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That's a big cow! ...It's a really Big Cow!

There's a giant cow about to take over the show in Australia. The sky is the limit as India constructs Statues that bother aircraft. The Bugle welcomes Tom Ballard and Anuvab Pal to discuss these and more – UK news,The G20 and Sport get examined thoroughly with Andy Zaltzman taking lead.@TomCBallard@AnuvabPal@hellobuglers@Wahwah_UK

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The Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual. We lose unwelcome do as you four thousand and eighty nine of the Bugle Audio newspaper for a visual visual, visual visual well with me out results from the self styled, Jimi Hendrix of not alliterative nicknames still got. It when in old London town, joining make all the way from India, but with me in London to recover his nations property. Presumably if our pile ILO, Andy hello, to sandy. This is my first winter in the union I can now see why you needed a hot country- ah, yes, yes, This is really starting to explain itself. And how you enjoying the London
Amber, whether its lovely. I can't tell the difference working day and night. I think this I'm comes up one silver, six, during the winter is enough is enough, I think it's a but its yeah. It's. Leaks, Thea. The original fifty shades of grey was not, in fact an erotic novel. It was not merely a description of a through London in November, none Georgia is also voting, as we just heard, from the wrong side of the planet. All the way from Australia Tom Bylaws, hello, bitches you're on audio yet to get to southern hemisphere in their way down while you're here might already might be. India is definitely still north of the equator Amelia going back a long way. a long time to the early days of the sort of pansy and world before India drifted North and a desperate attempt to change sides. The greatest hemisphere in the world as I was try it on.
Oh chugging along. You know how it is. Yes, let us slowly trying to warm up well above the country baby. It too will have to be honest about the girl news is on the whole climate front. Is it the Dining hall mine is going ahead, which is wonderful news, I will be to give a shit load of color. Bernie matter with, would know, downside whatsoever. Issue election. You asked the cold nicely. Generally pretty cooperatives, don't let the tunnel fossils of God in vain you're. That is. This is like what we should all of them. We at loggerheads exit. But I have to ask dump you know adopt. These are one of the wealthiest indian families right and once they have done their duplicity. the school business within the country, it's only fair that they take those trillion so audio environmentalists feel about.
Slightly. She d, indian businessman, filling your air with coal, we're missing slightly shady is extremely generous of that very does look away the happy about it. There was a big campaign to stop it being financed by the government. A whole bunch of banks poured out because they said they were gonna back this stupid project, because, yes, the price of colors is poverty and, of course, and database that whole burning the planet thing, but now that many to sort out their own finances. Are they going ahead and did the guy himself tweeted twixt its day, so great news, the call by going ahead? Congratulations to all involved and good luck for the future, which I really really felt at least you didn't say warmest regards much appreciated, thanks the good to the good people of adopting one of the major sponsors of the pot cost. I believe this is an entirely qualified pulled cost.
And the recording engine as we speak. His jogging chugging, along through the window We are recording on Thursday, the twenty ninth of November, two thousand on this day Nanjing. Seventy two Atari released pong. The first common truly successful, videogame, no less. That was on on this day in nineteen. Seventy two palm, of course, a hyper unrealistic to diversion of table tennis or a pay, and that spot a global industry and video games now worth well a conservative estimate more than twenty five. thousand dollars a decade as possible pot figure sum The problem is an attempt to recreate the table. Tennis. The negotiations involving exiting a major international trading groups such as the European Union and its simplistic batting over. Back was enforced, a notice, animal that tourism actually probably play poem at some point in her lifetime. Drawing conclusions
Other acclaim punk seeks seeks to revive actualize the palm elements of ping pong, in other words the horizontal backing of the board, but without leaping elements of ping pong, which is, of course the sun Ancient Chinese for the deeply psychological elemental battle for supremacy between two warring humans and hostile universe. Where darling the claims that can only be one went up and poem regarded as the fortnight. of these second millennium, of course, but different, less soap and wrongly since poem was released, humans have wasted an estimated combined full of seventy three point: four quadrillion hours, plain computer games, time which, if used productivity by our species could easily lead to care for outsiders, the middle crises time wasting in football capitalism, communism and death Ten years after poem was released. However, soviet hard man, leader, Lenny, breaking, have died, but then again, fifteen years later, that's a Teresa died as well, so it's probably won all since poem was released.
