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Ep. 583 Another Bombshell Democrat Scandal Revealed

2017-11-03 | 🔗
In this episode - Explosive allegations by a Democrat insider against Hillary Clinton. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/11/02/clinton-brazile-hacks-2016-215774   Here’s an informative breakdown of the winners and the losers in the new tax rate cut plan. http://dailysignal.com/2017/11/02/need-know-gop-tax-plan/   The DNC is now openly discriminating against white males. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/01/dnc-white-men-shouldnt-apply-for-tech-jobs.html   Democrats insist voter fraud doesn’t exist but here’s a handy database to look up the many cases of it. http://www.heritage.org/voterfraud
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did you know she give where you to hear the truth about amerika with your host dan bones of the deadline gino chauvinist joe our you today a good friday morning to it in my gosh like that gets it is enough to turn away from the television for five minutes and like a news goes crazy on yet and i got your guy the city front of the tv all day to get to the the news of the data to be able to fill you enter forty five minutes or so let's get right to it no more bs in here so up folks the line never stops i'm absolutely disgusted right now the horrified when does it end with these people on a democrat side what are we talking about now because sadly with the democrats you have to say that i'm usually with breaking news like out bungee just talking about x rays talking about why the breaking news the democrats there scandalous outrageous corrupt behaviour we really dont now let's go
non ass so allow me just to describe to you what's infuriating me tonight so broke yesterday none of them are just that way that we then we conall lay this out for these organs we talk methods we talk a little bit about again gaslight and how democrats will tell you rely tell it confidently and isolate you from the true but we are also going to be talking about how the democratic always accuse others of what they are doing themselves in an effort to distract you from what's really going on number one how many times to be here during the election from democrats the election was rigged dragged the election was rigged all the time right we heard this all the time well today yeah go yesterday we found out yes some democrats will write the election was read by hilary now folks were i want if i am not i mean it i'm not in a good mood today i'm in a good mood to do the show i told
never do a shelf i feel like it which i am always in a boat but jim was closed this morning i drove all the way over there in those very upset about it so how to work out my garage which is fifty seven thousand degrees and then i would shriver me nuts master we gotta put up with it yes but the searchers squat data squatting in your garage at five therein morning two hundred eighty five pounds hanging in your elbows is it not fun especially when it's a thousand degrees ah but so i'm particularly salty today but he's lying they re elected nor is there parking point the election was rigged and now a democrat yesterday donna brazil the form out of the deep sea the aid known lifetime democrat this is a democrat fraudulent liberal dobbs out there would skulls sixty five be thick listen to me there's a democrat donna brazil who put out a book yesterday with the head of the dnc whose
as an end in no uncertain terms that are both that the action was rig that clinton in case you mr peace folks she was there the dnc she took over after debbie i submit schulz unceremoniously had to step aside for locations of of just political malpractice frankly zero comes in erin finds out that hillary clinton had basic they bought off the democratic national committee this is the kicker folks before she was the nominee this was not the hillary clinton national committee it was the demo brad national committee they were supply to support dammit that's running both in the state and at the federal level pillar clinton saw an opening which he always does because as i've told you and i work for this woman she's a horrible human being who is a total manipulator achieves a liar i work for our folks
she's a liar i know republican i know i dont like our i get that you don't you can discount what i'm telling you that's fine i've really don't care i'm you i've never said that about obama personally but i'm tell you about hilary she is a awful human being and a liar treated people terribly i remember female secret service agent who almost quit working for her they because she was so awful tour her i'm not kidding i remember the day i remember exactly where she was going in exactly where i was i remember bill skipper where my wife women by while she be your sooner if the female agent whither web wasn't threatening to quit right now and you money you know what a female agent is because she spent on tv alot yeah that happened because that's the kind of person hilary is
