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Alabama is pro-life, until you've been born, Australia has an election and so does Europe. Plus, some major smells making headlines.

Andy is with Alice and Hari

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Audio newspaper for a visual woe. Buehler's ad welcome to issue four thousand one hundred and nine of the world's leading out of the ODI Newspaper for a visual. Well, in London as city that is in a can sugar. Bowl of nervous excitement ahead of the long awaited european elections that will take place next week. and we can finally have our democratic dreams of voting for something even more. joining me. around the world. We are covering an awful lot of a hemispheres and be time zones in this show. First,
from New York City, USA, welcome back to Holly Kondabolu about hello, Andy, hello, Alice probably you've just throwing a massive spoiler as to who the second guess is going to be there. Who is it I'm trying to build it up, build suspense again snooze so joining we from very early tomorrow morning. Australia. It is Alex Fraser, well, guest, very well guest. Everyone got it right. Hello, Alex hello, Harry hello, Andy, hello, buglers! I assume you're there, but It is ten past one am and boy am. I everything tired. Well I mean we can balance that out, because Hori is at one thousand one hundred am today Thursday. So, presumably you are absolutely full of beans, I'm not so what that means? But if you're saying I'm awake then yes, I am, I am very wide awake Alice. How is the
future. At the moment, it is dark that both men Berkeley, and literally could the forecast thank accurate, yeah, exactly to make sure fatigue and the bleakness of to the on Thursday, the 16th of May so but it for the week beginning Monday, the 20th of which is well baby, die that'd, be e d I y eighteen, which may be accurate description well these days so anyway, to commemorate World B day, which is only instituted in the last couple of years. This weeks, you will part one of a free, audio, beekeeping kits and part, one is Hitler. is of bees. They should be free, break points within them in
as always the same to the rule, is going straight it in before five give extra in the bin, including well quick son, section very So I can discover this week and you facial features being discovered a previously undiscovered fluch Humans have one on each cheek from between the chin in the eye. no one knows what, therefore, also in archaeology section they've discovered a lot of bones in Winchester Cathedral belong to english monarchs from one thousand years ago and they've concluded from these bones. That monarchs one thousand years ago may have had legs my head, as so many monarchs have done through history, that they're not so different from ordinary people like you and me and also Well, we look at the very notable breaking news from the world of news media. The BBC this morning announced plans to rebrand its flagship. One thousand Pm News bulletin its current title. The one thousand o'clock news will be replaced by oh God,
now. You see news and current Affairs Commissar Egloff Plumbery explained it gives the viewer much clear. idea of what they're about to watch. So we investigate all that those sections, in the paint shop story. This week, abortion in the USA, well in the self styled land of the free, the home of the brave, the sentences of the state of Alabama have bravely giving themselves the freedom to impose their pseudo biblical will on the wombs of women, the I'm rolling an imposition of arrogantly Qantas Medievalism- is of course, just part of the fabric of life in the United States. An after this decision by the Alabama Senate, Governor Kay Ivey, said in a statement to the bills. Many supporters, this legislation stands a powerful testament to Alabamians deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God. Alabama
in is a state which loves life in all its forms, so much that it requires no permit purchase of firearms and has the second highest gun death rate in the USA. Like that statue of liberty. Sorry so, hang on! Let me do that. take that statue of Liberty back France time to melt down the old couple operations now and and replace it with a statue of irony, a one hundred and fifty foot, two hundred ton, balding white man with a knowingly raised, eyebrow Horry, It's it is oddly divisive topic in The year twenty nineteen in the world's leading civilization, um self proclaimed How is America reacted to the this? What seems at best outdated legislation. I mean the Americans are reacting. The way Americans always react. You know a chunk of the people are freaking out the other chunk of the people there celebrating
and a large chunk, the largest chunk has no idea. What's going on an at Some point in the next few years will say: what do you mean we can't get abortions so things going the way they always go, it was kind of stunning 'cause Alabama lawmakers, like a lot of states, are trying to have an abortion in different ways. They believe they wanted to go up to the Supreme Court. So the his Third row v way decision could get overturned with a conservative supreme court. So what alibi what does Alabama has like the strictest. abortion laws, even in cases of rape and incest. Women are not allowed to get abortions, that is, S part in particular shock me because that hits Alabama pretty hard really cut. That will probably come that joke element, people who assistant abortions you get up to ninety nine years in prison, which is so shocking that even Pat Robertson, the
S. Televangelist thought, That's too extreme, pretty sure he thinks homosexuality leads to earthquakes and tsunamis. Uh, I don't think they'll cut it, because the beagle has very strict rules about cutting jokes. We believe a joke begins at conception and you go to bring it to absolute fruition when you want to- or not Truly. I think this this this Lord does not go far enough. For example, abstinence only education has been proven not to work. I think we should legislate six itself back, and it all Dan Sex. Why not? it's the only way to really prevent any kind of abortion. medieval style, chastity belts role, except those who are into that sort of thing. That's gross at ten easy payments should be back dated from conception, and by that I mean from the first moment the people involved conceived of having sex in the first place. Yeah
