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Ep. 556 Liberals Are Showing Their True Colors, and it Ain't Pretty

2017-09-27 | 🔗
In this episode - The NFL protests are based on lies gleefully spread by the media and academia. What does the data say about the murders of black men and women? https://www.city-journal.org/html/hard-data-hollow-protests-15458.html   What does the data say about policing in the black community? https://www.wsj.com/articles/i-used-to-sit-for-the-national-anthem-too-1506464031   Liberals think they are winning the long game but last night's Alabama Senate election shows that the backlash against liberalism is just beginning. http://dailysignal.com/2017/09/26/roy-moore-defeats-luther-strange-in-gops-alabama-senate-runoff/?utm_source=TDS_Email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MorningBell&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTVRNeU1tRTVOVE0zT0dRMSIsInQiOiI1NVlYZWpvUmNWVzkrTm9xV1o4Nnd3VmdZM2thU0QyejJiRVo2QTJIcGxUREtjN3NpNHVKYW80eUgybVBpWmFpeXhoek5wTW45VmVGWE53NEF3dHNnZ0plUXFlTEpLSUI5NGlwbnhOMjRNRnJTMzhCV3RcL2xWWitDVVVSck1IemIifQ%3D%3D   Lebron James thinks you're an idiot but he expects you to pay his salary and purchase a ticket to see him play.  http://www.dailywire.com/news/21544/lebron-james-uneducated-people-voted-trump-paul-bois   Is the Bitcoin bubble about to burst? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-09-27/cryptocurrency-derivatives-you-bet-this-trader-has-295-return
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they won't you know they were waiting to me by gmos are not by gmos blogger blog bungee notion everywhere big government gets bigger corruption growth bigger unease liberals is going on and on and on about how great the government is any care proves many examples of how wonderful big government is almost anyone waiting to hear the truth about amerika young kids you are too stupid to figure out your health insurance these so we're gonna hammer your caboosa death i tell you figure out that their government knows what's best than here on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i love the regular relative it thereby gino priests jar you didn't do it well there thank you folks quick you know before the starts i get a lot of email request say why don't you tell us when your media appearances are coming up because i don't want to bore you guys to death you know most we listened to the show but since you asked i will be in for market
in this friday feeling and on the radio tomorrow i will be in studio with fox and friends doing cooking france with my family if you want to see my wife and kids like as well and i think i'm on hannity tonight i'll be up in new york do it how do these tv show tonight so tuna and i get that request and i have one small favorite ask you sorry to buy you don't want to waste your time but date the way pod workers in a nutshell we send this to a separate company the cup he then monitors the downloads for us we do that because advertisers don't want the pod castors obviously saying how many listeners they got because people would lie i got two hundred million listener you pay me it doesn't that way you have decided to accompany it independently verifies it's long story short is they change the algorithm a little bit and it just about everyone in the business but i heard us making to say more because we have a lot of households with our
the policies in the household and what the new out let them does is it then allow cry for listening to the shop for multiple people in the same house just basically registers the ip address i was kind of more information need bottom line is quick ass for you please subscribed to our pod cast if you gotta i heart radio or i too as i know you listen a lot of you download it makes a big difference for us in the rankings and stuff and we'd really appreciate the good news is we got a lot of good data he's done the new algorithm how many listeners we have and its so thank you very very much are moving on hey i'm i'm good he is on track today but yesterday show a guy to want to do this show three days in iran and i'm not going to put this is really super important what's going on right now the cold war is now right out there for everybody to see and as i said during yesterday's show the greatest take up this tromp nfl three calling at the nfl for kneeling during the national anthem is
he'll show their asses i see your honey it's it is ugly now they are doubling down on this folks they are doubling down this liberal media in a panic why are they in a panic and i want to try to walk you through this right now because this is really really not looking good there was a all release today eighty five percent of people surveyed believe that people should stand for the national anthem proving what i told you on monday shown again liberalism is a fringe position ladies and gentlemen not being a democrat in a liberal is a fringe kook position man in the women's room police or hunting black people america socks therefore you should meal their sister oppression a in the richest country on earth were black athletes can make tens of billions of dollars these fringe positions