so hilary saw an opportunity with the bankrupt dnc they had a lot of debt folks a democrat national committee the blanket organization that's what support democrats across the country so what we do not engage in her typical standard manipulation she came in but she said so you guys are money problems here we'll take care of that here's what we're gonna do what raise a little bit of money and here's how the scam works ok for those of you who don't understand the scam and i saw this but i've been let me let me just be clear on this cuz i want to be air here republicans at them transport do this is what about the describe it's not illegal but it's there kind of a scam it's a way around arbitrage the rules are very specific rules which i think are frankly a pretty dumb but there the rules on the less about how much money people can donate to a campaign i think on a federal campaign it's like twenty seven hundred dollars now right per camp if i were to run for congress to get not ever but if i were to you can
only twenty seven hundred to me in my primary campaign and say twenty seven hundred for the general that's it it is twenty seven yet seven ok thanks to dig out siege out look at jellies like the audience fact shakira now to escape does every producer ombudsman fact checker you know a character creator so and in a way around mad the way there to do it when i was out at events for obama and bush when i was on the present his details is pretty clever folks they come in and they say mr money bags thurston how're we know that more than say five thousand four hundred dollars right two thousand seven hundred primary two thousand seven hundred general you know simple man five thousand four hundred so here's what we're gonna do i want you to right a cheque for three hundred plus thousand percent will how is it going to happen you can only don't eight fifty four hundred where you're gonna write a bunch of separate checks to come into this event and meet obama or meat bush is again as happened on both sides that my point isn't that what the point of because hilary use the system to screw
obama didn't do that and neither did bush they manipulate the rules in the same way but not to benefit them out in summits keep going because this is really fortunately so they'll say thurston pavel mister you need to write say fifteen separate checks you gotta run twenty seven hundred for a primary twenty seven hundred for a general you're gonna write a ten thousand dollar check to the various states committees and you're gonna write a say ten thousand thou checked this victory fonda whenever editor say the money it's on whatever hundred fifty two hundred thousand dollars its away to milk the donors that happens all the time so we're clear on republicans do with democrats do it it's not illegal although it is a scam it's a typical dammit it's a way around these funding limits which i think are dumb anyway but are still the rules right you ve only serve our earlier what a healer thurston what hilary did which is ongoing
hopefully hilary like is hilary said what work at a shuttle some of that money to the dmz through the state committees your writing the czechs do thurston okay so you're writing ten thousand dollar check to the new york democrat party would it may be the minnesota democrat party we're gonna u know wink that make sure that money makes its way back to the dnc are now what's the problem with this you know we're wouldn't bring an issue if it stopped there again bushel bob what did that where hilary the very hilary like things she said and what's going happen though if you're going to effectively turn over control of the dnc to us why way way way way way tat out under the hood fervor red flag out of your your the nominee hilary you have fighting bernie sanders for the nomination so in it at an unbelievably hilary like move an albino bomb
did not do this by bob obama could do because he had no primary opponent you don't say for reelection wounded man but here we had a primary or poland who is about to be her in bernie sanders edgy effectively money laundered money through the state committees do big donors back to that and see in exchange for controlling the dnc and leveraging its power against bernie sanders for she was the nominee folks this a democrat telling you this a democrat this is in political otherwise known as porch echo you did myself there but it's good piece none the less i'm not going to i will put in the show notes at bongino dot com again if you subscribe to my email us out email ub it's long please read it i beg you because it's a day the crafts account of democrats scandals i'm
this relaying do the information about how democrats are entirely full of crap all the time every time every day twenty four seven three sixty five they are never ever telling you the truth ever the ship was rig yap dear you're right hilary rigged it here's a demo that's account of how she rigged and what they control the dead sea i mean control brazil talks about how they couldn't do a press release without it being headed by the hilary staff wait let me get this straight dynamic national committees what to support democrats running for office could not do a press release unless in a democrat who had bought off this approved the press release first show what do you think that likelihood that a press release coming out so
