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The Candace Owens Show: Taleeb Starkes

2019-12-01 | 🔗
What are the top issues facing Black Americans today? The left claims it is white supremacy and racial discrimination, but is that the truth? Taleeb Starkes, author of Amazon #1 bestseller Black Lies Matter, sits down with Candace Owens to discuss the tactics of the racial grievance industry. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Ok, ok, ok guys! We are only into another episode of the candidates. Owen show episode one of my favorite types of people to bring on the show our black people with conservative perspectives, because then I can invite all of my trolls to attack them and share after each episode so to leave. Starks author of black lives matter, welcomed the cancer cell and shown I invite you into my world of trolls. Just like you and now I've learned a long time ago, don't feel the troll. I know I know, but they want to combat late. They attack me so much in the one. I have someone that actually has the same perspective as me and has spent so much of their time. Laying this all out. I learned so much from your way
he was at her out there. You're writing that's out there and for us to sit down and just talk about their just. It's gonna be amazing what I'm glad to be here, but first things. First, I want to say the views expressed do not represent candidacy. Prager! You sound man, I am. I want, I immediately say employees they think I disavow disavow to Leap Starks already. You did this amazing, actually Prager you video and it was entitled the top five issues facing black Americans, and this to me is gold. So what's mine that right now problem number five, the victim mentality, you're, absolutely because I think if we play we, if we stop plan victim as good as we play sports, I think we'll be wanted something. As far as we are making progress.
In this great country, but that has been an impediment to us in the continues to be because is being perpetrated by who I call the racial grievous industry, which we can talk about a little later but when you have, when you're being constantly being told that America is, is races, labyrinth and there's a glass ceiling, and if you had as a kid and is reinforced in school, is reinforced YO social media. You begin to think you know. Well, this is a modest well, just not really try or maximize my potential. Because it wherever I go deep dragged me a yank from underneath me in America, and I think that that's me when you do that to children, you put them in a position of failure before they even try and its one hundred percent cracked and actually an old friend of mine. He used to say: if you,
think that you can't you want it's uneasy. It is that your mentality, as I cannot do something because you definitely won't do something and- and I always described the victim mentality which has definitely been sold to us by the left as the biggest it's a cancer talk unities you know, and if we don't start getting people to think I can I I'm the off of my own destiny, of course, is that it be barriers, no matter who you are unlikely, gonna have barriers, but you have to get up and you have to try something. We're not gonna see this curse be lifted off the black minutely and the and you say curse is interesting because Whenever it, when I first started writing and I remember most of my interviews- came from conservatives and I didn't think of conservatives as Z. Ideology was more or less there why people somewhere obligate somewhere democratic, really know too much about Cosette It is on verses, liberalism that
do not obtain it was. It was more like So our party lies Republican Democrat, but I didn't eat that conserved. There's. Some liberalism is where I started to see and feel a difference, and so, when I was being interviewed or towards when, when, when conservatives reached out to say we want to talk to you about some of your books, and I found out that I don't mind when I wrote. I wrote the books with black people in mind by wanted black people to read this stuff, because this is who I know this is where I am presently still. and this is where I think I can my words would maybe have some impact, but it was do why conservative, saying what we want to hear about it, not thought I. While this is interesting, so I will go and by virtue of me going speaking the people? I was writing a book for were like hey you're selling out and I'm thinkin way. I'm talking to people want it,
me no one on this. I want to talk to me about this stuff with some reason now, figured out later why? Because I was there some harsh truth. Truth is in in the book, and so I just finance it that the conservatives were like what lands you on your path. you Charlie, you know because they want to learn how I came from where I came from public housing to wear I am now mentally, because you know we use public housing as it is a crutch were liberals do as a credible failure, exert preservatives reliable. How did you do that and they are just break the spell and an San? Yet us, let's talk about a b, we make him replicate the process, but the liberals they don't care about. The journey they're like your black, you belong to us. Why are you over there talking to those people who get back over here, and so I ve learned, our quickly aren't like you, guys,
