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Ep. 608 Why is this National Crisis Being Ignored by the Swamp?

2017-12-08 | 🔗
Is this Democrat Senator really resigning or is this another cynical Democrat scheme? https://www.conservativereview.com/articles/levin-heres-the-democrats-sickening-cynical-franken-scheme   Why is this growing national crisis being ignored by the DC swamp? http://reason.com/blog/2017/12/07/whos-ready-for-some-trillion-dollar-repu   Of course the 5 wealthiest counties in the US are located around the swamp. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/census-bureau-5-richest-counties-are-dc-suburbs   Read this report and see the outrageous things the federal government spends money on. https://www.cato.org/blog/federal-fumbles-failures?utm_source=Cato+Institute+Emails&utm_campaign=1f2c28b678-Cato_at_Liberty_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_395878584c-1f2c28b678-143016961&goal=0_395878584c-1f2c28b678-143016961&mc_cid=1f2c28b678&mc_eid=3fd7404a34   CNN finally admits the truth about Trump. http://ijr.com/the-declaration/2017/12/1030901-cnn-makes-big-admission-donald-trump-keeper-promises/?utm_campaign=Conservative%20Daily&utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=59206578&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-9LdKQwYKlWw0X2zjFq9r-1CIo0Y13TmtgPfXO-NL1KFucc3EXHe2AgQZe0T1sO-yGbg1MZhp5BQ4zsSkvL0yleRSzfNA&_hsmi=59206578
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Waiting to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone GINO, welcoming them on GINO Show producer Joe. How are you today, Dan? I am always glad to be here with you. Baby is clear where the abated right, yeah we love Friday. I dont get weekends off you now. I will not Listen, I'm not! Looking for anybody! Sympathy. My life is wonderful. God is bless me with a multitude of blessings. I thank him for every opportunity every night, but it is busy medevac, I'm taking my kid
the Disney tomorrow and I'm still doing a fox whose main before I leave the address was due judge it into, but I can't get back in time, so I couldn't take quick I'll. Take us I'm getting a ton of emails on the stem cell thing I had done. You know I have really bad arthritis and I had my stem cells taken out of my back. They taken out of the fat and your back and you bet he hasn't, even if your super lean- and I did it- the regulations know about it. I've done it before worked like a charm, so quick up day one. Let me some it's driving me absolutely mad. I can't go to the Jim for six weeks on two weeks in I am Shrink gang that's true, I have listened to my audience. I love you all and I feel the need to share my the intricacies of my personal life. How pretty am I. It is right to much information too bad. I shrinking dramatically and I a condition called bigger actually have you are to pay
rex. Here, it's I'm telling you it's a jet. It is the opposite of Anna Actually it was a very serious. Could this I'm a messenger, but I do I have a bit of bigger axiom like I never think in the german big enough and I'm always I'm dead, serious folks like this gets in my head, and I was up to two hundred twenty five pounds. You know I can't do put post Eddie. These shirt was picture, look ridiculous, but I will I was getting pretty big and now that I work out I'm losing weight dramatically because I'm letting my body here from the stem cell procedure but and its having me not some down to like to look at me on tv. If you see me on fox my neck might shirk don't even fed on my guard pencil MAC. Now, let's make it may not honey. I shrunk Dan Honey. I should today, but the Rick Miranda will be it's driving me crazy, so it takes for the email. Yes, we're gonna go said. The corrected me, a gaslight that is not a Hitchcock will reach a thank you. I appreciate we gotta correct that stuff, but our unshrinking, but the procedure for those you have arthritis or serious joint conditions, is again been
King like magic, my left, elbow, which was incredibly damaged, is like bread. No, not an ounce of pain- I'm not kidding as Doktor Berman in Beverly Hills, B, E r M Anti, who did the procedure here? then pay me to say this already: they d guise of Burma, his idea, if you ever writers and and you ve, been told- you need a joint replacement, I'm not your doktor. Anything just check this guy out beforehand before you got remove. What are your joints telling you may laugh, doubles like no, so there's a quick update, sorry to knock couple minutes you tat, but I get a ton of emails, dinosaurs, Doktor, Berman in Beverly Hills at the stem cell network. Google com- You will not be disappointed if it has been just magical, but I am the incredibly shrinking human being. I this or not. the Frank and story just quickly. So our Frank in yesterday I gave a speech on the second floor about resigning, but didn't resign. Folks,
there's some interesting theories about what's going on right now and I'm talking so let us try to methodically put this together, not confuse yourself. Just quick background. L Frank was caught net Reno disgusting picture. trying to man handle the personal arts of weekend, Sweden, while she was sleeping. Many of you see he's a democratic centre from it. So it is pretty disgusting picture. I think he thought it was funny basin. he smiling in the picture. We literally has his hands hovering over her. You know her breath its gross that's funny. I mean if you know that was your door or your wife. You beat us not out of a guy rap, so other accusers came forward and, and and you know I I do believe due process. I am frank it all. I disagreed and politically I believe he is entitled. The due process of the pictures, pretty obvious that was pretty gross, but yesterday gets up on the second floor, gives an eleven minute speech and says I am resigning from the Senate.
