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Andy, Nish and Alice learn the latest stupid Brexit news, discuss just how bad the republicans are handling sexual assault claims, discover what happens when scientists are given ecstasy, and bring the latest penis news.



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The Bugle Audio newspaper. A visual woe is me. I welcome the way out and then I see one of the twenty fourth of September, two thousand and eighteen. I am Andy's Alderman wishing to Burma from this no longer under trumpet and has no wish to use one patrolling the margin of the mixed. This partnership struggle to my left as the use of guns and benevolent I've. Ever when we say mile and southern hemispheres of this world is our view. That is how any, on behalf of the north and men, each New Cuba, Alice Heller, buglers hello, drew
after some time on the train oversight. Figures about its scale is made a short time. is it necessary to excite the slightly? I think this is the best idea about ever I mean you are too young to purchase the everyday untidy. We enable me to believe that there is now about the time. It's the only way you could say about a club. I wouldn't believe it should be said about the time. That's more than a week to working on that
So this is the view of the twenty fourth of September, which may dwell recording today, David resulted in more than that of September in the in the year eleven. Seventy, the kingdom of Dublin fell to normal invaders, which is ironic, Because a very shortly the bugle, which, as we speak, is being recorded in the vote, City, where Norman King, William, the conqueror, was correlated incenses. These eggs will also be inviting Dublin to do. I, like vehicle, show on the eighth walked on the sugar featuring address and David Audacity and fourth follows our show with that: may not have another Lowry and sovereign on the seventh of October on, stay in seventeen eighty, they notorious turncoat Benedict Arnold handed plans to the West Point military force, through the British, which is also ironic because
The British already had lots of maps and plans anyway, including maps of India, where, by coincidence I will be doing shows us that Angola, and What time in Mumbai, plus on thirty September, radio recording in Calcutta at the Calcutta Club with a move up a gear by ignoring the first of October, but my parents might be, there, then really well they mean. If you data hand, shifting take, is to give you some context when I did a gig it back to a hidden, two thousand and fourteen. A hundred people in the audience, and I was the directly or by marriage related to thirty of the girl. Some serious pulling power in Bangalore that more data, always indian, shows the gig in Bangalore. Struck by guru is with the wonderful canal camera at the comedy club on the second October in Mumbai, at the cooking club, with added value and anyone that's gotta.
And more will tweets details or looked him up on the internet. Use your initiative areas like people that I mean that's very good. I tend to know where I am on any given night performing by somebody tweeting that I'm gonna be there going good of etiquette to train ticket. Yes, I had in mind by an inch and where I was reminded of something I had to do. It was the morning of the curriculum, Finally, twenty may so young Indians in drawing the Karlsruhe she's Mumbai pulled. It makes me one window down and said, go a white man if he did it reminded me that I actually had a flight booked a very policy on bringing me back power bodies from them by western policy already got me to get out of my dear until the end of the room. Was you policy up to give it a go? Give em a hamlet, your main, our call, if you add the words like he's, really greasy early
How attached to you to clean clothes, I'm in practice finally animal movements that is open for negotiating, also big wakeful Last week I met two weeks gloves on british television panel, show mock the lake and I might soon dogs are continually and repeatedly used the phrase white people when you gotta catch rise. You gotta is unfortunately that lead to war can be described as a soon army of complaints lodged the gag along the lines of well. How would it be if this was the other way round to which you so patient have to say to people like gonNA has been the other way round about a thousand one day. Describing is essentially the development of western civilization. It got so bad that out
each it on the BBC complaints programme points of view of an energy comedian, croutons Lenny Bruce that kind of stuff. I do now big Billy We can all be on tv except the other people in this room that aren't you ever more protest against this. I will be refusing to appear on mock the thirteen years of its existence. Anyway get look forward to my edgy new future of this day. in sixteen forty five lulli earlier the canadian explorer was, corn, which is also I run it because I'll be the gig in Toronto. Up converts went through the votes over at the royal details. Also, the internet on this nineteen Bc Virgil, the roman celeb
who never went to Newport values became Virgil that dead guy. He put his Roman talks on this day, not invasive version. Of course, the author of he needs, which was the story of a woman called email, cleaning later from the Trojan war trying to find a new job over the palace. She look at these to look after and drug smashed up by Ruggles or something also author of the georgics, an epic poem about farming. Try getting that power, the Roman also offer the clocks pay. Attention are studied Latin at university, a very moving programme as a magic dog who loved eating wooden dutch shoes and the name at clogs drift off towards the end of time on this date in infer in twenty seven working It was the second had his. Involuntarily pot boy repute. By having read
Hot metal, poker shoved up the place up, which you probably least as a king, once a red hot metal, Boca shoved his last words accord two influential medieval chronicler ie and of not which might well have been killed The person vaseline on it now, and I mean out second renowned as one of Britain's shortest monarchs described as lazy and incompetent liable to outbursts of temper over issues indecisive. They came to a major issue. Now, that's my on Monday, for that matter spoke anyways further all family. I can actually related. you have just come up with the latest format, for you see data, Oyster, Britain's shy, taste monarchs also, maybe this is the new dating showed data.