You saw my political affiliation because of some of my skin melon may lose ammunition of racism right radicalism party by the color of their skin, and then, when you, when they find out that you think differently. That word sell out. I mean instantly its funding has a couple of weeks ago. I went and I did. They were volt tv summit. So did he invited me to a panel with some wrappers killer MIKE Tee? I ah and were we do this panel and actually in the room It was great, it was really great. I odyssey was the odd manner. I was the only person how conservative perspectives- I was the only person that wasn't left, leaning didn't think that racism was the biggest threat facing Buck America today, but after everyone lined up for pictures and people settle. Would you know why don't you do this more often like audiences and I said to them, you do realize I dont get invited. I give the right. I don't know I'm actually everything I do is to help the black unity, but the second. I feel that people realise what you're doing
you're selling Victor mentality, like oh, my gosh. I describe it like the the pharmacy. The pharmaceutical industry doesn't actually want to see a cure right is: how do you make money you as a cure that can keep selling the pills rain? It's the same thing didn't want to secure and black America because it there's a cure and we suddenly start embracing our future. Then there, Oh race, hustling, business collaborators, vote, hustling business collapse. so now there can be no cure. There has to be more grievances ass. You see that every single day in the region, where I was saying earlier web talked about the racial grievance industry, which were people I'd. We talk about the prison industrial, complex, the military, industrial, complex, even academia,
industrial, complex but complex, but no one really talks about this ratio, industrial, complex or thy column, the racial Rivas industry em. They exists to perpetuate the myth of black victimhood and I think I'm they use their use. A few things for leverage black victimhood, as stated Waigel because ass to give them he's giving. I am political correctness because they use political correctness as a as it is as a shield and a weapon, because if you speak against them They can say why are you being racists and but they can beat you in here with it at the same time, so on racial grievous industry and its did they they pretend to want to help, but really what they're doin is hurting under it,
eyes of remedies, racial harmony, but is really racial. Disharmony yielded they're the ones you show up. They set these ratio of foreigners and ensure, as far met? You know we're here to help really believe gasoline. Is that what it is here we are to have around guzzling on one variety gaze. I knew the amorous that show up we're just trying to expose racial unwrast, no you're, not you're, trying to spire mass right all across the country. Running right has rightly drawn up an interfering out, thus does exactly what they do and you- and I don't have the sandy names. You know someone a prominent figure. I'll, Sharm Dan L around you're, not we're not one after the names are not doing. Maybe Angela awry resign living names. I mean I am. I online they just videos only of things that are happening band black people. Do they realize it could have an account of the exact opposite. The same things happened white people the same. It's instances of you note which never happened. I mean really by a perspective. You look not a perspective of just my black lives man. The whole police brutality myth as if we were being
You are slaughtered every day you could find the exacting being like Mooney you're only training, your cameras on the black, maybe that you're trying to create racial unrest in this company in this country are absolutely there, but does their goal, but, like I said they may have to make it fairer, seeming to have to make their approach fair seeming. Really, it's is just is evil and ultimately, why did you do it? well caught your card number. No, I'm trying to figure it out best way say because- and they became they claim to be color by which is technically true. they see things in black and white, meaning people why people, but The reason why they do. It is because they see green its money. Statuses clown saw everyone is, everyone has their own agenda. So all the people, you just name are doing very well in his races country and and I don't want to that. There is one I was here
name, one director she's missus, Ray famous in she's, very woke, and last week she tweeted somethin about the afore girls who were killed in nineteen sixty the one, maybe Alabama, church, the girl for girls that were killed in a bombing from the coup cause clan and she says sometime, I'll, never forget this day on is the own on his day. Never forget the names of the four girls who were killed the clan in racism Balboa, but when I thought was, I in us said this or social media that sets April of this year. Twelve children have been killed in Saint Louis alone, so to April and throughout the summer, twelve children- and I would choose
its any per in any one of the thousands of retweet to name one, it a kid who were killed and Saint Louis over the summer, but yeah I'm not try to diminish the four girls the their legacy when, at the same time, you couldn't you you can't all once are you mouth talk about? We have them Black lives matter here, but not black lives matter here, might now today and that again that's the racial grievous industry, that's how they move its they they want to look behind. They know what they want it. We got this big front when, two of opportunity, but they are rather look in the rear view. The small American go yet look what happened behind suit! You kick a forward looking backwards, tripe, you can't go forward looking backwards and and the absolutely under send them. What's always where I found to be staggering, is the amount of misinformation that's out their national? Everybody now tags me, and it should have you kid what you say about this. We say about this, so I housing on Instagram yesterday.