nineteen. Seventy two, the world popular She has almost doubled from its three point: eight billion total proven. Judy recreations of sport give humans a great a disincentive to die than the prospect of eternal have an old damnation which of course, predate punk. Whilst the population of Asia, and if she has more than doubled in the past, era suggesting that playing table and dissimulation simulation games on computers makes all asian people all. This is true internet tv film, You have promised you out in eight minutes from now on features Channing Tatum as one of the bats Jennifer Lawrence as the other bats, and a sheet gee, I recreation of Gretta Garbo, the bull see this. This is The world we live in, that that's a funny joke, but in a word where the emerging movie has been released. That satires does nothing to me like. I could absolutely believe that tomorrow there is a movie called loudly with the chance of meatballs is, is a classic up? There were godfather
because the blanket remarks, but nothing like that. The amendment that is a super movie to watch as a small child on a long flight is my daughter, discovered when I made a watch it twice on a flight of relevant. years ago, as always a section of the biggest going straight in the Bin this week. It so well we're counting down to Christmas, also counting down internet into new season of the bugle. That is imminent details forthcoming. A bugle dawn is on the way, I'm counting down to my. So how dare to share beginning on the eighteenth of December, a tradition is elders. What is always a two year old ferret whose turning three shortly it is the third instalment of anti sultans setting. I will his story this year covering this year and it is life associated in the eightys to the twenty second of December, that twenty seven through the twenty ninth of December and the second to the fifth or general, but in the main this week approaches ember. It is he Bugle Drab when the calendar
Why raise expectations about this flawed planet with nice? Little pictures of things that happened at Christmas, Robbins when we really should be reviewed, the true drunkenness of life. So with the Beagle drab phone calendar, we give you twenty four drab things to count you down to the unrealistic, happy vision of Christmas, the first of December, an empty chocolate bar wrapper in a puddle next year, second of December, a bus, shelter still vandalized, with the graffiti words Thatcher. Please tell you twenty four, third of December. pressing home, covering up the no on a no. I can see not not me back and forth of December Teresa may face of natural repose. We will continue the drive and calendar
next week, story this week and we are going with quite literally the biggest story and world news this week. Tom. You are bugles oversight, farm animals correspondent. What awakens big? Z. That says the busiest lake in this role that I have for the progress that we the same really Ebby. All everybody is talking about in Australia or data across the world is Nick is who is a blaze of the technical term? I've been massive cow he's, a cow who is massive, is a massive cow, he's, a big ol, big hashtag, big baby, This is taken the world by storm and ABC New story about the west. Australian steer o cow with it. That's the controversy will get to it a bit making it went viral around the world because of images. Shall be of a because he stands
head and shoulders. Above all, the other council surrounding him he's six foot four inches tall, making him taller than annulled Schwarzenegger almost as tool as Michael Jordan and of adjusting the Nazi. Yet one massive cow. We don't get a big gallienne. Explain these are required to capture the massive scale of this, however, make it is so big, he can crush you with an eyelash. Oh, what is cow is so big. What how big Luckily, the Valley ways around his neck is this. I fell from big Ben is so big just how bout just to confirm how big some cows jump over the moon is on steps over the moon? It's a cow! Eighty! Well I mean you say that, but anomalies bidding
each story, but some people have suggested are actually he's not that big of a big cow that he's merely a big cow role in a big couch is very simple. Technical difference from entering things been set about him. This one quotes about him, because it basically was saved from the abattoir, because he was too big to fit in he's a one cow, much a full for the global banking by lots of two thousand and eight that haste may a size saved in from oblivion? And I have those is off I think from the farmer who run is that the term for what he did with cows? A farmer he's a bit of a recluse, but he's got a lot of followers. Ah, Does that sound familiar anyone locked himself in his couch with twenty four hour new channels, then go online to move provocative bullshit, the political just two?
