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Andy is with Alice Fraser and Aditi Mittal* to discuss how much someone should smile, including women and terrorists, Trump's right to lie and and anti corruption versus anti corruption.


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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world than welcomes you, four thousand and eighty five of the Bugle Orient newspaper who I visual world we Monday twenty nine October. Twenty eight and these Ozma had already forty former thirty seven year old by formally uncommonly from Britain and what else I jump. You say why as a one off you say: there's no real, laissez faire voice. As you, I am, as is the case in other than joining still hiding out in the most popular lethargy. Don't have a spare in the world billion people Calvary be it's for the first time. As an agency, I wish hello. Yes, I've, an anti now my brother, this had a child, and I am so happy, she's, very cute and
I publication took up. The two large groups have not happened. Well, sir, I'm very much. We actually high point of view. Magicians thing I do will never get any better listen injurious from a boy, India for them I saw him on a regular people. Having done I like people- and I just awful ass- is I with love hello, everyone, how we AUS India. You know it's it's crazy! It's chaotic! You remember that the heart mess I was telling you about last time. It still here, if you really nothing so well this is: people, four thousand and eighty five. Coincidentally, the number of Legs Donald Trump claim to have when you went, went a fancy dress party last week, dressed as a very realistic centipede, also currents also forth ass. if I was the car number of things breaks, it was officially all about
The directive was all about writing from immigration, self determination and being allowed to buy. one can shout passengers without being hauled before the European Council in Brussels on human rights, abuse, judges, arrangement, Two, I beg. I protest against the local and Mps fighting the twenty second of June twenty. Sixteen a punishment for naughty grandchild, drawing Norma Irreplaceable nineteen twenty families over with an indelible mark upon, and, of course it was all about stopping Assyrians from taking over. In polish, we are calling on the twenty sixth of October twenty eight. in making this the historic one hundred and fifty seventh anniversary of the pony Express official Ceasing operations. Are the pony express a for only eighteen months and it was a trends, continental communication system involving ponies struggle, which cuts the communication summit in EAST goes. Usa in West goes USA down from twenty five days to
Only ten days longer ponies in real life, it would cost to introduce money, a hundred and thirty dollars to send half an ounce of male replacing costly. Forty bucks to send your Grannie in California or a postcard saying, have an ice time doors his house, I wasn't cheetah bridge again, I loved the pony, Express lost it on a year and a half, but surely now out and fifty seven years It is time to ask where we premature as a species in shutting down the track, because things are not that much lower than I electricity they transcontinental telegraph became operational, this week in the same year, eighteen sixty one and also slower than subsequently trains and aeroplanes, because with today's technology you can have a hoarse voice I believe my your message to someone on the other side of the youngest America on a video link and far more horses could physically transport package
New York City, the San Francisco and under an hour, if you might especial special magnetic levitation horse tube allergies, brain the Party express if the EU has any legacy, which is very, very doubtful or do obviously reservation the pony express as many live donkey. tube force on this date. Exactly a hundred years ago, nineteen eighteen Stonehenge was given to the british by their own or settle job, so became public rounded and look at. It is typical of what happens when a nationalist, something it's an absolute mess of serious Navy disrepair. Doesnt work anymore, as he knows you ever try to use it as a whole. it has a leaky roof prototype at least give it like a point to make it look like is up to the job had bought Stonehenge three years previously at auction, whereas a risky thing to buy when you say, is an auction as a thing at an auction, I mean why risk
