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Wall Nuts – Bugle 4093


Andy and Anuvab Pal discuss Trump's 'wall', Theresa May's 'deal' and the true heritage of James Bond. Plus, some old smoking adverts make it In The Bin.

And – Producer Chris news.


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Damn stretching I'm. A range of actions have still got to move out of the Bugle Audio Newspaper, a visual world, all all buglers you're welcome to issue four thousand and ninety three of the bugle, the world's last remaining reliable source of one hundred percent mathematically, unavoidable flights, every single, my which obviously verifiable threefold. I am Christopher Marla Muslim. These guys in one night without lie about do. I am and is also, although my birthday was actually diagnosis, God of Wine and I'm here in London, Europe's squabbling city of turns nineteen sofa camel hang on and qualified to be yours. Entry, the world's probably a city competition against the
without wishing to pre empt things too much over the next twelve months, Jerusalem in Washington, D C. If you listen carefully, you The echoing echo of Prime Minister Teresa, my waking up in the middle of the night in ten Downing street shouting out, joining we now from a country of one point: three billion people. It is just one of those one point rebellion, randomly selected from every single person in India from Mumbai. It's out of our bow hello, I d hello. Thank you for that. Rigorous selection process me out of people like to keep things democratic, happy new year Christmas you and happy new. I I a press something over Christmas that I felt the urge to share with you. Ok,
you know I'm doing my hometown these Calcutta, where I'm from now went back there for Christmas, and I know the world is the big debate going on about whether Betty Christmas is appropriate or not. Well, that was that was successfully. That debate ended in Calcutta this year. When a bengali pol pot is released, his version of Dingle bells in in Bali addressed the Santa Claus. Why we gave us bringing the world together under the unique joy of Christmas music Indeed, it is a house is received by fans of bengali music ecstatic respond. Sending many had not heard the original version, so I think he stopping the charts. As an original we are voting on the eleventh of gin twenty nineteen meeting yesterday was the tenth of general happy birthday to my daughter and ass. She listened to this at some point in the near or distant future,
she was twelve years old yesterday, which means that it is exactly twelve years since the knight of the eleventh to the twelve January, two thousand and seven, when heroic, new father and he's often volunteered to look after his new baby lights lights late into the night, eight thirty, our old results daughter was then exposed to her first ever ball of televised cricket and Bell slapped one straight amid off what a way to stop. Only generate nineteen sixty four In general, the union knighted states publish the landmarks, smoking and health report. Which revealed shock or other breathing smoke into your lungs over and over and over again might be bad for your health. This spot, our national and worldwide Anti smoking measures. Now, of course, we know that despite all the scientific research that smoking is bad for, you, for Islam is in fact a hoax purpose.
I did by one or more of the Chinese, the alternative energy industry or lefties in general about to mark this historic first real fur. They report coming out in nineteen sixty four. We have some classic. Old smoking adverts from the radio archives. Nowadays, before people realised that smoking was nordic dream Curiously, our cigarettes fumigate out the evil. Spirits within you also with dread. Lip european rated. Nor point four exorcisms per package by the National Foundation for the medicinal Occult driblets career smoke your way to appear so what move to use a road, covered with tar, Three, your lungs look a highway with trembles MAX, amendments are asked volcanoes, civic and war. Now outdoor cigarette fully active vindelin design.
