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So many holes - Bugle 4113

Andy, Nish and Alice look at three bad men in the news, plus The Bugle guide to Bitcoin, phone horns and Good Omens versus idiots

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There, it is the Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world inside these are becoming how we all your we accidents do people must be able to see the doctor, how are you feeling how to this historic, bugle, diverse people ever to take place I in a circus tent and be in the circumstances that we have been told we'll be performing in until forty five there's before show the circus them again. Therefore also the first ever be, will that is taking place not in
zero dimensions lightly, traditional bugle or even in two dimensions like most of our lives shows, but in the whole world three sixty, if we glucose, let's call it to seven- I was a little No, it is not given what was that two. I should agrees that the voting Seven three so while they sir, this is a global issue and looked at me, I'm not quite sure how we're gonna block this out there. Everybody say it say it. The directors in today how I mean. What's what was the etiquette for many years. I think, given that there is talk about three hundred Paypal, pondering you're, looking where there's only one right here right now, this is probably not the right. One is only one person who really matters a curse legs. I know this is a doubling up as bugle issue, four thousand one hundred and thirteen we record. Come on twenty second of June twenty know. Its aim is another solstice, although I q this now. The stone age didn't job once again has prevented the Die
he's getting longer and longer and longer through the air as they did before. We had a hinges: another summit conference closer to the merciful closure of the reaper. That's what the world has become, so so we are voting on the twenty second of June. Now, for the first time Regulus we we do. We do Will you anniversaries at this point in the show that, because new technology and the vast amount we doing anniversaries of events from the future on this day in Twenty forty three Donald Trump is finally impeached removed from office after the ninety seven year old president approaching the end of his eight than final terms, of office is revealed to have given the new Football is a wedding present to his wife, Donald Dana Patina I'm daughter of you and Secretary General Vladimir Putin Tromp, however, mine's king of IRAN, chief executive of fever, a number
Interpol most wanted man list on this. in the twenty fifty four Roger Fetters announces that he's gonna play his last Wimbledon. These to your old Swiss. Might Maestro is given a tricky first round draw against the tennis tech server. five thousand returnest, Robot, that has dominated the toll for the past twenty five years after Novak, Jock reach mysteriously went missing and that, on this day, in the twenty two nineteen exactly two hundred years from now. It will not only be reached the hundredth anniversary of me saying this but it will also be the hundred and twentieth anniversary of a big exactly eighty years since this guy looks to me like an absolute fucking idiot but as always no, the beacon is going well. It's going well on the correct, correct, this week in the bin? Bitcoin fact? doesn't it?
This non bitcoin. No correctly The correct answer, no one understands bit. Gonna is not something that can be understood as being specifically designed, not to be understanding. However, I have studied it. So where do we have a bugle, Bitcoin facts for those of you who down this article as well as I do? In fact one bitcoin does not exist. If you want to know how it works, just fucking guess ask a brick that will have as much chance of explaining it to you as a sentient human being fact to devalue, pick honest fluctuating throughout its made up history from not loads, do followed, but down to load, then loads, again, more recently, less loads, which used to be very well above its mental, real duns value of absolutely pull the original blockchain anyone know runs on an algorithm rhythms in case you don't know what they are. They very clever things that do the kind of unseen, mysterious weight and explicable shit that in wiser, simple times, was correctly attributed to the devil himself. The whole bit
in practice. This will use up more energy to run than any guess is a fridge, perhaps now even bigger than that and electric car still now know. Is it potato world the family based Think theme park where the family thing by basing the renowned route vegetable with running right, including the starch Anita and the dooms bud mega measure when we get numbskull Bitcoin, how that will in fact you that more energy this year than Argentina? Yes, that's Argentina! The renowned king, massive south american country, with forty minutes the people in it you can mine bitcoins, even though they don't exist. Take that Thatcher. So minor media especial coin and then tat magic side. They takes quite a lot of goes together, magic, some right, any guess it's how many? Yes, one point: eight billion so give yourself a couple of afternoons, bus, an infinite number of war or calculators aware with their trust and I'm sure, you'll engrafted, who invented it
No one knows maybe is passed at the egyptian categories, or was it Peter Andre who gives a shit that can only ever be twenty one million, comes just will look if you think you have but you're not sure, see a doctor or eat prunes twenty percent, twenty percent of all existing bitcoin lost, which is really quite impressive than they did not exist in the far right. So why lose and something that you never had. Not an EU discredit the entire life and work of the great american Blues man muddy waters, but you brazenly brought all human civilization to a logical end point. How does it and you know how it ends? It ends like all disaster movies. the monkey to man in a tight, fitting t shirt with a distractingly pretty Guided by his eyes are not quite as much as would be ideal in a more equal. we followed in love against the odds, are financially no getting on very well running away from a tidal wave of erupting dinosaurs. In summary, what could possibly go wrong with any of that, and that is your you will go into Bitcoin solemn programme.
