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Andy is joined by David O'Doherty and Alice Fraser to discuss hot planets, awful science men, MMA(!) and Britain's relationship with Ireland. Recorded live at the Sugar Club in Dublin – part of our UK tour and the Dublin Podcast Festival. Includes a travel weary producer Chris, you'll learn why.


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The bugle european tour. He was in Seoul last night, Dublin tonight with Dublin, quite literally you coming to you live from the sugar club here in Dublin, and also doubling up as issue four thousand and eighty three of the bugle
Well, as I said, we were in Salford last nights and we are in Dublin tonight and Chris your journey from Salford to Dublin. Today, I've had it. Locate Diana yes 'cause I mean generally, it would take. I mean in Layman's terms, not very big long, but we have a slight procedural glitch where you attempted to pass yourself off at possible control as a four year old go well, I mean you know, I mean his model, it's not possible! If I tell you just like me, sadly, the attendant at the run a check. He didn't agree with that statement and all right, don't leave me so foot and for trains lights on an emergency meeting with my wife, where we see what's possible it's several hundred miles away from where I was supposed hey. I think I never tried and then another flights and I'm a taxi. I'm here, though yeah you will. What you want to pull I is a man's painful recovery from his own incompetence say you took you
daughters, passport, Yama kennedy- I know I mean I look so our journey today yeah. This was like it was really simple. So what we were supposed to do with start there get there there. There was supposed to be so so easy and instead I've gone up and down I've gone so of from here to there they have over there about a couple of times. In the back over here, I've gone plus, weird places the style I've gone through Stratford I've gone through. Wait, swamped, Dick apple and now here there we go he's by ticks. He has made it absolutely I'm sorry. So welcome to H. She feels, as I do know, that we will talk more of this like to do it because of the show. So if I am a and he's also going to do, my well known, if I were you I'll, be sitting at where you all watching and these Altman live on stage speculating on what he would be doing. If he were you up
small world, isn't it more world? This is the first LIVE Bugle show ever to take place in a Dublin, be island, see a country that is still good in the European Union come April next year. I know it is that they will leave on the twenty ninth of of March next year if everything goes according to plan a missile that is currently the biggest. If, since run, the old Kipling started, projecting the titles of his poems up onto the night skies above Gotham City, twenty, not much great, I was to leave the European Union as out of us in the battle of Towson in fourteen sixty one in the english rules of the road he's at which is the single bloodiest day, all fighting in the entire history of the british isles. Twenty eight thousand people were killed and about account in a single day of hand to hand combat, and you just have to admire the Logy
Six of that and above all the work right. A youngster is back in the fifteenth century to get out there, get their hands dirty and get the job done. I don't think all prompted millennials would fight one of the like. Take one look at about my feelings right now, that's not for me and I sit at home on their playstations tweeting shit. I mean we have to hiring a lot of poles and Bulgarians to kill each other, just get a fucking job done. So we are recording us on the eighth of October two thousand and eighteen, congratulations. You have just cheered the anniversary of the assassination of korean empress at me, Angus Young, by japanese infiltrators in eighteen. Ninety five: what is it you, people and wanting to destabilize asian politics? You cheered the beginning of the first bulk the war in one thousand, nine hundred and twelve you've cheered Germany, annex in western Poland, in nineteen thirty nine and take aside island taker side.
