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Smelly Death Birds - Bugle 4118

Andy is with Tom Ballard and Alice Fraser to discuss protests in Hong Kong, environment news and birds. Plus, sport and why victory should never be shared

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Better days. Audio newspaper for of it. Welcome to the life you lead ever please welcome to the stage and is also hello, hello, hello. Welcome welcome to welcome to the people here in the new town thing it's a in edit mode. This is issue four thousand one hundred eighteen, all of the pew cool, the most significant creation in the history of human culture. Arguably, I mean basically that an argument you would instantly lose obviously is test match cricket. but you know it's just an- Not we mentioned in the conversation.
They're recording on Monday, the 19th of August, two thousand and nineteen for those of you listening at home, is not sir being published, though until Friday of this week, so frankly knows what the world will be like the time you listen to what I mean, what you up to stick for this week. No, it is very hard to know you know who will be Prime Minister, will the iranian Navy of pulled a fast one and be steaming up the Thames rather ready to throw fought, kebab sticks into wins a call to we. Just we just don't know now. This is the nineteen August, some some momentous. What one moment or some of us are you on this day in the in nineteen sixty the launch of the Carrabba's spot next to a satellite with the dog, so we had two dogs on it Belka and stroke. Forty mice, two rats and a variety of plants are Boca and and stroke of the calls dogs They return to us the next day and it might
pull the animals survive. Both dogs, the forty and the forty two rodents, and although on their return, Belka and Strelka, were reported to uh, find that a standard walkies was quote no longer quite what it used to be. And on the return, that of thing, the dogs and the road to the soviet base in Kazakhstan, the Sputnik cats, to being a total Sova, was reported to have said well, this is mixed news. Incidentally, of forty miles to rats in a variety of plants is the exact current makeup of the parliamentary conservative party. It's a real coincidence, historical Clinton's meeting history, because these things up so today is world humanitarian day. Yeah. You big fans of humanitarians mobile. All of you for that really gotta, vocalize, that it's United Nations Day recognize eight workers who risk their lives in a humanitarian service who think
people are heroes who thinks they are to efforts to win the global rice. Wait, wait still one of the top nations in the world, and we need. I mean we need to keep these other countries down. These people are helping to not know sorry, I've misjudged this king. I think they are actually quite arrogant because, to be honest, I mean look at all the pictures. They use PETE Hines compared to the rest of what might they have serious ego situations going on with that? One of the top left is, but I mean that's but just looks some kind of bizarre communal, grope to think might be a multiple of global capitalism, Is he also tomorrow? The 20th of August is was a momentous day. It's the birthday of my wife, it's very rude to ask a woman how old she is. But you can also make she's forty five
and also it's world must day annually reserved on the 20th of August in commemoration of the british scientists, are Ronald Ross discovered in the eighteen. Ninety seven, that it's female mosquitoes ski toes, malaria between humans somal? area is the world's most deadly feminist disease, Thank you sister. That's why I still exist more than one million people die every year because of political correctness from Malay. because he's only transmitted by the lady most Kato. So we call do anything about it. Can we not least ice because US man was so terrified of being accused of not allowing the lady mosquitoes to live, how they will believe that we can't even awesome out on a date now, let alone a right to carry a deadly disease? Is this well Emmeline POP Parker's dialed us sell to the cross full, really I'll, just call As I see it, I'm
well mostly today. Don't forget that there's a chargeable element to it, so many of the of the world dies have. If you pay two dollars to the world musky to Rights Foundation, you are allowed to take a box of mosquitoes to work with you at least the one, you least favorite colleague, And also we have a free special offer for World Mosquito data free mosquito for every bugler who can correctly answer this question, which current world leader thinks mosquitoes. or in fact, a global muslim conspiracy. They are little miniature flying places of worship, the mosquitoes that can inject it can inject Islam into the bloodstream of ordinary american people which, why we need to stop the hondurans moving to California, so which world leader and multiple choice. Is it a Donald Trump. Send your answers on a postcard two. Remember when I was as old
I saw some sections of this. Podcast are going where I said there going where Edinburgh correctly all going in up in there. We go. This week we have a special special section. You democracy fans. Are you happy the democracy that you're getting other moment I get? Who is the sheriff your your from the United Kingdom and give her if you're not worry from front um? You live here. Well, I mean not not for much longer. I sincerely hope. We we've we've. Wanted to get rid of people like this, we let the French! once before in one thousand and sixty six, and it has not gone well at all.