Thank you now, that's it June is in the vein in the main longer than some seconds in amendments cylinder been you and you didn't hear it. So it is time to me August for today's Bugle Iraqis rate are made. I guess what did I feel good that could have been extremely all good living silence. Please now welcomes very personal rapid. The southern hemisphere and all women and humanity as a whole is ours phrase. This is surprisingly, vulnerable feeling having people on my flank? I worry
did you won't feel sufficiently included, although you do have a great view of my ass, so you're welcome. Welcome Photoshop Chris there's more to come to be my advice? Is there anyone a dick vetoed? It was actually spite against the Nazis, and this will be no. No, it's a term of affection. Among my people didn't realize you haven't. I EC salesman. Isn't one of your prime ministers in the nineteen seventeen yeah, he went for a swim one day. An ocean of Jews and never came back. Family show our families prince to Herald held a few which bit was there. princess
also of joining us today, representing the northern hemisphere and the rest of humanity. That is not covered wireless and the entire asian diaspora and people with beards. Let's go with Germany's mother Fatima. Somebody often gets credited for being a Muslim, despite not being one. The Jews. Let's build bridges he's representing Jude of well. We are making the world a better happier place. Please welcome. well buys genuinely Pirates I like the fact that you used the phrase that I'm credited with big muslim ass. If something, it happens, a mosque
more likely. I am blamed for bigger buzz limb by law, sections of the right wing press, however alone nice, to see you all crazy, Dunna Photoshop of my body with my body was yet you ve lost no noise? Why don't we go thus a more accurate portrait of my naked body. that is also the future of Britain. I think there's one element of that. That is not part of Britain's future address. I am actually quite glad tat. We ve been relocated because we move from the cow Why, and forming inside a cow was a real affront to my hindu upbringing. So I, for one, am happy that we are in a joint circus, ten How are you will notice that you do I'm just trying to work out whether standing eagerly I'm just not only this three of us out, it's a threesome I did room so I would say,
We just such a one sided yet just take one sided man vines once actually, I see allocating the far left, Well, I'm I'm dealing with the incredibly attractive rise about a credible only if our modest about a bit of a stressful because my sewage plant is blocked in my house, and so I thought I was gonna. Be a problem about three days ago, and I really do anything about it: this morning, my back garden such as it is now absolutely flooded with you, but share as well as a euphemism for that part of the body of not heard before granting. Here is: where do we certainly? Can I think there are some really weird at it there like? How did we get to initiate and just
it's really audience at home. That just happens, but it's good, because this voting I spent most of the morning just standing, get a mess entirely of my own making, and I really felt closer than I ever. to every lay vote like I feel connected to them. We find yourself just as a metaphor for your country. They struck home with top story this well, who we all its will. As we speak here on London, South Bank projectile, vomiting distance investment that not even as we speak, there are high level talks at EU and about whether some kind of international force should be
a stable democracy into the UK. What's extraordinary are now miss your you? You ve got those links the conservative sort? I was asked by some sacred with its Do you have any conservative party members and today I want my vote to help choose our prime minister. Taking my control of our democracy, and preparations are also in full swing for the official defence, creation of tourism I out of the window of ten down the ground floor window, and then my letter use the door economies used the diva estrangement echoes Gladsome painted a shot in the eighteen. Seventy six annual boasted, but them I'm, not NASH. What's your aura conservative party correspond absolutely I am baby, I'm going on well, look where, with ice now with a straight up decision,
and I'd ice by. We I mean none of us. They could serve deplore pick our next prime minister. A hundred and sixty thousand members will choose the leader of the conservative party by extension. Who is our prime minister and I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm so glad we would leave in order to return democratic power to a small group of retired, stop brokers in can't it's time to take back control and return it to eight men who were all called therein who hate their wives and wish. It was legal for a man to Mario Golf course. So many All those Famine quite literally, might also is illegal well Andy. She is about to learn some working language. It's a strike run off between Jeremy Hunt
who presided over a period of funding reductions in the annex, as resulting in the head of the British Red Cross, MIKE Adamson, to condemn conditions and british hospitals as being a humanitarian crisis and he's up against poorest Johnson, who stands accused about five years to the prison sentence of not Mezzanine Zachary Radcliffe, who used racial slurs in a newspaper column and describe women wearing Burke. As his letter boxes opine progress, the choice is now come down to a dick or an asshole, I'm what we wouldn't gave for something in between a nice Britain is desperate for apparently, and Prime Minister, a commander in coach attacked the top. I mean this is there's many things I I I thought would never happen in my life being selected for the Venezuelan synchronize belgian team becoming Pope.