too soon, as always, some sections on the block going straight there going where Dublin. Correct this week in a been a lifestyle section, including helping you with the biggest problem facing young couples. Today, dog old, baby, hello, I'm there is a here- is contemplating starting a family, no one with price them out who he's contemplating getting a dog? That's why our species is doomed up So I'm going to help you decide if you're contemplating whether I have a dog I wanted to talk about it baby. We will help you
side we're going to do dogs versus babies in four categories to find out, which is the greater species category one impact on history, babies very negative impact on history. Babies have produced, amongst others, Benito Mussolini, Kim Jong IL's latin celebrity female hungarian 16th 17th century serial killer, Elizabeth Bathory all were once babies. None of them was ever a puppy. Dogs, by contrast, have never started a single war, though it is rumor that Genghis Khan trot in a dog. When he was fourteen and never really calm down. But I can't really be blamed on the dog and of course it would have cost at western history, and politics was heavily impacted in a positive way by Dogtanian, Andy Muskehounds, the 17th century cartoon dog Puja lists. who's, who's founding ethos, one for all and all for one, let it close to the foundation of the british Welfare state under Clement Lee in the Post war, babies, mill dogs, one category two ability to respond to basic instructions. I've had two babies. They off
ping useless attic for two mil to dogs, ability to guard house dogs by no means purf where babies next african useless, I mean no burger- is put off by a sweet face and a bit of dribble 3d dogs, long term cost well, who has children is an who here is worried about the cost of putting their children for university yeah. who has a dog put in their dog three university find road is for delta dogs if there is a mess, in this booklet is get a dog, not a baby the this representing all women and people who hates that, like pink bugs I still want to pull out
still trying to pass himself off as a female in you want to look at the people trying to smuggle children out of the country and the bad management systems in place and also trying to smuggle themselves out of the country, guys as babies, the bad guys Yes, he didn't even shave and I got recommended no matter how much you scream and shit yourself. You will never again look like a baby and he did do that quite a lot. So as your first time in Dublin is my first time in Dublin, I'm very excited to be here. My mom was a massive irish fan to get her masters thesis on on kind of folk music, and so basically, what I'm saying is I'm related to someone who respect your culture and I'm jewish, so in neutral
also joining us today. All the way from Dublin about ten minutes walk away. It still wonderful! Really it's going well enough to get that european residency. You crave, the your culture in Fleetwood did well in open the Ryder CUP last week. They can come in Jk Rowling at a push you and I see, still not sure I saw his picture shredding itself last week. I'm like what does that remind me of one of these Altimas gigs chili did you mean the ticket holders before one of MIKE X? He got one point, two million for doing it that so right. I think we're ready for A4 top story top story this week, we're all ringtones.
I knew you would report on the environment, not asking other one us told us the urgent. An unprecedented changes are needed to keep our famous planet on the most famous planets in the entire history of the solar system. Less so just one point: five degrees of extra bonus, hottness or in Layman's terms with allergy or their bugles environmental correspondent. Yes, indeed, apparently the world governments are nowhere near on track to meet their commitment to avoid global warming and, more than one point five degrees above the pre industrial period. An immense transformation in the way the world population generates enerji uses, transportation and gross food will be required to limit the global temperature between uh. Some fundamental Is it how we live our lives in some concerted long term? Sorry, I've got something on Instagram and I think this is the problem that is very difficult to see. This is a real threat were worried about dying in, for example, too many bees that we really think about the more pervasive in universal threat of dying from not enough bees
little warming aptitude agrees with discord. Just join ninety nine percent of colonel in the world, while one point five degree rise, which is the current lowest target, would leave up to a whole one hundred percent of ten percent of coral alive. We are so incredibly past o'clock no way this doing story turns out with as much coral as there should be, and you might say Andy who needs coral into that. I would like to tell you a story about the Dunning Kruger effect. Do you know the Dunning Kruger effect? I don't which basically makes me an expert. What Also, half a billion people depend directly or indirectly on coral reefs for their livelihoods. But to be frank, at this point I don't think we need to worry about the humans Nemo, I'm worried about Nemo. Apparently, the Coen brothers are directing the new Nemo film. It's going to be pretty bleak, so yeah the scientists using data from over six thousand research papers of walnut there's devastating consequences. They would say that the scientist would know how many seats easy being a scientist is when you have to deal with facts after win elections or sweeten up your whole,
so justify your own heart. High carbon lifestyle choice to much yourself. Twelve years old out of Google's been going eleven years- and I can't remember anything from before: that's on the isn't sport, apart from the birth, proper birth of my first, about child John, the President, the Marshall Islands, Hilda Heiney, said every country must increase the ambition of their existing targets and a spokesman for the industrial world responded. Sorry, the what islands, Marshall yeah good Bing drive from from I'm doing my best for my carbon foot, I mean I see could happen potentially just if sea levels rise, it could inundate my infinity pool, turning it literally into an infinity pool, also known as pci laughter,