and you know the the actress Felicity Hoffman it just want to got sentenced to two. I think two weeks in presently correct me. If I'm wrong what for Thee the scandal of trying to get the kids in the USA, which is pointedly hilarious, ridiculous so, but then make they started. Comparing her to woman capping of her last name, her aims Tanya and she was the one that got sentence two years in prison for sending her kid to the wrong school wrong school this morning, yeah. So this went viral. She didn't just get sent in his friend sending her kid to the wrong district. That was on a list of charge. She also that sentence for prostitution and for drug trafficking and the third charge they hid her with was because she centre cage the wrong district, so they stripped the other two charges which would make sense for some when you go to prison for drug trafficking, prostitutes, and created this this. This comparative analysis of like it's because we're black and I'm in this thing went viral, absolutely vital. I'm thinking to myself
this amount of misinformation is insane to me. I mean you want slopes, which is a freakin joke, debunked it they were tried like all, but doesn't matter that she was also arrests or prostitution trafficking. There still is a bigger issue in Black America about sentencing in injustice, yet in its it is disproportionate, but we also commit more the crimes we're talking about thirteen percent of the population. Accounts for over fifty three percent of all of the homicide. Were you talking about problem number three on that list, but we didn't get to problem but they were not the governor known in Germany alone. Yeah. Ok, we're not do in order to meet their order. Here has the greatest yeah. That's right!.
urban Urban terrorism- not in that the like, I said, twelve kids, killed in Saint Louis and no one is there- is no one in the streets are running with anger. People would size none of that because they are killed by the black people were an you know again when the shooter looks like you and when it suited to saying complexion is George Jefferson, there's no problem When he's a complexion of George Emma there when the streets run, do with rage and the percentage of black on black crime. If he, if you are a black homicide victim- and you can correct me if I'm wrong here over ninety three percent of black americans- are killed, dark he'll by other black Americans, but were not let us talk about. It were all absolute and boot, and this is what I don't like when people people always say, will black conservatives in the eye they always bring a blogging service,
bring up you know black on Blackrock, it's a thing is, it is it is it is. It is something you just can't dismisses. Is some arbitrary talking point it's legit from Did he d City Hood, the hood? It's like these, a replica of each other for some reason, less figure out why I may have Philadelphia. A graduation was shadow over some forty. Some of these people were celebrating graduation graduating party. So I graduated party shut up. You have as this is where videos or our shadow, renewed Baltimore, its is that is, is insane was happening in Baltimore now, ups since Friday, great, I know before Friday Gray, but I'd like to talk about Freddy
play because his people, like him, you know his name, but again you can't name any of the twelve kids that was shot in St Louis, but you can tell me Freddie gray. You can tell me what happened to him. You could tell me probably tell me what kind of drugs he was shot and how much would a five x movies on nickel dimes? What people know that much about Freddie Gray's life- and this is a guy who should have served as a cautionary tale? in a word of how not to be when. Instead, he has a mere mural is it a gym named after Rex interact Freddy Gray, Rex Centre what world are we live in an that's funny? You say that is I mean that's the same with the central park. Five, like no one knows that they also charge for going right and beating everybody else in the park and make they pledge guilty that they never got those charges reversed, but now there held up as heroes. Let me I think, at the Mps
Couple nights ago, the central Park- five Netflix special, wherever it was one and they delegate to these guys. I'm saying we are now actually hailing people write that are that are gangsters. If there's some element of white verses black in there You suddenly exonerate them of where they live their lives and were saying at these people need to be honoured. There so many black people that get up everyday do the right thing right into the right thing: every single day day in and day out, never get into trouble are have there. Only together, we no longer hale that in our community right and in it it is because of disagreements industry, which is being perpetuated by the mainstream media and now were actively seeing. It misses the crazy part people pursue trying to to somehow be agreed.
