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Ep. 642 The Swamp is Panicking

2018-01-26 | 🔗

Stunning revelations about the former British spy who “produced” the fake Trump dossier.

Swamp rat Democrats and DC insiders are in a panic over the Devin Nunes memo. Here’s a great piece about why. 

As predicted, civil lawsuits are coming due to the malicious prosecution of the Trump team.


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The economy continues to expand under the Trump administration.

Out of touch Democrats continue to attack thousands of dollars in bonuses

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then bungee knows you get ready to hear the truth about america with your host dan bonds i welcome that thereby gino show producer joe how are you daniel i'm in a good mood despite all the crap is going on around is still well well we had they ever yesterday i must listen to day ever in the history of the damaging showed i thank you very much i gotta let get you some news of the day some up dates as i told you some prediction sad came true not that i'm putting myself on the back i'm really not interested in doing that in like i said i don't take credit for these predictions people have been telling me stuff but it materialised again things i told you we're gonna happen for instance the leak joe very convenient yeah you know trump threatened bob mahler wow new york times that was convenient would care about it's amazing how that happen break it joe trump threatened afar
bob mahler within the white house i'll gino breaking news was called a thought police immediately got get the thought police that's where i get them out there the jack booted thugs and also breaking news bawler is still the special council the investigator derive but we're gonna get to exiting that's ladies and gentlemen that is not by accident things happening here and i want you to be a clue in it the what's going on and explain it to you don't worry i'm gonna walk into an eye today show brought you by a body the brick house nutrition is one of our original sponsors one of the best nutrition supplement companies out their love these guys let me talk to you today quickly about i haven't mentioned it a while they have that is terrific cuz it helps me get through the day especially on days like today where i have to travel around a lot and get a lot of things done call dawn to dusk of this product i love this product leah busy days folks the product that the problem with these energy products out there today whether it's the drinks or coffee
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he pushed mode mood give it a shot don t dusk brick house nutrition that calm slashed then ok here's what's goin on folks what we get to the mahler think is this going to tie into this story i'm giving you now because remember all this stuff is the related to this web there try in a week memo the evan nunez member which i described yesterday and the show which is going to lay out the scheme i describe to you yesterday where they used both foreign entities cumulative data by the annex say that deal bomber team that is to spy on the trump t keep that my i had this kind less items on the couch my wife if there's hit i did on the hannity show and my wife said dan what i like about what you're doing here is keep it focused on the beach picture because job as you know this is a very complicated case yes and i walk you into the weeds because the
you're standing the weeds are necessary to understanding the larger story but understanding the largest stories only buttress by being in the least you could still understand obama spy don't drop every we're doing is trying to prove that point okay so that's i am doing it the way i am constantly remember obama spied on trumped that's what this information and presented to you on the show were building that house ok now the memo describes the scheme the scheme is this the scheme was over i may use the usa and the fbi to tap and to the database they have of e mails and phone records they did not happen noble cause as i laid out yesterday of a crime or a violation that worthy of the courts probable cause that they were acting on behalf of a foreign agent any these trumpeting people so what did they do they reverse targeting where they targeted p on foreign soil not having institutional protections
knowing they were talking to trump people in other words a reverse targeted they really to target the foreign folks they were targeting the trump people deal by my team then on mass these people to the i'm a team on matt use their powers to unmask you know quote u s person's right or u s officials and put in to them so they can spread the information to the media in their congressional allies to go after trump during the election and set up these nonsensical logan act violations yesterday shall walks you do this in detail ok now that we're there memo the nunez member describes this so the swap is in a full panic and when i say the swamp are not just talking about democrats folks there are real bookings into a out about this to one specific united states senator who is intimately involved in the dossier senator john mccain and his staff they don't want any of this out there either one staffers who has been requested
his presence upon the hail to discuss his role in meeting with christopher steal the spy british by who is involved darcy and i'll get to that in a little bit too now they ve developed remember we're talking about obama spying on trump a member oh that's about to be released by devon nunez ahead of them intelligence committee here that this bribes what happened it is going to die the state the democrats it is going to destroy the democrats because they are now going to be the party the police state knowing that obama use the police state to spy on trump and they democrats are now inventing various narratives to stop the release of the memo this is important we have seen in the last few days a series disingenuous false narratives release to stop the really so the memo that are not working so as one flounders they move on to the next this is gonna die into the fire mueller story in a minute now