I've already from a pet point, if you have to inside my dewgong to manatee and I'll, be getting rid of my ride on vacuum, cleaner at some point in the next year as well. These are their commitment. We're gonna have to make there's always hidden victims. Um, mass poverty- that's another one! I don't see a problem with this, because only people we keep being criticised in the industrial, the western world for not doing enough to prepare the world for the impending environmental apocalypse, but that we have been preparing other parts of the world for mass poverty for centuries. Now they really should have involved in immunity to it. If not, they should can read more Darwin drought. There's another potential consequences. You hear drought! I hear the cricket, I mean the bowling is going to become very unpredictable. It wasn't as if the if the great big the crazy comes to cracked. I think that, as someone who has watched won the test match, thank you island, the cream and cream for cracked screens
family show Alice Family show yeah mass poverty. You can tell you that we have that in country don't go to mass anymore. I think we do need some perspective on this six, what it, what it may well one off the grease centigrade. We don't really that much with it was back to the current average temperature on this planet is fourteen point six degrees Celsius on Venus. We have what temperature is four hundred and sixty two degrees celsius and yet, where the ones being told that we have to fucking do something amount of carbon dioxide Earth n Point N four percent, but apparently we've gotta fucking cut down Venus. Ninety six, zero point: five percent carbon dioxide may we think sick and you know why Venus gets away with it without any criticism, because Venus is a lady plan,
can't say anything these days. Can you don't wanna, be accused of temperature, shaming, a lady planet can't even she's away with committing historical sex anymore. A on make me being sick must not make hello dear and a joke? What kind of curious inconsistency about humans as a species at the moment, because we keep making binding commitments to help our planet diagonal quickly and yet, at the same time we'll piling billions of dollars of research into how to conquer the aging process? Now I'm very confused about this and if you all, eternal Life- correspondent, yes, Andy, Andy, living forever news I I will survive. I mean know how to manipulate nanoparticles to destroy senescent cells.
I'm going to live forever, if some speculative science turns into real science and rewrites my jeans, the guardian, has published an article discussing cutting edge research into the causes and possible cures for aging mainly focused on medicines that promise to clean up cinecenta zombie sales that hang out in your body as you age, generally detoxifying, even making long running but slow moving popular in series in your organs until you die. If these medicines work, we could only fill out longer and the promise of eternal life is a great promise until you think about the fact that the people who will live forever on the same people as are having stupid arguments on your social media platforms right now, they're sort of men giving with a stranger that gender neutral toilets were male oppression, because women would come into men's, toilets and quite put their lip make an all over the place. Thank you one. Would you like to live forever? I mean it's not for me to say, but I think it was Gallagher who said. Maybe I don't really want to know how your garden grows. 'cause I just want to fly the that is one of oasis, most of juice, lyrics from live forever
how your garden grows is obviously reference to Pewbs which will continue to grow. If we do live forever, the planet will no one will die if we want to be standing around and then between us just thick bushes of cubes, then I mean if it is a little garden, surely learning how to fly Give you a better perspective kind of birds, eye view on the garden situation, but I mean if where that Harry were like birds now effectively flying rands above it's uh. I think I'm happy enough with this, but I mean I ain't nothing but a number, but it's also a very act. Parameter of how old you are. These things are relative. You know remember when I was twenty one of my friends once made out with twenty five year old and we were like that is so disgusting. Did you read her arm? I drop off and you learn how to did she taste of death was that I think it's useful to look at those animals that do live for a long time. None of them seem that delighted. To be honest, you
Those enormous tortoise is, you know, I mean you would think like you met Captain Cook and Darwin others like death. The Greenland shark is another one. They have to be between three hundred and five hundred years old, how they work that, as I have no idea what that may be newspaper was found inside one, but it looks absolutely miserable play freezing up someone be happy. climate change right there, the Greenland shark. Hopefully I die one of these days right. Well, I think it's time that talk. We talk more about islands. First bugle in islands. I will give it away if you are. If you are irish. New here is not irish and mostly mostly female response to that they come here for the hot irishman
we'll do that great, because I'm a I'm as you. As you all know, I'm I'm from England and we we we. We share s elements of of a of a polished clearly, and I went to a rather traditional english private school and it is fair to say that the history of Ireland was not the most assiduously told subject, as it generally isn't in any english school who have not had in common with, for example, any other thing we may be embarrassed about from our history and in fact I have the school textbook of the history of Ireland for English school boys. Here is especially all I was told I was taught about island at school. It was quite nice, then something went wrong with the potatoes the end, so so David, I'm going.
