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2020-12-22 | 🔗
Students who hold conservative ideas are shunned on the college campus today. Nick Engstrom, a student at Trinity College, shares how he was harassed and received death threats for simply trying to start a group promoting Western values. Don’t miss his powerful story.
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Only when the grass with- and I was like a hundred dollars, Laval, you know where it is, what it is tat. He was ready. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owens Show. I know that I get time of Fan mail in letters and emails from parents who are really concerned about the state of the world today, and you guys are asking yourselves I really big, sending my kids to college. I do not like the College university scene when you guys were growing out, I'm we're seeing it grow, increasingly more radical, especially in the context of today whenever you see those
just a bunch of people trying to pull down a statue. You can bet anything. It is a cargo of college students without question. What nor are going on in college campuses and down. I had the honour of speaking at Trinity College, which is in my home state of Connecticut and came across a very interesting situation with this student say across for me Nick Angstrom welcomed. The can also ensure that you somewhat rousing me I'm so excited to share. story in TAT talk about college. We were a sort of look and to have someone from the university on my chauvelin difficult because of course, if you come on to my show in your area of university, you basically sign yourself up to become sold annually cell? But the good thing is you ve already been cancelled out by late? I you know when you're, when essentially label the white supremacist and get fired around campus, which I'm sure we'll get you pretty much. Nothing really stops you
doing anything else right. So let us get to your backstory first for we get into the story of what happened and how the faculty in the students for all involved. Where are you from so on, from Swans Massachusetts comes on their nor shore by twenty five minutes, north of boston- that's nice! When you finish, high school, you said I'm gonna apply and which was training college. A number one picture you excited about the product here. Yes, really interesting. I've been lifelong conservative in a Republican and I've always been fascinated by politics, and I've always wanted to come you see and just study and learn about it and one of my favorite people took Karlsson, went to Trinity, Jesse water cells, once the Trinity George Well had the reputation of being like a centre right school for kids. That wanna either making on Wall Street or in DC. So I really I fell in love with it fell over the camp is in the box and I was really really excited
in the fall so that that was already in your thought process. We were playing that you actually thinking about. Is this school centre right, you're gonna be far left, that's really interesting yeah! I definitely inlaid will wouldn't I'm really wanted was, as I wanted, the board's education which, as you know, the nature of the good type right that the type where you can be well rounded and his interdisciplinary and you can just learn as much as possible like it, I could say a class uncle remarks but encounter it with a class on. You know that the future of it's a kind of learn about how you know he's contradicts himself in his writing. that's really what I wanted, and I thought that Europe Trinity being a little art school but with a centre right student body, would be the perfect place. So you what you are It was essentially true your sphere. I ll get you experience, different ideas and sort of make up your mind. What you think is right exactly, but that is not the state of college campuses. Today,
it's really not an you made a terrible, terrible disgusting, horrible horrible white supremacist decision. Can you please tell my audience one? It is that you did yeah so guys. I read books, on John Locke and western civilization. So what happened was his eye? I don't know if anyone really with the traditional institute by it was somewhat Trinity back in, doesn't sixteen and we decided that we want to make a club version of it. We felt in this is me and my friends that they're just wasn't enough emphasis on the western tradition in our education. If we were taught it we were taught about. from a really negative light and we. Just wanted to it, and we really want to be taught us Thirdly, we want to read about it. We wanted to kind of sea the facts for ourselves and they make our own decisions because you talk to a lot of people today and it's it's really a divisive topic which, aside than that
kind of the birth of our nation and that light our entire society. It is a divisive topic, but here you talk to someone and western civilization the greatest thing on earth. You talk to someone else in its the worst, like most true, atrocious thing that can ever happened. so we really want to get to the bottom of that. So we started rings books and we wanted to bring speakers the campus with that, and I think that this is standard. If any college students listening, you have to go through kind of a ridiculous process, cigarettes, Berlin, campers, I'm sure you might have maybe experience I'm out with organised, Only if you want to bring conservative yeah he's been actually very easy process. If you, if you want to bring Linda source or somebody else onto can't rice binoculars zoos, are he tried to get approval to do us? I mean it's it's essentially rubber stamped it for more contacts, I also run calls Republicans a campus. We had to read. You are ass. She approval that fall of my freshman year in passing annesley, so wish