Jesse Small at year. This is the natural where they look, we're gonna start to Tipp. Now you re it's all about Aggrievement, not achievement that yeah, that's where we go, and because it again win socially the age where it get you cloud gets recognition and if everyone sing in this- this song, the as a joint answer. I'm not gonna changing lyrics. If this is what they are dancing to were dancing to the agreement to I am I I'm going to dance with it, but if you come and say turn music off the people, I hey, who is dispersed, telling us to turn off them using whose you think she is, or he you know and then a lay Are you again? I don't know. I summoned somebody's issues, aren't conservative, liberal somewhere just right and wrong most. It is most arduous right and really I didn't he trotted label to do you put the labour want to trotted diminish what the person is SAM, what
There is no reason why thirteen percent of the population- and, let me be clear, is not thirteen percent is not. All of us, so was scary. Is that its less than thirteen percent isn't move? As they say, six black men make up six point. Five percent of all of us of the thirteen sent populous, but all black men are doing this light so goes even smaller and soda and who gets funny like so you tell me to
the three percent are committing these homicide and they that scary, to think that this, just this minority within a minority is responsible for this month carnage. Why are we talking about that and then put it like this? If you were, if you were to go and on an airplane? Oh you looking for flight and one flight had a crash percentage of fifty three percent at a time,
in this, this is a minority on airline company, but their responsible for more than half of the crashes. Would how likely would you be to flatter plant to get on a plane? Nano Aurora, because you like fifty you more than half responsible use of the foot a crash is so and asked a position wherein writ thirteen sitting population responsible for more than half of the homicide and someone, so it is kind of we have to own a fact when some people, like people conduct, we know, arrests. Why do you know that type is dead? That's Darrow time when effects as like, we will and we're letting the onus is on us, because we are letting the subculture run rapid within a black money. We're like We sit on our hands when it comes to them. Now, if something happens to them like a free.
Great, then we come out even though a Freddy Grand his type are the ones responsible for this, so that you know slant we martyr them there. We might in order them, and I'm thinking to myself in this guy goes. I speak about this a lot when I say what were the goals in the black community like what are the goals in the black me when I was growing up, I watching family matters, the winds lows. The huts doubles the Jefferson's, so I was watching positive black families. Together, I had great jobs that what we know everything happened, round the dinner table, and there was this moral at the end of every step. of every episode where it was about family together. In good values and now we're having a black tv. number one watch show is: is what Levin Hiphop? What are those goals, which is
have a culture proper. We have a culture problem and you can't expect keys whenever a loss to aspire to be cardy, be you know great love, her music, it in your bobbing heads that when people think that that's a patent, they should take who the idols, as I was sitting next to tee on state aid and he's telling them you biggest problem is the guy who served in time in prison your biggest problem. Ms Waste, and this in that, if that's the person that you're looking after saying- oh guess, I'll idolize that and you're turning down doctor on rice and your thumbs down to doktor. Thomas Soul and Walter E Williams. We have a culture problem and blackmail Nobody wants to talk about it sure we did. We have absolutely a culture problem and those two people, You just name, that's why I said we are lacking in diversity of thought. That was on the list as well, because that's
obviously some number number four or lack of diversity about lack of diversity authority, because we don't have. We don't hold up every one with who has who are thought leaders who will accomplish things icon Elise arises: she's, amazing, she's, I'm believable and be in a day. We have these people who I got. One of my men towards his name is above wits and he belongs in my pain, honor. I'm not Rushmore, of living black lessons and about it's about what some people like Bob, who Bob Bob Bob. We got out of never buy woods and ass. A shame and Bob is he's in these two great groundwork and end the black humanity, and he told me once he said why said once he said you know and baseball When, when you reward a negro agent and we were allowed to play a major role,