abrading me the accomplishments of bernie sanders was gonna be after hilary bought off the dnc when you take the chance that happened anywhere between zero and zero zero and zero went somewhere between zero and zero zero zero scale zero year snow chance that was going to happen so i am in and out keep in mind this morning i'm on usually pissed off i'd garage because the jim is closed again which i can't say enough i don't you some fire alarm or somethin i gotta work out i gotta do do kettlebells on my so i have fox on my serious exit map on my phone i hear jammu green who is a liberal commentator again at it's just i mean i am glad i heard it because i was so enraged at what she said that it aid the subsequent searchers squat sets the suicidal widow maker sets will you take ten reps any do twenty sailing breathing it
eighteen you like you can barely like your lungs are ready to explode i was so mad i got through the set no problem because what is green do gmo greater rarely i mean it once in a while there are liberal commentators who i disagree with but i like having them because their entertaining like chris on i argue with mud judge you need all the time argued with my attitude when guess dosing this week but i like chris i really i may do you know miss maylie why'd you i couldn't find areas one argued i really he really enjoy austen goals be economic get to ababa super smart wrong super smart and funded talk do not a bad guy gmo green i know i don't know what this woman's document ever she's on fox this morning and she goes this is all this is i got it
my druthers i gotta get i gotta get everything like and allied to because it really i've gotta go atomizer i'm so like super pistol she goes this is all more evidence of sexism what we re joe joe joe joe what data now let me if this is not again job this is not your question is not itself once in a while i said joe up very early this is now do you dollar brazil is a man or a woman like think down as a woman daughter is a woman yes not as this is not a how many genders liberal tested this is not a question that is a very good guess you would be right that preserves the woman now few been listening which join or you have is data priscilla democratic republic the democratic jesus democrats take during the mandate that we go i don't wanna check it there are we gotta winter over their maryland joe armor thought was guess for our guest incredibly to two attitudes that donna brazil's woman as a democrat joe now
for the story who suppose this hilary story i'm talking about and political that would be that would be done to preserve their dream portray this guy's a basic ease auto role today he is now three four during a female democrat rota is in political exposing this hillary clinton scam gmo green goes on foxes that's evidence of sexism ladies and gentlemen if this is not a reason to utterly humiliate these liberal idiots i don't what is it sexism aid liberal female democrat exposes scamming hilary scams to all of america at another liberal democrats hack goes on fox and says it's evidence of sexism i can't i can't with these people folks
yeah i'm emma about kidding about mess around with you to do trees totally lost right now fifty percent of it is completely clueless i was taught woman yesterday you all know from fox drop in emma get tell your name or anything but you know we we did the communist conversations about an hour yesterday we were lamenting the fact that the stupidity of liberals has turned into i've we're at a very dangerous place our mama kidding folks you know we are were born with these people now it's not rates not physical yet on our side is on their side anti for these other violent thugs it is on their side i'm it's not on our side thankfully and it should you know what a hopefully it will never be really i can't say that enough but these people have abandoned america they lie to you they may need wait you
curse you they attack you they accuse you of the most important disgusting things racism massage any massage any ivo i think two daughters you mother you d gus pieces a garbage what they do to us you bring up the fact that democrat woman exposed a unquestionably rigged elections for hilary and the best you ve got that was your cues others of sexism us joe you are republic into you remember the dnc no one so how the hell did we break it you dope not you put these other idiots how did we break the election we're not even democrats i didn't
i gotta get to this tax thing today to folks will bear with me because i got a number of emails yes in it i'm a little salt the about the emails too because i got an email from a guy i love emails even the negative ones but what i don't like its emails or when people email me and they go how does you miss this and it's like what do you mean that you even listen to the show how did i miss what that guy how did you miss this and he goes on this big long thing that was the whole topic yesterday show you so i have to a re address some things about this tax plan because i think people are seriously confused about this think seriously i think people there fears about my position but you didn't listen is shot so i still gotta get that but i'm not done yet so now but i've never won the election was re gap alright hilary get it as confirmed by a democrat woman who is now a sexist apparently second i'm not gonna dig into this one too deep again but the collusion russian collusion gas there was with every began siri they admitted to it