The detective will win the brake easily lit even on a distinctly grizzy, often scientifically proven to bear its oxygen by a factor of whether nailed last exercising asthma during games by the Arsenal in England Football STAR watering can bags school the old rules, would symbol, goodwill on all do you want to appeal to the fairest eggs. Of course, you do you're a man and his the nineteen fifty so dry, Bert Lung Hammer and sons, filters, romances, signalling the odds. Remember, gentlemen: Ladys love a man who golf and if you really want to make eyelids flutter blow smoke into them. It really works long hammers. They love bloom through this Mogadishu. So amazing was was look. Waiting what lurks in the archives different will, as always, some sections of the bugle going straight in the bin. This week, retirement
And, as british tennis star, Andy Maria announces his impending retirement, we list all the problem public figures in the world. We would rather were retiring from their jobs than Andy Mary, including their wealth, make your own. Mr Duff, time to read out all of mine, also in the bin. This week we have a special section on Youtube or to look out for the year twenty nine seen featuring we will determine doable day with just three hundred and fifty million Subscribers. These two days are barely a blip on Youtube Landscape, but their falling videos advising fans how to put their socks on without crying could be one of the great break out its other Youtube year. Also, guy may trigger these seventeen year old Alabama with six hundred and seventy five million follows on Pinta gram. That's these social media network, which only allows users to communicate using quotes from Harold Pins, applies trigger. One of the most influential influences two wheeled influence during the great influenza epidemic of recent years- is that
the second videos in which he butter slices of toasted and put them in a pin, has led to a worldwide shortage of butter. Bread and bins. She's acolytes mimic the hero, and we also look at Other Augustine US, the austrian monkey accidently left a webcam running in his monastery off the being surprised by Pentecost last year. Now, the to him has seven hundred and eighty million followers around the world who watch him slowly eliminate manuscripts and occasionally trim his chums here. And also were big on Youtube, is sheer set to be a maiden Agnes in the vanguard of the burgeoning nursing home Youtube market, the knowledge in areas, social media phenomenon, his share that it for their fellow colleges and culture its on issues, ranging from how to eat sandwiches without having to put your teeth in how to convince we pretend you're deaf when unwanted relishes visit and the most areas in time of year to die so good made big here, for Youtube also in the Bin.
Well competition time. Chris glorious sainted producer is leaving us for a couple of weeks to have a hip replacement, a full you hit. This is because he is one or more of a say. Twenty seven years old, be ruins by spending for what time swimming running and bicycling that the human body was designed to do or see cursed by Jupiter, at least one of those three So for the bugle competition. We wants you to tell us, What's operation should Chris have done next. Let us know what major medical procedure you would like. Chris to be made to undergo, wants his hip has at least partially healed up and why don't use the winning operation as soon as his recuperation is complete, then what happens in the end? I just database. Under the knife again by MID March, to send your dresses next duration entries to allow buglers people poker,
I can only tell you that we now it's it's for arms. I want forearms, I'm a bit worried Andy that you could. You could have him do that on Youtube and then compete with the monk for clear yeah. I gotta me, are you gonna, be life life twigs Are you gonna? Be conscious is that without you scared me, they ve, given me german anesthetic. They give me an epoch euro in some sedatives, Para headphones and playlists. My choice are also so obviously that's that's go back. To bugle number one and pray for the end. Well, that's it! That's not sure we have anyone, listen to people during a hip replacement, we had several the sector? Maesia haven't? I hope they. Don't you vivisecting, Sir he's gonna cost me that would damage, because you may not be a good thing on the core issue.
Job story this week and breaks it is still above going on. I'm not going on simultaneously, as it has been forests and see the last two and a half years of gossamer newspaper headlines here from the guardian. Oh shit, There is still a lot more weeks of this waggery the Sunday Times, He found the telegraph has a special feature, not a five year old Ethel Scratchings, held back advance dimension to vote for bread should a week before she died. Another millennials wonder soil. Her legacy of full in depth investigate. That's from Europe. Le Monde in France, kiss peace. If we pass a vigorous zone gray and developed from Germany, the bricks it analyze extend a shout and still enormous spits and up splat, Angela Merkel, so still
a nation and that comes in and divided and about how is India are enjoying the spectacle of bricks it as well as we approach now, just seventy seven sleeps to go now. Candy. I've been reading in the headlines that tourism be brought up plan B, deal to the House of Commons, which faith I don't know about you empty, but I think it's a good. It's a good thing in life, a good strategy to always bring your plan b game. Anything like, for example. I could have brought my plan a wit. You know my added to this package, but I figure why to start with plan b and then go for a complete train wreck. You know and add, and that's a good approach of those issues, starting with a profound be at a critical time and in all life circumstances I think she's teaching us a lesson, never go with your game, always call with your big.