He was just because I've got they didn't have gone home explaining it. I was listening it to your family. There I mean MRS job responding now tonight, whether we gotta put it delivered him dollar. Most subtle cannot go in the living room. How Obviously the television, if there's a engine, the one line up right, you will at least be able to watch the tv through the hinge on Midsummer night, and they have been so many videos that have come after you know, I mean there's metal, bizarre steel. I can't believe they haven't been hinges and those materials and MR job didn't go for those like he went for like stone really know that someone was absent, cutting edge of high technology in those days. I didn't think, MRS Job would have been that angry at him. Honestly. She has to have loved him to have taken his name, but so one hundred years of stone
just be known by the british people, search switch mines, partly Oscars crises of Michael. I do to certain technical issues. You know he meant to by tabling chairs ass. We went by ocean less always the way with somebody else yeah. Well, it's just that they put it right near the cashier. Can't resist ends so more So we we each out ten point three grams of Stonehenge Specific, We go claimants what you called, British, I love you. I love. You arrived only some sections of the brutal going straight in the Bin. It's Halloween next week the festival commemorating when Jesus turned a chicken into a skeleton just by cookie anything. It was one of his lesson. pressing miracles, but still he was only small. I know hallowing section in the Bin we review the latest hallowing music, including the recently released novelty, hallowing single. I wish it could be Halloween everyday haunting ray
fucking by the Nazis, empties glam, rockers, wizard of nineteen seventy three hit. I wish it could be Christmas everyday, very, very frightening, various Halloween hymns that doing the rounds of this very sacred christian Festal, including owed, These will give us the ungodly treat for not shall the devil cast his trick. Lord, of me a wholly pumpkin, unlike meaning that it will be there and envelop My solar Lord, in the novelty fake spider's web of thine, perfect love. We give you advice on how in customs we help you to choose the most terrifying costume that you can dressing for Halloween this year. including how to make a costume of a u in intergovernmental panel on climate change report were accustomed to future in general or even a costume. Representing the declining popularity of tests. Much cricket We advise you also on cheap and easy Halloween for parents save money, but still terrify your children. Don't waste money on fancy, dress, costumes, scary problem- simply leave the radio one with a news bulletin.
Running. Well, you children, I'm gonna, get to sleep, not just gave a little bastard shitless them the its falling on the thirty first October this year. Halloween rumours are suggesting that the international society commercially driven suit. Our vessels could soon announced that it will put the date of Halloween up for auction other days and months of the could seek to muscle in on the mob monopoly held by the thirty first October and its american counterpart October. The thirty first the recovery Balfour said we ve had bids table from the fifth of The seventy five August signal genuine, of course, the thirty first Malta has been big rival, the first of November we could even look at spitting, hallowing that twenty five minute chunks to be spread throughout the world of work for the shareholders that section in the bay
Andy the thing about hallowing Costumes- is that the common thread, particularly for women's costumes, is no matter what the costume is. It has to be sexy, but sexy bus driver got sexy, double trompe got sexy shock. He got sixty vampire, which means the thing that People generally in common, seem to find the scariest is young women, sexual empowerment. Is absolutely verified, terrifying, I have to admit I just I got to know about Halloween only like about five or six years ago, so I'm still relatively new to the concept Bart. We sort of had a little bit of illegal Halloween bodies happening in the upper echelons of indian society, and, let me tell you, as like I was I was behind the car, where a guide dress as a mummy got stopped for drunk driving, and you don't understand how dare to fight every
one guy came out to do his breath. Eliza test they just let him go he's is do all they do day. Top story this way smiling, is to be banned. In any event for indian Apple place, but could display the start at the end of the smile for humanity These central industrial security force has instructed port police to smile less yes day. In charge of aviation safety, the central Industrial Security force and EVA. They said that they going to move from a quite broad smile system to a quite sufficient, smiled, vanishingly small, sufficient spouses.
