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Ep 469 We're Being Attacked From Within

2017-05-29 | 🔗

In this episode I discuss the latest efforts by the Democrat/Media complex to take down the Trump government. I also address an economic redistribution campaign that has caused a stir. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/05/25/thousands-drop-off-food-stamp-rolls-georgia-state-implements-work-requirements/ I also address the power of the US economy. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-absolute-dominance-of-the-us-economy-in-one-chart-2017-02-22

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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog then bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love to the renegade republican with the ambiguities joe how are you today let me hear glad to be an american nanowne in wishing a thankful a memorial day to all of those who lost people in combat of lost people who served in
oh it's not veterans day i'm aware that a big thank you to all those who currently serve as well sadly any of those will will become people we recognise a memorial day later unite i tweeted out yesterday i was thinking about this here no more to us will never ever thankfully no the horrors of war and that because of so many who have chosen to take that burden on themselves and their families and their sacrifices so i a big thank you to to everyone who has taken on that unbelievable burden and chosen to live with that for the rest of their lives it means the world to us in everybody listens to the show thank you so very very very much a little but more on that later so yeah lot going on lately folks you know there's a lot of stories it broke over the weekend i wanted to degrade into the content of the show because i did a fox it this week and that one kind of ireland yes allah did you see that
so more breaking news on friday and this should really start to disturb you folks because as i tweeted out this morning i have never in my life so an internal propaganda information campaign to take down a duly elected united states government originate with in the united states i've never seen it you know i dont even know what's going on anymore i mean i'm getting to the point onwards folks i mean some genuinely worried that the damn crash in the media that due the complex is the same thing have so lost their minds over trump better generally committed to taking down in this and a soft coup type effort the united states government you know i don't do hyperbole unusual i've dive genuinely concerned about this the enemies in the kitchen dan joe theirs zero question about that zero let's get to the point friday night story breaks again that's
rosalie jared kirshner who is president donald trump son in law close advisor to the president married to vodka store are you in the washington post said like breaking kirshner tried set up a secret channel of communication with the russians now you re this story again and if you're a liberal at it and you have no powers of doctrine a reason you're like all my guys collusion ganum data gloves ok folks here's facts about what happened number one this so old secret channel of communication between kirshner jericho the sun along the russians never i've been nobody saying that even the washington post it didn't happen someone propose that they talk through some open source channel but
ever happen number one the folks i get it if your liberal listen well you're never trapper whose lost is mine i dont know how to establish the bona fides if your first time this year i was not a trump guy i adore someone else we have been vocal about our criticisms about policy disagree i can't keep saying this i am not a golden calf work but i am a realist i just one give the facts to understand that this is a completely fabricated line of reasoning designed to do two things designed for the wash posts in the new york times to get clicks on their website number one and number two to take down a duly elected government none of this is based in fact this trap russia collusion because a total fairytales completely made up so i mean every day we did the bunk something new or its number one this chip channel never actually happen oh now joe you have to ask yourself a pretty simple question here if true
when the russians were colluding to overthrow united states election right to give it to me florence i should say not overthrow poorly portraits of words but the influence the united states election right and this proposed back channel communications thing and by the way made the point on fox and you can watch the head it's on my facebook page i had a cricket the talk to my campaign matters at a secret line of communication the reason is that as i do not understand why these things happen all the time in the government there is nothing unusual about this story at all but the back of communication that was proposed between cushions and the russians want ever happened that second it was proposed in december of twenty sixteen now joe you should ask yourself here if you are a reasonable person which i know you are our audience our audiences but the liberals are not if there was an ongoing effort collusion effort between the trump campaign and the russians to info
the united states election how is it that the sea right back channel they were going to talk about this was only propose in december after the election was over has anybody thought this too i bet serious job has anybody this is what's infuriating about this may be the fact that i was a federal press or a cop or i don't know an mba student i don't know what it is maybe i just i haven't facility to reason liberals don't really trying to try put myself in the liberals and say how is there are allowing themselves to be suckers every single day without thinking this thing through so trump since colluded to influence campaign a presidential campaign and only talk about setting up the secret indications channel to do so after the election was over