Well, I I don't if you feel disenfranchised by the political process, but we are opening up to you now at the Beagle weaken exclusive deal with the government to choose the foreign secretary. And we're going to run. This is a knockout current foreign secretary is Dominic Raab, only domino Rob sounds in no because Dominic Raab is not in the building. I'm he qualified for one of the great offices of state, by virtue of being even less appropriate for his job in the alleged prime minister, thus making Boris don't and look slightly less of an unelected Travis Lee that he obviously is previously he was secretary state for exiting the European Union, a job he carried out with the, as you can see incredible success, given the brightness still tear in itself. Apart, like a hungry shark, in a distracting me realistic, CL outfit, but I'm glad you like
what who or what should be foreign secretary should be. Wrobel should be someone else in the next. Sixty three weeks, only bugle will be holding a knock out competition to find out who should be foreign secretary, pitching the candidates, a in speech on the head to head in performance categories of relevance to the job of foreign sector. So, let's find out will who said the the opponent gonna be for Ralph? Could it be a shot of four six? Three Emily Thornberry former World Snooker champion Graham DOT, a single cauliflower? Would it be worse than Dominic Rob, at least at least it would look like it's got a bright. A vacuum: definite improvement, a bucket deals, marginal uh, let's find out I'll just draw the first round opponent out of that and it's Dominic Raab versus search The allium the children, show glove Puppet City, so a category one. Is it going to be city or rob for foreign Secretary should be one knowledge of international trade and politics. Rob was underway, of the importance of the obviously important port Dover City of his tv career plateaued,
open university degree in maritime law, one category, two: new concern for the less fortunate fortunate Dominic Raab, vocally opposed to vocally opposed to workers rights, the minimum wage and welfare enough? What about the rights of billionaire tycoons? Who is looking after them? The last persecuted minority, also posted the Brussels Ban on forcing babies to operate heavy machinery. I mean I made that up, but at least on opening my deceit of city, welcome to Esta devote an entire nineteen episode to an outwardly, even kind of examination of the exploitation theory of Karl Marx? If you listen to it backwards, and also insisted on his less glamorous coastal sweep being given equal royalty from the hit. One thousand nine hundred and ninety novel to Hip Hop Schiphol single, don't be a puppet sprockets unite to fight. So Google City up category three attitude to the health service Ralph wants to privatize. The NHS city thinks we should let the poor diets,
God intended I'll call that I draw. It amounts to the same thing dropping by the America experiment, two and slash half and finally category for ability to blame immigrants for stuff all housing minister said immigration is but house prices up by twenty percent. Robin blaming for x, pull the excesses of free market economics. A multi generational government failed to build enough houses or the will of Almighty himself city by contrast, is costars included a panda a under brazilian cat. Clearly way more open minded than Dominic Raab three and one slash two to a whole city wins will go on to play Novak Djokovic in round two. Right that section in the men are going lunch right, it's time to meet or two guest cohost for today's Google or edge meets our co host for this bugle. Now, I'm from the northern hemisphere, I'm not going to lie about that. It's best to be open about these things and uh. What are terrific hemisphere that is
Easily one of the world's great hemispheres, but it's been going through a bit of a rocky patch of light, and I think we can acknowledge that. As I mean I still a great hemisphere, hemisphere that can produce both Michelangelo and Michael Atherton. As a pretty special hemisphere to provide some balance, both while guests come from from other hemisphere, the wrong his fair. But I hate the sight of ride. Some objectivity to to the news please, firstly, welcome well that both huge people favorites. Firstly, hello, Alice, Fries, Andy, happy World Mosquito Day, interesting facts
Mosquitoes are actually very closely related to the vampire, and Did they, although I've implies more more into asking for consent? and. Is it is. It is interesting thing they they, you don't know that they, you don't see it in movies. They actually make the exact same annoying. Noise so there motionless glamorous than you've imagined them to be of great, these little diagnosed each bugs they are much like men on a night out in that you can never be sure if they're just going to try and penetrate you in a way that's annoying or in a way that will lead to your little day. six.