I also think it is really interesting. So politically kids don't really care as much, but when we got to the academic skiers, this is gonna, be an academic club where we would bring academic hung on You had to pass your etched as chios are ass. She s in government associate, oh my god. I know worry arm, but with that was passed very quickly through the FDA, yeah yeah. So it's it's essentially a rubber stamp snouts was really big deal. I mean it's a bunch of college kids, just granting new approval to use a rumour. Not when we had the Churchill thing. I got to the podium to present and I was greeted by I think around like forty to fifty percent, esters already protests in your claim before was even existing. The argument is that western, so nation. Is a dog whistles, harbour white supremacy, so So if you believe an individual freedom, human rights, capital markets, then your white supremacist. Great sound, really great hair, just how and in what
think is really interesting as they kept on using this term Douglas all over and over again, and I think that its, what I see it as and I think we should all the time now is it. The last- is essentially using western civilization as a dog whistle term for themselves as a way to take away freedom. I think that time when you hear the word russian civilization, I mean people on the left, cringe bailing out human rights like freedom, where I want to take those away from you. You really kind of start to get those those via when you're on a college campuses, and you can see the morph into students, and here you can have a couple just standard typical mention. Kids, come the campus and for years go by and their watches, I know that it was crazy and you know it is interesting that they think that there is something fundamentally wrong and backwards about the very civilization that allows them to do what they do in terms of protesting intriguing because it, sir, couldn't go on in an eastern civilization, our EDA with
severe consequences, I mean, could you imagine if a bunch of kids on a college campuses- or they did that once I think big, but that the iranian revolution you and I ran- or you know, what goes on in China. So it's interesting that the exact same civilization that gives the permission to do what they do, they discredit and they talk sadly a balance here. They fundamentally wanted dismantle yeah it, and I think that the answer to that question is: is it they don't know what it really is. One person asked means that you carry John Locke because he was pro slavery. Anyone please I, like I, actually, I kind of like laughs because I was like I am, I being like. I really felt that in my head cause it's so vessel who he was writing after slavery was basically like a taboo in and in England he he was probably one of the most anti slavery philosophers, at the time and even now, with the enlightenment and they are
declaration of Independence- is mostly based off his scholarships. So I just was like you obviously have no idea what you're talking about ever minds when calling cap and it was boycotting the Betsy Ross flag because he said that it had reached racist undertones and like he clearly had no idea who bats Ross Irene, like I figure just, and they did it. The thing that thing that's crazy is that you know that actually winder arguments like they, they actually moved the shoe. So he was fundamentally wrong. Was a fundamentalist comment obviously bore no other part of the apple, this movement, and yet they still sat okay. We have to do away with this flag, and- and this kind of what interesting about the left is that they hate everything about specifically western history right. We know that slave we began, you know in the Middle EAST right. We know that slavery was lasted, longer, resources, anyone otherwise, when the first end it, and yet they find something to be problematic about western civilization,
and western civilization. What is it you think they're after so I think of you, that's a great question and I think you ve been studying that a lot I think recently, and I think that what it is is that. When we talk about slavery- and I try to save us all the time where you can't, like you, have a western society, but you can have anti western policies in systems in it as well, it's not like things change overnight, like like slavery, Jim Crow Segregationist does route dont those don't correlate with the West right. Does our western values will be had them, and I think that it's more of a conversation about policy in changing policies and moving pastime, and I think one of the things- and I think the most ironic part is that Western civilization is progressive right, it's it's you and of studying it in a linear censored that moving forward progress where you have slavery was a sin. We realize that