has been perfected by women on public transport at night, who need to hit the exact smile brightness. That says, I'm smiling enough that you don't need to tell me to smile more without, without heeding the feed. Free just follow me off the train levels of smiling other people who a good at the sufficient smile level. Our is lemme men who have to smile enough that you don't worry that they gonna terrorist, but not so much that you assume thereabout to terrorist acts, Then you have to small enough that you don't think they can punch you, but not too much. Do you think they can follow you off the train. I mean, I think I think the c I a Csf has got something I bet onto something odd, because Zalm, I mean terrorists. Don't caused terrorism are raging inequality. The growth of extremist part through religions are doesn't caused. Terrorism are barred the smiles, the smiles. I think we ve managed to sort of get to the root of it all its these. It's these people
getting they beat ah and making people comfortable. Ah, that's the problem area and they were the director general of the central Industrial Security force explains the that is that this new rulings- and we cannot be over friendly, with passengers, because one of the reasons cited as to why nine eleven happened, several lines on passenger friendly feature. We would prefer some passenger unfriendly features like we should call it insecurity chair Every time you like go, go with your luggage, that's like hey, you know, remember your mom loves yoke, rather more than you and all your kind of fat, I'm just let you go through. I think that I don't They would leave everyone like no one wants to patronize people off, but that should make our thinking about how your mother loves you another more than your leg, Andy travel a lot. I travel a lot and I have no money ever gone through an airport and thought that was
to nice and ex behind the sobering. What would it have stopped? no I've ever had the terrorists turned up when I arrive day and found apples. looking grumpy a radical bouncing off. Maybe just that the amount of resources that they needed to pour into the system to make people even smile, a little bit were being drawn away from other important airport. Functions of the thing is as as someone who has not been a debt. It is so far Let me tell you that
friendliness has not made me wonder. Do it also that that might be something that they want to consider that when a guy smiled at me, I wasn't like you know I was a normal person before this, but let's blow this clean up. I never thought of that. I am here. Is my question. Ok, my question as I do nobody bodies we that this is the most sort of out their demonstration of the fact that airport security is nothing but a territory like you're like oh, you know, take out your water bottle. Take out your Juno backpack take out your shoes goes like this. first, one's carried stuff in his water bottle in his back back in his shoes, but, like doubtless thought nostalgic, you know I'm saying like a mother shoe bombing. Let's do one of those again I just I just like this. The smile is that, if not the biggest problem the the Csf said they want. They start to be more vigilant than friendly, which you also coincidentally, a phrase. I always income.
and my online dating programme for their romantic Barton alluded to. This don't tell her what she does nevertheless, eagerly pretend to have online dating profile solution movement, but it does raise an interesting question that just the whole concept of smiling in the world is that is that too much of it because it costs the global economy. According to the World Foundation, for public drunkenness, smiling costs global economy. Thirteen point you try in dollars, productivity or have the report here, various exit from the ports. Monica Only two people wistfully thinking back to happy times in my life you're thinking about something for my group plan for the weekend in setting gotta get instead of getting on with our job whipping hard working families, those other logically smiling, could not only reflect but also exacerbate feelings of contentment which dulls the your ambition on competitiveness,
He didn't even ambitious competitive economy. Moreover, reasonable. If you look happy, research has proved the autocratic governments alike. Likely design more multi billion dollar arms sales contracts with the then, if you look like you're the kind of cold I'd commercial driven genocide tolerated, they wish to associate with economically yet smiling banning smile. we could save the planet. I mean Andy, I never realized they had so much economic power. I spend ninety percent of my tongue giggling likes. We feel ready it's not about in the in America. Did this week there has been a lot of talk about the excessive amount of anger we ve had the the pipe bombs and to target ranging from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. Yet with a lot of it, in between the level of investment, not a big right, but also a lot of other people and a lot of them into high pitched response. As you,
expect from whoever did and why they did it. They manage to be both deeply sinister and, it must be said spectacularly, the competent, so a true it'll Donald Trump was so appalled by the pipe bombs that he retweeted MIKE benches tweet about grief stricken. He was by the Sultan his present precious nations, precious democracy that he could not see through the tears in his eyes, even to type anything into the presidential twitter machine, a brutal tragedy, the lack of the tweet, not the piper. Clearly, America's D, I did country divisions can be crowbar open over issues as minor. Apparently minor is what sources you're allowed to put on a hot dog whether or not you that designated Hitler in baseball haven't and what it was the Abraham Lincoln kept under his hat was a rabbit. Was a table? Wasn't it other. Smaller have really does a ghost outfit. Just in case, we will We will never know, but
even the same stuff you before brought, everyone and Donald Trump came out, saying what we must be unified as a nation, and then within minutes was by riding on the Rhine also receive division, galloping anger, internet paddling, pool of civil discourse cracking up and having a go at the press as yours night follows day, in other words, with a short interval in which people think it'll definitely be nighttime soon is seventy weaken happened without You'd think that pie bombing you political opponents would be one of those things. We could all agree on this as as being bad away, Finally, I should like to say that, apparently I do there was not only thing on his on a strictly break. This week has had to take out some some time from is busy schedule to call. an unknown middle eastern us were mixed in amongst the caravan of refugees heading towards America. From
