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Ruining Mark Wahlberg’s Day: Bugle 4080


Andy is joined by James Nokise and Tiff Stevenson to discover the real use for the Apple Watch, how Brexit is affecting hedgehogs & Jager Bombs, and why Nauru has stuck it to China.

Recorded live at The Leicester Square Theatre. We've got live dates in London, Salford and Dublin all coming up – come along!



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Hello, buglers welcome. I, the electors, growth it now. This is the inaugural Northern Hemisphere, the festival of the pod arts, out of you This is one of the shows. Many of the other night shows also come out here. The lesser square data, including hit Newport cost my bad breakfast and whatsoever these ten all about disappointing morning. Males this week, David Letterman, recalls dropping a freshly cooked were omelette on the floor, was Martina Navratilova recounts, how a broken toaster and an empty packet of cornflakes, nearly Costa, the Wimbledon title and ninety ninety. There's a new episode of the LAMP Post, a minute by minute, retailing of a day in the life of a lamp post, during the Mcmullen there's a man looking at a newspaper under the light of the LAMP Post North Boy Selena Gomez, with music by these vagueness, philharmonic and a new path.
Because from Prime Minister Teresa may live here, the Lesters Square, its exploring the trials and tribulations of being a national leader going to navigate her countries Roy through a logistical, political and economic minefield that show entitled, How long can share it Am I going to do now a wire all these things? I a someone, please make it stop. Gonna have a catchy title in Prague, causing these days with the special guests Nick Fallow and the pointer sisters, and also these sick, their pursuit of the new hit false crime drama podcast. Why Trevor ain't that fair it this because please run dna tests on the remnants of the Ferrets Travis argument, with no rain about the best catch up to use on a rodent, spiraled into mine, a military scrap between their respective militias, whilst Elon Musk from is to have sex with a ferret in space, was vomiting on photograph of war, hero, nursing, primary Edith, Cavell Justice. People react on social media.
first, the Bugle Audio newspaper a visual work. It's always slightly tool, not built that poor. So how was welcome to London, England, UK and for the next six months, Europe, the Northern Hemisphere and the solar system, we're gonna get out away. Gonna get properly and these all- and this is the big alive from the lesters graduated doubling up as issue forth thousand and eighty of the world's leading an ugly audio newspaper for a world of increasingly visual physiology, forty Eighty, this episode, of course, named in honour of the length in in its respectively of half a rugby much and a whole rugby, much
Forty eight is also a new and somewhat unfair format of cricket. we watch, because if one person collapse and no one- but I do appreciate your destiny, four thousand and eighty by coincidence, also what scientists now considers to be the optimum optimum number of referendums to home, to get a truly accurate picture of the will of the people, also, four thousand as ninety the number of scientists it takes to change a light bulb into a space rocket. the personal best, four thousand right. If we act north korean bigwig Kim Jong, Il Dots, The number to which psychologists have advised that Donald Trump counts before pressing tweet So this is all the music terms and in turn, that biologists policies Thursday, the thirteenth option,
Ten two thousand and eighteen happy birthday too, Zacharias Holtzman, father of Renowned Podcast Helen results. renounce non podcast, a rich adults, man and professional decathlete Andy's Holzmann, on free don't worry. I not. Business is far from booming. Caslon dried, on this day in fifteen o one hundred Michelangelo began work on his smash hate- I am selling sculpture. evades varies in all its glorious, sorry, lorry or throughout. The payments for our listening at home, the testicle, lose the one next to the other districts.