That was pretty much. How we run the empire of others, as you well know, says, is correct in fact that another A big game is now known as Asia, so Yes, seventy seven sleeps ass not were not very long. Seventy seventy seven days now until the twenty ninth of March, all as nineteen Sixtys and Seventys professional prominence. Harold Wilson famously said a week is a long time in politics. So eleven weeks is eleven long times of care. Sadly, Wilson was wrong. Week is in fact a short time in politics. It just seems like a long time, because all the interminable whispering Jeremy humps It is the least watches Foreign Secretary Britain has had out of the two it has had since July. Twenty sixteen silver metal Boris Johnson another one for collection said that Britain now faces breaks. It paralysis
which seems the ideal compromise to me- just just absolutely nothing happening for ever. Please is everyone I sat. There is now a risk of no breaks it which he said will be a breach of trust with the voting public. Well I mean what I want to and values whether is Charles Darwin, because if we have not evolved in Munich, d politicians breaching our trust in this country. We have only ourselves selves, the blind. These things are jam. Bounce offers like icebergs, bouncing off We should not, as it should have no impact whatsoever. It was a time in your country, and I've studied a little bit of a history. People
that did not agree with a certain policy will be headed. Yes, it is standard practice to be had your citizens if they had a major disagreement with the national policy. Do you think that would help up? I guess the question of getting do is: will you guys keep having elections till you get a result? You like well. I would say yes to that other than the fact that there is any result that we like so when thou just made an infinite, Syn, he's of elections has essentially what democracy is, just an infinite series of elections, and no one has ever particularly happy with it in terms of the beheadings, I think, maybe just in terms of the visual of it. It's it's time as a brand. The head I think maybe there needs to be some kind of virtual them ass. We concur virtue, app in which someone can be virtually we're, headed in the sense that they all then no longer allowed to appear.
Making public batch of, and that surely should have happened by now. I would like you said earlier: there is a Youtube, probably out there doing. Virtual beheaded the world do a billion followers She a little thing Andy that we blood from India and elections in sight, both India when they had reached the elections. The we, the chief MR gets elected, is that He gives away free stuff to the citizens like televisions, microwaves, sometimes vouchers for curtains. Have you thought about that approach Well, I think with breaks it that is being done and what we are being given as a nation is for free, no extra charge. The reduced ability to live and work overseas and if I may so not what's so much economy to worry about all these things just being given to a free just introductory office, as our breaks at future stretches out. Gloriously before us,
look we're having a vote on Tuesday in parliament on tourism is really shipwrecks deal which may or may not still be the least on shit option available to refer to a crisis if we choose that, was postponed before Christmas, because the Prime Minister was gonna be absolutely thrashed in that vote now. It appears that she's gonna be absolutely thrashed anyway, but with a couple of key difference is one way an odd numbered year now, so maybe that's lucky in some cultures and be is now even less time to clean up the mess than there was in December, which, is that it is now becoming ever more likely that we will get soft Brigitte Albracea modal breaks, it flattered breaks it norwegian breaks, it frictionless back breaks. It friction for scraping things more Blackpool breaks, enter the other branches and what we almost certainly get instead, if we do get any breaks it with its frankly about being that we don't is the sweeping the shit under the carpet. Unpretending you ve done a hoovering breaks it. That is, I think, the best there. Anyone now hopeful, but I didn't
not a bad policy. I mean. If you look back at world history, you have done that a couple of times a few conflicts around the world. So you know there you can do so. Add to that to India, Pakistan and the Middle EAST it just be one more thing but- and I correct me if I'm wrong, but I think twenty ninth of March is the date when Britain is supposed to leave the European Union Freedom and turning, I'm just gonna ask Andy Imo person. The question that, people always asking, where were you during the Kennedy assassination? Where were you when Mahatma Gandhi was shot, so I have to ask where will you personally be on the twenty ninth of March- are considered Jackie, were all will be out of all have built a spell. Emergency brake sit tight shelter in which I would have installed a bank of twelve televisions and almost twelve televisions