to America via Mexico, in search of a better life in the grand tradition of the vast majority of people who now live in America, drummed tweeted. criminals and unknown Middle Eastern, as are mixed in based on the evidence. There being no evidence that criminals and anomalies in the Pacific were mixed in criminals and unknown middle Eastern is, of course, as another. Decent summary. The new testament for my jewish point of view Trump later admitted there was no proof these claim that there is proof of anything, but they could very well be. Now now the fishes philosophic I didn't mean that could very well be proof at it. Just have me, found it. They could very well be these unknown middle Eastern. As ever. I could very well be proof that is a fantastic legal precedent. Your honor, there is no proof of defending committed described, but they could very well, be. If there was anything, I've got a guilty guilty if he meant tat I will be unknown Middle EAST Us, which
oh you may then you social group, you may make so far more inclusive or are we not all? At least in our judeo Christiana com? Was article world you masons What does he mean that there are people who do not yet know the Middle Eastern, or but who will one day the USA find themselves in the Middle EAST and become middle eastern us I mean all we not all Alice and a dating potential. unknown Middle EAST. I mean in some ways yes Andy, but you have to respect from for his willingness to back down from, his previous position? This is actually a much less racist position than the initial. They are all rapists position right now. It's all it's all who we have no proof and old, some of them. Probably unknown Middle EAST minutes, so that you do. You think this is a major step forward here. Incredibly, was so much more open, hearted was good to hear
Also, I think a common vision argument is that there should be an element of presidential privilege that if an american president can issue pardons duty, convicted guilty. Surely, logically, he should all. we also make up proof against the innocent. He cannot do you like it. I mean I would argue that only because we're running at a studio, guitar Ah, India NEWS Now- and this is a spectacular story for fans of indian corruption- is a topic that we ve with we discussed considerably since will end of Avenant DD started doing it the people the director of the Central Bureau investigation in India, is investigating the he's number two special director of the Central Bureau of Investigation who, in turn has accused the director of the Central Bureau of Investigation of corruption,
at eighty, can you explain further now the guy that is currently the special director of the c b, I ah, who was a very, very big guy, said a far wider. The favorites of our current prime minister has been accused of bribery and corruption by businessman ah saw the director of the c b. I decided to launch an investigation against this special director of the c b I and then the special director of the c b. I go on to accuse the director of the c b. I feel for the same thing, and so right now, I'm leaving its good option. Judges for you, corruption, charges for you, corruption, charges for everybody as Oprah would see, and what this has ended him. What this has ended in is that a c b I
has evaded the c b. I join the United States Senate classics by both the supply situation, where, like there is more goes each other. Some one in the room has fought. But nobody is opening up to where the smell has come from. That's what's happening with the c right now for vividly put I believe this really that the logical end point of indian corruption when the central pillar of investigation and his death is actually his deputy, ah invest creating an accusing each other of corruption. There isn't really know where left for it to go from here. Not only that's what I think, one of my favorite things about this like on New India. My favorite thing is that we all sort of all about following procedure than about you know getting the stuff done as opposed to like I mean to deeds, accusing each other off of corruption,
in one of the most powerful institutions in the country is hilarious, because all the procedures and everything is followed to the tea all the time. But there seems to be no justice that comes out of it and I think that's that's what it is that we will follow every single procedure to be, but if it, if it means actual results, don't bother us corruption, jobs. That's what everybody I mean is this like, for example, prohibition in America where everyone's doing in any way, maybe we need to start to having a serious conversation about the legalization and regulation of corrupt? You know that's the thing, and so now I'm so many businesses like rubbing were India has been dying to become the sort of new lines of business, and so we keeps putting ourselves answered on top of charts and lists of ease of doing business and are one of the things that has come out very clearly. Is that now businesspeople are being told how much money the factory in,
To give away from this is that the school, if you, if you like wanna, come in with an investment of say one hundred grows, you are tall straight up that you just put aside fifty grows, because there's gonna be bombs to Greece in the middle I mean this so many greasy palms in India. It's a wonder that anyone can pick anything up without eyes, as even though Andy said last time. It's just the fact that any thing gets done is pretty crazy and one of the things that has come out really that if this thing is that this is less about the c b, I as an institution, but it's about the rule of law and that sort of collective confidence in fairness and justice is what I think has taken all mass
they ve beating right now, when we are watching our top institutions like point fingers at each other, like their five years old in Catholicism and Computer Games news now, the Pope has recommended a new game which promises to get young people to go to church is based on put em on like a game medication and it's cold. Follow J C go, it would happen. is the players instead of hunting for poke among these the hunt for religion. These figures and they visit churches they they collect saints. So, for example, You know you get a plane in phrase, Francis of Assisi, and then you have all of him to become a sense. Francis of Assisi and finally, Saint Francis of Assisi, see you get a cent nicholas and then you have all him into Santa Claus and then eventually evolves to become your dad and then you fight.