baseball when he did integrate the leagues you not if they didn't say we're gonna give the blacklist for strikes a now because they have to They come from started on a lower on another level when it comes to us, so the three strikes out for for the black people got a black players. Not I didn't do that in a black play as wouldn't even have wanted that they wanted to go and prove that they were just as cable or, if not better than a bad. Then why players and, I think, that's a good lesson of of of of haughty self to a high standard. But you don't hear voices like Bob's who says: none? Oh, no, don't lower debar keep the bar where it is an ongoing exercise and be a shapes, walk, a jump over to bar him and said the boy a higher and that's amiable, airway attacking a door Fears on why I'm staunchly against affirmative action is not helping its hurting Emmy you're, putting your mismatches them in schools. It's been shown at WWW ends at both ends up happened, You missed match them into schools based on the color of their skin, and they
the paving the failing marks there there finishing at the bottom of the class, as you all know why they should have been at school in the first place, where they could be at the top of their class mother actually supposed to be, and the solution is not all carriers going Put you in a school. You don't belong in the solution as if we have to hit the bucks harder. That's it. You know that there is no system. That's giving me backwards. Allowing me to go to a library and study, and we have to make sure that we have that cultural change in our community and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. I find it to be undermining the government of action is undermining you're, not smart enough, so we're gonna help. You re smart enough anyway package it by saying this is just a hey. This is progressive. You know it's because of the past social injustices without they aren't here today. There's nothing stopping me from working harder and studying harder today, so dont
you're. My me my thing, but I need your help right now. I'm with you on and with the orange represent an so again. We need more voices like that, as opposed to. Ah, you got an f. is something wrong with them forgiven you enough. It's on them. You know, and we just don't have that firstly in our within our Annette within our community. You know my wife and I let me two cities, but my wife, if she were here today, as she said, honey I'm cold in the studio, I will probably tat you on fire candies to keep her walk and if she said my fans are really not I'd. Natalie biogas gotta keep warm wife. I saw my duty about it, so I say I had to say although my love is pyro maniacal, I'm we don't agree on everything Europe's it in economic.
likely socially financially for sure. We don't agree on everything, but it I see- and I don't agree on everything, and why am I supposed to be with someone else? because we share I'm a real agree about everything with another striped with a stranger because we're both black and not you not so we're black, which means we're almost before from new action We were black, so that means that we are supposed to be call races. More racism doesn't exist, we all possible if the police are savages blood, thirsty savages out their hunting black men and when we don't believe that then we now we get mighty yeah you not black you're, not blood. There is literally not one piece of empirical data that shows that firm and of action and spin place for while has helped block America whatsoever. In fact, we are facing in illiteracy epidemic all across the country
and if there is no, not one piece of empirical data that supports the claim that police are targeting black men and yet Surely there is empirical data that shows that, since but black lives matter started its actually harmed us in an across the country. I think there was an eighteen percent increase in death because perception under their jobs. They know they can you hold racist and they get the call to go. Need our help. Black people in different circumstances, they're, not gonna, wanna shopping. Do there yeah and end when you talk about things actually may be, could matter and, for example, and I felt protesting on their knees or police brutality. I think I have a higher chance of that she getting beat by it and I fell player. Has a woman, the nights are being shy. Passenger. Let us look at the staggering waits domestic violence in Vienna Bow. Why are we taking? before that- order, no idea how to do that is true. Maybe now lotta issues are we can choose from making became these niece ridiculous ones because it just beads the beast: it feeds
the re Sean injustice Bees year, that can people's fight one c threes running in the OECD wooden exist coloured people. Or who are on the same level as why people, so you have to make people. if they're, not on the same level as them beer beneath them, and I we talk about the was happening in a vacuum. Unity is sad because all my books after me, by the way, all of them, I try to show children who have been impacted, move lost their life's pretty much through urban terrorism and then, when I see a guide taken the knee or were of a police brutality like it hurts because you're turning your back on a real problem