taking the quaint down eight points of luxury and sing pump up the jam on carriers. Waking up one morning with the bionic extendable language, on producer, tripping up escaping criminals or less going escaped ice cream vans and desperately hoping Jeremy Hunt becomes. Prime minister, How did you know that was the one on least expected to happen here? We ve left down. We got down to the two there's been a celebrity extensive whittling process, which resulted in Michael Goave and Dominic robbing eliminated the form but doing too many drugs and the latter for not doing enough for drugs? the other two represented varies. Wings of the conservative party. Worry Stuart represented, they remain wing and such a job. It who represented the? How can we be racist, haze here and he's fine and they all
despite either in a debate on channel for last week, which, between the pre written content and the make up of the panel, which was for white guys, one brown going. No women wasn't so much a leadership to buy as it was. A british company panel show, and I speak us up, it was very much been the javert on a few results about the way Germany has told the conservative progress conference who knew the excellent hearing about the That's, why is vague and ism awareness the conservative- should not quotes ignore the crocodile lurking under the water, in other words, that labour party- so don't just I don't know- maybe when Missis Fairfax- beware the crocodile lacking on water and instead jump into a vat of sulphuric acid with an acid.
Resistance shock in it? That is the choice we're facing Burst Johnson areas, one if we become we equally private them digital might, you feel are going round all the World war cemeteries knocking on every headstone. I'm sorry! You died for fear of I've, got little bare reservation about the one hundred and sixty thousand people who were going to make that decision, like you, Gov, did some polling of the conservative party membership and they asked the question.
would you rather breaks it took place even if it caused the following scenario? Now the results are genuinely alarming. Sixty three percent said they would rather breaks it took place, even if it resulted in Scotland leaving the EU sixty one percent said they'd rather take place, even if it causes significant damage to the UK economy. Fifty nine percent said this before and with it. Even if Northern Ireland left the UK and fifty four percent of conservative party members said that they want breaks it to happen, even if it results in the destruction of the conservative, by the only thing, the only thing It would not want breaks. It happened in the incidence of is of Jeremy Carbon becoming Prime minister, and at this point you have to think what are these people I love, and the answer is paying a basic amount of income tax and also you gotta have a bit of fun with it.
sure you start asking questions like what about, if God sailor attacks what about? If there was an old testament style, curse resulted in the death of all first born children all, and I think this would be a very interesting question replacing the queen on the five pound note with me how at that that was a condition of breaks. It. You know, as you say, something any realise. As your saying it, someone is gonna fuck. Shut up, already drawn it. I keep telling does not Are tender Randy how many do some of this result of brush it was all about taking control of all democracies on- and this is this- is democracy work very to democracy, in the same way that a dead rats on a plate is affiliates steak? Yes, there are some similarities, but they know why outweigh the differences, unjust and enjoying as represent
give my country being a little bit outside of this whole debate. Is I've been back in Australia? None of these matters over there. I am also a permanent representative of my country, and that I'm very heart, very dry and extremely high. You Donald, I think we'll know I mean about we're. All done. We are all three: assholes are going to pick another asshole to be in charge of all of the working hours. I actually Google, Tory Asshole, the first page of results that came up on Google, followed up on the screen that, since we won recurring, face a fact that the little graph so it's some points. Johnson came up five tourism a three month, Francois one Philip Davies, one George Osborne Womble. What I really liked about They actually was when I kept looking and when you scroll throw there's a few other faces appear, including
This group, I just clarify under that picture of bay, is just it just says: Jake a breeze smog, an asshole but this is forthcoming. Autobiography everybody knows how to target audience. Let's move on too. Many issues also relates to the initial Buell men's affairs chorus. Absolutely- I am the men's first corresponded at all. I can say: is this its rain and man Hallelujah? It's raining man. Oh now, the man committing asylum give everyone umbrellas, bang use that point to point them call Hallelujah guys