oh is this make any sense to you know that's number one but is number two by the facts multiple sources this energy sources i don't even why i'm even citing anonymous sources but be in that the post use nothing but anonymous sources and is thrown out any journalist integrity whatsoever i don't i we should feel free to cite anonymous sources as well multiple anonymous source as you have said that this back channel secret back channel was proposed by the russians not by kirshner so the russian ambassador kisyak proposal because your hey maybe we should be able to talk offline and here the coordinator on the syria thing and some other issues be it at your your father in law is going to be the president near representing him in this interaction i get about folks please tell me
corporate my words i'm not saying any this was wise ok this was clearly done politically let's just get that out of the way puts just think this was an ongoing attempt to like collude to overthrow u s luck it is not even absurd it's like beyond ridiculous malta a source it was proposed by the russians and it ever happen so we should a coward cushy as the russian ambassador suggested and that they should talk off line and it never happened why don't but i would still like to crop what what's the crime sure you guys serious at the washington post are you serious now number three the facts department back channels back channels effort to avoid but you know they the open source stuff frankly sadly i get many cases are very carbon within the united states government here's element
oh pga media from an article about the brok obama two thousand and eight his first presidential campaign am i intolerable horrible so she's gonna have to stuff because it by room drills it into my brain this is about poorer barber folks listen up tearing up his route vessel output is and i am your service by apology listen listen and now this is good during his first presidential campaign a two thousand eight mr obama use a secret back channel to tehran to it you're the mullahs that he was a friend they be happy with his policies the secret channel was ambassador william miller whose then i ran during the shah's rule as the chief of staff for the senate select committee and intel and as it served as ambassador to ukraine listening this miller confirm to me that the author of the peace miller confirmed his conversations with iranian leaders again folks this
of happens all the time only obama and it happened with a known terrorist regime at its actually been confirmed so let's compare the two stories anonymous sources allege that job red and if in the russian ambassador words were called putting to set up a secret channel that never happen its anonymously source no one's confirmed and the other anonymous sources are not true that the russians propose it still never happen lack joe lock up yet broken down oh of course but i say that dripping with sarcasm yeah two thousand a eight we actually have confirmed stories that obama administration set up a secret channel with a terrorist regime to negotiate when he wasn't even president yet and undermining the bush administration don't worry folks
thank you see here yet again you know however in order to keep the show more aligned in sequence because i know sometimes i get excited and get tens and so when i shouldn't have a little section you go facts and problems folks here's the problem with all of this because that's what i just told you without the fact stone alarm at the actual story again i can't repeat this enough never in my life did i think a duly elected united states government would be over throne or try to be overthrown from the inside by the democratic media complex folks i never doubt the that they hate us politically the liberals not all democrats but the liberals i never doubted that i never doubted that they undermined as politically that they would lie about as that they try to embarrass us i mean i've run for office a couple times three times
i know i've run for the senate for congress almost one get her to feed i've seen the process i know how it works and i know these people will damage you but the i'm united to maybe this was a bit of naivete on my part shamefully am i never and i always thought they were trying to overthrow our system of free market but i never thought they would so we try to overthrow a duly elected united states government forces dangerous stuff this is a joke you have the passionate posts in the new york times colluding with the democratic party to fabricate an entire narrative now the now i cannot can i cannot hammer home to you a strong enough terms this trump sure collusion story is completely totally one hundred percent made up here's how the them crash work and with the media friends fat brigade of false narrative to take down the trump administration insist the false it is true and continuous
report on their false narrative using the false narrative to make demands now you don't believe me here they are the on the front page of the new york times that it here's a court this is the headline of their leading story in the new york times commissioners role is tested as russia case grows there's two things and there you need to know about russia case grows snow russia case at all the russian this is quote growing because the new york times of washing those are just making europe it's nothing but up again the it's not true you see what i'm saying job i use the false narrative started story invent more all stories are not this resource throwing away all journalistic integrity to further the story that the initial false story told my toe must be true because the additional fall story
play into the initial full story that this trump russia collusion despite the fact that the original story has no not an element of true to it secondly cushions role is tested this is the first to the second narrative they want howard cushion rather than by the way pushers no conservative folks i mean i don't know that i ve never met the man of my life i mean i'm but i'm six years older than kosher it's insane i'm forty two only thirty six i mean i'm not so sure that did the role is rome the white houses you know it is is what it should be i mean is frankly if you want to be candid about it but that's not my raw he's a depressing i states can pick up every wants is innovative but its role is tested so it's now the role of the media to invent the false narrative to take down present is advisers despite the fact that its false and and use the story and repeated over and over to insist that its role is tested as a way to get rid of them
