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2019-12-08 | 🔗
On this special episode, UFC Welterweight Champion Colby Covington joins Candace Owens for a conversation on masculinity, the world of professional wrestling, and the importance of personal responsibility. Make sure to tune in! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Where did you get a start with the hat you guys, someone were speeding, ok, guys, we are rolling into another episode of the candidates. Owen show, and I want to talk about what I believe might be the antidote to leftism. I've said this often, but I think the antidote might a little masculinity which seems to be lacking in american society to day here. Discuss this with me, I'm so honoured Do you have see Walter wait? Champ coal becoming ten welcomed. The Kenneth Sancho is an honour to be again is truly special there. My life of I've looked up do for many years, so thank you for having me I'm gonna start with the beginning. We have to address the hat. Someone asked you a question
Why are you waste? I've got a lot in this. You know some people think his answer, races to me a sense for unity in bringing this country together. So you know where this this half or a symbol, unity in coming. together for this country, and I love to see the people that try and save them races or now You know that stands for since for a simple I know my melodies, safer symbol, eight cents for similar love, and then there is a greater purpose. This, so don't don't before by the four things it says, I make miracle great again, my guess is gonna, be no one tries to right, you yeah, they they pray, went and welfare as well. The way fighter in the world are in ourselves I'm not a good idea. You know by scientists like normal, looks great on you when his great, but I soon boxing skills, they would be good if they tried to message you either when you get the had. You know I just say to people: it's never about an endorsement. It's about freedom. Right people have different ideas. We ve always been allowed to explore different ideas. Whether somebody wants to wear
I'm with her t shirt, which I have seen many I'm with her shirts walking around you support. Somebody wants to wear whatever Obama's slogan wise. The idea not people can't express who they are is frightening to me. You can express that you support somebody can express at you that you love this country. I mean we are now in age where people say the American Fly bag is racist, like I mean that that to me is, is just absolutely crazy and I think a big portion of this has to do with manhood we were. I was asking my team before this. I said what is it about boxing in the? U S see that we never hear anyone be whiny, protesting, kneeling people that that work for the USA or fight for you have sea or boxing and get you gotta other sports like basketball and football and there's a lot of it. What is the difference here? He added the differences. There were branding came up in all these, these football in basketball players or silver spoon, FED they're, getting bentleys coming right out of high school. You know, like everything.
we get over the UFC or MMA in general. As the enemy is, the sport is weird earned it the hard way. You know we're responsible for our own actions. You know we don't we don't make excuses for what happens when we go out there with take responsibility for a loss, for wine and that's not how basketball players are they the blame on their their players, the blame it on their coaches, a blame it on. You know people because of this matter or climate or conditions, but you know it, then the day fighting it is it's a one on one man, a man, sport and its, unlike any other sports, so you actually think I just saw that they were protesting. Have not making this up. The word owners now of teams they no longer in the basketball want to be called. They don't want them to be called team owners because ownership implies slavery and distinct. You guys sound like such little wimps. The word owner you can, a subway shop. I mean, like literally you're, trying to make this all about slavery. Now, if people never owned anything else, other than slaves am thinking that you
by its cause, you live in the lap of luxury and that's how I feel about Americans today. We're over privileged we're just over privilege when you have time to be crying about words and vocabulary, and your feelings and you're getting paid millions. You aren't over privilege spoiled brat period Marian. I will guarantee you people like calling happening date. They can't do that and the kind of mentality that it takes to be in the ring. I mean, I think it's terrifying personally like I have I have watched a few of you have seen by some, like goodness, What is the training process like the training processes? Crazy? You know it's it's two three times a day or train in six days a week, and you know to give your whole life defining it's not something, that's part time or there's a season for there. This year round were turn in fighting the around, so we have to be ready in a moment. You know my last fired took on three weeks notice. First, Robbie Lawlor disguise a killer, the most fear and the division, so you have to be ready at all times to take that fire you can just haven't off season will be in the club, you know party and like these forebore and if,