yet literal bullshit, so much stairs either steer, which is a castrated cow this at this stage, orchestrated cattle, so they don't tend to be. kept for breeding tend under what circumstances do override that powerful attendance other than the blindest of blind optimism? Look dollar gun. Now we chopped his neck is off when he was a calf, but I've gotta, feeling about this when zoo is Reagan, Ermintrude the postman pulls roadside Excalibur but, as I said, nothing is real. In this world of of twenty, eight in german Washington Post round with astonishing the big cow is a lie. Are you gonna defend your nation against this accusation of farm animals, size mendacious or fest? What can I say? I feel that the Washington Post might want to dedicate its resources to society born,
what matters in the world, like all the democracy that dying in that yes, but The big issue is alive, so, as you Nick, as will soon be a major policy, the Trump administration they said. Yes, he is a male cows as that, if he is still and that he's Brady actually tend to get quite big and that all the cows surrounding make is in live. Video footage Hussein, a wag, you quite young wag, you cattle, which are actually quite so too small, says you say on it inequality. Blah blah blah, I can say, is Washington, Post So why four of us, though, is on fire? Fascism the rise, the poorest starving car. We all just come together and enjoy this very large cow. wrong gentleman. The question we don't we
in a world where we are all entitled to our own cow fact, absolutely and obviously come it coming from India, where Finally, Andy theirs. cattle reasonably. Large enough. The beacon wish we ve been worshipping, shitty, small, pathetic cows. Finally, there's a six foot. Fork out there. We can look up to which I had not the rubbish, this tens industry could. Finally, thank you, Australia, you know. He gave you electricity with the dawning burning, our own call. You gave us a giant cow. I think I think Tom. This is what we call fetters. we didn't give you anything. Don't you come steal, a big care? Don't you do that? I liked the faculties activity two way that it is very easy to me. You would fit on the sort of the year that the mechanism to go into the abattoir means it is to be too it is a dynamic, you guys, but I can certainly relate to the experience of blowing at and size, so much that no one wants to put a math around you,
so actually say a lot of myself in Nicholls in that respect, mammals, shouts of minorities- Our message is to clarify that it be a second to understand that I have to I have to say on the twitter Don't be a second to understand that I have to. I have to say on the twitter feed Tum, there was a lovely tweet from an australian gentlemen. but the photograph, and it said please enjoyed this enormous australian com, which is not a true once these very of the knights errant, just loving, loving makers and enjoying in very much, which is great devotion pose actually also deserves. I've just been a white contacts away, Nicky's ways around roughly two thousand eight hundred pounds, which is the approximate equivalent of fourteen and a half Denny DE vetoes Hence the imperial systems. Overstrained list is that's about twenty one Pull Huggins
and canadian list. That's about thirty five Celine data so just say that that is a fantastic statistic: I just wonder, measure all life in how many Joe pashas, you have thousands Please, how many Joe policies is that what you want? Problems of that system is served and you get into a mile on Brando situation in the peer than the international actors White Foundation. As the covenant run, regulate the Mr Pierre now is the owner of Niggers. I really like the sound of him. He says that the most Australia like Disease had widespread media attention. Media outlets from right across the world have been hearing about trying to get. His comment on Nick is indeed get inside into this massive cow and he's just could design yeah. Look we run a raised. Will cattle operation we like the exposure Nick is his garden. Both gotta die Zeit operation to continue on with
he's. Just like you are now. I've got the gods pillar of the cow world at the back, their bloody hailed, a bang on about it or ought stop carry on like an old pork chops. Not even Portugal's Exploit Elam flat out a carbon deal with www bloody make as nonsense or even better from ripples. Believe it or not. I said I had enough of Ripley he's been to go. to that sector, but I just put something on paper and set it to us and will have a look at it. This is to have just flat out a lot of the moment. A copy, bloody potent people in Ripley you're, not museums around the world might pays off What? What? What does the future hold for? Four knickers- and you can see- is a great oil tycoon from from the Middle EAST. Coming in with a big money, transfer officer were turn turn Nick has ensued, celebrity burger. So not the biggest cow ever, but nevertheless we are having a special other animal.
