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2019-11-24 | 🔗
The American healthcare system is broken. The cost of premiums has skyrocketed, quality has decreased, and red tape has engulfed the industry. How do we fix this crisis? Katy Talento, former lead health advisor to President Donald Trump, joins Candace Owens this week to discuss how to solve the looming catastrophe. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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I'm India, South in China or India, ok, great speeding there all right. Ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owens Show, and I want to talk today about health care, which is an industry that I hate so much. I won't have you guys about meeting an asthmatic. What my experience has been here, discuss all things: healthcare with me as a healthcare consultant and former White House and Senate staffer, Katy till until welcomed the Canada. and shall high candor. Thank you for having me. So this is gonna be a hard episode. Sometimes in the comments there means me they're like you have to shut up and let your guess speak.
And sometimes like you don't speak enough in others, say some rebuttals, but not at the top of opposite Masood, because this is something that actually frustrates me so much you and everyone Ivan as Matic start here, I'm an asthmatic. So when you have asthma and people are listened to this, no then you have a child has asthma, it is life or death. Every time you have an asthma attack that right there used to be a time and my father to miss. Guess I got my asthma from him where you could just go to see the US and you can get an albino inhaler. now it's behind the counter and if you walk in and you are a wheezing and breathing at an end and gasping for air, nobody will not handed to you because you have to go to the doktor AL. You have to get a prescription. You have to now pay an extraordinary amount just to get
this little everyone have together, will save your life, this law, but that will save your life been, have been of kids at that have died at the CBS counter that have died outside of a hospital room than die because they couldn't get one little puff. Powers possible? I mean how, generally, how are we here right now in society that they dont value a light, a peanut, allergy and happy pen, whatever it is, life or death stuff cost an extreme a lot of money to get and this not a lecture right issue. My opinion. No, our system is broken totally totally it's become so non partisan. It used to be in healthcare was republican versus Democrat. Now it's really just the healthcare swamp versus the rest of us we are talking about. Is everyone has to get paid? The doktor who writes a prescription, the many
actually makes the inhaler all the middle men between them and you, the insurance company, the pharmaceutical benefit manager, the group, her sing organization, the retail pharmacy, the Wholesale Pharmacy and everyone's taking a kite along the way. That is why drug prices have increased beyond the rate of inflation every over the past ten years. Hospital prices is increased. If you think this is just drugs, it also hospitals. It's also doctors. It's totally out of control and worsening fighting about who's. Gonna fund
irish broken system? We need to talk about who's. Gonna fix are broken system and I want to make the super clear, because I go on all of these college campuses and I talk as somebody who's unapologetically a free market girl right. I love capitalism. I love the free markets and kids will come to mean safe the free markets. Work. Then, why? Don't you explain the healthcare industry in Amerika and I go. This is the exact opposite of a free market. You walk into a hospital, you dont know what anything cause your essentially blindfolded right and they say give me a blank cheque. You're gonna be blindfolded. We're gonna, take care of you and weeks later, we're gonna billion.
that's thousands and thousands of dollars that is out of free market system. That's right! That's what I'm actually fighting for and why I wanted to have this episode, and I won't do more about us about this. We need we need price transparency, we need to walk in, but I walk into a store when I bought this shirt- and I see another sure- maybe maybe the shirts fifty dollars really this one's thirty bucks- I am in control- I can say you know what that's too expensive. I want to go somewhere else to get a shirt. Why is it not possible in terms of our healthcare industry, because everyone has to get paid except the patient's show? What you're talking about as you go into the doctors office, they make you sign of form
says I agree to pay. I dont know what price for I dont know what services. Yet by I don't know a doctor, a doctor. I've never met and patients think that if they don't sign this they're not gonna get care or it's gonna turn into a drama. They're gonna have to go, get management and it's gonna be a bit. You already take off half the day, just go to that doctors office in and they have a bullet proof, glass and surly front desk staff, and it's just it so difficult to navigate. Patients are scared and their suffering there at their most vulnerable. When I tell you
is listen. Go ahead and read through those papers, but in the signature line instead of signing away all your rights by signing your name just right. I did not read this. Oh wow later, when they bill you, you get a surprise bill or you see that their gouging you beyond all recognition. Then you can just say: hey. Can you please produce the contract? Were I agree to pay this? So it's not that you're not gonna pay. It's not that you won't pay a fair price, but now the power is, first and you have leverage to negotiate an honest and fair price, but you should have had that right canned when you walked in Libya that only Lauer how much is for me to get at an inhaler. If I walk through the door, how much is going to cost? You mean you get the nebula, wiser treatment, that's going to save my life, you dont know already. Am I the first as That's why you see on line in advance, every price for every service when you walk into a restaurant, you know what your final bill.