number one which we discussed in the show two days ago was the adam chef who is the these swampy is of slimy a swamp rats this guy is disgusting he is a of the human being is the ranking democratic house until he is police state tyrant make no mistake here is the lead scoundrel fighting the release its scoundrels and even a word anymore why scoundrel you scoundrel he's the lead scoundrel fighting the release of this mammal because he's protecting the police state the image a barrack obama is a good guy which is about to be annihilated so is our theory out there that he threw out there to train distract everyone but of course the media jumped on was the
these the memo has tag on twitter joe was all russian botz we're all russians relic martha modern day mccarthyism joe you tweeted release the memo you're a russian bought well that was the bug del most immediately even by left wing outlets that showed that of course is very easy to do twitter and social media back and analytics twitter and facebook figure joe unsurprisingly to anyone actually americans who were tweeting released the member who want government transparency all by car shocking to democrats that the universe republicans and rank and file working class american citizens want some government transparency i know adam she wants to protect a police state nor but that now keep my job is you have to understand this vote remember obama's spied on trump the democrats need to cover it up the memo is going to expose them for what they are police
they tyrants spied on trump shift is the lead brick the right now the police state he ass the lie publicly to make this memo disappear so first was released the memo was a russian bought thing he knows it's a lie by the way because schiffer as the big of a scoundrel as he is here he is not stupid do not underestimate the man he is tactically try it could be very smart here either moved on to we are going to release a counter memo he's going to show that this is a partisan document and in fact not true and is designed to mislead you now anymore dorothy as a terrific pieces as he always does at national review and add these a straight shooter indeed is not yet kid i'm a little more emotional that india is andy's a lawyer was a addio j lawyer he's been involved in some significant terrorism cases he's a brilliant guy i know anti personally he's a wonderful i personally as well as the us a peace at national review
where he says listen facts are partisan if you released a memo joe it's either true or not in other words did this stuff in the memo happen or didn't it europe apart send opinion would be something like you know saying well this is a neo conservative approach to foreign policy and hears why feel the way i do and you know that maybe another way to say that well here's a liberal approach to foreign policy using isolates the support and you are all going to bring a certain serious effects to the table little buttress your argument the memo that's not what this is folks yes it will be released by republicans nobody's disputing that but this stuff her happened or didn't either the access to them data and spied on trumps emails and its teams phone conversations or we didn't do you really you think deborah nunez is gonna put his professional reputation on the line by saying things happen they didn't happen again
mama spied on trump the memo going to show that the damn crash in their media bodies and some swamp rat republicans are absolutely committed to making this memo go away story number one russian botz that disappeared story number two this is enough but a partisan document there are no such things as partisan facts there only partisan people will want to say facts or partisan either be spied on the guy using the database by the way the document just so you understand folks reason the memo has the democrats pre doubt is because it actually names names as well oh now joe you and i are not litigators we're not lawyers but i think it's incredibly obvious that if the document names names number one and procedures and methods here that number juan nunez is not going to risk is reputation by lying about what's easily provable happening or not happening but secondly you think for a sec
this guy's gonna name names knowing his but could be sued if this stuff didn't happen i mean come on folks i mean let's be realistic here there are a lot of liberal hacks out there i don't want to believe anything that reflect poorly and obama but just accept the fact that you goose's cook it's called your cod this is your watergate matter fact a humble opinion i think it's a measure worse this your work just i just to listen lips take take it take their per cat you know if right and yet you know that it's my job if you swallowed a poison they give you a pickaxe europe which is gross and make you throw up just take the upper cac tagged epic cac it's coming into have no fear everybody motivation why you not so worried about people come about because that's what i'm saying they may very well be arrested i've just telling you folks just this is coming in some form there is no way to hide what happened it happened
records of it there names their attacks there's an ongoing or why g investigation office of inspector general investigation by michael harwood that is going to be damaging for the democrats take it take the dozen everything that chris rocks get about robot tested member german your kids they give you for everything that goes wrong the great skills you break you like tiggle toss you ever more effectually will tunnel that that's true when i would get robot tested for every they take the dozen tag it it's all over folks i'm telling you just this is our country has very significant problems even the hack police state media there hack police they democratic allies on the hill and the hacked police state liberal activists who are trying to enforce a new era of ro government surveillance are not going to be able to succeed you can't hide this stuff anymore walter cry tom broken peter jennings that david