tax ejaculation, stop the problem at the source, there's a lot of very constructive suggestions. There, that make more sense than what the Alabama Senate is split through. Well, I have a counter proposal. That's, okay, yeah! That's what we're very open house it! Well, I I think that men should get vasectomies at ages of twenty three or twenty four mandatory or whenever it people first start having sex. What is that? Two thousand three hundred and twenty four because the thing is, you can reverse a vasectomy. So you know, if you wanna have kids, you reverse it, and if you don't you, you just get the vasectomy men don't want to wear condoms. and many don't want to be Father's. So this is like perfect and you I think well, what about the risk of STD's but based on Mystics in America? No one clearly cares about that.
again Harry this is a very reasonable proposition, but I think again it doesn't go far enough. I think all men should keep their balls in a Tupper Ware bag next to the body at all time, and only reattach them in case of emergencies well I'm going to have to disagree with that 'cause. It supports the plastics industry I don't think: that's neither the time or part representative, Terry Collins, Repub, who sponsored the legislation said this bill is about challenging ROE versus Wade and protecting the lives of the unborn, because an unborn baby is a person who deserves love and protection, but did not finish sentence as it should have gone on, which was which deserve a person who deserves loving protection until it is out of the womb and then it can, in political terms, go get self because by slithering out of the sinful vagine aerials of whatever woman has been harlot enough to incubate it, it would have
person who deserves whatever the brutal hospices of social inequality. Convo is at it. The ever present They have shadow under strict. It comes the slow slayings of a Calvin obsessed economy and misanthropy of a free market healthcare system. So that's a public policy. Hopefully go through with a finger like genuinely mean, Alabama Alabama um 24th. Most populated state, in the USA, but managed to finish seventh in total. Executions, that, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy six? Fourth in the number of prisoners on death row, and I think second in the in yes. Second, in the highest gun, death rate by state uh in the USA. So it's very much punching above its weight sorbet. That punching is of itself in the face just
Breaking news coming through Alabama is now considering a little forcing women to wear whatever bras are allocated them by stating I look. Fifty old men in for a penny in for a pound wait a minute, isn't that called the fashion industry. It was noted by a number of people that this legislation was passed by twenty five white men. Speaking as a white man, I'm going lost my voice about what happens in happens in is being is being heard long. You and it is this. I mean a curious biathlon of Americans conservative politics of forcing as many people to be born as possible and then making as dangerous an intolerable for them as possible. I mean the the solution. Potentially, it is. I think that we need to create more interracial. Babies. Think that's it. If you, I know you never asked why people makes
I mean if you want old white men in a room, guys a room two separate rooms, but his I that would do it wouldn't nit like if you increase the number of interracial babies. I think why people would be like ok, well, abortion, then I'm going to its own interesting way of addressing the situation Alabama's is need to give some context. How would you describe Alabama is a state. power. Er, I've never never been there myself, I would say there a state that would do a thing like this: It falls right in line you know like if New York did I'm like oh okay, rushes, but like this, something they would do, extreme, not well thought out a very religious uh woman signed it. Of course, the fact that there is a
right wing white governor is a woman in Alabama is seen as progressive there there was a report that came out what you just this week. In fact, from the the website us NEWS and World report, and it ranks the fifty states of the USA but more than seventy metrics, including economy, infrastructure, public safety, fiscal stability, healthcare, education, crime, the natural environment and it basically to determine the best and worst states Alabama? Well, let's say just the top. Forty eight unlucky Alabama picks to the coveted third lease. schitt state in the union by Mississippi, Louisiana Louisiana can last just with Alabama that might be. The elected representatives focused a little more attention on things that on no other people's wings that they might make this precious life life is slightly less for being for the v
sorry citizens. So while this was happening, there was a report that came out that the? U S population's birthrate from twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen dropped, but I We need to analyze the numbers 'cause. It says that the dropped seven percent for teenagers fifteen to nineteen, which is good, that that is a good thing, and then it dropped four percent. For women. Twenty to twenty four, also, twenty four, also a good thing college. It just that's a positive thing: why are we seeing that is negative? and then for women. Thirty to thirty four, it dropped one percent, so really the issue is the three percent drop in birth rate between women, twenty five, two, twenty nine and that's the problem, 'cause women apparently are now unwilling to destroy their careers during this pivotal, but luckily, The abortion ban look
I understand all of these statistics- very, very well hurry, because I wouldn't want to bang in american teenager either. This seems to me like a self solving problem with the immigration issues that are rolling around at the moment. I also I don't know if this is too much, but I hear there are some mexican children floating around loose that could probably fill those gaps on Matt Luce fun totally free range from some of the news reports this is story so depressing, of course, sorry cost. born in America and being in born into a nation at war, albeit at tried war with with China. Truck is managed to restrain yourself from too much actual recently, although apparently the notoriously hawkish Kimbolton Bolton is agitating for a war with it.