they ve already admitted to funding the russian effort to put to pump false information the u s electoral process which made it onto a bomb is test they ve already admitted to funding this vote is not a mystery now hilary will say to you over and over which you did you say because she's a liar she is an awful person never forget that story about the female age that almost quit her job because he so awful i mean i know the story i was on the phone with the person what had happened she is an awful off a person she is rude she is anxious she's a manipulator she is a liar she is eight herbal awful evil person and i'm telling you right now that anyone around her with it with an anathema political hacks i'm talking about straight stop standing men and women at the staffers poor people i work with from the military and the secret service you take a pole of veto
the year two hundred of them or whatever you will get thirty forty percent of unwilling to go on record if you put a you know once they retire fewer unthinkable they would say to you this woman was awful so she signature yesterday and she says oh yeah with diffusion gps thing but we only picked up the contract after republicans let it go yes point stipulated no he's questioning that the war free beacon is already admitted which is a conservative leaning out to funding opposition research our trump and other candidates here's that differ again for the ten thousand time but she's lying to you it's not opposition research anybody has a beef with joe have i not been saying this for now three four months made a very clear then thank you not deny that opposition research done i've had it mary nobody's mad pillory
stop lying we're saying is you guys paid for the dossier that's a fact not the washed in free beacon they didnt pay for that you paid for it bobby used to attack is political enemies that's a fact you already admitted to with the corruption neon masking the uranium one deal device behaviour the violent ads you know these same people job this clouds targeted sarah palin for putting suppose i honour congressional district a image used repeatedly over and over overtime romantic suggest targeting not violence workers work railways raymond forbid reused repeatedly these same imbeciles who said that targeting led to the shooting of gabby giffords by a maniac
are the same people who put out an end virginia governors rates of a guy in a truck trying to run down might already children just days before a minority muslim radical why islamic fundamentalists actually ran people down a new york again liberal accusing you of things that liberals were almost universally now refuse to it college themselves which is the pernicious effect of radical islamic terror these people are nothing but liars they lie to you all the time and when they get caught in the lie like jim green and all of these other people when they are caught right handed by their own people exposing the corruption amongst the democrats what are they do joe right back
why didn't politics accusing us of the most disgusting things around the esteve phobic is therefore bay view these two phobic phobia phobic isms this is all they have i'm begging you vote imbeciles out of office everywhere i don't want to see a democrat left standing anywhere listen i know the republican party sucks right now i get it the establishment tourism people i did a mike leaves the ted cruises at the ran paul's of the world any principle folks do you know yet young people you know i don't agree with on every issue but guys like my shoe there are the believe what they say these things but when p i get it is largely abandoned you is by yesterday's tax plan i think has becoming more clear but folks the democrats or a disgusting party of filth right now they are a
talk about the rank and file people maybe i can't say that enough nothing but members of the democrat party run the country cuz a lot of people upset about this to the organized democrat party's a filth bag it is a bag of filth it a disease disgusting identity politics party that has nothing up its sleeve other than the fact that you are will you hate people your racist you're massages a misogynist xenophobic you hate him again and you hate everyone they are action the accusing people of sexism against hillary clinton for being exposed by a female democrat unbelievable i'm a gmo green should be embarrassed she should be helped but she's not she's pratt joe i guarantee you she's proud of herself for that and talk i to everybody and i put i'm sexism saxonism sexism adele juba children well if you're more green gets window this gmo yellow
no accuse us of what are you doing you accuse us of some kind of forbidden kind of always jammu happens to be by actual accuse us of racism anti folks i carry tee i take it to the bank that's all they these are not independent figures they have no capacity to put together a coherent daughter all none break your for today show brandir bodies it that my patriot supply you know prepared matters folks you gotta be prepared with all the threats from north korea we ve seen these violent storms you know we saw it katrina too we had breakdown societal breakdown for just a little while we know we got it back together but a little while matter you you know you can't go without food for more than a couple weeks i mean you knock it's not gonna make it votes and if you have a and you mean you really want to hear your kids you know crying out i think about that all the time the cash with that would be like