we made an immense and we try to move forward versus other civilizations that haven't on that yet, and I think that that is. central to kind of western thought and I think that's the biggest peace that the left, MRS, is that their idea of progress and, as you know, is for rested essentially to head on and to try to cancel me into to fire me. I campus yet like I'm, trying to read the person that essentially helps cultivate that, like John Mark the enlightenment, that was when that the whole idea of progress came into place, find it really ironic in anything the left really targets westerns there and really present emphasis on on the slavery aspects, because they realise that the wrong- and I really think it- and I think you did- that the Democratic Party with speed all about power for sense since they ve been around it grasping onto that power as much as they can and if currently right now, what gives them power,
his passion and western, if they're gonna keep doing it as they gain power and its so work every time, like you said, the calm, carbonic I mean his argument need made no sentence, but yet he was able to get an entire brand multi billion dollar brand to just change, because he felt event right, that's right, even if you're wrong, and you feel offended that that's enough, and you know what I want to get this right. But I can't member who I was reading was probably Thomas. I feel it is the person who always reading the most, but they had said that a reaction may have been shall be still by her book. They had mentioned that one of the things that the left gets really wrong and I think it interesting that, as you said, you feel at these students just outlined, also, there is an element of ignorance that certain way omber wanderings they get wrong, is the idea that you know when we did formerly acknowledge that slavery was wrong and that when we did formally acknowledged that Jim Crow? Lastly, no laws were wrong at that was somehow technology that western civil the nation was wrong and that the creation on that everything in Amerika was doing was wrong prior to.
Really, though, the battle for civil rights- and I am almost short- we shall we shall we steal- was a battle to actually get Americans to reckon. as the constitution that they already written work right. So it we all men are created, but that was already in the constitution. That part was right and what we were pushing for was for the society to acknowledge what we had already said was true not to undo it, and I think today or correct that we have this ignorance. We haven't tremendous ignorant problem where they think everything that happened prior to the nineteen sixty.
For you know, civil rights Bell is wrong. It beyond the mean you know, there's a hundred things. They want to cancel even up to the nineteen eightys, but you know needs to be thrown away, and in that circumstance you really get people throwing out the baby with the bathwater yeah. I think that's a perfect where to summon up- and I think you can even go a bit further- and I've noticed this in college with that. The ideas that you're just sort of we all acknowledge that there are some progress within western civilization with new civilizations perfect, and we worked through them right. We realise that these issues were wrong. We realise that these systems were hurting people and we changed it. When I think is really interesting is on the topics of civil rights and I think in and you went to University, Rhode Island, you, black people and people of color,
didn't really have not changed again and in education for a long time where they weren't exposed the idea of having a liberal arts education in as interdisciplinary now black and brown people finally have a seat at the table. There. Finally, like have the opportunity to to be well versed in this and taking it away from them like now. You come to school and your essentially ray studying why decisions about big, if you're going to school right now and if you have color you're learning, not that the entire, like that, that your oppressed it's a kind of all that you are the citizens of that sought to get inside of you got inside out, and you want to bring down now yet, which is, is a kind of kind of backwards, not sort of where I do a lot of my work trying to get him up like you, you can't want you know integral, since aggregation at the exact same time harm. But again this is a new culture and I think that this everything we're seeing whether at the women's movement, whether its black lives matter,
whatever whenever groupie be looking at. Antifa is unlike any of our ancestors, even the ones that are still breathing, and I say that all the time your black people of that group of nineteen forty is like my grandfather would not recognize the black people today women that grew up in the nineteen fifty would not recognize what you know. What feminism is today so we are, are seeing sort of a corroding of our society. I wanted. We have it and get back into your story. Now, though, you say you want to start the Winston along the club institute yes, so the turtle come the charges lot easier and your end you're already getting protested for saying that you want to start the club and the people that are protesting are showing up at the FDA. Yes, those where currently it's like an open door meeting we're trying to get approval. Fifty people show up and they are protesting, stood there and I answered, but an hour and a half with questions just about sort of ridiculous things on lines of like well like how