So they of is David. All far, australian listeners done our device. So yeah on this day, fifteen. I wonder what was that five hundred and seventy years ago today, old Mickey chiseled himself sat down with a new slab of marble and thought to himself, or I wonder, what's inside this one, We are trying, could it be a dragon? Could it be a fully closed person doing something normal could even be a dog planks no well, my money is on another hot nudity dude, where these blogger and plums out seem It happened so often with my bits of model. on this day in seventeen. Eighty eight, the Philadelphia Convention set the date for the first ever presidential election in the United States, the irony not onto well since then. So that was thirteenth of September seventeen idea and on the fourteenth of September, seventeen eighty eight two hundred and fifty million dollar attack our campaign
George Washington had secretly greater cell, Washington, DC to the aspects in exchange for a barrel of vodka and was in fact a hindu woman called poky from Bulgaria pollution. George. Do you know what happened on this day in Britain in one thousand seven hundred and fifty two? That is the correct answer because this day in seventeen, fifty two did not exist. The british empire kept from the second September, so the fourteenth of September I got down on it with the youngsters and started using the gregorian calendar? What a calendar? seven. Look Agora calendar so that Julian you inaccurate saw a morning piece of shit point. minutes per year to love. What kind of calendar is that I do not want to wait. An extra six hundred and forty eight seconds for Christmas, most of Europe, had adopted the georgian calendar hundred seventy years. Previously, we just goes to show bought out Brussels. Let Britain MIKE its arms,
Now, as always, some sections of the bugle are going strikes, going well, good point well might in the world. It was so sets any secret messages to friends like that episode of who once made millionaire the coffee or ok. So is this summit leg listening to elsewhere or ok, can you not to send them a Roma, or at least is used for shipping forecasts on radio amazing it slipped into that? You know the right people. I lost a lot of money on the shipping forego loss. We do given genuine gamble shipping for North Zira, rising slowly written all over.
South South West, to be little shit now and in the bed, little exit from almost twenty Europa stand up there. You can make me happy days in the Bin this week, keep Fritz Section, movie, reserve them and keep it in the moment. A very few of you good, the rescue heroes, we're We can't afford pensions. The last thing we need is people living longer unhealthy alive spots are, if you aren't so that when we review the latest keep fit accessories, including the breeze block, bandanna really works up your neck muscles. The tramp of clean, which is bound up and down, was doing the dishes on the tram proclaim. You seventh place your trampoline next to the sink and then washing draw your dirty crockery glassware, whilst giving itself a good bit of a boy.
under that burns, up more calories van death. Also were very good, feel fitness barking. Have you ever one why you never see a dog in a hospital as barking. the healthiest activity known to humanity. Just ten, about barking at a real, perceived or imagine, threat to yourself home owners, sense of normality, Camper, poor calories than being a gladiator, and also opens up your professionals and lungs. Jupiter is good and proper and Also It's probably better boss, That's shouting bulk. That is not what some fucking effort involved as the problem. A few you train a dog using subtitles.
both sections in the brain, my favorite? What does it mean if you go altogether haven't got five with me today arose about which we can itself took for each one of you like more hoped to get through all five number. Four thousand number full note that one five stars right and could be the New Bugle bingo, which jingo is going to be used so rights time to meet our bugle guests vote this week. We will be ready to meet them. We will best good, that's avoided and all good pools.
so a great pleasure to welcome to get back to the show. Firstly, they give it up for our ancestors comedian, beetle bugles airports on confront us are gonna, be definitely statements that I just enjoy that standing there, while the music continued supply. I felt like I had to participate in some kind of we'd like British, don't you know like through the guise of the jungle, I'll see what I called druids. That no response is no response is always a fine line is more than I can aristophanic as ever almost clapping and others I like, I should be serving base. I don't know bets hi, hello, everyone. you Chris, early jewels, official eucharist,
going in hard early on Now you represent the entire southern hemisphere, All of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding lands isn't wonderful, James Nikita obstinate you're doing from the dude who heckled you by going back the most british to bring scenes of bark? I say. Right. I think we're ready for top story. Top story this week well aware destroy early age breccia again the lightest. probably so what, in what is going on
as spokesperson for women say like Teresa. I I believe at the moment, Teresa's on our way out there saying that they need. She needs like, like forty eight signatures for a vote of no confidence where four major just have a vote of no confidence. I took it myself into bikini seems that are unfair. I myself and I became a seems, an unfair comparison, but we I know the poorest is kind of angling to get in his knee up. I think there are a couple of things that have just come to light that we will need to look out for and breaks it number one they're talking about there being a sponge shortage. Size someone over there? Just when we wait response
thirsty you and roaming charges is the other big one. So you ve seen it about this- that the fight the mobile phone chargers, we can have roaming charges in the EU, which is outrageous. That's going back to the dark ages on a beach in Spain and accidentally downloaded name of a kid doing about it. Take a passion and get charged eighty seven pounds. These are the real issues woman. It got me why were we not told before we voted that there might be adverse consequences?