Can it be? It's true. You don't know what you're gonna order. You dont know what coupons you might have and how that might apply to your bill by big. Have you a man you, and so you see the prices and in fact that might change what you order it might change. Were restaurant? you go, do you have to walk out of their cause? That's above your pay. Great might be. Like Mcdonald said I might be Mcdonald's united, nothing wrong with that. So healthcare is the only industry where the sellers of care, insurers and hospitals conspire together to cook up secret pricing contracts between each other, but they hide from the buyers of care, patients, employers and taxpayers. I just put out a report. A coup,
but a report with the Johns Hopkins team of researchers that shows that half of the federal budget- almost half forty eight percent, the federal budget is now spent on health care. It is eating our economy. Premiums have gone up. Fifty five percent in the past ten years, deductibles on employers sponsored care, have tripled tripled, o wage growth. That's only twenty six. percent. We think that's great here. The Trump administration we are always talking about wages, wages waited, but are we each growth is being eaten by healthcare cause. It's totally unsustainable. One in five Americans is in medical collections. Canada's half of all collections are medical collections,
it's really funny you say, then I'm getting firebrand. Ok, it's all right! I got another. I owe guys it's my shawl allowed to speak. Can whatever the comments are doing right now, trade, so another nectar. I fly out of Dallas right and this is in a separate issue. People that now think that they can bring any animal they want on flight lay. Is that because people are You're allowed to be crazy. It's a used to be like. I need this emotional, snows and emotional cat Emma you're, so unstable that you can't fly in a flight without animal. You should be fine life, don't don't want you raised so now. I ve got sheep and goats and all this crazy stop and I have a large, I am not only allergic stately forget about humans, because this Britain's got emotional issues have got physical lies right, nobody cares supply down. Then there was a giant huge dog and I instantly had like an asthma eyes are itching I get to Susan. I went straight to the hospital in Dallas I go in no,
was there was a good. It was all a little clinic hospital when it was twenty four hours and hours the up and I go in, and I told me that way you have asthma life. I needed nebulous or treatment. Let's get into the door sign, some people were going, I'm out within an hour and a half years ago, by the way, while I'm in there. We think we know we want to give you this pill. This pill, I already know anxious. Little tylenol like that is not at all. That should be. Two dollars is gonna, be at least like a hundred dollars. If I take it from you, some like none in and out get home for weeks later, I get a bill and it's a four thousand dollars. No ice edge looked at Madras lavish Emma painters now, so I call- and I asked them- I would like to see an item might lead us of what you're charging me for that very, and they said we don't have that only only the doktor eyes- access, ok, I'll call back when the doktor has access callback. They say you need to call your health insurance company re other health insurance company. They say you need to call them
hospital call the hospital again. They say all you got it. You gotta call your insurance company, we don't do this back and forth naturally run around eventually the woman's Bretons me she says you know I can get you a breakdown of this and end. She. She sends it to me. She was gonna, take at least sixty days and by then it's gonna affect your credit score, a highly yeah. I said great what an effect. I got a score I'd like you to send that to me, that's right. They send it to meet. You all know what it said I paid for histories code, six, be our tears. M M M ceased See times too. Did you feel better out of that code, a seven too to what the heck are. These codes, all the dark? Only the doktor, I call again only than doktor understands that odds Katy their healing we'll get the person that can read the hieroglyphics on the phone, please gosh visit every American Union you're. The only one every American has a story like this: it is completely outrageous and it's broken and
