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Ep. 621 Government Predictions Gone Horribly Wrong

2017-12-28 | 🔗

Media credibility is collapsing. Here are the hard numbers.

The media’s negative coverage of Trump is getting worse.

Here’s how the tax plan is going to impact the middle class.

It’s unbelievable what some federal employees are making compared to the rest of us.

Trump’s court appointments have been stellar. Here are the numbers.


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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i love the damaging shall reach jar united in their d be sorry about the delay folks in about five minutes late we had a major technical malfunction but when you deal with as much equipment as we are venturing some hay something goes wrong but luckily we're ok now so outlets right today by the way i am onboard if probably bleak sore right now i just want to put that out there i finally stuff above you been tracking my progress on my stem cell injunction i took eight weeks off from lifting heavy and i scott back to lifting yesterday i wouldn't call it heavy i would call lifting was actually pretty pathetic somebody of your old in the general like you spot on that it was bad but i got to move wade's around yesterday finally and i am so oh please nor did i it's a credible i could barely move my wings so either
how about a little bit but my brain is good and the show so on i read a peace this morning in the wash you journalists is fascinating i wanted it just quickly hit on this net neutrality thing again because allow people are confused about a news is a really good piece in the journal to it shows you how confused most of the confused people are about net neutrality there's an art today that lays out this war going on right now joe between google and o t you know what or terrorism well when i was in the secret service they were other treasury agency you know something if we add the allotted details in town for the u n protective details we would ask the eighty f and customs that give us their agents we say bring in some of the ideas that is not what google's at war with this case out da's are online evelyn seas of course the story the idea the essence of it is this that
google is now taking over the online travel market and its really starting to hurt some of these smaller online travel agencies in some of these hotels because what's happening is some of these travel agencies are there there i am a search terms like us they point on the article like houston hilton right and which is in turn taking away business from houston hale thin because somebody bigger on my travel agencies operating up the price of some of the smaller ones can't they all details of it although interesting our are irrelevant to the point of the story the point is google is is is making pay basically again on the front page of their search which for us is on pricing to know what i mean you can pay sponsored adds to get on the first page of a google search so if someone wanted to buy up damn bomb gino show and
you know in and put like me and put it on the first page a surge which it will probably wind up anyway obviously but if you are a smaller shall let's say what a pod gas called up you know the the online laboratory joshua will you talk about online laboratory results at what i'm just thinking is i've laboratory results next me i'm pretty healthy by the way folks you can pay to get there the thunder sponsored add on the front page why am i bring up any of this because one of the things at i wake up every morning again committed to debunking level nonsense whatever the things look i will tell you in defending so called net neutrality is folks a bit should be a bit should be a bare air everybody should have equal access joe it's about equality sabbatical he showed us you know that it's about equality its is about equality for everything now the new i just told you right now this battle has been against they are
service providers you know the evil like comcast so the world i'm saying that sarcastic gazelle like all their slow down your traffic if you don't pay for a family but did you know his job but he seems to have any problem whatsoever we'd sir engines or content providers like facebook and twitter and other ones allowing people to pay to get their traffic in front of you first nobody has any problem with their me so job is is incredible is it is it is yeah it's it's just phenomenal how this happens now to reason as of course because liberals want control of the internet by switching from title to title to so the government under net neutrality which is really a farcical term under title to can regulate the internet because liberals want the government to control everything and they like the government to control internet traffic flow to your house having got all that out of the way net neutrality is vehicle for them to do that