That point also joining us today, also from Australia. Please give a huge people welcome to talk about all lovely to be near the correct it was via. Thank you very much, no suspect was in London before this in Luba at the driver, said but you're from a set up from Australia. So in ways that south make it south from never to give directions to Australia before still a loaf of bread and turn left you'll find it. is, it was Australia, says, need New Zealand and he said all ya. You know Garfunkel, where you don't know Simon card anyway, nice to meet you
right. So here we are, I think we're ready for our top story. This week terrific match up at the moment between the chinese President's very much like a mafia crime boss against former british colony. Very much look a donkey Kong confrontation, alright goodnight, not everybody! I'm done it's all! Hey still happening in Hong Kong and by all I mean a court of the population marching peacefully in protest and that being described as borderline terrorism Alice. Your Hong Kong correspondent Yes, I am apparently satellite photos of a sports stadium in the city of Shingen show what appeared to be armored personnel carriers and other vehicles belonging to China's paramilitary peoples. Armed police parked inside the vote.
raise some questions like don't. You have better ways to which football, then by perving, on it via satellite, and why the flipping nut balls is a football stadium full of military vehicles. Some people are he's because Shinjin borders on Kong, and it indicates a threat from Beijing of more extreme action against pro to met democracy, prep protesters, which seems like a pretty obvious and for only boring thing. To think. I refuse to accept that. Conclusion, and I don't know what you're thinking, but I'm thinking tank ball see this ad. This is why I hate sports. Okay, if you're the site was voted on the side of hotel, your right to tell Terry Regimes- and you also quite boring- to talk to a potty. So I yes, they said this will out of electric We organized exercise which I just don't think sounds like a very legitimate excuse. They like now we're going to put the tanks there anyway and that's not actually a picture of a Hong Kong protester with an umbrella. That's us prepare
sing for a Mary, Poppins style invasion from the future. I mean what is the mission to achieve excellence in sport other than a long term? Eugenics program really. I'm just saying they always conveniently run out of condoms in the olympic village. Well, I mean the way I see that you know that I mean clearly people say sport in politics. Shouldn't mix I mean I'll go further and that even say that sport and military repression is a real, no Nova Go sport sporting political propaganda go together like a horse and jet engine It gets messy and there's only one winner, but I'm honestly, unless it can be seen that picture again. Chris of the stadium. Enemy could not just be a FIFA experiment to find a new way of dissuading footballers from faking injury.
rather than getting the physio in the magic sponge that getting the chinese military look that tanks offside tank full play, The situation in Hong Kong is what's quite complicated, that it's often the case in places that were formerly run by Britain. and so until the awful is home come was loosely incorporated in the in the into the change in the state back in two hundred twenty old pc, which coincident is lost on that Britain was truly British hashtag Romans out. We get up as long as so many other little trinkets in the 19th century and took it out on a lease for ninety nine, yes, which run out in nineteen ninety seven, and it turns out that the chinese government surprising is not been quite as committed to the idea of maintaining Hong Kong's democratic freedom. As might have
been ideal. I don't know when I real warnings for that were there in the years before one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven in China, there's a famous famous joke chinese joke here is: did you hear the one about the dissident poet who was arrested by the China? please no baby, I rather the first joke ever recorded on the vehicle. That's huge, I like to think of british colonial experiment, as that you know that person who keeps having terrible terrible relationships and all of the breakups go badly and after awhile you like, maybe it's you. Is it like at one point? Seven million people turned out as torrential rain like that turned out that as the threat of like you know, military oppression, hot one, seven million people, but I still can't get can't hundred people to come to my to show in a light drizzle you drizzle, nine p dot m monkey barrel.