I I don't know I want a very very of if I go to school in many ways, but it limits on gaps in my knowledge of the world, for example, look leading to a history of islands and the other side of the british empire. Let me we got about, for example, how to rewire a plug had a change of tires on the call how to talk to a girl and what to do to a girl. Once I told to expand it to do that, they need feeding them to do they'll, CMOS and means a huge gap. To my knowledge, it will all be that I was able to express those gaps and grammatically perfect left in the so David. Could you from life of an egg runnings one? Please explain a bit about the history of Ireland Chris. Could you put on a you tube that old irish music sat? Ireland was founded by footballer Stephen violent in three thousand BC islands. Indigenous people were the leprechauns or reparations
have nobody's ever called them, but they died out tragically, owing to the fact that they were all mail. I never existed. Nothing kills the people up quicker than ever having actually access your next major character existed. Three hundred Saint Patrick, the patron saint of strangers, taking a shit behind a we live in your front garden. That is highly, is commemorated for one day around the world, St Patrick got rid of all the snakes and so thorough was he got rid of any archaeological evidence of them. I'd ever of these islands around the first millennium, so the arrival of the Viking? That's so, unlike any scandinavian people, I've ever met today, it's like one item of the booking up a gun, hey, you know, that's not right. Let's anymore, that's invent social democracy and I KIA and then I go, and I then nothing happened, and I was his three four six hundred years till they arrive,
love Oliver Cromwell in one thousand six hundred and forty nine, and he he absolutely wrecked the place, although seen as a modern is there in Britain still seen is that today in Ireland he seen as genocidal pads potato puts part of who calls the population drop off that some experts. What is my and eighty three percent? Eighty three percent of the artist population, Thanks Cromwell yeah barrel of rancid, excuse me if I occasionally that that the british House of Parliament, where there is a statue of you to take a just in front of it, Cromwell, was eventually defeated by Conor Mcgregor in eighteen, proper, with his rallying cry. You'll do nothing correct, but Mcgregor was interned, defeated by Queen Victoria out of out in LAS Vegas, where he had mode
it hurt by criticizing her family, her nation, Anti religion, Queen Victoria loved island and left us with her greatest legacy. The shop Victoria's secret, Grafton face short for Victoria's secret was that she wished jack shit done more to prevent the irish famine, one thousand eight hundred and forty five to eighteen, forty nine. It seems like shooting fish in a barrel in front of these people. Island is always love to craze, from line dancing to yoyos from Tamagotchi tell us, but they tend to come and go. They say you only play this town twice in your career said the Pope in Dublin on his recent visit once on the way up, it's great to be back and the eleven people in the crowd Jingle Day, rosary beads and shook their little bags. Although normally a republic,
Ireland is still a mystical place ruled over by and yet I've never met. And yet, but apparently you can. We create the feeling of meeting her if you put your last lady Peen in a Dyson Airblade, if you feel something crazy in there listening to the touch app, that's irish special election mania for some reason, a reason nobody can I remember I was at the tea or prime Minister and the President, the president of the non political role, the idea of which is that you do the gig. The prime minister doesn't have time to do such as shaking hands at the red meat and apologizing for institutional atrocities. The prime minister of Finance, the runners and writers, have assembled for this once every seven years. Events want to group the incumbent, Michael D Higgins, at tiny wizard poets who negotiate
the check events of the last seven years with a palm. He hosted the queen's first ever visit to Ireland without giving her a wedgie and commemorated the centenary of the nineteen sixteen rising without mentioning that he loves to give the queen a wedgie job done, so he should get to do it for another seven years and everyone wants him to with the Exa and of five people. The five other candidates who are running for his job. There's no reason to mention the other candidates, because you'll never hear of any of them again. Suffice to say that most of them, three out of five, have been dragons on islands, dragons DEN and they look like they're only running for president for a prank. They lost with one of the lads at the golf club. The other two are, ladies and they hate science. Michael D Higgins will definitely win and he'll have another Ste, seven years in front of them, for his main job will be to commemorate the centenary of the war of independence in nineteen, two thousand and nineteen, without giving the queen of Reggie and the centenary of the civil war
in twenty twenty two without saying he wants to give Michael Collins, Slash Ayman, Devil era, L X, it's a hundred years, we're still not over us, Will Ireland's who's a political, be educational? No, it was just that. Might we form some? We have logic sing jealous capable now been tried? No! No! We can't, if you hate those bloody Europeans put their towels at the early in the morning. You have an they're, not open bananas. A Russia is not only one of the most important freighters in the entire vocabulary of parenting, but it's so something you should remind yourself to do almost as often as you remind yourself to listen to the bugle, both our own.