Against each other and eventually they join palace like make his odd from the power ranger than than the rapture happens, and then they, I don't know the rapture. Opens the door to Heaven with its tiny arms what a clever girl and then they win the game and become an atheist. I dont know Andy, I don't know anything about programme on. I don't know anything about Catholicism, but what it Does sound? Is super dorky? That's what everyone else. Member made one. The developers of the games had everything today. Language and relations among young people go through smartphones and when you think about its more funds are essentially just very, very efficient pocket gods. They are only present now or mislead about your movement, your temptations, basically your thoughts. They demand money. If you want the best service very much my running through history, I may even sometimes genuine, unnecessarily long journeys and bizarre directions taken way more times and they showed its uncanny uncanny. The similarity between these technology yeah. I'm developing a candy crush like apt that prince, like dolls,
Hail marries a lineup over Hale marries many sins disappear. First of all, I got believe they didn't call it Bobby Maun, no blue beard. You know, in fact, this combination of technology with evangelize nation is what many religions are going for. These days are any also. We have something or does indeed mean io gap where every time there is brand service at the Temple, they live stream it. On this up I mean I, I think it's great. I think that the combination of knowledge, the combination of technology with vines innovation, is really going on. But what throw me off is when sometimes you'll see a guy who block german look at my leg on live streaming. Jesus audio and then, when he closes his like conform with the many good as homepage, whenever it right next to his born, you know at least keep the two separately. I understand that both at a weed gourd one coming one going, but that is not appropriate.
Here too. I don't do this and the thing that worries me the most about the combination of evangelize Asian, which technology is the fact that what happens when your phone battery, the Pope has described the internet as a gift, a gift from gold of TIM Berners, Lee feeling good about that.