And what can you see me as a bit sort of theirs Iraq? War films among some fresh stories for Hollywood, because now the explanation make the blind is bit of sense: trade will or more realistic option if less fun for associate pathic president with no moral compass and Donald Trump is slap tariffs On a two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods, Ann is autumn. On and well in in Beijing. The chinese president G Jinping speaking at the conference on asian civilizations, urged countries in general quotes not to close their doors and hide behind them. But that's not the least hypocritical thing, the any chinese leaders ever said and also urging countries of the clothes that does not hide behind them, typical elite, trying to cancel breaks and everything it stands rule he said the g also know civilization is superior over others.
I think you'll find Mister Gill, never mind. We don't have a flashing about he added. the thought that one's own race and civilization a superior and information to remote or replace other civilizations, a just stupid, hang on to beat. Did he miss outcome of between just and and stupid? and he added that to do so, would invite catastrophic consequences. Fair enough? Yes, speaking as a Brit, with some experience of remodeling and replacing other civilizations with our own. Yes, catastrophic consequences do happen, on the plus side more interesting So, let's see the positives as well as the negatives if we've learned nothing from the great depression and the Smoot Hawley Tariff ACT? It's that trade wars are really good for economies that are already suffering. If you
I don't know anything about the Smoot Hawley Tariff ACT that happened after the stock market crash of nineteen twenty nine and it is generally attributed as having been the thing that really drove the: U S economy into the ground. So it's good to know that Trump is learning from history. I don't! Understand why it's a trade war, because trade implies that things are going. both ways, and I don't know what the US has to trade like what we make, uniquely in America other than Kardashian, I mean it said that a trade was very, very complicated. Trump's chief economic adviser, pretty to the both sides, will suffer from this Trump and tweeted mission accomplished and, of course, as the famous saying all's, fair in love and war, that claiming certainly is not supported by either the Geneva Convention or divorce law the old is even fairer in trade wall and, frankly, anything goes is a dangerous cocktail of complicated infantile of choose an expensive, very much like
by Edinburgh. Shell is on the stand from August 13th to the 25th roll up, roll up Trump tweet A great patriot. Farmers will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of what is happening now about his heroic trade war I was trying to Patriot farmers I didn't even know that my growing patriots and ends you mind battery could not only on scraps of conflicted national myths unable to see the light and they finally emerge. They haven't developed like true real pike create some. They struggle around in confusion until they're finally taken from the avatar political opportunism and processing to fodder for the electrical electoral cycle. So totally sad Pitch for the Alabama legislators back in the 30s patriot, former yeah. I think you did yeah That's a good joke. There was a genuine real baseball are called urban shocker early days of yes 20th century. The
Yankees, or maybe they were the Highlanders at the time. The urban shocker sounds like a euphemism for something at twelve year old would tell you about just a quick bit of other Trump news. There was a report in the New York Times on Trump's biz, this losses in his previous life, as not being president of the world's biggest big economy and CNN said Trump. Emperor, has no clothes moment has come The difference is that it's quite different from that, you know the story of the emperor with no clothes on, because in this case the emperor is proud. standing stark bollock naked outlet outside the front of your house masturbating into a window box.