be horrifying this it we're only for miss meals away you know from chaos here in our societies a thin crust than a volcano which has been said many times folks you gotta be prepared please go out pick up a box emergency food tat i got my patriot supply there about the website prepare with dan dot com i'm so excited i prepare it and our com they will send you a month supply of emergency food just ninety nine dollars you any water to prepare it it last for twenty five years folks the best day of your life is the day you never need this stuff but i i'd say enough it's better to have it not needed then too eat this and not have it don't assume that's food supply chain is always gonna be therefore that could be a potentially deadly should on your part go pick up a box of em she will do what i did pick up a couple bucks psych i want to prepare within that come i picked up the fruit veggie kid i have a couple bucks if we have the breakfast
i've got four five boxes in air i've got kids go pick up that box of emergency food today go to prepare with dan dot com be prepared better to have this stuff and not needed it than needed and god forbid you don't have it all right even you know now moving on to this tax thing because i'm just i heard that this morning and i might go kay there's the show topic for today here we go meanwhile those thousand other things i wanted to discuss the tax plan i'm not i'm not a fan let me just by i thought i made that clear yesterday because of the upper right i guess not because a guy tweeted me how did you missed this i said miss what the fact that people who are wealthy you're not gonna be better if i thought i said this year then let us remind yesterday shrubbery mean i missed it remember when shall we record the show it between ten and eleven the thing came out folks i had five minutes before i got on the air to a bureau it's not easy for me to digest all this stuff in five minutes in addition to the other stuff so
united miss it i've met effect i thought we put out there that what you need to hear right when you needed to hear one of the first people in be able to report on the democrats lie about it again and it's just here's the irony of this tax plan what's the democrat talking point on this thing show that you ve been hearing read this is in fact plan for the rich the ira if this whole plan the reason i personally think that the pay right now is a very good folks to be candid and gimme the reasons in a minute is the exact opposite this plan will do wonders if your middle class or you know the guy who operates my suit my house middle class earner he asked me yesterday because he knows it's what i do for a living then houses can affect me i said cart you can make out like a boy
i mean you really are if you are a middle class or lower lower income category person individual right now married or single you're gonna do damn well into this thing you're gonna do very well my purse with the plan is people in my income category and higher where some of you're gonna get screwed now you may say if you're a democrat not if you're good conservative but if you're democratic liberalising disable dad you know your name bring come categories you don't need a tax got it's not about what i need i know i don't need it i don't need it i don't need any more money i'm going to die if i don't get a raise its not a what i need it's about what's for the economy do you get that not about what i need it is about what
good for the economy overall and as i have said in the last two shows and i will repeat again the top rate impacts one and one hundred and fifty people what those one and one hundred and fifty people currently earn twenty percent of the money if the top tax rate does not go down which is tax plan doesn't do it doesn't cut the tax rate one at twenty out of every hundred dollars in the economy is still going to be continue to be taxed at the high rate it such money out of the economy it's not about what i need i'm telling you i don't need it i don't need it i dont mean the tax got there's nothing my lifestyles are going to change one bit if my taxes go up ten percent down ten percent states not because my wife i don't live a very extravagant lifestyle we have middle class house and a middle class neighbour the only thing i have that's worth by that's probably not
middle class i guess it's my wrapped there that's it i've spent this you're entitled to know i i dont speak with forked tongue i dont there's nothing we have that's extravagant we have a middle maybe upper middle income home it's not it's not you know it's it's maybe five thousand dollars it's it's lobbies southern or maybe you don't know my god my god you guys with amazing it's a nice place five hundred thousand in new york rarely get you start earl but it's but about what i need and this is where this plan is not going to do well now levy justice spell this stupid agar it on leave ably naive democrat talking point that this plant benefits the rich it is the exact opposite the washington post joe the wash hosty hack far left pro again the machine gave the democrats