liberalism cannot exist though if you believe this is a fringe position so liberalism spends all its time masquerading as something other than it really is added spends of its time covering pink concealing the fact that the over well the majority of americans no liberals are kooks air knots i'm telling you from this serves i'm on from monitoring liberal twitter accounts i might i monitor like me like a cia way but i go is about fifteen or twenty liberals on twitter that i i go to a poor like the kids will dictate where the zeit geiss that the time is for liberals like what the liberal collective borg mentality is thinking i'm telling you right now do not believe the hype they're all but this fake bravado we got tromp on assent i fell thing he's divisive therein a patent therein
because the appalling data is killing the eighty five per dead of americans this is a position you should stand for the national anthem some more data why do you need to be concerned about for this growing story about the culture war being suppose now and liberal asses being showed for what they are a p new on drug airport ap associated press this not by stretch of the imagination any kind of it conservative outlet whatsoever ap odd right down on yet another propaganda outlet it now as a member i hit this yesterday a little bit but i'm gonna double down these are important stories cloaks and based on the listener ship from this today shows i think you're getting your pick it up and put now ray thanks for the nfl collectively down eleven percent they want from
seventeen point six million viewers over the course of on average over the course of the first three weeks of the season last year to fifteen point six now remember again how do i know liberals or in a panic their ignore nepal that eighty five set of americans think they're not on this wag issue yesterday during the show i covered a different dumb the ratings we're brian spelter firms i've demote by the way the most equally titled show in the history of media brains walter at sea and at his show is called reliable sources accurately called unreliable sore i mean it's about this guy is never reliable source for anything but brian spelter was treating out step yesterday sing or ratings down a tremendously ratings are doing fine look the monday night for paul was up three percent while i debunked that yes we told you why because people to india
the beginning to see if the cowboys would meal they did they were really pissed off as they buddha cowboy and then they promptly to doubt afterwards folks and i felt things are down they are down eleven percent remember our statistics work joe how many times i gotta go over the sun shone so this makes work in the aggregate the more rural last year sample size the more robust result if you want to detect the effective a drug and a population you dont detect the effect of a drug and experiment on one person you merriment on the largest group of people you can reasonably gather that would be a representative of the population therefore the results of that drug will be more if they are in fact positive will be applied one of the great a populations the whole science of a sample size why am i saying this because when you expand the nfl ratings to his men games as they can answer to be fair this nielsen rating that they're down lumber sense not every game but it's
are just sample size we have yet member joe for liberals we're having a tough time of this including stouter too large you're the sample size the more robust the result ok science try it sometimes the most the big sample size we have thus far nfl ratings down eleven percent they lost two million viewers again liberal are running for the hills on this there were a point three percent ok i'll taken a lot if you if you're a conservative and you're lookin to boycott the eta fell and eleven percent decline overall beats out a three percent bump in one game where people were probably again only tuning in because they wanted to see what the cowboys with due here's another point also running from why in a panic on this directv has the nfl sunday ticket package i don't have directv i have comcast but directv has a service you can purchase it on your directv and you will get access to all the nfl games like a season pass where if you're
in that market i'm in the miami dolphins market down here in southern florida you can walk say the rate or games a giant games whatever you see fit we're calling directv i tweeted out the story yesterday by the weights on my twitter account from the wall street journal people were killed directv in droves request the cancellation of the nfl season ticket package to the point where directv was forced to respond and is now offer customers a rebate on said now fell sunday ticket package because so many people who calling it the requested again man don't let them get in the way of your argument liberals that this is a great movement there that there talking so now did they're moving operate there talking point now is another piece the allay times today that's drudge has on its homepage the way these up a lot of these articles eap article in other words i will put in the show notes always available punch you know that comment thanks to everyone who has been subscribing to my email list at bonn gene
how come i will send you really cool articles so you don't have to go through the entire internet to find them yourself gathering in a lot of new subscriptions but that what he was innocent directv with appears that new for them on the directv the defence tuning out and the eighty five percent of that you should stand the new argument now in the early times peace is in trouble this divisive and mrs trumps while in other words like a fourth grade approach you started in the eu should sit mokanna with adults cap on the other times peace is ridiculous this trump nothing to do with common capron ache meal and carbon capture and storage this debate based on his is premise police or hunting black people and the police brutality ramp now we're good about this in a minute don't go anywhere i've got terrific stuff by jason riley and heather mcdonald and