You for that image. If I had a dollar for every emperor, this master baited into my window box, what's a song that was the early,
early over Dolly Parton in marginally, less depressing political news. Now, australian election time, election fever has struck the nation, as the public is faced with the rare opportunity to approximately choose our own federal leadership. Voting in the party whose leader will be Prime Minister of Australia for the next three to seven months, it will take before they rolled out of power by internet sign power struggles within their own organization. Australia has a preferential voting system with numbered votes that cascade down a series of preferences, which means more or less the same thing as a two party system. Although people often vote strategically in safe seats for parties like the greens or independent candidates, in order to make it clear that, while they know realistically their first preference won't get in and they vote will go to the one of two major parties that they hate marginally less than not happy about it. It's important to make it clear, I'm so there's not really a preferential system, that is it that's uh,
Attalla Racional system. The party that you're most prepared to be irritated by the next for you. Well, yes, it is actually looking to be one of the marginally more interesting elections in recent australian politically street. With some actual policy, differences appearing between the two major party listens: legislators, who normally just slightly re, arranged a loyalty to various mining interests that they both a loyal to like a child rearranging chunks of coal in a dog's vomit that parent hasn't noticed in playing with yet of course, Australia. It is not always renowned as necessary that the the the shoppers lemon fruit bowl as a as a nation and Prime Minister cleared things up, confused electric by say: I'm not running running for Prime Minister, just just clear for any australian voters who haven't quite got that gotta Nothing had been asked for his opinion on the hot topic:
whether or not gay people are gonna, be down to eternal hell, which is a terrible strain society, and the Australian Rugby Union currently has discussed recently on on the bugle boy. so I mean I mean, is there a little support for Scott Morrison as a potential pope It's funny to imagine an open pope election like if it was open world wide, and it could be anybody. My two choices would r, Kelly or Katy Perry, R Kelly, because he was able to cover up a sex scandal for okay, and that seems useful for the catholic Church and a Pope cost when something Katy Perry would wear. Naturally. So those are my I thought I was going to find out something about Katy Perry there that was going to change the way I listen to whatever this song is that she sings in his famous for pulled pork.
former prime minister had a puppet Peter Dutton, the Home Affairs Minister, Ankita, famous, is never been a man afraid to unleash his full vocabulary signal on his political opponents. I'm glad he urged voices talking about Peter Dutton two quotes drive Tickle stake through his dark political. That is the kind of language we need more of in politics straight down the line. This man is a vampire Keating, of course, is the man who famously called the biggest constitutional crisis in Brito, australian history, probably which biggest crisis in Britain, certainly yeah since King Harald Copter point you want in the paper at the battle of Hastings in one thousand and sixty six when when he was Prime Minister in the 90s, he touched the queen on the back or Judging by the way, the british media cover this unforgivable australian breach of Royal protocol yeah. He grow
majesty the queen full on the office, will suggestively licking his lips before Moraga said she wanted to get home. To switch swing. Is all the way to Florida with him I mean it was extraordinary moment in the history of Britain. When australian Prime Minister slightly touched. The monarch on the back in Australia ever fully got over that. You think that you think you're exaggerating there, but Paul Keating was very famous for his way with words, including talking to his opposition, saying if there was a university degree for greed, you guys would all get first class honors, it's real political chat. Like that, He was known for his insults, including that man is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up the score sheets at his field clouds, if you have a spare hour, it's worth looking up some poor kid in quotes, but I wish one. Could you tell us a bit about about Clive Palmer, who seems to be kind of slightly
kind of businessman. Physicians over the american Trump. absolutely oddly having taken his cues from from Clive Palmer he looks like what you would imagine would happen if somebody threw a ball of wet tissue paper at aside EDS and then took the bowl of wet tissue paper away and he's he's a book in the polluted representation of overblown greed. He has a a ranch full of animatronic dinosaurs. He is an a failed australian businessman and politician he is a number of mining interests and he can put a sentence together to save his political career and yet somehow see his to keep going again. He