Gotta come as do go to someone said, but the polluter warned against against technological overreach. She said in island earlier the early this year. It is important that the media and never become a threat to the real web of flesh and blood relationships by imprisoning us in a virtual reality, but surely virtual reality is developed, preferable, modest colony, pausing for real reality. I am also is not. The whole history of religion is essentially imprisoning paper in a virtual reality is not, though I am worried,
How in other computer games news now read dead redemption has been released. It cause. I know you ve been following me, see the evidence and to that of young actually other than that. My finger on the pulse of these things. It's not a pulse. It's a little button control. All right, I can't joystick they haven't pulses, now get some kind of comes over the pulse film real, the visually computer guy made by all accounts. I staggering regression of nineteenth century America and, if done from wins a second term and unleashes Vous full vision for the USA at May. Well turn we are staggering migration of mid twenty four Central America as well. I gotta go to night. I should amazing realistic. My first go. I died of it must set up a by horse. My third go us trapped in a lovely marriage and suffocated by the social expectations of an Christians
fourth girl had to earn some money in the games. We're gonna job in a textile Melvin spend the rest of my life before dying. Younger respiratory illnesses. I'm quite Macedonia I did manage to cheat mode to game is very exciting, I got a boat to England. I intend to the eighteen eighty two oval tests match between England and Australia. I poisoned the star astride incriminate. They used off Bowler Fred, the demon spottled, who of course was as it has certainly would not be voting, look into that a famous said as much. Eighty two turned a harrowing immediately into a glorious, comfortable victory by eight with its soul. What you do technology in cross, brought news now what news will crop for drug crops structural? If According to public health, England, every four minutes he gathered crotch rural couldn't folk. You said,
You said think of us nappy, hidden him. Snappy headline could not, but that's my password to my back. in in sexually transmitted infections, news now better. According to public health, England, every form is young. Brit is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection, which has got to be stressful. One young bridge Rocco aka seriously. Chlamydia civilization by twenty percent gunnery is up by twenty two percent, and while AIDS is no longer the death sentences once was ass, the eyes remain an incredibly unpleasant thing, with a gross long term effects for people with access to tender, and it's weird that their being recklessly negligent about whether the shoving one up there. All the figures, come out as part of a social media sexual health campaign, which highlights the importance of the EU. Using protection to prevent a range of long term health conditions such as infertility, arthritis, an employee Andy lumpy flaps it you will have done those and spiky peace. Lumpy flaps action
I don't know yet I eighteen eighty two began to challenge it: yeah They them even recruited SAM Thomson, star of made in Chelsea recruited him as part of this campaign to viz boss and clubs, to talk to young people about the importance of safe six, which, if you don't who did he's doing that is part of a campaign, is gonna, give drunk teenagers some horrifying ideas. That attitudes in bars wished to be fair, says same noble end, but so that fifteen twenty four age group, I won dogmas, every form and withdraw suggest we indulging ourselves irresponsibly with regard to the consequences and indeed no regard for a long term view. despite having been repeatedly warned about it and being offered alternative courses of action,
becomes involved in Britain and why we are all one s. The eye is diagnosed in every young Brit, every four minutes, which I think one is either an incentive to not ever have sex again or due to completely stopped going to the doktor, because if they dont diagnose you, you will never know and then- and I guess the problem that is happening is that now in fact, genes are becoming drug resistant and saw recently they uncovered a case of what is called super gonorrhea of which I feel like makes it actually sound like something. People would want to other british news, but there's been a pitch battle: Alice between peace, Morgan, Thea, fictitious former newspaper James Bond legal Effect
spy. Yes, it's men scandal news not to be confused with man. Sandal news man, sandals, adjust sandals that men were and are absent any sort of scandal unless you're wearing them insults, in which case why you ve just sort of ad hoc invented shoes anyway, in man. Scandal. News peers Morgan, has incited the rage of the nation by impugning the masculinity of Daniel Craig for carrying his own baby, whilst alternatively, being a man at the same time as having placed played games bonded some movies in the past. He posted Pavarotti Pick of Daniel Craig. The comment o double o: seven, not you as well cash tag, Papoose, Hashtag, emasculated bond, implying that carrying your own baby in a baby, a carrier is a job that should only be performed by Lady Dad's, a k, moms Laddie Daddy's, a k man months, but always carrying a baby masculine being idle understand, is when did having your like somebody who squeeze
start or child form whole body for you and you having to hold it to your chest, be like that most emasculating thing you ve ever done, and what speakers Morgan's definition of masculinity, I'm just kicking children. Real men carry their babies by the Scruff of Annex like wolves and refusal technology for convenience from the war. The toilet paper, the flexibly effect running water, is also mentioning, as you said, that Daniel Craig is an act and not actually double o seven, it's impossible for him to be double or seven, because James Bond is a fictional and be a horrible asshole and see cannot have children because all the women he sleeps with either die or betray him, and also they are also all fictional. I understand, sir,
appears Morgan to understand that distinction cause. He is also a fictional asshole born in the man. Looked in the mirror once and thought. Oh god I may sleazy jerk. How can I monetize this and also to all the women he sleeps without also or fiction? Your emails now underscoring from Andy Richer in Florida. On the subject, marine pilot traced folic shape in the sky, and this is one of the many do not a unique story this. But I am U S. Marine pilot flew in the shape of the male genitalia in in the sky and Andy says as along on biogas. Another story will pick your interest and I'm in unclear. The people have been failing in chronicling the heroic efforts of human beings to draw Willie's in places where they were previously known and
The sky is clearly an open canvas. I mean yeah, I'm surprised, it hasn't been done more and more often given the relatively I mean you can get running on group on these days. I dont wanna see more not just penises but but flaps and bits of old, Times across the spectrum of gender. I mean we will know. We have reached true equality when someone draws a micro penis in the clouds, that's something towards which we can all raise our faces to the sky and think well. At least desert thin cynisca trials are countries improving police in the sky will he's a quick Tipp if you can't afford a sky writer Council, glaciers are what do you make of them? Yes, we did discuss it on the beetle court. Recently everything a reserve.