who is really controlling the quality and the quantity of information that goes to your house other content providers that the i s peace so i'm here asking you in the audience we can spend a lot of time on this but i found this article fastenings that ten other stories have to get to today but it just again speak to the intellectual vacuum liberals live it that they go after comcast and all these other companies internet service providers under the illusion that their somehow slowing down internet traffic ass an a bit isn't a bit in other words a piece information is entreated equally on the internet meanwhile cod ten providers like facebook which sponsored adds facebook with your timeline feed as we talked about joe member a couple weeks ago how an overwhelming majority of americans are getting their news from facebook and twitter air controlling the traffic you are the eye is peace are you kidding me there's a war going on right now but google because hotels can't even get their own business on the front page of google and you're worried about the eye is peace
i need seriously like are you guys delirious now clear what i'm suggesting i am not suggesting that governments should have a role in that either google's a private business is free to do what it wants i ve no beef with google i am no beef with face book i am no beef with twitter i wish they were a little more centrist than not left leaning i totally get that but i'm not es thank you the government has an answer here you have a beef with google then become the next her gay brain and larry page and start up a competitor go invest in bed or whatever yahoo words whenever start up your own thing yahoo backwards who has started by being really know what's stopping you aren't feel like doing that well sir a bread and larry page that have a ton of money you started either go start up a competitor stop lining stop whining all the time about every thing all the time will you please stop complaining gosh every
take the rich the internet the eye is peace that tub the teacher the teachers your everyday just stop whining stop there what gives the conservatives reagan this guided the latter africa just my gosh argue annoying liberals i'm sorry for me to start to show of any christmas we got our a semi red you're but it's really irritate i'm reading distorts morning that's what's got into my head i espies you that's the problem comcast its prompt me while facebook twitter and google alone are controlling probably ninety percent of what you see and you're worried about a fictitious problem at your internet box on the last mile traffic with someone slowing down the internet traffic you asked what you couldn't care any less about everyone else because your fortys and joe you know why i should spain the why because sometimes out of you know i got an email this morning this is not a look squirrel moment foxes intention but i got any
this money is someone said i need to let you answer questions more but you know it problem is folks to be fair to joey i was doing a lot of stuff back and get the sound board go it's not like jos just jos not like some cloud the background i backwards he's a producer she always actually never intended part of the show i just found out so funny that dipper came in i can but at a role model to follow this right i was never the intention of the damned gino show righted the car to show their despicable such because i find joe very amusing to talk to you and the shell but that's not what he does so that's why i don't bother mechanic where's your series gretel zadig set up yoga widely your opinion because i want to see what i usually you're like the ombudsman for the audience why would you think liberals if they were interested in in passing something and making a political point why do you think they would find comcast convenient target and facebook it do if the avenue what's a man just to have some the body to blame and one that the big rich companies and corporations rang rightly
don't job yes you're right of course it's always the big but here's the real reason in my humble you're right you're not wrong school what's that that was my answer comcast and that's what i think a lot of people think that there's a real reason here companies like comcast a cable companies wouldn't you agree have a negative kind of customer services tone to god i gotcha may well comcast confined to me down here about problems in the past but right everyone it's the cable company right but its facebook i mean real you got some complaints your near about political bias i get it put really everybody uses it nobody has any huge complaints or that i mean i have a complaint with it they let impersonator pages go on this guy out there's impersonating me in these facebook couldn't are any less put away which you now i d after while you like what are you doing with that we would do but he but facebook and twitter or not popular targets there not easy bulls eyes you get what i'm saying absolutely no one
to throw like darts at the butt of gov face book and and twitter because a coup techie companies but comcast man we're gonna get there that folks do understand that's the only reason they pick them that's the we reason they picked them as a vehicle to government control over the internet the only reason you say well it was a great reg late last mile providers and the tide of no no that was never the gall folks the goal was control the internet that was also the goal always the last mile thing and i as peas and comcast us that was just a vehicle to get control over the internet if they could have done it do go on facebook because they were easier targets they would have don't be a soccer i'm sick don't be a sucker for these folks i voted the former secret service a as i overbooking unhappy to their becoming a backroom outnumber out the fire was this we cannot happy day there are coming to back room