Hong Kong are aware of how democracies turned out around the rest of the world. Well, it doesn't pay. No, because we're one of the big amounts of the one that they were withdrawal of the extradition bill, which can this dispense, people accused of crimes in Hong Kong into the welcoming, loving person with the chinese justice system. I go to demanded universal suffrage and that doesn't work. We know this in Britain. Take it from us Hong Kong. Do not go for universal suffrage. Suffer should only be extended to people who agree with you. The only way the system works. The chinese government is, That protista terrorism, so what we to do now is help you to spot whether or not something is terrorism will do. This by vote would Take this is terrorism, have a picture of one point: seven million people peacefully marching is that terrorism or is interning one million people in re education camps more terrorism than that. That is the core. response, and
let's is. Is this terrorism, demonic, purpose self governance and doing so boy, stopping some airplanes taking off from an apple or is terrorism occupying a country for more than sixty, isn't and repression? Repressing all political opposition through hardline military rule is in America. Is terrorism, Trump says the anti fascist protesters, terrorists yeah, you, Major consideration is being given to naming Anti phone organization of terror. So is that terrorism, which is essentially shouting at fascists or ease a more terrorism, is being a fashion, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, Andy, come we'll be terrorists. You know the only way to find a bad terrorist in a mask is a good terrorist anonymous and the important thing is to make sure your violence is the good kind of violence, not the bad kind of violence, and the only way to determine that you're, not actually just punching a doctor in a surgical mask, is to do it and see if I treat their own wounds in a competent manner.
Just don't kill people, terror skills goals are I I got the Federalist and what isn't isn't terrorism here? If you'd like to hear that it's cool heckling at my comedy show that's terrorism me yelling in my audience, 'cause they're not laughing enough. Now, terrorism very interesting, any doing a pun, run terror blocking me on grinder, that's terrorism, three star reviews as terrorism. Thank you, Chris, that is not terrorism, accommodation prices in Denver during the fringe festival. Oh, you better believe. That's terrorism, one thousand two hundred to sleep on a mattress thin edit, an instagram model that is my nine hundred and eleven Andy. I'm done! That's it! That's all the list! What about occasional, scuffles with far right groups, intent on destroying the fabric of society? Well, according to Donald Trump Terrorism, innocent people in the course of watching purposely, not terrorism. So this this
image around. What about s? Stephen fry cooling is show the same as my show and being much more famous than me. Definitely terrorism news now I was Yes in smelly, so you never say this on the babies: they do they never look at Austria. What are we doing next? Yeah? Let's do vultures that's because I edits out the twenty four hour news channel each day takes them a week to a cool, I just guessed, the news is going to be, and I think that's a lot easier than it used to be some on serving on snakes. Is the weather since we're in Edinburgh talks about the accommodation prices, vultures new, seems an section yes indeed and smelly death birds coming for the rich news. Now, a
a swarm of black vultures. They apparently smell, like quite a thousand roasting. Coaxes has forced at least one family out of their home in luxurious West Palm Beach, Florida, apparently low, because of implemented a number of methods to discourage the building avian in enthusiasts, including deploying fake owls, helium balloons and loud music. I mean to be fair. That sounds like exactly the kind fake AL balloon. Padi I'd want to be at if I were stinking gangly carrion book, but with the potty attitude and a taste for necrosis. If look spoilsport Cheryl Katz is called the presence of the black vultures in her pool house, bloody, vile, vicious and traumatizing, which is pretty strong language for someone whose name makes her sound like a bit part on an episode of Seinfeld Shell cats is definitely walking in with some sort of mild, but incredibly infuriating personal habit. That Seinfeld and his wacky mates will blow all out of proportion in order to resolutely keep their eyes away from the gaping void in social utility. they made of their life.