We were told about them, but why would we not told about this this position in perspective? As consumers, we will actually have to check with our mobile phone operators what their policy on roaming charges ISM in what we finding this out now in time that could take up the five men. I think I could have swung eight to ten million voters if we so easily and airspace in some ways it does prevent Dick Picks Ma Am, or should we say, international,
Laurent depicts as most sperm and coming from Europe. Apparently I didn't know I was like. Is it for animals by believing the Cubans ourselves that I can understand? You know if there's farms have we lot? We ve got this bony breeds great cows, so we need them, but the pulse by forces and the process of if you have a starts. This is likewise is a friend of mine. You have horses. If you have a horse, they bring the horse and bring the men around they mate it. I try and get them frisky, but also, if you are someone he generates Austria's for live, how else to describe it. Have to keep their penises cleans, you have to like rob them with baby, all and other awful things, of course. Otherwise it would be disgusting,
Oh chiefly for the horse. I don't know- and this is why we voted for breaks with those jobs are now taken up by eastern european horse bankers. Embraced kids are not given the opportunity to talk of farm animals. Coming over spoke out. One bidding carbon over a given manual relief to our horses in cows, If you went off a horse than your mates, gets a buy you a beer, every drinks, you go so no matter how bad one of your maces had a bad day. We haven't went a horse dna, but one of the other ones, Isn t the other shock thing that might happen justification aware, as they say in the UK, driving licences may no longer be valid. Have you ever driven
And the arctic triumph. Thank God. It's the most terrifying thing that you can do. I went with my friend, Judy she's from Manchester insisted on speaking French, the entire time. should we not have a syndicate? Dna should save that kind of thing excuse me, I'm on its explain, there's a reason. Prank union is not a language got so that I tell you It is that soil is that soya in the room was the french roads sweet. so so she drove in a small car was the most terrifying thing we ve ever done round. The ought to treat there's no lanes and if one Suppose, there's no like give way to the right like which, ironically frauds?
You much have just thought about such a good job that forever, but you just go to the roundabout and everyone just goes where it and those Ike is a good job. This isn't a higher cock as of now upholstered, all the seats with brown, so scary and another. What we keep Chinese. Consequently, we weren't told about witherspoons pubs have announced that we will no longer be able to order Yeager bombs. I think we should have a minute's silence. I mean that's it, it is the russian Dole of drinks- is like a drink with energy is like inception similarly involves a nightmare dream Skype. I need Let us remember how you got there, how you gonna get clover wiser ex boyfriend following so you have a job,
the European Drink, the gate. The guy Gabon manoeuvres to Gabon was a very concise to a summary of the nineteen. Eighty three Wimbledon women singles final year, promising young star, Andrea Yeager, went to pieces in a believer. Six love six three defeats multi than ever at them. Over but it was if not, I wasn't, the amiable wasn't about developed during world war once be dropped from zeppelins into the british trenches to get our Tommy's absolutely hammered smells like a great light, brave move for whether spoons as they get rid of like all the foreign liquids life from Europe than you gonna, be able to drink bad wine flat beer and shit loads of side like every. Can witherspoons I've ever been an answer?
Other recent news, because the brakes evoke the countryside is now almost completely devoid of hedgehogs, answered quickly becomes subject. Autonomy is necessarily a causal, a causal link. Here I mean this is utterly. Is this the kind of future that, where men who have voted didn't want here, vote leave hey voted, remain, but a new vote in Romania. In order to keep hey choked in the countryside, me, The government is largely a hedgehog based. Vice vote I mean there's another interpretation for this, and that is its hedgehogs are getting run over less because they have a greater will to live because of bricks. It Frazier that motion of british independence, spend two going to get the country back when you guys that's right.
At least we ve got some indigenous mammals, weather flats in New Zealand, and they leave we gotta Kitty, law a model of a fully fledged, barely a bird and must surely Jabez we can't even see because only around not let the railways like mood acuity, but it's the bird. All the avenues elaborates told off. I actually thought was the free. You were talking about Jane? You really are a bit causes of fruit is, We ve got its behind in this area, an area, but is it? Is it a bird or is it a piece of fruit which is really pissed off? there's a weird that happens in New Zealand where people who are like live two premises. I guess I'll UKIP versions they'll you're, going out celebration of of Pacific measures,
cultural other people come in. It were proud, Kiwis and no one's have the to tell them that key. We as a multi word on which subject it seems like a perfect subway into Pacific NEWS. Now to this new call of the New Zealand queuing A specific news on this date in nineteen, ninety nine, I believe tongue and cure bus and no, all came into the into the? U from the Pacific, but also, It's all kicking off in our Some of you may know is the is the country most famous for being a Australia? Is not quite legal jail? I care about you probably go. What's that you did proceed on a map? Is Kiribati and a lot of people have taught you today have said? Are you sure Well it the way. It sounds like it's Thursday.