tomorrow show i'm gonna dig in as well to wash and times piece about your police use of force incidents they're just taking all of this up evokes but again the new debate is a trump is in fact divisive and he's i'm doing this now folks here's which really going on libya us through the iron triangle of stupidity hollywood academia in the media which controls the popular message jackets out there for so long crapped all for their country conservatives republicans working class men and women anyone happens to be outside of a minority group they have done as for so long bet it's become accepted it is simple was to be the new normal this support to be standard accepted thinking again returning to my premise liberalism is a fringe position that only works because they make you believe it's widely accepted and therefore you're afraid to speak out against it i've used
analogy of a cocktail party before you're at the cocktail party you you you ve been told by hollywood act academics in the media that men should be in the women's room you don't know the people cocktail party you talking to forfeit six guys you ve never met before your wife's talking to a couple ladys over in a corner over there you not want to say anything because you're afraid of what they think me while everybody else is saying the same thing but they all know that men and women room police or hunting black people is that sense but afraid to say it because erlich while i don't know if this guy been indoctrinated by hollywood the media or academia so this whole thing that trump is divisive and trump started this is a response to one thing trumps i've taken anymore trump is the first report lookin maybe since reagan
my comparing the two eight it's always a bit disingenuous obviously they had completely different ideological you know bed rocks they built their political homes but i would are tromp as the first republican since reagan to just flip off and they double barreled middle finger to the iron triangle to hollywood media and academia he just doesn't care what you say so what the response by the media to try to bully him at the submission basically but the media hollywood academia is trying to do to tropical way way way weapon you guys racist for years you're supposed to accept this joe this is what you do your conservatives we call you racist and you guys agree and apologize we're deplorable we're deplorable you're racist transit phobic xenophobic massage initiative for qualify like you get the point you are so post to accept this wench
stands up and gives the double barrel middle finger and goes no you guys are the sons of bitches that's what he said you it's as poor is right for me what do we do now now all of a sudden to go back to that cocktail party and algae now of a sudden there's a guy with a big paul personality the cocktail party who goes screw that should be in a women's roman everybody's like all right up with this too syria's freak out the media's the car pale party host and their freaking out every party quiet get back i oughta here right now this is what a break down now doubling down on paddock like the cocktail party host when someone speaks out like trump a tale party hosted a meltdown and i'm seeing it because i watch a couple twitter account one of them is the meanest it's
this guy's a moron no i mean like this guy's really he's a phd candidate which if this doesn't discredit academics and general nothing else will there's a guy twitter this guy jesse ben who is known for saying some of the dumbest stammered if you add a catalogue of the dumbest tweets in the history of social media this guy may have three out of the town of damp this guy is intellectual loser of the highest order ever who's ever give this guy a phd views during a dissertation and you're you're the boss this lord we're he's gonna hafta defended you i mean you should just pull up this guy's twitter account it is hilarity on steroids tragic to either because you ve i'm i'm convinced this guy although is really a loser and intellectual lightweight i'm convinced the sky actually believes is nonsense now why would i so far as to call a guy a loser because the showing of the ass has gotten worse
he has a piece of the hopping deposed i'm not putting this in the show i'm sorry i added click on it i had a clear to show you what's going out how the liberals are pad folks they legitimately panicking right now because this i fell thing is not working out for them is plan i gave you the data fans don't like it america doesn't like it people are watching and their cancelling their subscriptions those are hard numbers i gave you the left camera feel those hard numbers so now they have the double down and the cocktail party hosted the media has to scream really loud to get that guy out of the cocktail party before he convinced as other people that the emperor's new clothes so see bends premise and the suffering deposed peace is that the white athletes who remained standing during an airline's i'm not making this up folks their pay in fact white supremacist you come on no no no i won't because this is where i know i know
