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Ross and Rachel – Bugle 4099


Andy is in America, and this episode is mostly Brooklyn, with a little DC.

In focus this week, the Brexit countdown and why it's like Ross and Rachel, plus Michael Cohen's testimony, and secret microphones.

Features a fine debut from Josh Gondelman and the usual family fun from Alice Fraser.

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Hello, buglers and welcome to issue for found a ninety nine of the bugle, I'm Andy's ultimate and wonder about here. of the first few shows all the Bugle America tool we began in Brooklyn then to Washington, DC and then Boston Chairs, and we ve already being to Providence Rhode Island, which was an absolute delightful shout to night as article what I'm in your family Massachusetts would you might get too if you listen to this very quickly, and I have a time machine then, on the third of March, its Philadelphia for the marshy cover the fifth Minneapolis, the sixth and seventh Poland, the San Francisco and the twelve LOS Angeles, see all at all. If Thou shalt there you live shows coming soon in Scotland, Glasgow and a roman nineteenth and twentieth of March, also under the special free not run off, suffers for high at the South, dated twenty six to the twenty eighth of March. These off breaks. It special shows all the outweigh any questions on bread.
very or otherwise to the best of my ability to work together with the other side closer to the top. So here are some of the choices bit from those three. Then it didn't wanting this joke fishermen Those are the points that Greece we had a thing out:
the view of EU label for a visual viewers. Please don't do this by these. Also, like you thanks thrush british, they started to sound sarcastic now hollow LOS Angeles, sorry, Brooklet, sorry, sort of always go those mixed up.
that's what I'm going to stream with nineteen fifty place. Joke gave the crowds what they once so If you are allergic to sporting references, I suggest you take a powerful antihistamine now this is the first LIVE bugle ever to take place. I on the EAST coast, of the? U S, I wonder what I can That is a lot of east coast fans in there easily one of the top coasts of the USA. For me, the first ever be to take place on twenty six February. Twenty nineteen, if you just down the live. Bugle goes on whenever I wake up and start talking. Twenty four. Seven, the three six five always on coal and is also the first ever live, be able to take place with a full operational, well, regulated militia backstage what in Rome
So, who is this Is the bugle life from the Bell House in Brooklyn, doubling up as at least part of the issue for thousand that ninety nine of the world cleaning only on possibly best audio newspaper for over four, a visual, well, the visual version of a show that is, by definition, not dependent on anything visual. What few people doing, by which I mean thanks becoming a nosegay those who make up as well, Another question Walpole who who listens to be, will regularly. Thank you for your work. who has never listened to the pupil possible. In for a confusing nights She mounted you someone without whom Michel couldn't take place where well what it could it could, but it would be even
I think the new is not easy producer. Chris, let's get onto we, I will producer, Craxi LAW that Sir Happy Bugle Sorry, I can't be there. He can't be. Can Albania cannot be here and therefore, therefore, princess that sat for, but instead we have an adequate replacement for because everything is being automated under the first time we have Robot producer survives the there The reason is not here a number reasons you I've had. Some of them is referring to what
he is actually still wanted in connection with asylum witchcraft trials. In sixteen ninety two of you tried to dump Mary Walker in a pond, claimed he's just trying to train or up for the first phase of the impending mass. Juices trifon championships, but there are none of it. All We have to keep one component of the people in Britain and case bricks is brought forward unexpectedly. Also Chris, it just had a hip replacement, which is this true so let s go and you dont want to square replacement. Is this on so instead we have the produce it's like all sorts, three thousand necks they fully. Submitted robot podcast producer, as if it works booth, Andy Robot aggressive. You got anything else to say no, it gets a lot of changes, so we are recording performance on the twenty sixth of every twenty nineteen
Well, you have just chaired the anniversary of the Christians Borg Palace in Copenhagen running down in seventeen? Ninety four? What is your problem with danish architecture? You have the anniversary of Adolf Hitler, one other naughtiest men of the twentieth century. If I may quote the internet, civil society for massive understatement. bring me love to offer to be reformed, violating the treaty oversight, and you ve checked out what kind of king monsters I, as always some sections of evil are going we have future food water, food and we gotta mediating in the future. We all heard about how catastrophic climate change economic, What are we gonna be eating, and in future we are the fruit of authorised, or how is food got me? Different? No cutlery will be too. Busy for calorie competitive