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he gave a speech in that speech she proposed something that we have discussed on the show a couple times and i thought you know this is a great time to bring this up again because it is gaining some steve not only with liberals it's an economic proposal but it also gaining some steam with some shocking maybe some libertarians ends some conservatives as well yeah the universal basic income yeah so opera who is a multi billion air gave speech and he he's vacating now for this idea of a universal basic income the universal basic income in essence is the idea that everybody in that it states we're getting a certain amount of money as a universal basic income so let's just now there are a number of different various if this is not what ironically free proposal called the youth so basically come there is not one universal proposal there a number different ideas how this should happen
let's say that uses round numbers to make it easy that save you behind the united states if it were to pass we're thirty thousand dollars there are a number of different is this can happen it's not the one is universal one actually isn't the game which is odd for a proposal called the universal basic income now i want to be what did give this affair shake joe and you i didn't show on as before and we think it was those it my mongers something on account of the other part guess he gave a really deep detailed proposal this yeah a while ago we summed it up and i don't want to give this short thrift because i ate listen i'm it ignore miss conservatory and i mean if it didn't its imbued in me can never escape it but one of the things we do want to show that i am proud of his we didn't we this reason unlike liberals i dont want to throw this thing out right away redistribution let's gave course its redistribution absolutely at the very heart of redistribution but
look at this recently and i'll give you my opinion on it when i'm done quick let's do a pro here's the pros this job the problems of a universal basic income let's say everybody in the united states below a certain amount of income whatever it may be fifty thousand a year below the poverty line whatever ever it may be right gets is thirty thousand nauseam here's the pros of it pros our vote we already have a universal basic income whether you know it or not we have covered programmes for social security we have government programmes for wifi we have government programmes for cell phones we have government programmes for food we have government programmes for housing so before you count this out of hand because we're conservatives joe we want to think about this rationally we know what to do with democrats do and should be dopey about it everybody gets everybody else's money shot up so for educated people you can stop listening now lips we are already doing a form of de facto universal basic income in the country
not only are we doing a form of universal basic income we're doing it and paying for it believe large bureaucracy to support it joe we have this pay for this also already bureaucrats to get everybody paid we have to pay for bureaucrats it's now the supplemental nutrition assistance programme what you would know its food stamps and more on that the second we have to pay for bureaucrats to admit surrounding you get into medicaid which is another huge expense as chip dead dead medicaid for four kids we we already have you no unemployment insurance at the state and then federal level away that works there's org a universal basic income and an accompanying bureau accuracy so now you're paying for to think you're actually for an income and the bureaucracy to the point some concern but as you actually defended this thing and i have even heard a few libertarian somebody but a few is we're already given the muddy let's dumping
democracy and just say to people here it is folks where i put out everything whereby but out social security medicaid all of this we're just gonna give you get a cash equivalent thirty thousand here and the nice part about it is you out you'd have one office a view be i whenever that they who knows maybe it be a cat level position you know the way the government works you know the secretary the universal basic income and everybody would get the thirty thousand dollars and i've heard some conservatives and libertarian say we'd actually potentially save big annex on this because two things would happen number you wouldn't get these misallocation of cash and do you save on a bureaucracy which already mentioned because instead of twenty different offices or a hundred and forty seven different offices given people money joe you have won but think of it
when you have social security and ass chip and all this stuff in the government i say let's say through the obamacare exchanges rather me give you a quick example what i mean by misallocation of money by the government involved in all these different things aesthetic given people cash aren't you sample of obamacare let's say obamacare use the same model and said we're not going to tell you anything we're just gonna give people five thousand dollars a year by insurance but what would happen joe people it's gonna pocket it somebody actually gonna buy insurance and needs there are companies will have to do what am i going to say it is a good idea just telling you what what i'm conservatives have argued why a universe a basic income is more efficient than so security obamacare blah blah blah medikit once obama they didn't give you cash what they did is they use the tax code and and they said to insurance companies you have to provide this this in its hair transplants for sector means it drove up the cost you do you get it be spoken about this stuff on the show in the past so what did that do joe it's