it's hard to believe me this is real but this is no did this guy here we believe says that if you are now a white athlete that stands and honours our flag that you in fact a white supremacist now listen well the only reason i quote it at an hour or site disguise peace i should say to be more precise in the show today is because yeah you may well you just call him a loser and a more on which he is but why would you talk about it because the farm if not democrats i mean this before is infested with intellectual wait morons and losers who to their social media account have influence they didn't have thirty or forty years ago you could unless you published a peace and a major newspaper the new york times back then the washington post whatever it may may have been chicago trip the chances of people reading an imbecile like jesse ben stuff because there it really is a moron where where i am
i don't know any other way to talk about the guy calling people why supremacists we're standing for the end if that is not be the aid for are of of i meet a guy who as an empty amy em i dont know what it is but he's dead a dangerous sky diplomatic suggesting any kind of speech suppresses amerika i respect is right to say i want to be crystal clear on my absence we respect his big our right to be a more up the problem is p read this and they stop to buy into the nonsense now again just we back the extradition of this was the genius the ford dimensional chess game in this case that i want to over all let's get hyperbolic about our great trump is all the times i'm talking in this the vacation the nfl this is the fourth national chess and the strategic beauty of what trump did he is our force the cocktail party person to ignore the fact that the people at the cocktail party think they're crazy
in other words the media has to acknowledge the fact that the public is now starting to realise that liberals or not but now they have to double because joe man i'm really proud of myself through this i thought i would lose myself i have so much to talk about on this big yourself self praise thing it really does it should be said that but i really love this topic grievance politics has nowhere else to go i did it a book signing last night vieira beach the viewer beach book thanks for have me what really well very well attended solve a lot of books and a guy asked me a question even though the booze about my book which is about the secret service a guy s me a political question about basically about grievance politics and this grievance politics idea in other words that you should be constantly angry at the united states neil at the flag disrespect the country apologized for united states like barack obama the grievance but has nowhere else to go when there's thing to grieve so when you are there
tea party hosted a cocktail party everybody one in afraid to talk about things like hey i'm kind of patriotic and then all of a sudden ep rash guy walks in the donald tropical proud and those sons of bitches stand at the at the figure he's a gear of a sudden a cocktail party sees their lou so they caught your party hosts easier losing control they have to go back in the only way to do it is to double down on like doubt all america ellie really socks like what we shut slavery racism jim crow are they try everything why the premises euro nazis they nowhere else to theirs awaited dialogue back when you entire agenda is built around the fact america is a hostile place and therefore you should vote for us as liberals we will save you from the hostility there is no dialing that back you have to double down and you have to be jesse banjo and you have to say now neil are in fact white supremacist
substantive to kneel and disrespect america's like now people who don't neil are in fact white supremacist in other words the peace well at the party when the trump guy walks into goes you know what those people are sons of bitches they should get up at the dear did the at the playing the national anthem and every goes now all of a sudden a cocktail party are supposed has said people who are joining in do you but why supremacists do now hoping everybody's terrified and gets back to their normal silent folks you understand why i've spent three days on this now this sums up things i have been telling you since we say they show in my basement two years ago liberalism is a range not job position thrives on the fear at the cocktail party of anybody speaking up the reality
i'm one speaks up and peoples are to join in liberalism is gone its white doubt because it's not based in reality now many get cat in a second i'm going to show you i'm going to discuss a couple pieces of me pull them up on my smartphone sorry if i'm a little slow on the switch on this stuff i'll make another a begging lettuce and dumb sandwich for jesse here now listen there's a video out there at the end this is from what i hear this videos from a friend them friend the mice and i don't have the video because i've tried relentlessly to grab and on youtube but it's about what they call the first follower she ever hear about this effect i bring this up in relationship to the cocktail party argument because it's not the guy who walks in that donald trump that breaks everything up and screened get those sons of bitches after these that's really the game changer