read this. How are you going to counter these points and Michael slashing the point? The point is to study this. One specific area because we feel like is lacking in other areas of our curriculum, and I think that you we're people really were. They felt unsafe that we're heavens, I can't I thought we were going after them for some reason, the club they are not required to play in their knob yet saying we want to read some books. You know from the enlightenment era and their sight, or I don't do that you're don't you read this book written by NATO. Is Europe we're in by John Mark and the other concerns at their raising? The very idea of us say not engaging in their narrative maiden them lose their minds even though it was on your own time. It was on on time- and we just wanted to say- we want to bring a speaker to keep us- we could then about luxury of doing so, and the idea was that it was going to be outside of the costs. We were trying to achieve the Christian, and we realise when I was a battle that was wage. You
the call for us to do at the time we just were like. Let's try to enrich ourselves and get more people involve. So if you do when'd. You didn't have to do that. So I think that that also speaks sort of volumes for like we're. These, where everyone is right now, which is that even me doing something on my own time, I heard your school that that that I pay for where I want to study when I want to study- and I'm being till, I can't do that- I think, is a as an issue quite and I don't really know how we saw that- I think you saw that by forcing knowledge in that- and I think that you talk on your entryway with Terrance and like kind of like what what is it like for my child, to go to school today and its true. It's like we needs assert, realizing that, like it's, not just talk, people talk, I know, there's like basket weaving class. Is it like this law school is like that? That exists, that's fine that can exist but like they also needs to be balanced, and when you take the liberal out of a liberal arts education-
he left with and I'm gonna kill. Myself are saying this forum will be marked, but there is another Thomas whole book called inside of the education system and its like the dogma ever from pay the subtitle as well. something to do with the dogma, the education system, any sort of talks about this, this illusion, where we actually right now you have more its graduates than ever before, but their dumber than they have ever been there. Not passing academic tests in Austria but I saw we are actually seeing the dumbest people that are able to graduate I'll show you sort of explores why that is obviously in the data on facts, while their swords in suitable any talks about, its dumbing down of the american education system since the civil rights era, The answer to this idea that there is something fundamentally wrong with the american education system when, in fact, on prior to the civil rights are we actually had the best schools? I mean was to rival the world, and now, when I see every day there taking away these books, like I mean I study John Mark, I was black at another
hitting problematic about. I was like when I was a student too, and that didn't change plebeian black, my home, I've and there we studied those books nothing's wrong with it. They just cancel to kill a mocking bird right, and I say those books, nothing wrong with it. Nobody felt this anger or this anxious rings It was an answer to well a more well rounded education. By the time I got into college things resorting to shift and talks about that shift and what their introducing now, even so far as to make it, will feel acclimated ebonic classes saying that even the language, the english language, or something fundamentally wrong with that we do a job of making people, people feel more cultured, introducing ebonic, writings and horrible poetry, and so when you say that that there they they feel threatened by you wanting to educate yourself, you're, really pointing to a larger issue. Yet everything but sir true and I think about border issue system, I'm school administrations, because I think that
I was used as an example: Columbia University in Providence College. They are probably to the last school that teach that makes study western civilization parlor graduation requirements, you gotTa Colombia, you have to take six classes in their western civilization department in order graduate, and I think that that's great- and I think that, like all these other schools, what you're seeing right, you're you're, seeing an administration cultivating a culture that allows really anything and everything to be cancelled, and I think That's the issue. So so it's an that's what I thing like I know, I think we necessarily like hold already seems a cannibal cause. It's like there being condition to think that's why I sat there for years and is not therefore- and I think that that's important- a kind of acknowledging that it's like the really you here is higher at I, just higher assuming these kids are protesting and your, illustration says: Nick we ve got your back. We are going to make sure that this Winston
Churchill Institute Get started Club get started here and I'm sure that's what happened. Yeah I mean like in a great world, it would have had it didn't eternity so to kind of just walk you through the timeline. So not only was I faced with like personal harassment from wanting to study western civilization instead Usually we were set up to fail from the get go so like I said earlier, it's like a rubber stamp approval to get to get to club approval on campus. They were like well because so many people are against us, so many people I need to get like fifty. Fifty people are against this. We are the whole town halls on this issue. So our as she approval was Selena month. We then had to go The two town halls era, probably like two hundred people, and you shall and we just had to listen to people's questions and comments on why they didn't think the clubs should exist. Hit me some samples,