Records section, including the whig least, worm, was travail. Who is a foreign long, form from Switzerland he recorded at twenty six point four full body slalom squiggles in just eighteen seconds, the world's most Agora phobic condo. That was Esteban from Chile. He hasn't left his roofed for four years. Fattest, stick insect Stevie the log six legs, go to the two point: three centimeter waste, not judging the biggest selling while recording artists, Patsy Pardon, the Billina, is either upsetting, well, music, collective and they ve been watery platinum with twelve there albums and they had a hit well so number one with the single package touch my friend as well as and, of course, unforgettable,
which roughly translators, I found another the plankton and now have eaten that's my favorites and finally, most confused pay when that current winter, that is aimed at achieving strap penguin a uses. A stump body doubled for this All day seen any recent fictional ized horror by a pic of the former british Prime Minister, David Cameron, Insurance premiums did not cover using a human body, double for the young future Prime minister and feature the nation shelf. It so leaves the penguin instead, due to the similarity between a penguin and they distinctive, eaten college. Uniform set camera would have won at school ain't, reportedly distressed but alive,
other world news now, and Donald Trump has completely given up any pretence that he is not a dictator which companies are really feast getting all above board. He put out a pair of tweets in which he said while CNN doesn't do great in the United States based on writings outside the EU, as they have If competition throughout the world CNN has a powerful voice portraying the? U S in an unfair and false. Why something has to be done, including the possibility of the united? starting our own worldwide network. To show the world the way we really are great now to be fair to jump. He did manage to stop short of saying say what you like, but I'll Joseph knew, how to get the message across you can decide which of the Joseph Sub, referring to that's entirely obsolete politically, could go one two equally unpleasant ways:
I've been here. The bugle is very exciting for Us Estate propaganda Channel for America. I imagine John Oliver's sitting by phone waiting for and offered to us by the host an anchor of there news programme here that we would like you to offer apprised while you s American and United States heedlessness have your Joe Commission for the new America First propaganda network, perhaps you want to see it I'm new children's cartoon called Gabby the propaganda goose or each the witch in which, blindfolded. Member of the White House staff scratches female democrat politicians, which one is the first one to say out, is proved to be a way. and also read under the breads hilarious, Mccarthy, tinge bike of style gameshow, when celebrity guest, attempting to make fantastic for catch a perfect pump. Nickel rob heedful bug
are accused of communist leanings, based on quite literally trumped up evidence and then have to defend themselves with a freshly bikes loafers their physically attacked by angry, more possibilities for this general absolutely sensational, and they have a quick view on television, which is that it's much better, if run by dictators or may not know. Everyone is traditionally agree with us that you can just fill in the gaps. What on that has hit my theory and top Kim Jong IL yet Father a fee of Kim Jong on? He ran north korean state television right. I do not wish to, big, either of the dead, but a Kim Jong IL one of the things he did was dead. Tv had to be piped into every apartment in Pyongyang and six of the details of television were his speeches, while amazing writings and you
turn it down, but you couldn't do little now that to me is proper, Television, the real housewives plant, has nothing on the speeches of Kim Jong IL right. Now he's telling you what you did to watch the problem is choices ended the problem in a free market. Greetings based, television is checked, If, for example, all you're allowed to watch a trumpet speeches- and you can't turn it off No. What you like, I don't like, because there's nothing else do like that's gonna makes us basically how kids, Our generation got into watching tat, much cricket because it was that or nothing. I'm not waiting test, much cricket with the speech either Kim Jong IL or Donald Trump. But but the point essentially stands. The wheel fewer annoying conversations about Yahoo, because often the that cool new box at debate shows like that figure more,
I suggest that America already has a worldwide network, told you how great a beggar is. It's called Hollywood two missions impossible, one. Thirty six That is a very valid point Tom. You know when the world is blowing up: it's always the White House, that has to say it's. Never the prime minister of Sri Lanka, burdened with solving the world's problems. This is true. in other Trump NEWS, Maloney, a trump has been fed up with the White House Christmas. Decorations wit. essentially a forest of blood red truths, which Allow me like handmaids what is this all they just testing the waters before fully rolling out Maugre outwards, vision better America. I think this,
an online game, gentlemen, which is that, if everyone is saying your administration is distilled paean go with this dope. You dont go with a friendly heat, Subtle Europe. That's all having Christmas jolly theme just go, go online so the prominent ones, Margaret Output, Aldous Huxley, edgy wells. Those would be like the future themes I think at Christmas swap Christmas is all about great Britain should update now we're all gonna die without its independent abreast, of course, but the point still stands. You can use these facts. However, you wash in this breaks era, we are all going to die because of whatever deal is event a great or not agreed upon tourism. I this week show she still has a finger on the irregularly throbbing pulse of Britain by communicating
the nation in the only way. The paper this country understand a piece of junk mail trying to fly. Something that no one wants to see the tentative sent the nation She is. She spammed Britain, essentially with a letter asking this querulous landed Tend to unite in the way the only comes even close to happen during particular fruity global conflicts. Good luck without this letter was at best unconvincing, telling us that we need to come together with this thing that, while either people didn't want or people wanted, a different version of to be fair to me, she had been dealt an unplayable hand and she's, like the Bible hand, shitless, understandably gently, but chiefly nonetheless. The latest plans also have been released for breaks it day. The twenty ninth of March, currently scheduled for next year when we will have our cells of the dying vote,