Now who had recently the Pacific Island conference going on there. And its it was good, but interesting because now drew picked a fight with China that that is bold. That's a poem for scale France now who is about the size of a chinese traffic island? It took about David versus Goliath. What we say here is essentially that little shrivelled David's payment, versus Goliath was everywhere at ease with Venus. Now he was at work, it was focusing on the job Y, however, ended up comparing the country of now rude to an italian painters, but look it up very well sculpted pitiable elderberry. Why was there a specific conference that the new president, whose name a kid you not is Baron Walker?
He wouldn't let the Chinese come in on the diplomatic passports when I'm coming on to normal passport, and then he wouldn't let them speak when they were supposed to speak and a lot of people think that this is because are they back Taiwan? There was one of us nations that back Taiwan. They wonder for some muscle around what kind of show Do the inequality acres, China's Connachar, the? U S, and Russia and Australia backing their rule over Taiwan and Taiwan's up now gotta go to increase their posse. There was a very interesting result of this is nothing really nothing because, like now in a fight with China is let you to your brother, like pissing, on your leg, lay your annoyed lights
doesn't like New Zealand can't even get involved cause we ve got Prime Minister went over and touch it. That's that's power move, but we can send out air force because we sold it and. Well, if you have a lifeline air force as well as a fly, this national very on brats vary in for a penny in for a pound. Why not partly crazier New Zealand NEWS and very close to home from my home city of Wellington. Ace owned. Man has broken into Wellington, Zoo and got beaten up by tiny monkeys Kyoto, Kyoto to that brother, in my home city of Wellington, John Castrated, twenty three years old almost died
He slackened after is not going to wind ensue Eddie. What did the news people are saying is a non secure gates which New Zealand we call a gates. He was here. Metals On the contrary, he admitted he was high as a cut, and he had in his mind he was gonna catch. One of the scroll monkeys turns out the squirrel monkeys, Different ideas about colonialism, Azeri doesn't know what a judge does the great is that the Judge Bill Hastings because of course, his name's Bill Hastings. he said, I don't know what happened in the school monkey enclosure the school he's no, but you could you couldn't find them, and I don't speak squirrel monkey, does an official ruling from a New Zealand judge of that.
Just tell you everything you need to know about news. Even the judge is basically dispensed a ruling that essentially says nothing that happens in this country matters at all. We're all use having a little bit of fun if we had avocado crime a couple of years ago. really what level of New Zealand crimes going. You ve been to a cafe in London, so there's plenty of Africa. Crime happened in six, or should I am just saying? Is the recent millennials carbines? Is it's the open of the twenty first century, without was this think up, is that causes the demand in cafes. Gang members like genuine patched gang members, were driving into at the Cairo Orchards, with the gang pictures on in the truck and just like standing on the truck in picking apples ethic covers offer I'm getting caught by the police work like ten members. We have we from the pack who took up for us. I wonder if one of one law of like the right it with a rifle gangs of oil with we ve got more than
One was over the New Zealand gang see. My mom said that she said it with apples. When she was a kid, I call it something that you would govern like two, so sneak apples of trees, and I didn't what the law is the law if they like hanging out into public property, I'm an insect, integrate british tradition, skimping on when we essentially scrubbs. I believe all the food in India during a phenomenon that potato crop of violence. The british thing that we lay down again. Surprise, consumers and investors alike that its annual launch of new products this week, announcing we couldn't be asked this year, obviously the technology is already way way more than anyone could possibly actually need. We just call me asked we reach the point where further First, it just really winking into a bucket mark future.