or NBA players are doing. You know that we have to be ready to go at all times, so just a difference for what is the mentality like so I'll? Take you to your first by upon the interesting, so you started off as a wrestler you, a rustling in high school. I cracked esquire, and you were good at it at any one on you wrestled in college is well, you went to organ organ state or just a guy, and you were good at it. You pretty good, and what did you say to yourself? I'm gonna try to do mixed, martial arts, or were you doing that also on the side a grown up in high school college. I was doing Emma make on the side because I knew the and wrestling there wasn't like an outlet. There wasn't like Ambien NFL that I could go to a make a good income every year, because wrestling doesn't make any money. So if I wanted to make any money doing the professional sport I had to go into Emma may in the U S c, so I always had dreams of visions. War champion, so I was always train the boxing in the rich you on the side with the wrestling and then as soon as I got done with college, I decided to go into ever made full time and and now stop transition is
Now you do not make any money, you know my first couple profiles and make em like maybe a hundred five hundred dollars. A fight is now away one hundred to five hundred dollars per fight and you're going into the ring. If you're leaving yourself in, because self, in their turn, your brain cells on a library put everything on the line for a couple hundred bucks, and- and this is a concern about that- you got to sell for tickets. You know yourself: ticket sales is to get that money. I then be air and fell with these guys again salaries. They sit on a bench and make a million dollars a year yeah, but they want to be on an education and give this political opinion, because they think that that's according to do in Hollywood deterrent just a tram. Yes, just a treasure and am people that follows those trends like they're. Usually the weaker characters way it's hard to be an individual and stand up and be a leader is very easily be a follower. A lot of them are just followers us true. So so you were making five hundred dollars a fight. Didn't have much money
yeah. I just heard I never stopped believing and I kept running it and I kept working for and that that's the difference is that I never give up on my dreams, and I didn't blame anybody for being in that position not having Any money in my bank account haven't a ride. My bicycle, too Jim three miles in the rain on rainy days in Florida, is IRAN's a lot over there. I can work in her I can't believe it I never gave up, and- and I just I just I just knew I was going to be here someday because I was going to earn it and I took responsibility for my own business. I take responsibility if anything happens, anything bad to me You know if I lose her. If people want to blame It is not so in. I guess it's just a lot of our working unbelieving himself. They got me hear what was your big break, I think, might be break. I've never told the story before, but besides it before, I thought the number two Ghana world, Skynet Damien, my in Brazil, they had told my manager Damn Lambert there. there. They work in a society that it like my style. They didn't
did. I was entertaining and MRS before I really started to become an entertainer and understand entertainment aspect with this business so before this They told me, no matter what happens. I was rent number six in a world where we're not resign. You would await your character. We don't like you're fighting style, you know I'm getting paid thirty thousand dollars to go via the number to die in the world like that. You pay taxes in pay, your coaches really gonna, get like five or ten thousand dollars, so go out there and had beaten. I believe, in a pool of his own blood in Sao Paulo Brazil is home to his home city and I shoot a promo on the Brazilians, an essay they're, all bunch of filled the animals you known and and Brasilia dump back to cover the losers thing. You know I was a girl. You you raise issues, brazilians are filled the animals, unlike Brazil's, not a race in our country. And they use filled the animals in home alone, so they'll pay animals out there. Now is the change of building the epoch. He's gonna shoot this point.