Homeowners in West Palm Beach, or blaming the sudden bird surge or vulture all appropriation. If you will no, no don't encourage them, that's terrorism! I think we all need to just take ten seconds to just think about how glorious that junker oh yeah, blaming it on an anonymous neighbor who they say is feeding the vultures, leaving them bags of dog food and even roast chicken, at the friendly woman has been warned, but Neighborhood Association, President Gordon HOMES, determinism. If I've ever heard it said their options are limited. 'cause black vultures are protected by federal law, which is fair. What has a volt? ever done to you other than being constantly circling reminder of your own, imminent death and
smelling like a pile of corpses's shutout, another pile of corpses. But you can't help it loves eating corpses. What else do you want to do with the corpse and not eat it kind of their raison d'etre which they pronounce Raison Detre, but when they say raising, they made your shriveled corpse balls, but who else is going to enjoy your shriveled corpse balls made? Give him a fucking break Have you written jokes about any other news story? Shell cat said the anonymous neighbor wouldn't answer her calls or emails, and she ended up pulling for fake owls with moving heads and blinking lights outside, but the vultures just picked into the owls up. They ripped the heads off cat said well going on one date with George Costanza of deciding he's too hairy to date. They, like one thousand rotten corpses, which is the equivalent of about one ST performer. If you're wondering oh edgy joke at the fringe, my cousins out there on the Rome I'll, but
she said some people have to leave their houses. 'cause of this, which is like just heartbreaking, I think imagine, being targeted and victimized by evil, predatory vultures and it gets so bad. You actually lose your house and the vault same question: every properly punished, 'cause they're, protected by law and because of the vultures actions, your government introduces brutal austerity, which cripples the country and the working class is all the while. The vultures keep giving each other massive bonuses and start preparing the next attack on people, houses that would suck thank them oh sorry, there wasn't a pun in there, everyone, but it might have been a sub x amount, but we read, in other, your dog. Let's move on to environment news now and environment find. Some of you, I was only about twenty percent of the rest, rest of anything, no, no with the environment heights,
our way of life and that's the biggest threat we have maybe environment, it's just so dramatic. At the moment you set up a coal powered our plant. There were like oh, no, no, more polar bears, dramatic, I'm Sad death in the environment this week, the optical glasya in Icelands, sadly passed away yep it melt. like the hopes of an Edinburgh comedian with three review, As2 parents in a dog in the audience that brings back some memories, problem the reviews, but The glass here sadly died of excessive melting aggravated by carbon addiction, not its own carbon infection, obviously, but it's definitely a factor the first icelandic classy to lose its status as a collection. They put up a special command
a plaque for it. This week you are. You. Are you concerned about the loss of the class? Here I mean to actually need glasses. I knew his. When did you log, most actually use one. I mean really not just look at insight. Isn't that lovely? I mean actually do something useful with it. Like I, don't know, ward off a bear or shift some rocks off a mountain. They are basically just inefficient. Rivers of ice for main rivers of water way better than what you can get from a river of ice, frozen fish fingers, but not much else. The there was a dedication on this. This have you got a picture of the little plaque. Ok, well, just imagine got the fucking Gracie, so I'm sure that then Michael came say that in a film or something.
Episode four thousand of the bugle intentions arising. It gave the dates of the ceremony and also the concentration of carbon. globally in the air, which is four hundred and fifteen parts per million. That is nought point nought. Four percent of our atmosphere now is carbon dioxide, and I think we'll get in way over stressed about this 'cause. I mean that, isn't that much is it. I mean it's very hard to actually find a bit of carbon dioxide in the air. Despite the scientist telling us is way too much of it and we need to look at it in context as well. when no four percent on a Venus. Ninety six point: five percent yeah we're the ones with a skin problem, but he called Chrysalis Venus Canyon. Why not? Because Venus is a lady planning the got all this ever since he became an mri. This was a really. I was very sad about the class. Yet
it is is really interesting, because people are saying that the melting of this place here is an indication of rising problems and things like rising temperature in the world, and they put up this blog to indicate a bit it's basically. I don't think we have a problem until the block melts. Then we might want to change seven hundred years old and just one day away from retirement, so tragic family, homeless, seals and now migrating in droves or whatever the collective nouns. The seals is, and there's been a subsequent riding rising to my state. Nationalist populism in the neighboring penguin and pull back community well go Jones is a This time, in other environment news. What time do you mean the time? Is it like it? There,
visual, for I take it. That is, as close as I ever get it done to slow the aging water, so good, gracefully slowly, just go round in a circle in sixty small installments, only someone with a forehead, that's moving at your pace should have more sympathy with the glaciers yeah but the glacier is shrinking in other environment news told me been keeping on the the Pacific Ocean force. Yes, Yes, other hemisphere, everything's going very well critical talks to the the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu almost collapsed over sure positions on climate change and call just remind position on climate change is no and additional call is reverse cowgirl. We love it.