brinkley that is over when they control the narrative you now drudge report you now of conservative review you have bright part you have fox news you have areas out there were people who summer partisan summer you buy i do a lot work with fox i know they met they make a very concerted effort to get boat both sides of a story out there but they are not going to over four you any more i'm sorry what you know drone on about this folks i have a lot to get you but it's important you understand this just this is coming i'm telling you do not fred they will not be able to hide from this getting back my point obama spied on trump the memo lays it out the democrats are now spinning russian botz that work partisan document didn't work he here now is
three four that happens in one into the price is wrong bob set this showcase yo down i'll take her copied what's your number three right here's your number three great great grief great piece in the wall street journal today by kim strassel whose doing amazing work i don't know never matter but her pieces are just incredible i will linked to it today in the show notes upon gino dot com please please please subscribe to my shoulders folks it'll make it so much easier for you to say this case i put it together five six seven stories day then necessarily from today stories you need to read the follow this case and what's going on please subscribe to my show notes bungee calm there's a big gun link there to subscribe to the email list were b e mail is by the way joe i didn't italian is absolutely exploding oh yeah and i think it's because we're providing really relevant material i will
the latest potomac watch article by kim kinshasa the wall street journal which describes option number three and option number three joe is gonna be fear and spy trump here here's opposite number do so here's what they're doing now and strasser lazy south brilliantly lot of uv emailed me and said why is the department of justice led by jeff sessions a trump appointee in a good man why is the department of justice now sending a memo two nunez and the committee saying do not release the memo until we see it have you see storage story girl no the oj guy named it is the old j o k sent a memo a few days ago and i want this story in the show notes about this that the stress of story read it and the man
most says guys ladys on house intel whatever do not do not release dismember we need to see at first we need to go now a lot people vietnamese again i don't get it if the jays led by sessions where is going on here why i is the department of justice telling nunez to release a memo which you are telling us he's gonna clearly lay out this tire obama job spying on trumped scandal the corruption i went on folks you have to remember a couple things here they d jeff sessions the attorney general the head of the department of justice is formally accused from this he's not accused from uranium one in contrast to what a republican congressmen disingenuous we put out there while ago but he's right use from this sessions is not involved with the special investigation rod rosen steen his rod rosen scene is need deep and all of this rod
but instead as far from the beginning to make this all go away why do you think they are it did their body bob mauler told you if you listen to the show last week or the week before it's been so many of them about rosen stiens role and uranium want to making that go away a lot of stuff that went on in the obama era and the to be fair some of it in the bush year especially with regard to spying allotted stuff the swamp rats do not want expose rosen steam being one of them since the doesn't want this information out there's there's nothing sessions can do to stop it don't associated the j letter would sessions he's refused that was a mistake the request but it exists now nonetheless joe and there's nothing you can do about it so it makes sense that a clear that part you're cool now getting back to option three for that man russian botz that work it's a partisan document de mello that didn't work either that's gaining no traction now
we stress that now want to walk you through this slob exists is a very very devious little plot but its critical you get it could pick up my stressful she says the deal jays not really writing this memo nunez take it just call nunez up and ask joe you ok mama was written for the press now why would it be written for the press because remember what i told you during yesterday's show the whole purpose to the on masking of u s persons air quotes that were being spied on using reverse targeting by the trump team because joe of legitimate question as i said during yes we show is who cares if they reverse targeting in other words targeting foreign officials but really we targeting them so they could listen in on the u s people they were talking to one need the names you already know that the reverse targeting in my
talking to a russian and i listened in on russian nobody is talking to joe because i'm really used in joe not the russian who cares if i have the name i know it's so nice do you during yesterday's show the whole purpose of the unmasked was to attach a name for the purpose of a narrative in the media the media needs that you're not the not the pr list you get what i'm saying john the media and to end in other words all of what happened to your papa spying spying sandal abominate was all on to feed information to the media to drive a narrative the trump was corrupted colluded with the russians they use the logan act and a collegiate collusion narrative to drive this narrative any event tromp was elected so that they could impeach him because i ve impeach rate is not folks alice i know what the constitution says but make no mistake it is a political not a criminal process everybody committed a crime at some point impeachment