swollen, and I wasn't supposed to have my job, but that promo goes so viral on the internet that you have seems like. We have to keep it wait. We can't we have to resign, because that promise was so big. So that's what saved my career- and I was a turning point in my career and the rest has been history. We just drove me crazy, You have seen literally sign you because of that video letters they recently because their video right, the last part of my contract I or like we're, not resign. You doesn't matter. If you win, we don't like your finest hour. We don't like that. You not entertaining you're, not a character who causes of the entertainment show business so I go out there and I completely proven wrong with the show aspect. An entertainment aspect I get this whole Rina is a will, consider thrown a hot under five. a hot dogs there are screw. You sold and you'd You will die? You know this night and and then you know the evil die here to try and Brazil is by more you buy more, which means you will die in their scream in this and in as a walking out to the cage to fight. So this is why we say: ok, you as one
I want you. In addition, you better be ready to take my eye when I'm givin it back to you re right right. Oh my gosh watch them watcher mentality like when you walk out. You hear this chance, you will guide. Is it? Do you feed off of it? A lot of it I feed off feed off of it, denies women really took over this bag. I character that a kind of taken in the EU of Sea, I really enjoyed hearing people tell me can't do something and tell me you know that you will die or mean things because it really just fires me up and then gets my blood boil inside to to go out there and prove them wrong and just made them either. Words man. My word just like you know everybody else. You know promises made promises. Cat re explained that you say that, because I was thinking about that in the present, and I am confident that I think he's the only president after two years in the office looks younger.
like hell, you found out of use in the oval office, I wondering if it's because this is a man. His whole life had just, he loves being the competition and loves proving them wrong, and he had the everybody again. Some I mean what's that. What's this was on the left or right thing. This was like. Both sides were actually against him when he first up on a platform of people that that were on the republican sign on the democratic side, it will, it really wasn't left or right and he won, and I think that what is in office to be able to prove everybody wrong. Who said that he would it make the economy better right that he was ass, avowed, racist and yet black Americans are doing better under him than we were doing under eight years under Obama. And I wonder if all that contributes to his spirit, it's the same thing and for me even people say why people have to be liberals. I'm, like I'm, actually gonna, be a conservative and I'm gonna be so unapologetically conservative that I don't care what you were. Any any person thinks numbering a bunch of people with me now. You know
might there. There is something about people, not believing in you and discounting you that makes you just kind of want to be. Like you know, I forget you forget you I'm here, I'm not going anywhere yeah. They feel like when people really love you and they say that your perfecting agenda into wrong does an economic it feel, like you know your contact, your local, you know you can't make a wrong stepping over when people are telling you that the all these bad, Things are, as you know there doubting, you does not make you wanna go, prove them wrong. I make you wanna try harder right. So what you start wearing the hat. I started wherein the hat right after the daimio. My fight read before my my fight with ordeal for them for the world title yeah and just you know, I grew up as a conservative. My family was always conservative and I just you know They make grand wanted to wear. But everybody is like sensor me that I call you would be a good guy. Don't do anything against the bog, don't don't don't do it? Can pissed
She asked you see there are, although it is now the Super Lieber Hall. We all you guys, the w me. I am jig really interesting. So my agent was like less Yoda. Labour was like less in all its. Let's keep it, you know, keep it under. Controlling. I don't do things and about this you see up. We need to use the need to become partners with them, so you can get and you can maximize Terry was right as well as the give up who you are as a person but make em appease everybody else right and that that is actually the Hollywood trap too. I mean that that really is what Hollywood is all about: a bunch of people that are fake and if you want to get ahead really quickly, virtue single about something they'll put you at the forefront of everything and if you don't than your career essentially over, I mean there's very few people that have been able to survive in Hollywood being themselves. If it wasn't far left do not I mean Fisher Humming, you you, you have Vince VON. I think he's he's survive, I mean as any