will the korean WAR just betrothing down face first on apply? I won't be eating a giant bees. Why not be worms? Obviously, merci, spaghetti of the few random bugs. We also be eating awed Q. Strangely colored mush, that's really the future of an old Ipad. Gotta make some? You show them random stuff we around the house plastic bags of course, pass bags already very popular amongst them, and a number of sea creatures have developed a real taste for them. I really am someone's they found a while the reading eighty four plastic bag and where that is more than a habit. Isn't it when I speak taste Yuvan people make out what some people complain about plastic industry,
and those old come plastic things off the tops of beer cans. I just see those as s an M kit for sexual adventurous. Terrapins I saw two may offer us co host for today. We're gonna try something absolutely incredible. Now using the wonders of technology, you see, if you can guess the bugle caused based on. following lies? She is acting, Secretary General of the United Nations. She Bob sled not only that she thinks that the bulbs that will be the most efficient form of transport after the apocalypse and we'll all be Riding Bob Sledge and is terrified of toast any guesses Would you believe it is? It is ours right now we go. Let's let's see this is where she is
The yellow buglers polish. Do you honestly the crowd say hello to allies. here we go hello. So there is, There is Geraldine so I was out thousand ended, well, I'm I'm well well unscrupulous one o clock in the morning here, but I had a good day today. spoke, showed me and add the spam had reported as spam. That is the logical and points of modern civilization. Isn't it right. I'm sorry now to meet our second bugle color.
For that? I often as an international, so you gotta play people and with the national anthem right gets to be because this is based on facts. Three facts about your co host force today. Firstly, first appearance on the people: people debut fact number two: he abandoned his toe G20 presidential run to appear on the show tonight. That's kind of dedication you are getting from the man you're about to me. I'm fucked three. He used to work on a show called lot last week to make tonight Ludwig tonight with this man Where is that, sir, John Oliver ass. He looked before you came to me. please irradiated, please welcome a huge people, welcome, Josh,
jobs. Are you doing a heel? Tremendous having me that's! It would have been amazing if anybody had guessed me thrilling, rattler, one person in the back Gordo outsourcing. Play with your item as well. Think you did anyone take them. Did anyone I would just like to weed out of the river of such a welcome to the bugle said, Have you seen for the first time how how America I mean you ve seen from afar and end.
it's like a fire work, that's best how its observed wait, wait, a dance. It's every day I am pleased ass because its twice it it's too to a bit years into the era of of of trumpets, Ghani Trump funding. Really how many of you are in the wrong place? who would have thought it here? alive, podcast show in a trainee club in Brooklyn. Trump is more. The terrestrial radio, sir. I am radio Beguine wild for him. Right now, I voted for Trump.
Sorry million tying rampant voter frightful epithet. If you have democracy, you vote is many times you can. Actually I I love girls. Cookies ethos leave just I also voted for traffickers, reach that reach the conclusion. By the time you had your election in no packet, no light twenty. Sixteen that it was far far safer. If you elected Trump into the White House than released him back into the while He got comfortable, real, quick, thoroughly made his own hours. your last sounds even more evil at a range of five thousand
The project is Alice. The double horizontal asthma points more room for manoeuvre for this early in looking at this later, no longer bow wow. Did you see us or do we just see her like a delicate clinical trial? If any one else Flickr Birds, Alice Rise, will leave the webcam honour the andalusian right, time raw top story this week top story this week most sleep till bricks time, whereas one for the pasty boys, because I spent a lot I have time to another, so we do talk about breaks it, how many british people here
I welcome and are excellent You'll see right in Josh you with it. That is when it out of my political inside, you just add, be our to shape a man. Do that? It is all happening back home in Britain Lambs, by which I mean absolutely call, is operating, ministers hiding in a cupboard, the leader of the opposition is pointing out a bench saying: look it's a bunch of David Cameron. say over the former pragmatists you on court. This Jeroboam of inaction, incompetence, an encumbrance ability, He is basically just What what do you? This is the only satisfactory way outbreaks it for me now because of me a second referendum, there's gonna be a huge social issues and if it goes with branches from a huge social than the only possible compromise is to get David Cameron and chain him too big bang.