member of the funds was his office in the bathroom is kind of an odd place room office right at me would you do in the bathroom son was actually in their own way now maybe we should evaluate the premises threat so that now that was when you go to do your business there you go on look always bring it it again you see he's already cat i'm not so by patriot supply you know as a former secret service agent i am really big into preparedness it was my entire job and one of the thing i think a lot of us fail to do is prepare and ensure our food supply you know what i think it is i think it's a fact it we're so wealthy and were so successful as a country thankfully that we never think that thing is going to happen to us now what's that thing civil disturbances the mp attack downing of the electric grid before after tat living in a hurricane zone in florida i've got it apple scares europe i've only been through to their people than your bid you like fifteen twenty i've only there too why not both of em didn't hit us direct but they were both category five at some point and i gotta tell you you look at the grocery shelves here and there are three
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a one month supply of emergency food get prepared today makes no sense to not have it up and shores plan to ensure you food spike god forbid your kids wake up almost like a kids we got no food can you imagine that i'm gosh i go that's my five year old i think i'd die via look at her face she said that prepare with dan doc pick up your one month's supplies emerged through pick up a couple boxes do yourself a favor they get some great deals gonna prepare with dan that come on this show i've been dying to do for a while you have to get their net neutrality thing out of the way but i've been itching to talk about this for a while because i was feeling in four mark live in the other day was at last week and a guy called me back by the way tomorrow on friday in from art and a young man very nice guy but very confused show called then about the sea be out the congressional budget aura saying on the sea be oh say in these tax cuts are going to cost does one put cost us by the way tax cuts across the governess and that's comical in and of itself but
c b o saying it's gonna increase the deficit by one point five trillion so i said to him and i asked a very simple question some of you may have heard it may mr collar you basing these predictions on in other words this is an entity that predict the future right scipio amazing joe they predict the future is an incredible i said what's the wreck but of success and he didn't know so i informed him about their record of success how it was one hundred percent record of failure how they ve never successfully predicted anything and his comments were really telling because it goes to show you that the extent of far left this will go to make their talking point sound real even when entirely farcical he's like well i trust them anyway and local why would you trust them you don't get it if i was asking the guy forearm bedding perhaps because i was in las vegas and i was betting on a horse or something and he was a supposed horse exponentially were what's your record of predicting horse races egos zero four hundred well are you gonna put your money on that guy
there is no you gotta put your money on the opposite of what that guy says if he says you know bet on horse joe we beg adona your bet not joey beggar doughnuts competitor because you know this guy's euro four hundred any just not gonna win so i did some homework morning for you because i enjoy doing this and it's fun we're gonna call c b o feel age out by the way do you have that to their fate new thing yes i do dan somebody somebody email thus and this is kind of like the sea bio fake news story so although its lot tiredly fake news like the millennia tromp was gonna mo down to two hundred year old tree the white house grounds at an if you saw their story someone suggested you like an air siren so joe put this little thing to get play that got is a fake news story or about the here is inaccurate focus or just a bunch of
this news nice job i joe africa is a great idea that give listener said that these are so this is kind of a fake lose alert about the scipio sounding the alarm pun intended that the debt is going to increase by one point five trillion we'll call this here pixie beheld fails so on the affordable care at joe in two thousand and ten this deeply predicted you wanna come in a sailor my daughters home from school committed sale obey me come here given sailor you want to see a lot of the audience come on over here say hello say my names in roaming nearly what you gave your christmas i got five camphire kyle cook is getting bigger
but my daughter sorry folks they mean interrupt the shell but she says she's home from school which is creeping around my honest i can see she wants the committed sailor she got a barbie camper kaliko critters in case you need me to translate bungee now for you the ach scipio predict the two thousand ten show how many people would be in the exchanges log these prison your millionaire twenty one million twenty one million twenty one million dan what do you one million we ve got that number logged in our heads this is terrific twenty one million so surely we don't know joe to be fair in twenty years twenty term predicted twenty one million euro even statistical analysis sound ones are off by you know five ten percent is are you figure if they were between you there they could twenty one million if they were between eighteen and twenty four million i was pretty good prediction when you science asia may plus or minus five percent ten percent roughly by twenty thirteen the number was