as a political process to drive down political capital to wound a president so much that they can have him page based on his lack of political capital to fight back in the effort to do i've the collusion logan act narrative through the media by attaching names to it was an effort to drive down trumps political capital on approval so low that any radically unlikely event that he got elected which he did it would be quick removal no matter what impact would be in fear of doing anything i like the way you explain that yes it may also yeah yeah yeah ok good joe you are the formal audience on bosnia was good now this member getting back to the memo here the d j memo the reason the d o j member which written and ate it just pay a visit to recall what the baby i'll be some form of but the recent was depressed got a hold of this thing right away they are trying to said they a job and i give you you see it
we could not have given their job to give a general guph we not it was a goofy we get a nod to the media that here is our third line of attack to stop the memo the third attack is we're gonna released this memo saying tat two nunez hey there's some stuff in here that could be dammit international security and weak weak not not the president's reading this too the president doesn't send failed at that you know refuses to stop this show another which of the president signs off on releasing this memo show what's what's going to be what are they going to move right on to obstruction of justice the president's interfering in the trunk press investigation by letting this information cannot thousands of americans would like tat americans die as always play that again give us an encore thousands of americans would die
i love you and yet you see where i'd go with this works i do you want to show guys six months ago maybe then follow in this case where a very very long time as i said to you about derek for real yesterday blow one of these days give bit allow make sets one of these days when they allow b i give up my surgeon obey says who's your sword i've been all this for a long time when the collusion narrative fell apart you're really starting to fall apart six months ago you know why joe pretty ro collusion there was no can't make the question we could then what's the political capital tribe started to rebound it's now up to about forty five percent is approve reinstated the tax cuts the demo that's needed a new story so then this story is going to be with that new it's all i told you this six months ago but the back up
or he was always gonna be trump obstruct the justice by firing call me keep him call me he's been corrupted the entire time nothing did is in any way a violation of any of his israel possibilities trap is perfectly within his purview to fire go he wants in the executive branch but told you in the show six months ago for you regular listeners but for those you just joining you can go back and listen to the library i'm not making this up that once called fail they were going to move to obstruction of justice this memo do o j memo to nunez which sessions can't stop keep that mine is the deal o j grat laying the groundwork through the press through the way gonna not given joe right now that if trump let's this memo out that this could the interference which would further butchers and obstruction of justice case it doesn't exist wall you folks they never
this this web never ever ever stops when at bali me when this fails which it's going to because public pressure to release a memo is unbelief probably high right now at repay commitments coming out do i know i'm not lecturing anybody i'm not trying to be like some kind of preacher here but serious am just get out just telling you based on what i am hearing from very good people who are on our side believe me just peace patient with sessions and this memo it's coming there is a procedure here but day in a panic russian botz it it's up this document commit going to interfere obstruction of justice now i love how we leave this said i do i know that you should itself praise thinks i get it what i
when i put a lot of work into this folks i'm really i'm up like all day and night with this store even what my travel schedule and a book in everything i love this stuff because it's so exposes how liberals are complete frauds their worship anti for violence they love the police state this is they do and this story is going to expose them for all they are and all they ve ever been police state tyrants leak is tied into the story i just told you so i haven't label that story number one joe was me oh obstruction democrats cannot release the memo cause it's going to expose that obama spied on trump keep it simple kisser i keep it simple stupid outcomes razor temple given oral explanations except the one that's the most parsimonious and requires the least amount of explanation this is before the simplest open
spied on trump the democrats are trying to hide it they moved on to their third narrative now do a deal j memo that if trump signs off on the release of this this is gonna be interference structured have just got out release dow jones now that third narrative ties directly into the week which again we predicted on by monday show you will now see a series of bob mahler special council leaks to distract from them at all costs here's what bob mothers team does now all of a sudden keeper my we're talking about something that allegedly happens seven months ago that in side why how sources say never happen and trump adamantly than eyes
all of a sudden you have a leak for maggie haber met at the new york times you is a known partisan hack i would not trust maggie haber minutes she told me you know the skies blue eye would double check it the new york times just to be clear the same new york times which reported that what was being wiretapped interrupt our and edward rob these being wiretap pieces about how trip was crazy i've folks actually happened the same new york times that reported do they are credible source that carter pages visit to moscow started the trumps special trump investing you should by the fbi s report just a few months ago that all that was garbage that it was george papadopoulos is meeting with alexander downward a london bar poster these be true but the new york times sees no irony at all that their sources are telling him two different stories in their reporting on it you're crazy person you are like a crazy person