an astonishing for pinocchio meaning that's a guarantee lie the wash them i was on their claim that this will benefit the middle class folks think about but i just told you the democrats prob ganda arm in the washington post gave the democrats a penalty is otherwise you're definitely lying for saying this won't benefit the middle class let's go through if you're a single middle income person right you now pay you get twelve percent on you're gonna pay all out you're gonna pay twelve percent i'm sorry i'll come under forty five thousand dollars with the standard deduct the entire double to twelve thousand your basically going to pay roughly five percent on fifty seven thousand dollars or come alone let me just some that are for if you ve if you are an income earner not a small business income earners and you're making fifty
seven thousand on your single fifty seven thousand dollars a year or unless you are gonna play close to a flat rate of twelve roughly twelve percent folks that's a pretty dark big tax cod considering you are paying fifteen percent on large swathes of that income in the past combine that with the child action if you're a single parent with a child combine that with the double the standard deduction as i just said you're gonna get a very nice tax cut very nice fear make fifty seven thousand dollars again depending on what you're statuses with children what statuses with reductions in the past if you use them or not you could wind up the couple thousand extra dollars in your pocket that's not a joke folks that's not a joke you get a refund at the end of the year it's a difference between you getting zero and you getting potentially five hundred to two thousand dollars that's real money
fake ahmadi its monopoly my five hundred two thousand bucks by you know in some cases down payment on a car this is real money now you propaganda and a bunch of a load of malarkey go to some liberal thing and i'll tell you that this these are just the facts as again easy wash it imposes evening now you are a single single middle class aren't or fifty seven thousand are below an income you are going to make out very well now if you're married here's where it gets really nice for the middle class many of the pros and cons uses the pros for you your middle income earner you'll pay twelve percent now they come under ninety k with the standard deduction at twenty four thousand double before you and your wife right you twelve percent on income personal hundred and fourteen thousand dollars or less if you are for was yoga fifteen percent on the pass a large swathes of that income again if you are
married with children although the personal exemption goes away the standard deduction is doubled the deduction for chile joe goes from a thousand to sixteen hundred you have four five kids you have to it's like me you're talking about twelve hundred more deductions that weren't there in the past increase it's where those kids this is a big tax cut for you so again the democrats bs garbage talking point a middle class in favour the rich is exactly wrong it is a total lie there are people gonna do well under this but i tell you i'm telling you with a thousand percent certainty it sure as hell eight the middle class or a married couple making a hundred and fourteen thousand or less you are going to get tat got from roughly fourteen fifteen percent again there's a lot of variables in here but you are going to get a tax cut down to about
while percent and if you have a lot of kids you're gonna get a pretty heavy tax cut those are the facts now liberals again they have zero zero about but you know i mean that just a stiff the filthy they just filthy page why all the time tell you all the middle class is gonna get soap how are you gonna get so there is of course no one in the middle class that loses under this plant pisses me off man are now the twenty five percent bracket which used to be the twenty eight percent bracket this is where it gets interesting they bumped up to twenty five percent bracket two two hundred thousand two hundred and sixty k for married folks so that that's good too because if you're between
hundred fourteen two hundred you're gonna do do well to because d limits you're gonna do we have two hundred thousand are below you're gonna do pretty darn well under this plan your part because it was a tall the eight percent now it's about twenty five percent here's the bad part this is where people were like me work i'm going to get screwed over the thirty five percent bracket which is now four hundred seventeen thousand dollars for single and married now affects people making two hundred thousand single and two hundred and sixty thousand married so that's that's in those income ranges folks towards thousand about it's about a tenth it's about it percentage point tax height for me that's a lot that's a lot of money i'm gonna lose on this now the thirty nine point six percent bracket is now four hundred eighteen two five hundred thousand if you're married for five hours as if you marry forgery tv single diskettes bump
if you're married to a million so there too you know that's the kind of the trade off your married couple there it's a million you would have paid the thirty nine point six percent rate of half a million are you gonna painted a million but folks for the people who make this is where i know the skiff confusing with the numbers let me just leave it at this point i want to bore you did that and by the way daily signal has an unbelievable peace on this i encourage you to read its the best one i've read on the text scott explains all this i will put it in the shown us today but if you're making but in two hundred thousand and five thousand dollars and five two thousand and or over a million dollars so two hundred thousand thousand single over a million dollars if you married you're gonna get her pretty bad on this you're gonna get some pretty bad you pretended not to mention you gonna lose the state and local tax deduction even worse joe they are limited