male you maybe exchanges you can slice that number adapt twenty one million tenderly now i don't have a ditto came in there like russian the studio but here let me do the hand mechanics via one goes high the right here twenty one million one hand goes low but that their way between the table in my hand twenty one million ten million twenty one million ten million twenty one may have this they weren't even close folks they weren't even in the ball park they weren't even in parking lot of the ballpark they weren't even in the county of the state the ball park is actually in that that's kind a big mess job that's kind of like the guy through a knuckle you swung it yet at head level anything was pouncing on the ground five feet from his answer me you just missed this they bought and even make it the whole plight newer swinging that's kind of a big miss a we're not done
folks again about trying to discredit people personally i'm sure the scipios full of wonderful human beings i've just telling you as an institution it has been an absolute epic a colossal this draft apocalyptic failure on the still on the asia they predicted risk corridor payments which were europe surplus i am using the government terminology are surplus payments made from insurance companies that were supposed to make a lot of money how half their spouse member this there's more to give money to the government that was going to be used to offset companies that we're losing my day predicted this is a duty that these risk corridor payments would result in a net eight billion dollars and positive payments to the government while men some pretty you guys are great sepia what it actually result in two thousand and fifteen year just years later by the way have resulted in a five
a billion dollar deficit so look at about what a thirteen billion dollars they were off by a little bitch i'll bet you did because we have good fellows where're you know what is it a guy gets out of jail bill a bit with billy bats at school get issue box and britain erosive bought what i'd do anything wrong and deniro says to omit the billions are you a fundamental bet a lobby slob there by a little bit there predicted a billion lost five point eight billion you're off by a little there my bath thirteen billion swing nice work there guys they were i'd better get why should we are medicated role these members obamacare expanded medicate rallies scipio the fifty percent more p poland role medicate than the sea be predicted oh about job lobelia they were off by five percent times ten fifty
percent more people than rumbled to mitigate the grass nice job good job i receive eu you're right we should put absolutely put our faith in you may say i've come on their use picking on obamacare which naturally just thinks and that's an easy target you're right it is because it was such a disaster but let's go back to some other ones let's go back some predictions they may this is job this one is a duty this this is the this is the coup de grace of of predictions in two thousand to the sea be oh predicted a ten year budget window right show they predicted in two thousand it would i want you follow this because this is just this is clear evidence of mean failure so epic its laugh they predicted by a two thousand and twelve so ten years after the prediction that national it would be seven point four percent of gdp right ok not seventy four folks seven point four i'm not getting the numbers wrong two thousand to they predicted
two thousand and twelve it would be seven point four percent of gdp what was the actual number the actual now was seventy four one will be precise seventy three so moved the decimal point over by one basically times it by ten and you get the actual number of what the national debt was so now all of a sudden the sepia which have yet to be about seven point four percent you mean seventy four now we mean seven point four because it seventy four how sorry we screwed up only by a factor of ten no biggie folks why you taking these people seriously now it's i'm not the lighting and personally i mean that no real it may just be very specific as to why is it not true dance around and be like a pc guy you know be nice and virtue signal they are good people who work there it showed their forced to work with the parameters you give right so if congress and
democrats specifically give them a set of parameters and say don't go outside these parameters and assume miss than that what they're going to assume and that's the dopey numbers were gathered gonna give you even if the assumptions are wrong here it is a great example i've this i haven't used this example in a long time but for those laws timeless urge you heard this before under ending the difference between a le measurement of reliable measurement is in essence of what's wrong with the c b o garbage is going to equal garbage out and here's what i mean by that you can have the scale right i like you yourself on immunity step on it member this example job they have a scale that's reliable but it's not valid oh yeah now how is that so let's say the scale is off by twenty pounds every time it adds twenty pounds which for me would be greater be like nice i'm up the light to forty this sakharov it now i have always taken a gateway to lose it