Dead, monitor, reachable farmer perfect much has always some sections of the people are going straight in the Bin this week. I foods including how to cook and emerging- too cumbersome of onions, be kosher. We review the latest ethical cheeseburger graters and in the latest of our. How would you like a series of features, a bereaved turkey might for very fractures and very feathery Christmas dinner? Apple in the Benton, our partner publication, historical revisionism monthly, including classic article this week, including people like plague, factor of fiction, new evidence that it was in fact a fake disease. The people pretended to have in order to get some time off. Work did You know that I'm on Amazon actually read makes the South pole was in fact playing professional Gulf in Florida
There were no sums stole my husband, the untold story that happy divinity approached the story: three eleven twenty seven anniversary of the bigger If asylum, which trials we investigate whether with which go, Now, an all time low in Massachusetts, most the defenders were in fact probably guilty and if anything, the authorities did not go far enough top story this week, but extra by extra read all about it's the clock. and as we speak Teresa, my has resigned herself too. now. It is to the brakes economic a riddle wrapped in a mystery, incited, Enigma and again powerful lot that nothing in the back of a lorry, and if you think I ought at every week, he's gotta go now. No idea what's going on, but basically the in summary, the best I can do.
now. Those are too, I should is that tourism has had her worst wakes its last week and all the other wakes really was at a conference in Salzburg with the other EU leaders have before, which was the most embarrassing thing done by british person abroad this year. A bear in mind. Only this year are shut myself on a mountain in Peru, Donald TUSK, the European Council President and the man whose name most sounds like one from an elephants: Viking Day, rejection
Donnie. Would I had Donald TUSK who, despite his name, is the head of the European Council rather than an eccentric elephant, genuine in eighteen, ninety circus, so great minds, thinking about it all it all gonna go somewhere about how it was my daughter, Gretel, throw your regular handbook will not get up off the idea that this week we're gonna go for Russia about every others is gonna, be alone anyway, the topmost general has rejected the private, is just check his blood and suggested that breaks into its way stole entirely over the british government's failure to resolve the irish border question and the question now being asked is who
possibly I've seen this coming, and the answer is absolutely every fucking person with anything approaching the merest flicker of common sense. Sadly, none of those people have any place in our current government stuff as it is with yes, men and people who look what they go into a Halloween poorly dressed as a victorian, goes every single day of the year and have gone full method, with the costume. Yeah, and if the clock is ticking on breaks it, unlike many clocks, it just seems to be going around and around with hating along the same information on different days, a move along the clocks. When are we going to have a new our that this isn't just a bullshit reboot of yesterday's series of ours in Briggs? It is Briggs, eight o clock weight is a big cities Briggs at eight a m or prejudice. Briggs pay him, but illegally. Every figures, heads of the father,
no one has ever resolve the irish problem lie. It's the EU is suggested the northern Oliver my PA, the single market in the Customs Union, so that there's no need for a hard border tourism. I said that this ridge dislocate, the UK part of the problem raised by the government, is big. Propped up by the gag of homophobia and learn, it takes a constitutional democratic unionist by whose tenant pays a record by her to keep a government upright bombing ass. I ought bright its standing out blast with all the confidence of shit faced by them, but if they always, he don't want any of you need Olenin, so she's kind of stock between a rock and a hard place, but stock in the same way that somebody stock, if they voluntarily decided to buy a house between the rock and well It couldn't be done. They said it shouldn't be done. They said it can't be done, but we are ploughing have because we already and if we ve what did they use a sledgehammer to crack ourselves in and out? There is no one, stop us sick Six months ago now announced this week marks exactly six months ago,