Family show a response supposed to leave plastic toy australian deputy Prime Minister, who is site with me, everyone a silver Honda. He made some interesting comments. He was in Australia and he said I get little bit annoyed. When we have people in those sorts of countries pointing the finger at Australia and say we should be shutting down all our resources sector so that you know they will continue to survive the big nerve than ever. These savages telling us to stop being one of the biggest polluters in the world, so they had to start developing gills selfish, much he's name. Welcome to call back he went on, they will continue to survive. This no question of what to do to survive. They'll continue to survive because many of their workers come here and pick out fruit.
and that's a little thing. I like to call a sterling diplomacy. Yeah some countries, you self diplomacy, some countries, Utah diplomacy, we're a bunch, pick out fruit. Andy will survive will be able to pick out fruit and it's it's good. Australian fruit as well. He said pick off route, pick off fruit, grown with hard australian enterprise and endeavour not not quite hard enough enterprise and endeavour to uh actually pick the fruit without resorting to cheap foreign labor, but hard grown with hard Australian, I mean how do you grow fruit? This fruit? Not just grow. Prompto next and their sledging, it like it, is or yeah! Just let it grow in this country is consult cock nation, not in Australia, mate we yell at it and we throw footies it up fruit and we pump up with beer and we stop all the gay fruit, no pineapples. He also went on to say Mccormick. What we won't do is we won't listen to Paul Brown's of the world and say we should be
shutting down. All resource is sector. Now Bob Brown is an environmentalist, but did sound like he was just using that as a collective term. For anyway, it's not He also the fact we're not be hijacked into doing something. It will shut down an industry that provides 10s of thousands of jobs and two slash three of our enerji needs have basically the messages, don't let the fossils have died in vain. and like down all logs for us, we have a moral duty to use them, I'm also the single court. No, no, I'm not a rock environmentalists, but is there not in all the sources of fuel could be used in Australia? Arguably, the FED that we one of the largest and sunniest countries, with this of a broad empty windy plains, with the annex sort of surrounding goodbye see situation at all. It's or nothing hip hypocrisy,
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Chris, do you have any idea wasn't in the running order, things that you haven't done involve another species of birds? They involve. I've got a picture of some animals king, but I don't know what that story. Is your personal there's? There's the lycan story. There's sport! Let's do sport, ok, sports alice. You all the people, sport, correspondent, tank, full no Wilson's gym, lemons and Georgia. Taylor Brown were disqualified from the World Triathlon Olympic Qualification event in Tokyo after they crossed the finish line, hand in hand and what has become of sports and surely, like the end, Fringe Festival is about ruthlessly tearing each other down in order to win at all costs, it's about being a sociopath in lycra fighting for one million dollars in sponsorship in a job in commentary for the next Olympics start about building Carol. And supporting one another through the grueling prices of elite, athleticism,
cycles. Women ride, but can't read the rules. There is an ion triathlete, you team, knuckles as worse, are there female athletes ignoring rule one of being a woman which is, I can't win if you're not losing, show We've got some thoughts about these women here adding well, I mean still be honest. I'm still recovering from the cricket World CUP final, which by rights should have did like this real, quick, QA yeah, we're going to QA and AQ. You have any questions for the audience who's coming to save us. I who's got a quick question for the for the panel. Today we will answer more and factually as humanly possible. There's one down the front.