you see i'm going to show if you have a scale that's off by twenty pounds every time it's reliable it says embalmed gino ways to under forty pounds but it's not valid i dont way two hundred forty pounds i wait two hundred why do you browse but its reliably off but which are weighs two hundred jobs pretty smart guy you're about six one right about to turn this point too tat shows pray stack for his passion for guys little but older than me so joe would be to authority which is not to ten but it's real viable its reliably wrong when you their stand the difference between reliability and validity you understand the problem with the c b l deceiving it has been given a scale that always twenty pounds off by using that is rather than sound dynamic analysis in other words when factoring in growth factors into the economy and a real traditional way based on it oracle analysis there given faulty assumptions you always gonna get faulty output its a mystery that's import
its critical you understand people have studied the statistics in college i was probably a basic example you already knew it but some people haven't the sleepy always reliable joe yet they're just not valor there reliably wrong every single time so please spare me talk about how the ceos predicting at apocalypse from this trump tax cut onawandah here they ve been wrong every time i'm not interested if you were betting see assumptions you be broke right now i tell you show also brought you by bodies of brick house nutrition so on a very serious no a brick house iced i was off the foundation for like three four weeks which is probably a bad idea in this kind of stuff bid miles or hate me for scientists you shouldn't have we're on the foundation which is their creating atp blind which makes you just a monster in the gym there's really no reason to get off at the creating good it's good for you really abingdon helps your appearance and helps you performers and jim but i wanted
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red joe and i alan blender who always rights nonsensical pieces is blinder blood or even i always right she's crazy loony to pieces and wash eternal sums them all up magically joe in one piece today the wall street journal every tax caught myth about this tax cuts plant i'm not gonna beat it that's because you heard before on the show but i just because some of the liberal friends may read this and look even the wall street journal talking about bad this tax could planet first blender these are a scam they're going to expire in twenty twenty five can the sky island you are phd right i mean less nothing personal buddy i know people send you this pod gas based on the list or should we be it by the way yesterday to see the numbers and they were like bonkers so we're gonna create regard mooney towards within someone must know alan blender he can't be this done he can't be this dump the town
they expire by twenty twenty five thing ladies and gentlemen i've told you for times maybe more they expire because no democrats voted for it so the old that's the only reason if eight to ten democrats would have fourthly be permanent the republicans all these things to be permanent the democrats it now that's the only story you need to hear they couldn't to overcome democratic filibusters really how to pass it put fifty one votes that's it it is no more complicated than that the only question we should ask alan blunder and your democrat friends is ok you want the permanent are willing to introduce a bill tomorrow does within conjuncture mitch mcconnell and the republicans in the senate to make them permanent that's it only question folks asked your liberal friends that are willing to call your congressmen liberals who listen to show in your senator tomorrow and have them introduced a bill in january to make these tax cuts permanent i guarantee
you you would have absolutely unanimous republican support guaranteed guarantee you would get every republican but you won't because you're making it up to a use that part out of course other going to expire number one number two but only to beat i have to start making as while they're going to add to the deficit anyway that on the sea bio estimate white you ve been reliable reliably wrong and not very basically forever saw will move on from that deficit thing is nonsense tax cuts have not led to decrease government revenues blunt blender knows that he just lying to you in the peace that he talks about trickle down here we go folks trickle down despite the fact that the most middle class americans are gonna get a fifty six percent tax cod is reported in the washed and examined are today even labour law which are starting to acknowledge that their hysteria about the middle class losing under this dear we're all lies the middle class is actually going to do fine under this deal it is a myth and folks
there is no such things trickled down i've set it on the show before if you don't believe me google the national review peace by thomas saw the trickled down myth there is no such thing as trickled down it is a democrat listen to me because i had some of you get this wrong i get emails from republicans are met their angry at me juggling what do you mean is also like i'm attacking conservative economic principles i'd you're reading this all wrong trickled down is not theory it is a slur by democrats you understand that the trickled down economics was a focus group tested talking point used before reagan by the way reagan most will they get started in the reagan here and that is not true thomas all has a long history of the term trickled down trickle down way before the it is a slur