I will have a lot of eleven televisions showing classic test much cricket from the nineteen eighteen and one television showing ice hockey of that is my only way through it. That's out reality, that you may also have just described. The cricketer David Gowers House, no use into I talking a german open has a cold. Or general election at quotes the earliest opportunity. Which is, by my reckoning in four minutes to quote break the deadlock over bricks. It is A general election would in no way break the deadlock of, and, if you break it, by clamping another deadlock around the original deadlocks so hard, but the first deadlock shatters. Leaving you only with an even stronger, bigger deadlock. Essentially,
I've calling for and that he won't go for a second referendum, but he's going to know is biting his indirect way. Saying, yeah. I just don't really more thing. Other thing is we have tourism. I, who is essentially I half assed Romena and and we call been who is in essence, I half assed euro sceptic, so basic we go. Both sides are essentially half assed, but the problem politics that work is a multiplication, not some. So politically we're in a quarter asked situation rather than the fullest scenario. Sorry, together get technical results, not really. Already work it out? For us That's why I'm also what you can expect. None of them on the thirteenth of March is, I think, approximately thirty million british people to patch up in India system out uniform saying: please: can we have another guy look, I think, they're about twenty eight billion people in go right. Now this winter has two more now.
There was a second referendum and, and everyone Britain said They wanted to remain. Surely that calls for a bit the three that yeah I've been brushed, A lot of precedents are better three clearly world wars, better three correct asteroid strikes the asteroids versus dinosaurs, best to three one knelt asteroids. So far, just wait for the dinosaurs recovered, Hungary has been other titanic verses iceberg. The icebergs doesn't not for the second leg on the sea floor, no matter how they try these kids above him back up to the surface, so that and sets out a three year, but best best best of three eyes. I have to say to return to your analysis of of the world financial crisis of two thousand eight. You know like, for example, what I could read for this, this the plan was complete shit. Everyone knew it bullshit, but
till it was presented in parliament and everyone realized it shit you never actually no, which goes, after your great philosophical economic theory of two thousand and nine pout the world financial crisis in which you said giving people money when they told the ability rebate could lead to a financial crisis, but you wouldn't know unless you actually did it. Yes, larger just out of the committee's like slamming its s, tickles an account on you. You don't know whether or not it is generally gonna and until you have tried it It also advocates a band of three I'll. Not just it just makes you aren't. You could play best with its ethical Ricky you can you can try, but you're gonna lose I do know out by sealed. You're gonna lose anyway when we talk about the pressure, That's how you to shut out the future of the future of the realm. I think
but are you science, a shit, blood bs? But it's all shit plan is the ship plumb, the shit vague impractical plan. We voted for a time, even though we weren't sure that was what we were voting for it as such we turned out, we voted for that plan. Well, proudly democratically sticking with the dust didn't we didn't until another, with my India amuse now no envy. I just found out international spy with a licence to kill James Bond theme song the theme song to the James. On movies, was, was originally written for an indian musical was written for us as a sea composition for me. Go on vs, nigh portals houses, this was witches a Nobel Prize winning novel and that that musical never got made sounded like
frightening to do in the first place, and they took that song and gave it to James Bond and I'm beginning to worry about that, a british BBC sitcom. Goodness gracious me was probably correct, maybe Eventually, everything is indian. Of course, some of the influence of India on Unbounded is clear throughout and gaunt has been involved in some quite spectacular carcases, during his extensive movie career, but he's, never been involved in anything quite terrifying as being driven from Mumbai to Poona by young indian man with a new car on a motorway catering for everything from young indian men with new cars to old lorries with even older engines, as as I endured a few years, that was why more terrifying than anything bombed has ever done, and I, stumps as well and also whilst the bombs.