yet cells and Ireland, some comments, so the best we'd be- and I think that the age ones that I feel unsafe having this club on campus, that it's it's an atrocity and I don't feel like. I belong at Trinity, with eight Churchill called on campus. We were accused of having cut brother money. We would have liked Iraq is asian that I can't you give an all time high and I just want to say I'm not against taking their money, but I don't have to hang on how to make it mean, look up to saying I'll. Take the coat brother money, but, like it's a weird thing, when you're conservative you get those used there like a couple of money, that's what you're doing. What is that you have it the crazies arguing- and this is what must be the faculty would make- is that we were sent. Taking money from the Coke brothers have and we were using it to run this club to then rigged elections likes you, government elections, and, unlike where did that idea come from like we literally just wanna, have like to do
there's a year, and I read books like like now like, whereby the code now now now, there's like this conspiracy theory that, like we're out till I Grigg elections in it like it's, the craziest with coke money escalated quickly is so I think that it is. The thing is again like I'm with you. I get. They gave us money like sure, like yeah, of course like study, something amiss the money, but they have donated to schools, I thinking like over three years. They stop doing that programme. never donated to me. So I mean I wish I was going to be a coat brother might just not, but if you're watching cope brothers will take it fulfil taken here at Prager, you think Yeah no, I mean, but the in they were like dirt
factors that are like sitting in their basements like concocting, I almost think the arguments kind of boring and do you ever get that by we're like your republic and unlike the best argument they give. You is that oh you're, like wandering deep state money, so it totally bizarre it's like as a fertile white. Where does it come from into like? How is that like? Can we talk of the issue of western civilization? Quite legally, let's get back on track and like they just wooden. So those really a lot of the tunnel fashions. Most people made the same question over and over again, so everyone would come up and you, like western civilization, is what supremacy they said that in our mission statement we sit expansion. They took that as like widget, like domestic terrorist expansion like like, like KKK stuff, unlike what are you talking about like were reading books and we put expansion in there because I think we were. We wanted to expand like our knowledge and expand our our horizons with it. That's a dog, Wessel Ranch and the word expansion.
the dog S offer wanting to expand your club into a self or the cooks. Clan right. It just indeed just gives out. You can even make it up like so then it got so then what happened was after that I mean they were like super. I just should sat there, and I should like this can't be happening like like this can't be like real, but it was so me and a few other club members. We decided that lets me with the people that are voting on this. To prove us. I feel, like I'm a pretty person person I should like. If I talk to some people, maybe I can understand what the real issue is, and maybe we can talk about in talk it out. I was obviously
But I mean so so I get in there and I thought we had a pretty productive conversation and any kind of assortment of things with you, which is that I recognise the hypocrisy in some ways at western civilization has had. But every day western sip strives to to correct those mistakes into move forward, and I think that the freedoms that we have right now are given to us by that our ability to sit in this room and have this conversation into. Bates, western civilization can only happen because of western civilization and adjust. No one really got it. So we even you're talking about changing some of some of our mission statement. Artist, changing the wording, just sick, they get it over with they wouldn't even budge on that. So we kind of realize it like they don't care. This isn't about us actually like this, isn't about reading books. This isn't about us doing anything. It's that professors, administrations- and this happens all over the country have conditions students to believe
that western solutions bad for no apparent reason. sent away to just gain power over the narrative that they want, and I personally think it's pretty unclear what, whether a narrative his cause, it's all over the place by some there it is being pushed, and it is not pro western civilization- A lot of the professors are just losers. I really good, I mean I hate to say it, but I hope that we just have a lot of professors at our losers, and I wish that it was, Moreover- and I again and getting that from that time is so book, I mentioned that there was more of a merit based system and are becoming teachers. He actually she does you in that book that all the people that graduated with the lowest test or scores in in universities are the ones who want to become teachers. The people that have the lowest I queues at university.