Sword how'd. You know that, don't you want to sit down and put it back in your about. A couple of upgrades have been announced. The result Einstein between a text arriving and an alert tone activating has been reduced from two ten thousands of second to one point: three, tens of thousands of a second which for the good user will save any are up to three point: five seconds per millennium and some new. Products, the eyepatch, which covers the idle. things being mindless social media directly into the brain of the wearer and the new frontal lobe inserted into the brain that tells your brain. What consumer gadgets should be lusting after and the eye we we, which is
hot tribute to the controversial chinese artists and pop bladder control device. We, we wirelessly measures the amount of liquid in the, whereas bladder then send to emails or text messages once the uses Iphone telling him or her that he or she may without being judgmental judgemental need to urinate within the next thirty two sixty I meant one to the chinese government. Tell him other human rights record does not go here. The eye. Values of apple is an eye business. All about by winking emerges a hashtag saying: Aztec still want access to one point: three billion person market. This is the new phone coming out. The light this once even bigger it's our biggest one in life is at an ip. No, I know not its, but it's almost
Why that's opening s work has led to a member in the foreign, the new evidence than this, the newest, what it's our smallest one year yet another like this is the news is our biggest? What are we going to get to Ipod Neglect, or I was a new one and its small, where they ve stopped even numbering them any more than just calling them excess max. You know instead of using is using numbers is excess max and there is another one exile exile MAX Max trip lacks an I like I think, I'm way for I find with a vengeance. That's the one looking forward you or I find Tokyo drift but the apple The Cotonou apple watch my waist. I have this theory about the upper watch. That is just the women who get bored when their given hand jobs just having to look at maybe on the other restructuring Can we try to work, how you give a hand? Job has the most.
really. I don't do it perform with John Oliver all over again. Seen the mug wool bugs daily schedule, she's been, I believe the term is gone viral this week. Well, we offer you an alternative. Buglers. Reschedule nine. I am wake up, nine thirty five! I am get up. Nine hundred and forty a dot m go back to bed, one thousand and fifty five, a dot m wake up again. Eleven a dot m put the cricket on the telly One thousand one hundred and one a dot m. Remember the cricket already finish. Yesterday: go back to bed, one thousand one hundred and forty five, a dot m! Wake up yesterday's cricket hollows on a laptop one, p M lunch, interval,
Unfortunately, an afternoon session brackets Kip three forty p m to four p m: get up, invite more wolberg round for biscuits and scrabble actors, the point when you, when he tells you he's doing, is four p m work out. We can have his five p dot m shower at your house, called him a prick when he hangs up after saying who are you and how did you get my number for fifteen p dot m to seven hundred and thirty p dot m general hanging around. P M ring malt Wolberg again, one minute after his scheduled bedtime sailed. twenty one come out to the pub quiz because he's past his bedtime. Ask him if he's got his special snuggly blanket in the bed with him and he's excited about the tooth fairy. Eight hundred and fifteen, eight hundred and forty nine p dot m at nine hundred and fifteen p dot m and nine hundred and forty p dot m, Magua with questions from the pop quiz repeatedly Laurie Bergmann, I forgot you ve gone to bed, because I thought you were an adult ten forty five pm rigmarole
tell em is lost orders in the pub and issue he doesn't want to cheeky points in a game of full reply. Now. you off asking more he's operating here schedule as if he's living in the UK timezone say yes, that is or your kids go was confused when he turned up at seven thirty, I M to pick them up eleven p M late night sport watching twelve, I am sacrifice ox- does use twelve twelve. And I am to three a dot m general time, wasting three: a dot m bedtime. Three hundred and fifteen a dot m wake up, look up some cricket statistics online, five hundred and forty five, a dot m I repeat that as far as your bugle Daily schedule rights, if you enjoy it, The other is another libel here in these when Knee Thursday, the fourteenth of November correct- probably yes,
whither with niche and Felicity Ward do come onto that or come to one in Dublin on the eighth of October or my stand up in Toronto and the twins votes over the lock keep. I needed so we do a very quick food and drink section, because I've been some sensational food and drink stories. This we, including a virtual environment for space. Ah, yes- and there is exciting development in space involving champagne, but I do feel that the person to explain this so I'd like to introduce a little segment that weak Scottish boyfriend explains a thing. nothing to any less the more year, mom champagne who's this week tested,
especially design, champagne ball, but use and zero gravity munitions. Data skies and an Airbus zero g plane which uses parabolic? Why path to stimulate zero gravity and easy impression of weightlessness? specially designed champagne ball, use, naturally occurring carbon dioxide of the champagne school. Champagne as a form so light blobs of alcoholic shows that rich, why a blue and China catching that moves as simple to essential is written in Scottish. Essentially, we need imagine the bulletin club to be like online space I'm not sure how much a bottle costs but considered is only available in space chances. Are that each up webs like us?
probably can't even get your deposit back on your techno ball and even if you can, don't. There's a corner shop on the moon, accepts glass checks, flags and it will be too one. Could we are running out of time and also it is ten years so, the second since the credit crunch- and it seems that rule which we should we said we should reflect upon this momentous decade anniversary ten years ago. The financial world was going economic short, Termism US over casino banking tit to put it in Layman's terms.