it's been a bad weak ferment. Let me rephrase there s been a bad month ferment. Let me rephrase that it's been a party for men. Let me rephrase that it's been upon deck at. Let me rephrase this man is bad. An explicit specific men. We like yeah and an absolute triptych of asshole rayford. Then this week, editorial p mark field was filmed grappling idea, seemingly peaceful climate change protester by the throat an event in London. I don't really know what the event was. All I can say is it looked like it was Five minutes, wife from big, interrupted by Batman, jumping through the sailing. In the meantime, Donald Trump has been doing what Donald Trump does, by which I mean trying to start a war whilst dodging of ripe obligation. The only way you could have
poor trompe week, is, if he'd written his name on a building and given one of his talent, this fucking useless children, a job I don't deserve, and and also unfortunately, last night, the news that the police were called to the home. Of course, Johnson and his partner carry Simmons in the early hours of the morning after neighbours heard allowed altercation involving screaming showing in banging. Currently savings could be a ten tonnes into get off me and get out of my flat. She also said you don't care for anything, because your spoiled you have no care for money or anything which, in bars. Johnson's defence is the top line of his tender by an unfortunate was then happen. is a series of people have come out defending these seemingly indefensible actions of all of this man. All of these men out in person who's, a telegraph, correspondent and fucking Idiot said that we need to find out before we can make any sort of judgment. We need to find out what sort of people the neighbours are specifically how they voted in the EU referendum. Now just to be clear, this
Greece based on a mobile phone. Recording the neighbors took and passed on to the guardian newspaper, which begs the question: are mobile? Phones remain voters breaking all these stories down a little bit with the first one foreign Office Minister Marshfield assaulting this Greenpeace activists. It I'm just fascinated by the hour. events that are playing out about this festival. Greenpeace's accused him of assault for grabbing the lady, in return he's accusing Greenpeace of assault for coming to his party without an invite. Everyone on Twitter is accusing everyone else of assault cause, that's a fun game. We can all play, and both sides of the argument seems be leaning heavily on the defence of it could have been worse with field saying He could have been armed nonetheless saying he could have had more badly, and if this is how we treat the woman who doesn't know, can you imagine how we treat other women? I can imagine yet we'll have imaginations. Imagine what does she hadn't knife or a bomb? What, if each up to head off with a dessert folk, I mean
Of course, if you do look at the extended footage of the fight, security is already dealing with the gate crash tests and there is no reason for him to have done anything at all. But if you look at my fields, career, there's no real reason for him to have done anything ever at all. So we cannot start down that slippery slope might ever bit about. The whole situation is a conservative MP has defended field because, of course he has Colonel Bog, Stuart, a former bridge Army officer has said that Marshfield needed to hold the woman by the neck, because quote as a man. How do you hold a woman that is not in an approach in an inappropriate? You can't hold you by the way you can hold her by lower down. You can't hold her by the chest, but sounds like the title. of a post me too, are and base our he said field, acted in a reasonable way in responding to what he perceived as a potential threat and acting adding. That is exactly
how suicide bombers behave. They don't run forward streaming. They just move into a position and detonate things. I'm not tat? She was a suicide bomber. Who knows, I may we know, literally no. The sea was just a lady. I mean a watchful age and in terms of the allegation that we she might have had a gun, he grabs point the throat, did you think she had the gun in her mouth? It doesnt really doesn't make any sense of the defence is a bit absolutely incredible, like maybe here, gone. Maybe she had a knife all the way up to. Perhaps he was trying to perform a reverse heimlich, which is a mediaeval where, instead of pushing the base of the body to force the food out, you actually push the top of the head in order to force the food into their lungs. I don't want you for that. How do you hold a lady?