liberals use against conservatives to make you believe something's going to rich people and is supposed to the imagery of a trickling down to the starving masses was used intentionally to make you feel like you're get worked there's no such theory is trickled down none it doesn't it's a myth nobody point to you the actual econometric theory of trickle that cause there's no such thing so of course wonderment zat your trickled down doesn't work of course it does it work because it doesn't exist trickle too how can i it doesn't exist flexing you the courts have a high propensity for hope disease there are no unicorns that's like i said that disease is out of control with unicorn what why was this such thing is you records there's no such thing actually there will be a better there's a desert the more appropriate example heart disease is rare renewed accords you like it more resources things unicorns that's why it's rare tat right that's the press
perfect example of disease because you just never see anymore have you ever seen a unicorn nor do they exist now but that's why hoof diseases it trickled down care work because there is no trickle down there's no thing it's a stupid dogging boy dopey a sucker for that ok also repeats the of this one's a duty he repeated this was this taken on a partisan basis not one democrat voted for it this is a classic weight let me get this straight you open up by showing us they're going to expire these tax cuts you don't mention that they are they got expire because zero democrats voted for it and then you complaining that only republican i voted for the bill later on that point we come again so you whining that they're not permanent because your democrats didn't supported daniel i mean later on the opposite thing that only republicans voted for it this is make any sense to this guy now what i find ironic is blind
seem to have no such complaints or at least this loudly he didn't complain that only democrat voted for obamacare none notes at you complaints about tax cuts so when the governments get it your money in the form of obamacare and no republicans vote for he's fine but the fact that no dammit i voted for this he's loudly complaining while simultaneously complaining that because no democrats voted for its going to expire if you're pulling your hair out right now you should be it doesn't make sense because it's not supposed to make sense because it's a liberal who wrote this and they never make sense finally complaints in the piece it thirteen million americans are going to quote kid like thrown offered or lose obamacare coverage folks at a myth we ve debunked on the show repeatedly that is not the case the individual mandate the tax penalty for you you do not have obamacare the tax penalty was repealed because the tax penalty was repealed the predictions are which are going to be off by the way are there
our team million americans now that they are not penalized by this garbage insurance at over inflated prices thirteen million are going to choose choose choose choose not lose album care they are gone to choose to exit the programme blender used to choose word out because you know its anti knows it's uncomfortably knows it doesn't hammer home his point they don't on no care forcing them they get it is forcing thirteen million people buy a product they don't want when you take away the penalty they don't want any more and they are going to run for the health of thousands of americans without of course party of course that we play that again joe thousands of americans without of course they will that is the natural result of thirteen million americans don't not wouldn't want obamacare which they can't use anyway as their deductibles or through the roof breath desk thousand barbaric what barnett's their response to everything of course you know that
no if that clip was for that put it very well may have been the funny thing is about bernie saying that is as i always say you can apply that ten anything with burning any we don't really even know joe right i'm not getting like someone sent that's to us or joe pulled it or something and i really do democrats people are going to die about so many things i am genuinely being serious i have no idea what that's about tat cons scheme choice obama care i dont know i died i really don't you know the ripping actress tags off a mattress thousands of america's i have no idea but that's just the democrats talking thirteen million americans will choose not to have camp window leaves out let's see oh i've great peace the daily signal today which will be available to show notes at punch you know that camp folks please i'm asking you pose how it if you can up to you i wish your choice course we love i've been here and i want to turn you off by you know sellen you stuff on that sell any anything i'm offering free product or please