But not right. Now, ok so much then, who is always a visit brilliant I'll just say eggs? I work with them again in a lot of. You say that they are you work with, of course, use it now markets. Really always I'm telling you. He is always two steps ahead of this stuff. He hasn't it just thinks theory, but that which I a hundred percent agreement. Here's the theory he put out there yesterday not put the article up at my show, no tampon GINO, Thou com, My email is thus under ts available conservative review written by Crispin Doubtful, but he's cover events comments. He says here too. really going on one Joe, if Joe? If you were to tell me right Dan, can't you the more buddy I'm resigning you tippit just leave right or you give like two weeks noticed right: you're, gonna, two weeks, have you going right, you don't say down, I'm resigning but I'll be leaving at a date soon to be permanent future. Why which someone do somethin like that. Well,
think theory is. There is an election coming up December. Twelve, you may have heard about that December. Twelfth election is the Alabama Senate election United States Senator Roy, more Doug Jones race. Roy more has been accused of sexual improprieties as well the theory there is that their way to see what happens in the more race on December twelfth and if more, in fact, wines under the same cloud of impropriety in suspicion that Frank. It is that Democrats may turn around flip the script and say well. We did that a thing and we were going to resign, but now that publicans of elected Roy more you now it's just like this play out and ethics investigation for more and frank and at the same time you see worm go with this shall be here now. I think Levinus correct that's what's gonna happen. I also think there's an alternate theory here.
Alternate theory here is that the Soviets theory number one that they're gonna teach not in fact really resigning. He just saying it to take that. You know that the quorum quote highroad, but what route? What's really gonna happen is going to wait to see what happens with more and more does in fact resign oars and kicked out after he's elected they're, going to keep frank into us, I well what's good, for the goose is good for the gander. I think I'm. The theory is an alternate theory, AIDS by interim, like sixty percent on out one forty percent, and this one hears the other one the other theory is no. They really do want Frank and out he sure. That resigning right now, because there are some votes coming up that they may need em on. But here going to resign, regardless of what happens with more and the devil That's given that Minnesota's umbrella relatively safe seed, it's a swing he kind of each state definitely blue, but it's possible, of course, for republican public to send a seat norm. Com is a republican, well Frank and beaten, barely beady, only one by three hundred votes in a state.
That's incredible fleet about that and there are still significant allegations of fraud. on the frank inside as well, not that he did a person, but voter fraud got him in What are the other series is? The mid terms are coming up and I want to use the election of Roy more, outside of the franc and anchor? In other words, he begone, so you can't hold frank and against a radio Dave. They use that Roy more election like walking Republic injured sexual harassers and they're gonna beat every republic in running in the mid terms over the head with it. How would they do that? Joe Joe What causes run for Congress tomorrow? That is a job. Where are you on Roy more right? Now? Where are you and if you don't say the right thing, Joe of course, it's gonna be here is easy enabler of sexual harassment. You get what I'm saying So those are the two running theories. I lay a little more weight to the live in theory that he may, in fact, not resign because of the more election, but number two s, credibility to that he's gonna be used up to be done
in the mid term, so interesting. I put a couple stories on add up at the show notes and I find interesting and I consider Matthew email if you wish right story number to this, one is on a very serious this one's kind of coupling. Yet there is. Anniversary, so there's one kind of troubling it. There bothering me a lot because that the lack of seriousness applied to this topic. I think lot of American. You know- and I want to take a vitamin be twelve soon I take dispraised. I was pretty good its remit I like the most ADHD guy in human history, but very seriously, people are losing their end, this then this topic- and I can't for the life of me, understand why, because I believe it's the greatest economic threat to America right now, and I am not alone by any stretch, the debt.