he's made. We have a well yeah hey. This is excuse me. This is an incredible feeling that may have a new head coach is these? May issues made smoke right, he's actually got into was a tradition of the Beagle audience in making Crisco as far as possible about switching from find I one mom metaphor for Brexit Britain thought the upcoming decide and then backs out of it, and this holds it by regrets next question Alice. Why exactly do you hate flamingo? So much, and can you agree with me at? U as well Tom, but. so I'll always cool while they gave you chlamydia. So what's a game show that would be
That's good next show for ABC. Isn't it this week Blinky bill? funny stories from the fringe. This year. Now, it's a vital tool. at the fringe, I saw a man arguing with a bin filled all classic Edinburgh and then I came close and realize there was a Buscar in the Bin and this man and put a burrito and on top of him I was like Dell, classic heavy right five stars holding evocation of molten Britain. I've had some good earnings interactions. You know you out, they try to get a vibe in the room, saw the show get a bit of added yeah this yeah. Also they do for a living. I mean: what do you do for a living holocaust educator, all tough crowd? What's your favorite in either by If anyone does come to buy, show please bring currency for the country that we currently in appreciate that
quite a few dilemma from the? U H dropped into my pocket, which is always crowded so to get a guarantee from a country. They're probably kill you. If you go this, I know pollination in the always go well. Chris we're out of only because you're? Turning towards me to do some poems three minutes ago, encouraging is not It's not. The word I would have used was what I was going to do some puns about them, because I was invited to view some some jams, some reserves for local and ripped muscle knock on it could go very badly and a comfortable all of so that was a What's the best phone, we missed it, but there was one there yeah there was one I just absolutely delivered it terribly, but I was invited to do this to see this musical actor former Labour home secretary, Jack and TV. historian, Mary riffing out some sweet, improvised blues. It was a straw.
Are e jam. I've got a friend of mine, got Anobii for services to the fruit based spread. Industry explains the queen. How best towards cookery shows and how issues use oranges on a high tech, new television, one of so with the organic light emitting diode technology and the queen said, is there an acronym for that and he said yes, mom, oh lead I mean that was a marathon yeah a compliment or an insult right. I think, Leslie, let's hosting this memory test the other day had to. Remember vehicle and what color it was and in which prison it was from a selection of jails in the sheep, and tonight was the red car in Jaylee. Breaker and Jelly
and my my granddad. He played tennis with Elvis Presley Elvis was like Novak Djokovic used to bounce the ball loads. About thirty times of research. He got very impatient and said gone press serve, preserve Prez, Well, you I will pray. Ask for it. Don't imagine you approach puns in the same way as like medieval pubic, hair history maker, in that it's needlessly elaborate and what he's comfortable with it right enough about our sexual techniques now Actually, a friend of mine got sexually transmitted diseases. Plonka became all rough like a scouring pads used it for washing up be called, is member Brio, remember, Brillo, remember no you're right shut down. My windows are coming out at the end of the month. We have six months left from the statue of bugs that Chris brought here six.
So if you want to buy a mug, you have to be fast tank, full tank full. Temple will be outside the front after the second coming up for Alex Fraser Tom Ballard. I've been at his altar and goodnight. thank you to everyone who came to the Like Bugle chosen at Amber and indeed centrist for hot and political animal as well. We will play out this week with some more lies about soulful entry subscribers to join him, go to the bugle part, cost dot, com and click the donate button, and you can choose one of the various pre programmed schemes or just make up your own donation, whether it's recurring or simply a one off, and he now all some lights Chris
Music, please, this one does with the humans would be more efficient as a species if they had one looks to cool and once you've been on instead of two of the latter. Similarly, Toby Yang six lobsters could do the least one set of functioning fingers. He doesn't really mind well, Richard Haynes is wrongly convinced that the words of potato and tomato with both locked in for the meeting, I am still cheap and I am juicy respectively, while Florence Adult, and has never understood why they don't grow potatoes in super heated soil. So they come out of the ground right ready for pottery Lewis is done. Some research and concludes that former Olympic Swimming Champion Mark Spitz probably shows at least eighty percent of his dna with the nucleus of marine insurance once met. The celebrity chefs in the public Library for Melvin was ejected and then arrested for quite literally cooking the books, anonymous donor d, a thinks the motorcycle is the future of commuting. It's efficient it in far mentally friendly mobile. It's from test test looks that idea would further more in store between the upper floors of tile collection. All sleepy days around the world Rachel Slater Windows with a brick. You should update the monarchy by choosing randomly selected families to be queen and the king, princes princesses and sundry Monday on a rotating five year term. Developers are there still further suggest the family should be able to make pictures in televised costumes for what they would do as the royal family, but SAM Wilkinson reckons Britain might as well just fortunate off to the highest bidder, like every other public utility in the country, Ruth Burger misunderstanding. This proposal started crowd funding to by the queen, so far, she's rustled up seven hundred sixty eight million pounds of her talk a total of an impossible for a few two point: three billion pound transfer fee.
here and the lies.