when their industry functions as way, if they did, our economy will collapse, but instead, instead of having Goober and Amazon and Healthcare, we have the IRS in the DE envy. It's just as horrible run around this bureaucracy. Nobody can. Answers, and that serves every single person in the system except the patient rights absolutely an end, now. That story ended, I was so persistent eventually sent me bill, said zero dollars. It was gone, good, move on their heart, zero dollars. It was, you know what we can genuinely be the hieroglyphics you made it up, and- and this is the power when I see the collusion yes happening, it tell it- is a car farmer, cynical pharmaceutical industry and the hospitals and the Insurance agencies are making up numbers and they are all getting paid all the stuff, and now we have patient suffering. Fortunately, for me I was ready to play the game. I'm looking around my credit score. It's already been here since I default on
loans. Ten years ago, whatever I like it, I pay for everything in cash. Now I dont insurance. I pay for every time I go, I paying cash unless it would be crazy for me to pay someone, I mean even reach her deductible these days, it's crazy, so I've just paying casual and I was willing to play the game. But what about people who don't most people? Candidates have less than their d The ball in their savings accounts so sad, forty percent, almost forty percent of Americans, have zero in their savings. Account and deductibles have tripled in the past ten years. So how are people supposed to survive, I've you needed that inhaler right people need health care in economics is what we call perfectly inelastic demand right. We have to have health care when we have to have it. So what happens when people can afford it? Well, they can go one of two directions: either they delay care. What I call dangerous deadly delay, because you know
they just can't afford to go, and so they put it off. Let me tell you a story about my own sister she's thirty, nine year old mom of two tiny boy. She has end stage cancer right now, she's at home, dying in my parents, house and hospice care, but this has been a horrible urine. She's been a ton of pain. Rape show one time we couldn't manage her pain at home. With her prescription drugs show we took her to the margins room she had to be in emitted in the hospital they had a specialist come visit her. This was a specialist. She had been refer to buy her oncologist months prior and he asked her. I see that you refer to me months ago. Why didn't you call me then- and she said well, you are out of network and I couldn't afford it
and so here we are impatient paying for a week of impatient hospitalization because she had delayed because of course, so this is happening all over the place that path. What you delay there. If you can't afford care. The other option is that you get care because you have to get it. You get care that you can't afford and that's when people end up with debilitating debt and what happens as we have seen, predatory collections from so called share hospitals, nonprofit hospitals that are pursuing people to the ends of the earth. They are suing their own patients so
of them, are their own staff, who were on their health plan at their hospital that they couldn't afford. I just spent owed morning in a court house in a small town of Virginia, where the local nonprofit tax exempt charity hospital with suing dozens of its patients. These people, for the most part, had insurance. One of them was a nurse tech who worked at the hospital. She had gone to an ear with her child one time and she had thousands of dollars and dead. She couldn't afford to pay on her salary. It was humiliating for them, they had, they were ensured, they have jobs and they were just filing in. We were begging than though I was there. The Johns Hopkins Research team and we were begging these people when the judge asks you do you. Oh what the hospital says you Please say: no, because when did they see the prices in advance. When did they agreed to pay these present, how Even though that their care was necessary, they don't have an itemised bill. Some of the bills we did.