Joe, whereas the conversation about the national debt need, if you notice has been sidelined, I guarantee you. If you ask, Americans are top ten issues are concerned about the debt which, be, in my humble opinion, number one is probably for five: maybe a hen you don't hear any serious conversations about this anymore, and I have some theories as to why that is. I think one of them. Has there been no at this wait at least a real world ramifications for it and I'll get that in a second, and I think, when people don't feel concept once this for actions they keep doing them. I mean you keep going into a candy store every day and not paying for the bubble gum. Why would you pay and the oder doesn't say anything after Joe, it's nap correct for you to assume its re you'll, like it. Just keep walk it ain't. You never said anything. So people experience consequences when you don't experienced consequences, you know whether its path,
Vienna, wrapper and conditioning. You start to think that the behaviour is fine or its and without without consequence, nobody's talk. but the debt. The recent bring this up as a short term. Spending bills are being passed right now, under our noses in Congress, which are bankrupting the United States in lifetime. Folks, couple of things here. But regarding the real world ramifications, if this work, a private business the United States government, a free market business right that had taken on the debt load. The deadline we have now is closing in on one hundred percent of the entire productive value, the United States, our gdp, we're moving towards twenty trillion dollars. In that which is the value of every single thing that the country produces. If this were Ford Motor Company and Ford Motor Company as a as a company, was worth whatever twenty billion dollars. Who knows? I'm ponies numbers out of my head here, sort on billion dollars and Ford Motor Company had twenty billion dollars in debt, the interest rate on a
ford. Motor company bond and long would be through the roof. Why because no one's gonna learn this this this motor come and they don't have that Ford's doing pretty little catch bought their stock. Didn't I, but nobody's gonna, lend the money at a low interest rate job, because the risk of not getting paid back as high pretty simple stuff why is that not happening in the United States right now? What happening in the United States right now, because the world economy is generally just sputtering along, but but but but but it's not motoring along, sputtering along so PETE. or still investing in the United States, it rather low interest rates and giving the United States the equivalent of the federal government Ford Motor Company right now right, if it far, if that were the case, are still giving us money, because there's is nowhere else. To put it now, I use car company, because during me
recession? Ford side, Love Ford? By way, my rap there is us for those who have asked me about how its go at the rap there's, the greatest car Brad Trocadero had loved, but during the great recession, where other car companies took bailouts for didn't. I think Ford came out of a quite well. I ve had some minor setbacks. You whenever I think forge gonna, do very well over time, but our question after the recession show. All the car companies were struggling. A lot of people bought Ford stock because they figured our? I even affords not doing great it certainly not do in his bed. Is GM and he's other companies that took some government bail out money, get what I'm saying so wasn't there motoring along pun intended for it was that they were failing as bad as the other ones back, then it came out of it pretty good and I think their cars or terrific pay me to say that even a sponsor you point I'm making about the government events
Philly folks, there are going to be other countries around the world that get their act together. We're seeing in Ireland we're seeing it in some of the bells. The baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia, we're seeing it around the world and his other investment opportunities come up. People are going to invest in other governments as well. They're not going to be nearly as large of an economy is the United States with the world's largest economy, but these interest rates do not have to stay low forever. By saying this, Sooner or later, there are going to be real world ramifications for this that I dont know what that number is. I can only tell you what the economic researchers that you can, like research, which has been pretty consistent, has stated once you hate about ninety percent of your job, BP in debt load, you start to offer interest rates, slow economic growth and those types of things, folks where they are right now this is a real
we pressing issue and which really working me is- were passing these short term spending bells were passing these mammoth spending bills and their seemingly no conversation whatsoever outside the Freedom caucus in the House of representatives about actually cutting government spending. Folks the great peace by reason. Reason a com which I will put again and show notes about the damage George? It's out of probably no more than six hundred words? Maybe less talks about this committee for responsible federal budget report and its just stay, they quote some lights and reporting that job we're headed for annual deficits, annual meaning yearly member, our entire economy, Joe, is only worth twenty trillion right. We are by twenty nineteen writer I'm a corner by twenty nine, for annual deficit of one point? Zero five trillion dollars? Adam is only worth twenty trillion together,