Are the ones that we are studying: education, doesnt ones, reliably gonna become the teachers I'm. So I think I think that a lot of these people have found such little success in their life that it naturally stake. Some against western civilization progress, capitalism, free markets right hand amassing all. Then there are some amazing professors. and usually those ones don't get tenured forever. Because of your view, when teacher of the year pressure the year, they don't want, you run out it's a really rotten system and how they can teachers around in their more focus on making them right. Research paper on helping them, making them actually teach to students at their that provide for so it's it's a juggler says They are to blame, is actually really fun to be broken up. Ducas. That was one of the reasons why I think it has attracted eternity could turn India actually has a tender one on student faculty ratio. I really wanted to being seminars and engagement, professors and work with them. Initial funding has like now in this situation there and I and I have a few points
Sars, but I love eternity that I worked well, but that really help me but again, like a lot of them are sort of preaching this whole that, like the Churchill Institute, is funded by the coat brothers. Think what is that a good like what like, and they also have done a lot hippies on cap reform? Thinking that campus reform is like is also like underground network that also help spread. Why supremacy in college campuses, it's it's? It's it's not! So what happened? So so after those closer meetings, we thought that we really were in a position where we actually would get approval so a few days ago by its like tat quiet, but nothing is really going on your almost linked to the point. We're like you know when it's really com before snowstorm, like you kind of like I'm kind of having a butt like, I have a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. just don't know what, since my class registration day, I'm up at like
unlike six thirty in the morning, by getting ready or libraries like my first I'm doing it my own, claiming to be a software- and I get a text from my friends being like dude- look. Look at the loss as like what you're all over the walls they took these these. These kids they took my face from faintly like stopped by social media accounts, got my picture God. I think, Can other students pictures put them on a flyer instead of the old racism is every bit as well as the new and fly at us. They were probably five hundred fires around camp is, with my face on it, saying that while there do you know who was behind it. So Yes, those are the things that the Trinity one tell us. They know who is behind it yeah and did they take any measures?
they pull down the issue, a statement, they send out one those letters that they send out time at all events in, except in yes, as though so. This is where it gets kind of crazier. Actually, it actually gets crazier. So so what happens is that I met with the demons, and I thought that we were on track. They told us that they found the people responsible that they're gonna handle and usually they sometimes tell you they didn't tell us anything, they sense all confidential. Like ok, I wanted. What's the system, I really wanted to kind of follow through with it so kind of, let it be Trinity, sent an email saying that we stand here. You are communities hurting that, obviously this log device in the Sun Campos, no one should be fired, but you know it happened and it was kind of weak. What happened was always a protest arrest erupted out of that, so a bunch of these students that work
only a part of the firing stage, a protest saying that Trinity College Administration side with white supremacist and yet so then what they did was because, obviously you denying us approval is a violation of freedom of speech. We contacted fire. We fire involves the freedom, individual its association. They lend a clear case it like you, ass she ate by art the single restitution violated there. Their constitution Trinity violated there also by not allowing us to have this club. So we obviously that single Lawsy waiting to happen way. Sir Trinity pulled the sort of loophole being like oh turns out. You never needed to get ass. She approval to exist on campus, so then he let you suddenly exist yet so you go through this entire. harassment, bullying. You have to stand up their town halls and just take all of this, and then suddenly there are scared about getting sued and they say never mind you're allowed to have your club, you don't eat approval. I find to be a really unacceptable conclusion.