stockdale eliminated the deduction for state and local taxes if you live in a blue state with pretty high state local taxes your income taxes in the state we don't have that in florida thank god you are now going the full load on that matter going pay the full load what they did is a mistake they they didn't eliminated action for property taxes but they capped at ten thousand dollars so what does that mean joe one of these places would state and local taxes are now how can i move a lot of the tax loan on the property taxes because they're citizens in those states can deduct them it's going to be a big problem folks if you are the democrats talking points on this are totally nonsense people who are paying in the past were paying a twenty five percent bracket are now going to be moved up now into the third five percent bracket you we're gonna pay a lot of money you were living in a blue state and you're relatively wealthy you're going to pay a lot of money too cuz you're not going to be able to deduct your state local taxes anymore and your property taxes are capped of ten thousand
point and this is not a boo hoo story again i can't besides enough i don't need it i get it i dont need tax cut it's not about what i need is allowing people who have earned capital and earn money and have money to use that money joe effectively to put it back in the economy and not lowering that top rate from thirty nine point six percent back to the reagan rates of twenty eight percent because gonna limit the growth potential of its now i owe you a position on it as it stands now it's only fair you listen to the show if said to me now you know proverbial gone to the head you take the time code now or do you pay this bill i pass it even not i folks listen this hurts me i don't speak with forked tongue i dont do well
but i would rather see the money filter back into the middle class right now than what we have now gone to bed this or what we have now i take this now what am i asking of you what i'm asking you in the audience very simply is to try to talk anyone who will listen to your local legislators your federal legislator anyone who was influence in this process because it's not done yet we have got to get that top rate from where it is now that thirty nine point six rate new twenty five percent bracket which is which they are a lot of people now the quarter million category rock people have money they can invest in the economy that should be one bracket it should be taken maybe twenty eight percent that's it and that's why eight percent bracket should be the highest rate of make sense show what you're hurting point six now dump the twentieth why do i say twenty eight that the re enter reagan years we had explosive growth now the corporate rate
going down the corporate rate is gonna go down from thirty five to twenty that's a very good idea theirs as noted in the daily signal which i think is important the corporate rate was lowered and canada in two thousand seven the business tax and folks conveniently their wages grew faster than any comparable country this is in the peace so the corporate rate will offset the cotonou corporate ray thirty five to twenty percent will offset some of the damage due to upper income earners because out of a more invested in stocks a lot from investing in businesses than i think i'll do quite well underneath this point under this plant here one other thing you may have missed than the covered yesterday which shockingly was not put out the joe what you may know find interesting to they spending five twenty nine plans these college savings plans there spending them the k to twelve education which is excellent excellent idea
so now under this plan you're gonna be able to invest in a five twenty nine plan and use that money it's posts tax money that you invest in a five twenty eight twenty nine point used to be able to use only for college you're gonna be able to invest say private school religious school whatever it may be for your kids came all the way to twelve which for me that helps me alive also one other candidates this the tax breaks for second homes goes away i think that's a mistake i think they're forget again if we're gonna if we're going to zero this thing out with zero went out everywhere let's not just hit the real estate industry let's just flat tax it all away because now you listen by i know evolve i got you want a tax break for a second home folks it's not about that i know there i'm not doing class warfare like these idiots on the left i get it that's all check it orbs rich people turn that now go get em what what what would you like to happen so these days