it's coming out recently, John Boy, I beg you to old Jesus. You know he's too much of a legend. They can't really do much to him, but everybody else tiptoes around is too afraid to speak out his head. They may be don't agree with what whatever the political climate is in Hollywood as dangerous joy dangerous- I mean we were just talking about the moment. When was it Merrill Street got up on stage and something against the enemy? However, this number the sheet she didn't whatever speeches she was. She was given me She was giving an anti trump speech and I actually have the quotas which he set. So Hollywood is crawling without this was to be in defence of illegal immigrants. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we take them all out, you have nothing to watch, but football football and mixed martial arts, which is not an art. Why? Why so rattler talk I'm just like? Why would she just get up on the stage and be like you know what
The amendment does not even make the one of the big mainstream sports like then, a feller NBA ears are any jail they're, all bunch actors amber. So so what is your personal life like Priscilla here, I'm in the Kobe. That's behind the camera know what I'm on camera. It sits on my amp and everything up. Two hundred and ten. You know because this is the show business down payment. So if you go on my social media, you probably going to see some boobies. You know you're, probably going to see things because I'm entertaining I'm putting on a show for the fans, that's what they want to see. That's what they pay their hard earned money for a man. That's right! I got to give it to you, but what you Talkin about the Kobe, that's off the camera, the real Kobe! You know this is the guy that that really loves the troops. You know my family is military Brad. My my grandfather flew in the Korean and Vietnam WAR I pay out of my pocket to go visit. All the military bases on the regular in all and most Moses. At least I can. Then it will be a big their logo to a military base because they're getting paid me at the military base and then, though,
the military base in only wave at the military guys. Oh hey troops in own there only there to get prayer. an agony, good Photoshop, but when go there, I'm paying out of my pocket to be there, and I'm goin in the trenches with these guys, I'm staying on the base. I'm hanging out with these guys, I'm interacting with I'm going in a room like this, with fifty different troops. Anderson now talking here in their story, so it's a different visit from when I go and one other celebrity athletes go on and that's what drives me. That's. What drives me to be great is not only the trumps but the troops, as my two biggest people that might plan as for the love that the trumps and the troops Gatt. What's it like they're like what what's their mentality like when you get, there are going to some of the stories that you ve heard about the troops. Man is so many Jews
do you have to see how much they sacrifice for this flag right here? You know the red, white and blue the same flag there, a lot of these players and kneeling on they don't even know why their Neil net- they just do it because, as the trend in the sounds cool do, but that flag has some a deeper meaning to some of these military servicemen and to see how much the there won't be. There's no accident there's no Christmas fur. for war, there's no things giving for war when they're called the war they're gone out to war in their doing it, because the railway blue for the flat flag, Ross Reed, I'm so you have the right to go and trash Talkin scheme industry an and sadly burn the. U S fly, which I think I think this one was think about things ever I mean you need, but watch one movie of one of and to see what families go through. I see images of people crying. You know, I agree, besides that, never gonna see their husband again. Young women with children never gonna see their husbands ever again. Address thinks me, like you in you'll, have the stomach to just simply put
you had the heart: is person got shot in the heart, their whole? This person, entire life, is over and you did you kill you can't stomach standing for the national anthem. What you are just a coward. Your power is the ultimate form of cowardice and I got in into it with tee. I the wrapper a couple of weeks ago that the revolt summit, when he said we shall height the crowd his wrapper. He was being entertainer whenever he knew he had it gradually concerning on stage, but he was just saying: why was America ever great? I was one was Amerika great when they let a bomb wrapper like you make millions, that's that's how you know America's great you ve done absolutely nothing. Leaving respect this country, don't sacrifice any thing every day and get your a millionaire these countries not great.