All these homage only a joke. I begin to talk about a slip. The guy now spend four trillion we're looking at deficit every year of of one trillion in a four trillion dollar budget: the report we spread. Did this incredible folks by twin? Twenty there predicting one point: one trillion where Is there a conversation about the tidal wave of debt coming ashore? Here's the real world ramification for this, as I said before and opened up with sooner or later, people are gonna wise up and say way way way way way. Does the government even have the capability to pay this back? Folks, here's problem. Do what it happens. It happens like that Argentina used to be with the third wealthiest country in the world to they had a debt collapse. Just like we were we're looking at right now and at what happens when people
that lending us money anymore Joe. We have to offer them exhort we high interest rates to get them the lending money to compensate them for the risk that their never going to be paid back comments that's right That happens and interest rates go up. Folks, do you want to go back to paying you know twelve Fifteen percent interest rates on your mortgage come out, and it's never gonna happen. Oh no. No, it did matter of ragged happened in my lifetime. I was born in nineteen. Seventy four keeper, Nineteen eighty show mortgage rates, nine, ten eleven percent This really happen. Folks, I mean I get it that a lot of us younger folks, you know of a dinner, fortys and younger. I then I consider myself relatively young. Still, we never known really a time and our adult lives of super high interest rates is going to happen. This means real money for you. You know when you
a card dealer unit, goats. Most people do. I know it is a terrible way to negotiate by the way, but this is the way it happens. Show you know this: what do they do? They negotiated a monthly payment when you buying are rightly, can you look in your for every month? Working Wade cardio. This love that by the way, because then you ignore what you ignore, the actual price of the Kok. Tell him? Yes, the rights, not the right way to do it the way to negotiate on the price of the darn car, but pay a lot of people do that they don't do when they buy a house either they like we're. What's our mortgage payment gotta being? Can we afford it when interest rates are creeping up to nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen- these, how this works against you all this, the price of the cardinal matter, the more it doesn't even matter, because most of what you're paying Joe is the trust in the first few years, you're gonna be in what we pay me out of six thousand dollar car is seventy. Two thousand prisoners must obviously be exaggerated, but you get the point. You can apply it.
twenty thousand dollars, dollar car and the monthly payments is gonna, be absurd because Could be all interest for life, three years folks this is gonna happen through world ramifications in this? Are gonna happen? action item, I'm asking you is when you vote and when you talk to your legislators as matters, they do pay attention and new email, their offices and you call their offices, asked them what they're doing to cut the government budget and I'm I'm a little bit. a little bit excited not allowed because I know I d c works, but a little bit excited that I heard Paul Ryan, say, listen, we ve gotta, look in reform or I guess, and everybody loves to knock Paul Ryan. I get it. I understand why people get upset sometimes, but that's a pretty dark. Paul thing to say we're gonna go broke Folks, it's only a matter of time. It is a mathematical certainty. Is not a joke. Now,
There is an interesting report to buy Cato which will be in the show notes. Strong. encourage you to reduce one about? Jim, like for the senator from Oklahoma, puts out a report. Call federal fumbles show listen to some of the things, government spending money on now granted entitlements. Are they eat an enormous chunk of our national debt and deficit problem? I get that, but that's not mix, Mr Flush money down the toilet bull elsewhere either. Here are some of the fumbles from this Cato coverage of the report by land for the government spent. This is this crazy seven hundred and forty five million on an air force, Control Centre that was scrapped, hundred forty five billion. What the hell was it not been, that was every scrap of seven seven hundred foot my house I bought for our April Conseil or what they were like five twenty years, something we bought our house for right, seven hundred forty five million, that's
or teen hundreds hundred of my houses, either but even fourteen hundred houses in palm city where I live, I dont think where you, The report on the city for seven hundred seven hundred forty five million Butte Joe I'm not kidding, you probably could have bought by entire neighbourhood, the adjoining neighbourhood and the section of I ninety five that runs next to us for seven hundred forty five million. What the heck is it that what did you, build. This thing out of often silver. What were the but the faucets pen, toilet poles beta platinum. Cash what was I was there, a rolls Royce parked in every single DE parking spot of this Airforce control centre. seven you're, forty five million! Do you want stay and how many social security beneficiaries could have been paid with seven hundred forty five million dollars, folks since the opening line. Here's a cup
Other ringers repaid five thousand for a music conductors birthday party, heck, where we are this birthday party that the russian tea room, Are you serious? Eighty? Five thousand I had my daughter's birthday party had Chuckie Jeez for like two hundred bucks. Are you serious Jesus actually always say Chuckie Jeez goaded jockeys call me that a jockey create, only comes out the pseudo horror, but the big dopey years, China jockey. Can we get a picture? Eighty five thousand dollars? What were you serving but beluga caviar copy beef. here's another one. a hundred forty, eight thousand nine hundred fifty bucks for Alabama. Birthday party I did,