in lieu of it, of a try, manufacture. Prime trend. Ok, try so Emma Walkie allow in I we talk my colleague happening raised, one set it off he's his home town. He was we numb. He said ass. He was born in walking and will walkie new have if you can flip a coin, and you have a fifty fifty chance of being core. If you commit a homicide in walkie, that's how far by police are with words Clarence rates. Philadelphia too, food or feed same ways. It is a coin flip, whether you be court. So have you committed murder you I am. I get away at fifty percent chance, ass, pretty good eyes in this age of technology? Then forensics dna, but
I said. Yes, it had to say the kids and walkie who die don't get many. They get the finger, removing figuratively speaking from the likes of comic happening and now the racial ravens industry and also call them. I call them negroes in and his and my newest book negro Spout, K and E, whose way that's great because The negroes are the ones who get there. The wise, if you kill by cup, you're a negro, you get any new worthy of your worthy of the name because you kill by cop, and it fits there now
Where do you live and they can fund raise off of it and give her most per hour publicity from it? But if you not kill by car, if you kill through urban terrorism, you you don't get the knee, you get the finger and in this book here, black lives matter. I refer to the kids, who get killed by cops as the qualify and when you qualify, you get previous meant b, I say at Superbowl she area black Panther. You get really have to guess who shot out my good you'll get a mural you'll get the Yom hashtags is that of benefits of being killed by a non black person, specifically a cop verses. When you kill by black person, which is likely
a black criminal. Let me be specific, which is more than likely a reality then being killed by CUP and what they do is this. This disarm this air that they have created it's an environment where it's cool to be defined to, police officer in Canada, have yourself already too, because this can be of our moment. So you can go it and be defined. I am Duncombe comply in just haven't rolling and when you create that kind of stuff we create their own environment, like you said, police are hesitant to do their jobs. No one wants to be the next borrow sensation for the wrong reasons for doing your job, and so, when I dont mean to those causing projects or neighbourhood as quickly as you think they should. You know me up like this is a reason for the way you know in Philadelphia. There's a shoot up. Six
officers were shot. One guy held up in the house happen over the summer name. They talked him out. He lay Let me talk to my didn't die. They had every right to shoot this guy, which I believe they should have should have that they they walked amend the next day. There was a march for the shooter at recent yeah in Philadelphia off. It was far even so. I see The fly up thing: it's not is the social media praying and I literally drove up to the location and saw you now free wherever this urban terrorism name was freeze, always l, injustice, no peace in. And I'm descend this this right here, this is a microcosm of why this our neighbourhood look like this, because this person with this here the right the march and not daughter, was ironic, better police escort. You know if you saw
You saw a favor this guy do, are you, what are you waiting nepalese escorts by the fact that he thought the need, what they had they march them night? This is just this is insanity. What world? With countries this wit, where we happens even with Ino Wrapper, goes to prison justifiable
go to prison and watch trending, free, so and so free this guy free this guy's, if he living on it, that he as evident Khamenei, crimes again a cultural problem right and so that that makes you beg the question, are you ought to mistake or pessimistic about Black America ever waking up in fixing our own issues, because this isn't it white via white versus black is definitely not going to fix anything of Bacchus pile we're going to make things worse? It already is making things worse. If we don't know the difference between right and wrong, I don't I don't. I don't see a way forward, while I'm lower p pessimist, ok, Amar Capital PM lower pay, because our food, a fool, is if with with social media and with independent media fly, voices like ours may have a chance to, even though you went to even though you walk with Eliza Lion's. I think that was unnecessary. I think
in the canary Nicole mine was a good thing and- who inspire others to beat to do the same until we get her till we get a hold until we balance out the culture, because I'm not saying all the hip hop is bad, I'm not saying all wrappers it. Even though right but when you think, a music, what are the group? What other genre has more artists imprisoned in Cuba? But it's so, but I'm still has signed a question. I'm not saying it is. There are good, wrappers non dissent. We need balance as my argument again. Diversity right now is tilted is tilted to wear, the pathologies are, defining us and no grew were people should be defined by their exceptions so earlier, what air is three bookshop black lies matter.