They will be a meeting of the Tory Conference this year. Does he not know that women Also, it does worry me that that is a conversation that they have they let that they are just constantly amongst themselves. Big, like Do you think we can make yourselves a woman without sexually assaulted two main, which we know suppose we still think we just want to punish the, but we don't want to do it in a you know me too, what even if he choked him it could be a bit more. Remind do. Andrews daughter is present. homework time Dolly,
the Boris Round? I would describe as an old occasion at this time of change it just sojourn. You can't spell alteration without big Sea based were called when quotes. A neighbor was concern for the welfare of female resin and for the other, sixty seven million people in the vicinity? Where's with the Trump allegations are Coronel thing about suspicious of the tunnel. Think of it all everyone's gearing up for the quadrennial joyous festival of democratic expression, that is the Eu S presidential election wisest coming. I think it must be a leak from within the Trump Camp to appeal to his course
all that has lost his age is a man who is quite prepared to commit sexual sexual assault of books to boost its popularity. I learned about that now. What is accusing the Democrats of lake this? Because, aside from any other issues, everyone can agree, the Democratic Party is not competent enough to organise anything like this kind of the lake everyone Americans in today yes, you can find your election of you all heard of the american presidential election. that's why they hear that is, unfortunately, that in the news it I didn't realize they were trading one sinking ship for an older thinking for those. don't know what the american presidential election is. Imagine a rhinoceros. Shooting into a basket of poppies whilst talking about how much he loves poppies and despite having a puppy impaled on each of his horns,
that's just essentially about it, Jimmy ones, while the Trump news- yes, you know cause he's funny out just walking down the street owed, I think to myself. I think what the world needs a war with IRAN. What are some people are the bang on about climate change, making the global economy where the broader go to the planet as a whole, the pigment ensuring people the freedom to live and talk and think how they want to live in talking talking thing, really, I think before that we really need a war with IRAN. Otherwise was the point House get a unity by this I mean, I think are justifiably terrified like also we have absolutely no power to influence and ease of any sort of our policy coming out of the state is the UK foreign office. You just yesterday called for a de escalation of tension.
The region, and also yesterday, president from warned around it with obliteration if conflict broke out so that speed your relationship. Right now is feeling specialist shit. He also expanded on it, last minute decision to call off strikes planned in response to the shooting down of a. U S. Unmanned drone, saying he had been told hundred fifty Iranians would be killed. He said I didn't like it. I didn't think it was proportionate in quite a sensible insane way which is allowed, but its deeply ups. Some people, mainly because they can conceive of a world in which a man who's been an irrational, incoherent assholes, so many times could say or do anything good to anyone ever it's very upsetting to anyone's whose moral code categorization of the world has never developed beyond the broad brush strokes of a Disney movie and look even come even come. books have complex villains. Now, who didn't have some sympathy for Santos and his desire to get rid of fifty percent of Britain's voters with one click of his finger on the bright side,
democratic House speaking Nancy closely. Sedge Trump really should see congressional authorization before military action and Adam Smith, democratic Chair of the house, I'm Services committee warrant. It was not smart of the president to make detailed public saying it random. the notion of a clear Eu S plan thank Fox or that otherwise what I had to come out Trump fan, and that would be warm and the figures are you misinterpreted Alice recently didn't think a hundred fifty thousand The proportion of unwanted begged bumping up to two thousand, but not problem, This news is as an Australian, we don't really have to pay a lot of attention to most of the Middle EAST kind of threats like they pointed in the other direction. I mean we're technically a west, democracy, but no one ever shouted after the south, you less catchy so we don't really understand it beyond the sort of vague since that the tensions in the Middle EAST and the terrible outcome of complex and self interested political behaviour, that's accumulated k also the years and resulted in this outcome mainly cause that's the nature of time politics in history. But
You just get to walk around getting IRAN and Iraq mixed up anything beginning with Irae spells trouble. The thing with Middle EAST politics is, the truth, is lucky you tea with rubies and probably doesn't even exist, and even if you didn't find it will be absolutely terrific trump Spain cranking up is idiotic tension. Scully three point: one x given tumors in an inauguration president by John Bolton. Now John Bolton courses, renown on foreign policy hawk or, to put it more technical, internationally recognised terminology. and they ve got. Your daughter is here,