They really gets me. Let it gets me mad. The most spoiled wrought in people to have ever lived are pretending em. If America was never great, then this entire world was never great. Is never going to be great like everything that this country has done. You know I mean for sure I mean let's go, go, try that in another country which are then South America go try that in another war countries see I see if you'd be able to make that type of money. Do you do in those countries singing with real? You can have whenever you like. You gonna, give me millions when you gotTa Africa. What where do you want to go back to earth shemeah? We were taken from Africa. in a country where you want to go now sponsor the flight. Nobody wants to go when you say that the issue is this isnt there's nobody backed and has no understanding, and I think, a big party that is because we're not we're not raising many more were not that there's no way, even even the softening of what's going on in the school systems. Like you know, you can't offend anybody coupled Comederit you go, you can get
but be school. They, seventy locker, no sad billings bad, but there there also a sense of like that. Just as there there is no more capital fights everything's. A lawsuit ever but he's upset, and when I go and visit these college campuses my look at these boys. There frail their skinny, they have no confidence and yet they're out there are protesting, saying they hate and not what they love, not fighting for what they love affiliate. That's a big thing in America is: there is no stand up for what they believe, because they don't want to be judged. They don't know how other The boy gonna react to the way that they think they can have their own think they can have their own thoughts. You know the religious, it's crazy. They just listen to the media. We know how fake news media tries to portray things and it's crazy, not like the fact. The fake news media last mean election. at the we had no chance. You know they said the Hilary had it locked up so ever banal
The groundwork, as I said it was it- was a guarantee lock on Hilary side. You know, but they were just lying all time: Trump ended up winning so why they were destroying discourage people. I actually think that a big element of what is so hated about him. Rice S, his character, virtues Obama's, is that he is very masculine fifties masculine and we suddenly arrived into a culture where it's not. It's not ok, to be a man way, a word like only the number, the Gillette commercial, four hundred two boys rustling. I think we should have been you heard. The words rashly. Don't do that then, and they are trying to make it seem like now to be a man. You have to be a woman was item due to families online.
soft software, I mean that's really I mean you, don't you don't have any kids now now, no kids in a single what're, you gonna do when you have kids in this environment. This web and scared even have key issues the one to be raised like this. You know like this in the scene only safe space era. Were you know people. It is the soft in arms honour it stand up for what they believe in their want speak their mind, what they think, because they're scared one other behind Other people may judge him for what it what they thinking really should be agreed disagree access it, our someone in a room I now we can have a conversation. Even if you don't, Even when I'm wearing and Europe will have the same opinions me, we can still sit down, have a chat and talk about things but has now the world. Is these days, it's crazy world that that they're, letting they're talking about normalizing things like gender change, but they wanted demonetized demonize things like tat.
President Organs war rice right, have you actually under their new world under their new world order, you language their indicator? Oh yeah, but it was you have yourself identify where he could be covering the self. By then, as a woman and you would be allowed to put me in a ring and they are calling that progress. So aside from visiting the truth, what do you do for you and your private, I'm gonna dating ups, are not on the dating just gets that were even you'd have good staff in Alexandria. You noticed this training I am committed to the ground and allowed to work hard in Otis either in the american dream. You know- and you know it starts every day. You know from the more I wake up in something of a high can get, Now I can better myself and I make Erica better how you like make my craft better, so she's it everyday process, and I believe in my process, I trust the processing.
And I'm just work. Lord, I want I want to make everybody they believed in me, and that is on my side. Like the trumps round my side, the troops from my side will make them or happy. I wanna make them proud. You know, just like the trumps there, They can't even go to an almost morning, then they can't go sit. Have court in a basketball game, cause the bramble carp and trying to talk. Of course you want to tackle. If I was there, now I can't even have an almost boarding experience, because you know that mean people hate him so much so it you know. That's that gives me so much joy is to be able to give them a normal sporting spirit within come out. Watch me fine and have a good time and in an hour and distant, enjoy themselves, leave no them personally. What are they like? Very humble, very real people like they're not with the media, makes them out to be there, not these people that yet tons money, but they don't act like they're, just regular people that you know they're they're, good husbands are good. Dad's me ass, you, they brought their kids out thing and I see the way their kids.
