. Matei as invented the kitchen spatula by cross breeding tarantula with a spaceman Tyler, sometimes deliberately leaves up upturned ice cream cone on the ground in the woods to provide impromptu cathedral for any christian insects who happened to be passing by David Manual can tell what species insects all by the noise they make when they squished against his car window, while seize driving and rolled back, could never enjoy the children's fairy story, Hansel and Gretel for two reasons: one because
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