see, showed unnecessary care. Always the pills are enemies. And here's one can take this, including I am better and by I know you have a headache. We're gonna put you in a brain mri view that is not the standard of care. Does your exactly right. So there was. I had shared this story of a woman named Wanda, I'm on my twitter feed and she wonder was at a court. How was she asked? That's one of the patient right. Ok, so I'm gonna, just kind of recap. The story, I wonder, was women that was making fourteen dollars and fifty cents, an hour working in a nursing, a nursing home yet right, she Hours at six hours a day passed out no debts. Your name passes out. And the nursing home tells her you have to go to the hospital in order for us. Let you leave early on and she begged them. I don't wanna go please it's fine. I just I'm just tired six nowadays I lose. I was just tire gimme, some real water, I'll be ok, they said nope, it's mandatory, you have to go the hospital, she goes the hospital and they tell her that she absolutely must get
an MRI right, an MRI right and she does a hydrogen routine. Highbury was yes, just need some water and she does it and she ends up in debt. Was, it is a nine thousand dollar one thousand dollars for an hour visit. She didn't want to want to go to, and now she was being sued by a charity hospital that has a mission statement to serve people, no matter their ability to pay their garnishing her wages. That's right It makes fourteen fifty an hour and they are garnishing her wages because they suit her and they got a judgement as what happened. So we beg these patients when the judge ass, you say no, then you'll get a trial date. We can help you. We had pro probe the pro bono lawyers who could help but people their skin. heard and so they'll say to us. I did get treatment, you know people want to do the right thing: nobody wants handouts. Most people do
but one hand out, but we need a fordable care. We need of a market to function the way it does for every other business where, where sellers of a product are competing for your business on the basis of price and quality today, customers have no idea about both its complete black box bite, everyone's getting paid in the healthcare swamp re. So how often is this happening this occurrence of hospitals that are now suing people low low income people? How often is happening? It's pretty common candles on there. It there just turning to be a series of exposes. The press is starting to get onto this practice and it's funny, because when this Hopkins team or when there's another press exposure, there was one in Memphis there's one a new Mexico on when they start happening that day, the hospital announces, they're, gonna, stop doing patients so that hospital in Fredericksburg Virginia announced the day the we had reporters down the day. Those articles came out, they announced room, stop chewing page
we'll gray, except now, they're, not gonna, sue them publicly on a court docket that we can find out about now, they're just going to chase them with predatory collections agencies in private by the way, some of those collection agencies are owned by the hospital. It's just It's the system is stacked against the american people, but there is hope. So there are some policies that are being proposed by president tromp and also by the Congress, but the swamp is rising up to kill them. These policies would require disclosure to patients in advance of prices, disclosure to patients in advance of whether a doctor's in network or out of network, one of the most egregious practices is going on is what called surprise Medical Billy
this is when you do the responsible thing, and you say I'm going to go to this hospital because it's in network in my insurance, so you go to the hospital thinking, you're you're, going to get an in network rate, and then you see a doctor there who is in network a radiologist, a pathologist, Your died in annex iii are just a doctor that you don't pick you go for the hospital namer, you go for your surgeon or for your overdue and deliver your baby, and when you there, you see other providers they're, not in network, and they have the a city to send you an out of network bill. They don't and it's your ensure your in network hospital in out of network bill doktor. Send you a separate bill. It's called balance billing and it is outrageous that there are doubts minutely, including on the back end there. So they re and they take a percentage. It correct me if I'm wrong some tyres, but a thicket percentage from those anesthesiologist. Sometimes the kickbacks are being paid, but that's
the only place in our system where they are totally outrageous. Kickbacks one of the worst is when an employer Now, employers paper most healthcare in this country and employers. They think they're hiring an insurance company to get a good deal for them and they usually use a broker benefits adviser? Well, if you are buying a house, you wouldn't want one real estate agent, representing both the buyer and seller right. or you go to court. You know when a lawyer that's playing both teams. In this case your benefits, a buyer, the advisor these brokers are actually taking money. They get paid by the insurance company that they're trying to sell you the plans from and you I'll pay; they serve the people, they pay their advertising themselves, you as buyers Asia, but really there the sales force for the seller of care, so that one there is huge voters is huge money paid a brokers to sell you and insurance planned that actually isn't the best deal for you. Then you have kickbacks in the pharmacy
your call industry, this is outrageous and President Trump has tried desperately to fix this problem and he has been stymied at every point by so well. by the pharmaceutical industry and by law middle men lobbyists lawyer in Latvia's in the healthcare swamp. So, for instance, you think that When you have an insurance plan, you have a formulary theirs to your one. There's your two of you. If you pick the lowest here, it's gonna be cheaper right. That's where it supposed to be generic drugs and cheaper drugs, very clinically, valuable, John DOE You think that that formulary is set up based on clinical and financial value. No, it's a pay to play system so a manufacturer for drug. If they want their due, on the formulary. They have to pay him It'll man called a pharmaceutical benefit manager at company, there's only three Witherspoon, mostly three in the country. They control this market utterly.