Look a modern day Prometheus for us as punishment for stealing xenophobia from UKIP and The Tories observe a crowd of braced Paypal. Does blowing up have not rip his liver out? We ve moved on, went all that just a tartar team. a british? Why? I think out of our out of our out of our system, its the thirty one thirty one days now Otto brainstorms, or were you excited who voted no in the breaks, a referendum and did any Americans we needed more than ever. There is our ship special relationship made nothing to you. guys I
data women across the world that could do move now, I was just going to say I am so sick of breaks it just coming round and round and round like recycled Christmas pudding, which is the worst case, is just a sandwich of apricot that wanted to live just if it is terrible, bland Sultana cushion you know they invented refined sugar. This aid, I just have to squash thing the tastes better on their own list covered in alcohol and set on fire. Yes, please Oh no! You want me to eat. It is well let it as I believe, the pretty said on Jonah, ox that very exciting who some months about two things. I should be a second referendum, so you. undermine british democracy and who think station
my second referendum. Yes, It is also undermining democracy. There is no way not to undermine demote democracy as taken of Snaefell Whooping Aden. in Britain, we all still kind of ITALY and we ve decided yet within this kind of bizarre game, but there's no satisfactory where this we're, not gonna game of pin the least shit available tile as unemployed but certainly as possible into the less damage I'm all of that don't give it a pays least likely to shit on our shoes. What we're doing it it's also a little barely holding a second, possibly only a second referendum had so late. It's like asking like. Should we really break up like just after you moved all your shit out here, there's a pirate. Read it are we doing this as they will use the beds on the curb it our doing that is barbaric,
We decided to spice up on one day almost three years ago, and we weren't really sure about it. At eight one, slash two Ross and Rachel were annoying, Will they are will surfing Europe needs, we don't know. The problem is we did. We don't need really need a second and which need to be the first referendum again, we'll have the proper the proper questions. I think I was the wrong referendum paper. Like every other mischief, the third option, that we really needed. Here's. This is what we should have given us shortly. it can remain. A member of the EU only The EU option one remain option to leave option three: I have Absolutely no pain idea his way way way beyond my spare a political and economic expertise. Obviously I mean come on how the
Am I supposed to make a decision on an issue of such a noble and indeed a measurable magnitude, especially when my notably incomplete information about the subject has been further undermined by campaign or political dissembling facts, giving an outright bullshit from all sides, driven by shady unaccountable vested interests, haunted by the Willy waggling spectre of political opportunism, cage in the fresh involvement of abolish feeling media honestly? Is this what we for those wars for three of them to one called in summary Rex? It is not something that can be effectively judge without allowing both scenarios to play out for a minimum of fifty to seventy years and otherwise equal parallel universes, and even then we might be being a pale king hasty in there. that option is called Gary Johnson Dark, Jerry,
jobs and also the competent name for everyone who voted for breakfast Canada, though western Boris Giants, Boris, also love, I am a quick start, as many of you will know, and this tension to be rather than what I mean. Let's find is modern cricketers, Alister Cook retired last year, and I worked out- he had spent time batting for England in tests much correctly the high school in the game, the last five days and often engine draw it's? The best thing ever invented is way better than all of reality, with the news I went, I obey Let me just we'll: have you don't wash them you? Would you cricket way better than that? In reality? The test of time, and what can we do? the need for a bastard and also their suffering and tragedy. Would you not roll the watch, a human being frozen global at another human being approximately. Once