so I think the planets we shut our eyes on the twenty. Ninth mark TWAIN writing. Council: a hundred and when we open them again, it will be fifty six basis sat back and for future years it's over where work is progressing However, we are also Ngos dish a week is a long time in politics about. Six months is going to try to negotiate with the most complicated history from his meeting in Salzburg It does seem to resume his cunning strategic master struggle, having no cunning strategic merciful is no longer looking rather cunning. Strategic most extraordinary first appeared Europe has been really insensitive to our failings, as a nation are complaining, criticise, have been almost daily punishment. Bleatings range of top european figures TUSK said that tourism is proposed economic partnership with the EU,
won't work again. No one said Emily backing the work. We did not vote the work, that's no one ever said anything about things have is like saying this: haven't you sounded implausible is about belief, is not about reality or logistics, Emmanuel Macro, monsieur middle ground himself, accused practices of being in love as I said, this is even more true since they left the day after the vote so as not to have to deal with it. So What will they lies with I just about abandoning ship after Titanic. In its now first into the ice,
but all that sentence unfinished avoided why you have really committed to complete satire, because what guarantee a more complete that our breaks it than embarking on a course of action that you have completely forgotten to finish. It Eddie Orange, like a lot of great plan for a joke to be absolutely fair to tourism by who constitute the facial expression of someone who's walk through. One of my doll, farts is under pressure from a law of competing wigs of apply. storm of the shadow breaks it Secretary of the library is accused of being under the influence of the Eu Energy, which is a sort of hard right great within the conservative party, led by Victorian, go strike a very small and Kate case Davos. It it's the algae, tile, walking the dog. It's actually a lot worse than that, because it turns out that the title is alarmingly racist and the dog is essentially a canine. Doktor Strangelove are those that we should.
just point out that, just before we started recording too, clock on Friday, Teresa I want you to give a speech about a kind of response to these Salzburg conference. Thus Each was then delayed by fifteen ministers. Men start one forty five. It started colleagues, we started recording because there thy power failure in number ten, and at this point you ve got if you, tourism, by everything's, a guy like everything, is against to. If the, if you will being trapped by metaphors, you might just I'm about here there have been some talk about plots to unseat her. There was a leak Tory dossier, apparently of running the rule of potential replacement parts this is to replace, raise my either this afternoon at some point,
future most likely when she has taken to the vat to be humanely destroyed on the thirtieth of malice next year and that this dossier, I look to the pros and cons of the candidates of the only leaked version of the poorest Johnson prose as bad as Bashar Al Assad. Now that is where we stayed deprived, becomes a cavalry down the family shove Jacob re smoke prose is never slate a basket of puppies live on national television and only the privacy with one other pro completely Olive I'd be, Prime Minister. What the doors are looking for and also approve of, will shortly electoral crucial dead vote. Also in the wrong and running a moulding loaf of bread is being used. Less divisive and the human candidates had been too comes may become yet another authority to crumble and election. Benjamin Disraeli region
pros even dead. One hundred and thirty seven years at that's gonna play well with the electorate has experienced a proven winner. of the robbery home in eighteen, seventy four general. He has no baggage with the EU, these more in touch with today's young people with Jake a brief smoke. Also a came out of the british empire. So the perfect. until leads the forthcoming resumption, the absolutely unlikely to be accused of Anti Semitism. Well, that is a wonderful to jewish, makes other who, though, very very last, but we may struggle to challenge the Labour stronghold on that key actors in this instrument, I want to talk about the backstop plan, Joe, which I find cricket found that a long right, some make we greatly on me when I hear backs what, because the backs of long prevent backstop who was a failure that who stood behind the white paper to stop balls at when parcel