this is the same new york times that is now telling us the store yes joe palm shell seven months ago trump threaten a fire bob mother elizabeth covered for you this if you're breaking news is by the way chop reddened fire mahler resources are said this job the good news here malta is not fired gear what so the story here is is what that trump is internal deliver by the way he's trump's tonight all of this and sore inside white house sources that any of this conversation even happened but even if it did happen what's the problem mahler is involved in a special council investigation into trouble for a crime that never happen again all of a sudden the new york times
shell is at seven months ago somewhat today you know what we mean to fire this guy you know i gotta tell ya i believe our team because of the sourcing audits maggie hey permit which says to me it didn't happen but but if we did are being seriously what's that i don't get it what's about me and you have said on this show that mahler should have been fired the trump team would be insane in to not discuss the x ending mahler investigation into things entirely on the under unrelated to his assignment they were but be disappointed in the truck team if they didn't discuss getting rid of mahler sure what's i don't get it that's your bombshell now keep in mind this together here i told you these leaks we're coming the first leak was
the interviewed sessions which is a non story ok bob i don't i don't even know why that was a store neither the secondly this is the this is gonna be the fire moderately are they would he was going to fire mala this is a leak troutina time too askew the third release the memo obstruction story which is gonna be trump interference do the d o j member that the j mammals are warning the trump if you sign off on this we're gonna move with obstruction of justice but jurists i the leak joe tat he was a fire mahler look now it's definitely obstruction of justice he released a member would even going to fire mahler several months ago we folks these are devious devious people these media hacks like haber men off these ignatius all these insiders are being you know i'd let me
against my better judgment here i'm i want to try to do what they will never do these media hacks is i'm going to try to be fair for a second because there's two possible explanations earth is that haber main ignatius and all these people that have been working with deep state bureaucrats to undermine trump and advanced false narratives first collusion when at the work now they're going vance the obstruction of justice narrative at all costs the first that there really really stupid and they are buying played by deep state operative sea or swamp rat swamp rodents that desperately need to cover their boats and are using journalists to do it in other words the action of the memo they're using journalists to obstruct a memo by having them talking points in this d o j memo right second narrative is disturbing very disturbing the second
i should say theory on this is that these me the people and i've got a pretty bro i have all source on this that is being sending me stuff person believes that the media there not them show that they are actively involved in a swamp rat media collaboration to death eight trump lie about trump and really enforce the powers of the liberal police state now that's i mean that that that that that's unbelievably disturbing in other words we have a modern day pravda russian propaganda media outlets that's disturbing stuff folks let me just tie up what i told you i'm gonna move onto something else here but this is important obama spied on trump the memo will lay some of this out the men it will be deeply disturbing it is going to destroy the reputation
barack obama some benevolent father figure gonna show him to be the vengeful narcissistic person he was or at a minimum his administration where he was in charge them it does not reflect well on the deep state ok which i think we can all re absolutely exist right now the swamp is very real the damn crash have invented now multiple force narratives to stop this because they have to russian botz fell apart partisan document that fell apart there now moving on to a memo same here's a hint to tromp waken a nod this will be interference interfere prince could lead to obstruction of justice all add by the way what it conveniently time link trump threatened firepower could be obstruction of justice to all convenient how that happens is i gave him and getting played attic so i think she's let us therefore play in us now another prediction i made yesterday before i move on yes we show the day before was it
i'm just trying to show you like this the sources are good ok their quality if led me astray we say something it doesn't come true i will obsolete i drink you by mass electra i told you you were going to see a shirt in river sooner if civil lawsuits coming baser malicious prosecution of the trump team in their associates that starting i put an article today in the show notes by carry picket at the daily collared that's great work read the article its a bunch of lawsuits that are coming out by trumped team people who feel like they were targeted by these swamp rat thou folks looking to take them out because they were associated with job who are now trouble with legal fees and things like that who are now suing for damage to their reputations i told you you the show joe i told you happen redo peace it's a really good one you can start to see a lot of them are
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in the interview my plane manifest peter stroke is there for the interview of our general flint and third he's so involved in the bar mahler special council this is a big i'm inside baseball player with the fbi on the prompt spying scandal he knows exactly what's going on he's having an affair with a lawyer namely subpoenaed works within fbi who was also involved in this and these two buffoons sent tax messages on open phones back and forth over the period of a year which have been uncovered and i told you they be uncovered and now text messages or leak out in droves pursuant to the oecd office of inspector general investigation of what happened the messages are damning there are two specific messages it jumped out to me yesterday show that absolutely have to be addressed because of the troubling nature of what was said at one point february