minutes is that most soothing for our human souls, so our How does the cook, but it all worked out for twenty seven, our twenty seven days twin three hours and fifty seven minutes in his international career and to put that in a context? That is the amount of time the Boris Johnson spends thinking about himself in the average fortnight. It's amazing He spent so much time thinking about himself and so little time, grooming, his own hair. I am not in a position, to judge fashion, for that what is going to happen next, according to the Prime Minister, leave we're gonna leave and that's it keeps saying, leave means leave, there's one. things we ve heard. Most often in the aftermath of leave means leave. Now I took the liberty of looking up exactly what leave means
in the shorter Oxford Dictionary believe means I'd, give it gives fifteen separate definitions of leave, including, to allow to remain in its current state, which is, if nothing else, charmingly ironic Lee. also means to bequeath for use after day which, given the demographic graphic of the brakes evoke seems entirely appropriate grandchildren. If you need me I'll, be in my grave laughing MIKE's itself there, they were Lee
but soon they'll be remains very go again. You know what this crowd once just they want. Thirdly, the main arose on point, but it also means to kick up completely, which is what the government has done. It also leads to ignore, like unwanted cabbage, on a chill Giles plight remains to depart from sense and reasonable made? Some of these are enemies. Things up completely now have made up some of those, but on the product of our times and must not be wars. The Americans, you have breaks it Georgia. Meanwhile, the outer you see the chaos unfolding, so the american view breaks. It is what by personally. It's just nice do not be the only nation making colossal mistakes. It's like when you spend five minutes pushing.
door and then you see it's a pole door and then someone else comes by employees that you have. Eighty eight, that's call door and you feel so good and you pack yourself on the back so hard. It is Truly, it is wild to me that still there still. I should we do it like if they were talking about pulling out there intercourse with his long Venetian would be full on brightness. three pounds already unfeeling redundant How can you anything else on Bonn Brick citizens off since I left the country, the other they well, I Basically, the ideal Gregson is that Britain Pre EU is the hot girl. You had a crush on in high school, and you can't go back to her because time doesn't work like that. Now, she's, grown up and gotten complicated in you, don't really have a crush on now. If you could travel back in time, you realize
Wasn't even that right when you were twelve, your memories are a bit blurry. She just said nice, harrassing, mysterious ass. You didn't talk much Also, you were grown up now and it's kind of creepy that you still have a cross on the idea of someone. Who's never grow up in your head, you're a grown man who still has a crush on a twelve year old and in the Britain you're thinking about she still thought boy bans in debate, abuse was still totally awesome. Mostly is blamed, for it also explains its movement Josh. Your your president, your son, virtual leader, your girl, your personal inspiration, Donald Trump is voice, making a peaceful world right now he sees making meeting him in a new new summit. You excited about it. I think the fewer people he's talking to you at one time
about like as long as these zagging came one on one he's, not tweeting he's not watching fox there's only so many bad ideas that he could be both thrusting into the world and being pummeled with himself. So I guess I'm for it. I think any time you can be in the fewer people in the room with him the better. We're looking at an air of ours housing exert so much excited about the summit in London. People are pretty thrill trumps gone out to make Kindle own to swap had tits and bitch about why? No one really gets them. please age, waded out its relationship with King Wrong Una spoke about it, saying it's very interesting things to say, but I developed a very, very good relationship, we'll see what that means that he's never had a relationship with anyone from this country and hasn't had lots of relationships anywhere. You really
when he was in no rush to press the north Korean didn't day. Nuclear realisation is that I don't want to rush anyone. I just don't want testing as long as there's no testing we're happy and these and carrying on that kinda and if we trust him, we definitely don't need to use protection. family show family show. Ivy League has never had an std tests Ideal idyllic he's just like that's the ladys responsibility for sure that's his stance. Do you have any test? No god! school that the doctor, not of his own physical strength, justice, Dickie little angle that go about Vietnam.