destiny, attempting a triple twisting part back, somersault tat. We ve never practised into the liberating highly toxic swamp of perceived freedom. Isn't it we are running out aid gets earlier in earlier. these commercialization of breaks a day. You don't even know, if, like me, to spit Brattahlid and made decoration yeah. That's lot histories of utter over over what you'll get over it, in Hyde Park. Of the turn of the Monti, companies announced that it will conscripted million strong crowd of breaks. It voters alive I'm dead to simultaneously belts the national Anthem Southwood direction, life ceremony in Westminster, rabbit which Boris Johnson, these squawking hemorrhoid of delusion himself, will ceremoniously yeah now the ceremonial arrow from the ice socket of a joint, robotic king, Harold, When ceremoniously come back to life and shout up yours Norman. No, my sure french exchange will, in the conqueror outfit taking back and forth
the queen, meanwhile, will parade around London in a union jack further Chicken outfit and we'll ceremony relief life for giant eggs, one for each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland symbolizing the rebirth of all nations before celebrity Jeff laureate Jamie Oliver cracks the United Kingdom AVI Lodge into a pan and cooked a single british omelettes to represent the unbreakable wholly union. That is kept. This nation unified, is one since the dawn of time. The Duke of Edinburgh, meanwhile, will take a manual fully batch of Savoy, the prince of Venice, the only male line grandson of the lost king of ITALY ceremoniously forces head into a british toilets before flushing it and shouting caprice, Senor Foreign fight then giving the soggy fight, Suda, prince of cattle and saying still friends, throwing breaks. It is all about their also plans for operating the White Cliffs of Dover, which currently stands at two hundred and ten metres high, but will be extended upwards by three hundred and fifty meters.
Just to make a point, so you ll, build a wall, felt a cliff got even your walls, a wide berth everything. I've been covered, your country, Thus couple years, I've heard the words Customs Union. So often does anyone actually know what that means now now the thing what all these terms with pressure is a complicated and respects just asylum and hope that we shall not. You know you're talking about, because fundamentally no one knows what I am talking about, because it is too complicated for the House my bride of the UK government saves? Do I have a very interesting the thought that I was all gonna roll out official figures UK economy could be up to three point: nine percent, smaller after fifteen years, under Teresa Maize, pricks plan compared with staying in the Eu
Do you want here economy to be Eddie, always said you guys economy could lose a little feet a few pounds. You know it won't happen overnight, but it will happen over fifty views. Are you a body shaping our economy. Less and less of you very individual choice. As far as tell the thai british economy since we made up entirely of british Committee It's going on tv travel shows with their dad's, so losing three point. Nine percent of that would be fun. It develop. Experts said that three point: nine percent of GDP would equate to about a hundred billion pounds a year by the twenty thirties, but on the bright side, Andy by twenty thirty, a hundred billion pounds we worth about twenty quid I got the gig rose
I think it is not just about Britain's gonna lose. We have been told what Europe is also going to lose, because that's what breaks it was very well, maybe not concerned about damaging our own economy. As long as we take those foreign down with us scorched earth, Andy constant India NEWS now out of a job. Mr Andersson been some huge, exciting news and the wealth of Indian out there Andy. We decided that we want to have the largest statue in the world, so we built it right, as do some research Andy, so India and China have sixty of the top hundreds,
I choose in the world and I have a theory of developed and wants to know what you think of this. I think a nation's average height is inversely proportional to the height of its dash average height of both nations in India and China. Five foot six inches right, average heights of the statues, their hundreds of feet, danish people giants mean Statue in Denmark. The it's a moment,
any bit of nonsense in the middle of Copenhagen to commemorate hence Christian, and they don't need it at. So how are we have the tallest Dutch in the world right now, the next hour about thirty put us, but ours is a statue of the Indian Freedom fighter Volor by Patel. It stands a hundred feet above the colossus of roads, which was about the height of the statue of liberty. When it existed, Falaba Tell was an indian freedom fighter. It is said in we on Wikipedia that he was a key negotiator in keeping India together after independence. What that means is he just sent in the army and said if you do not want to be a pot of India will kill you, which is a fair way to negotiate. I pick
Today he hears the first thing that you'll see as you fly and India and I dont think it helps the statue. Is that all that they put a red blinking light on his, so that an Emirates plain doesn't running. I told you that fair commemoration, but I think we're trying. I think, what they were saying, something that the world, because the inspiration for it was the statue of colossus of roads and the colossus at roads is much shorter than the Valor Pipe Patel Statue and Indian architects did a lot of research into the colossus roads, which was basically a giant naked greek man wearing a cape holding. the sword- and we said that would be a little inappropriate because nobody wants to see a giant nicotine didn't batten. So we had a distinguished freed fighter
wearing she shawl with a red light on his head and and that that is currently a contribution to the world: Andy Giant, statues and instantly five hundred and ninety seven feet tall. Yes, statue are you gonna, build at five? Ninety seven feet are not just for another three phaeton, it say it. six hundred pathways ultimate goal that studies a hundred ninety nine yards. That's one yards three feet to your one yard of the two hundred yards undermine Jennifer's codes in May: the highest tests much score of Mohammed as a redeem before my indian critic, option and match fixing what messages are we sending it? But that's a great point. Andy. In fact, I think the stars are again how locked all you want a statute to be, and he said what do we call it my average five out of ninety seven faint. What is that indebted Delhi? that normal they wouldn't understand. Please I think it's what is aware.
