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We're live on 27th June


This Saturday night you will be able to watch a special live recording of the show with Andy, Hari Kondabolu and Alice Fraser

It will be on our YoutubeFacebookTwitch and Twitter pages and will be free to all! Our Donorbox page is set up if you'd like to make a voluntary donation to the show.

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Hello, viewers and indeed anyone else who sees this over their shoulders by mistake. and these man and tomorrow the twenty seventh of Juno, will be hosting the inaugural second ever live beauty. Lie stream live show it's the first time we ve ever done. The second of these. I'll, be joined from down there? That's Australia, the bowels of heavily secret bunker and, if my shared by our razor and from over there, that's wished ones of a bit of an ocean by heart calmed about it. It will be workers live a life dream, show some often are on a bugle Youtube, general Twitch, twitter and maybe Facebook by some other stuff. You ll have to us crises all over details, almost words of aid at hello, buglers, We will be talking about, amongst other things, what on earth is going on on earth as well as plants tennis, corruption, struck democracy, delete according to preference, cricket and other stuff that may be graphics or palms What about that? Saturday, twenty seventh of June eight thirty Pm Uk time that's presented in the east Do as I five thirty, I am Australia on our past midnight,
How many millions of Uzbekistan Base Baseless check your local club? If you all somewhere else so you will then you're sincerely. I usually Andy results. Man.