Enjoy the occasional analysis, copulate trade conflict relation with a lady human. He made the population of the fictional Britain that he lives in balloon and lived more than a generation to more than twice its previous size, as has happened in so clearly. India is horny, Oven, James Bond, so ready you can see why they ve turned to India for refusal exactly at the exact it now for example, the first ten minutes of Henry James Bond movie that you guys refer to as a chase, we call it commute just how we get to work, and there are certain things that had it been James Bond would do that. I think, hopefully, in the future, an avatar wedding, dress, elbows James Bond, hopefully When there's an actual James Bond, we limply when these things like for example, and indeed James Bond, would go to a bar and not asked for a martini shaken not stirred his first question would be what's that
cheap has done the menu during happier to get that bomb bendy. I think we're in a very- fabulous were Donald Trump versus America. News updates now and the shut down in America continues reaching record breaking levels. Donald Trump is basically shut down, a as a nation in a strong about a wall interesting times, we live in these very odd times in their trump? Is not a man easily given to compromise and backing down, and I saw one right. You saying that when our promises, that Trump is a got politician, which wouldn't be Such a big Rome were not for the fact that his diet is king, terrible to eight some years.
For the sake literally and metaphorically there the whole debate over the wall, you keep saying that met, makes Mexico's gonna. Now each rode back on the plains, Mexico's gonna pay for nothing. That's got will indirectly. By for the wool via a new trade deal, which contradicts the two hundred plus times in the twenty. Sixteen presidential campaign he said makes owed by directly pay Further will also animal given that America imports more from Mexico than an exports to Mexico, even if Maxine does pay for the wool. America will respond by paying more for the upkeep of the roads that transport, but, She'll immigration noises on those rose, that wall to the american border, which is a little ironic, if nothing else, correct, I think that's actually Gregg Anne and also I do not feel about this. I've been fascinated with the idea of a national emergency and the fact that a president could declare it
for example, I the script deadline today, Andy, but I did the national emergency, because I procrastinated and- and I wonder if you in your life ever thought about declaring a national emergency, I think could any of us do it. I think some way we're gonna take, can take back control little breakfast all about taking back control, and here we take dive. My nuclear deterrent laughed lots of new. This isn't going without might go back and we need that. We need to take back control of of emergencies as well when at that That's the way out of its way out of everything, just shots, everything of basically all at the end of the roman empire is. I was just about everything shut down for about a thousand years, unburied Donald from his. Essentially just it's like a micro dark ages. As you may be aware, a lot of federal workers mopping not being paid lot of people eight hundred thousand people were for the. U S: government have gone without now, almost a couple of projects and I'm beginning to think Andy that wounded
Your time where, when you're going through immigration initial your passport, some of its work United States cannot have twenty bucks yeah. I think it's that's quite possible and also its quite logically, the ill turn up in America and no say mine's taking over for a few hours, I need to go Curly gets. This is great. This has yet to add at this, is it he was the afraid. We're Donald Trump is afraid of immigrants taking over jobs. It was a lot of facts, checking of Donald trumps speech the other day on the other side of the wall and an immigration. To be honest fact, checking Donald Trump Speeches is just a complete waste of time, because I think everyone just assumes that everything he says is a lie, and neither are happy with that, although not all on the opposite, love lie, checked Trump speech, an actual used. The wrong lies.