So long as our honoured and four a hundred and twelve wait. I dig it up. Just like me, Statute we have an Australia is Nick, is the cow, so I'm struggling over the butt It's not going to be the record breaking a statue of along because apparently this statue set to be unveiled in the twenty twenty one of of chivalry. who is a seventeenth century. Indian warrior warrior: yes, that'll be six hundred and ninety six, The Arabic again, just like you know, said of numerical lemme? If indian statues continue increasing at the count right by the twenty one? Eighty three You will be built of the indian snoopy style package at Vonny. That will be oh big, that it will displaced the world off its access and send them It careering into space before cannons off the moon for them coming.
rest tucked in behind Mars, in a good position to not the Red Planet info in four one unscrew back for shouted Jupiter before cleaning up the outer planets, and I guess I do you have just given an idea to all indian architects listening to its body, but it s actually list that Scully sought opportunism, huge figure, indian history and the statue which products products of your your opinion. Splitting prime minister Andrew Modi designed to reflect Hey standing in indian politics and history and similarly in Britain, we are about veil statue of David Cameron. There will be two inches tool in an eight foot, ditch and covered with a lump of badges Shit
in further world teetering on the edge of total chaos news now the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires. Now we throughout history, the bugle have kept. You observe what the G20 is. Not, of course, is not simply the seventh option and multiple choice, quiz about the number of times in the average minutes that Boris Johnson thinks about the speech he's gonna make to the press outside Downing Street the day he becomes prime minister nor is G20 many a sign that you're playing scrabble against a cheat nor is each wondering what you'd reply. If someone else you the question in an ideal world, how many tickets would you like for Andy's old from twenty eighteen, the certified Western serve, both it and the eighteen for December to the first of January G, twenty will details online over their website. Do you twenty articles that these richest most powerful riches richest and most powerful nations having to Argentina
and such as the esteem in which they had hundreds of the world are held, that the entire city is being shot down while other there's a public holiday Mo Public Trust. There are no Gozo sprouting up all over the city. All flights diverted this is me put the world's leaders at one place that men, just nothing else, is allowed to happen. I mean I d look, this is fantastic, but I think the main reason for this is the saudi arabian conference is going to be the right. So you know from recent news that any time that's how they re the crown prince shows up somewhere, but security guards and suitcases run The turkish know better. Anyone Washington Post knows it Evan. It is, I want to say, very interest. Emily could just generally the world the G20 are escalation: the wealth, small distress, despatch, ices, democratic elected leaders, criminals, human rights, violators, murderers, I'm and just some take more of those boxes at once.