no it i mean he was in the case of bringing them it's the first follower effect it just quickly on this is a youtube video after this guy in a park it's a real video by the way like main operating and i heard that the dizzy i used to use this to teach their agents how to basically get people to believe things instead of its true or not the guy who told me is pretty reputable dude there's this guy goes into a park and he starts dancing enemy dancing like in a really weird kind of way and you know people look at em an air like ok is this guy crazy like what is he doing these flailing his arms around i'm not sorry about dancing like god like like ricky bart until the livid that what is in the veto loca i mean a guy's a dance like these not people for about two three minutes are watching this guy and their life the look and adamant in puzzled this belief and an all of a sudden i start to join in and but it's the end
the end all the sun it becomes a pack of people doing this stuff in the premise of the youtube video and the way it used a propaganda people which the left does it is it's not dancing it's the first follower who gets up who really kind of breaks the damn you get what i'm saying gioia because one guy eventually gets up and starts like this is cooperate there's this guy and people are like ok it socially acceptable that is being again the genius of donald trump is the these the first follow perfect and i would argue that the first follower we're disgruntled republicans we're tired of the republican party as they started to leave the party in mass and follow this guy the has started to happen where people and mass are given the media the middle finger and that's what's goin on aren't gonna get that stated second i might be able to read the exact thing because my phone just crap out of me completely help it didn't break out i want to get an iphone ex this suit they sure bought you we're friends at my patriot supply i just got my chip in yesterday very happy with it got my supplies can food fruits and vegetables the fruits and vegetables pack and i also bought
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food supply please pick it up today prepare within their competence i deny box stuff last twenty five years give it a shot ok jason riley and heather mcdonald really terrific pieces in the wall street journal operate both of em in today's shone out i strongly i know i mean i know i always encourage you to go to the show notes mina listening website i this in a way for me to be in any way objective about it but i do good job updating my website why wife does thanks to her i should save me but i put because after i think really matter and i hunt these things down all over the internet while heather me donald has it ever really amazing piece intro to jason riley and jason riley to wall street journal writes a piece from a different perspective joke at the pieces so titled which may turn you off at first i used to sit for the national anthem too but he said he jason riley happens to be black by the way this matter to me but matters to the left that loves identity politics here the conservative right for the wall street journal but he used to sit for the national anthem for a different reason and i was
where this use was jehovah's witnesses bobby i honest with it when i don't know i don't know i didn't i did not know that jehovah's witnesses do not stand for the national anthem lee they consider it idle tree and they don't they known so that's why i've i've united dumb i didn't know that but it's an interesting perspective now why i am i saying these two pieces were for a couple of reasons this entire our protest which as i said a monday show has overtaken its cause is losing is losing its gaining steam like liberals much italy because nobody could tell you what the cause is the cause started as a protested against police brutality and so on you know systemic oppression now in riley's peace he goes in who in pretty well let me talk about mcdonald's peace first this is important make i don heather mcdonald the done amazing work she wrote a book called the war on cops meda species sites some fbi statistics that are really
profound and the fbi stay districts point to the fact that who is real focus is a very sincere question this is not as the left would say you know re stating your a speeding by ignoring this stuff the concern is systemic oppression right which is what they left says this is about josiana fairer and leave me st men a black man in the murdering a black man in the hunting of black men by by brutal out of control cops i would expect and is it i ask you to be reasonable here that you would be able to produce facts and data that would indicate that this is in fact happening that penal blackmail being killed by by packs of of cops hunting you down and the numbers would back up these assertions that's not the case mcdonald says very clearly the people who are killing when look at the statistics show black men and women are in fact
largely black men and women today is conclusive now what's more disturbing about this and other that's not the number you know your bottom more like that's and i do mean sadly that's not i think that anyone is done their homework on that jacob yet we already knew that chicago washington dc you know strolling or series in your bottom more like that's not that dishonest and anyone who seeing the data that's not sadly not surprising but the number mcdowell points out is it not a hundred more black men and women have been build this year according to more incredible statistics and you can read the peace yourself it's in the show notes today then in the year prior and last year had a bump of i think of us four hundred people last four hundred black men and women killed more than a year before that now