one person most exciting element of this this summit is that Vietnam has deported a Kim impersonator or if you will like impersonator I well. That's takes the chapel Howard Eggs from Hong Kong staged a fake summit with Russell White, who is a professional tron pressure on its work. I do not think this is the way forward for all global politics, because you know people vote for these sort of figureheads, but that generally massive bombs. if you replace them with someone who looks like them, so we think on us more than once you get something. I think this is the future of future democracy. To be honest, is deporting impressionist well, we give it a shot with. We follow you its tax, the wool Josh yeah,
I mean I was. I was here backing in twenty six in a lot of talk about about Mexico, building a wall and and paying every penny of it. I'm thinking about us. It has an entirely pound out that way. Thanks, I will say: Mexico has paid for all of the wall. That's been built, that's one way to look at a rate: no wall, no payment. I feel, like ideologies kept his promise, he's he's winning Paul. Six by dividing by zero Any thoughts on the election, no shortage of when the act twenty twenty, like area, I'm kind, I'm honestly kind of looking forward to know people. People make a big deal out of how many candidates are now in the democratic primary. But I'm really looking forward to know Republican primarily, that's that's! The upside right is like it's just going to be trampled give
Sas tries to run against him, he'll just be like no and then all the other Republicans about he said now. It's gotta be now there's not going to be, the primary, so at least at least the spectrum is gonna, be like hey. Maybe we hope some people get healthcare to like. Let's help everybody get healthcare, whereas when there's a republican primary, it's like how many people Can I inject with this syringe I found on the streets I'm rich legally, I should be allowed to stand more, It forces call my serene
this very exciting New York NEWS, as you as you may have heard, New York, as is being forced to return five point. Three million dollars to the government after meeting to fraudulently billing damage charges after Hurricane Sandy Beach twelve celebrity storm, clocked up a seven one billion dollar tab after getting wind crazy all over the EAST coast, including a whopping thirty, two billion after crazy now and then in New York. What, apparently, the city falsely claim Two hundred and thirty two department transportation vehicles were damaged when in fact, they weren't many them in order been taken out of service, but I mean this is This is surely suggests how economics works is no. This is just getting creative just moving. prevent its also incredibly like new Yorkers love to brag about how much they suffer we're on a daily basis. So this is
The most New York thing imaginable, just like became sandy, oh yeah, ruined every car. Fema came, they said it made Katrina, look like a chill while a person and apply kiss greatest city in the world, yeah New York is the city that never sleeps Gazette stole a bunch of money and has an uneasy conscience. Also, install, it remains out or a hooker. Who s attorney Jeffrey Berman said when people light of FEMA about the cause of property damage in order to reach a windfall compromises, our ability to provide financial assistance and followed up with We shouldn't have said windfall when a disaster. I mean sorry the devastated by of tournament, tornado of regrets,
blow me down. Let's watch that from the record. Oh boy, wasn't that just the biggest forty and property damage Also of our allies are, you, are you: are the Bugles Donald trumps Sex harassment, history, correspondent, exciting new breaking news. Yes, a stop, Roald, Dahl terms. Twenty sixteen presidential campaign says he kissed her without her consent. Together, I am supporters. for a Florida rally, Album Johnson said he grabbed her hand and leaned. It kiss on the lips ass. He came out of a car, but
she turned her head in exist on the side of the mouth, the creepy uncle case in a statement. What has pressed secretary, Sir Saunders, dismissed Johnson delegation as absurd on its face and pointed to a radio interview in May twenty seventeen in which Johnson's had positive things about Trump. As she said, we do this. Alabama base radio show quote he's just that ISIS guy. He treats everyone. Is it's a part of his family, we no no, no, no better than that job. no. Let's move on now to in a horrifying technology, just Toby a news now, a small up and coming technology company has been criticised for failing to tell users about a hidden microphone in one of its home security system.