Missed out will lie. That's the correctly. I should have told us that three hundred and fifty thousand guatemalan teenagers are now working as professional circles. About in Iowa alone, making almost impossible for young islands to progress in the circus. Ninety five Ten of all american President's would have been assassinated by mexican drug. Scott else had those president's infiltrated hotels and then suddenly jumped up from the table. Cartilage goons, I guess what guys on the present the USA surprise that something good not tell the american people he should have done, and also whilst the overwhelming majority of crime in America is committed by non non immigrants. This might be only because those Americans are heroically. Stepping into the breach to perpetrate crimes by Americans for Americans to say If those american victims from being crimes by someone from overseas, because research has shown on events, or least, show if it ever done, the being the victim a crime committed by fellow American is up to now
Gee, eight percent less annoying for Americans than being the victim of a crime committed by a foreigner. Furthermore, for the average United States American being gun down by another american expert. His or her God, given eternally mutable second amendment freedom is actually according to this nonexistent research paper, I have here, is relatively pleasurable by seventy three percent of survey. Respondents who site quotes. The opportune to come in with our nations founding fathers on a spiritual, unphilosophical level, as a significant positive of being gun slain by fellow american all, but that they are So if you'd death as being a quotes, largely negative outcome, many lies that Trump should have child and didn't, and that made you speak very disappointing for me. Indeed just a couple of quick breaking news stories on shut down, be. The wool trump has just personally ordered an acme foreigner, detecting rockets with attached immigrant scoop.
Which he will personally straddle and fly to blast. All the parents, one by one back to the rest of the world or wherever they come from Great recession, development flights on the acme foreigners setting or it would not do promising. However, evidently test Coyote used for such experiments, flying at high speed passenger target immigrants and into a cliff face. Ending alive, but with significantly charred fur and also breaking strong is now saying that the war he promised was not a physical wool but the spiritual wall around the hearts of all Americans and the Mexicans will pay for it due to the increased patriot. A freshly wool halted. Americans no longer by check ocean sombrero, but inside spending their money on stem cells and hot dogs so onwards, and sideways for American. That still a wall enmity between some very good ball, a spiritual wall. Isn't it. Excellent work. Now here's the thing,
do things that struck me Andy and- and I want to views on that. The first was of Federal workers not being paid. I thought the only profession that didn't I, Lee reworked didn't people's comedy. I was happy to funding that there was an unequivocal where they could be such circumstance. Quit it. There is no financial remuneration for years and years of work, the other thing that God really interested in empty. That. I wanted to ask you about what other walls now. There are some other great walls that are still around while of China, the Berlin Wall, the western world in Jerusalem, Hadrian's wall, which I think you have two nine wall, which I think is in Scotland Yoga. Great Zimbabwe wallets above the walls of Babylon in Iraq, the wall of storm in Croatia. Now universally. What
My export research on Wikipedia tells me is tat. All of these was become tourists sites. Maybe the become tourist sites or places for graffiti, so worthy to be a wall Andy. What do you think might happen to it? Well, I guess that's us outside the tragedy plus time equals comedy of fully of wool plus time equals tour. Detraction. So it's just a question of how much time there is we now give it a week. I think things happen fostered in the modern world and you can say troms war being finished and then basically becoming theme Park, which is the way of all flesh in America, within seven days, longest painless ever technology news now and the consumer electronic show, twenty nine Jane has been taking place in the annual global expose illustration of the latest developments and trends in technology
french and truly sensational, and flung buoyantly, unnecessary advances. The ones can prove the incredible immutable capacity of the human brain to create incredible stuff, literally no one needs. This year completely unrelated products of income bendy tv screens. So never again will we have to embarrass ourselves at family gatherings and dinner parties by screaming. Why not give television south brand of all are well on the same file? Often gets brought up in my house, video systems better develop that can insert imagery onto around a person during a live video feed, opening up huge advertising opportunities for other. You Cuba's like drifting Flacket. A game is like browser de la Mon, now, presumably slice suffragettes on red dead. Redemption too, was