a bunch you know that common subscribed to my email is it really helps us a lot i get the information out it's right there on the homepage subscribed to the email listen i will email you these articles every day it's basically for five articles that sums up the conservative news stories i can find across the internet that day and i've got good once today from legal insurrection daily signal some really really good stuff but here's what i saw two daily signal just to show you some of the progress that trump is made on court appointments and folks court appointments are critical dialogue which has been all over this a conservative review but as we have seen the democrats have fallen in love with the judicial state i don't what else is using that term if they are i will properly footnote at later but the judicial state which harm it has been all over is really the explosion in federal and state judges overriding the will of the people through laws in the legislative process governors in the president now ladies and gentlemen the constitution was written
by the founders to provide three co equal branches of government not one branch of gum to override the other three now i know i get it most of understand that in essence but a lot of liberals i am sure we shall really dumb they really leave that the judicial process is a licence to override the will of the people i ve done it on social issues like a marriage over and over and over they believe that's not what did you do your branch was there to do that's not i mean you read marbury verses madison industry or deal with some of the original founding secret by secret service supreme court cases you'll see that this is not this dish constitutionality of a law is not meant to override the constitutionality of the constitution the law just slave process makes it was not the bench i bring this up folks because appointing liberals to the bench has been a disaster since the are tried this attack the courts we have had
explosion in far left fake judges dinner real judges i mean they're judge their their china judges in name only they get on the bench and they have absolutely no intention of adhering to the constitution they want to legislate from the bench the most important i think or maybe one of the most important things trump is done and god bless him for doing this when he got an office has been immediately seeking outside council on who some of the best construction is conservative judges out there are and appointing these people now this progress you made for his good news and bad news i'll give you the i'll give you the bad news first trappers only had nineteen total appointments made to the bench this is a historic low george w had twenty eight reagan had forty one at this point by the wage for job uniform thresher carter had through one and there are a hundred and sixty seven vacancies either announced or pending that's a lot of judicial appointments
federal level to only have nineteen confirm the good news he has had a record number of circuit court judges at the appellate court level here where joe and vanishing fifty thousand cases are heard a year not just to put this in perspective for you so i know this sounds really like why he's had a record low number of judges appointed yes but that want to try to take two once he's had appointed jobs are at the most critical level you can do it which is the the circuit court judges they hear fifty thousand cases a year the supreme court joe hears just seventy so this report is critical in the gorse macneil gorse ec appointment by trump to the supreme court and sent a confirmation process was excellent i know
the senate confirms my get it don't look play word games of eight people liberals email me specific right yeah now descended confirms and now i don't know thank data effects the town george you know that yeah maybe you know we're getting the shows the forty five minutes to an hour long votes we gonna do you know we'd have to walk through the constitution every single time liberals do that that i could catch him organs but of those those small level of overall appointments they ve been appointed in the most critical place and that was a public which were fifty thousand cases already year encounter did you seventy and supreme court so that's the good news now in the new year folks not to get piper melodramatic when he but this is how critical it's going to be to hold the senate next year if the democrats succeed in continuing to slow down this process and what they're doing is their demanding these closer votes on every single jude judicial chord in nominating get their hands on which require thirty hours of debate so what
happening is rather than just taken vote after voting devote which traditionally done to confirm these people what happened who is there now demanding authorities at thirty hours of debate on every single one of which is grinding the process to a glacial pace effectively almost a halt if we don't win the senate she's may retain the senate we have the senate now next and we lose the senator twenty eighteen mid terms we are gonna be in big trouble you are not going to see another nominee appointed to the court i'm telling you right now they will grind this process to an absolute halt so get out there get active and make sure you about nuff on that and i want to get preachy on that i vote every time all right let's see all this one this year this one our hearts sub get towards quick once put the story of the shown us that it exists is studying and having worked for the federal government i was kind of astonished by this one as well joe if how many that's a covenant fair question one at that