think that it is really unacceptable conclusion and then, on top. Oh, I don't think I I added percent, but I also got a death rat. It's also we're that I'm so just like relax about that that issues like so partly just kind of being conservative. In this nature, words like you're gonna, get cancelled, saying minus will just get it over when you're twenty invites When you are so side saddle a true european issues like will now there, how really are the better cause you they can cancel you twice and at night egg I can speak from experience. They can't cancer. You thousand times Sally, Did you get over the loop and then you're just a label to be yourself. So there is this anonymous by trawl at Trinity and he went whenever they were. They posted like that. I was a pc, clansmen and sober whatever them. It's probably help there was a big name- that they were calling plenty Hitler yeah preppy Hitler. What is this crazy? third one which I think the
I have this was going along this line everyone is that the next leaders of a k k be wearing white sheeted robes bubble, be wearing pink shorts and bushes. So yeah, what did you trust nice, but, but it wasn't at me was also I mean we have a ton of greek life organizations. Trinity chooser was kind of like sounds like you dress. Well, I thank you. I appreciate any Hitler was used in the k, K, K, they're, saying that you dress perceptibly you're sayin, that to be problematic, arduousness problem will amounts in what you dig deeper into that, and you see that it's it's way more than just about books is about the cultural, It's a trinity where you have a bunch of just kind of mainstream kids, and then a bunch of left us of all different background.
All different socio economic status. They just don't feel like in a surly fit in and they just want to attack you. How does your parents feel watching you go through all this and what was going it's cool, so my parents were alike. This can't be happening, they just we're like shocked and its work. As I anything you could talk, but like haste also different, where a lot of the citizen S really happen, Highschool Lincolnshire, bullied and high school, which, like my months that like this, is boiling and us like Y yeah, it's it's going right, so she was like you know. This is basically like the kids get caught. The parents know who the kids are in a punch and sell it. I mean Trinity, just like didn't tell my parents really anything and my mom issues like what is going on we like and she kept them, can singly what will happen if, like you know, things were like reverse what what would happen if, if, if I
conservative student I'm flying around a bunch, but we have a social column campus like what, if I took all the pictures of the Socialists, kids fly them around campus and said that you know all socialists, r, r, r murderers, because it means that the death rate of of of socialist countries, I would probably have gotten expelled- right. So you there's no indication what the python was with these kids. I even heard you know a few times off the record that there might not have even been a punishment, so that's bigger things even look into, but I think that this is a prime example of an admin. duration drawn rogue. They had no explanation for my parents for what happened they cultivated. Basically, this sort of
insider verse, outsider dynamic eternity were not only am I being attacked, but kids that dress like me are being attacked, and you know all on top of this. I got fired like with other students, and none of us have got just as well. I think that you should pursue justice item. I ask you we thought about taking this up in the court's j, and I think I think that is something worth talking about, and I think we I mean, there's there's a lot out of wrong doing. Here I mean between freedom of speech, violations between slander. I mean to call me slander, libel. I wanted, I mean everything, and I think that I think is just sad that, like this is supposed to be a liberal arts, education must be the place, were useless a flourish in terms of what you're learning and at the end of my freshman year I was flyer hundred death rat freshmen. I was a freshman. I was a furtherances
this. This is like. I am now going to be a junior, but I was a freshman at the time, a bike like it just like he was crazy. I I sometimes in speeches about it because it's like that happen, What I mean, I personally hope you sue and my reasons I genuinely believe that were we are arriving suddenly into a place where conservatives have to become with Lydia and the reason for that is because look at happening everywhere. seeing that we have not seen the stops into civil rights, are in terms of black bull fighting for their rights. We are now seeing it happened again. For conservatives I mean you're not allowed to speak, not allowed to read. Books are not allowed to have a club. You have to hide yourself, hide your friends. You I've had so many celebrities that you're in Hollywood on that message me and say they can't say that their conservative or risk losing their jobs,
on the basis of their idea. This is this. Is discrimination here, anticipation that we never thought was possible political discrimination on the basis of you being a conservative, you being a college republican, they think. That's you know, who's crimination is ok and a you know. You see this sort of tacit except acceptance about it from the administration, and I dont think we win. Unless we demand that there are some protections forced at these schools on a federal level, there should be protections in place for conservatives. You should be allowed to be a conservative unkempt.