Are very well mannered, good, good, raising children. Just like super good kids. I did such a great time with them and they just normal people. I treat you like normal people. They don't like. There is better than you and they just to tear down to earth humble in on in and that's why risk them. So much goes. You know some of these every second NFL I'd be I've upon our lot. Athletes innate. They act like on a pedestal like their better than people because they have fame and they have money and have a title as now. The trumps are they act like greatly people? no better than the janitor and Building Murray, and I think that that sort of what they hid in the heart of America wishes people that were feeling like a bunch of leaders were deciding for the rest of Amerika. You know, and in that we were too good to fly over states in Algeria, and I and I say that almost as an attack, I myself, because I used to think that that I was so educating. I was born in New York, so I was born on the coast. I never saw the rest America, so my
reality was simply New York City and Little South Africa to get where I grew up and you you're for some reason. You think that the rest of America is like behind and in dumb and uneducated, although stereotyped what the south is Ray, you think that you have it right in your so educated, because you go to school in Europe in the way that things should being you understand the plight of black Americans in any pick. Another ism, the plight of women and then I cannot wait fully for me. I had an awakening and I realize we, the second I've, always been conservative. I believe in her work. I don't believe in handouts, and I find the argument that we should be giving handouts to be. It undermines individuals. It takes away the spirit of what it means: humanity. What humanity actually is. The human spirit wants to fight, it wants it wants to champion. It wants to tell the story of. I was making five hundred dollars for Haiti. It was my last fight with the glory of that. That's what people when I take away. We talking you talking about socialist
right you're talking about. Taking that away, saying we're all gonna, be the exact same everyday life. Why get up my wife? What about now? You worked all you, everything that you have now is because you work What about you? Just like I said in my written, your income goes. Sky. Isn't anything so pathetic? Here, it's crazy there give no participation trophies left or right is this. It really are. Are you up to mistake or pessimistic about the future? I'm optimist I think I think they were going in the right direction. You know look at unemployment, you know it's delors has been since the six these economies bombing in all the troops, your door. Well, you know what we have here. No America's that the american dream is alive and well. I think that I think there's gonna continued to driving in people that want to work in our own for it or working on it. You know they're they're going to get whatever they want to get out of my life, and I have to ask you a question just because you are so feared. What is your biggest fear?
you have decided to go like spiders yeah. You know me so were already went into my brain fetch, a biologist than those we have a big realise, nay, because your cobweb they hire you makes snakes is really a member. No, I grew up in organ. Unlike outweighs you got garner snakes in Verona, scream, alarms like it's a gardeners Nathan a bite? A little thing? How do you know exactly you don't know it's a gardener in the same way, I met that with rats. There's something about rights. I dont care, don't tell me you're, not scare. Their scare is the way they like schools. Could scandal yeah.
This is the way these good that'll like AL, you really like squirrels, and one time we got us around the Bushy Dale Allegheny like that bum eulogy, writers. Oh, what are you afraid of? You know what I used to be afraid of flying got over. That is now I travel five days a week, I'm not afraid of too much by really I dont like rats, and I I really am fearful. of like the mask of anything, really gets me go in. I got as I see it, and I am not saying this to be joking, like what were breeding different men here like there really will be the wearing shorts. That say, feminism is everybody We get something is going wrong. View are vague and saying that it is like it there's a lot of wears off happening right now, there's something you pay attention to what I am optimistic about it because we're here we're talking about this. We ve got, this amazing belt between us so nobody's gonna, mesh sizes
episode will knock it rolled Ezra. We rap every episode by allowing you to lead a search for the world. So if there's one thing that you want to inspire everyone to do right, what is it What would be your call to action could be Covington, so he's gonna put two minutes on the clock. Don't look at You might get nervous, I'm gonna! Look at. That carry nervous running you make me nervous, nervous Vernon is that I will have an effect on him. You gonna look in that camera, you're gonna leave a message for the world's ready set world. I give you call me Covington. to the world. I would just say that fall. You dream and in your heart, are you believe in you know dream when I was a little kid that to be a world champion as wrestler fighter and an ever upon those dreams. I worked hard for every single day. Nothing was given to me. There was no handouts along the way. It was blood
two to get to this point in my career and and I just never given up on what you believe in and stand up for what you believe them, because you know. No one else is opinions matter. The bad opinion that matters is your own and an you should have your own free thought in this world. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Arap thirty five seconds with call becoming ten. Nobody uses the two minutes. I have two minutes and I could go on and on and on. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of Kansas Alan, shall, I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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