such a because i was so off on this too i dont want to put in a bad spot i gave another but i'll give you multiple choice how many federal government employees do you think makes six figures salaries or more i'll give you three numbers remain four thousand two didn't five thousand three hundred and six thousand or for hundred and six thousand federal poise i chair the four hundred some and you would be right really four hundred and six thousand nine hundred and sixty federal employees are making six figures salaries folksteads one in five you know what the bridge salary for an american employ is forty four thousand now work for the federal government i want to be clear on this and i want to give you a clear i view what's goin on the council
two tional roles of government are military folks shouldn't say constitutional respect the fbi exemplifies anywhere in the constitution but i think the right we all agree shirt you know the law at federal law enforcement military are court system i have now problem and i don't i don't work for the secret service anymore i am i pensions gone i cashed it out i don't get anything from them i'm not there spokesperson but having worked there i can tell you that the appeal create it functioning and joe you would agree with this could be spoken about the appropriate functioning federal government requires that people obey the law that people are based contract law and people basically don't try to assassinate president you need good people in these roles you need good but when the fbi and i could tell you having worked there especially in the regions most of em work washed in dc in new york where the salaries are higher than cause across a living is higher that i don't
have an issue with a senior level secret service agent with you now fifteen years experience making a hundred thirty thousand dollars a year i know that made this point man if you but i'm just i'm here to be honest i am i gonna lie to you because i was there and i know what happens when they move to new york from tuscaloosa and they find out that they are ninety thousand dollars a year can't even regiment apartment and quit and we a guy jos an agent who is a lawyer i've got an mba medina one guy was asleep he was a sepia an mba analogue the great diskiver one of the best aidance around and the entire he could serve as budget is up just a billion dollars which is nothing same thing with the fbi i want really good train linguists trained accountants train lawyers i want the best of the best that's my opinion you're free to feel what but job on the other side this do we need four hundred and six thousand people making six figures what the hell are you doing
i need seriously what are you doing i mean does a bureaucrat in an age hs whose base administratively administrative keeping you don't keep control of some documents are some files namely to make ninety five two hundred thousand a year i mean come on this saying we got we're in the middle of it that the worst budget crisis in american history we got all these people make it a hundred thousand dollars a year the arctic the daily signal puts it in perspective one in five making a hundred grand your folks that i'm sorry but that's that's just that's insane that really something needs be done about that there needs to be some kind of control on some of these salaries i mean it the fact that secret service agent put his bottom line every day is making the same amount of some upper level eurocrats who would get that you as the equivalent job in a private sector the seventy thousand dollar your job is making a hundred thirty is just in saying that just wrong why one more quick story m illegal insurrection
as a piece of today i'll put in the show notes about appoint their service this this i i i was kind of shock by two it's why money to discuss at last there is some media group and they did a survey job i trust in the media vanishing nearly forty four percent of americans think the eu should make it up and make you get up votes on a very serious and we need a independent good strong media we do i mean that listen the way tyrants move forward dan and anna basically disguise their agenda is by a compliant media now we ve in that the media unfortunately is compliant liberals and they make stuff up about republic is so this is a problem needs to be solved but you know you what you want to reason why this is happening i have another hour i put the shown us today the washed in examiner only i per cent of the coverage of donald trump to this point of his presidency has been positive now folks come up i get it to them
dislikes this likes the man i get it they have a beef with the guy buddy you seriously telling me that only five out of a hundred stories are worthy of at least some component of positive coverage you just make up at that point that's why america's losing faith in you which should be a lesson to media folks but it won't be another they ve job you i'm sorry i don't think they really care i think they are so committed to the liberal agenda that they'll through other business model their money in their salaries out the window and that's what happens when you know me becomes a religion and naturalism my folks thanks here jordan employees got about you know that comes to scratch my email is that will get you these terrific articles right you re mailbox every day and i will see autumn are just ten bond jean osier did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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