It's a word there, not Alabama Senators Birthday Party, not Alabama, gum, furthermore, for Alabama Birthday Party Alex I'm not a person. Care. It's stayed, there's no Mr Alabama, he's out. There exists a great look at tat cake. It's even in the of Alabama Mr Alabama, what their heads you're spend two a hundred forty eight thousand on. What are you like? A dollar check to everyone in Birmingham to celebrate? This is ridiculous for Alabama about area hundred, two thousand three hundred eighty toodles to document the dough Mackey Language in Pakistan. Why? What we don't even What people speak English? Is it like the United States and we're documenting the book of language in Pakistan? What
what what is it like? Number that the devil? we would then wash. There was the book of Eli worries document thing. Like the last Bible left on earth, I mean seriously a hundred, and the UK government TAT, a stone for like twenty bucks. You know those language she'll great. By the way I used one for Spanish go pie for De Mackey, or I don't even off I'm saying, oh right, get me I'm not trying to be like culture, you'd sensitive, I mean it. I just I don't know Think about this language, culture, stone, don't do it for four for twenty bucks. One billion for oh value, trolley in San Diego. Seventy, billion on earned income tax credits, subsidies and why? billion unfair. I can't I get a move on,
On federal agency advertising, because yes, federal agencies need advertising to tell people there there because they know, but he knows, is a federal government despite the fact that we spent four trillion dollars now. One more point: I really folks, I'm really big deadly sincere with you. I only intended on spending five minutes on this, but it is it's. It's it's comically, sad that we're going bankrupt. We celebrating Alabama his birthday, as Mr Alabama is gonna care, unlike blow out a candle. This is outrageously stupid. One report I have in the show. No today from CNN News is tearing Jeffrey Deuce Grass, amazing Joyce's drudge by the way does really great stuff government spending Joe. a request for you ready. Yet these are a trick questions now this these this may be a tough one, so for the audience give Joe a little bit of a pass if he doesn't get this exactly right. Ok, Joe
the five wealthiest counties in the United States in the CNN News, peace, to give you a hit where their located now we ve got to say our task before, but don't let that skew you're thinking Joe, you you're not trick questions five wealthiest counties in the United States, Joe Where do you think they're located in the suburbs of now? I will give you a hint, a lot of government spending happens in this city. It's the american capital, does this tough? I know you have a tough times. Let me give you a couple. You live very close to their. I know where you live, go down, Richie, highway pop onto fifty and you'll, get there you almost one more alive. Out of lobbyists that lobby that big government for this large, yes of Taxpayer Dollars Lee,
in the suburbs? this american city Joe. What is it go? Well no you're trying to trick me, but I'm going to say wash D C, I'm telling you my cry and right now, because you are in spite of all the executive producers of all the major conservative pod gets out there, are clearly I mean I Q leader amongst the population of a peace. I mean buck twenty or more, and I too easy genius, who else would figure that out the five wealthiest counties in America. You got loud and you got Howard Maryland. You got a bunch of others in Virginia that populate the top twenty to put the five wealthiest in the entire country hitting a tire country. I'm located right around Washington? Did they what a shocker or think about this? This is what's incredible,
for all of my beefs with New York, Avenue Native New Yorker, and I love the people, but for all beef with New York, politics and the liberals have run that great state into the ground, New York and the city of New York I boroughs is still a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. That is even decide the Democrats best efforts to ruin it right, wonderful down, it's a wonderful down. It is bad politicians, California, too, but you know I visit California lot. Joe knows II audio sales and I love California. I hate his politics. I hate the fact that the good people of California are being terrorized by liberal politicians. I really do the destroying the state, but I'm telling you, California is awesome. I love it, but we go out Sometimes I kid you not. We fly out there just to eat anorexic huts, that's because it so what's it called Forty, a New York hotbeds this bad politics of entrepreneurial super creative thinkers, Silicon Valley, the financial district in New York
still, no near the top five wealthiest counties in America, which all are surrounding Washington D C, the hotbed of government spending, don't you find that mildly, suspicious use. I think we don't have a government spending problem here. Man, folks, when are we going to wake up? This is worth its final word, Lambert about it, but I have to go crazy because I wake up today- and I think about this address- drives not just Syria it's driving me met ok today, a party by bodies, a filter by I really like this company. I have a serious problem with allergies. You know I share everything on this, shall be your probably all like. I know too much but you're my audience. I feel like you're entitled to know those did. I have real the terrible allergies, but I noticed over the last couple years my allergies sometimes get better, sometimes get worse, and what