Everything looks like happiness if you look at it long enough in the wrong way, but must be consolation that we could be called Henry VIII Aids Culpable just three thousand programme. This email is from Christopher White, whose dear Andy and dot dot niche Alice. Let's go with Nick. You Andy you, Chris Vacuum, created by different groups different Chris, your work, but maybe. As you are probably aware, someone not naming names Chris Fatah broiler with the place beat of episode sold for o eight three on sound cloud and as ass, it appeared to me at one and a half, speed these lustrous Chris I mean you are clearly a master of the audio arts. What what what what happened without cod? say for the record, you, the world, If I was up for about four and a half minutes yet
and yet somehow everyone who put that back. That is the version that going to everyone's things. It was four and a half minutes. It was play not one point two for speed, because that's what I was listening back to the last day of cock imbalance that you were talking about I'll just stayed out my final lesson, something goes wrong. I notice immediately and change it. twitter my weekend and I admit that we have signed it extremely stressful. It was the end of a very stress awake, bear in mind that guy's episodes, it with me, while I thought at an airport man just now and ended with that bullshit. India, whose services email these guys Chris herself to pull him no, it's It's a terrible think. As I already spoken about one and a half space these.
unintentional returning to the email. These unintentional not was a stroke of poorest genius, sir you go, you fucked him too early curtains. Firstly, it made everyone sound like that inhaled enough helium to float a blue fastened to the moon, thereby tightening the company, but it also made creases anecdote about his daughters passport, all the more ironic as he actually sounded like a four year old girl. It also help Dickens Hence the issue, many I could fit my intake of the bugle more easily into my schedule. Like a soup, some trade truth bomb. I recommend all future episodes be made available to be goes. It that's be to increase their bugle life balance. Yours Chris Guardsman seems really only appropriate. Now, though, to democracy, we should reach broadcast the entire people, some of whom there are one point to force page. That's what one million per year to force anyone to four million speaking just in that respect, Such things are much bigger than most of us great bitch in Africa. Gloria
I think I'll. Contrary we should do everything it half speed from now on, release it and take over people's lives by making them listened to the bugle for longer, Duke Edward, most coming in to Compare didn't you confused players, you re most coming in to hello, be was at the bugle podcast dot com. Will. That concludes this week's technologically challenged bugle, I do hope you ve enjoyed hypocrites good luck with the edit. It's our sanctions thank you so much for having me Andy, it's a glorious, as ever. Germany shows it to another. I I but we do I'm doing old road. I think this Monday, I'm seeing in London and or my trilogies available online, and also I do upon Gaskell Tee with Alice, also have a new nace, also be doing us a hush. Oh yes, you're good. The point here, maybe December
tell the fifth or sixth generators bull pocket of his there. The third instalment of my certified history series this this year, reflecting on the twenty eighth being scammed, glorious. It's gonna, be absolutely sensational the definitive on arguable history of this crazy crazy. Last year I had three hats, I'm happy for more. If I the pound for every dollar vessels. They listen to what I would like say thank you to a data but she's no longer on the other end of the line. So well thanks a dvd for listening to expect very much for your contribution, listening vigorous until next on good bye.