What we did want of these large shows at Edinburgh out was the thing that you'll sunset to us immediately also became upstate well. Well, I mean, I think But he bounding up to both of us saying. Well, I know what the sea, where did happen on those I said to myself. My son is: is ten as long term bugles looking pretty much today that he was born in December? Two thousand. I end in Edinburgh last eighty economic zone under the sea, where there was no you mustn't mustn't using said. Yes, I know that had an grindin when which I mean the problem with the sea. Word is it's just such a better word than all the other. Like all
in other words, for this part of the ladys body or a bit to punch here s illness had punching? it is also very difficult to have. Any authority is apparent, telling your told not to use a word when the child has just said. Three hundred people loudly applaud you, your friends for using that word through an electronic system of amplification. Do, as I say, not as I do that you just said, and will we live in a representative democracy? Hypocrisy is all All the guy, So we call it is very complicated how well Middle EAST situation, but involves yours, foreign policy
negotiating way through Donald Rumsfeld, famous complex web of good bodies, bad bodies, bad goodies, good bad bodies who was so bad, and they must be good, but also bad, so, let's ride and where we can work and make them look good and then deal with him as bodies. If and when the good bodies turn into about it all rather confusing as well. I think we're staying here with Trump come up against IRAN in any fundamentalist. We fundamentally show down the basic massive works out of the mental bits multiply each other, but the thumb bits sadly can so each other out advisedly explore the the evolution of humanity. Lets me: one: zero people, evolution, section, Alice, you're, all evolution, correspondent yes in the young people growing horns news now at twenty eight ten study of the scars of young people is determined that eighteen to twenty nine year olds are more likely than other people to develop little bone, spurs on their skulls and in a more pronounced way than older people headlines
reporting these is phone horns, protect blaming the satanic growths on the bad posture of the youth of today. On one hand, Panic about the reading and recreation habits of the young has a fine history going back to Plato, including the idea that the reading of novels would make young women, yellow, wet and inflamed in the sexual passions on and I have a phone in my other. Had I'm currently looking up the fact that the data on the correlation of phone horns is probably disputed as its basically, I guess young people, have more skull, horns and so do over sixties, which could be related to bad posturing linked to fund use, but could also be because both young people and over sixty banging a lot more than middle aged people, and maybe they just in currently horny
Now that is stagecraft rarely making use of the three sided. Colosseum style lie in this new, all the sciences bullshit. I realise this is like it's all of the vaccine that these bonds was happening. They don't really. They have really studied whether its young people, nor I mean, if I was there- are people concerned. It doesn't measuring phone impact about the fact. The eyes of the three year old out started reading this article on my phone and they got bored and started googling myself and now Andrew. That is not a euphemism honestly might make me sick,
I mean the same smartphones, I'm another without consulting the human form. There are other adaptation of the human form caused by modern life in general, the shrinking of the hope, gland and the cow suffocation of the knuckles of the middle finger flipping excessive birds, television. and also I mean attentions, bands of shortening but scientists have not yet discovered whether this is what's scorn. The cricket Afghanis still any suing is down. It's got excited. I can't believe we ve got this far without you demand, I tell you the crickets
The heroic display of self restraint that people listening to the poor girls bruises put our by picture there. I think people were to see with Photoshop, but actually is completely rail Andy with bulls, for I said it's Andy's vice for the entire duration of the cricket- woke up just as always replaced with two cricket ball and is mindful of cricket. Players are touching vignette, Indira, producing the worst performance and against Afghanistan. Since the american military in the early senator very little time to get nowhere satirical batting performance by my today. They're. All colleagues and commitment to satire
any other force. Yes, in other things, scientists get paid to find out about news. Now. New research compare the anatomy and behaviour of dogs. The wolves has emerged, suggesting dogs, historical progresses. Man's best friend has been fuelling muscle development in they eyebrows Are these muscles help them raise their eyebrows and look more sympathetic to humans? Unlike wolves who actually maintain the pleasingly immobile eyebrows sought after by so many women in their light, thirty's waggle their eyebrows more while around human and raise particularly they in eyebrow, which produces the slightly worried classic puppy dog I shape and It produces a nurturing response in humans and thus results in treats its always nice to me. The ways in which animals close around us have evolved with darwinian pity trigger. So we don't murder them. Instead, we