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I am going been confirmed as the next Us Supreme Court Justice by the Senate after highly. Kanter. Thank you doing. He doesn't remember
the investigation, establishment Kevin either did or did not commit. There isn't silicon. If you do it at a party and he's been concerned either because people don't believe he did it, but they believe he did it, but don't think it's relevant. They did it, but don't care what they believe. He did it, but have done worse things themselves in our pre, covering their asses. In order to avoid establishing an unfortunate president regarding accountability for behavior that happened in the past the past is a different country, Andean, like everything from a different country. It should stay in that different country and not come here and start taking our jobs.
Interestingly pre covering your ass is a right wing, approved method of assault prevention for women going out at night women. Women news, as you are women in Science- correspondent, yes, indeed, women in science, news now in the wake of Donald Strickland's winning of the Nobel Prize. We turn our minds to professor Alessandro Streaming, who recently presented an analysis to an audience of predominantly young female physicists in which he claimed that he had proved women were less capable of physics than men, as a physicist is important to note that professor streamer is also an expert in biology sociology gender and how to talk to women anecdotally, based, sociology gut feelings: gender normative stuff. That is pervasive. For example, people keep telling me that men are better than women at mess, but try getting it accurate self measurement of penis size out of a man you absolutely absolute.
I cannot. How big is your penis are exactly. My point is proven. One thousand six hundred times so far signed a statement condemning the relative professor MIA, who has stated that physics was built by men, which you know to give him credit is fair if you agree with the statement that most things were built by men, which is a true statement. If you start counting when a building is being built from the second floor and ignore the foundations of the building smiley, I don't know if you notice any good people saying that men seem particularly bad at history, often choosing to forget, when talking about men's role in history, that for most of history, women were being used in unpaid, labor, three intensive grassroots dusk, till dawn, twenty four slash, seven hand cranks labor of literally keeping everyone born alive. Warm clothes, clean disease, free and fed, not to presume to explain history to men, who are historically better in history in economics terms, not to presume to explain economics. Men have historically better than economics basement than most women. Pre industrial revolution didn't have the leisure time to worry about the masculine arts of flouncing around waiting to fight someone, and that
I understand the statistical sixty to be sure body mass differentials, not that I think, might be better nice nice. Ninety study done by me. Ninety percent of signs that was eight accepted in fifteen hundred, has been proven to be false flags at about five to ten and one hundred percent of those mails. I just added, which I think is something I don't want to know what it is, right: well huge batch of fighting over the weekends and not a very excited about it here in Dublin. The irish fix the coffee in the come, the dragon took on the russian ruffian Easter happy no like a model of the dagestani and damage dispenser. I became the irish injury inflicted a winning in the fourth round of the flight and what a dramatic fight it was June
the God of gain any advantages he rips Mcgregor's left like a son to from is a cell and feasted on it like a wolf for with all the credit for his way back into the by scooping the prefrontal cortex out of the Russians brain. If I I saw with a picnic spoken smearing, it victoriously all over his extravagantly tattooed, but there She did not say that lying down in such a nine inch length of Mcgregor's spinal cord out from between two of his Karasick Vertebrae, the Russians, powerful public, is once again proving to sort of justice they had in his previous title. Fight against the polish Mexican STAR is bushes, LAB Hernando Cruz, which Lipsky who Who of course had two ventricles in along route out the same way? Mcgregor desperately tried to fight back by mincing no magomadov spleen with his trademark power, blitz grapple, but the Russian, sealed his victory by exploiting Macgregor's, visceral fear of nonsense, poetry by reciting, sensors Lewis Carroll's the Jabberwocky, posing Mcgregor to crank his own throat clean out of his neck, with a primal wall of frustration, leaving himself vulnerable to.