and this is a position that was essentially rendered obsolete by progress almost a hundred and fifty years ago, and we are now relying on this from that that would be able to raise a vase. Did the girl the reason I tarifa rendered obsolete by programmes the idea of tourism by having a tender profiles most alarming thing. Anyone there said? Well I'll, go one further. Imagine Boris Johnson of your ticket rifle! Thus I don't think I'll ever be able to summon interaction again The idea that you summoned them we describe the appropriate, relates deploy all time after teaches rip up. Every very few should be
What deployed in southern my hopes of the programme? at the end of the hall borders. Well, for those you don't know, the jargon some influential Montenegro nineties, australian cricket cash, you gonna, do I draw compromising when it all got his credit. I would like to note that There are forty one minutes in and still not through the first Former head of the European Central Bank says Briggs. It will have a bigger in economic impact on the UK than it will on the European Union, which is just makes similar The classic thing in a break up where you trust your ex boyfriend car and then realize the insurance contract is in your name. And people minded, particularly because, as long as it is also damaging Europe, then I'll go down very well with the british voters. This is its of aid.
in the same way that a cab causing pilot damages the shit out of me, you ve still come off words. You have lost through the ghost reminded the ship's absolute. Getting in speaking of it sexual assault news. Now the nomination process of trumps candidate to the Supreme Court Judge, Brett Cavenaugh, has reached a media frenzy crescendo in the last week, with publicity around allegations by Christine Blasi Ford that Cavenaugh sexually assaulted heard a high school party in the nineteen eighties, a denies the charges, but in an exciting twist, instead of agreeing that he didn't do it here, offenders are saying that even if he didn't do it, it was eight years ago. It's not such a big deal, he's only accused of holding down and put his hand over a mouth while he took his her clothes off and not anything really bad everyone should
Just calm down his young men and teenage boys are just kind of right, be anyway they all Jain Deputy. What how stupid stuff the communications resigned from Fox NEWS over sexual harassment allegations told CNN. We stand behind Judge Cavanaugh, one hundred percent, an odd move, their all seem to be relying on the classic criminal defensive. We can't stop holding people accountable for things they did in the past, lack of proven because a change in the legislation has occurred but because, if you start holding people to account the terrible things they did in the past, none of us are safe from being held to account for the terrible things we did in the past. Thing to remember about a rape or sexual accusation. Sexual harassment accusation is timing is vital. You have to remember if it happened in the past it in the past and back then ripe was actually finer was different, gives women want people yet and if happened recently, you don't want to ruin someone's future, so you can only really legitimately accuse someone of rape sexual assault, while it's actually happening unless they have a career to think, above all in the future.
In the few minutes in many ways. Worse, are you suggesting some sort of minority report style system while they have been? extremely strange logical that a minority report and these fifty one percent can help you mentioned yet also want to get involved in what given the current climate american politics about low interest in enforcing a thing called a minority report and the other two. On these vague realities catching up with your bullshit, because South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman opened in ITALY to buy on Thursday by making a joke about the cabinet exit accusations which, to begin with, is a bold gambit and also the joke. They mean costs. This is, the jug they said was. He said he was gonna, be light. He was nearly light because he was gonna have to be go back to Washington, because Ruth fight against work as come out and said that she was grubbed by Abraham, Lincoln like this- is how seriously Republicans attacking ripe allegations. They consider