Than other Somalis at one subject to the law and mom had been summoned. The saudi crown prince come Hitman, which is an interesting new strain of multitasking many self styled Sadie scribes. There is a central tenders The threat of an arrest warrant that could be issued on charges that he was insufficiently assiduous in taking every available step to ensure that dissenting journalists and embassies were not killed bones or to pieces and disappeared. But what of state operatives? Who just happened to be passing through? At the same time, of course, who lets the legal system baby the arbiter of that the prince of gorgeous came to maintain Saudi Arabia's, Sir standing as a trading force with the other G20 leaders and to make his way. Spain, reportedly making the noise of a car failing to start off the running out of fuel as a simple means of getting his point across to the other nineteen geez
and also to Sally delegations that is apparently arriving in six planes and simply how they chose that number planes. Six plans was most delegation just arriving in one, but they ve chosen that number just in case they have to fly back from the summit. With the limbs head and torso of salary, sceptic journalist separately package for safe keeping the trumps coming in on ten flames, whereas the Uk Yoshida little Country Eighty is arriving in meat, it merely one as that Gallagher. They arrive. That's probably an error. India please. Still got Gibraltar, these are the G20 so grows. These old, like warmonger, is getting together just looking for human rights abuses further in the interests of global capital of expensive everybody else, and yet I still height at less than the tea twenty, because that's pretty created, bad, which is a similar collection of people whose more corrupt. The two
twenty of the G20 is impossible to say tat. The question about Saudi Arabia, gentlemen, now, The review of the nine questions arise out of Europe. What under Bob disappeared in the red? Riad consulate, one question is saudi Arabian, so the largest investors and Goober so words the crown prince to be detained, kept in a consulate. Is there any would have it in the middle of units areas? Would there be millions of people just stranded on their movement clear? It would give us a good way to the world outside. Isn't it correct genius? My driver is six days leave according to them, to Crown Prince, isn't a consulate in Buenos Aires sport
oh well. It's been thrilling stuff at the Well chess championships. The well just champion Magnus Kelson, is one the well chest. Championships retained the thoughtless being still the writing. Well, just jumping after twelve draws in a row again study american upstart family on a caravan Atwell draws in a row and inaction pack nerdy jangling anti for another, but the block back into blockbuster hark back to the true glory days of test, much cricket when spores by Nava Glory, not for excitement and of a victory by mobile participants and spectators to commute soothingly with the essential futility of existence Coulson and I want to win tat each other unused hammer and still package tongues over a Ford but not a man was able to put the others quite in the back of the neck or hit the king of the chest pop and then I went to a sudden death chess off with each other. allowed one new peace, they invented themselves. Coulson went for the public relations officer,
a low movement, a high impact paste that stays on the same square out of danger, but makes your opponents basis turn on each other and take each other of the board. Whilst Carolina foolishly with hindsight, chose the footballer. I wish danced up the ball, but then through itself to the ground, claiming to be felt by Carlson's bishop, thus instantly resigning, the game, ultimately cousins superior porn work. He used highly motivated immigrant parents who move twice the numbers of spaces in the same amount of moves that prove decisive boss, Carolina regretted turning his castle into a luxury booty hotel great but lack basic chest functionality, Disappointed Carolina said, regretfully afterwards. I cannot help feeling that left a lot of chess pieces out there on the chessboard, but is basically gloves, rising feudalism. So I'm glad I was there a bishop and not at a man or a rabbi. What kind of message is sending wish list? It feels good
well. That brings us kicking and screaming to the end of this week, Sir this week bugle, I do hope you ve enjoyed. It is being until I have you both both back home and don't forget succumb to all of my Soho shows making two December
two very general have you got anything your plug, there's something of the BBC World service that dumping of send up that's boring. But what I want to mention is that I'm leaving London to go do a show for indian scientists who are working Geneva at the certain research centre, which is the place where they try to discover the God particle there and I'm a bit concerned that the scientists are trying to say that God is Indian, which makes sense, because these mysterious absent implicit is everywhere, and the gentleman said you know we want substandard, because we're trying to bring an indian perspective to space research and really worries me, because I have a feeling that if they do that, they get to see nonsense like of Jupiter, does not behave itself it.
could be reborn. Is a three headed dog. That's what I'm off to empty? Ok, right, well, trodden on our planet as blow up. There are not many of its written richer. Still, no discharging the particles by the sun particle accelerator, rich standing in for crystal pacifism. Feelings are ready and when Some of you wanna, be coming up jeweller or listens to doing gig for NASA soon are we talking about gravity it, though of do with a chuckle ha ha ha club, but nowhere, but by twenty. Nine did set of Joe is cold enough, but I love a radical blog that around Australia's heading rattled, festivals and again I want to reiterate that nickel is just a very large calf. Thank consider that reiterated, think there's some emails to hello, because at the beetle does not come. Naturally, it will have deep
on this service. New relaunch, relaunch of the people that are becoming coming soon, factual, actual listening until next time. Goodbye.