come on now. Tell me what we watch tv throw sticks to them to fetch and occasionally cut their pulls off. Thank science. become evolve if eyebrows evolve to the village specific goose. What has happened my face, it looks like my eyebrows of sort of evolved, a cake rain out. They eyebrows generously, it's one. It's an eyebrow. I was we're gonna, be on EM television in Australia, and I thought I should so. I went to a face allergist and he's been well well. Well. Well, well, what the fuck is a vice. All of you know the people who make your face. Those details does in face off I just I just gig googled it and it's like you. I wanted to hot crown like a hotel in a He told me what magic that's all I was looking for that he spent thirty five minutes turned to me into getting botox like now. Eyebrows for much up, I can make it
Able to express confusion and despair, I showed you, really weird to deal with the technical particles with somewhat with no expression on there. Breaks. It is going quite well over developed sarcasm in my eyebrows space. It only last three months, unlike all its subscriptions, others reappear. that is our endless. Then I felt really good about my face. In my my eyebrows mobility is going on is worth a storm. There was it. Thank you it was always puts us in an actual doctor. But just if I was gonna have someone inject, Botulism gonna have a he. It was his idea and I was like no thank you. I mean why she qualified to just so we like, or do you want some points of the new weekend course, my uncle, whose a dentist has it just cause? You know
NATO's, I'm like worse things. It needles, a it doesn't want. Maybe worrying fish is how dogs have evolved, and I put the effort into ingratiating. Tells us of goldfish been doing when the lazy compilation there has been no resting on our laurels, one quality piece of evolution. Admittedly hundreds of millions of years ago now popping out the pond and kicking off our life. Lunch dick and then Google adsense as you are also to be. Was religion corresponding wasn't going around the world of God's this week in the well got this week, a christian activist as you are also to be. Was religion, correspondent,
going on in the world of God's this week in the well got this week, a christian activists group called returned order has launched a petition asking Netflix to remove the television adaptation of the novel good omens by Terry Prejudice, Neil gaming from their service. Unfortunately, that television adaptation of the novel good omens is on Amazon. The book, which has been around for decades, deals with the body cut relationship of an angel in a demon demon trying to stop the apocalypse in the face of both Heaven and hell, mainly because they quite like people, the position which seems to have been taken down, probably by the devil. Says this type of video makes light of truth era good and evil and destroys the barriers of horror that society still has for the devil point. I mean you start the petitions ultimate. I mean that
this is not the first act of this group. They ve they ve tried to ban many other things. You won't be surprised to know, including an ice cream shop called Sweet Jesus. less ain't, any ice cream, outings coming and going your crucial fix. Nailed it Andy too soon, Jesus like that, don't get cross about it. even if you don't get it now, you'll get an answer. What about us just walked out live cattle abide with this, these walking straight to the protection of
I got a new there's. No he's going to the cash point is gonna. Get some money gets get someone you were disgusted by one disgusted by the whole thing, because my people, a lot of market, share, your people are solely responsible for fifty percent of these countries. Have consumption I'm just trying to off the shelf Europe. problem jus, as I am by Muslim, This sounds like a sitcom whiting, radio must be realistic.
I really do it will disappear because precursor regionally baby, along with his work, she's only saying what we're all thinking That is a kid saying who he's gonna be private is to put me back soon a yes, yes, now So when I was sir contemplating doing doing some comes about about birth, a bit but be a real labour of love them But if I could do it be real Philip, what you do real feet. Ass feeds a stunning.
Even when it is most evident at the start, to show people look back in years to come, and I remember reopened or memory open for them. I dont understand that what am I gonna want to those parties I should have somebody might like it specially possibly little took my bodily functions, seem to think more about the rest of the gig. Therefore we sail towards your presidency ponds rubbish other than that it was a person tar. Anyway elsewhere. When you come for me and my new law and set up here with these issues, I have an unusual operation. What you might call it just station One hundred and six Missouri who's out
Romeo Galileo is bomber, go left anyway. I'm just want us just distracting from this parliament. You can't do that, isn't over his head, actually there? Let's leave it. There is a famous. hanging showbiz to start we get best material and end on growing sense of anti climax. I believe Jesus. You know what I saw to that: a hundred and six before consequent wickets. Sorry, and even need to finish this show an alleged someone's going to call for an appeal to me what my Pedro, notably our right of that
It will be at the back, signing mugs break them. If you want to buy one and for us this mushy you're, gonna penetrating quit. Huge greek audience for the bees I do I please show your appreciation for everybody. You have seen said I you say: nice come right out if you have a reprieve you to plug the previous one is on Tuesday the Harrison and it's gonna be sympathetic, and I'm great also one on the tenth look. Look, look. Look me up, Kurtz guitars, Drugs, given that Greece is by a boy poor, baby, I'm so sorry,
I thank all those who, covering all the old again, cannot hold out