wealthy folks have this money you what do you want me to burn it would you rather than go by a second of all which by the way puts construction workers to work which puts the away first a word which puts concrete black manufacturers to her attire peter who produce roofing tiles at work produces window manufactures or this is stupid class warfare you should never play set forget about second home by your think about the second home builder so are you gonna pay if you're very wealthy now have a second home you know their tax breaks you after that are going to go away but it got if we're going to wipe clean all these deductions and all these expenditures that is in the in the these attacks isn't the code there then we do it fairly all at one time so the sum this up if your middle class and your single or married you're gonna do very well under this plan if you're single in a blues
and you classify most of your high income as income and our capital gains you're probably gonna get worked over in if you married you probably gonna get worked over pretty badly are suggests what's infuriated about this whole thing because democrats caning we get to talking point right yeah someone's get screwed by this but it ain't the middle class like i said even the washed imposed copies are right that they should also body but he could see our tv where i work please go sign up procedure tv we got phil robertson show markel vin shows even crowded shows these data show michel mark and show all available you can watch it on your computer that's where i keep but my computers we sing your tv you can watch in your smartphone all available at sea or tv i can't go there today putting promo code bond over ten those off its it works out to be less than ten dollars a month when you pick this stuff up best conservative contact out there on the web go check it out see or tv dotcom use promo code bungee no pretend i was up
folks i understand i was confusing i just i got a little upset you share their email so like i miss the here would you say hey there romania emails like i'm relatively well to do an army get screwed over by this you miss i didn't miss and i said that on yesterday's show that that was the worst part of the plan was at the top right didn't go down folks where a lot of the income is alright some good news and i'll for the weekend i leave you with some good news here so the job numbers came out today they were excellent two hundred and sixty one thousand new jobs the unemployment rate is down to four point one percent but here's here's an analysis i saw this morning in the wall street journal that i thought was interesting and i pass on to you james freeman who did an interview with a business later any said thus anita what what's goin on why is business optimism non residential investment wisest all picking up now mean it joe let me this can't hear they tax cuts
the past yet i mean a lot has changed but it's only been six months it why now why is the economy exploding this you got office and the guy interesting ads which you know i kind of see but i didn't realize it was his impact was so a lot of its red tape but he said this is where the distinction comes and where are you know he he makes a leap i had made he says just a trump is cutting red tape and government regulations it's that debate this community now understands that the tidal wave of regulations new ones coming ashore has stopped and i was like that's a good point i wish i would point out to the earl audience earlier that the end separation of a bad business environment is somehow somehow just as bad as an act red tape morass in and of itself you see my points out that the anticipate
red tape is as bad as red day itself now to put some numbers behind this this is this is a staggering number the federal register right now which is basically the book of the government federal government red tape now stands at forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight pages at the same time last year under obama it stood at sixty seven thousand nine hundred pages and ended the here at a staggering ninety seven thousand one hundred and ten pages donald proper shrunk the federal red tape rule book by thirty percent so oh it's not just that a lot of the red tape is going away is that the business community finally understands that the government is gonna get out of the way and stop issuing new ones this is important stop this has a lot to do with the explosive economic growth and i think if you combine this with this tax packaging here's my one wrinkled of this if they can get the top rate
to twenty eight percent this will be you will be living through one of the most explosive periods of growth in american history i'm telling you i am saying it on tape these podcast they on tape we note the lead em if we can get that rate that i think this tat i again i owe you an opinion i'll take this over nothing because i can't just why did we live in the real world not the world i wanted to be but ideal world get past this is it is now and get their top right down to the reagan rate of twenty eight percent in conjunction with trumps war on red tape while we will be looking at some growth we haven't seen since the mid nineteen eightys it would be absolutely incredible i folks again for tuna in go check this out upon gino that common police subscribed to my email is i'll send you that political peace will end the daily signal piece which sums all this up and go the numbers i talk about about the brackets and who's gonna win and who's gonna lose thanks
and i'll see you just heard in bonn gino she'll get more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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