primus on the peace in this is her opinion but this is backed up based on some of the more than enough anecdotal data i've heard from cop friends of mine she believed this is due to the ferguson effect which the ferguson fact is very simply after the ferguson event michael brown with the nonsense hands up don't shoot narrative that did not happen it was completely fabricated is a myth in a lie that after police saw that they were the ones that are being targeted by the communities by especially people want a hustle the race issue so police inter backed off here's what the fuck the fact is in reality mcdonald describes it pretty well but i ll just give you the the yeah the readers digest version of it friends of mine who are cops who engage in the past in discretionary police action so the word show they were called out to a radio run europe i've been around i used to be when i was a cop i was seven five king i was in the sector car
the radio run is when central send you out to a job you have to answer did say seven five king we gotta missing child that whatever to twenty van syndrome and you'd go when you have to go get to say are no thanks that's not the way policing worked that's enough discretionary police action ok discretionary police action would be your on the road to twenty twenty van sinner in your car a guy on the side of the road looks like he may be into a fight with some are there's a couple people waving you down i'm telling you what i've heard from cops i'm not telling you judge not judging anyone i'm putting the information out there for you to digest if you are a liberal and you believe this isn't happening whatever man stay blind that's not my problem that yours the cop friends of mine i thought you said the cops or drive and right past that nobody can the cops you didn't down i'm one market a bother
is it because they d you know these their racists and are hunting black people does not make any sense if you were hunting black people you would stop to engage in this use of force situation joe would you not its act the exact opposite happening and the reason you are seeing the ferguson effect or an increase crime is because these discretionary police actions cop she's a guy the corner beside jump the turnstile so i'm going to stop this guy friends going to put me on youtube i'm going to go in and going to jail for harassing this guy you're gone so then what happens to the police scar keeps going the guys get in a fight one guy pulls out a god shoots the other guy the statistics are our art are in arguable they are in arguable only but looking to misdirect you would argue otherwise
men and women are dying precisely for the opposite reason of the to protest show at the nfl started with this idea the police were hunting blackmail is the exact opposite number say your exact opposite case that is large number of black men and women who are murdered are murdered by other black men and women i'm sorry that that's an uncomfortable number for you not by cops and cops i tragically ironically joe are once that can stop this rampage and now in fact our dialing back policing which is leading to more black men being killed again too i'm gonna leave topic here to go on about this all because it's so pisses me off it is not that liberal we are not helping black men here it is liberals through their cook anti american police or hunting black men position
a media academic and hollywood allies that are promoting this propaganda are actually getting more black men killed but don t let tat get in the way of a good argument lives now in the jason riley peace phone still crap out by the way which is amazed at what the heck just happened they did like an mp attack just happened in florida did i miss something we're still recording no prior were recorded in arriving pc talks about data on use of force incidents now put it peace in the surety that i want to go into detail but tomorrow so i tweet are treated out today and if it's not in the short or xenophobia and more but a heart study they did on use of force incidents which shows again that this idea the police are hunting black man is just not true i'm just gonna give you a quick think that animal because going to drive so many other stories i want to get through to harvard study harvard joe last time i checked that a bastion of right wing conservative values and did it start
publish international bureau economic research they did they look the thousands of incidents of police use of force in areas and found let me just quote here that these police officers were no more likely to shoot non whites than whites after factoring in external circumstances extenuating circumstance excuse me again don't let this get in the way of your protest that black men are being hunted by cops despite the fact that you pushing that narrative is actually causing more black men or that a minimum correlation really to be killed and murdered in the streets that you know it's this is it's sick it's no one could tell you the frigate church unbelievable its care tat the church i shall also brought about buddies a brick house nutrition thanks
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he won by eleven point we're getting good at the predicted by the way we did provera like we're out for our role lightly so yeah the appalling was obvious a little dramatic the polling was obvious that more is gonna crush this guy luther strangely again here both republicans they were in a run off and i just wanted a kind of reiterated and had made a while ago liberals live in a bubble folks and in the liberal hollywood academia media bubble you have to understand i saw this when i was a secret service agent especially in the obama white house liberal see their police ideological opponents as repulsive evil people not people with repulsive ideas there's a big difference joe guys like you and i will have conversation with somebody's live neighbours who were heard the liberals zero problem at all whatsoever conversing with them hang out with him none bobby