and they have to pay them a massive amount of money to get their drug on the formula just to give you access to their drug, Alex the secretary of help in human services under president tromp. He used to be a big farmer executive, and he has said I wanted to launch, diabetes drugs at a reasonable price, but I couldn't get them. on the energy insurance plans for a formulary. I couldn't get them to patients without paying a massive what they call rebate. It's really just a kick back present charm tried to all of us are passed. Those kicked back street through the patience and it's been really hard. The opposition's been completely outrageous and he hasn't been able to get it done right. So I mean I guess: how can we help so great question even though that this was going on and by the way, my cyber easy I did know there was this fire you I haven't heard them mention that they're doing stuff
guys, transparency, drug pricing and price transparency is a huge issue to huge priority for this president and he has done in executive order in June, requiring hospitals to post their prices for the first time ever they are freaking out and there's another US pursuant to that executive order. There's another regulation proposal that supposed to come out in the next month, or so that would require the same of insurance companies. So these could be game. Changers. Imagine if that price information were out there, Not only would the sellers and the buyers be able to see this. Formation but innovative disrupt. did start ups tech companies who could create beautiful platforms that patients can use to shop and it would it would change everything to have our health care system be easier to use kind of like an Amazon or Goober Abu care. Stead of you know the train, wreck and bureaucracy that it is right now. So, yes, the president has
put forward transparency proposals, one in particular that I love but were being sued, the administration is being sued so in that to make the pharmaceutical companies show their prices, and all those commercials that you see on tv right so they'll belt. They have to right now list all the ways of the drugs gonna kill you right. It's gonna, you know it's gonna cause depression. then suicide attacks arrayed in every area. They have decided otherwise he's gonna kill you. Why not tell you the ways it's gonna finance? only ruin you too. So I love that We put out a regulation that or a proposal that would require them to post their prices on those adds. That would be wonderful, oh yeah,
the administration is being sued. Otherwise you for that to try to stop it hidden. Oh, yes, that every single thing that we actually managed to get out the door we get sued for railway the swamp is very well funded and, and they don't quit and for them for us this you know, healthcare is one giant expense among other expenses and a we'll have very much power as individuals, but for them for for these industries. These proposals are an existential threat and they are throwing everything at them and so how people can help they can. They can go to an organization called patient rights advocate patient rights, advocate dot, Org click on take passion and right or right Haitians rights, patient, singular right, plural, patient rights advocate dot org and they can click on. Take action, and you can you can file a comment to the Trump administration supporting their proposals. They are required by law to respond to proposals and
the comments to their proposals. So if, if all we hear from are the entities that we're trying to regulate, if all we hear from the hospital and associations and the insurers than the and the pharmaceutical benefited we're gonna hear from them, they have well funded lobbies and lawyers, and we don't hear enough from patients who support the policies we always here from the credit, I don't think anybody and I only allow so if you go to this link, there are there's a link that you can file a comment right there on that page. So that's the thing to do. I feel that this is such a uniting issue like from me. I mean left or right. I want macaroni most, I'm not a Bernie will pursue supporter, but acting impulse about how outrageous Healthcare industry is in a hundred percent right totally and now trumps, India and everyone This is about issues that should be the one thing that does no one
he needs to have a side or anything issues be american people coming together and saying we demand this visit is issue is becoming less partisan by the day and in fact there was a pole, a Harvard Harris pull in May of this year. The showed eighty eight percent of Americans support price transparency and while he grip eighty percent in my business policy in politics, we like to call that a consensus that is concerned. Yes, absolutely and I think what what Maybe some disagreements are, is most people. Then we have a simple letter saying there demanding that health care should be free. I I dont believe Healthcare should be free. I think it should be affordable, I'm I'm comfortable going to see the Essen paying for things that I can afford. Uncomfortable going. You know to do Dwayne, red and paying things that I can afford. I'm not comfortable when something