The company is called Google. You might have heard of it I bet you do so would allow of their homes security system to respond to voice activation queues in questions by an artificial intelligence system. That is neither cereal scarlet net, but sounds a lot like both problem was saying: there'd, be a software update the system that would turn the microphone onto listening mode meant people suddenly realised the hardware already had a microphone in Google had somehow. Not to mention I mean you have to begin. Then there are small company. How could they have possibly anticipated the security concerns? would be raised by secretly hiding listening microphones in people's houses during a period of massive uncertainty about privacy regulation and the overreach of I didn't get massively powerful corporate interests. You technically make their profits by offering free services in exchange for all your secrets,
the poor little take giant, deployed a human spokesman to protest at the pace, dimension, that included a spike referred, was quote an error on our part, and that means never intended to be a secret, which I will one choose to believe. As I can tell if I don't What possible moated could they have? the lines their customers when the main source of revenue is literally monetizing. Your private information, for a it's. Not really surprising is, in my view, be more surprised of Google haven't. Put so the old parable of the dolphin and the man in the hearing of it. She said I was well isn't it. when is when is secret, microphones ever gone, bad right should ever brought down Richard Nixon President's or gone everyone killed by them. Besides, there's like no
We can do a secret microphone story, although I think that every devices spying on me like, I think this microphone has a secret microphone inside I dont want there's this old trend of smart appliances. I don't think I want my plans as dumb as hell. I just want Yeah. I want to open my refrigerated, I wanna being like. We ve got everything to the perfect temperature, sir. I just want to be like there's left over. So let's party, big dog- there's one beer in the back. You forgot about does like this this, this is idiot, but he's my best friend is not just Google has been beginning. Oh, yes, I have two titles, but this one, but you can tell me which one is, is ok, it's either leaking goose news now or in leaking league. News now
so on have doesn't others are the fangs Facebook is suffering some abdominal pains up. Declaims, it's been receiving highly personal data to third party acts, including the oh period and population tracker apparently shared with Facebook when used we're having their periods or when they were trying to become pregnant and rules? General investigation found that Facebook can receive information from numerous acts, even it in some way. The news that does not have a facebook account which Let me tell you left me feeling bloated and grumpy classic pms symptoms. That's short, proposed massive sensitive data that stress and I'm not talking about my period. That was last week, but you know if you asked Facebook, who was enjoy. Did you enjoy the Kohen
I still believe that doesnt completely show your country in it is best light. I think Donald Trump, Sir former lawyer, is virtually any the less we use them. As a lawyer, I get her out of it. currently not rotting. That high has besetting trustworthiness, monthly magazines, world rankings, but still a choice between him and Donald Trump well or else about them, is an old saying that never trust a man whose eyebrows meet in the middle now that as an opponent Europe, but there is also another saying which is never trust- a man who obviously Talking lies all the time we? Yes. Indeed, Mr Callanan made a statement about jump to a crowded hearing of the house, oversight and reform. Canadian boy am, I am tired.
I feel like the risk of being a soft hearted. Weak minded artist on a lovely lefty podcast talking to a thoughtful met. Compassionate crowd is that you end up going for cheap trump, bashing and lasting, I want to do is preached and conversion or handed the prejudices of the audience by calling Trump the con man, a the bad fathers who was always nice when his own right hand, man does it for me, The army now seems racist. Con man cheat these basically a one man, a Hollywood pilot popular and it's not it's not new. To be fair that phrase, that's also Donald Trump has in his own line dating profile coincides beyond with a statement included in these words really jump, bout me and one might wonder, not just jumped out they they jumped out while ripping open a dressing, gown and wagging their jumble trunks. He said I have asked this committee to ensure that my family be protected from presidential.