twenty five to twenty sixteen stroke in page or texting back and forth and in those texts broken page or worried that they are talking about hilary email investigation and how they're gonna have to interview hilary and there talking about how dangerous it would be to go in quote loaded for bear in other words if we go in there really hard on hillary clinton what are the consequences gonna be now what's interesting is at the end of one of these series of tweets they were if she's gonna if he's going to know it's more d o j than fbi now this is interpreted two different ways and i am we believe in the trade out interpretation i heard last night on fox and others are saying this to the first in turkey taken of that more is she going to think it's more deal jane and i joe is
we go in their hard on hilary in this interview about her emails is she gonna think the o j was asking us to do it or fbi and therefore she gets elected president is she going to punish us right do you see what i'm saying is you go there's more d o j than fbi could be a punishment thing it all by that gouty who seeing this and is an experience federal prosecutor gouty put out last night or fox and i agree with them joe theory here too the deuce just like eight my mike there is joseph which is pretty grows theory number two on them our dear j than fbi stroke who is now the number to encounter intel whose unquestionably a climber in other words aggressively looking to promote himself and his career that this they have been the exact opposite that no
if we don't go in there quote loaded for pair i joe and we go easy on her who's gonna get the credit me b i or d o j and over as i want you to know i did this year she would the ice why do i believe that one gouty is not stupid i've had some b should gouty and stuff but i d sat down he there stands the prosecution of legal cases in the accumulation of evidence in the furtherance of a criminal case work these cases too for over a decade of my life very complicated federal cases is special agent i've also within the government bureaucracy folks this may be one of the most important things i ever relay you may not be a surprise but to some of you i need you to understand having been an insider how critical what i'm about to tell you it ninety nine percent of the federal bureaucracy i can speak
the state i can tell you where i worked ninety nine percent of what happens in the federal bureaucracy is for advance and of individual careers advancement of a political connection or helping someone remain in office and retain some position of power about one percent is the united states government doing work for the american citizen you may say goddamned come on that's ridiculous that is bad no it's not giving them the one percent to be generous it may actually be zero zero one percent my experience in federal government is at and i'm not saying there's not a component of in overturning you could serve as of course people want the present alive and are a lot of good people there but a lot of what people do
it's done to advance their own careers because they really care about anything that's going on with the american citys now i one percent because there are a lot of good rank and file fbi agents and secret service agents in border patrol officers i believe a lot of these people find public service because they genuinely want to let you know there is a kid that grew up with a good sense of right and wrong and they want to be on the right side of it but are the minority in the federal government you understand what i'm saying about the show eyes they are vastly outnumbered by bureaucrats in administrative hacks and climbers even within the ranks of law enforcement like the fbi who may do good thing show but they are not doing it because they're good doing them because their good for their careers that make sense some folks i lived i saw it every single day of my life i mean i don't know what you were let me just say
that because i don't want it but i've i've seen it people leverage their connections for them i bring that up because i absolutely convinced that that more d o j than fbi line you know those who's gonna get the credit that they ate their due bring it because they are trying to day one into that hillary clinton interview these beer wages they want in their not to get information on hilary and the crime she may have committed joe but to make the can in case she was president so that these guys would being consideration for the next fbi director or some political promotion take it to the bank door number two year darn right you are told you about a lot of how this works by the seats secondly at tipp to nick short here on twitter to put this went out this morning when we read this actually report up on my phone in the face i d
so it's great just look at my thought there's another tax september ten twenty sixteen by peter stroke which folks i just saw this this morning only ten minutes before we start a recording and i was like i i i i can't i can't believe this is i can't believe this was actually put an attacks by a guy who's expertise supposed to be inspired trade craft my wife's as yet these are the two dumbest spy catchers we ve ever seen in american history stroke concept pretend twenty sixteen that before i read the text when you references three o two's joe yeah three oh two's are fbi memos written about interview so fine interview you about a bank rapidly i write a three o two about what you said ok i love you you have to understand what the rio two's i've got it here's says if from stroke september ten twenty sixteen there are very inflammatory things in the three o two's we didn't turn over to congress