Then you have, the gospel of needs is like me, K and E nieces and their religion. of victim added victim, manatee. Yet and then what's yours the civil war, the uncivilized ass, a war, blacks, verses, I'll, say this: why backs verses grow. Individuals generally in grief everywhere routinely that's, but is an acronym. So I went to this issue does not reflect I allowed everything? Ok leaving us. Are I strongly disavow to leave Starks vessel who had ever number it's great they really it's great stuff. It's Greece up a talk about, and you know I think in many ways those of us who are black and hold these conservative perspectives, which I mean being right worse, is wrong. Shame here,
I can opens considered conservative liberal, I do you hate, but if we have more of these conversations, I dont see a path forward for Black America we don't have to stand up. Ok, do you cause I'm thinking, sounds Laura lower case pessimistic. I am optimistic. I am optimistic. I don't think I've ever seen this much chatter and Black America about differences of opinion that I actually celebrate the fact that so many people feel the need to debate. We dislike me that. you got them debating me on hip hop programmes in all that stuff. I get good That means I agree. We ve cracked a model of some sort organiser of talking a different way, and that wasn't the case before us simply was it. So I am optimistic. I think it has to get ugly before can clear and get better. but have enough people are standing up, you know you're you're out their writing books, I'm
writing books. You got Branton him who we have, and I my pod, Caston and Sheriff Clark and I think we're gonna see a positive change in Black America. The next bite me also use the way you said he said the term. Basically dark. before here before. Ok, so yeah I get on the every every every flower gross do there is so, but what I'm saying is. I've seen a lot of wheat and they're gonna exposed if not getting exposed like won t, I tried to Photoshop what I said in Congress and I just called him out on it, and I was like you: everyone should go actually watch video. What I said verses what he posted on his instagram in question, ask yourself: why is a wrapper that you love lying, to you when I'm talking about real stuff, like illiteracy rates in the black community, the single single Motherwit lack lady why's. He lines you and tell you them supporting white supremacy and that challenge
just showing up and saying the member that message me and said all this is ridiculous to night. I feel bad about it. I think we're fighting more to agree, but, like us out said this to everything in response to some one who misconstrue deliberately misconstrued ewers twitter- and I say that I am a lie- goes viral. While the truth is still downloading and that's what's gonna happen. You're gonna have to fight harder because you got so many forces this their benefit from up from the lie. With with with, were he did a Miata like the guy again he's he's? I don't,
Oh, how so many millionaires are so angry with this country, black millionaires, who in any other circumstance you wouldn't have not become the person. You are again it to me. So ever it is it. Is it reeks of hustle marsala weeks up now. My pessimism also lies with the fact that we are so align with Democratic Party. I could we we caught it. Dont want to look at any other option, except for the Democratic Party in a democratic party. Knows this in fact the dim it to me. I think that more credit parties like they're they're like if a bird can vote is self worms. There will never be an early bird again. You farms, as you can just vote worms and I think that's how they look at us. It's Tom. What they want to hear pet reparations show her.
Are you guys we'll talk about? It meant to be contained You vote right. So do you know it's? It's is the pimp talking to the tax work outside their sex workers, though the going rate, is more pillow. Talk and when we buy it and I'm dissent we buy and its until we see by- or at least the man more, or for EU money? Then that, as to my pessimism, is that we just don't we not demand more? You know so well we're gonna, say so we wrap up every episode by allowing you to leave a voice message for the world. A video message for the world's everyone's gonna see it look in this camera item give you two minutes and you just going to say, what's on your mind, ottomans minutes now was here, sir. I said a lot today and I'm wondering
if you with this enclosing, because I, our only with this, my friends on its head is one sand. I think rings. True. Is that you talk about your friends to their face, but you helped them behind your back and doktor. Thomas aw had similar sandwiches. When you want to help someone, you tell them the truth. when you want to help you solve, you tell them a lie, and I think what we were doing here is that we are telling the truth, because we care and with that care comes some harsh criticisms. A comes it comes, but it's all in and love is all in love, and if you, if you look at what we discussed throughout this program, you see that the facts remain we're in trouble, but we only and we in trouble is full,
whereas we let it be the Democratic Party long and I'm not telling you devote rip, I'm not saying jump to republic in or job to wherever you do something now some descend. This party is has been pimping us for a long time so which need to do if it is the best path. It would be a self b b own entrepreneur be and so As for myself, I ought to say at the end of the day. Thank you very much for joining the countess, Alan Shell and that's a rap. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you guys were watching the latest episode of Canvas Alan Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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