honestly i did never even occurred to me to think otherwise liberals believe you are evil people not people with evil ideas why am i bring this up in regards to the roy more case because liberal the liberal bubble is reinforced by the iron triangle they would media the academia and academia when you are surrounded all day by people of like mine erica socks police or hunting black people men should be in the women's roman that's all you're hearing all day you are never hearing the alternative perspective in your shocked when it happens you think your winning why do you think you're winning because these sample size of people you ve surrounded yourself with jill reaffirm your ideas every time you open your mouth you ve never been you another cocktail party the roy more victory last night there was evidence of a phenomenon i discussed a few weeks your more evidence that liberals are winning the culture war because they own hollywood the media and academia
because i managed to get people to believe in many circumstances at fringe ideas are in fact accepted by the masses and they do it through there propaganda and gas in the media but where losing folks you can win the culture wars that's terrific for you problem is if it's not reinforced by political power you really winning lip also be wiped out everywhere roy more just clear on who roy more is and why roy more despite the endorsement by donald trump of his opponent more was tall there's an alabama supreme court justice he was told that they had to take the ten commandments down from gum mid property he basically flip the off and gave him the middle finger and liberals here's the comical thing liberal star they won this guy's off
bans look at what we did they were all celebrating with their bespectacled bow tie wearing flog raw cocktail parties parliament can liberal can you toughened up a little bit liberals the pajama point look is it working every liberal i see if i can get you get a gym or something cash they sit around with their bespectacled gold look in their poetizing we got that roy more did you did you really because roy more sitting in the u s senate as of december teeth when the general election occurs i assure you he's not gonna lose this race in alabama you really get up you sure about that you should really get bad with a kim davis in kentucky the court clerk who wouldn't signed a marriage certificate you really get her i don't use aubrey live rye bread jesse ben staff and i read doffing deposed and ivory you will never see where we differ conservatives will not win with hollywood the median academia they want did you really win the case joel backlash is happening at the voting boot
it is not happening in the culture at large liberals you members will we did conservatives will not win with hollywood the median academia they won't the reason we win in the voting bhutto is because it's not the cocktail party it secret it doesn't matter what other people at the cocktail party think if they agree with you were not because you go to get a drink at the cocktail party you i want boost and you make your own drink and you don't have to worry you people are judging you or not i want a apple tv but europe to undertake by past six whatever fighter you should be drinking hard vodka you're in nepal you're nobody cares nobody's about going to see you can't be judged the same thing is happening in a voting booth it is a grit ballot dish prove to you liberals another example of roy moors victory by the way which i think i run if we advance as the trump agenda even a trumpet britain towards his opponent every two that yet again
because he was the establishment guy you think you're winning but your neck we're going to get the american people to accept the fringe ideas until you recognise that they are in fact fringe ideas and they won't do it they really believe this is mainstream stop folks it's sick listen to shall i am sorry i said a lot of time and again but it is really really important this stuff how does this anna fell fight is not about the unifil it is about a bigger clash of ideologies that really sums up from thirty thousand feet the fight going on in america right now lies with by a lot of talk about lebron james tomorrow the tax proposals coming out today and maybe story a bit do i be really careful of bitcoin i am not a i'm not an expert in cryptocurrency i'm not telling you not to invest in it but folks there's a if i've ever seen a bubble in my lifetime i would tell you this about any other investment bottom these investments are supposed to represent value right saying there's no value valued everything got blockchain
they terrific technology did a show on this a while ago but my ash is exploding i would just be very cautious renaissance above talk about that but put a peace and shown us about that today you take a look at maybe we'll get to tomorrow but almost marcia thanks for all the reviews and i do what i do is well over five hundred i really appreciate please go review the show and i will talk your remark you just heard tan bond gino she did more than all mine in time and conservative review don com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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