I know I always storms, Isabel friends and economists and was looking Jonathan. Lessons from history is a newspaper from nineteen eleven to see if we can many lessons the headlines about a nasty. While I was doing the rounds that led to the king banning people from clearing their throats and a famous expedition. The party arriving in Antarctica and about to try to reach the south pole. The headline said: Royal Bands Cough Scotlands. you worked in a monetary, my enemies, but it was not great. What are its only when I started my leaves its growing in the hay. Only looking haggard and wrinkled me said I'll tell you I need, is exhausting working here and is not very good mortuary. I feel ten years older Europe working in a sub.
I'm more gauges you, actually stung Jenkins Heights can't buy, allow now put your money where your mouth is so too. drawn relax, and we want to play Snooker Anita, don't play games with this practice doing shots off the other day. You don't get anything with across on the end day was very happy with it said at the end, and that was a great recession. Recession. Rest. Ok now that the grand so we went to her he went on and on then talking talking really really fast, but not very interesting about. How were you should steep? Your tea leaves in a pot not just use a bag. He gave it its full property bubble. Poverty level. So your pop quiz, three questions through on sport and one on politics? The questions are waiting than all round. It was a key player in the two thousand five ashes which hot tempered had been wearing American left handed tenants by lost and then be on board and then finally, the nineteen eighty four
An eighty one, Wimbledon men singles finals, which dutch Housewife one for gold medals or not launching forty eight London Olympics and who is the current prime minister, the UK. He shot out straight away with the altars Freddy MAC Fanny. My so anyway tried recreation, the conditions of the banking crisis crisis using laboratory animals ass if they would make the same mistakes as humans, but none of them were stupid enough to make it happen again. You started with the smallest animals then got bigger, might might have several attempts, but couldn't do so to the cats they couldn't do it and the monkeys can do either right. You so does any one thing for it. Is bears turns This is how they colonized. I suppose it was. It was friends. Friends are also with Great Britain's most famous not even the ninth United Great great horsemen, but I can tell the difference between wild animals based on the sounds they might on so far
Safari within get away from the economic crisis in the middle of the night, bellowing sound she and these you're off no mister Peggotty. It's an elephant then there was a role you like said the points ice eleven times champion jockey. That must have been a crocodile now I said, It was a lion, sound Lester alone alliance. Unless the lines There is less of this man there, however. I believe that we need a stepmother. Furthermore, each on that one, so we had some suggestions about a stop happening again. We should leave it to the robots are responded. I e g. That's a risk. cooks, really destroying hope has been at the creased or at least forty minutes.
He said that we should just threatened, so they can to try and get the city of London into line, because you reckon, within the city, come back down what you think the marrow flinch merits. Our french Lundy spent five days a cricket, much I'm not thinking right and finally, apparently told me that this is, for instance, top president's patently Cha present America. Many do scared of farm animal noises. They told me that let Lincoln we'll get nervous when he heard a pig, Thomas Jefferson hated the sound of chickens and the first person who s got shivers at the mere prospect of hearing a cow it. Let me right, those down Lincoln Point: Shudder, Jefferson, cluck, fear,
Washington new Mucho washes amendment you, and I was one of the Big Bang Collapses- was Washington mutual Jesus early really needed to end on something a little bit about? Isn't that right, brings us to the end. This Bigelow of nothing we're all relieved about. Contractually obliged to do in our long shown we ve done in our fifteen minutes if you could just ignore the least funny fifty Maisie, using whatever they may contain, we most most grateful Thank you very much for coming to the less favoured, thanks the less with it for all having us, like people chose coming up with your listening, the seventh of October in sulphur, the eight October in Dublin and back here in other less with it.
On the fourteenth of November, please tell your prejudge very wonderful, definitely Stevens James Workers rights, the producer until next time you goodbye.