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double the industry Standard Merv raining have the cleanest they around. The air inside is really polluted. Folks studies will tell you that some that ninety percent, more pollution on indoor air than outdoor air go give a mission. Filter by dot com, that's filter by dot com. They love have any and I'd like that. I really appreciate all the support being given him. You keep the they keep the show free. You keep the show, free for yourselves up by supporting our sponsors, and I really appreciate that filter by backup but wait too much time in debt. They bid it with super funny at the end of a stupid stuff. We spend money and hears great story- I saw in the Wall Street Journal today You know I like these little behind the scenes stories about like a why matters shall write, and I saw this one. I thought this would be really call to cover on the show and its quick come, but this real battle going on about that. I'm calling him the salt wars. It has nothing to do with the sodium chloride salt. They. local taxes by the solemn,
Cars are going on right now with regard to the taxpayer. It obviously has a past, yet it passed the house and any different urgent past the Senate. So a lot of people, fifty percent of total pass, no, not only have to reconcile the differences between those bills first to get something through the president, so the saw wars of heated up, the salt wars, based on the state and local tax deduction. If you live in a high tech state like armoured cars does in Maryland, I don't Florida. Joe gets a deduction for the state income tax as he pays the property taxes he pays to state local entities in Maryland, copy pretty simple stuff. Now, that's a pretty we tax deduction some there people who make you know two hundred thousand three hundred thousand dollars a year who are paying exorbitant state income taxes who can get. Fifty sixty thousand dollar deductions. That's a big deduction. it's worth a lot of money, now support,
depending on which taxpayer passes? That's largely gonna go away for people who live in largely blue states that charge the residents high taxes on or have a problem here in Florida, where we have no state income tax without flower farmers seven honoured, moved out. We'd love to see just please vote republic. Keep the state red we needed. So here's the real story about what's going on with the star wars in the journal covers this extensively today, the debt- Crasser freak out and even Jerry Brown, the governor of the great state, a California, the liberal, democratic governor, California, is starting to freak out, because why patently he barged into some pension negotiate should meet in the other day and like so he made the republic and cause the conservative cause for spending control on government pensions. Now let me be clear on this and I'm not trying to play both sides or wage any by I'm. Just gonna give you the truth. I was a state and federal employed. I am not in any way disparaging people will get up every day and work hard for the government. There's nothing wrong with that
I think, I'm I really it's not your fault, you got a job and it was with the government of its debts. Mobile thing: they do you work every day you work hard and you could probably get a job in a private sector, but you chose a job in a government as other with people Work for a living are not the problem. We should I'm. I've really believe we should never attack government employees, which I worked in there all their honourable people. Having said that, and I mean it. I sincerely do having that, though the governor screw you over ignoring the economic reality of state. A state pension crisis is not going to do anything to make it go away ever my the other thing we did with the rapporteur. I too think that to do do you know that here one either sixty five different ways to say dude. Whenever one of us, You think you as a serial killer round the corner, your apartment, it's late at night, you like dude, and he just making sure he's there. The pension crisis it sitting around the corner and you saying Dude is lacking
make it go away. a cop randomize guy Brian who ate these, in front of my forever went to the police Academy together He he loves you, the show- and he loves economics Calls me a lot about this. Pension costs. Just cause he's in New York, city, cooperative, ear tags think nobody's gonna beat. I know it's not gonna, be there I don't know the easy way to tell you this, but the answer is no. The monies are gonna be there, because the money is not there now mobile, how, We're getting pay pensions, whether borrowing it together its borrowing money from taxpayers now to pay pensions. There's no pension fund is they're all broke. What most of us some of them are doing. Ok, florid is actually doing right. Point. I'm trying to make here is I use Jerry Brown now making the conservative argument that we need to do something about the California State Pension system, which is an absolute crisis there. No money there broke because
this: the elimination of salt follow me here for a second Joe. Let's walk you this. Dems. The Democrats got into bed with public sector unions a long time ago, and they made them pension promises show in turn, for donations and continued political power. they made them pension promises, there was no mathematical, financial or economic way. They could keep right, no contract and number two instead of those those those public sector union, starting to acknowledge that the money wasn't gonna, be there and early on working on a fixed for the future. Instead of defined benefit defined contribution. Basically, instead of pensions for one k pipelines, they took it to court. In court. They argue that these contracts are not are inviolable, Joe. You can't break em, you see what I'm saying Joe. In other words Democrats you need it we gave you our votes. You proud, Thus, the all this money in pensions and now the contracts or unbreakable,
