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A Disturbing Photo Emerges Exposing The Obama Administration (Ep 1148)

2020-01-02 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the troubling ramifications of this new liberal policy in New York. I also address the media’s efforts to spin the attacks on our Iraqi Embassy. Finally, I address the reasons behind this NY Times story about John Brennan’s Spygate “sources.” News Picks:Big news about our show. The Dan Bongino Show will now be heard on KABC radio in Los Angeles! 


New York DMV offices are overwhelmed, weeks after giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. 


This December 5th article shows the troubling ties of this key Mueller informant. 


These are the stats on self defensive gun use that liberals don’t want you to see.


Sucker liberals keep falling for this discredited “hate-crimes” study, because it’s designed to blame the President.


Stunning. Barack Obama welcomed the leader of the attack on our embassy in Iraq to the White House. 


The Trump administration continues to slash wasteful government red-tape


Discussions about who will run for the presidency in 2024 have already begun. 


Most Democrats who support impeachment believe it will fail


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