suffragettes wearing a headscarf? With the words? Are you beach, ready on it There is way way too much unnecessary. Advertising in the world, as it is something I will be addressing on the forthcoming beauty. Life tour of the USA in February and March details on the internet there was some autonomous farm vehicles. That is not what we want not here. In Britain we voted for breakfast, so we could all pick fruit for abalone distance wide. Now that the romanian Bulgarian, don't common, overrun snake it into our fruit before we get the Jones the law thing we need- is any kind of agricultural technology a laundry folder device that followed your laundry for you it is that necessary, folder long before, if you can't be all through the correct thing and your shovel in a drawer not give a shit of its a bit crumbly open at all when its wet Mulder South Mould itself around your body. This was particular hollow man about the intelligent toilet which you
personalize. Your kelsey with your own settings, including ambient lighting music and the Amazon Alexa, in which presumably we able to shipping www straining we're going about your daily business with common such as. Can I help you with that crossword you seem to be struggling with Would you like to know how to tell when you're chicken is probably cooked for next time? So this does not happen again now I understand how you broken your eight hundred metre personal best fourteen weeks in a rope early, is amazing product The intelligent toilet, although I do still have to do your own by twenty to spell out, was the kind of product to be a dropped over places, lot: Yemen and Sudan and refugee camps in war zones and feminist regions of the world, with a message strapped to saying this is how little we care about you sincerely, the first world. Do you
don't come a time Andy where people will be wondering. How did you ever go to the toilet without an elixir. I guess so. Fuckin are just think it just further evidence that as a species, we need to focus our gadgets that were could have been at the fair, but we're not include the non ethical jock strap for the easily confused but horny mile in today's complex world, based on them evil, chastity belts, the ethical jobs threat, will only unclasp itself from the, whereas gonna genomes when explicit consent is given recommended for idiots. And sexual ego maniacs. Also the off detecting chair, never sit down on the wrong side of your body again, the after taking there will sound an alarm assumes you take a seat on your knees, shoulder face or elbows with an unobtrusive helpfully constructive suggestion that you might be sitting down wrong that even shot down
on your backside, the jail by little trumpet fanfare, to congratulate you and encourage you to keep up the good work. That kind of thing we respond to it these days emails now. This comes in from CALL Custer, heroic hello, be able team as an American. I feel my ignorance should take priority over the rest of the world. What I would just like to hear that in inauguration speech Sunday, as bout ROV merely as the subject call continues I want you to make a humble request of anti through a bit where he come, compares the sport of the world's cricket. Is there a way to explain cricket by demeaning other beloved sports? What is cricket? Ask all imagine a marrow, in football, but more arm waving in few injury is not let me if you want to know what cricketing just imagine the best thing that you ve ever seen and then imagine something that is more than twice as good as that. An that's, essentially org
need to know he ask guys cricket basically like it is baseball, essentially cricket ball. With more manual struggle. Redistribution, just think, is one of the key stumbling block clauses in the bricks of agreement, Andy, sir, compared with soccer. Is it this sucker like cricket, but with more brazilian corruption? Well, I mean not just doesn't there's no point comparing cricket to anything in the human realm because it does not belong Cal continues. I just put much against Labelle how sure in Brooklyn New York, good point gal? Yes, the the least coming to America. That's all gains in Brooklyn on twenty six February, details are available only bugle website and the internet, not all of the dates all yet on sale, but there, I believe, twelve shows in a very short space of time, so kind of hoping that the government is no longer shut down and because I imagine that might make getting from one place to another site, logistically problematic
come along to all of those jobs. Keep your emails flooding in two hollow, because that would be the book of dot com, including your suggestions for what operation Chris should have. Next, that brings us to the end of this week. Spiegel next week we have Alice Razor Amnesia, Kumar and no Chris, I will be recover. I sing from having a bionic robot hip it at all. I've got box at TV, ready, gripes. Next week's Vigo, she's gonna be right that we go get well say, thank you for listening to it out of Abdullah everyone again and we'll be back, Goodbye goodbye
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