skewed the allocation of capital towards ensure companies that at all they provided those plans it did hair transplants in all the other stuff and it miss allison the capital maybe then when smaller insurance companies that would have succeeded if they didn't have all these obamacare requirements joe and may a figure out a better way to do business you gave it i'm saying that money flowing to them now because the government along with giving people money through the tax code for obamacare also told them what to buy i guess it easier example would be as i made that too complex here's a simple analogy if the govern they had a carbine programme we will be the difference between here's tool thousand dollars to buy a car for every american or if you i a shabby corvette will give you a twenty thousand dollar tax credit you hear what i'm saying what would happen there would be a massive misallocation towards what chevy because heavy corporates would be only one people were buying that's been my pride
what government intervention in the housing market forever by these these deductions for mortgage interest is that it it people then get a home cheaper than they'd get it ordinarily and it caused people by homes who may not be ready to buy homes so there are massive distortions this too so that they can primitive argument is the distortions in attacks code and a beer accuracy would go away now here are the constitutes and this is why i add the moral i do on this i think it's just an awful awful idea folks you we're looking at enormous marginal acts rates if you don't give the money to everyone everyone i'm of working age atonement infants but let's say eighteen you get this now you may say then that's the dumbest the ever heard is it now this is why against that i'm a robber mob rutledge because not recommending we should do it because if we were to do it you have to give it to everyone joe because they about this including people work
billion dollars there is such a thing i don't even know what bill gates and here's why what's the income cliff will you stop so let's say you don't give it to everyone rachel and they say you know the arguably well built its doesn't need thirty thousand dollars a year and taxpayers money vocables forget the bill gates argument for a minute we're will you stop the might where's the income cliff so let's say you make it would say forty five an algeria once you ve earned forty five thousand dollars a year you don't get it anymore in other words if you aren't forty joe you still get the thirty thousand so you're making what seventy so security i can mitigate blood forty five you get nothing did speak about them now member and the show i expect some sorry shares get a little walkie be folks it's really critical you sort of one thing we do differently i want you to block or something on this shell like i do every
single day maybe we talk about marginal tax rates marginal tax rates people confuse us all the time the way he income tax worse than the united states is its marginal meaning it's on the last dollar earn so marginal tax rate for people making two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year more is a fifty percent it's not what you say it's fifty percent you don't pay fifty percent on what you ve made up to two hundred fifty thousand you only pay that fifty percent or two hundred fifty thousand or more so job if you made two hundred and fifty one thousand dollars that fifty percent zero tax rate only applies to gear you go benghazi guys turned into an economist in front of my very eyes you only pay it on a thousand dollars not on the two fifteen below now what does that have do with this think of the taxes paid on the next dollar earned if you earn forty five thousand and one dollar
learn one extra dollar joe right so just to be clear let they the income lighted the universal basic income everybody gets a thirty thousand i'll check from the government who makes forty five thousand or less that guy makes forty five thousand and one dollar his tax rate is like most hundred percent of his body because he just lost thirty thousand dollars is it the right he doesn't get it anymore so we would have the little bit less a dollar less he'd get authority does thou checking the government now that's a dramatic eggs ample because there are ways to phase it out but it doesn't our job let's say even if you made forty five thousand one dollar they gave you one dollar less either way the more you make the less you get back now you get what i'm saying it the more you make the less you all this creates a very perverse set of incentives ladies and gentlemen i mean here
for example i wrote down let's say you know you getting thirty k right you're getting thirty thousand from the gun now you make this forty five thousand and one dollar and now your pa tat is to say that forty five thousand one dollar now you have to pay five thousand and taxes rather than getting thirty thousand your marginal tat reached through the room you just lost essentially thirty five thousand year what i'm saying joe you u lawsuits two thousand i'll check and now you're paying five gate of the government disk the age what they call income cliffs folks and it creates marginal tax rates the tax rate on that one extra dollar over forty five thousand joe earned that are absent look we catastrophic now what's gonna happen when create marginal tax rates at high universal basic income nobody's gonna work more than forty five thousand dollars forever it repeated you you would be an
in brazil to do that folks why i'm telling you you have to give it to every body there's no now why is that a problem well because its expensive here too i did the calculations you're talking about a programme depending on who you stick in there that would range anywhere from four to six trillion dollars a year both the entire federal budget forty four trillion dollars so for before you even get to the fbi secret service the military the court system roads and bridges while that other stuff you pretty wiped out all federal budget so ladies and gentlemen if we do reason on the show bottom line is we can't afford it won't work as you'd have to give it to everyone now in case say to me and this is at like the thai stories into the current news and that came up last week when took up her the speech now it's all the rage liberals universal basic income so just talking remember that you need to take away from the marginal