chip in wishy washy on this, but have largely said that? That's not true major, even laws or changeable right, I mean it's nonsense to say, contracts are inviolable in the public sector. Contracts are broken all the time. I think it's a good thing. I've just telling you there's a fact: companies going to bed see all the time and people don't get paid Gosh show and I haven't- got pay for stuff. We ve done right up serious, I say outstanding balance. Now for someone I gotta get back to it. Doesn't pay me forever, she's, fine, I don't care serious anyway. It's worth the trouble so dams get into bed with them. Make them promises. MRS there's no money for depend. The union's argue. Well, listen. Those contracts are breakable. Ok, what happens next. Words, dutch creeping out that well this soul, adoption may go away, meaning. The people in our state are now We're gonna pay the full load of the tax bill you
I can show because now, if did, if they don't get a deduction for the massive taxpayer, California sending them there pay. The whole bell, in other words, if you paid fifty thousand dollars in taxes to the state of California, but got back from the guy, from twenty thousand, show you what we pay. Thirty thousand simple math, fifty thousand minus two twenty you got back, you only pay thirty, It goes away and you have to pay the entire. Fifty thousand. That's gonna hurt what does this have to do with pensions Jerry Brown, sees the writing on the wall right now, governed liberal Governor California. He parts into this meeting and apparently was making this case accordance with speculation by the journal, which I agree. because he's saying listen: if these pension contracts are inviolable and we can't break them, We have to pay this money and a future Debbie's, even the
third ridiculous tax load were asking our California folks to pay. Now it's gonna go up and a future pile, on top of Joe A de facto we increase, because Not going to be able to deduct it anymore, in other words, you pay dirty. Last year, fifty minus twenty. You lose the twenty deduction next year next year, you paint fifty and we're going to have to raise their taxes again to pay the price shit pills. We promised these people to every elected the Democrats during a full blown panic. So the essence of the journal pieces, like hey this day's paid dividends already assault. There hasn't even passed, you may see. What's our fair Dan, I get an email from a nicely in New Jersey, but she took a shot of why you're here you ready not wishing airline you, a new Jersey, New York in California, at all I lived in New York. I know a lot of you can't move. I simply saying to you that the devil-
you're paying off, because even liberal Cherry Brown Joe, is saying this. Can't kid new forever. Folks, we can't taxing this not out of our citizens. There's gonna be nothing left. That's the point I'm trying to make that they did auction, the salt deduction wasn't, was allowing politicians of a liberal striped insulate themselves from the pain of their own policies. You she won't go with this Joe now that the politicians the lips are like while gosh now our citizens are really gonna, get an actual tax bill there, like a man. This is this good! This is really bad. Told you this would happen. There's positive ramifications to this. You may actually, overall in California, the state level windup getting attacks, cut and pension, reform out of this in the future, too good thing, trust me on this one, please I wouldn't steer you're wrong not saying because I live in Florida,
you don't look at me. I'm all right! You know as they say in the military. You now fig MAO. You know what a bids Ali their initial point out, but I got my orders is the last part be sustained that's not what I'm doing here. I'm just tell you. I think it's gotta be a good thing in allowing our today show also bought you by bodies. A brick house get a number of really positive. Stella reviews on their newest product field agrees. I love this. I don't take. It miles the order of the company what he does. A smart guy does his own thing, but I Adam awhile ago. So many things- little credit here, some miles, you know what you need I so I'm a super healthy eat or have an incredibly good appetite. I eat a lot of food, but I know I am absolutely convinced that food, is the pharmaceutical. The next generation I am, I mean just remember the generation we grew up and where people had doughnuts uninstall ie for breakfast. Nobody thought I think I am right, it was like fuel they, like I don't know it's like you know its gas in the tank. What's the difference? Well
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independent journal review, I J r as a great piece out today. Now I can. I can. I know people hate this, because I have myself on a back a little bit here, just disappeared just once. I forgive me folks. I praise thinks my end. To tell me that God rest his soul, but yesterday on the show had this theory about why Liberals are increasingly losing their minds overtopped, just when you think they have reached the stupid ceiling April, all right through it onto the next floor and I said you're during Yesterday'S- show and encourage if you miss it, to go back and listen to the segment, because I think I love really enjoyed it, that they're losing their minds because they thought tromp was gonna, be they did. I mean they knew he was quote dangerous to their liberal ideology, but I