and to be as serious as Abraham, Lincoln being a time travelling sex past. Using again. You think that this is a joint but cabinets friend doktor sensitive lawyer, he has said that it wasn't Cavanaugh and he knows because there was a guy in the same class who looked a lot like ours, and I think that it was more likely to be that guy who's know how a teacher genuinely that is. That is a thing if you ve got a situation where they can treat a coming, and I, they should have sexual assault. Like this I mean to be fair: we weigh costs that terms present a cake forget egg in a way that is president but I mean where do they go from like? Where can we come they possibly go from here? Are they gonna take the bull? side in the J F K a bit tell how nice it is predicted documentaries interesting so politically, is that cabinets nomination will would ensure
the conservative majority on the Supreme Court, for a generation according to experts. Now I am not an expert on the american political system, but the seams. not the most sensible way to run a powerful judicial institution, as essentially the political fight plaything for the whims of a president, particular not when your president is in when's terms. I certified what tromp herself, come out and said that he com is east, look defended cardinal, but then also he wants to hear recovery Trumpery way so to set out what we should do, he or she has to say, but he also said that he can't imagine it now, given some of the things that Donald Trump has managed to imagine, including Iraq Obama's fight birth certificate or the fact that you want the popular vote quite impressive, that he suddenly managed to shut down his imagination Well, I mean, isn't it
those things where they kind of need to do a case. It's a very serious accusation, but everyone seems to have picked aside. The already before anything has come out. There's so much news nowadays, which is pre news is poor. we need that. In a conversation about the Supreme Court, the I really think big ignored is due process. Like I mean I'm no lawyer, are you all right? I mean as us vehicles, legal expert: where do you stand on the whole trial? a surprisingly I'm pro bugle features action. Now the benefits of brevity help me yeah. We voted to France, news
I wish you all a resident correspondence on the lunatic right wing. Yes, and far right politician, Marine Le Pen has been ordered to take. Psychiatric test is part of sitting as part of an inquiry into her sharing images of Emma Islamic State Group. Atrocities on Twitter Le Pen is under investigation for distributing violent images, including pictures of the killing of American reported James Folly in December. Twenty fifteen and was strip parliamentary immunity in order to be charged with circulating, violent messages considered to incite terrorism or seriously harm human dignity. Le Pen, has refused to undergo the psychiatric tests. Tweeting pits. Just the court order and saying it was quote crazy: that's what They just called Eu Marine, and Just- and I know you are- but what am I to a court order
that changes in anti living ass. It sir this is this- is a really old storm, infra, stop it. I am, and without wishing to judge the count if you are a political leader and you find yourself being tempted whatever reason to post images of islamic state atrocities, then either you need to count to ten calm down and think is this helping all you need, preferably to count to zero, because you obviously shouldn't talking to him. Will you know marine pen translates in English as underwater quill no cease What are you thinking ago over a level keg of got over
compensate both of you now. I literally believe nothing becomes ourselves ones while summaries. It it'll be the correct that I now believe literally budgets. She she's rebranded, the party from the from natural now or national from the salary that is supposedly a little bit less hidden let us have called on law, national or national rally. Should boycott of gold lemme get the horizon. So what can they force out? Just like a psychiatric test? They conference, Well, that's what she said. She's like yours, it's like to see you force me to do it, but you know she's legally obliged to do so. The court can really I mean it's a court order if she doesn't obey she's in contempt of gold or she's agreed like they can they can do shit to punish for not doing, as does how
those are like a really terrible diseases light. It is take a psychiatric tears Medea like absolutely not pass. It's right side, you can't make me unless you have mine powers, do have my neither you nor the voices in my head. Like me, take the psychiatric tug of war, world leaders should be forced to take. Some so a psychiatric evaluation. I wonder what level setting the required tell mark, I think I think, to build I mean? Is it just looking at a rorschach tests ring if, the black bit stand out a little too much by coming for me, ok?