but I need that is life or death in a moment of life or death will not be given to me because there's a line of people that need to make tons of money. No one should be comparable with that, and everyone should be demanding price transparency and by the way. But some people criticise us aid. If we, if we have price transparency. Then the price you're gonna go up. I've. I've actually seen people say what everyone to get to the o ye ass. Many people have many people inside Washington have been saying mass, and it's interesting to me that the people who are saying that are the ones that would benefit if prices went up to. Why would they oppose it? Then? If prices are real, I'm gonna go up mean that would violate the law of economics were in in every other industry. Praise competition leads to lower prices, I mean under that argument. We shouldn't put right. On everything, because because his driving prices up right now information lowers prices, otherwise they wouldn't be opposing wherein there said
you're saying that, because they want people to be fearful and most people don't do the digging and don't know what's going on, health is its also confusing on us girl, Lucia settled all using for the smart, allow among us. It's so confusing. Imagine what it's like for the poorest of the poor people have done. Sadly, there are the ones that are being home, most people that can afford it like that. Woman was not one to fifty and now you're, getting your wages garnish right, because you passed out an end. Her video is so currently. He said I ve got everything right. She, this within her means and she's, you know she supports herself and she'll. I think she had some kids did she die Ray and now she's getting her way discarded. That, though, is her wisdom will rush. You no matter what you do mean My little sister was screaming and pain all night at one of the top rated health systems in the Washington DC area, and I was
losing my mind and yelling and threatening the tweet and going crazy, and still I couldn't fix it now. What about the people? Who don't have me there? The White House, health staff are threatening to tweet right. What? What do you do when you, you don't have any power, and, and that's the thing if we had price formation. We would have consumer market power the way we do for every other industry. It's just it's the decks or stacked against us. Now we're over a barrel when we're in those moments that are most vulnerable right, moral, and this is why folks like Ernie in and others are starting to actually get support for the more radical solutions, but we don't need to try radical.
Solutions, we haven't tried common sense. We all do either and we need affordable me. I Walker, I dont want everything to be free. I want things to be affordable and again I just have to hit home with this guy's. This is not because I know a lot of young people follow me. Our current health care industry and system in the insurance companies- this is not an example of free markets. It couldn't be further. For example, its not in my mind, is out of our high all it s right, yeah end, and I think we have to every everybody has to do their part and speak out, and I hope to see more from a
really had no added as a minister not doing so much, which means we ve got to do more to get the word out. We really do. I re your right well, so we rap every episode and by letting my guests leave a voice message for the world of video voice. Message for the world's great are going to look into that camera, and if you could leave a message for everybody about this topic, what would it be? A k, we're gonna, put two minutes on the clock. Christmas got it on your mark, get set world. I give you came to lend to high America. So when you intersect with the healthcare system, you write your most vulnerable and your weakest and you're in paying your suffering. You're scared, and that is the exact moment,
when you are being gouged with secret prices that could ruin you financially and crash or future. That is immoral, it's unfair and its on American, and that is why we have to. We want a fixed this broken system. The first thing we have to do is, and secret prices you can go to patient rights, patient right, advocate, dot, org click on take action, patient rights advocates out or submit a comment to the Trump administration, supporting their proposal to require hospitals and insurance companies to post their prices publicly in advance. This is common sense. The second thing we need to do is we need to end all the secret kickbacks, the corrupt contracting practices, the predatory collections practices, especially by nonprofit charity, hospitals and in all the the secrecy and corruption in the the.
afflicted middle men in the system. The last thing we need to do to fix our broken system is to start paying for healthcare differently. We need to pay for what patients value, not the volume that doctors produce, not the inputs to you, but the outcomes for you. If, in economics, we have a rule that you get what you pay for, if you pay for sickness, you got more sickness. We need to start paying for health for wellness per, prevent. Jane for keeping patients out of the hospital. That's what they value. Let's start doing that, and we have to remember America that if we want to make Amerika great again we're gonna have to make health care well again Thank you for. Having again so was also link some irish edge, two minutes and ten seconds cheese. The first person that's ever gone. Oh,
oh, I could keep going. I think you guys were watching. The latest episode of the countess Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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