so they largely toddy, be a joke. He's gonna be powerless on oil. Impeach will do this, Russia, a you know, will insult and the whole time will make fun of em on Saturday I live at a long away, go to say so. The point I made during yesterday's show, as liberals are becoming increasingly unhinge, because what trot said he was going to do he's doing here. knowing whether its and again I would agree with everything, but I think there is no question that guys keeping his promises. Nafta regulations, taxes, and I said the flashpoint, I think, was the move of the embassy or the announced the announced. U S, sanctioning of the week of the cap, which states the capital that tourism is a capital of Jerusalem as the capital and a planned move in the future, from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem and he's not bring that up, and maybe it ensues users yesterday, because president have talked about this forever republican and Democrat actually moving the embassy and surely sanctioning Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Joe and none of them have done it. So the we're crafts. Now that Europe has done something which was Joe Pre
we totally off limits to present of either party, he's done something he promised that nobody told what happened. The Democrats are increasingly say and wholly crap. What's next disguise kidding right job so matter PETE yesterday show, but I needed that set up because this morning, A J R has a piece out. Let me read this directly CNN admits Trump is quote, keeper of promise- and it is another corporal CNN, even those promises are talking about even those that horrify the political and foreign policy establishment. I told you, I told you see it and is now losing its mind because as they starting to really worry right now the troops for real that this guy is the first
politicians are run further presidency in aeons who actually is doing and checking off a list of promises what he said he was gonna do and they are very sincerely concern about. What's next so I again mild pat on the back. I know self praise digs, forgive me, but I dont make this but that was. I didn't hear that for many want that China, like take credit for anyone else's ideas, but I saw that this morning and I, like you, see other people are catch on to even the lives. This is why their freaking out our folks, why one last their story. The economic numbers came out today and they are spectacular too Britain, twenty eight thousand new jobs in November. The project Folks was two hundred thousand. Let me tell you right now: two hundred twenty eight thousand jobs in November is a huge number and in Miss number. But on that now China be Debbie Downer, I just
on everyone to be cautious, because we're still in the midst of a slight Obama, hang over Obama grew dependency through federal disability roles. Foods and precipitancy grew federal. The personal questions. The numbers is not an insult. That's just the numbers peep, those numbers, food people on food, stamps, people on federal, disability payments group. That's just the fact that our inner in an arguable fact this interesting. Peace in the journal today, that makes a point, though in the point I had the bunked awhile ago. It's interesting that when the Obama now meditate the truth, the Obama people didn't remember Joe, you may or may be made that we did a show a long time ago, with the Democrats talking point about the low labour force participation rate, in other words, the fact that unemployment was going down, but it was going down because more people weren't looking for jobs, the labour, the unemployment rate was going down because more people were finding jobs. It was just because more people were leaving the workforce and its cue, the numbers and the Democrats.
Talking point which is at table always always lie you every time why tune into the show I depart the nonsense. I said to you That's crap there talking point resist or talk shows all which is still the labour force participation rate other its people working is going down, which is bad. You are more people working because Joe a lot of older people are leaving the workforce, and I said the numbers, don't Baghdad up at all, because the number younger able, bodied workpeople, not working, is going up. Sets out possible that its oh attributable to older people, not working because younger people are working either. So I bring that up to be fair, I think it's this is not due to drop. I did this is still the Obama hang over Joe. You stick people on food stamps and on disability, and I need some of em needed, but some dough, and they get used to not working and even owed tromp economies motoring a longer still not working, and I just Are you to be a little cautious about the numbers there good, because that labour
course participation rate, although it's going up, which is good. It still stubborn and there's still about two million people missing from the workforce. Quick quote from the Journal: peaceful wrap it up here. he says in the journal, peace, but it is from headless ear, but one statistics makes clear that the missing jobs are not solely reflection of demographics, in other words, that old people leaving the workforce. The employer rain of people aged twenty five to fifty four is lower than that. The previous session peak by one point: three percentage points even adjust for demographic show. The overall employment rate is still about zero point. Eight percentage points, shy of where would have been in prior peaks. In short,. about two hundred and fifty six million Americans who are sixteen and older jobs. Yemeni works out to about two million people so bottom, I'm trump economies, doing great he's. Making The right move right now, but to be fair and not parrots. Stupid democrat talking point: they tried on us. It delay before
participation rate is still lower than where it should be, and it is not all older people there, still younger people not working don't you know just so. We have a fair perspective. What's going on, you only right way to operate. Don't let silly liberal talking points you know get in the way of of a sound analysis. Folks, thanks again for tuna: please go to Bonn GINO. That calm subscribed to my email list and I will see while on Monday, you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than all mine in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.