was on drugs news now of these programmes, so scientists now we ve got it. Numerous goes of scientists over the area. People not prioritizing there their scientific Risa gas crisis as well as they might for the benefit of humanity, and we would like to formally apologize off store, so so These have been freed. Drugs to octopus scientists have been giving ecstasy. The octopus is as part of a study on what happens. If you give a group of scientists, ecstasy and octopus is no apparently among other findings. Octopus get really hoagie and more willing to spend time with male of the bosses who octopus us
both genders generally avoid to be fair to that social norm. If my six pastel eight suction cup, lined prehensile boneless arms improved out their own faces, I'd avoid them to not that Octopus, sixpence, a male octopus, is it's just that the standard mating behaviour of the male greater blue ringed octopus, for example, is twofold: real potential made with the specially adapted sex arm colder Hector Silas, which would then thrust under their mantle to release it sperm That is one of a delay. Its aid revived ignoble study. Out of the universe. You, California, in two thousand three decided that that baby. Oh, that groping, is actually a way of determining whether the prestige prospective mate is male or female, which is definitive scientific proof that people will always find excuses for uninvited plus is now Supream
What come on you're not even allowed to flirt anymore. You know if I get bored I'll eat my own arms gonna be responsive aside at my head, Karen Shadow, why Republican said to bring up Octopus under caused the bags workers? I try to rush gabbler through lemon. so fantastic thing to know that, in a time when science is in crisis, sixty percent of peer reviewed studies can't be replicated in the existent slash. Desirability of fact, is in question among the highest echelons of society is really good to know that we have our priorities straight the government in particular study, wasn't just to see if Octopus is could get high spoiler, I can, but it was also to probe whether Octopus is kind of friendly, able where they have the capacity for friendship and apparently that's that's true, city to get that they like feel up their sides of the thing and they touch each other up and it's all so it will be so the only but simply have the capacity to fulfil.
when they are no longer fit How do I change my takes the form I have other sojourn at putting up out books in its own way, the real test, Leviticus songs, songs, meeting other research on the effect of drugs on sea creatures. They claim that the barricade don't heroin, often enough homeless, and with no money. Up to an marijuana, become paranoid about tens and if you give psychedelic drugstore wars, it hallucinates. That's that it's a member, beat losing an ironical. If you feed point into human drama drug addict, it's there, they start to communicating.
Noting that we noises fearful next. The next phase of the study is to give the octopus glow sticks until the light was Gazeta. If they give you the ecstasy, have they experimented on what happens when you stop lying loud right? I think we're gonna. For a grand in annex six like we all did. A lot of us is like this. On born slope, listen to roll back were set up personas news now alone to places of important breeders, news, The first message to everyone thinks there penis news is bigger and those are the first When I was nine days. Of translation.
listen another. These pages, the insurrection might save a little bit small, but it is called the moment in the first place, latest news, daisy callbacks, Prince at a quick drove Batman state in view of the the do bad, dubbed the ballade written by broken as a rather with by labour. My boss, payments is visible. Really he gets back to the buyer cave removes is that same under which it turns out the whole time. Batman has been going full commando at see clearly the outlines of Batman, Peters too quick fix here. Firstly, Batman is packing. And secondly, for people who have been following writing about how bad but is it inherited conservative superhero, especially in the iteration, founded the crest of a viable and trilogy films? Batman pay
lanes alarmingly to the right mean that puts a new meaning on the phrase, fighting fear with fear daisy, I was imagining said: the subsequent, This is likely to be rising. The painters was it a trauma, decide quickly man's Dick Otto. Really humanizes at Bay does a moment what about his balls Eliza like well as will anytime soon I'll show you, eventually she got it right here, You just see the outline of the the dick brought but but nobles. Ok, I mean that is see circumcised. aggressively tapered, the authority. Coins is possible. The Batman made he circumcised right on that would explain in order for to change their family family doctor.
after they move from hunger and the other. Please, Peters news is a villa there's not much to add to the story. It's literally jester chips who is the University of Colorado Bump Buffaloes Moscow, who is a buffalo himself in his penis in testicles whither. Take cannon nothing was allowed to go to obsolete only one of the greatest eggs and ever seen in my life, he was that's why the teacher caught it wasn't fiery turns out. He added the wrong way round. He shot himself in the growing, had to be stretches of monitoring it was cleansing, wasn't as it did on Moussa TAT to me was a very important piece of science which, in an investigation into the correlation between human sympathy for someone else's injuring whether all that person is dressed him girls
didn't seem to be getting a huge amount of free from the assembled assemble masses for firing. A teacher, high speed and power into his into his his his buffalo junk now, and I mean, judging by the sheer amount of video evidence available. What seem to happen was it happened, other people, it baby, they gotta Commerce outside Milburgh lender. What I mean there are more angles on this than the Kennedy is not an isolated, absolute lay a believable. Will I mean you know, I think, is a terrible thing. We ve got anti mascot discrimination. Am I not a buffalo My balls not hurting, I'm sure that's patient lock of our first. They can, Moscow decks and they came.