he created the Palmer United Party in April two thousand and thirteen winning Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax in the federal election. Then he sat as MP for one term he's quite famous for falling asleep During parliament, and in two thousand and eighteen, he revived his party, announcing he'd, be running candidates in all one hundred and fifty one seats. Of the Senate, basically just what the world needs right now, another Big businessmen will he's with absolutely no concern for the future of the plan. Yes, he's absolutely taking its cues from Trump speaking in almost incoherent half sentences and his slogan is make a straight a great leaving off that's a good one, leading off the and again for copyright reasons. I assume and and for accuracy, am I right hey route
I see dinosaur burned down. It did Passing sentence you down here in its true in breaking australian news now, eighty nine year old, Ex Prime Minister Bob Hawke This died apparently at home very peacefully and calmly. He was a giant in australian politics, not only unusually serving a whole term, but he led labor to a landslide victory at the nineteen eighty three election and it became one of Australia's greatest Prime minister, is known as the silver budgie. He was a very famous for being able to skull a beer and in record time and saying after the nineteen eighty three America's cup, any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today, is a bum the silver Walt the Silver Bullet budgie
What is there was a sort of a rival gangs thing in a strainer and they will call the budget is in the way jeez. It was a whole thing. it doesn't make sense, it didn't make sense at any given time, but as Australians, we are obliged ethically to pretend that it made sense in other australian news now moving five hundred students and teachers were evacuated from a university library as the result of a smell that was initially suspected to be gasp. It turned out to be a durian if you don't know what a jury is. It's a tropical fruit, it's known for its incredibly strong smell firefighters, were with cold and discovered the fruit
I keep clean, cold jurien like eating costed into right away, bathroom? It's a it's! A large yellowish food covered in long hot shop, spikes which should give you a clue that it doesn't want to be eaten and it's disgusting. It's banned in most hotels in public transport in Southeast Asia because it smells like someone funded through a use, sports sock and then congealed, I mean it's quite impressive. The pace of fruit can lead to the the evacuation of the university. I mean a piece of fruit led to the casting out of humankind from eight, and so I don't know what you're talking about A library is not never run paradise, there afraid that it was. It was some kind of gas or the active like an inactive, a terrorist. When told the jury and the right wing? Senator Fraser Anning, said a durian. What kind Muslim. Is that
Also when reached for comment Paul, Hogan replied, you call this a fruit now this is a fruit he was holding up a shoe Have some more durian facts for those unfamiliar with it? The during is also known as the giant stink, melon, depute repair and the noxious fruit testicle It's been likened in oder to, amongst other, not traditionally, consumer friendly aromas, rotting, onions, raw sewage, the later stages of the battle of Passchendaele, the cockpit of the eleven of the three grown men. It's been eight days locked in it without, as far as we know, wanting the post, intensive game of squash growth will be able to Bob and the soul of Boris Johnson, the other jury. In fact, all that the during in almost bankrupted Scotland in the 1690s it's banned on public transport in many parts of Asia. And his daughter being the inspiration for the atomic bomb. If you played football with a jury and by the end of the game, the picture would be eighty three percent vomit, some people kind of
I like it though, but then some but then some people like all kinds of weird ship and if you paint a portrait of a jury and the fruit stay fresh and fragrant. But the painting ends up looking and smelling like a whale carcass after Summer holiday in mexican greenhouse. do, you mean, is notable as it's known as the king of fruits in many southeast asian countries, and it has some symptoms when you eat it. It causes some physical symptoms, which is what you want in your food stuff. It'll hit you up, it'll make you hot. If you eat too much, and some say that you shouldn't eat it up. One drinking alcohol because you might explode. I mean it's good to have a warning survey news now and some very important research is being conducted. We just found out that climate change is mentioned less in british television drama, shows Van
zombies, cheese, dogs or tea. For some reason, the company Deloitte compared to free and see words such as carbon emissions, recycling, wind power and hybrid Christmas zombies, cheese, and climate change. It was mentioned three thousand one hundred and twenty five times behind beer, twenty one, one thousand six hundred and forty eight dog, one hundred and five thousand two hundred and forty five t sixty I'm sixty and six hundred and fifty six thousand three hundred and seven, which suggests that as a nation we like to seduce dog with I just want to be the person who pitches that survey to the survey commissioning team, send message. We want to watch telly for you.