threats? This is what you ve become America. The idea that the president's is quite likely to leave a horse s head in someone's been so yeah. He included copies of letters that he wrote. Trumps direction that threatens is all high school colleges and colleges not to release his grades or sat schools are not. I mean. I think this is fine, disrupt this. This not show that Trump is in many ways too modest for his own good doesn't want to. Florence is absolute power, deluge of a grace distinctions, Somalis, come loud ice special prizes ring straight up genius. He humbly knows, and many of his supporters are not shall we say, academic high achievers like himself there's nothing wrong with that. In his book is well studied welfare
look I'm just rather not widely in people's faces soda. You fucking cynics, you thought was, can you not take the man at face value? No, while not if his face is an obvious lie. Taking yeah current statement reads like a heartbeat. King confession of a man who has strayed from an essentially ethical core, admitting that he behaved incredibly badly and saying that if the working for Mr Tromp was intoxicating, which checks out because he does look a bit fermented Cohen said when you were in his presence. You felt that you were somehow changing the world, which is true. He has changed the world, but you know knowing the good. Why? So? This is one of the day as I most enjoyed from earth from coming today. The trumpet that the charity auction for
or try himself, he he basically paid someone to put in a bid on his behalf for his own portrayed to make sure it was the most expensive at the. I think he might have self issues given that this was an image of himself. He paid sixty thousand dollars for this border using money from his own, basically stolen from his own charitable foundation. Great guy, great guy, I'm unable to thaw gotta that could win an election, I'm an idiot really when it balmy gotta go in also said I have lied, but I'm not a liar words. Which I can sympathize
Also. I have delivered a baby, but I'm not a midwife. The difference with me and co in his only delivered my own baby once did not deliver other people's babies over and over again using threats That is our squeeze anything else. how else can we move on My favorite bit was when he said that Trump had said of his own son that Don Junior had the worst judgment in the world. which is the main thing to say about your own kid, but seems to have been backed up when done junior retweeted thing from dared M graph saying of Cohen. This is a man with nothing left with no reason to lie obfuscate it
you know, that's a reassuring signal. The president really does tell it like it is right. I think it is time to end this. When did I do have some palms boss? I just don't don't not enough of a democratic mandate. That is how easily things can change. That is democracy. Who went to went university capacity by the American University system and I M so odd witness this big big thing about American college system and those enjoy what it would go down to the money spent the crowd and Harvard like it and the other half and hate it. No matter how hard I tried, even if I put in MIT
come on, I'm busting my balls up here to get love, but some people one other leave. Now they won't stand for this really Brown Brown, not mine, I'm having a fight out sidled. Will you get out, I don't wanna too great harmony, not division of anti build bridges. Somebody will doubtless arose in drawing up a glum beer. Colombia, Colombia at the bar. Some will be living in a dark corner all be sitting now. That was really she arose.
Very light. Some might have been more mother friends. You see me before there was a disguise a burglar leave before he gets to the pan. Do you know that my own pockets, Bonnie Russia on the screen, is extended? Family works in beer, making they grow the crops that give it its distinctive flavour. Johns Hopkins. So still do that. I had one relative in the London Gentry back home, very aristocratical Meriden, neither round those terrified of two plants and any form of wood. So she ban them from her garden. She became known as the no tree down notary. three days together can put its blocking lights right, it's very tough, the right these or ninety, it's early
on the right, the more longhand on paper, Rollin type taught them, but are not build to make changes. So I dont use ink and I have to carry my writing implements around an especial vehicle is parked outside and that I've got my pencil vanier right. You asked for it coming this is you asked for it asked for it and now now now you're a girl. You missed a great opportunity not to have this. so I've got a bit of a rice smile on my face. Maybe this is more more than a guy's, not regale humanist, small boys right. We're done
thanks thanks for coming tonight, thanks for standing up for so long? Those even recently, thanks to this important issue over the over these, we got independent again, so we re launched a voluntary subscriptions game. We have very back with more people shows here. Next Aber. Please show your presentation on funds they beheld ivy. You just got all the way from London, Australia and Flamingo now is rising. I've been dissolved and they re most becoming US airline Peggy