and, while finishing off with his signature, seven hundred and twenty rotating Trotsky, Woodward Slaying, Mcgregor a double pirouetting. I spectre to the skill level setting fire to in a giant wicker man, terrific performance, terrific belt, wonderful, wonderful, awesome sporting, entertainment for all the family, but sadly spoil it's after the end of the back leave it to Norman, have left out of his cage and attacked is entourage, no idea why I really did like I love cake, citing it's at I like watching the fights about that and what I'd like to get the men who do the fights talking about a fight before and after the fight skills. Even though many get paid to talk, my favorite guy in the history of cage fighting, unfortunately, this is his name, is Kimbo slice. Is anyone him very big man, no hair on top of head just Huntington his head upside down here?
famously punched, a Manziel FINA fight and the interview went up to Kimbo slice after the fight. Instead, so came the mister slice you punch this man's ear off. I didn't think that was even possible in Kimbo slice. Replied. Anything is possible if you dream, hi. It was great to be here. In fact, we are right next door to the Museum of Irish literature that great well, it's not open but it's open, it will be, it will be it will be, it will be, will be open. I mean it clearly needs to be opened because I never too they were to billboards for outside one once in the Museum of Irish Literature and one saying the same thing, but very badly spelt, so it is really very much needed, but actually I have a friend who is we studied already,
in Dublin. In fact, he was absolutely obsessed with all these are a great great because of our literature and tell me some sentencing backstory, some of my son ready. You don't get a much lower writing a one The great thing is restricted, one of the great things about this little job. If I studied at Trinity College here in this city, had to make ends meet by selling knockoff cheap imitation, Christmas, duvet and pillow sets. Yes, oh my god money. Flooding is sham you'll, but can't into the single I would make his own breaks was very absent. Minded was drifting off thinking about what he was gonna right next month on people's up complete sort of measure out the ingredients we put the metal. I can try on the styles and completely admitted to let the water, flower and east and waiting forgot DOE. Let's wow, of course, one of the greats.
Want to english worse than Cromwell, one of the one of the irish novelist, so you get into SM actually understand later inspire himself. He liked it so I'd like to have some control on it, whether it was manacled around the ankles or wrists and linked metal rings, and what the metal links were. There should be large or small. It made out of iron, copper or steel whip indecisive, but eventually he would make it changed your available. When was it in the oven and completed they want to. He said I went to a he went to a window section and the money was explain. Wo things going has been expensive on the ship, and so we got the bottom. You can read them about Ulysses, another uh, another very famous. I was right in the late nineteen century at Flash new vehicle pulled by very fast, powerful beasts of burden, castrated bills, to be precise, so no reason ever to stop. Even when traffic lights were invented, nothing could make make me slow down in this thing. He said I'm in ox car. Why Holt?
Let's go! Let's go out honey I used the shipping little worker insects, especially sort of specific Colonie constructed from soil taken from the capital city of China imported Answer Beijing Earth Nest. anyway, my my It was so obsessed with those writers he spent all his money on their books. Use the fund is habit but to make by selling body parts on the black market particular digits off peoples hands. So with a discount for quick sale, he was known to say: do you want a thumb, swift, they also try to select join too many when it is by one for his wife, because it's got to look look great too masculine. That's not a woman's like Johnny said, that's quite obviously in brightly a man that is that's a that's. English? He may. This is a you get yourself ultimately
I'm coming from the parachute on it. You know the best kind, mentally two glasses of water. His breakfast table one regular water, one very salty water. Next Monday, the nine hours today. So right eventually run out of money. It's a giveaway second, okay, but it is like a nineteen seventies american for the movies it was like in a was. He was giving away those he was checking in the bonfire help him out the old men. Is it a bonfire Carrie give to charity shop, Jaws burning, I I feel like to be the best in the world in the sport. No one else is playing. I dunno islands, perhaps
tell me I mean I will say that I feel like hurling right now as a bit rates coming in Australian as well. Australian rules that will very soon as australian rules, immigration in the Disney Disney villains, despite having a colossal amount of spice only twenty two in the plans things go and think about what happened, I'm going to bust apologize and then right now and then run in and run. I think somebody might be annoyed, but you may have been cheese. That is it.
That is the end. Thank you. Twenty Dublin, the we show rejection Full Columbus all these times, Chris a producer all the way from Manchester via London, the Torias Alex Fraser Dublin Zone, Davido Takate thanks very much for coming on tonight,