I'm a judge's mention left off less often than zombies, urine or roof off and rhubarb, zombie urine coinciding with the original working title for the tv series that eventually became doctors and as I've highlighted the need to more prominence on television to green issues and how we might change our lifestyles to adapt to the climate changing world that we live in. The BBC is announced new adaptation of hamlet, in which the Prince of Denmark vacillates decisively have whether to get a hybrid or a new world war, one children's drama series, Terry in the trenches, shows the most heroin, Terry Age, twelve, avoiding over the summer, because she was putting the recycling bin. What's the new documentary marking the 50th anniversary of the APOLLO eleven Moon Mission will show the celebrity rocket blasting off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida by being catapulted by John Mechanical Tribu Shay made from sustainable wood before
taking seventeen months to reach the moon using only a battery powered motor from mobility, scooter belong to Buzz, Aldrin and another survey with father and perhaps slightly less surprising, even less surprising findings. Britain is the drunk as nation in the The survey show that out of thirty six nations in the the research project, so british people get drunk more than people, those other nations out some pretty drunk and nations. We've been up against so so much as a lot of commitment and also cocaine use amongst people in England tops that global less. So it's like in my control. What taking back a lack of self control is old. I mean to be fair it like a you know. This is the the Ray eight that the survey is actually much lower than it was before two thousand and two and two thousand and two of course was the year Dudley Moore died. That's jet! That's a third,
coke. You got you guys, remember Arthur the talk about that movie. It's always fascinating, fascinating to me, which bits and pieces of other peoples, cultures. Americans tend to absorb you like that crock well Dundee reference from earlier yeah like that call that a joke. This is a joke When does that here Doug and just a quick look ahead to the european elections, which are coming up next week next Thursday. folks on the on the eighth, but for the parliament that Leah decided to to leave, and it doesn't pay that to reason my leadership could be under threat. So, what is it six months after she basically resigned? How long this talking resignation going to take three
still, if I may refer back to the Joker made pass him on the Buchel, still loving those bananas at the burning fire, even as the flame started lapping at that route, How might fireproof suit, which is, of course made of bananas on it? she's. Some continued, not didn't hit the nail on the head but hit the nail with her head over and over again, like a cell, tithing limbless Jesus, Chris Johnson today is confirmed that he will run for the leadership of the conservative party to replace batteries which is good news as far as I'm concerned, because this Part of dog show on the pavement near where I live. That was thinking of running, for the Tory leadership. Didn't want to be the worst possible candidate to be prime minister. So at least that's a bit of a weight off the pile of ship shoulders there that Boris Johnson is running against it. Boris Johnson looks a lot like Philip Seymour Hoffman
incentive a woman. Nobody points that out. Take a look at that movie. Look like Boris Johnson that the people become a film podcast. You like scent of a woman- Andy, that's more contemporary in it the a party allegedly is currently in power. It's very hard to remember, but still are full historically catastrophic results at these european elections as voters take out their anger on the fact that breaks it either hasn't happened yet or he's still going to happen, it's very little middle ground between that and the the leaching votes, ironically to Nigel for the political blood sucker himself? Who is on to the club up authorities about democratic? Just is Jasmine away. Like a child on a milk check on one of the new brexit. so you could do it extraordinarily well and when I
and called for a more dynamic political system that allows new, fresh political ideas too. to come forward and get to add publicly and have some kind of democratic representation and them well. I guess that is blowing up in my face as we speak. Amongst them, I love the right to party all the time either. Seventeen point four million people who voted for Brexit should be allowed to vote in all future british elections. It seems only fair. Your emails. Now this comes from Richard Mosinee rights. Long time listener soon to be supporter, almost no call yet through being a broke student, anyway? If you want to join Richard almost becoming or actually becoming a says, for of the bugle in a financial sense, go to the b website, people, dot, com and click. The donate button- your rights last night, I was on a blind date a few hours into it. cover that she loves palms and even
ten setups memorized? I told her about the bugle and took a through a couple of your pond needless to say, she loved it In those two centers don't necessarily go together, but, needless to say, anyone loving palm runs. She, you're a genius, and now I have a second date wow. That is what the power, punk in the it opens. Romantic doors to a happy future. And you're very creative writer. Did you write that the Height Richard being a long time listener. I was considered to be able to be a highly sensual political paperless blocking any number of her matches. What actually anti right. This analysis patient has finally been validated. It's Ricky and Nashville. There we go so I go beagles. Let the let the puns open the doors to love.