relevant to understanding the focus of the investigation they're gonna come out and voice tat an app ultimately inflame congress i'm sure jack contrition david mike raw considering how things like that play out as they talk amongst themselves what die l are you serious you have a guy text whose supposed to we want the ledge spy catches in the united states on an open tax on an open network discussing suppressing information informal fbi written documents that are a by the way folks has it and caps and bold that very inflammatory guys ladies it is clear as day this guy stroke is an anti trump maniac who is leveraging his privilege
position as an investigator into both hillary clinton and donald trump to potter and kissed the blue potter up you and kissed the board of hillary clinton to get a position when she's elected president entity roy donald trump at the same time it could not be more obvious at this point and you why then yourself too that is really a testament to your low i q amaze mamore point here i've got to include and great great the article the show notes please read it folks it's really i just asked me to take ten minutes it will not take you more than ten minutes to read the pieces i put in the show knows maybe twenty there is a great peace in new york posed by paul sparing about which is leading me down at an interesting path here the gist of the peace is that the fusion gps dossier
may not have in fact been controlled by fishing gps is important added the pretty mind blowing peace was sent to me by someone that saves had take a look at their management referring here's what christopher simpson choose we goin simpson glenn simpson who is right infusion gps who is working for hilary too and the dnc now this is not a dispute to produce nay it opposition research on trump this dossier the story the entire time joe which you and i are familiar with this point is that the dossier was put together an ex british spy who had joe com acts in russia now what would that do if your media person remember this isn't
backed his story number one all of this is being driven through leaks to the media to drive anti tromp narratives to drive as political capital down to get him out of office right the media needs to put an air of credibility on this dossier joe they can't you say oh hilary paid for fake information on trump and report on it is journalists they be laughed at the journalists want to take our trump you see where this is only mean an air of respectability to all this information about trump and the dossier now what lot of that vote been playing with the running theory has been well ok it was accumulated through this christopher steel who from russian entail but christopher steel wasn't am i six agent way contacts and rush o way way way timeout tee o red flag under the hood for review spare me as an amazing piece in the new posts we said you're sure about that because he shows it
wasn't in fact christopher steel who was paying knows rush in contacts with the information and remember keep don't forget this joseph the media needs that to be true because but lens and air of respectability the information right all british agent oh my gosh sparingly this is pretty incredible whose paris's it wasn't him it was simpson directly who is being hey by hilary to come tat this guy named ed baumgartner who as the source of a lot of this russian intelligence it turned out to be fake later ladies and gentlemen why does that matter because again if the dossier is used and sworn to in court by fbi agents as a means to spy on trumpet pfizer worth to come their tracks and spying scandal and now
the information that was once attributed to a connected british agent is now can is blue i've been added to the dossier by nothing more than glenn simpson himself whose working for hilary you have complete hijacking of the fbi and the entire deirdre let me read you quick line from this peace but read the whole thing it's damn it turns out in point simpson in this testimony simpson whose working for hilary gps talks about how they were primary sub contractors used to get the information joe now it was always assume that those subcontractors we're working for steel the british agent that's important right they need credibility but here's and from this very peace but a turn tat the primary sub contractor work not for steel but for sin why should they based future gps and he contributed key material for the investigation of trop under written by the clinton campaign his name is edward
gardener a british national speaks louis fluent russian and i'm a pr shop out of london and who spent twenty six team tweeting forceful opposition to trump candidacy oh that stings like a butterfly sting like adored b one heart so now got a dossier the media needed still to be real bad because area british aged man i might six covers like james bond organism now is more like inspector gadget because how the money trails being traced to a pr rep out of london aided shrub the entire time whose formation may have been used to spy on the trump and swore do whole we crises
what the hell is going on here folks again just to tie it altogether back to number one obama's i dont trump the memo going to expose it this europe in a panic there who's the media the entire time to drive down trumps approval ratings through phony made disingenuous charges on flynn do phony narratives about collusion they are i'm going to desperately try obstruction but the the obstructionist in the rio colluded where the democrats the entire time steavens stating stuff i won i think i know what you know this i'm stories been so encompassing the show and i know your interest in it but i do want to cover one sums things going on just quickly here in the news hey i'm there's been a big push
lately to move towards a weaker dollar by people within the trump cabinet a weak dollar folks which its work until this approach to the approach to the economy that's not gonna work what does it mean i just want to get real simple for it and because i again i am i really like with the presence doing but i i do and i a supporter i think we're moving ninety nine percent in the right direction but once in a while we get a setback and i think this is a big mistake the eye dear behind a weak dollar is we must explain to you an analogy their p would buy more american stuff and on its face if you don't think passed the first order effects it would make sense so jealous a dollar and one year always the exchange rate then i could go europe and exchange my one dollar and get a euro and buy something in europe for a euro let's say two had doll and lets say that the possible had dollars a dollar and babo is a europe where are you the united states are europe joe doesn't matter