But that men suffer on this item. Ask those. Last last weekend I was doing BBC radio coverage of the twenty twenty county cricket Finals day and I have to compensate on the mass got rice. I agree that man's got residents easily county cricket its run around an obstacle course. Each person side on by twenty three thousand drunk treatment, and I'm pretty much the hollow my broadcasting coming here. What's who won it was won by the Fox Leicestershire Fox forget his full name was impossible. But that was summoned a huge amount of injustice and it just in terms of the the facility of running indifferent Moscow outfits, the other side
I could barely see. Is the less the fathers wearing trainers operating spreading room. Look I'll, go thou, invest unless one of them computation account into the uninvited, is in our interests watching this, this That means the picture the buffaloes become one of the great met with has been a lot of mess for talks with the matter. Call for our failing western world person pretending to be something there not inflict Unnecessary entreat you to ranking competence, I mean for us in Britain right now little. a little too close to the bona fide. Ladies and gentlemen,
drew no eight now James from Edinburgh Rights, the Anti Christian, whoever is John Standard. The screen of aid This is by the way, our allies, this podcast, as there is legal down. My wife just bought a cape as a pregnancy jacket. Eyes. Any true, loyal, buglers went on spontaneous pun, run, including references to Cape Canaveral, the Cape of good hope and the note keeps phrase from the incredible she? Then didn't say malignant, claiming that in her emotionally fragile state ponds would do more
That is an automatic ninety I need to get pregnant about. The total were forthcoming. Fill those this automatically go me golden buglers stages. Making a pregnant woman cry through palms may no escape ha ha ha ha ha, yes, I'm not gonna. Do it. If you- and I together make one John Oliver banks being the top I have well, there are being all of the incidents that described me as John all of us, but who are motivated to when when when my wife was pregnant, we were given- and I guess, palms during pregnancy- and there must be a very, very careful in no uncertain terms from a Deborah
I'm an american living in shuns in China. I'm getting used to people staring at me, I'm a widely, did he smiles the strangest, a total widow and who are not only on go about? My local Starbucks and it's your fault. I was listening to the play away, bonus episode and adjusted a mouthful of coffee when I got to the joke about niches, erection, Andy's, quick, Kenny, Roger some wait. One of either. A vote is an intolerable without referring liberalising spartan, coffee, older, my dress, muslim or of alone. I love that chinese people in front for me. This is where the risks reviewed, but but deal to spread the Bible in China. We need more people in China. splitting coffee on the absolute layer cheek, I think that sorry, man, I've, already hopes. I think
I saw him and only to learn, sorry and many more languages. He didn't do you remember coming in to hollow buglers, thereby able broadcast dot com well, we ve other again. So that's concludes this week's this, which we don't forget to come to the shows in India Calcutta on the thirty four September Bangalore the first October, Mumbai second October, I'm into runs on the twentieth of October, where doing people live, shows in sulphur on seventeen October, Dublin on the eighth of October and London unfolding their November. Any further questions plugs I've got it all. I've done touring theirs. I mean other thing. This is gonna go out before then butter narrow, I mean if you're looking too may be said of sound camp. There's gonna, be
by the back of my new poor, GIG Darlington Darlington Depot have resolutely refused to boy to my vibe. If you, if you do know about over a hundred fifty people What does he shouted? Darlington exiled I send of alarm and other because there are not just announced a load of today's four January February March. There all alone website? Mr Mulder, Coda UK My trilogies available online three one hour show is regarded as one three. Our show, if you listen to it on cans, is like this call surround sound thing that has been done for comedy before and die. That's doesn't like me any money, but it's nice you'll be able to see our featuring in this year's the certified. We shall be doing so our data from the eighteenth of December until the sick, the January they ended the plugs. That's it we're on
We have to go away and think about what is happening to the planet. Watts seafood next, this super he cycle tropic substances until next time you loose goodbye Well, I've run by other spy by nature by an easier drew.