Yet anything that does a great point him in one of the things that I have been trying to do, and I tried to do it somewhat lasher and continuing in is that we are trying to get a free speech. Go passing Connecticut originally was looking at public, but I think I mean that we can try to extend it to private schools because here's the situation. You know when you're doing with a thorough government view, have federal laws right, in this case a super billboards and that companies not following them. What does the government do they go in and they try to fix the situation? How can that not apply to college is when colleges are? Private colleges are not following in not abiding by the freedom of speech and the first amendment. What what are we left, the worst kind of life with a constitutional crisis for an outright, and I think that, like is only doesn't happen soon like more more of these things going to happens colleges. and he was a pretty mainstream conservative college for a long time and now look at it like it's. It's it's turned into something. I mean you
I wouldn't think that if you look at your need now you have no idea that, like Jesse Waters, Chuck Karlsson went there. I know I know it is sad it mean, but there are a lot of strong conservatives have come out of it. I'm one of their one, whom I was glad to speak at the university as crazy as it was, and I think it went well but for what you have you I'm pretty. While they were surprised, you know one or two crazies in the crowd but I do I do want to say that this is such an important story, because it's not you're, not the only person that goes through their, as happens all over the nation, and I wanted to bring this episode to my audience on, because I just want parents to really being aged in. What's going on, I personally don't think that I would send my kids school and to university until this gets fixed I don't. I don't believe that we should be funding paying for our kids to be discriminated against. and I think that unless your kid wants to become a doctor, why send them it's expensive? not learning anything anymore, keep manhole millennium region lock, so we wrap up every episode by allowing you to sort of leave a two minute message for the world. I would love for you to directly
two parents around. You know you know who are grappling with these questions. So if you're gonna look directly at not a camera, wasn t and parents of the world are eight all right on your market set to mention the clock world. I give you Nick instrument to my parents. First thing I bet you are all grappling with so much anxiety right now between your kids not being able to either graduate from high school or college. What's with the Covid nineteen pain down there, I'm wrapping up and with now that the idea of you going to school that your child is not going to be harassing assaulted because they have a different viewpoint against the administration, I tell you this. I think that look into your school figure out what's going on, but I think to a broader point of what Candice brought up anything, but we talk Here is a larger changed to happen. You guys have control, you have the money you're paying the bill.
Can demand action that these schools take. These schools are, can be held accountable and held the cannibal by you, and it involves an important message. Is that you we don't like to talk about this anymore? But parents really do control the narrative. You guys get to choose how to raise your kids, how they act in public in basically produce good citizenship within them. That should be able to continue at college, and it does if you're paying the bill. you have power, and I think you should use that power. I think you should, if you can get any of this, as maybe happened at the school that your son or daughter is at or might be attending talk to you ministration call them out constantly beyond them. Warm parents, unions just make it so that it's easier for other kids, because this is my story but there's millions of other. Like me, at every college facing the same struggle and the same things in their some kids that don't use they recover from it as well. I mean this is pretty intense boiling, so my I see you is really
control, the narrative work hard and you have the money you have the power Iceland's arms for you, when you look at that, almost exact I heard that was really. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you. As already know, Prager, you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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