accurate if you don't give it to everyone or through the roof you have to give it to everyone it does third but if you have to give to everyone is too expensive and here's the fourth creates massive disincentives not to work if you don't give it to everyone here is a story i saw and bright bar prove my point they had a output in the show no today's well already sent that link over to joe sometimes they do it after the show sometimes before georgia just instituted a policy and that's how many counties georgia is see twenty one counties they're going to expand its thank you all hundred fifteen george as one of your fifty nine counties right in twenty one of those counties folks they just made food stamps they may they ve instituted a work require we have to work twenty hours a week or volunteer for a government state approved organization so just to be clear if you're gonna get government sponsored georgia food stamps you have to work have two people dropped off the rolls rostrum
out of the eleven thousand seven hundred and seventy nine people of twenty one counties seven thousand two hundred and fifty one dropped off the rolls folks i break we miss it what does this have to do with the universal basic income folks when you incentivize people to not earn more than a certain amount say forty five thousand dollars because you ve created a massive income cliff due to a universal basic income they won't work you can say all you want is a liberal which i see the common response or people won't do that nonsense we are already seeing in georgia what happens when you create incentives and the opposite in to work when you people yeah we'll give you food stamps will pay for your food but you have to most twenty hours a week of work by the way joe not a shocking idea you were i job would you you would starve to death corrective work at sea be eminent conservative review this isn't shocking didn't dare to people out there that you have to work to pay for finally i meet me out and why this shocking the liberals but there's stuff
by the idea that incentives work when you say people you have to work to feed yourself and by the way this started thinking trade they hysterical liberals about this doesn't effect like kids were disabled and stuff liberals just there this is able bodied folks ok just nonsense when you create and send those people to work you said you have to work to get these food stamps sadly most of them are through it the proof is in the pudding i folks i'm sorry so incentives work incentives work you make people work for from some people who don't want to work more do it some well obviously some people did take up the offer but incentives work and that's why you be as betty had one quick dame before we're before we wrapped the show there had it others i gotta get to this heather mcdonald story tomorrow about this massive chunk of misinformation on the drug war you know how i feel about this i was a cop i'm very sceptical of the war on drugs in the traditional sense but had a mcdonalds
she journal joe had a mine blowing piece about some numbers about the drug war i'll get to it to morrow now this is a story it has to be discussed but another quick one before there is an interesting pieces in the show no study from market watch about the power of the u s economy and sometimes we talk in big you know a fancy terms about the economy and realize you're so my emails somber buttercup our listeners don't have the scope of what the u s economy looks like compared to the rest of the world they think like the chinese ever bigger economy than us we're being overtaken folks were not we are still the glue we'll powerhouse here's some members were you gdp and given the shown us from market watch in an ice pie chart in trillion dollars pig add china there doing ok but eleven trillion japan four point three times and the russians who cushion allegedly colluded with according to the dope since the new york times in the post you know what they're shady p is just one point three trillion falsify the relax
everybody relax the united states despite the ears of morocco burma is still the economic powerhouse of the world and he was a little kid bit i did not know from the peace the u s economy is bigger than the combined economies of japan army the uk france india italy brazil and canada combined everybody relax trunk isla ok we're still kickin button taken aims i'd folks honour on a bit of a somber note here it is memorial day and i lost an uncle in vietnam who died rather heroically and if you would allow me just thirty seconds here i just wanted to read something in memory of my uncle private first class greg ambrose who was killed in action of march 15th one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight because he was a real american hero in a lot of these stories never get old is presented a bronze oak leaf cluster in lieu of a second
are the bronze star medal with combat v to private first class gregory francis ambrose united states army for heroism in connection with military operation to get the hostile force is a quick paragraph about what he did on march 15th one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight private first class ambrose was serving as a rifleman with this company search and destroy operation south of through duck he was with the lead element of the friendly force when they made contact with a reinforced vietcong platoon use utilizing
heavy machine guns clay more mines and small arms fire in the initial burst the fire private first class ambrose dashed to the point of heaviest contact where he provided highly suppressor fire to cover the deployment of the rest of his petition with complete disregard for his personal safety he remained exposed to the heavy enemy fire till he was certain that all of his comrades had safely reach cover it is only then that private first class ambrose himself sought cover he began to withdraw from his forward position continuing is accurate fire upon the well entrenched insurgents was at this time he was mortally wounded the cop that the dauntless purge determined efforts and deep concern for the welfare of his fellow soldiers exhibited by private first class ambrose undoubtedly saved several friendly lives and contributed significantly to the ultimate defeat of a large vietcong force
i just want to say thank you to everyone out there who serves and given their lives for the greatest country on earth and wish again a very thankful memorial day everybody out their picture yeah yeah
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