To send your emails into at the people, cost dot com well to bring this to the end of this week. Bugle there will shortly be some lies about our premium voluntary subscribers, which you can earn yourself bye a ticking the correct box on the subscription page on the bugle, joining us from around well Horace been a delight to have you to have you back on to look off to America. It database to need it yeah, yeah I'll. Do that and it's good to know is in such a safe, I'm Alex what, when you back when you back on the road, correct sort of a quite I'll, be on the correct side of the equator at the end of this month, I have a live show in London on the tenth of July and doing Mythos, my show he's, also lost. You show is now available as a video online
I guess go to my twitter and there's something there about how you can buy it. as alleged a lie. Ti e r, a t I v e, but yes I'll, be back in like a week and two hundred and thirty weeks? I don't know I'll have to look at my emails. in order to get yet. I probably have by that time. I will be absolutely snap down in the cricket World CUP, which begins with US youth of wave at me in the in the college of up if you're the vast majority of the games are any any shows to alert our listeners to yes may 23rd through the 25th that's next week. I will be Denver co at the comedy works June, 14th and 15th I'll be! Arlington VA at the Arlington Drafthouse. That's near DC, and this the big one, the Creme de la Creme. June 27th to 30Th in Sunnyvale California, I'm performing
at the legendary rooster teeth feathers comedy club. stir t feathers and then my comedy career will end. Yeah, if you are listening to this before Saturday afternoon, at Chris, when he going to get this up before Saturday afternoon, doing a satirist for hire shut the underbelly on Saturday evening for Heaven sake, come please and there's a bugle light show at the underbelly on the 22nd of June, featuring Alex an niche So do come along to that. Put that in my diary now go right. Is it already in the know it? We mentioned it last week, but I think a lot of good oh, I see all of those shows, and Chris start up. The music please here are some lies about our voluntary service. Callum Cruikshank reckons as proof of the.
Saint Paul's cathedral was modeled on an ice cream with chocolate, flake in it that architect, Christopher Wren was eating when he was surveying the site, our in Griffiths, who writes Calcu fresh as a grudging respect. The pigeons, but still wishes they were all potatoes. Instead, poor pironio wonders why we don't just grind all the cliffs down. So there's a nice gentle slope to the beach everywhere, Boston and uh most donor initials AK thinks that we could reverse global warming by making the world spin north to south. For one year out of every one hundred Matias. Mickelson thinks socks to be earned not bought or given. He advocates replacing the current honor system in Britain by only allowing people to wear socks with contributed significantly to public life. Jonas can ifani, teachers, people who run sports teams how to smooth bits of wood into the shape of the 23rd letter of the russian alphabet. He trains, coaches playing cars. Well
must have been lied to purchases manual, harvesting, improvements for the french fall right leader who doubles up as the emergency stand in for the former lead singer of Roxy Music, when you call make it to a concert, he bicycles for ferry, submarine, Andrew Smith, I'd like to know how a human would fail if ten motorcycles ganged up sat on his head in a one two hundred and thirty four formation and made him run down the street for the entertainment of the bang matches and Anthony W believes fervently that life would be better if we all worked solidly for the first three months of the year, twenty four slash, seven and then took Ulta December off, instead of working eight days a week, instead of working eight hours a day, five days a week for the whole year, although he does, if the April might be a bit of a sleepy month. Stephen Morris is worried that not enough research has been done into precise melting point of bricks and reckons. It is a climate change, fused, architectural time bomb and Daniel Grossman,
he spends four hours a night secretly digging a tunnel from his local zoo to Greenland. So we can help spring his favorite polar bear to freedom, shawshank style. Chris got more lies to two out yet you hate your lot. For with that, we've we've got a couple of anonymous. Donation need laws, TT and C w e b, as had three top ten singles, in spite one of which is cool to I sexo con Una Ballena Jobe's translate. Is it I don't know that. I don't know the language I'm just guessing. As we would have gone with, but it's the fact I listen to a lot of spanish pop I enjoy who is the other one that was CW? Cw, writes, love letters to you and every day and say: and by email, but has not you delivered that just got them all scheduled and the older arrive on math in the a Z, thirty, four, as you get the four arc of their long,
sing for you pining for you and then regret never done it right. Last year that I will turn sixty. So in showbiz terms, I will almost certainly be looking for a new spouse. I've met you I said you can't do better. That is, that is emphatic. The truest thing that has ever been said in the history of this podcast. Thank you fuel contributions and well. Congratulations for learning your lies! If you do want to join them in the catalog of bullshit, go to thebuglepodcast dot com and click donate until next week. Goodbye