because the dollar is worth one euro so whether i buy the bible head in amerika for a dollar or i buy babo had in europe for euro it doesn't matter because the dollars worth of europe it doesn't make a difference you see what i'm saying it very soon we stated weak dollar yes this is a huge mistake by the way because it usually means a weak economy their theory here as well if we weaken the dollar joe which by price see makes what say the euro stronger right right if you weaken the dollar and its value by half then what are you get for euro tudor right because you just cut the value of the dollar and half so when the euro was worth the dollar the day before the euro strengthens because the dollar weakens now the euro by two dollars so the theory here by merkin to listen and bad economist is that well that's great
you could buy two babo had dolls in america and look pebble had producers would be going crazy hiring people if you're listening and you stop at phase one here which is what liberals do and so bad economists you'd say or what's the problem joe so what just get a lot more jobs for babo and produces resell more babo heads for the problem here is twofold number one the babo had is not produced a better fact almost nothing in the united states is produced exclusively with american made products so if the bible thou producer has the guy is plastic for the babo had from europe he now has to pay twice as much to get a euro because he now has to give up two dollars to get one euro thereby plastic for the possible head so what does he do he raises the price of the bible heads to occur
for his new costs to import the plastic because the dollar's week which now raises the costs in the bible head to two dollars meaning you now have no gain at all before the weak dollar one dollar bought you one babo had after the war dollar you now paying two dollars for babo had because the imp there is dead global supply chain folks is broken up where living in the world we are living in two hundred years ago when you produce tobacco when you yard and sold it to your neighbor they glow pull supply chain is entirely integrated out we getting the dollar will do nothing to make people more babylons they will only make public more expansive secondly why this is a horrible idea other countries are not going to take this lying down mary
druggie or overseas in europe is already talking about well now we need to weaken the euro do so we became a dollar joe people in memory you cut the dollar value and half that means strengthens the dodd the europe of the euro the euro now by say two dollars instead of one but what of the europeans say while we want to make our products more competitive too so wagon we can the euro and make two dollars this word to you i was now all this people who even we're thinking about buying babo heads in the united states because a dollar was weak and i'll get us while the european just weakening europe to just go right back to europe and then what do you do you say what we gotta weaken a dollar farther and please say what we gotta weakening europe further we gotta weakened our further and what do you get how do you weaken the dollar weaken the euro by inflation you print more money you print more and more and more which makes the money you have now worth less and less and less
and all of a sudden you have rapid inflation prices going out of control around the world and a basically rates these to the bottom in the global economy folks this a huge mistake when you called wait success of the united states economy over time correlated almost exactly with a strong not if u s dollar this is a big mistake by manoeuvring i'm sorry a huge mistake we need strong not a weak u s dollar and we should not pursue policies which do this and when i say mercantile is i mean focusing exclusively on trade deficits is a mistake the money come back to the united states when we say the dollar overseas to by foreign products that dollar can't be spent overseas its further to the local currency it's in a foreign bag that our camp he spent there it has to come after the united states the revised u s products pies u s dead
we're getting lost in this trade deficit and this week dollar approaches an effort for us to produce more to sell to other people when other people are producing a cheaper does it make sense to do you think so you look i could centred here that i was just thinking about the weak euro stream yeah yeah it's dude unified it see you i wouldn't got that of sure it is always got one of these duties he flies flies out always italy under the show to one amount paid attention not support because this is gonna be a big hush and it's a big big big mistake folks the weak die or will lead to suggest some up here will lead to two things the broken global devalue change global now everybody its going to increase exports because we have to import stuff to exports and second it's going to cause international global competitors to just weaken their own currency you're gonna have await race to the bottom and you're gonna
inflation your monies gotta be worth less it's as simple as that i folks thank you for another great week of shows please tune in next week on monday i'll be following up on a lot of stuff i got more information committed by the day and please go to bonn gino dot com and subscribe to my email is there i appreciate you alternative and i really appreciate you all spreading the word on twitter about the show i've been watching it i've been like in a lotta your tweets so please share the show i really appreciate thanks a lot you just heard in bonn gino she did more of them online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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